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in 2010 with funding from 

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PoE SOME Yeaks Assistant in the Harvard University Library; and 

Compiler of an "Index to the North American Review" 

AND AN "Index to the Christian Examiner." 

Seconti Scries, 

" Les revelations des miteurs anonymes el pseuclonymes sont non-seulemenz 
piquantes pour les gens du monde, viais encore importantes pour Vhistorien lU- 
teraire et le biographe ; ce sont la des mysteres des Uttcratttres que les erudites 
out toujours cherche a decouvrir." — Quekard. 



!•'> AsTOK Place. 



Copyright by 



J. S. CcsHiNG & Co., Printers, Boston. 


THE favor accorded the First Series of " Initials and Pseudo- 
nyms," both in this country and abroad, has been very grati- 
fying to the compiler. 

It is hoped that this supplementary volume, which contains 6500 
initials and pseudonyms, answering to 4800 real names, will be 
received with the same kind consideration. 

Such a subject, constantly changing and growing, is practically 
inexhaustible ; but sti'enuous care has been exercised in making the 
work accurate and as complete as possible. For the kindly assist- 
ance given by interested readers, the compiler desires to express 
his thanks and his assurance that any corrections or supplementary 

informaticjn will be gratefully received. 

W. C. 
January, 1888. 

Seconb Series. 



Part I. 


— — . Francis Jenks, 'in the " Christ. 
Exam.," III., 379. B. 1826. 

. John Edmund Eeade. Cain the 

wanderer ; A vision of heaven ; Darkness, 
and other poems. By ... L. 1829. 

, . Edward Fitzgihbon. Mr, 

Barnacles and his boat. L. n.d. 

. Sir John Henry Moore. 

Poetical trifles. By . . . Bath, 1778. 

a g. Mrs. Fredrika Runeberg. 

Fru Catharina Boije och hennes dottrar. 
Sthlm. 1861. 

" I herewith enclose list of one hundred and 
forty pseudonyms and initials; of these, you will 
find thirty that have no reference to work or 
place where used; but these, at least the greater 
number of them, represent prominent living 
authors and journalists who have published 
works with their full name, but who have the 
past few years contributed essays, poems, etc., 
to the more promiuent periodicals of Stock- 
holm over initials indicated. " Stim." or 
" Sthlm." is a common abbreviation of Stock- 
holm, where most Swedish books are published." 
— From OusTAVu.s N. Swan, of Sioux City, la. 

h . F. Cronhamn. Librarian 

and Stockholm correspondent of several 
provincial newspapers. 

k . Prof. H. Abnkvist. Elena. 

Novell. Fran ryskan of versatt af. Sthlm. 

Ijfr . Alfred Anderson. En 

polismans anteckningar. Sthlm. 18G7. 

th . Mathilda Lonnherg. Ur 

lifvcti Skogsbygden. Sthlm. 1881. 

, Lady. C. Howard. The chapel 

bell, and other poems. By ... A con- 
vert from Anglicanism to Catholicity. 
Dublin, 1824. 

.... Sir Jasper Atkinson. Consider- 
ations on the propriety of the Bank 
of England resuming its payments in 
specie ... By . . . L. 1802. 

.... A.T. Gregory. Practical guides 
condensed. By . . . 1864. 

*. John frorham Palfrey. In the 
"Christ. Exam.," XI., 141, 

*. George Stillman Hillard. Letter 
to the man in tlie moon. "New Eng- 
land Mag.," Vol. VIII., p. 375, 1835. 

*. Charles Fenno Hoffman. A winter 
in the West, being a collected series of 
letters which he wrote for the N.Y. 
" American," 1833, of which he was co- 
editor with Charles King of New York. 

**. George Putnam, D.D., in the 
" Christ Exam.," XXXIII., 228. 

**. Francis Wharton, in the " Christ. 

*^jt*. Rev. Tkeophi.lus Bnckridge, M.A. 
Burton bridge. " Gent. Mag.," Septem- 
ber, 1751, pp. 406, 407, 

***. Joseph B. Cobb. Longfellow's 
poems. " Amer. "Whig Rev.," April, 
1851, p. 359. 

***, Abbe. L'Abbe' Deleon. Under 
the ban. [Trans.] L. 1865. 

***, Madame. Mad. A. L. iSlie de 
Beaumont. Lettres du Marquis de Ro- 
selle, par . . . Paris, 1764. 

****, M. de. Jean Baptiste Colbert, 
Marquis de Torc3\ Me'moires de . . . pour 
servir a I'histoire des negociations depuis 
le Traite de Riswick jusqu'a a la Paix 
d'Utrecht. La Haye, 1756. 

*****. Soajne Jenyns. Poems. By 
... L. 1752. 

** * *** . Sir Francis Grant, Lord Cul- 
len. An essay for peace ... In a letter 
from ... to his neighbour in the countrey. 
Edinb. 1703. 

*****^ ***, Hev. John Newton. An 
authentic narrative of some remarkable 
and interesting particulars in the life of 
... L. 1764. By Rev. Thomas Haweis. 

*****, U. S. Army. Ethan Allen 
Hitchcock, The doctrines of Swedenborg 
and Spinoza identified. By . . . B. 

"* D," Rose Cottage, N.J. S. A. 
Defoe, M.D. 


* H. Thomas Bill, D.D., in the " Christ. 
Exam.," XLI., 459. 

* Li. Samuel Kirkland Lothrop, in the 
" Christ. Exam.," XLII., 292. 

* P. Andrew Preston Peahody, in the 
"Christ. Exam.," XLII., 453. 

-----, Dean of. Charles Leslie. Que- 
rela temporum; or, the danger of the 
Church of England. In a letter from 
... to the prebend of . . . L. 1750. 

tft. Henry Ware, Jr., in the " Christ. 

Jj^^. James Henry Leigh Hunt. Let- 
ters and works of Mary Wortley Mon- 
tague. "London and Westminster Re- 
view," April, 1837, p. 130. 

A. Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Miles. Poetry 
in the "Christ. Exam.," IIL, 466. B, 
1826 ; and other places. 

A. Stephen Alfeston. Sur la mort de 

Miss Elizabeth L ce. A poem by 

... In the " Selector or Cornish Mag.," 
1826, p. 56. 

A. Francis Alger. Signature in the 
" Christ. Exam." (B.). 

A. William Bounseville Alger. Signa- 
ture in the " Christ. Exam." (B.). 

A. John Stuart Mill. (1) Armand 
Carrel. " London and Westminster Re- 
view," October, 1837, p. 66. — (2) Apho- 
risms. Thoughts in the cloister and 
the crowd. "London and Westminster 
Review," January, 1837, p. 348. — (3) 
Bentham. " London and Westminster 
Review," August, 1838, p. 467. — (4) 
Civilization. " London and Westmin- 
ster Review," April, 1836, p. 1. — (5) 
Coleridge. " London and Westminster 
Review," 1829, p. 257. — (6) Commence- 
ment of the session. " London and 
Westminster Review," April, 1836, p. 
271. — (7) De Tocqueville on democracy 
in America. "London Review," July, 

1835, p. 85. — (8) Fonblanque's England, 
etc. " London and Westminster Review," 
April, 1837, p. 65. — (9) The French 
revolution. "London and Westminster 
Review," July, 1837, p. 17. — (10) Lord 
Durham and the Canadians. " London 
and Westminster Review," January, 
1838, p. — (11) Parties and the min- 
istry. " London and Westminster Re- 
view," October, 1837, p. 1. — (12) Poems 
and romances of Alfred deVigny. "Lon- 
don and Westminster Review," April, 
1838, p. 1. — (13) Political economy, etc. 
"London and Westminster Review," Oc- 
tober, 1836, p. 1. — (14) Professor Sedg- 
wick's discourse. " London Review," 
April, 1835, p. 94. — (15) Rationale of 
representation. " London Review," July, 

1836, p. 341. — (16) Sir John Walsh's 

contemporary history. "London and 
Westminster Review," July, 1836, p. 
281. — (17) State of society in America. 
" London Review," January, 1836, p. 
365. — (18) Tennj'son's poems. "London 
Review," July, 1835, p. 402. 

A., Viator. Anthony Aufrere. Signa- 
ture to his contributions to the "Gent. 

A., A. Alfred Austin (^1). At Florence, 
in the " Temple Bar," December, 1861. 

A., A. Mrs. Anna Atkins. (1) Memoir 
of J. G. Children . . . Westminster, 
1853. — (2) Photographs of British Algas. 
By . . . L. 1843. 

A. A. A. Mme. Marie Pauline Rose 
(^Stewart) Blaze de Bury. (1) All for 
greed. L. 1868. — (2) Love the avenger. 
By . . . L. 1869. 

A, A. O. A. 0. Andrews. . . . The 
Rev. Samuel Oilman, D.D. . . . until 
his death, Feb. 2, 1858. 

A., Anna. Mrs. Anna (Anderson) 
Vdstberg. Utan namn. Berattelse af. 
Sthlm. 1884. 

A. B. Alexander Hamilton, in Loudon's 
New York " Packet," 1781. 

A. B., C. D., E. F. Maj. Edicard 3Ioor. 
Letters on the kind and economic man- 
agement of the poor . . . Woodbridge, 
1825. [From the Ipswich " Journal."] 

A. B. C. Miss S. Lawrence. Lausus 
and Lydia, with Madame Bonso's three 
strings to her bow. A comedy. L. 

A. B. C. Francis Blachhurne. Hard- 
ships and danger of subscriptions . . . 
L. 1758. 

A., B. li. Mrs. B. L. Adams. A 
church story. By ... L. 1876. 

A., C, Esq. Christopher Anstey, Esq. 
(1) Ad C. N. Bamfylde, Arm., epistola 
poetica familiaris. L. 1777. — (2) A 
Pindaric epistle ... By . , . L. 1779. 

A. C. Traveller. Mrs. H. K. W. 
Clark. Tlie teachings of the ages. By 
. . . San Francisco, 1874. 

A., C. F. Charles Francis Adams. 
Moral wrongs of slavery, in the " Christ. 
Exam.," 1847. 

A., C. F. Cecil Frances Alexander. 
Narrative hymns for village schools. By 
... L. 1857. 

A., C. J. li. Carl Jonas Ludvig Alm- 
quist. Grimstahamns nybygge. Sthlm. 

A. D. S. Edmond de Manne. — See 
" I. and P." 

A., E. Ezra Abbot, in the "Christ. 
Exam.," XL v., 389, etc. 

A. E. I. Mrs. Isabel Burton, n€e Count- 
ess Arundell of Wardour. How to deal 

with the slave scandal in Egypt. 
Trieste (?), 1881 (?). 

A., E. S. Ernest Silvanus Appleyard.' 
(1) Claims of the Church of Rome con- 
sidered ... L. 1848. — (2) Eastern 
churches ... By . . . L. 1850. — (3) 
The fall and redemption of man ... By 
... L. 1861. — (4) The Greek Church 
... By . . . L. 1851. With supple- 
ment. L. 1852. — (5) My country ; the 
history of the British Isles. By . . . L. 
1859. — (6) Principles of Protestantism 
... By ... L. 1848. — (7) The scriptural 
faith of the young churchman . . . By 
... L. 1874. — (8) Welsh sketches. . . . 
By . . . L. 1851. — (9) The world in 
•which I live, and my place in it. Bj . . . 
L. 1856. 

A., F. C Frances Charlotte Armstrong. 
(1) Looking up; or, Nanny West and 
her grandam. By . . . •» L. 1874. — (2) 
Phyllis Pengelly. By . . . L. 1875. 

A. H. K. Miss Eliza A. Warner. Our 
two lives ; or, Graham and I. N.Y. 

A., J. John Adamson. Ballads from 
the Portugueze ; translated by J. A. and 
R. C. C. Newcastle, 1846. 

A., J. Dr. John Aikin. Virgil vindi- 
cated against Heron. In " Gent. Mag." 
for 1786, pp. 1040-41. 

A., J., M.D. and F.R.S. John Trus- 
ter, 31. D. The physical friend . . . 
By . . . L. 1776. 

A., J. A. J. A. Auren. Bidrag tell 
Svenska sprakets qvantitetsliira af . . . 
Sthlm. 1874. 

A., J. C. Jane Carhjle Aithen. The 
last words of Thomas Carlyle . . . Edited 
by . , . Edinb. 1882. 

A., J. H. Joseph Henri) Allen. Signa- 
ture in the "Christ. Exam." (B.). 

A., J. K. Josejih Kinnicut Angell. Lit- 
erary property. In the " Amer. Jurist," 
Vol. 10, pp. 62-81. B. 1833. 

A., J. H. Joseph Henry Allen. Me- 
moir of Hiram Withington. B. 1849. 

A., J. Q. John Quincij Adams. The 
character of Desdemona. " Amer. 
Monthly Mag.," March, 1836, p. 210. 

A.,J. T. John Turvill Adams. Knight 
of the golden melice. N.Y. 1856. 

A., J. Y. John Yonge AJcerman. The 
stone-worsliip of the ancients, illustrated 
by tlieir coins. L. 1838. 

A., Ij. Jean Louis liodolphe Agassiz, in 
the "Christ. Exam." (B.), 1850. 

A., Li. Miss Lucy Aikin. Lines on the 
late ilonry Moore of Liskeard. " Mon. 
Mag.," XV., 147, 1803. 

A. M. Oxoniensis. Nathaniel Tilson 
Marsh. Ought or ought not the Church 

of Rome in Ireland to be disestablished'? 
... By . . . L. 1843. 

A. M. Y. Marion Pritchard. The 
prince's triumph ; or, the three riddles. 
A drama ... By . . . L. 1878. 

A. O. B. [An Old Bachelor]. Wil- 
liam Lloyd Garrison. His signature in 
the Newburyport " Herald " after his 
first contribution. 

His mother wrote to him : " You must 
write me one of your pieces, so that I can read 
it, . . . and I will give you my opinion whether 
you are an old bachelor, or whether you are an 
A. O. B., as A may stand for Ass, and O for Oaf, 
and B for Blockhead." 

A., S. T. Samuel Turell Armstrong. 
" Bible News " not correct. B. 1813. 

A., S. M. Mrs. Susan M. Alexander. 
How to study the Old Testament . . . N.Y. 

A. T. Anna Lydia Ward. 

A. T. Rev. Buchanan. A letter 

from a blacksmith, to the ministers and 
elders of the Church of Scotland. P. 1765. 

A., T. Thomas Alton. The original 
constitution of the Christian Church . . . 
By . . . Edinb. 1730. 

A., T. Gr. Thomas Gold Appleton. A 
sheaf of papers. B. 1875. 

A., T. H. E. Arthur Henry Hallam. 
Remarks on Professor Rosetti's "Dis- 
quisizioni" ... L. 1832. 

A., T. J. T. J. Arnold. The "Old 
Corrector." In "Eraser," Eebruary, 
1860, p. 176. 

A., T. K. Thomas Kerchever Arnold. 
The little boy's companion ... By . . . 
L. 1838. 

A., W. William Adam, in the " Christ. 

A., W. B. W. B. Anthony. (1) Essen- 
tial memoranda of arithmetic. Derby, 
1881. — (2) Essential memoranda of 
English history. L. 1881. 

A. W. H. Rose Terry Cooke. 

A., W. H. D. William Henry Daven- 
port Adams. (1) Animal life through- 
out the globe . . . L. 1876. — (2) Marvels 
of creation ; earth and sea. L. 1876. — 

(3) Spain and its people ... L. 1872. — 

(4) Triumplis of ancient architecture : 
Greece and Rome. L. 1866. — (5) Tri- 
umphs of modern architecture ... L. 
1866. — (6) Truths and fancies from 
fairyland ... L. 1867. — (7) Wonders 
of the vegetable world. L. 1867. 

A., W. P. William Parsons Atkinson. 
Signature in the "Christ. Exam." (B.). 

A., W. R. William ROunseville Alger. 
Signature in the "Christ. Exam." (B.). 

A., W. S. Wiltshire Stanton Austin, Jr. 
To Thaliarch. (Hor. lib. v. carm. ix.) 
In " Temple Bar," 1860-61. 


A>andL. A. and L, Shore. (1) Gemma 
of the isles, a lyrical drama ; and other 
poems. L. 1859. — (2) War lyrics . . . 
L. 1855. 

A. . Stephen Alfeston. L'Angle- 

terre : a poem. [The first of a series of 
poems in the " Cornish Mag."] 1826-27. 

A B . Jonathan 

Sivift, D.D. The seventh epistle of Hor- 
ace, imitated ... L. 1721. 

Abbie, Annt. Ahby Skinner. (1) 
Ed. Lee and Sailor Dick. B. 1866.— (2) 
Ida Wilmot. B. 1866. 

Abiezer. Adolphus Kent. A letter in 
reply to some remarks on " soul, spirit, 
and mind," etc. By . . . L. 1845. 

Abracadabra. Clarence Hopper, in his 
contributions to "Notes and Queries" (L.). 

Absent Man, An. Edward Daniel 
Clarke. Le Reveur ; or, the waking 
visions of . . . L. 1797. 

Academicus. Isaac Greenwood. A 
friendly debate ; or, a dialogue between 
. . . and Sawny [William Douglas] and 
Mundungus [IVancis Archbald] . . . about 
some late performances. B. 1722. 

Academicus. John Green, D.D. The 
principles and practices of the Methodists 
farther considered . . . Camb. 17611 

Acharius. Prof. Fredrik Vilhelm 
Scholander. Luisella, Teckningar ur 
konstnarslifvet af . . . Sthlm. 1867. 
, Achates. Thomas Pinckney. Reflec- 
tions, occasioned by the late disturbances 
in Charleston. By . . . Charleston, S.C., 

Achmet. Thomas Hall. Poems. 1792. 

Adair, Robin. Robert Adair. The hero 
of the song "Robin Adair," set to the music 
of the old Irish air of " Aileen Aroon." 

Adam. Noah Webster. In " Free- 
man's Journal." 1787. 

Adam, Onkel. Dr. Carl AntonWetter- 
berg. Traskeden Berattelse af . . . Sthlm. 

Adams, Francis. Etienne Cabet. 
Voyage et aventures de Lord William 
Carisdall en Icarie, trad, de I'angl. de . . . 
par M. Th. Dufruit. Paris, 1840. Repub- 
lished under the title, Voyage en Icarie, 
ronian philosophique et social par M. 
Cabet. Paris, 1842. 

Adjutant-General, The. W. H. H. 
Terrill. Indiana. Reports for 1861-65 
. . . Indianapolis, 1865-69. 

Adjutant-General of Rhode Island, 
The. Edward C. Mauran. Annual re- 
port of . . . for the year 1861. Provi- 
dence, 1862. 

Admonish Crime. James Cook 
Richmond. A midsummer's day-dream. 
. . . Milwaukee, 1859. 

Adrien, Robert. Adrien Charles 
Alexandre Basset. Le nouveau roman 
comique. Paris, 1845. 

Adversity Hume. Joseph Hume. 

Advocate, An. Henry Good. The 
law of Chili as to the marriage of non- 
Catholics . . , By . , . Valparaiso, 

Advocate for the Captors, The. 
Francis Henry Upton. District Court 
of the United States, Southern District 
of New York. The United States against 
the barque Empress and her cargo. In 
prize. Brief of . . . N.Y, 1862.- 

Advocate, not a SheriflF, An. George 
Paterson. Sheriff Courts of Scotland. 
Remarks ... By . . . Edinb. 1852. 

.^gles. Tobias Watkins. Letters of 
. . . Bait. 1819. 

.lEmilia Julia. Miss Emily Clarke. 
(1) Nouveaux chants d'une etrangere. 
Paris, 1859. — (2) Le prince du Leban : 
tragedie en cinq actes. Paris, 1861. — 
(3) Sapho. Paris, 1857. 

.Eolus. C. F. (?) Trufort. Origina- 
tions of words, with a digressional trea- 
tise on the scale a e i, leading to a new, 
view of the scale of colours. Paris, 

.lEsop. Mrs. Ldlie Devereux Blake. '~- 
Hypocrite ; or, sketches of American 
society. N.Y. 1§74. .^ 

Afflicted Husband, An. Hall Jack- ■^ 
son Kelley. Letters from . . . Palmer, 
Mass., 1851. 

Agaplda, Fray Antonio. Washing- 
ton Irving. Chronicle of the conquest of 
Granada, from the MSS. of . . . Paris,' 

This work is a counterfeit of Mr. Irviug's^ 
a translation of wbich, by Jean Cohen, was pub- 
lished in Paris the same year. 

Agate. Whitelaio Reid, as Washing- 
ton, correspondent of the Cincinnati 
" Commercial." 

Agatha. Mej. Rein, de Goeje te Leiden. 
Agatha's alphabet. Amst. 1868. 

Aged and Retired Citizen of Bos- 
ton, An. Harrison Gray Otis. Letter 
from ... to [William Hayden, Esq.] a 
member of the House of Representatives 
of Massachusetts ... B. 1848. 

Aged Clergyman of Massachu- 
setts, An. Rev. Jacob Norton. A " short 
and easy method " with a late writer . . . 
By . . . B. 1815. 

Aged Person, An. Sir William Blis- 
ard. Soliloquy by . . . L. 1826. 

A-ywyos. Charles William Day. Hints 
on etiquette and the usages of society. 
N.Y. 1843. 

Agricola. James And( 3cel- 



laneous observations on planting and 
training timber-trees . . . Edinb. 1777. 

Ah-Chin-le. John B. Swazei/. Some 
observations upon the civilization of the 
Western barbarians ... B. 1876. 

Or, Smyihe, John Tester. 

Ahlgren, Ernst. Mis. Victoria JBene- 
dictsson. Frau Skane. Studieraf. Sthlm. 

Aide-de-Canip, An. Sir Arthur 
Augustus Thurlow Cunynghame. An A.'s 
recollections of service in China, a resi- 
dence in Hong Kong, and visits to other 
islands in the Chinese seas. L. 1844. 

Aitiaiche. Annie T.Howells. Popular 
sayings. 1877. 

Akbur of Betlis. Sir Bichard Joseph 
SuUvan. Piiilosophical rhapsodies : frag- 
ments of . . . L. 1784-5. 

Alb. Richard Whiteirig. Living Paris 
and France. L. 1886. 

Albano. Carl August Ad/ersparre. 
Samlade smarre skizzeraf . . . Sthlm. 1849. 

Albany (N.Y.; Chamberlain. S. 
Cobb. Report to the common council 
, . . 1840-41. Albany, 1841. 

Albert. John Armstrong. The confi- 
dential letters of . . . L. 1790. 

Albert, Bessie. Mrs. Gaj/ton. 

Albert, Charles. Charles Albert Chau- 
monnot. Dissertation sur la goutte. Paris, 

Albert, Stanislaus. Stanislaus Ste- 
pkan Albert Graboushi, graf v. John Paul 
Jones : biographischer roman. Hann- 
over, 1860. 

Albini. Johann Baptist Meddlham- 
mer. Die gefahrliche tante; lustspiel 
. . . n.d. 

Alcide, baron de M * * * Alfred de 
Musset. Gamiani. Brussels, 1833. 

Alciphron. George Steevens, in " St. 
James's Chronicle" (L.), 1783. 

Alciphron. Rosina Doyle ( Wheeler') 
Lytton-Bulwer, Lady Lytton. Behind 
the scenes. L. 1854. 

Alciphron. Benjamin Theophilus 
Moore. Physics. L. 1858. 

Alciphron, "the Modern Athe- 
nian." Samuel Dickson, M.D. Physic 
and its phases ; or, the rule of right 
and wrong. By . . . L. 1837. 

Aldebaran. George Steevens. John- 
son's literary club. A list of the mem- 
bers. " Gent. Mag." for January, 1785, 
p. 8. 

Alexander of the North, The. 
Charles XII. of Sweden. 

Alfred. Alfred Domett, in Browning's 
"Guardian Angel." "A picture at 
P'ano" [in "Men and Women"]. "Al- 
fred, dear friend." L. 1855. 

Alfred. Philip Withers. A.'s appeal 
... L. 1789. 

Alfred. William Baker. Peregrina- 
tions of the mind ... L. 1811. 

Ali-Gier-Ber, Alfaki. Baron Jean 
Baptiste de Clootz. La certitude des 
preuves du Mahome'tisme . . . Par . . . 
L. 1780. 

Alic. William Alexander. 

Alice, Cousin. Mrs. Alice (Bradley 
Neal) Haven. Helen Morton's trial . . . 
N.Y. 1852. 

AU Ears et All Eyes. A. T. Des- 
quiron, de Saint Agnan. Tableau descrip- 
tif, moral, philosophique et critique de 
Londres, en 1816. Paris, 1817. 

There was already a work which bore the 
title, " The English Spy ; or, the Correspond- 
ence of My Lord All-eye and My Lord All-ear. '" 
L. 1784. 

Alland, M. Karl Marquard Sauer. 
Monsu Max : roman. In " Vierteljahrl. 

Allwill, Eduard. Friedrich Hein- 
rich Jacohi. Briefsammlung. 1781. 

AUworthy, Mr. Ralph Allen, in 
Fielding's " Tom Jones." 

All-\vorthy, Squire. Ralph Allen, in 
Fielding's " Tom Jones." 

Alma. Charlotte Mary Yonge. 

Almaviva. Clement Scott, in the 
" Musical Critic." 

Alpha. Wakefield. (1) Random 

rhymes. 1845. — (2) Tales and poetry. 

Alphera. James L. Futhey. Snatches 
of tliought. 1850. 

Alpine Traveller, An. William 
Brockedon, in " Blackwood's Mag." for 

Alsop, Tony, a late Editor of the 
^sopean Fables. Anthony Alsop. Thus 
detractingly mentioned by Dr. Bentley. 

Alton, Edmund. Bailey i^). 

Among the law-makers. N.Y. 1886. 

Alumnus, An. Josiah Quincy. A plea 
for Harvard ... By . . . B. 1849. 

Alumnus of that School, An. George 
Riplei/. The latest form of infidelity ex- 
amined. By . . . B. 1839. 

Al — w — le. Aldwinkle. — See "H — s, 

Amana. Rev. George Savage. Re- 
marks on " American Unitarianism," by 
. . . 1815. 

Amateur. George Wilder Fox. 

Amateur, An. Antoine Augustin Renou- 
ard. Catalogue de la bibliotheque d'un 
. . . Paris, 1819. 

Amateur, An. George Cleghorn. Re- 
marks on ancient and modern art . . . 
By . . . Edinb. 1838. 



Amateur, An. W. Pater son. Scenery 
and antiquities of Mid-Lothian, drawn 
and etched by . . . Edinb. 1819. 

Amateur, An. William Cawdell. A 
short account of the English concertina 
... By . . . L. 1865. 

Amateur, An. Thomas Gaffield. 
Something new under the sun. Leaf and 
fern pictures. By ... B. 1869. 

Amateur, An. Rev. Thomas Kilhy. 
Wakefield and its adjacent scenery, by 
. . . 1843. 

Amateur Angler, An. Edward 
Ilarston. An A. A.'s days in Dovedale. 
L. 188-. 

Americain, Un. Bourgeois, de la 

Rochelle. Colomb ; ou, TAmerique de- 
couverte : poeme en vingt-quatre chants. 
Paris, 1773. 

Americain, Un. De La Chaise. 

Lettre d' . . . aux citoyens f ran9ais sur la 
representation. 1789. 

Americain, Un. De La Croix. 

Memoires d' . . . with a description de la 
Prusse et de I'isle Saint-Dominique, par 
. . . Lausanne, 1771. 

Americain, Un. J. James Fazy. Let- 
tres d' . . . sur la situation continentale 
de la France. Imp. dans le "Mercure 
duXIX« Sie'cle." 

Americain, Un. Lawrence Lahadie. 
La France, I'ltalie, et I'Europe, impres- 
sions d' . . . Bordeaux, 1859. 

Americain, Un. Antoine Ma i I let. - 
Duclairon. Observations d' . . . des iles 
neutres au sujet de la iiegociation de la 
France et de I'Angleterre. Geneve, 1761. 

Americain, Ancien Membre du 
Congres, Un. Fisher Ames. De I'influ- 
ence de la de'mocratie sur la liberte et le 
bonheur de la societe, par . . . Prece'dee 
(^sic^ d'une introduc' par Henri Ewbank, 
trad, de I'angl. par M. H . . . J . . 
[H. de Janvry]. Paris, 1835. 

Americain, Kesidant a Vienne, Un 
P. L. Roederer. Notes exactes sur La 
Fayette et ses compagnons d'infortune, 

. Imp. dans le "Journal d'econ 

omie politique," dirige' par Eoederer 
16 septembre, 1796 . . . 

American, An. Cotton Mather, D.D 
(1) American tears upon the ruines of 
the Greek churches . . . By ... B 
1701. — (2) The serious Christian; or 
three great points of practical Christian 
ity . . . By . . . L. 1699. 

American, An. Thomas Greaves Cari/ 
The Ameripans defended by . . . L. 1844 

American, An. Lewis Cass. France 
its king, court, and government. By . . 
N.Y. 1840. 

American, An. John Lloyd Stephens 

Incidents of travel in Egypt, etc. By . . . 
N.Y. 1838. 

American, An. William Bingham. 
A letter from ... in London on the re- 
straining proclamation. L. 1784. 

American, An. Robert Baird, D.D. 
A letter to Lord Brougham, on the sub- 
ject of American slavery. By ... L. 

American, An. Grenville A. Sack- 
ett Ql). A plea for authors, and the 
rights of literary property. By . . . N.Y. 

American, An. Joseph Galloway. Po- 
litical reflections on the late colonial 
governments . . . By ... L. 1783. 

American, An. Gideon Nye, Jr. The 
rationale of the American question 
By . . . Macao, 1857. 

American, An. James Fenimore 
Cooper. Sketches of Switzerland. P 

American, An. James Walker, D.D 
Smooth preaching : being an illustration 
of the Rev. Dr. Wardlaw's assertion . . 
By . . . Glasgow, 1825. 

American, An. Edward Habich 
Views on slavery, by . . . B. 1855. 

American, An. Samuel Low. Win- 
ter displayed : a poem. N.Y. 1784. 

American Author, An. Richard 
Grant White. The American view of the 
copj^right question. By ... In the 
"Broadway Annual" (N.Y.), May, 1868, 
pp. 656-667. 

American Banker, An. Claudius 
Buchanan Patten. (1) England as seen 
by . . . B. 1885. — (2) Notes of a pedes- 
trian tour. B. 1885. 

American Citizen, An. Wylly 
Woodbridge. An appeal to the Congress 
of the United States by . . . for truth and 
justice. W. 1868. 

American Citizen, An. Charles Ran- 
dolph. The future currency of the United 
States ... By . . . Chicago, 1877. 

American Citizen, An. Thomas 
Evans. The philanthropic results of the 
war in America . . . By • • • N.Y. 1863. 

American Citizen, An. James Barr 
Walker. Philosophy of the plan of sal- 
vation ... By . . . N.Y. 1843. 

American Fabius, The. George 

American Farmer, An. George Lo- 
gan. Letters addressed to the yeomanry 
of the United States ... on funding and- 
banking systems. By ... P. 1793. 

Not by A. Hamilton. 

American Farmer, An. Rufas King. 
Peace without dishonor, war without 
hope ... By . . . L. 1807. 



American Minister, An. E. W. Rey- 
nolds. Records of the Bubbleton parish ; 
or, papers from the experience of . . . 
L. 1855. 

American Minister at Paris, The. 
Lewis Cass. An historical, geograplii- 
cal, and statistical history of Candia, 
or ancient Crete. By . . . Richmond, 

American now resident in London, 
An. William Bingham. Letter from . . . 
L. 1784. 

American Resident, An. Samuel 
Hawkins Marshall Byeis. Switzerland. 
By . . . Zurich, 1876. 

American Resident in Paris, An. 
Charles Brooks. Parisian linguist ; or, an 
easy method of acquiring a perfect pro- 
nunciation of the French language. By 
... B. 1841. 

American Shipmaster, An. Capt. 
John Codman. Review of tlie report of 
the special committee on navigation inter- 
ests. By . . . W. 1870. 

American Student-Girl, An. Emma 
Louisa Parry. Life among tlie Germans. 
B. 1887. 

American Youtli, An. John Wood- 
worth. Battle of Plattsburgh. Mont- 
pelier, Vt. 

American, The. James Swing Cooley. 
Tlie A. in Egypt. P. 1879. 

Americanus. Robert Baird,D.D. Eu- 
ropean letters in the " Commercial Adver- 
tiser " of New York City, etc. 

Americanus. Thomas Cooper, M.D. 
Strictures addressed to James Madison on 
the report of \V. II. Crawford, recom- 
mending the intermarriage of Americans 
■with tlie Indian tribes. P. 1824. 

Aniica Religionis. Mrs. U. M. Dodge. 
Haselrigge. Utica, N.Y., 1827. 

Amicus. Charles Wildbore. in the 
■"Ladies' Diary." 

Amicus Patriae. William Burt. 
Twelve rambles in London. By ... L. 

Amicus Patriae. Rev. John Wise. 
A word of comfort to a melancholy 
country ... B. 1721. 

Amiu, Hajj Mohammed. John Fred- 
erick Keune. Six months in Meccah . . . 
L. 1881. 

Amor Patriae. Thomas Crowley. 
Letters and dissertations on various sub- 
jects contributed to periodicals and re- 
published. L. 1782. 

Amphilogist, The. Robert Charles 
Sands. His signature in the New York 
" Commercial Advertiser." 

Amy. Marion Pritchard. In search 
of the truth. 1878. 

Amyntor, Gerhard von. Dagobert 
von Gerhardt. Urei kiisse ; mit einer 
einleitung von Hans Ziegler. Stuttg. 

Anchor. John Watts De Pei/ster. Mary 
Queen of Scots. N.Y. 1882. ' 

Ancien Bramine, Un. Robert Bods- 
ley. L'Economie de la vie humaine, tra- 
duite sur un manuscrit indien compose 
par . . . (trad de I'angl. de Dodsley, par 
De La Douespe, ministre de I'Eglise wal- 
lone). La Haye, 1751. Le meme ceu- 
vrage, sous ce titre : I'Elexir de la morale 
indienne, ou Economic de la vie humaine, 
— compose' par . . . et traduit de I'anglois. 
Paris, 17(30. 

Anders, Liudwig F. Ludwig Ferdi- 
nand StoUe. 1813: historischer roman. 
Leipzig, 1858. 

Angelus Silesius. Johann Sheffler, 
Cherubinical wonders. L.C?) 182-. 

Anglais, Un. S. Bannister. Appel 
en faveur d'Alger et de I'Afrique du 
nord. Paris, 1833. 

Anglais, Un. Le comte Frederic Du- 
bourg Butler. Lettre d' . . . a son retour 
d'un voj'^age en Italic. L. 1814. 

Anglais, Un. William Play/air. 
Qu'est ce que le papier-monnaie ? Lettre 
d' . . . a un Fran9ais. 1790. 

Anglais Maugeur d'Opium, Li'. 
Thomas De Quincey. 1828. 

Anglaise, Uue. Priscilla (Bell) Wake- 
field. La Flore des jeunes personnes ; ou, 
lettres ele'mentaires sur la botanique, 
e'crites par ... a son amie, et traduites 
de I'anglais (par Octave de Segur, noye 
en 1819. La prc'face est de M. de Se'gur, 
le pere.) Paris, an IX. 

Anglican Layman, An. Edward 
Bellasis. (1) Convocations and synods 
... A second letter by . . . L. 1850. — 
(2) The judicial committee of the privy 
council ... A letter by . . . L. 1850. 

Anglican, since become a Cath- 
olic, An. Edward Bellasis. Anglican 
orders. L. 1872. 

Anglipoloski, of Lithuania. Daniel 

Anglois, Un. John Poland. Lettre 
d' . . . a un lioUandois au sujet du doc- 
teur Sacheverell. L. 1710. 

Anglus. John Warner, D.D. Statue 
to perpetuate the philanthropy of Mr. 
Howard, in "Gent. Mag.," 1786, p. 360. 

Anicetus. William Adolphus Clark. 
Our modern Athens; or, who is first? 
A poem. B. 1860. 

Ann Jane. Mrs. Ann Jarie Morgan. 
(1) Alfred V['alle'r] ; or, the early grave. 
By . . . L. n.d. — (2) The mother's 
friend . . . Edited by . . . L. 1848-59. 



Ann, Mother. A7in Lee. Sunday 
lecturer. 1816. 

Annie and Ellen Amelia. Annie 
and Ellen Amelia Garrett, The seven 
churches, and other poems. By ... L. 

Annius Anglicanus. George Steevens, 
Disquisition on the marmor hardicnuti- 
ense. " Gent. Mag." for April, 1790, p. 

Anonymous Author, An. Rev. John 
Beach. Letters to a friend. In answer 
to a second conference, published by . . . 
New Haven, 1766. 

Letters written by Rev. David Judson, b. 
1715 in Stratford, Conn., Yale Coll. 1738; pastor 
at Newtown, Conn., 1743-76; and d. there. 

Anonymous Clergyman, An. Charles 

Owen, D.D. Plain dealing, and its vin- 
dication defended . . . By ... L. 1716. 

Anonymus. Jolin Disnei/, D.D. A 
short memoir of Edmund Law, D.D., 
Bishop of Carlisle. By William Paley, 
D.D. Reprinted by . . . L. 1800. 

Another Cantab. Richard Gough. 
History of the Royston Club, in " Gent. 
Mag.," 1783, pp. 813, 814. 

Another Hand. Thomas Walker. . . . 
A further account of that young gentle- 
woman. By ... B. 1717. — See "Her 
Father" [Cotton Mather]. 

Ansted, Hope. 3£iss Burdett. 

Tales in the " Family Herald." 

Anthropos. Matthews {1). The 

rights of man, (not Paine's,) but the 
rights in the West Indies. By ... L. 

Anthropos. George Storrs. The unity 
of man ; or, life and death realities. A 
reply to Luther Lee. By . . . P. 1850. 

Anti-Empiricus. John Wesley Thomas. 
The war of the surplice : a poem . . . L. 

Anti-Enthusiasticus. Charles Chaun- 
cy. The wonderful narrative; or, a 
faithful account of the French prophets. 
B. 1742. 

Anti-Hudibraston, An. William 
Rhinde. The ratiad : a serio-comic 
poem ... L. 1807. 

Anti-Janus. Joseph von Hergenrother. 
Anti-Janus. Freiburg, 1870. 

Anti-Machiavel. Jeremy Bentham, 
in his reply to Pitt in regard to the war 
between Russia and Denmark. 

Anti-Profanns. Rev. Martin Madan. 
A letter to David Garrick, Esq., occa- 
sioned by the intended representation of 
the " Mirror " at . . . Drury Lane. L. 

Anti-Patriot, An. Sir John Bar- 
nard. The court broker : a description 

of ... in a conference between Sir T. 
Gresham's statue . . . and its near 
neighbour. L. 1847. 

Anti-Scot. Joseph Ritson. Letter to 
Mr. Pinkerton, editor of the " Scottish 
ballads." In the " Gent. Mag.," Novem- 
ber, 1784, pp. 812-14. 

Antiquarius. John l:0veday, D.D. 

(1) Cursory remarks on Pennant's 
tour. — Nug83 antiquse, etc. " Gent. 
Mag.," 1777, p. 71. Aiso on Mr. Pen- 
nant's 2d tour to Scotland. — Herring's 
letters. "Gent. Mag.," 1777, p. 314. — 

(2) Remarks on " Archseologia." In 
"Gent. Mag.," 1776. p. 402. 

Antiquary. Harrison Gray Otis. See 
an "Aged and Retired Citizen of Bos- 

Antiquary, An. Samuel Pegge, LL.D. 
The Forme of Cury ; or, a Roll of an- 
cient English cookery ... L. 1780. 

Antiquary, An. Philip De La Mott.e. 
The principal historical and allusive 
arms, borne by families of the United 
Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. 
Collected by . . . L. 1803. 

Anxious Enquirer after Truth, 
An. D. B. Langley. The table and the 
turner; or, which of the two is pos- 
sessed 1 L. 1854. 

Warner, D.D. Subscription for a juve- 
nilian volume. " Gent. Mag.," January, 
1792, p. 3. 

Apologist, The. David Huntington. 
Infant baptism vindicated . . . By . . . 
New London, Conn., 1789. 

Apostle of Methodism in New^ Eng- 
land. Jesse Lee. 

Apostle of Polynesia, The. Rev. 
John Williams. 

Apostle of the Peak, The. William 
Bagsluvw. Called so from his zeal and 
usefulness in the northern parts of Derby- 

Appeltern, Herman van. A. W. 
Engelen. Der Schutzgeist . . . Stuttg. 

Appius. John Dennis, in Pope's " Es- 
say on Criticism." 

Apprentice of Lincoln's Inn, An. 
Frederick Pollock. Leading cases done 
into English. By . . . L. 1876. 

Aquarist. Nicholas Jeffery Andreiv. 
Signature in the " York Courant." 

Archaeologus, Joannes Didymus. 
John T. Pickett. 

Archieophilus, Constantius. Father 
Hatton. Memoirs of the reformation of 
England ... By . . . L. 1826. 

Archseus. Rev. John Sterling. The 
onyx ring. 1764. 


Archard, Eliza. Mrs. E. A. Conner. 
The literary editor of the New York 
" World " ; now agricultural and scien- 
tific editor of the " Amer. Press Associa- 
tion" (N.Y.C.). 

Architect, An. Matthew Dighy Wyatt. 
An A.'s note-book in Spain. L. 185-. 

Architectus, Verborum. William 
Boicijer. What he styled himself. 

Argus. Norton. A tale of Low- 
ell. 1849. 

Aristarclius. Chauncij Lee. Let- 
ters from ... to Philemon, etc. New 
Haven, 1833. 

Aristides. Estwick Evans. An ad- 
dress to the country. By . . . W. 1862. 

Arius the Libyan. Nathan C. 

Arniac. Augnsfus Rodnei/ Macdonougli. 

Armand, D. S. Edmond de Manne. 
Une conquete, vaudeville. [Impri- 
me'e (?).] 

Armin, Th. Marina Witter. Das 
alte Mexiko und die eroberung Newspani- 
ens durch Ferdinand Cortcz . . . Leipzig, 

Artemas. Daniel McCalla. Remarks 
on the " Age of reason," 20 numbers in 
his published works. 1810. 

Artemesia. Lady Mary Wortley Mon- 
tague, as satirized bj^ Pope. 

Arthalis. Laura (^Ereese) Steinlein. 
Die letzten Bliithen. Leipzig, 1851. 

Artist, An. William Bowness. Rustic 
studies in the Westmoreland dialect, with 
other scraps from the sketch-book of . . . 
L. 1868. 

Artist in India, An. Coleworthy 
Grant. Rural life in Jiengal. Letters 
from ... to his sisters in England, by . . . 
L. 1839. 

Asahel, Jonathan. Johann Caspar 

Asapii. Johyi Dryden, in Nahum Tate's 
2d part of "Absalom and Achitophel." 

Ashniont. Joseph F. Perry, Jr. 
Dogs : their management and treatment 
in disease. By . . . B. 1885. 

Ashton, Alfred. William Henry For- 

Asper, J. Joseph Urban. 1830. 

" Assassin." Wyndham Smith. So 
called from some university escapade. 

Assistant Bishop of Virginia, The. 
William Meade. Sermon of . . . March 
3, 1839 ... W. 1839. 

Assistant Editor of the " Nashville 
Med. and Sarg. Journal," The. Paul 
F. Eve. Professional letter from Europe 
. . . 1852. By . . . Nashville, Tenn., 

Association of Physicians, An. John 


Bell and LK Francis Condie. The " Jour- 
nal of Health." Conducted by . . . P. 

Astley, Thomas. John Green. Col- 
lection of voyages and travels. L. 

Astronomer in Charge of the Horo- 
logical and Thermometric Bureaus, 
The. Leonard Waldo. Report of the 
board of managers of the Winchester 
observatory . . . 1880-81, to which is 
appended the report of . . . New Haven, 

Astronomical Censor of the " Athe- 
naeum," The. Augustus De Morgan. The 
doctrine of the moon's rotation, consid- 
ered [by J. L. MacElshender] in a letter 
to . . . L. 1856. 

Atheist, An. Alexander Harris. Tes- 
timony to the truth ; or, the autobiogra- 
phy of . . . L. 1848. 

Athenion. William JIayne Simmons. 

(1) The confederacy. By . . . "Amer. 
Whig Hev.,'' September, 1849, p. 296.— 

(2) Ortliographic Reform. "Amer. AVhig 
Rev.," October, 1849, p. 419. 

Attache, An. Jerningham. Remi- 
niscences of . . . L. 1886. 

Atticiis. Josepli Addison, in Pope's 
" Epistle to Arbuthnot." 

Atticus. George Faulkner, to whom 
Chesterfield addressed under this title a 
series of ironical letters.^^ Pc^ t 


onical letters.^^ ^ c-^t-^'^y^fX, 
. Rev. Richard Polwhele. &■ 


■ Gent. 

moir of Mrs. Jane Collins . . 
Mag.," 1821. 

Attorney, An. Sir George Stephen. 
Adventures of ... in search of practice. 
L. 1839. 

Also ascribed to Samuel Warren. 

Attorney-General, The. Sir John 
Dulce Coleridge, Baron Coleridge. Odger's 
reply to . . . L. 1873. 

Attorney-General, The. Edmund 
Randolph. Report of . . . [on the judi- 
ciary system of the United States]. 
Read in the House of Representatives, 
Dec. 31, 1790-91. 

Attorney of the Commonwealth, 
The. Samuel D. Parker. Report of the 
arguments of . . . at the trials of Abner 
Kneeland . . . 1834. B. 1834. 

Auctioneer, An. Wolley Simpson. 
Professional excursions, by . . . L. 1843. 

Also ascribed to G. Jtobins. 

Auld Keikie. Edinburgh. The his- 
tory of Rachel, commonly called . . . 
Edinb. 1701. 

Auld Style. Taylor, farmer in Fetter- 
esse. Dogger versus Bumper, n.p. 1856. 

Aurelius. George Chalmers, in Dib- 
din's " Bibliomania." 




Australian Politician, An. Sir 

Charles Gavan Duffy. Notes in Europe, 
by . . . Melbourne, 1867. 

Author, An. William Warburlon. A 
letter from ... to a member of Parlia- 
ment, concerning literary property. L. 

Author, The. Jonathan Swift. A 
brief account of Mr. John Ginglicutt's 
treatise concerning the altercation or 
scoldings of the ancients. By ... L. 

Author, The. Edward Gibbon. A 
vindication of some passages in the 15th 
and 16th chapters of the " History of the 
decline and fall of the Roman Empire." 
By . . . L. 1779. 

Author of "Helen of Glenross." 
H. Martin. Remarks on Mr. John Kem- 
ble's performance of " Hamlet " and 
"Richard the Third." L. 1802. 

Author of " Local Attachment," 
and Translator of "Theocritus." 
Rev. Richard Polwhele. The fair Isabel 
of Colehele. A Cornish romance . . . 
By . . . L. 1815. 

Author of " Observations on Mod- 
ern Gardening," The. Thomas Whately. 
Remarks on some of the characters of 
Shakespeare. By ... L. 1785. 

Author of the "Art of Politics," 
The. James Bramston. Man of taste 
... By . . . L. 1733. 

Author of the " Cavaliers of Vir- 
ginia," The. William A. Carruthers. 

Author of the "Female Quixote," 
The. Mrs. Charlotte Lennox. Shake- 
spear illustrated . . . By ... L. 

Author of the First [Part], The. 
John Oldmixon. The lilstory of addresses , 
with remarks serious and comical . . . 
Part II., by . . . L. 1711. 

Author of the " London Spy," The. 
Edward Ward. Vulgus Britannicus, on 
the British Hudibras in fifteen cantos 
. .. By .. . L. 1710. 

Author of the " Miscellaneous Ob- 
servations on the Tragedy of Mac- 
beth," The. Samuel Johnson. Proposals 
for printing a new edition of the plays of 
William Shakespear, with notes critical 
and explanatory, by . . . L. 1745. 

Author of " The Resources of Rus- 
sia." Alexis Eustaphieve. Reply to the 
Edinburgh Reviewers. By ... B. 1813. 

Author of the "Review of Mr. 
Pitt's Administration." John Al- 
mon (1). A review of Lord Bute's ad- 
ministration. By ... L. 1763. 

Author of the "True-born English- 
man," The. Daniel Defoe. Tlie shortest 
way with the Dissenters . . . By ... L. 

Author of ... " The Watch Tower." 
William Livingston. An address to his 
Excellency Sir Charles Hardy, Kn't. By 
. . . N.Y. 1755. 

Author of " Theatrical Criticisms," 
in the Aveeltly paper called "The 
Ne"ws." James Henry Leigh Hunt. 

Author of " Typee," The. Herman 
Melville. Letter from ... B. 1850. — 
See " Greenwood, Grace." 
^ 'Authors of the "Naval Sketch 
Book," The. Capt. William Nugent Glas- 
cock. Sailors and saints; or, matrimo- 
nial mana3uvres. By ... L. 1829. 

Autocrat of the Breakfast Table. 
Oliver Wendell JLolmes. Two articles in 
the " New England Mag.," Vol. I., 1831, 
p. 428 ; and Vol. II., 1832, p. 134. 

These are not included in the published vol- 

Automathes. Richard Griffith. Some- 
thing new. L. 1773. 

Ave. Mrs. Eva Wigstrdm. Brottoch 
straff . . . skildradt af . . . Sthlm. 1872. 

Ayre, William. Edmund Curll. 

Ayrshire Minister, An. Rev. James 
Murray. Songs of the covenant times. 
By . . . Edinb. 1861. 

Ayrton, J. C. Miss Mary Francis 
Chapman. Mary Bertrand. L. 1856. 


)8. R. Hurrell Froude. See " a " (un- 
der alpha), in "I. and P." 

B. Samuel Barrett, D.D., in the 
" Christ. Exam.," XL., 303. 

B. Cyrus Augustus Bartol, D.D., in the 
"Christ. Exam." 

B. Henry Whitney Bellows, in the 
" Christ. Exam." 

B. George Bradford, in the " Christ. 
Exam.," v., 285 (B. 1828). 

B. George Washington Burnap, in the 
"Christ. Exam." (B.). 

B. William Cullen Bryant. His sig- 
nature to poetry in the "United States 
Gazette," 1825. 

B. Rev, Dr. Thomas Birch, in his con- 



tributions to the "Athenian Letters" . , . 
(L. 1741-43). 

B. Bev. Isaac Williams. One of the 
contributors to " Tracts for the Times " 
(L.), 1840-48. 

B. John Marty n. 

In 1730 he projected the " Grub-street Jour- 
nal," in conjunction with Dr. Russell and some 
others. The best papers were afterwards col- 
lected in two volumes (L. 17.37), under the title 
of "Memoirs of the Society of Grub-street." 
Mr. Martyu's papers are distinguished by the 
signature " B," and Dr. Russell's by that of " M." 

B. John Beale Bordley. (1) Hemp. 
P. 1799. — (2) Sketches on rotation of 
crops. P. 1797. 

B. Robert Williams Buchanan. Lon- 
don poems, in " Temple Bar," 1860- 

B. Eddowes Bowman. On tiie Roman 
governors of Syria, at the time of the 
birth of Christ. L. 1855. 

B. William Oland Bourne, in " Recon- 
struction " (N.Y.), 1862. 

B. Burton. Remarks on the 

names of ships in the Royal Navy. 
" Gent. Mag.," January, 1797, p. 26. 

B., A. Mrs. Aphru Behn. A com- 
panion for the ladies' closets ... L. 

B.,A. A. Brasher. Raolo : a tragedy. 
By . . . Aberdeen, 1882. 

B., A., C. S. Alfred Bulman. Current 
repentance. L. 1886. 

B., A. K. H. Andrew Kenned// Hutchi- 
son Boijd. (1) Concerning disappoint- 
ment and success. " Eraser's Mag.," Jan- 
uary, 1860, p. 1. — (2) Concerning giving 
up and coining down. " Fraser," Febru- 
ary, 1800, ]). 1-51; and other articles in 

B., A. 31. H. Antoine Marie Henri 
Boalard. (1) Considerations sur la i)re- 
micre formation des langues ; traduites 
de I'anghus de Adam Sinitii. Paris, 1796. 
— (2) De I'origine de la cremation, ou de 
I'usagc de brCder les corps, traduit de 
I'anglais de M. Jamieson. Paris, 1821. — 
(3) Histoire litte'raire des Arabes, traduite 
de I'anglais de Jos. Berington. Paris, 
1823. — (4) Histoire litteraire des huit 
premiers siecles [etc.] de I'i're chrc'tienne, 
traduite de I'anglais de J. Berington. 
Paris, 1814-22. — (5) Vie de Jean How- 
ard, ceiebre piiilaiUhro])e, traduit de I'ah- 
glais de Jolin Aikin. Paris, 1796. 

B. B. ;S'. A.Matson. An extract for 
every day in the year. L. 1850. 

B., B. C. Sir Benjamin Collins Bra- 
die. Psychological inquiries . . . L. 

B., B. F. Benjamin Frederick Browne. 
Notices (.r r MrT John Browne and some 

of his descendants. By . . . Salem, 

Mass., 18 — . 

B., C. Charles Brooks, in the " Christ. 
Exam.," 1851. 

B., C. Clement Biddle. Airdrie, and 
fugitive pieces. By . . . P. 1872. 

B., C Charles Beaufoy. Experiments 
made for the purpose of ascertaining the 
stability of bodies floating on the surface 
of the water ... L. 1806. 

B., C. Charles Bathurst, M.A. Lec- 
tures read at a mechanics' institute in the 
country. L. 1854. 

B., C. A. Charles Astor Bristed. (1) 
The life and letters of Keats. " Amer. 
Whig Rev.," December, 1848, p. 603. — 
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Mrs. Blake is a correspondent of the Boston 
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... In verse, by Rev. Edward Young, 
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West : a fragment. Bath, 1834. 



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See"F , Mr." 

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Life of John Knox. " Gent. Mag.," June, 
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fended against the . . . aspersions of . . ., 
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have passed between . . . and the s[ecre- 
ta]ry of the A[dmiral]ty [John Cleve- 
land], etc. L. 1757. 

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"Gent. Mag.," November, 1787, pp. 
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^-'B — s. Henry Whitney Bellows, in the 
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y B — t. Samuel Barrett, D.D., in the 
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B — t's recantation, in a letter to the Pev- 
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^/ B — y, D-. Dr. George Berkeley. A 
vindication of . . . from the scandalous 
imputation of being author of a late book 
entitled " Alciphron ; or, the minute phil- 
osopher . . ." 1734. Cooper, Anthony 
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cences, written in 1778, for the anmse- 
ment of . . . L. 1805. By Horace Wal- 
pole, Earl of Orford. 

^ Bachelor of Divinity, A. Edward 
Bouverifi Pusay. Subscription to the 
thirty-nine articles. Questions ... by a 
bachelor of divinity [E. B. Pusey], with 

answers by a resident member of convo- 
cation [Edward Hawkins, U.D.] andbrief 
notes . . . by . . . Oxf. 1883. 

Balali. Gilbert Burnet, in Dryden's 
" Absalom and Achitophel." 
w Balance, A., Esq., of the Middle 
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ter gaol. 1841. 

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1754. L. 1853. 

' Banker, A. L. Bidl. Relation of the 
church covenant to church finances, by 
. . . n.p., n.d. [1879]. 
/ Banker-Poet, The. Samuel Rogers. 

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L'ange de la maison. Rouen, 1858. 

Bard, The. Thomas Gru.y. The Bos- 
tonian prophet : an heroi-comico-serious- 
periodical-pindaric ode, in imitation of 
... L. 1770. 

Bard of the Imagination, The. 
Mark A ken side. 

Bard of the Wrekiu, A. Home. 

Signature to poems in the country papers. 
— See "Gent. Mag.," Vol. LXVIIL, p. 

Bard of Twickenham. Alexander 

Bard of Wiltshire, The. Stephen 

/ Barebones. John Gardiner. An es- 
say of Ids elicited from a Roman Catho- 
lic ])riest — one John Thayer — some 
strictures to whicli Mr. Gardiner re- 
plied under this signature. 
^Baring, Sandy. Alexander Baring, 
Lord Ashburton. — See " Eraser," Vol. I., 
p. 497. 

,' Barker, Laura. Mrs. Tom Taylor. 
/Barlow, Enrico Clark. Henry Clark 
Barloir. Opere Dantesche del Cavaliore 
Dottore ... L. 1872. 

Barnivelt, Esdras, Apoth. Alexan- 
der Pope. X "key to the lock . . . Lon- 
don, 1718. 

In this work, published shortly after "The 
Kape of the Lock," the author pronounced the 
latter poem a satire upon Queen Anne and the 
Biirrier Treaty. 1'he " key " has also been as- 
cribed to Dr. John Arbuthnot. 
,. Barock, Paul. C. H. Rydberg. 
Krim.skrams. Sthlm. 1854. 

Baron, 3Iarie le. Mrs. Birlby. 

.'Barri.ster, A. Z>. Douglas. The bio- 
graphiral liistory of Sir William Black- 
stone, etc. By . . . 1782. 

Barrister, A. Frederick Green. Es- 
tate management . . . With a legal sup- 
plement by ... L. 1879. 

Barrister, A. Henry Coleman Folkard. 
Every man Ills own lawyer. L. 1882. 

Barrister, A. Right Hon. Spencer 




Perceval, A review of the arguments 
in favor of the continuance of impeach- 
ments notwithstanding a dissolution. 
By . . . L. 1791. 

jBarrister, A. William Roberts. The 
portraiture of a Christian gentleman. 
By . . . L. 1829. 

Barrister, A. David Leahy. A re- 
view of the principal facts connected with 
the . . . recent state persecutions in Ire- 
land ... By . . . L. 1845. 

Barrister, A. Melville ifadison Bige- 
low. Rhymes of . . . B. 1884. 

Barrister, A. Thomas Hallie Dela- 
mayne. The rise and practice of im- 
prisonment. By ... L. 1772. 

Barrister, A. Sir Stafford Henry 
Northcote, 1st Earl of Iddlesleigh. A short 
review of tlie navigation laws of Eng- 
land ... By . . . L. 1849. 

Barrister, A. John Reeves. Two 
tracts shewing that Americans born be- 
fore the independence are, by the law of 
England, not aliens . . . By . . . L. 1814. 

Barrister-at-laAv, A. Samuel War- 
ren. The opium question as between 
nation and nation. B . . . L. 1840. 

•Barrister-at-laTV, A. Joseph Simp- 
son. Reflections on the natural and ac- 
quired endowments requisite for the study 
of the law ... By . . . L. 1764. 

Barrister-at-IaAV of Lincoln's Inn, 
A. Thomas Denman. A legal argument 
on the statute 1st William and Mary, 
Chapter 18, intitled " An act for exempt- 
ing their Majesties' Protestant subjects 
. . . from the penalties of certain 
laws ..." By ... L. 1812. , 

Barrister of the Middle Temple, A. 
Holkar Megqison. The sponge . . . By 
... L. 1831. 

Barrister of tlie Temple, A. George 
Wharton Marriott. Toleration act ex- 
plained. An answer to a legal argument, 
[by Thomas Denman], etc. L. 1812. 

Bartolo. John Eraser. 

Basanistes. Vicars. 

yBasil. Richard Ashe King. (1) Love 
the debt ; Wearin' o' the green ; and A 
coquette's conquest. L. 1882-85. — (2) 
A shadowed life. L. 1886. ' 

Basilicus, Seborcus. Thomas Ash- 
ton. A letter to the Rev. Dr. M[orell], 
on the question of electing aliens into 
the vacant places in Eton College. By 
... L. 1771. 

Basket-maker Poet, Tlie. Thomas 

Batavian Grace. Alexander James 
Beresford-Hope. — See " Bo'sun, The." 

Bate, Parson. Rev. Sir Henry Bate 

Bayes. John Dryden, in George Vil- 
liers' Duke of Buckingham's farce of 
"The Rehearsal." 

Baudrier, Sieur de. Jonathan Swijl. 

Baylor, 3Iiss F. C. Mrs. Fanny 
Courtenay Baylor Belger. A popular 
contributor to " Lippincott's Mag." 

Bayonet, Bryan, of the First Regi- 
ment of Guards. John Henley. The 
Hyp doctor. [By B. B., etc.] 

Bays. Charles Montagu, Earl of Hali- 
fax. The mouse grown a rat; or, the 
story of the city and country mouse 
newly transpos'd ; in a discourse betwixt 
Bays, Johnson, and Smith. 1702. 

A party tract, attacking Halifax's political 
conduct under the name of "Bays." 

Beauclerk, Lady Di. Lady Diana 
de Vere Beauclerk. True love. L. 

Beaufort, Emily A. Emily Anne 
Beaufort Sniythe, Viscountess Strangford. 
Egyptian shrines and sepulchres . . . By 
... L. 1861. 

Beaumont, Averil. 3Irs. Margaret 
(^Raine) Hunt. 

Beauvolr, Roger de. Edouard Roger 
de Bully. Ruysch; eine hoUandische 
geschichte aus dem siebenzehnten jahr- 
hundert. In Zitz-Halein, K. 

Becker, Sophie. Agnes Sophie {Beck- 
er) Schu-arz. Vor hundert jahren ; Elise 
von der Becker's reisen durch Deutsch- 
land, 1784-80 . . . Stuttg. 1884. 

Becky, Aunt, il/rs. Sarah A. Palmer. 
Autobiography. N.Y. 1868. 

Bede, Augustin. Henry Major. 
Letters to an Episcopalian on ... the 
book of common prayer. Bait. 1859. 

Bee, Auntie. Mrs. Bertha H. Bux- 
ton. Rosabella. L. 1877. 

Bee, Jay. Jabez Bunting. A brotherly 
epistle addressed to Mr. . . . the " Master 
Mind . . ." L. 1852. 

Beethoven, Bronze, " a Looker- 
On." Rev. John Turner Sargent. The 
crisis of Unitarianism ... By ... B. 

Belacee. B. W. Lacy. 1868. 

Belani, H. E. R. Karl Ludwig Hd- 
herlin. Russische hofgeschichtcn, von 
Peter dem grossen bis Katharina II. ; his- 
torische novellen und lebends bilder. 
Leipzig, 1856. 

Belfield. Rev. Percivnl Stochdale. 
This character in Miss Burney's " Ceci- 
lia" is said to have been drawn from the 
" animated, ingenious, and eccentric Per- 
cival Stockdale." 

Believer, A. A. B. Woods. Me- 
shuUam; or, tidings from Jerusalem. 
From the journal of . . . P. 1851. 

Believer, A. Darius Forbes. Uni- 




versalists' assistant . . . By . .• . B. 

Bell, Paul. Henri) Fotherqill Chorley. 
(1) Pomfret. L. 1845. — (2) Roccabella ; 
a tale of a woman's life. L. 1859. 

Ben. Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of Bea- 
conslield. (1) Ben changes the motto, 
etc. L. 1880. By Guest.— (2) Ben's 
dream about the " scliemers of Phil- 
istia": a satire. L. 1878. — (3) How 
Ben behaved himself. L. 1880. By 
F. B. ]). B. Drew. 

Ben, Uncle. Daniel, F. Tijler. How 
to get rich ! Written for poor men and 
young beginners of life ; by their affec- 
tionate friend . . . N.Y. 1872. 

Ben Nathan, Nathan. Nathan C. 
Kouns. An idyl of the primitive church. 
N.Y. 1884. 

Bendigo. William Thompson. 

Bendo, Alexander. Bohert Carr, 
Viscount Rochester, Earl of Somerset. 

S.iys " The His^h German Doctor " (q.v.) : 
" The witty Lord Rochester, who assumed that 
name to amuse the rabble, etc." — See Dixon's 
"Her Majesty's Tower," Vol. II., pp. 212-270. 

Bengal Civilian, A. C. ./. O'Donnell. 
The black pamphlet of Calcutta. The 
famine of 1874. By . . . L. 1876. 

" Benighted Irishman." William 
Makepeace Thackeruij. Irish gems. 
" Punch," April, 1848. 

Benjamin. Benjamin Disraeli, Earl 
of Beaconsfield. The book of Benjamin, 
etc : a satire. L. 1879. 

Benjamins, 3Ii*. Benjamin Disraeli, 
Earl of Beaconsfield. The quarrel between 
Mr. Merrypebble [W. E. Gladstone] and 
Mr. Bull, showing how . . . became the 
manager of tlie St. Stephens's co-opera- 
tive stores [/.«. prime minister]. L. 1875. 

Bennett, R. King. Richard Ilenrtj 

Ben.son, Carl. Charles Astor Bristed. 
The lie.xametcr and the pentameter. 
" Anier. Whig Rev.," November, 1846, p. 
482 ; Classical dramatic metres (January, 
1847, p 72) ; Classical lyric metres (Feb- 
ruary, 1847, p. 174) ; The new school 
metres (May, 1847, p. 502). 

Benvolio. Miss Anna Seward. The 
battledore kept up for Boswell's Shut- 
tlecock. In " Gent. Mag." for Feb- 
ruary, 1786. 

This controversy will be found in the " Gent. 
.Mag." for 1785, in articles signed " Q.," 
p. 877, and " J>. IT." p. 959, both by Jtichard 
Gougli, f'Jsq.; one signed "Anti-Stillctto," Janu- 
ary, 1780, pp. 17-2.3; two signed " Gentian " and 
" Uenvolio," February, 1780, pp. 123-120; one 
signed " W. B. r^aiciis," p. 120; one signed 
" I'hilaiithropoB," .\pril, p. 295; and in Afay, 1780 
by Mr. Gough, under the signature " I'rome, si 
mereaH, in me," pp. ;i80-88. — See N'iciiolh' "II- 
luBtratiouHof Literature," Vol. VII., pp. ;i."52-304. 

Bergham, John de. Thomas Chai- 
terton. Poems. L. 17 — . 

Bernays, Isaak. Hermann Schiff. Das 
koseliere haus. Hamburg, n.d. 

Bernhard, Carl. Thomasine Christine 
Heiberg. The queen of Denmark : an 
historical novel. L. 1846. 

Berthold, Franz. Adelheid Reinbold, 
Irrwisch-Fritze. 188-. 

Berwickshire Sandie. Alexander 
Brown, author of a volume of poems, 
chiefly in the Scottish dialect, printed 
about the beginning of the present cen- 

Bias. P. E. Bercjstrand. Magde- 
burgs liamnare. Sthlm. 1867. 

Bible Spiritualist, A. Thomas Bart- 
lett Hall. Three articles on modern 
spiritualism, bj'^ . . . B. 1863. 

Bible Student, A. John Hyde. Char- 
acter; its elements and development. 
By . . . L. 1875. 

Biblicus. Joshua Wilson. Is salva- 
tion by water bajjtism the doctrine of the 
Church of England? ... By . . . L. 1852. 

Bibliographe, Un. J. P. A. Glad- 
den. Lettres d' . . . Paris, 1873-78. 

Bibliophile, Un. C. Uzanne. Ca- 
prices d' . . . Paris, 1878. 

Bibliophilus. John M'Hale, D.D. 
Some remarks on the charge of the most 
Rev. Doctor Magee . . . By . . . Dub- 
lin, 1822. 

BickerstaflF, Isaac. Benjamin West. 
B.'s Boston almanack, 17 — . 

Bickerstaflf, Isaac, Esq. Sir Rich- 
ard Steele. Predictions for the year 1712. 
By . . . L. 1712. 

Bickerstaff, Isaac, Esq. Jonathan 
Swift, D.D. Predictions for the year 
1708 ... By . . . L. 1708. 

Big-Wig, A. Henry Brougham, Lord 
Brougiiam and Vaux. The blunders of 
. . .; or, Paul Pry's peeps into the six- 
penny sciences ... L. 1827. 

Biographicus. William .Tohnstone 
Temple. The character of Mr. Boswell 
defended. " Gent. Mag.," 1795, II., 634. 

Birkbeck. Henri Beyle. One of the 
twelve pseudonyms of II. B. 

Bishop, The. William Gedney Bimce. 
— See " Puritan, The." 

Bishop, The. Horatio Potter, D.D. 
A parochial letter to the clergy of the dio- 
cese of New York, from . . . N.Y. 1865. 

Bishop of Liondon, The. Edmund 
Gibson, D.D. Tile B. of L.'s last pastoral 
letter, against lukewarmness and enthu- 
siasm. L. 1740. 

Bishop of London, The. Richard 
Terrick. A letter to . . . on his public 
conduct . . . By a curate. L. 177'_'. 




Bishop of Liouisiana, The. Joseph 
Pere Bell Wilmer. Annual address of 
... to the council of the diocese, 1874. 
New Orleans, 1874. 

Bishop of Louisiana, The. Leoni- 
das Polk. A letter to the . . . bishop of 
Tennessee, . . . and North Carolina, from 
. . . New Orleans, 1850. 

Bishop of Oxford, The. John Put- 
ter, D.D. Charge to the clergy of his 
diocese: 1719. L. 1719. 

Bisliop of VeiMiiont, The. John 
Henrij IJopkiiis. The Bible view of sla- 
very. A letter from . . . L. 1803. 

Bishop of Virginia, Tlie. William 
Alrade. The catechisms usually styled 
King Edward's and Dean Nowell's . . . 

Bisliop of Western New York, The. 
Arthur Cleveland Core. Poems of George 
Burgess, with an introduction by . . . 
Hartford, 1808. 

Bjarke, Boclvar. X. Lilja. Nordiska 
gudasagor. Sthlm. 1867. 

Bla, Ivar. Paul Fritz Alem/el. A 
Swedish author and journalist. 

Blaclc, A. Thomas Dai/. The dying 
negro, . . . supposed to be written by . . . 
L. 1773. 

Black Man, A. R. I. Cromwell. An 
adilress to the colored people of J.,ouisi- 
ana, etc. By . . . n.p. 1800. 

Blackburne, E. OAvens. Elizabeth 
Owens Blackburne Caseij. My sweetheart 
when a boy: a novel. L. 1880. 

Blacksmith, A. Henri/ Home, Lord 
Kames. Letter from ... to the ministers 
and elders of the Church of Scotland. 

Blasius, Docteur. Paschal Grousset. 
Signature to chronicles in "Figaro." 

Blind Jack of Knaresborough. 
John Metcalf. Life. York, 1795. 

Blind Organist, The. Cha rles Bennett. 

Blind Poet of Cumberland, The. 
John Stai/ij. Miscellaneous poems in tlie 
Cumberland and Scottish dialect. 1807. 

Blind Poetess of Ulster, The. Miss 
Frances Brown. The star of Atteghe'i. 
L. 1844. 

Bliss, Henry. N. T. Moile. State 
trials. Specimen of a new ed : in A'erse. 
L. 1838. 

Block, Palle. Frans HedUerg. Fyi-a 
ar vid landsorsttlieatern. Sthlm. 1858. 

Bloom, Peach. Alice F. Miidd. 

Blougrant, Bishop. Nicholas Patrick 
Stephen Wiseman. Bishop B.'s apology. 
[By R. Browning's " Men and Women."] 

Blue Peter. J. C. Summers. Who 
won ? tlie official yacht record. 1886, 
etc. N.Y. 1887. 

Bluestring, Robin. Sir Robert Wal- 
pole. Earl of Orford. An allusion to 
his blue ribbon as a Knight of the 

Blunt, Gregory. Thomas Pearne(l'). 
Six more letters to Granville Sharp, 
Esq., on his remarks upon the uses of 
the article in the Greek Testament. L. 

Erroneously attributed to Porson. 

Blunt, John. *S. W. Fores. Man- 
midwifery dissected ; or, the obstetric 
family instructor, etc. L. 1793. 

Board of Managers, The. Ellis 
Grai/ Loring. An address to the aboli- 
tionists of Massachusetts, on political 
action. By . . . B. 1838. 

Boarder, The. Mr. Trusloiv. 

" Boatswain " Smith. Rev. George 
Charles Smith. 

Bob, Uncle, R. W. Blew. Letters to 
children. By . . . Memphis, Tenn., 

Bobbin, Paul, Esq.. of Alt, near 
Oldham. James BiUtenvorth. A dish 
of hodge podge ; or, a collection of poems, 
by . . . Manchester, 1800. 

Bobbin, Paul, Couzin German of 
the famous Tim Bobbin of merry 
memory. James Butter worth. A sequel 
to the Lancashire dialect, by . . . Man- 
chester, 1819. 

Bobbing John. John Erskine, 11th 
Earl of Marr. 

Bogardus, James. John W- Thomson. 
Cast-iron buildings . . . By . . . N.Y 

Bohemus. George Emanuel Opiz. 
Frauengrosse : oder, Der blodsinnige. 
Stuttgart, 1835. 

Bombardinio. William Maginn. On 
manners, fashion, and things in gen- 
eral . . . By ... In " Eraser's Mag*.," 
July, 1834, p. 97, and August, 1834, 
p. 226. 

Bonnaire, D. H. Robert Mitchell, in 
his contributions to " Le Petit Caporal " 

Bookseller, A. Henri/ George Bohn. 
Observations on the plan and prog- 
ress of the catalogue of the library 
of the British Museum. By ... L. 

Bookum, Reader. D. Brown. Pump- 
kin i)ies. East Dover, Vt., n.d. 

Boone, Henry Ij. Henri/ Llewellijn 
Williams. Big Sige ; or, the Red Cloud 
of the Soshones . . . By . . . N.Y. 

Bore-well, Pcgo. John Wilkes. 

Boots, 31r. Thomas Brai/. Mr. B.'s 
apology for the conduct of the late 




H h S ff [high sheriff], in an- 
swer to a late infamous libel entitled, 
"The blackest of all black jokes." L. 

Boston, Lord. Thomas Gage. 

In 17"6appeared"TlieFalI of British Tyranny: 
... a Tragi -Comedy "... P. 1T76. The char- 
acters of the play consist of the leading states- 
men of England, introduced under descriptive 
names, — Bute being "Lord Paramount"; 
Mansfield, " Lord Mocklaw " ; etc.; Gage figures 
as " Lord Boston." 

Boston Rebel, The. John Lowell. 

" Mr. Lowell's articles in Russell's ' Centinel,' 
over the signature of the ' The Boston Rebel,' in 
opposition to the war of the United States and 
Great Britain, were of a character the most in- 
llamrnutoi-y of any political writings of the day. 
His productions were in a highly nervous style, 
abounding in piquant philippics. His remarks 
on Madison's war, in a large pamphlet, exhibited 
the most e.\citiiig attack on the Democratic 
administration that emanated from any political 
writer. His fervid genius and rapid pen poured 
forth pamphlet after pamphlet, and column 
after column in the newspaper, replete with 
spirit and force and purpose, on the side of the 
Federal party, in warm ojjpositiou to the general 

Bostonian, A. Jolm rfenrji Gray. 
Inf()rinMti(jn upon . . . {■old water cure of 
■Germany . . . By ... B. 1844. 

Bostimian, A. WlHiinn Bentlei/ Foivle. 
Tlie schojiiist schooled ... By . . . Cam- 
bridge, Mass., 1840. 

Bo'siiii, The. A'^ Hon. Gconje A. F. 
C. Bcnilnrk. 

" Liii;li»h reporters are not far behind their 
American brethren in coining political nick- 
names. The 'Pall Mall Gazette' gives some 
specimens: ' 'I'he late Mr. George Bentinck was 
always spoken of as " The Uc)'suii," from his 
affection for the sea and all that Moats thereon; 
Lord Henry Lenno.v's postnrings made liis sobri- 
<}uet, " Miss Lennox," particularly ap|iroj)riatc; 
Lord Beauchain]), when he sat in the Lower 
House as the Hon. F. Lygon, was '• Miss Fanny " ; 
Lord ICIcho, now Karl of Wemyss, was invested 
•with the title "Cool of the Kvening," so smil- 
ingly complacent was ho in his corner seat below 
the gangway; " Batavian Grace" fitted Mr. 
Beresford-IIope " like :\ glove"; the son of an 
eminent — a very eminent — statesman was 
known in the gallery as " The Cub." ' " 

BoswoU. \V. J>. Johnson. Tiie lives 
■of Jonathan and ^'irginia. By^. . V. 

Bottom. John Arc.hihald Afnrrai/, 
Lord Murray. Bottom's .song- [on tiie 
Leith electors]. Kdini). 1832. 

Boiirdiii, Louis, or lleinrich. Curl 
7V(iii//()tl J/f'i/nfi. Fiirst Milleniaclil : ro- 
man . . . Leipzi};, 1848. 

Bourgeois de Ne\v Haven, I'n. M. J. 
A.N. 0. <lc. Condorri'.t. Kechercbes liis- 
toriques et poiitiqtics sur les Etats-Unis 
de I'Amerique Septentrionale, 7)ar un 
citoyen de Virginic [Mazzc'i], avec 
quatre lettres d' . . . Sur runitc' de la 
legislation . . . et d'aufres r('fiexions . . . 

par un habitant obscur de I'ancien he'm- 
isphere [Condorcet]. Paris, 1788. 

Bounce, Benjamin. Henry Oarey. 
The tragedy of Chrononhotonthologos : 
a burlesque. L. 173^ (.'). 

Bounce, Thomas, Driver of the 
Turnabout. T. Barnes, editor of the 
" Times." A shy at the " Great Gun." 
'fhe blue-coat boy ; or, domestic remi- 
niscences of Mister ... L. 1837. 
• Bowie, Don. John Bowie. Usually 
so called from his attachment to Spanish 

Boy Author, The. Alfred Paxson 
Brotherhead. . y 

Braeme, Charlotte M. Bertha mY 
Claii. Golden gates. N.Y. 1887. \ 

Bram^vald, Theodore. George Kent. 

Brand, Liouls. Louisa Bigg. PaUsies 
and asphodel. L. 1878. 

Brass, Sir Robert. Robert Walpole, 
Earl of Orford. Sir Robert Brass ; or, 
tlie intrigues, serious and amorous, of the 
Knight of tlie Blazing Star: a poem. 

Brent, Royal L. Robert Allyn, D.D., 
J^L.D. Anticipations : a poem in the 
" Ladies Repository," Vol. VIH., p. 352. 

Breval, Jules de. Albert Glcr. Maz- 
zini juu'd par lui-meme et par les sie'ns. 
Paris, 1853. 

Brewster, Wrestling. 3Ls. Af. H. 
Whitinq. Kaith White's letter-book, 
1G20-1()23, Plymoutli, New England. 
B. 18(5(5. 

Breliat, Alfred do. Alfred Gue'^enec. 
L'amour an Nouveau Monde. Paris, 

Brick, Cleorge Washington. John 
K. Ilatrher. 

Briclc. Richard. ./. Duncan. 

Bricklayer, A. Henry Jones. Phil- 
osopliy : a ])oem ... By . . . iJublin, 1740. 

Bridges, 3Iadcline. Mary Ainge De 

Brierwood, Frank. iMiss Mabel 

JBriggs, Caroline A. — See " Mason, 
Mrs. C. A. (B.)." 

Britannicus. Henry Tresham. B. to 
Bonaparte: an heroic epistle witli notes. 
L. 1803. 

Britannicus. C. Lucas. A freeman's 
an.swor to tlie freeholder's address, 
signed "Hibernicus" [/.c J. D. La- 
touche], to the the merchants, traders, 
and otiiers ... of the city of Dublin. 
Dublin, 1748. 

Britannicus. />'. RIchings. A letter 
addressed to . . . Sir Robert' Peel ... on 
the political aspect of Popery. By . . . 
L. 1837. 




Britannicus. T. Robe. Letter from 
... in praise of tlie queen [Caroline]. 
L. 1732. 

Britannicus. Francis Randolph, D.D. 
A letter to William Pitt, containing some 
new arguments against the abolition of 
the slave trade. By . . . L. 1804. 

Britannicus. C. A. Ward. Our in- 
sular shortcomings, and the equilibrium 
of Europe. By ... L. 1878. 

Britanno-Hibernus, W. W. Henri/. 
An appeal to the people of Ireland . . . 
By . . . Dublin, 1749. 

British American, A. Oxenhridge 
Tkacher. The sentiments of . . . B. 

Britisli Author, A. Sir Arthur 
Helps. International copj'right between 
Great Britain and America : a letter to 
Charles Eliot Norton. In "Macmillan's 
Mag." (L.), June, 1869, pp. 89-95. 

British Canadian, A. Henr/i James 
Morgan. The tour of H.R.H. the Prince 
of Wales, through British America and 
the United States. By . . . Montreal, 1860. 

British Cicero, The. William Pitt, 
Earl of Chatham. A new system of pa- 
triot i^olic.y, containing the genuine re- 
cantation of . . . L. 1756. 

British aiinister, The. F. ./. Jack- 
son. An appeal to the people; ... re- 
lating to the rejection of . . . N.Y. 1810. 
By William Coleman, editor of the New 
York " Evening Post." 

British Observer, Tlie. William 
Henry Coombes, D.D. His signature to 
letters on Catholic affairs, in " Cobbett's 
Register," in the years 1804-6. 

I5ritisli Officer, A. Rev. William 
Cliibbe. Parallel between the characters 
and conduct of Oliver Cromwell and 
Bonaparte ... By . . . L. 1812. 

British Officer, lately returned 
from the East, A. John Campbell. An 
account of the defence made at Mangal- 
ore . . . By . . . L. 1786. 

Brittanicus. Thomas Brittain. Half 
a dozen songs by . . . Manchester, 

Brn, J — y. Mrs. Jennij Odmann. Bru- 
den pa. Stafsund. 

Broad Bottom, A. P. D. Stanhope, 
Earl of Chesterfield. The interest of 
Hanover steadily pursued since the 
A[ccession] . . . Being a sequel to a 
late pamphlet, entitled "The interest of 
Great Britain steadily pursued." In a 
letter to the Right Hon. author (Horatio, 
Lord Walpole). By . . . L. 1743. 

Broderick, Mark. Mrs. E. S. L. 

Broker, A. H. M. Guillemard. The 

stock exchange : its use and abuse . . . 
By . . . L. 1877. 

Brook, Antonie. Johanna Antonie 
Brokel. Schutzlos aber nicht hiilfos : 
roman . . . Berlin, 1878. 

Brook, Fanshaw'^e. Fanni/ Susan 
Wi/rill. Pansies. L. 1860. 

Brooke, C. Miss E. Nesbit. Signa- 
ture in " Good Words," " Sunday Mag.," 

Brooltsby. C. Pennell-Elmhirst, in 
the " Field." 

Bro\vn, Mrs. George Rose. The go- 
ings on of Mrs. Brown at the Tichborne 
trial and in her own family . . . By . . . 
L. 1872. 

Bro'tvn, Jimmy. William L. Alden. 
The adventures of ... ; written by him- 
self . . . N.Y. 1885. 

First appeared in " Harper's Young Peo- 

Brown, Jones, and Robinson. 

Richard Doi/le. The foreign tour of . . . 
L. 1854. 

Browne, Henry. Henri/ Ellison. 
Stones from the old quarry ; or, moods 
of the mind. L. 1875. 

Browne, Phillis. A. G. Payne. Sunny 
Spain : its people, places, and customs. 
N.Y. 1884. 

Bro^vnius, Johannes, A.M. Sir 
George Cornewall Lewis, Bart. InscriptiO' 
antiqua, in agro Bruttio, nuper ruperta. 
Edidit et intertatus est . . . Oxon. 1862. 

Bruin. ,/. F. C. Adams. The bal- 
loon scouts. The black spy. Glass-eye. 
Light-house Lige ; or, Osceola. Liglitning^ 
Jo. Old Grizzly. Old Zip. The young 
spy. N.Y. 1871-77. 

Bniu Barnow, Ida v. Ida Brunsig, 
edle von Brun. Falsche wege : roman. 
N.Y. 1881. 

Bruuefille, G. E. Lady Colin Camp- 

Bruno, J. Joseph Bruno, Graf von 
Mengerson auf Rheder. Irma und Nanka. 
Leii>zig, 1842. 

Bruuo, Tliomas. Thomas Brown. 

Brush aiaker. The. Thomas Consta- 
ble. A rod for scorpions ; an eds^ed tool 
for fools ; and information for children ; 
being a summary account of ... 's ram- 
bles, etc. 1806. 

Bruto Inglese, II. '' John Wilkes. 
Boswell wrote as follows to Wilkes in a 
letter, dated Rome, April 22, 1765: — 

" In the Italian gazettes they have thought prop- 
er to give you the epithet of 'II BrJito Inglese.' 
Bruto in Italian may signify either ' Brutua ' or 
' ugly ' ; and you must know it is disputed be- 
tween your friends and your enemies, whether 
the epithet ought to he translated ' the Enlf^litsh; 
Brutus,' or ' the ugly EnglisKraan.' " 




Brutus, Marcus. Benjamin Pollard. 
Under this signature he addressed, in part, 
a series of letters to Madison. 

Buchanan, Williams. Robert Wil- 
liams Buchanan. This and " B." are his 
signatures to poetry in " Temple Bar," 
and " R. W. B." to prose articles. 

Bucke, Wyl. Joseph Hasleivood. Wyl 
Bucke ; his Testament. L. 1827. 

Buckeye, A. Samuel Sullivan Cox. 
A buckeye abroad ; or, wanderings in 
Europe and in tlie Orient. N.Y. 1852. 

Builder, The. Stanford White. — See 
"Puritan, The." 

Bulgarian, The. F. D. Millet. — See 
"Puritan, The." 

Bull. Henry St. John., 1st Viscount 
Bolingbroke. — See " Ox." 

Bull, William, Gent. William Keate. 
The address of ... to W. Pool, Esq., 
steward of the manor of Bishops- White- 
lands, in the south part of Great Britain. 
Bath, 1790. 

Bun. D. B. Sheahan. 

Bunde, John, Jr. Thomas Qogan. 
John Buncle, junior. Gentleman. [Es- 
says.] ■ Dublin, 1776. 

Bungey, the Tow'ring High- 
Church Pope. Dr.Henrij Saclieverell. — 
See " Hermodactyl," etc. 

Burgher-Seceder in Glasgow, A. 
William Smith. Peace and unity recom- 
mended . . . in a letter from ... to an 
Anti-burgher . . . Glasgow, 1766. 

Burk, W. Soame Jenijns. Histoire 
des colonies europecnncs dans I'Ame'rique, 

traduite de I'anglais (par Eidous). 


Burliabled, Le prince. Paul Jones. 

Bursar of the College, A. Rev. 
Cliarles Roger. A true account of the 
regulation and management of the foun- 
dation bursaries of the United College, 
St. Andrews ... By . . . St. Andrews, 

Burton, Mrs. Mrs. Constance Cary 


Butler of Brasenose College, The. 
J. Briar. Brasenose ale : a collection of 
verses annually presented on Shrove 
Tuesday, by . . . Boston, Lincolnshire, 
1878. Ward, Thomas Humphrey (01. 
Socius}, editor. 

Butt, Nathan. John Gait. The radi- 
cal .. . By . . . L. 1832. 

Buxton, Daniel. Mrs. Poidtney Bige- 
loiv. The Madison's butler in "Lippin- 
cott's " for May, 1887. 

Buzz, Bumblerry. George Ediuard 
Rice and Jolin Jlenry Warland. Ephem- 
era. B. 1852. 

Byles, Growley. William Makepeace 
Thackeray. The Westminster Hall ex- 
hibition. " Punch," July, 1847-. 

Byrnne, Fairfax. Aliss Brooke. 

Byron. Peleg Sturtevant. Whippoor- 
will, orandalic. Hudson, N.Y., 1825. 

Bystander, A. Bay ford. Obser- 
vations upon a letter by the Rev. John 
Simons, rector of St. Paul's Cray . . . , 
upon certain errors of the Antinomian 
kind ... L. 1818. 


C, Dexter Clapp, in the "Christ. 

C Henrii Column, in the " Christ. 
Exam." (B.j, 1824. 

C. Leonard If (7oi»Vne//, in "Mae- 
millan's Mag." (L.),June, 1879, pp. 151- 
166; and in the "Academy" (L.), 
August, 1879, pp. 125, 120. 

C. William Elhry Channing. Chris- 
tian Biography : a memoir of J. Gallison, 
etc. B. 1828. 

C. N. Crosland. The Eltliam tragedy 
reviewed. By . . . L. 1871. 

C. Carl XV., late king of Sweden. 
En samling dikter af C. 

C. Francis llingslon. Essay on friend- 
ship. Hy . . . " Cornish Mag.," 1828. 

C Hev. David lifnlcohn. An essay on 
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C, H. W. S. Horace William Shaler 




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" Corina " (Mrs. Eliz. Tliomas) and she 
corresponded, her own poetical name being 
" Marissa." 

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rangement of the entered apprentices' 
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Space for every man ... L. 1849. 

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In the "Christ. Exam." (B.), Januarj"^, 

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the Quakers relative to their refusing to 
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tham, Kent, Nov. 17, 1723 ... By . . . 
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papers ; some of his contributions were 
collected into a small volume entitled 
" Stray Arrows," published in New 

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(1) In tlie "Christ. Exam."'— (2) Me- 
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Etoiiiana, ancient and modern ... L. 
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A key to the Psalms ... By . . . Carab. 




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Pierre des Maiseaux. The survey of 
Cornwall , . . By R. Carew, with the 
life of the author. By , . . 1723. 

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Curtis, Bart. The recantation : a poem, 
inscribed to . . . L. 1818. 

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narrative of the life of . . . [afterward 
wife of General F. Lascelles] ... L. 
1780 (?). 

C F D, E of. Philip 

Dormer Stanhope, Earl of Chesterfield. 
The . . . 's speech in the H[ou]se of 
L[or]ds, against the bill for licencing 
all dramatic performance . . . Dublin, 

C H, Lord. Lord Castle- 

reagh. The botanical basket ; or, satiri- 
cal seedlings for political plants; sup- 
posed to be the purport of a letter written 
by ... to the Right Honourable G. 
C g [Canning], while on the con- 
tinent. [In verse.] L. 1820. 

C g, Right Honourable 

G. Rt. Hon. George Canning. — See 
"C H, Lord." 

C , Commodore Alderman. 

Sir William Gurfis, Bart. Dispatches 
from ... L. 1809. 
_ C ..,.., Sir W Sir Wil- 
liam Cuifis. Munchausen at Walcheren 
. ...and the particulars of a wonderful 
turtle-feast with ... L. 1811. 

C 1, C s. Charles 

Churchill. An epistle to the Irreverend 
Mr. ... in his own style and manner. 
L. 1764. 

C n, Sir N 1. Sir 

Nathaniel Cttrzon. A summary view of 
ecclesiastical jurisdiction . . . Writ for 
the perusal of . . . 1737. 

C - - 1, Mr. Ed d. Edmund 

Curll. Hereditary right exemplified ; 
or, a letter of condolence from ... L. 

C T Ballad. Cabinet Ballad. 

A new . . . [on J. Carteret, Earl Gran- 
ville, and the change of ministry in 
January, 1742. By Lord Hervey]. Dub- 
lin, 1742. 

C , Ellen. Mrs. Ellen Culleg Owen. 

Poems. By . . . L. 1855. 

C , Kev. W. Pier. William Cole. A 

key to the Psalms, etc. L. 1788. 

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Lenten litany, by . . . L. 1698. 

C— ffe, C— s. Charles Coffey. The 
history of Martin ... to which is added, 
a dialogue between A P — e [Alex- 
ander Pope] . . . and . . . poets, in St. 
James's Park. L. 1735. 

C — ks, Sir R — d. Sir Bichard Cocks, 
Sir . . . his farewell sermon ... L. 

C — ly, Mrs. Mrs. Jane Cholmondeley. 
— See " C— ly, E., Esq." 

C — ly, E., Esq. Edicard Cholmondeley. 
The adventuress [/.e. Mrs. Jane Cholmon- 
deley (^Mrs. C — /(/)] ; or, the lady's 
flight from Scotland Yard, etc. 1725. 

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Coulthurst. A sermon preached before 
the University of Cambridge, by . . . 
translated into English metre by H. W. 
Hopkins. L. 1796. 

Cabin Passenger, A. Robert Whyte{l). 
Voyage to Quebec in an Irish emigrant 
vessel. B. 1848. 

Cabriolo. Arind A.relsson. Svarta 
och hvita streck. Sthlm. 1884. 

Cactus. Mary F. Foster. 

Cadmus. .John C. Zachos. 

Cadwalader, George, Gent. George 
Bubb iJodinqton. The remembrancer. Bv 
... L. 1748. 

Cajlion, John. John Hervey Farnham. 

Caesar, Cajus Julius. Joseph Linck. 
A Swedish journalist. 

Caius. William Pinhiey. A few 
remarks on Mr. Hamilton's last letter . . . 
By . . . Bait. 1800. 

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by the road. "Amer. Whig Rev.," 

Calcraft, John William. John 
William Cole. The bride of Lammer- 
moor: a drama in five acts. Edinb. 

Ca-lix-tus. C. Ludvig Tomberg. A 
Swedish author. 

Callieo Quaker, The. .John Eggles- 
ton. — See "The Norwich Quaker." 

Calvinist, A. Robert Knight. The 
meeting of truth and error ... L. 

Cambridge Master of Arts, A. Ed- 
icard Feilde. The Psalm?; of David, 
metricallj' paraphrased . . . By ... L. 

Cameron, Kate. Kate D. W. Barnes. 

Camp, Phineas. W. N. Duane. 
Poems of the Mohawk Valley, etc. Uti- 
ca, N.Y., 1859. 

Campagiuator. Dr. Bush. Priest- 
hood and clergy unknown to Christianity ; 
or, the church a community of co-equal 
brethren. P. 1857. 

Campana. Frederick Richard Chi- 
chester, Earl of Belfast. A spirit's wander- ^ 
ings : a tale, December, 1852; and 
Twelfth Day at Cannes, February, 1853; 
in the " Northern Magazine." 




Candid Enquirer after Truth, A. 

Hopton Haynes. The Scripture account 
of the attributes and worship of God, 
and the character and offices of Jesus 
Christ, by . . . L. 1749. 

Candid Man, A. Sir James Marriott. 
Political considerations : being a few 
thoughts of . . . L. 1762. 

Candidus. Henry White{l). A des- 
ultory conversation between two young 
aristocratic Ceylonese. ColomboC?), 1853. 

Candidus. George Cornelius Gorham. 
Errors respecting Cranmer's Greek Bible, 
1540. L. 1826. 

Candidus. Henry Mayo. [Gill's] 
infant baptism, a part ... of popery . . . 
To which is added [an] answer to six 
letters of Candidus on . . . baptism, etc. 
L. 1766. 

Candidus. Dr. William Smith. Plain 
truth addressed to tlie people of America 
[against Thomas Paine]. 1776. 

Cannibal Jack. Mayne Reiil. 

Canterbury, Folkstone. William 
Makepfiace Thackeray. — See "An Old 
Paris Man." 

Canynges, William. T'homas Chatter- 
ton. An examination of the poems attrib- 
uted to T. Rowley and W. Canynge, 
etc. L. 1783. 

Capability Brown. Launcelot Brown. 

Capricoi'nus. Tho.nns Froijnall Dib- 
din. — See " Sylvanus. 

Caractacus. Peter Oliver, Esq. His 
signature to articles in the "Gent. Mag.," 
Vol. LXVIL, pp. 369 and 457. 

Carbasius, Quintinus. Bemhard von 
IJpskow. Papperskrakorna. Strengnils, 

Carion, Franz. Franz Lnhojatzky. 
l^er altc Dessauer ; historische roman. 
Leipzig, 1807. 

Carisbroolte. Miss E. Nesbit. Sig- 
nature in " Good Words," " Sunday 
Mag.," etc. 

Carl. Rev. Charles Hanbury Wil- 

Carlcton, Cousin May. Mrs. May 
Aynes Flcminij. Stories in the " Mer- 
cury " and "Metropolitan Record." — 
See " American Bookseller and Liter- 
ary News," and " Literary World " for 
April, 1880. 

Carlino. Prof. Carl Rupert Nyhlom. 
BiUior fr°in Italien af . . . 

Carlisle, The late Earl of. George 
William Frederick Howard. Lines on 
Yorksliiro. By . . . L. 1865. 

Carlisle, The Right Honorable the 
Earl of. deorrje William Frederick 
Howard. Diary in Turkish and Greek 
waters. Bv • . . L. 1855. 

Carlos, Bey. Charles Doyle. A 
non-military journal; or, observations, 
made in Egypt, by an officer, etc. L. 

Carlton, Carrie. Mrs. M. H. Cham- 
berlain. AVayside flowers. Milwaukee,. 

Carlton, Ethel. Helen E. Smith. 

Carlylian, A. James Hannay. Black- 
wood V. Carlyle : a vindication. L. 

Carinichael, Miss Sarah E. Mrs. 
S. E. (C.) Williamson. Poems... San 
Francisco, 1866. 

Carolina. Miss Macintosh. 

Carolinian, A. Daniel R. Goodloe. 
Inquiry into the causes which have re- 
tarded . . . the Southern States . . . By 
... W. 1846. 

Carolinian, A. Edward J. Pringle. 
Slavery in the Southern States. By . . . 
Camb. 1853. 

Carpenter, John. Samuel Hook. The 
life and death of . . . alias Hell Fire Jack 
. . . who was executed April 5, 1805 . . . 
L. 1805. 

Carr, Beryl. L. Ella Hyrd. Mar- 
ston Hall : story of Southern life. N.Y. 

Carribber. Sir George Duncan Gibb, 
Bart. Odd showers ; or, an explanation 
of the rain of insects, fishes, and Ijzards, 
etc. By . . . L. 1870. 

Carrie, Aunt. Mrs. Caroline L. Smith. 
American home, book of games. 

Carrie, Aunt. ,J. Miller. Rhymes 
for children. 1855. 

Carroll, Susanna. Susannah Free- 
man. Centlirre. The beau's duel: a 
comedy. L. 1702. 

Cary, Apoth. E. Robert Greene. 

Cashier, The. Henry P. Shed. Bank 
of Mutual Redemption. Statement of. 
... B. 1802. 

Cassius. Theodoric Bland. Signature 
to a series of indignant letters published 
against the governor, Lord Dinsmore, of 

Cassius. yEdanus Burke. Consid- 
erations on the society or order of Cin- 
cinnati. Charleston, S.C., 1783. 

Castigator. William Naylor. — See 
" Criticos." 

Castine. Noah Brooks. 

Catch, Jack. Richard Arnett. A rea- 
sonable hue and cry after the Pretender. 
By . . . L. 1719. 

Catholic Apostolic Church, The. 
Trvingism. The ... its pretensions and 
claims, considered in connection with the 
facts of its history ... By a late member, 
etc. L. 1872. 




Catholic Layman, A. Cole. A 

letter to Professor Edwards A. Park . . . 
B. 1844. 

Catholic Priest, A. Peter Gan- 
dolpliy. Letters addressed to the Arch- 
bishop of Canterbury ... L. 1813. 

Catholic Priest, A. Joseph Beritigton. 
Protestantism and popery illustrated. 
Two letters from ... to the author, etc. 
L. 1812. 

Catholicus. William Augustus Muhlen- 
berg. Catholic union defended . . . By 
. . . Jamaica, L.I., 1836. 

Catholicus. John Henry Newman. 
Tainworth reading room. Letters on an 
address ... by Sir Robert Peel, Bart. 
... By . . . L. 1841. 

Catholicus. Henry Edward Manning. 
Dr. Nicholson's accusation of the Arch- 
bishop of Westminster. By ... L. 

Catholicus protestans. Rev. Joseph 
Mendham. On the proposed papal cathe- 
dral in Birmingham. Three letters be- 
tween . . . and a Birmingham Catholic. 
Birmingham, 1834. 

Catiliue the Second. Charles James 
Fox. Letters from Cicero to . . . n.p., 

Catius junior. Elizabeth R. Torrey. 
Theognis : a laugh in the cavern of evil. 
B. 1856. 

Cato. Rev. George Burges. Cato to 
Lord Byron on the immorality of his 
■writings. L. 1824. 

Not George Burges, Esq. 

Cato. Robert B. Livingston. Exami- 
nation of the treaty of amity, etc., be- 
tween the United States and Great 
Britain ... By . . . N.Y. 1795. 

Not by Hamilton. 

Cato the Jovirnalist. Thomas Gor- 
don. Cato's letters. L. 1724. 

In coDj unction with John Treiicliard. 

Caustic, Mrs. Mrs. Anna T. J. Bul- 
lard. Matrimony ; or, love affairs in 
our village twenty years ago. By . . . 
N. Y. 1853. 

Cave, Edward, Jun. Edward Cave. 

" Some of the early numbers of the ' Gent. 
Mag.' were ' said to be printed by Edioard Cave, 
t/M?i.,' an imaginary nephew; others printed for 
' R. Newton,' and sometimes he falsely described 
himself as ' Sylvanus Urban of Aldermanbury, 

Cecil. Cornelius Tongue. (1) Hints 
on agriculture ... L. 1858. — (2) Hunt- 
ing tours ... By . . . L. 1864. — (3) Stable 
practice ... L. 1852. — (4) Stud farm 
... By . . . L. 1851.— (5) [Youatt's] 
The horse . . . re-edited and revised by 
... L. 1855. 

Cecil. Sidney George Fisher. Kan- 
sas and the constitution. B. 1856. 

This is right, as the son of Mr. Fisher writes 
me. — W. C. 

Cecil, Ijady Frances H. Frances H. 
Sa tjers. Paradise found, and other poems. 
L. 1882. 

Celatus. Robert Owen. The public 
pearl; or, education the people's right, 
etc. L. 1854. 

Celebrated Author in Ireland, A. 
Jonathan Swift, D.D. A serious and use- 
ful scheme to make a hospital for incur- 
ables ... By . . . L. 1733. 

Celebrated Personage, A. John 
Quincy Adams{^). Personations of the 
characters of Shakespeare. "Amer. 
Monthly Mag.," January, 1836, p. 38. 

Celoiza. Mather Byles, D.D. Essays 
published in the "New England Weekly 
Journal," marked by one of the letters 
that compose this word. 

Celticus. Andrew Claiborne. A tale 
of encumbered estates. 1851. 

Censor. William Cooke Taylor, LL.D. 
The Quarterly reviewer reviewed; or, 
notices of an article entitled "Anti-corn- 
law agitation." By ... L. 1842. 

Cento. Philip Millington. 1877. 

Centz, P. C. Robert W. Greene. 

This is according to the Congressional Library 
catalogue, 1880. 

Cephas. Rev. Leonard Worcestepf 
Inquiries occasioned by the address, etc. 

Cergiel. Rev. Charles Valentine Le 
Grice{1). The pauper's funeral . . . 
Penzance, 1842. 

Certain Eminent British Sailor, A. 
Vice- Admiral Edward Vernon. A letter 
to . . ., occasioned by his specimen of 
naked truth. L. 1746. 

Certain Famous Sussex Baronet, 
A. Sir Robert Fagge, Bart. Agg him 
Sally . . . Being the case of . . ., etc. 
L. 1720(?). 

Certificated Teacher, A. D. C. Mac- 
carlhy. A physical and ^listorical geog- 
raphy of the British Empire. By , . . 
L. 1858. 

Cervantes. Samuel William Henry 
L-eland(J). The death of Bonaparte; or. 
One pound one. A poem . . . York, 

Ch«*«****. Mrs. Charlotta (Cron- 
hjelm) Berger. A Swedish novelist. 

Ch— d, W. R. William Rufus Chet- 
ivood. The dramatic congress; etc. L. 

Ch — s, Colonel. Colonel Fran- 
cis Charteris. Menioirs of the life of . . . 
L. 1732. 




Ch — rtr — s. Colonel Francis Char- 
teris. The history of Colonel F. . . . 
L. 1730. 

Chad. Henri/ Ghadwick. Base ball 
player's book of reference. By . . . 
N.Y. 1866. 

Chairman of the Commissioners, 
The. Lemuel Shattack. Sanitary survey 
of the town of Lawrence [Mass.] . . . 
B. 1850. 

Chairman of the Kent Natural 
History Society, The. Robert Pocock. 
Hasted's history, defended by . . . " Gent. 
Mag.," November, 1812. 

Challice, Dr. Mrs. Annie Emma 
ChatUce, The secret history of the court 
of France under Louis XV. Edited by 
... L. 1861. 

Chancellor, The. Lord Chancellor 
Lyndhurst. — See " Fraser's Mag.," I., 

Chancellor, The. Henry Woodhull 
Green. Opinion of . . . in the New Jer- 
sey zinc and franklinite case. Trenton, 
N.J., 1862. 

Chancery Barrister, A. Basil Mon- 
tagu. Thoughts on laughter. By . . . 
L. 1830. 

Chandler, JBessie. Mrs. Elizabeth 
(^Chandler) Parker. 

Channing. Liev. Edioard Abbott. 

Chapel Minister, A. John M'Gill. 
Dr. Jainieson weighed in his own scales 
... By . . . Glasgow, 1866. 

Chaplain. Bev. John Edward Whar- 
ton Rotton. C.'s narrative of the siege of 
Dellii. L.'l858. 

Chaplain, The. Rev. Edward Brine. 
The danger of not being prepared. A 
sermon ... in the English church at 
the Hague. By . . . Tlie Hague, 

Chaplain, The. Rev. Alonzo Carillo 
Luzo. Voyage to Peru, by the Conde 
of St. Malo, in 1745-49 . . . by . . . L. 

Chaplain of the County Gaol, 
Northampton, The. William Drake. 
A dissuasion from crimes, comprised in 
two sermons . . . By . . . Northampton, 

Chaplain of the Regiment, The. 

Rev. Edward A. Walker. Our first year of 

^ army life . . . First reg't of Connecticut 

vol. lieavy artillery . . . by . . . New 

Haven, 1862. 

Chariklos. Aristarrhi Be;/. Tiir- 
kiaclie skizzen in brlc^fen an eine freun- 
•din, 1876. BerHn, 1883-84. 

Charles Albert, le doct. Charles 
Albert Chaninonunt. Observations . . . 
relatives aux lois . . . Paris, 1826. 

Charles, Jean. Karl Johann Braun, 
ritter von Braunthal. Realisten und 
idealisten ; socialer roman. Leipzig, 

Charlotte Elizabeth. Mrs. Charlotte 
Elizabeth (^Browne Phelan) Tonna. The 
perils of the nation. L. 1843. 

"Wrongly ascribed to Robert Benton Seeley. 
— See "N. and Q.," July, 1886, p. 86. 

Chat-Huant. Edivard F. Smythe 
Pigott, in his journal, the "London 

Cheapside Knight, The. Sir Rich- 
ard Blackmore. 

Chester, Adam. Charles Rothwell, 
Th' tay and rum ditty. 

Chestnut, The. Edivin A. Abbey. — 
See "Puritan, The." 

Chicago IBlble Class Teacher, A. 
Robert A. Camjibell. The four gospels in 
one. By . . . Chicago, 1871. 

Chicago Clergyman, A. Rev. Edgar 
J. Goods/jeed. The great fires in Chicago 
and the West ... By . . . Chicago, 

Chief Engineer, The. H. M. Fos- 
dick. Report of ... on tlie survey of a 
line for the Quebec and Saguenay rail- 
way . . . Quebec, 1854. 

Chief of the Bureau of Medicine 
and Surgery, The. William Maxwell 
Wood. Special report of . . . W. 1869. 

Chief of the Bureau of Ordnance, 
The. Henry Augustus Wise. Report of 
. . ., Navy Department, Oct. 20, 1863. 
W. 1863. 

Chief of the Galenists. John Wil- 
liams, D.D. — See " The High German- 

Chief-Justice, The. Anthony Stokes. 
Directions for the officers of his Majesty's 
General Court, etc., of the province of 
Georgia. Compiled by . . . Savannah, 

Chief Superintendent of Schools, 
The. Adolphus Egerton Ryerson. Pro- 
ceeding at the . . . laying the chief corner- 
stone of the normal and model schools, 
etc., for Upper Canada . . . Toronto, 

Chief's Daughter, The. Pocahontas. 
The ... or the settlers in Virginia. L. 

Chil«**s^ Mr. Right-Hon. Hugh Cul- 
linq Eardlei/ Childers. Our nautical 
school, Wh*****ll, London . . . With a 
brief allusion to the . . . resignation of 
... L. 1871. 

Child of the Temple, The. Louis 
XVIL, King of France. [Account of, 
reprinted from the " Penny Post."] L. 




Chordal. James W. See. Extracts 
from . . .'s letters . . . N.Y. 1881. 

Chownitz, Julian. Joseph Cliowanetz. 
Geld und herz. Leipzig, 1842. 

Christian, A. Gerard Legk. (1) The 
case of an erroneous conscience repre- 
sented in a new light . . . By ... L. 
1719. — (2) A letter to . . . Mr. Stebbing 
... By . . . L. 1718. 

Christian, A. James Patriot Wilson,'" 
D.D. (1) Moral agency ; or, natural 
ability consistent with moral inability . . . 
By . . . P. 1819. — (2) Sin destitute of the 
apology of inability . . . By ... P. 

Christian, A. Benjamin Hoadly. 
Queries recommended to the authors of 
a discourse of free-thinking [by Anthony 
Collins]. By . . . L. 1713. 

Christian, A. Micaiah Towgood. Se- 
rious and free thoughts on the present 
state of the church and religion ... L. 

Christian in a cold Season, sit- 
ting before it, A. Cotton Mather. 
Christianus per ignem . . . By ... B. 

Christian, lately departed, A. Am- 
brose Serle. Secret thoughts of . . . L. 

Christian Freethinker, A. Joseph 
Highmore. Observations on a pamphlet 
[by Dodwell] entitled " Christianity not 
founded on argument." By ... L. 

Christian Layman, A. Benjamin 
Parsons. The Christian layman; or, the 
doctrine of the Trinity fully considered 
. . . by . . . Mobile, 1840. 

Christian Minister, The. Rev. James 
Bean. The C. M.'s affectionate advice 
to a new married couple. L. 1793. 

Christian Slinister, A. William 
Mason. Christian union and how to get 
it. By . . . L. 1858. 

Christian Observer, A. George Gallo- 
waij. The errors of modern theology, 
more especially of the Morrisonian sys- 
tem ... By . . . Glasgow, 1845. 

Christianus. Thomas Frognall Dib- 
din. A letter to the editor of the Times 
... By . . . L. 1830. 

Chrysale. A. Blanouet. Les femmes. 

Chum of Johnny Bull's, A. Thomas 
Hayward Budd. The row at Dame 
Europa's school. " Another account " 
by . . . L. 1871. 

Church of England Man, A. Wil- 
liam Stanley, D.D. The faith and prac- 
tice of . . . L. 1713. 

Churchman, A. Rev. Edward Smed- 

ley. A C.'s second epistle ; with notes 
and illustrations. L. 1819. 

Churchman, A. Charles Leslie. The 
new association of those called moderate 
churchmen with the modern whigs and 
fanatics ... By . . . L. 1702. 

Churchman, A. Thomas Winthrop 
Coit. Puritanism ; or ... 's defence 
against its aspersions . . . N.Y. 1845. 

Churchman, A. Sir John Maclean. 
Remarks on a sermon ... by the Eev. W. 
Meynell Whittemore, S.C.L. ... By . . . 
L. 1850. 

Churchman, A. Rev. Kevison Lo- 
raine. Russia, Turkey, and England . . . 's 
review of the Eastern question. L. 186-. 

Churchman, A. John G. Larimer, 
D.D. A second defence of church estab- 
lishments . . . By . . . Glasgow, 1833. 

Churchman, The. Rev. Thomas Tre- 
genna Biddulph. Reasons for bringing 
his children to the baptismal font. Bris- 
tol, 1824. 

Churchwardens of Ware, The. ./. 
Hudson and William Cater. An expostu- 
latory letter to . . . Ware, 1843. 

Chyndonax. Dr. William Stukele-y. 
His druidical name. — See " Cunobelin.:' 

Cibber, Colley. Nicholas Amhurst. 

"In 1.737 there appeared in the ' Craftsman' 
an ironical letter, purporting to come from Col- 
ley Cibber, in which it was suggested that the 
new act for licensing plays should be extended 
to old as well as new works, and pointed out tbat 
there was a good deal which might be construed 
as seditious in Shakespeare and other writers." 
For " suspected libel," Amhui'st was arrested 
and kept in custody some days. 

Cicero of the Revolution, The. 

Richard Henry Lee. 

Cinna. William Scott, in the " Public 
Advertiser," 1770. 

Citizen, A. William Hickey. The 
constitution of the United States of 
America . . . by . . . W. 1846. 

Citizen, A. John N. Reynolds. Corre- 
spondence . . . touching the South Sea 
exploring expedition . . . N.Y. 1838. 

Citizen, A. John Withers. The Dutch 
better friends than the French ... In a 
letter from ... to a country gentleman. 
L. 1713. 

Citizen, A. Josiah Quinc.y. Remarks 
on " An Act to establish the Superior 
Court of the city of Boston "... By . . . 
B. 1849. 

Citizen, A. G. L. Drisko(1). The 
Revolution. Life of Hannah Weston . . . 
By . . . Machias, Me., 1857. 

Citizen, A. Jona.s Flanway. Thoughts 
on the duty of a good citizen ... in a 
letter from ... L. 1756. 
/'citizen, A. John Egleton. A vindica- 




tion of the late House of Commons . . . 
By . . . L. 1714. 

Citizen, A. P. Neill. Where ought 
the new cemetery [m Edinburgh] to be 
placed . . . Edinb. 1832. 

Citizen King, Tlie. Louis Philippe. 

Citizen of Baltimore, A. W. Rol- 
lins. Railroads in the United States . . . 
« By . . . Bait. 1827. 

Citizen of Baltimore, A. .James H. 
Gausten. Sketch of the claims ... on the 
government, etc. W. 1836. 

Citizen of Boston, A. Joshua Pollard 
Blanchard. An essay on American slav- 
ery .. . By . . . B. 1855. 

Citizen of Boston, A. David Hen- 
shaw. Observations occasioned by the 
remarks on the character of Napoleon 
Bonaparte [by W. E. Channing], pub- 
lished in the " Christian Examiner "... 
By . . . B. 1828. 

Citizen of Boston, A. George Put- 
nam, D.D. Remarks upon an oration 
delivered by Charles Sumner . . . Bos- 
ton, July 4, 1845. By . . . B. 1845. 

Citizen of Boston, A. William Fos- 
ter. A society for the special study of 
political economy . . . proposed by . . . 
B. 1857. 

Citizen of Chester, A. William Cow- 
per, M.D. A summary of the life of St. 
Werburgh, etc. By . . . Chester, 1749. 

Citizen of Cincinnati, A. Thomas 
Pelrce. The Muse of Ilesperia : a poetic 
reverie. Cincinnati, 1823. 

Citizen of Geneva, A. Jean Jacques 
Rousseau. The discourse which carried 
the premium at the academy at Dijon in 
1750. L. 1750. 

Citizen of Kentucky, A. George 
Conder. Plan for conquering treason. 
Letter to President Lincoln, by . . . n.p. 

Citizen of Massachusetts, A. 117/- 
lard Phillips. An ajjpcal to the good 
sense of tlie Democrats and the public 
spirit of the Federalists. By ... B. 

Citizen of ^rassachusetts, A. Charles 
Prentiss. Ili.siory of the United States 
of America ... By . . . Keenc, N.H., 

Citizen of Massachusetts, A. Jerome 
Van Crowninshield. Memoirs of Andrew 
Jackson . . . Compiled by . . . P. 1845. 

Citizen of Micl«lIeto\vn, Conn. Jo- 
seph Barratt. Tiie Indians of New lilng- 
laml ... By . . . Middletown, 1851. 

Citizen of New York, A. James 
Cheelham. An answer to Alexander Ham- 
ilton's letter concerning . . . John Ad- 
ams, Esq. . . . N.Y. 1800. 

Citizen of NeTv York, A. James D. 
Whelpleij. Letter from ... to his friend 
in the country, touching the election. 
"Amer. Whig Rev.," November, 1868, 
p. 430. 

Citizen of Ne'vv York, A. Mathew 
Adacite. A northern light; or, new in- 
demto the Bible . . .""by . . . Troy, 

Citizen of New York, A. Freder- 
ick Ogilbij. A reply to the report of the 
select committee of the senate of New 
York, to whom was referred the report 
of Trinity Church. By . . . N.Y. 1857. 

Citizen of Oliio, A. Caleb AtwaterCi). 
Mysteries of Washington City, during 
several months of the session of the 
28th Congress. By . . . Wash., D.C., 

Citizen of Pennsj'lvania, A. Fred- 
erick Adolphus Packard. Inquiry (An) 
into the alleged tendency of the separa- 
tion of convicts ... By . . . P. 1849. 

Citizen of Philadelphia, A. John 
Sivanicick. Considerations on an act of 
the legislature of Virginia, etc. P. 

Citizen of Philadelphia, A. Pela- 
tiah Webster. A seventh essay on the 
fur trade and finance . . . By ... P. 

Citizen of Pittsburgh, A. B. R. 
Evans. The Republican compiler . . . 
By . . . Pittsburgh, 1818. 

Citizen of these States, A. Usal 
Oqden. A letter to Major Alexander 
Hamilton ... By . . . N.Y". 1800. 

Citizen of the United States, A. 
John Witherspoon. Essay on money as a 
medium of commerce ... P. 1786. 

Said to be not by P. Webster, but by J. 
Witherspoon. - 

Citizen of the United States, A. 
John N. Bei/nolds. Remarks on a review 
of Symmes' theory [by Edward Everett] 
whicli appeared in the "North American 
Review," by . . . W. 1827. 

Citizen of the United States, A. 
David Fosdick. Tracts on .business . . . 
By . . . N.Y. 1838. 

Citizen of the West, A. R. MacKai/. 
Pocahontas: an historical drama; with 
an introductory essay and notes. By . . . 
N.Y. 1837. 

Also ascribed to Robert Pale Owen. 

Citizen of the World, A. John 
Corn/. The pati'iot : a poem, by . . . L. 

Citizen who lives the whole time 
inljondon, A. Daniel Defoe. Tlie his- 
tory of the great plague in London, in 
the year 1065 ... By . . . L. 1754. 




Citoyen adoptif de Pennsylvanie, 

Un. L' Abbe J. E. Bonnet. — See " Un 
Habitant de la Pennsylvanie." 

Citoyen, Un Ain§rlcain. George 
Ticknor. Histoire du general de Lafay- 
ette, par . . . traduite de I'Anglais . . . 
Paris, 1825. 

Citoyen de Novion. James Sullivan. 
Altar of Baal thrown down ; or, the 
French nation defended. By . . . P. 

Citoyen de Virginie, Un. Filippo 
Mazzei. (1) Eecherches liistoriques et 
politiques . . . Paris, 1788. — (2) See 
" Bourgeois de New Haven, Un." 

Citoyen des Etats Unis, Un. P. 
Granie'. Histoire de I'assembler con- 
stituante, ecrite par . . . Paris, 


Citoyen des Etats Unis, Un. M. J. 
A. N. C, Marquis de Condorcet. Letti-es 
d' . . . a un Fran9ais sur les affaires 
pre'sentes. P. 1788. 

City Physician, The. William Read. 
A communication from ... on the Asiatic 
cholera ... B. 1866. 

Civilian, A. James Howe. A letter 
addx-essed to the magistrates in the coun- 
ty of Buckingham, ujDon their intended 
revision of the parochial assessments . . . 
By . . . L. 185G. 

Civilian, A. Hon. and Rev. Arthur 
P. Perceval. Remarks upon the bill for 
church discipline, now bef oi'e Parliament. 
By . . . L. 1836. 

Civilization. William E. Chandler. 
His signature to several political pam- 

Civis. Moses Stuart. Mr. AVebster's 
Andover address, etc. Andover, Mass., 

Civis. R. A. Brocl-(1)- The public 
school in its relations to the negro. By 
. . . Pachmond, Va., 1877. 

Clague. George Edgar Montgomery. 

Claire, Leon. Edwin C. Barnes. A 
wild bouquet. By . . . Syracuse, N.Y., 

Clansmen, J. M. P. and F. W. S. 
John McPherson and F. W. Scliacht. 
Sketches of the clans of Scotland . . . 
By . . . B. 1885. 

Clara Augusta. Winifred Winthrope. 

Clara Belle. Airs. William Thompson, 
a fashionable correspondent of "Western 

Clare, Sister Blary Frances. Marii 
Frances Cusack. Devotions for pil- 
grims to Knock. By . . . Dublin, 

Clarissa. Catharine Shorter. The 
rival wives; or, the greeting of ... to 

Skerra [Maria Skerret] in the Elysian 

A satire in verse on Catharine Sborter and 
Maria Slierret, wives of Sir Robert "Walpole. 

Clarke, Eliza. Elizabeth (Knipe 
Clarke) Cobbold. The sword ; or. Father 
Bertrand's history of his own times. 
Liverpool, 1791. 

Clarke, Jean. Charles R. Tuttle. 
The boss devil of America. [A poem.] 
B. 1878. 

Clausberg, Amalie von. Amalie 
freein (TFefie?-) von Donop. Schloss 
Bucha. Leipzig, 1853. 

Clay, Bertha M. Charlotte M. 
Braeme. — See "A Sister of Mercy." 

Clayton, Thomas. Peter Anthony 
Motteax. Arsiuoe, queen of Cyprus : 
an opera ... L. 1707. 

Clearer, The. Bishop Charles 3Ioss. 
Evidence of the resurrection cleared . . . 
L. 1744-49. 

Cleander. Thomas Birch. Letter of 
... to Smerdis, in the " Athenian Let- 
ters." 1741. 

Cleighmore, Capt. Edward Z. C. 

Clemens. Joseph Priestly, D.D. 

" My own signatures, in the ' Repository,' have 
been ' Clemens,' ' PauUnus,' and ' Liberius.' 
My neighbour Mr. Turner of Wakefield, is 
' Virgilius ' and ' Eusebius.' ' Verus ' was the 
late Mr. Breke." 

Cleophil. William Congreve. Incog- 
nita ; or, love and duty reconciled. L. 

Clerc, Pret of Le Pre aux Clercs. 

Isaac C. Pray. Book for the drama. 
By . . . N.Y. 1851. 

Clergyman, A. John Frederick Deni- 
S071 Maurice. An address to tlie clergy, 
by . . . L. 18-. 

Clergyman, A. Rev. Thomas Tre- 
genna Bidduiph, M.A. (1) Addresses, 
etc. Bristol, 1824. — (2) A C.'s address 
... on familj^ j^rayer. L. 1824. 

Clergyman, A. Thomas Cartels. 
Advice to a son at the university . . . 
By . . . L. 1723. 

Clergyman, A. Bishop Samuel Ilors- 
ley. An apology for the liturgy and 
clergy of the Cluirch of England in an- 
swer to ... " Hints, etc., submitted to the 
serious attention of the clergy, nobility, 
and gentry, newly associated. By a 
layman" [A. H. Fitzroy, Duke of Graf- 
ton]. In a letter to the author. By . . . 
L. 1790. 

Clergyman, A. Hon. William Henry 
Lyttleton. A C.'s address to his parish- 
ioners ... L. 1852. 

Clergyman, A. Otto Adolphus. Com- 




pendium tlieologicum ; or, manual for 
students ... By . . . Camb.. 1852. 

Clergyman, A. Daniel Wilson: A 
defence of the church missionary society 
... L. 1818. 

Clergyman, A. Rev. Solomon Pig- 
gott. A father's recollection of three 
pious young ladies []Miss Brown, M. Pig- 
gott, and E. Piggott]. By . . . L. 

Clergyman, A. Ptev. Henry Tripp. 
Hymns for young and old . . . Selected 
by . . . L. 1858. 

Clergyman, A. Z?ei'. George Walker. 
Hymns translated or imitated from the 
German ... By . . . L. 1860. 

Clergyman, A. Rev. James Edward 
^ Dalton. Infant baptism . . . By . . . 
Cajnb. 1841. 

Clergyman, A. Rev. Frederic Gardi- 
ner. The island of life. B. 1850. 

Clergyman, A. Rev. Hardy. 

A letter from ... to one of his parish- 
ioners, who was inclined to turn Metho- 
dist ... L. 1753. 

Clergyman, A. Thomas Voider Short. 
Letter to an aged mother ; by . . . L. 

Clergyman, A. Rev. A. Ramsay. 
A letter to the Eight Hon. 'the Earl 

of , concerning the affair 

of Elizabeth Canning. By . . . L. 

Clergyman, A. Abraham Hume. 
Missions at home ; or, C.'s account of 
a portion of the town of Liverpool. 

Clergyman, A. Rev. Artemas Bowers 
Miizzeif. The moral teacher . . . By . . . 
N.Y. 1839. 

Clergyman, A. Rev. Basil Woodd. 
The^^i; man's monitor ... L. 185-'.^ 

Clergyman, A. James Williamson, 
M.A. Opinions concerning tlie Uni- 
versity of Oxford, and sul)scription to 
the thirty-nine articles. By ... L. 

Clergyman, A. Rev. Thomas Lancas- 
ter. A j)lan of education . . . By . . . 
L. 1707. 

Clergyman, A. Jolin C'harlesworth, 
B.D. Providential deliverance; a nar- 
rative of facts. By ... L. 1833. 

Clergyman, A. Rev. William Mac- 
kenzie. The pyramid and the Bible . . . 
By . . . Edinb. 18G8. 

Clergyman, A. Rev. Robert Norton. 
Keasons for believing that tlio Lord has 
restored to the cliurcli, apostles and 
prophets. By . . . L. 1852. 

Clergyman, A. Rev. liobert Grant. 
Reminiscences of . . . during a niiiiisti_\- 

of forty years in a country parish. L. 

Clergyman, A. Rev. William John 
Edge. Revision of the liturgy. A cor- 
resx:)ondence between . . . and a layman 
[P. Tooth], both of the Established 
Chuirh, etc. L. 1861. 

Clergyman, A. ■ Rev. Thomas Todd. 
Scriptural reasons for not co-operating 
with the British and Poreign Bible So- 
ciety ... By . . . L. 1853. 

Clergyman, A. Rev. William Marsh. 
Select passages from the sermons and 
conversations of . . . By one of his 
hearers. Colchester, 1823. 

Clergyman, A. Rev. Richard Can- 
ning. A short answer to a pamphlet [by 
C. Owen], called "plain reasons for dis- 
senting from the Church of England." 
By . .^ Ipswich, 1740. 

Clergyman, A. Rev. James Coffin. 
Sixtj^-eight letters from the Rev. John 
Newton . . . to . . . and his family . . . 
1791-1801. L. 1844. 

Clergyman, A. Rev. Thoma,s Davis. 
Songs from the parsonage. By ... L. 

Clergyman, A. Rev. Thomas Heath- 
cote Tragett. Sorrow in the hamlet . . . 
L. 1857. 

Clergyman, A. Rev. W. Gillmor. 
The spirit of dissent towards the Church 
of England, clearly proved in a letter 
from ... to his parishioners. Halifax, 

Clergyman, A. Rev. Arthur Philip 
Perceval. Suggestions for the relief 
of British commerce. By . . . L. 

Clergyman, A. Joseph W. Niblock, 
D.D. The textuary and ritualist . . . 
By . . . L. 1835. 

Clergyman, A. Rev. William Dal- 
i/leish. Tlie true sonship of Christ in- 
vestigated ... By . . . L. 1776. 

Clergyman in Debt, A. Rev. Fred- 
erick W. N. Bayley. Scenes and stories 
by . . . L. 1835. 

Clergy-man in the City, A. Rev. 
John Sivinfen. The reasons of the ab- 
senting clergy for not appearing at St. 
Paul's on Monday, August 21, 1710 . . . 
L. 1710. 

Clergyman of aiassachusetts, A. 
Enoch Pond, D.D. Eternity of future 
punishment of the wicked illustrated and 
proved, in a letter to a friend, by . . . 
Worcester, Mass., 1819. 

Clergyman of Massachusetts, A. 
Rev. Perez Fohes. A Scripture calc- 
chism . . .■ By . . . Cambridge, Mass.. 




Clergyman of New England, A. 

William Buell Sprague, D.D. Letters 
on practical subjects, from ... to his 
daughter. Hartford, 1822. 

Clergyman of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. William Elstoh. An essay on 
the great affinity ... of the two profes- 
sions of divinity and law ... In a let- 
ter from ... to an eminent lawyer. L. 

Clergyman of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. Bev. Legh Biclimond. The 
negro servant . . . L., n.d. 

Clergyman of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. Rev. Charles Bradley, Origi- 
nal memorials ; or, brief sketches of real 
character. By ... L. 1822. 

Clergyman of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. John Plumptre. A plain and 
easy introduction to the principles of 
naturaland revealed religion . . . By . . . 
L. 1795. 

Clergyman of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. Joseph Blanco White. Prepar- 
atory observations on the study of relig- 
ion. By . . . Oxf. 1817. 

Clergyman of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. Rev. John Jackson. Three 
letters to Dr. Clarke from . . . L. 

Clergyman of the Chui'ch of Eng- 
land, A. Rev. John C'orpe. Some very 
remarkable facts . . . relating to the con- 
duct of the Jesuits with regard to Mr. 
Bowen. L. 1758. 

Clergyman of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. Rev. John Rennet. Strictures 
on female education . . . By ... L. 

Clergyman of the Church of Scot- 
land, A. Rev. James Flowerdew. The 
observance of the Lord's Day considered, 
particularly in reference to railway trav- 
elling. By . . . Edinb. 1839. 

Clergyman of the Diocese of 
Exeter. A. Rev. George Ferris Whid- 
borne. AVhat is baptism ? By ... L. 

Clergyman of the Established 
Church, A. Thomas Home, D.D. Re- 
flexions on the Sabbath . . . By ... L. 

Clergyman of the Establishment, 
A. Rev. George Huggitt. Observations 
suggested by the perusal of Mr. Lofft's 
history of the corporation and test acts . . . 
L. 18—. 

Clergyman's Wife, A. il/rs. (T. 
il!/.)('?) Fallow. Poetical remains of . . . 
L. 1833. 

Clericus. Orville Deweg, D.D., in the 
" Christ. Exam.," III., 89. B. 1826. 

Clericus. Rev. Charles Page Eden. 
The case of the articles. By . . . Oxf. 

Clericus. Alexander Gunn, D.D. Two 
letters to a clergyman of the Reformed 
Dutch Church, on the question whether 
a man may lawfully marry his deceased 
wife's sister. 1827. 

Clericus, M. A. B. Hibbs. (1) A 
few more words on the introduction of 
Italian opera into Edinburgh. By . . . 
Edinb. 1855. — (2) Remarks on the Italian 
opera in Edinburgh . . . By . . . Edinb. 

Clericus Hampdenensis. Dorus 
Clarke, D.D. Letters to the Hon. 
Horace Mann . . . By . . . B. 18 — . 

Clericus L/yvecanus. Rev. Ccesar 
Otway. Answer of an unbenificed clergy- 
man of the diocese of Dublin ... L. 

Clericus Septentrionalis. James 
Richardson. Remarks on a letter to the 
clergy of the diocese of Chester . . . By 
. . . York, 1829. 

Cleveland, Kate. — See " Ellen, of 
Louisville, Kentucky." 

Client, C , Car., or Caroline. 

Mrs. O. E. S. {S.) Norton. Her signa- 
tures in writing to Mr. Abram Hay- 
ward, whom she addressed as Dear 

Clio. Williams. The con- 
verted Indian, a poem . . . Shrews- 
bury, 1774. 

Clio. Thomas Clio Richman, Hints 
upon hats. By ... L. 1803. 

Clisson, Paul. Marie Roch Louis 

Clitlierow. Sir William Blackstone. 

A poem of Sir William Blackstone, particu- 
larly admired by his friends, on the death of 
Frederick, Prince of Wales, was published in 
1751, under the name of Clitberow, his brother- 
in-law. It may be found in " Gent. Mag.," 

Clive, Arthur. Standish 0' Grady. 
A sketch of Ireland. " Gent. Mag.," 

Cloak-bag, Captain. Champ- 

Jield. XIV. articles of treason, etc. Oxf. 

ClodAvig. Karl Ludivig Friedrich Wil- 
helm Alvenslebcn. 

Clootz, Anacharsis. Jean Baptiste 

Cloud, Colonel. James Browne, LT^.D. 
Some passages in the life of . . . "Black- 
wood," Vol. XVIIL, p. IG, etc. (written 
by the "Ettrick Shepherd"). 

Coalfield, Jonathan. ^¥. Graham 

Cobb, Billy. William Cobbett. 




Sketches of the life of . . ., and the death 
of Tommy Pain. [A satire in verse] . . . 
By the author of the Dorchester Guide. 
L. 18190). 

Cocaius, Jodocus. Dr. Alexander 
G-eddes. Ode Pindarico-Sapliico-Macaro- 
nica, in . . . Gulielmi Pittii, etc., Laudem. 
Auctore J. C. Merlini Cocaii [Theoph. 
Polengi] pronepote. 

Cocaius, Merlinus. Teophilo Folengo 
[Theophilus Folengi]. — See "Cocaius, 

Coflicil. Lord Harcourt. — See " Her- 
modactyl," etc. 

Codlin. John Lash Lateij. 

Cogswell, E. Charles Led ijard Norton. 

Coissy, Henri de. Henry Goppee. 

Colenfeld, A. voa. Adolph Gorling. 
Die vitalienbruder, oder des Stortebeker's 
leben und ende ; nach historischen quel- 
len. Hannover, 1844. 

Collegian, A. [W . T. Moncrieff 
(^pseudoni/rn)]. William Thomas. Prison 
tlioughts. Elegy written in the King'c 
Bench ... By . . . L. 1821. 

Collier, Coleman. James Everett. 
Gatherhigs from the pit-heaps ; or, the 
Aliens of Shiney-Row. L. 1861. 

Collier, Joel. George Veal. Musical 
travels in England. L. 1774. 

Not J. L. Bicknell. 

Collier, Joel, Kedivivus. George 
Veal. A new edition of musical travels, 
dedicated to ... J. B. L — g — r [Jean 
Baptiste Logier]. L. 1818. 

Collier, John. Rev. Henri/ Brooke. 
Lancashire hob and the quack-doctor. 
Manchester, 1745. 

This poem is printed amonj? Collier's works; 
but some say it was written by Brooke, others 
by Robert Thi/er, or tlie Bev. John Clayton. 

Collop, Christopher, Curate of Cots- 
wold. Richard Graves. Tlie spiritual 
Quixote ; or, tlie summer's ramble of 
Mr. Geoffry Wildgoose. A comic ro- 
mance. L. 1774. 

Colored 3Ian, A. Lewis H. Putnam. 
The review of the revolutionary elements 
of the rebellion, and of the aspect of re- 
construction . . . By . . . Brooklyn, L.I., 

Colson, N. Cornelius Narg. A true 
and modest account of the chief points 
in controversy between the Roman 
Catholics and Protestants. By . . . 
L. 17—. 

Colson, Sylvester. Winslow Curtis. 
The trials of Jolm Dimcan White . . . 
and . . . for the murder of . . . B. 1827. 

Corn-patriot, A. J. Collins. An 
address to the people of Ireland . . . By 
. . . Dublin, 1815. 

Commissioner, A. John Burton. The 
present state of navigation on the Thames 
considered . . . By . . . Oxf. 1764. 

Commissioner, The. Enoch Cobb 
Wines, D.D. International congress on 
the prevention and repression of crime 
. . . report of . . . appointed ... to repre- 
sent the United States in the congress 
. . . W. 1872. 

Commissioner, The. James Harman 
Ward. Report of . . . appointed to ex- 
amine the system of constructing boats 
by machinery, constructed by Nathan 
Thompson, Jr., of New York. N.Y. 

Commissioner of Indian Affairs, 
The. George W. Mangpenn;/. Letter 
from ... to Colonel Benton. W. 1855. 

Commissioner of Taxes, A. Francis 
Newberg. Thoughts on taxation. By . . . 
L. 1798. 

Committee, The. Charles R. Hale, 
S. Huntingdon Jones, and Henrg Morton. 
Report of . . . appointed by the Philoma- 
thean Society of the University of Penn- 
sylvania to translate the inscription on 
the Rosetta Stone. P. 1858. 

Committee of Pastors, A. Edward 
Davis, George Ale.vander Oviatt, and Eli 
Benedict Clark. Sketches of the churches 
and pastors in Hampden county, Mass. . . . 
Westfield, 1854. 

Committee of the Regiment, A. 
Henrg Sweetser Burrage, and others. 
History of the Thirty-sixth regiment, 
Massachusetts Volunteers, 1862-65. By 
... B. 1884. 

Comnjon Sense. Thomas Paine. The 
American crisis. By ... P. 1777. 

Common Sense. William Carpenter. 
The earth not a globe. [In verse.] By 
... L. 1864. 

Common Sense. ./. P. Kennedy. The 
privilege of tlie writ of habeas corpus 
under the constitution of the United 
States ... P. 1862. 

"Common Sense." //. W. Boozer. 
Stubborn facts, etc., by . . . Worcester, 
Mass., 1876. 

Common Sense. William Carpenter. 
Theoretical astronomy examined and ex- 
posed. By ... L. 1864. 

Common Sense Man, A. J. Warren 
Farlin. A primer on the origin of 
knowledge . . . Saratoga Springs, 1835. 

Compton, Jemima. Mrs. Jemima 
Compton Gladstone. The ups and downs 
of an old maid's life. By ... L. 

Comptroller of the Treasury, The. 
R. W. Tagler. Tenure of office. Opin- 
ion of . . . W. 1867. 




Comstock, Hark. P. C. Kellogg. 

Conder Gray, E. Alexander H. Japp. 
Wise words and loving deeds. L. 188-. 

Confederate Soldier, A. William 
Wing Lorinq {^Ferek Pasha'). A C. S. in 
Egypt. N.Y. 1884. 

Congregationalist, A. Dorus Clarke. 
The Congregational Almanac. By . . . 
B. 184G-8. 

Coniiigsby. Benjamin Disraeli. The 
present crisis; or, the llusso-Turkish 
war and its consequences. L. 1854. 

Connoisseur, A. Henry Merritt. 
Robert Dalby and his world of troubles ; 
being the early days of . . . L. 1866. 

Conny. Burman. 1868, 1873, 


Conny-catclier, Cuthbert. Bohert 
Greene. 1879. 

Conservative Whig, A. .losiuh 
Quincy. The duty of conservative 
Whigs in the present crisis. A letter to 
the Hon. Rufus Choate. By ... B. 

Also ascribed to Henry Bromfield Rogers. 

Conservative Whig, A. Thomas 
Wallace. Tliree letters ... on the pres- 
ent state of parties . . . By ... L. 1835. 

Considerer, Tlie. Peter Annet. 

Consistent Christian, A. Samuel 
Bourn (1689-1754). A dialogue between 
a Baptist and a Churchman . . . Part II. 
by . . . 1739, 

Consistent Churchman, A. Bennet 
Tyler, D.D. A serious call to those wlio 
are without the pale of the Episcopal 
Church. By . . . n.p., n.d. 

Consistent Protestant, A. Samuel 
Bourn (1689-1754). A dialogue between 
a Baptist and a Churchman ; occasioned 
by the Baptists opening a new meeting- 
house ... at Birmingham, etc. Part I. 
by . . . 1737. 

Consistent Protestant, A. Richard 
Watson, D.D. The state of subscription 
to the articles and liturgy of the Church 
of England toward the close of the year 
1773 . . . L. 1774. 

Consistent Kestorationist, A. Adin 
Ballon. The touchstone, exhibiting Uni- 
versalism and Restorationism as they 
are, moral contraries. By . . . Provi- 
dence, 1837. 

Constant Frequenter of Walker's 
Art naileries, A. Eduxtrd Bimba.ult 
Vere Dihdin. Dear reader, step up . . . 
and buy . . . Liverpool, n.d. 

Constituent, A. Sinclair Toucey. 
A C. ... to a Representative [(".e. Henry 
J. Raymond], n.p. 1866. 

Consul, A. B. F. Farrell. Is honesty 
the best policy ? . . . Secretary Fish 

removes . . . for declining to allow Span- 
ish merchants to defraud our revenue 
. . . n.p. 186-. 

Consul General in China, The. 
George F. Seicard. The United States 
consulates in China. A letter . . . n.p. 

Contented Freeman. Noah Webster, 
in " Connecticut Courant," 1784. 

Coiitrastor, The. Thomas Dreivitt. 
The force of contrast continued . . . with 
occasional strictures on . . . and others 
of Mr. Bere's opponents, etc. 1802. 

Contributor, A. Evert Augustus 
Duyckiiick. Miss Barrett's poems. 
" Amer. Whig Rev.," January, 1845, p. 

Contributor to the Atlantic, A. 
John Toitmsend Trowbridge. The ferry- 
boy and the financier. [Biog. of S. P. 
Cbase.] By . . . B. 1864. 

Convert, A. Alexander Dick. Rea- 
sons for embracing the Catholic faith. 
By . . . Edinb. 1848. 

Conveyancer, A. John Hendry. 
Styles of deeds and instruments in accord- 
ance with the titles to Land (Scotland). 
Acts 1858 and 1860 ... By . . . Edinb. 

Cool of the Evening. Lord ELho, 
now Earl of Wemyss. — See "Bo'sun, 

Cooper, E. William Oldys. The 
Muse's library. L. 1841. 

" Cooper Will." W. C. Carman. 
Rattling, roaring rhymes on Mormon 
Utah and her institutions. By . . . 
Chicago, 1874. 

Cooper, Rev. William M., B.A. 
James G. Bertram. Flagellation and the 
flagellants. L. 1870. 

The pseudonym is given as " Wm. U. " in 
"Halkett & Laing" and the "Advocates' Li- 
brary Catalogue " ; but a copy of the work iu 
Harvard University library has it " AVm. TsL." 

Copmanthorpe, Allan. Bev. Richard 

Wheatley. — S'^'' ')'A' 'OG^'"' . .''^31:^' 

Coquina. (x. 0. Shields. Rustlings 
in the Rockies, hunting and fishing by 
mountain and stream. Chicago, 1883. — 
See " I. and P." 

Cora. ^liss Annie Keari/. Oldbuiy. 
P. n.d. 

Corcoran, Peter. John Hamilton Rey- 
nolds. The fancy. A selection from 
the poetical remains of . . . L. 1820. 

Corinne. Mrs. William H. Tucker. 

Corks, John. William Makepeace 
Thackeray. The froddylent butler. 
"Punch," February, 1849. 

Cornelia. Cornelia (?) Pelhain. Let- 




ters on the mission to the Ojibvva Indians. 
B. 1839. 

Cornet, A. North Ludlow Beamish. 
Peace campaigns of . . . L. 1829. 

Cornish Genius, A. Bev. William 
Borlase. Old hamits and remains of . . . 
By the Eev. S. W. Cliristophers, in the 
"London Quarterly Eeview," January, 

Cornisli Vicar, A. Bev. Percival 
Prye. A letter to a friend [in Hudibrastic 
verse] by . . , L. 1857. 

Cornlshman, A. Thomas Pitt. Tlie 
state of the proceedings of the convoca- 
tion . . . for the stannaries of . . . Corn- 
wall ... By . . . L. 1751. 

Coronado, Carolina. Carolina Cor- 
onado Perry. 

Coroner, The. Ira B. Wheeler. Pro- 
ceedings of ... in the case of the steamer 
Lexington, lost by fire, on the 13th of 
January, 1840. N.Y. 1840. 

Corporal, A. James Kendall Hosmer. 
The color guard. Being . . . 's notes of 
military service in the Nineteenth Army 
Corps. B. 1864. 

Corr, Miss Mary. Charles White. 
Revolution beige de . . . L. 1830. 

Corregio. Colonel Isaac Barr€. In 
the " Public Advertiser," 1770. 

Corvinus, Valerius. Thomas Black- 
lock. Remarks on the nature and extent 
of liberty . . . P^diub. 1776. 

Also ascribed to Adam Ferguson, LL.D. \ 

Cosmo. Gideon Nye, Jr. British 
opium i)olicy and its results to India and 
Cliina. 1874. 

Co.sinopolitan, A. Silas Pinckney 
HoUiro<i!:. (tIiijijisi's (if society and man- 
ners, China. " New England Mag.," 
Vol. VIII., p. 274, 1835. 

Cosmos, Nabi. Tiioma.i S. Bulmer. 
A series of private notes and mcms. 
for tliiiiking men. Belfast, Victoria, 

Cotoniiet. Alfred de Mussel. Des 
Lettres dans la " Heviie des Deux- 
Mondfs," 1836 et 1837 . . . 

Cotton, Junior. Tliomas Bridges. 
Homer Travestie ... L. 1762. 
•^ Cotton, Sir Robert. Thomas Scot. 

Couflrcu.v, Alfred. Ilonore' de Bal- 
zac, in his contributions to " La Cari- 

.Count, Noah. William E. G'ilman. 
His signature in 1870-71 to several hu- 
morous and satirical artick-s in verso in 
the Boston "Commercial Bulletin," and 
one wliich he si ill uses. 

Cou ntess of Cawdor, The. Elizaheth 

Campbell. Short Sunday evening read- 
ings ... By . . . L. 1800. 

Countess of Northesk, The. Georg- 
ina M. Carnegie. A selection of prayers 
and hymns, for the use of her children. 
By . . . L. 1858. 

Country Clergyman, A. Bev. William 
Mudc/e. AC. C.'s advice to his flock. 184-. 

Country Clergyman, A. Bev. Charles 
Dunster. (1) Discursory considerations 
on the hypothesis of Dr. Macknight and 
others, that St. Luke's gospel was the 
first written. By . . . L. 1808.— (2) Dis- 
cursory considerations on the supjjosed 
evidence of the early fathers, that St. 
Matthew's gospel was the first written. 
By . . . L. 1806. 

Country ClergjTnan, A. Richard 
Knott Bolton. Obiter : wayside verses : 
being meditations of . . . L. 1873. 

Country Clergyman, A. Rev. Griffith 
Jones (J). The platform of Christianity 
... By . . . L. 1744. 

Country Clergyman, A. Rev. John 
Disney. Remarks on Bishop Kurd's 
charge ... in 1775 and 1776 . . . By . . . 
L. 1777. 

Country Clergyman, A. Rev. 
Thomas Givatkin. Remarks upon the 
first of three letters [by Gloster Ridley] 
against the confessional [of F. Black- 
burne]. By . . . L. 1768. 

Country Clergyman, A. Rev. John 
Dudley Oland Crosse. A selection of 
verses from the psalms of David ... by 
. . . West Bridgwater, 1849. 

Country Curate, A. Rev. G. P. 
Neale. Seven lectures on the history of 
Gideon ... By . . . L. 1843. 

Country Curate, A. Bev. John Wil- 
liam Ilciveti. Vcrsfs bj' ... L. 185-. 

Country Curate, A. Rev. Erskine 
Neale. The village poor-house . . . By 
... L. 1832. 

.Also assigned to the Jiev. .fames fVliite. 

Country CJentleman, A. Charles 
Polhill. Reflections on a pamphlet en- 
titleil " A short history of opposition . . ."' 
By ... L. 1779. 

Country Gentleman, A. Gray. 

Remarks on Scotch entails and the new 
notions ; or, roups, rack-rents, and ruin 
. . . by . . . Edinb. 1818. 

Country Gentleman, The. Bight 
Hon. Edward Weston. The C. G.'s advice 
to his son, on his coming of age ... L. 
1755. Also, The . . . advice to his neigh- 
bors. L. 1756. 

Country Incumbent, A. E. Spencer. 
Considerations addressed to the clergy, 
on the propriety of their bearing arms 
. . , By . . . Bath, 1798. 




Country Parson, A. George Jones 
Bevan. A C. F.'s first ofEering to his 
mother church. Oxf. 1821. 

Country Parson, A. Rev. John Hul- 
lett. Sermons hy . . . L. 1859. 

Country Parson, A. Rev. Thomas 
Matthew Freeman. Spare minutes of . . . 
L. 1874. 

Country Parson, The. William 
Holmes, D.D. The C. P.'s advice to his 
parishioners of the younger sort . . . 
Oxf. 1742. 

Country Parson, The. Thomas 
Sherlock, D.D. The C. P.'s plea against 
the Quaker's hill for tythes ... L. 

Country Pastor, A. Richard Whatelt/, 
D.D. (1) Lectures on prayer. By . . . 
L. 1860. — (2) Lectures on Scripture 
revelations respecting good and evil an- 
gels. By . . . L. 1851. — (3 ) Lectures on 
the characters of our Lord's apostles . . . 
By . . . L. 1851. 

Country Pastor, A. John Sisson. 
Original plans of thought for village 
preachers ... L. 1848. 

Country Rambler, A. Lad^ Frances 
Elizabeth Dickens. Gatherings of . . . 
L. 1853. 

Country Voter, A. Walter Ferrier. 
Letter to the freeholders and electors in 
the counties and burghs of Scotland on 
parliamentary reform . . . By . . . Edinb. 

Country-man, The. Robert Cal.der. 
The C.'s idea of a gospel-minister . . . 
Edinb. 1711. 

Countryman, A. R. H. Howe. 
Appeal from ... to the Union men of 
the South, n.p. 1860. 

Countryman, A. Allan Logan. A 
C.'s brief remarks on the reverend and 
learned Mr. John Sympson, professor of 
divinity; his letter to the reverend pres- 
bytery of Glasgow. Edinb. 1726. 

Countrywoman, A. Anne Clarke. 
Small literary patchwork . . . By . . . 
Shipston, 1808. 
^ , Courtly, Sir Robert. Robert Wal- 
Ipole, Earl of Orford. A full and true 
account of a . . . duel, which was fought 
. . . between . . . and Squire Squat [W. 
Pulteney, Earl of Bath]. L. 1736. 

Couteau, Jean Baptiste. Robert 
Jephson. The confessions of . . . citizen 
of France ... L. 1794. 

Coventry, John. John Williamson 
Palmer, M.D. After its kind. 

CoAvper, William. James Everett. 
An extraordinary chace ; or, the parson 
and the cat : a serio-comic satirical 
poem , . . Sheffield, 1820(?). 

Creation Ball. Edward Ball. — See 
"Eraser," Vol. L, p. 753. 

Creation of an Hour, The. Rev. 
Charles Girdlestone, M.A. The questions 
of the day. L. 1857. 

Creedy, Mr. Daniel, M.P. Rt. Hon. 
Joseph Cha?nberlain. An extravaganza 
[intended to satirize Mr. C.]. L. 1884. 

Creighton, Robert. Robert Creighton 

Crepin. Charles Wolcott Balestier, in 
his contributions to the "Eochester Post- 
i.ixpress" (N.Y.). 

Cringle, Tom. William Walker. (1) 
Australian land-bar harbors and rivers 
. . . Melbourne, 186-. — (2) Jottings of 
an invalid in search of heaitli . . . Bom- 
bay, 1865. — (3) T. C.'s letters on practi- 
cal subjects, suggested by experiences 
in Bombay . . . Bombay, 1863. 

Crisp. Mrs. Martha Joanna Reads 
(iVasA) Lamb. 

Crispe, le rev. P. L. Knapp. Eeg- 
nier, tragedie . . . de . . . Bruxelles, 

Crlticos. James Everett; and Casti- 
gator. William Naylor. The visions of 
Sapience . . . Leeds, 1815. 

Criticus. Thomas Barnes. (1) Edi- 
to- of the "Times." L. — (2) His sig- 
nature to a series of sketches of leading 
members of parliament in the "Exam- 
iner," which were published under the 
same name in 1815. — (3) Biographic 
critique des orateurs les plus distingues, 
etc., dediee k Leigh Hunt, Esq. . . . 
(Trad, de I'angl. par M. Oh. Malo.) 
Paris, 1820. — (4) Parliamentary por- 
tr£.its . . . originally printed in the " Ex- 
aminer." L. 1815. 

Criticus Phllanagnostes. Thomas 
Hearne. An account of all the consider- 
able pamphlets . . . [on the Bangorean 
controvei-sy]. L. 1719-20. 

Critique, Un. Victor Euphe'mion Phil- 
arete Chasles. Voyages ... a travers la 
vie et les livres. Paris, 1865. 

Crockett, David. Augustine Smith 
Clai/ton. The life of Martin Van Buren. 
By ■. . . P. 1835. 

Cron, Clara. Frau Clara {Stock) 
Weise. Adelaide ; ein charakterbild fiir 
die frauenwelt. Magdeb. 1877. 

Crusty Christopher. Prof. John 

Cub, The. . — See " Bo'smi, 


Cudgel, Cuthbert, Esq. T. Hous- 
ton{1). A love elegy. By . . . C. C.'s 
attempt at ode writing, etc. 1800. 

Cultivator of the Ground, A. An- 
drew Aitken. Three essays on important 




. . . read at Thearne ... By . . . Beith, 

Cumberland Man, A. Rev. Jona- 
than Boucher. (1) His signature to an 
anonymous pamphlet published in 1792; 
which was reprinted in the Appendix to 
Sir Frederick Morton Eden's " State of 
the poor," in 1797. — (2) The Cumber- 
land man. L. 1792. 

Cumbriensis. .ToIm Rooke. Remarks 
on the nature and operation of money 
... By... L.^1819. 

Cunobelin. Samuel Gale, Esq. Let- 
ter of ... to Dr. Stukeley. 

CoLONiA Castrum, August, 1728. 

Dear Doctor: — Having been iufoimed, 
since the arrival of Prasutagus [probably 
Maurice Johnson, Esq.] from the Girvii, of the 
never-enough-to-be-lamenteii miscarriage of the 
incomparable Cartismandua [Frances VVilliam- 
aon, Dr. Stukeley's first wife], this comes to 
condole with you . . . Carmllius [perhaps 
Algernon, Duke of Somerset] and Segonax 
[Algernon Seymoiu', Earl of Hertford] are both 
in the Municipium and in perfect health . . . 
Oordonius [Alexander Gordon], the Caledo- 
nian, is going to give the Litei'ati a noble pros- 
pect of the Roman Walls . . . With all hallowed 
respect I kiss yours and your Druidesse'a san- 
dals, who am, most worthy Chyndonctx [Dr. 
Slukeley] . . . yours. Cuxobelin. — See i^"ic- 
U(;ls' " Illust. of Literature," Vol. 4, pp. 497-8. 

Curate, A. Richard Uoa-e. Episodes 
in an obscure life. I*. 1871. 

Curate, A. Richard MaiUi^). Puri- 
tanism revived; or, Methodism as old as 
tlie Great Kebellion. In a series of let- 
ters from ... to his rector. L. 1808. 

Curate in the Archdeaconry of 
Coventry, A. Uriel Hancood. 'Iwcnty- 
four select discourses from the works of 
eminent divines of the Churclf of Eng- 
land . . . Coventry, 1810. 

Curate of Blagdon, The. Bev. 
Thomas Bere. The Blagdon controversy ; 
or, short criticisms on the late dispute be- 
tween . . . and Mrs. Hannah More. 1801. 

Curate of Salop, A. William Fleet- 
wood. The thirtc'cnth chapter of Romans 
vindicated from tlie abuses put upon it. 
Written by . . . L. 171(». 

Curate of Stoke Dainerel, The. 
William Balmhro Flower. A revival of 
old Church of England principles, no 
new faith ... By . . . L. 1849. 

Curate of the Diocese of Canter- 
bury, A. Rev. William Newlon. Re- 

marks on the account of a controversy 
between the author of The Trial of Mr. 
Whitefield's Spirit [i.e. Rev. Samuel 
Weller] and Benjamin Mills, a dissent- 
ing minister at Maidstone, in Kent. L. 

Curator, The. William Macleod. 
Catalogue of the paintings and statuary 
[of the Corcoran gallery of art, at Wash- 
ington]. Prepared by . . . W. 1875. 

Curator. Egbert Benson. Vindica- 
tion of the captors of Major Andre. 
N.Y. 1817. 

Curio. William Elliot Griffis. 

Curio. William Pultenei/, Earl of 
Bath. An epistle to . . , By Mark 
Akenside. L. 1744. 

Curio. Richard Ilowelin). Sketches. 

Currycomb, Carnaby, Esq. John 
Wolcot. Peter provided for, without a 
pension. A poem . . . By ... L. 1788. 

Curt-his, Sir Willie. Sir William 
Curtis. Kilts and Philibegs ! ! The 
northern excursion of Geordie [emperor 
of Gotham] . . . and . . . , etc. 1822. 

Curtius. Sir William Blizard. In 
his youth he wrote on politics under this 
nom de plume, but afterwards became an 
admirer of Mr. Pitt and adopted con- 
servative opinions. 

Curtius. Richard Cumberland. C. 
rescued from tlie Gulph ; or, the retort 
courteous to the Rev. Dr. Parr ; in answer 
to his learned pamphlet [against the 
Rev. C. Curtis] intitled, " A sequel, etc." 
L. 1792. 

Cushing, Paul. Roland A. Wood, in 
"A bud that lived," in "Blackwood." 
An. 1880. 

Cushman, Clara. Emihj Bradley. 

CyngetorLx. Daniel Finch, 2d Earl 
of Winclielsea and Nottingham. His 
Druidical name. 

Cynthio. Edward Young. A poem 
on tlie death of J. Brydges, Marquis of 
Carnarvon. L. 1727. 

Cypher, Paul. George Busk. History 
of the hundred of Rowell. Rowell, 1850. 

Cyrus, the Elaniite. George Dunn. 
The position, elemental and physical, 
normal and planetary, moral, constitu- 
tional and national. Louisville, 1879. 



A. David Macbeth Moir. (1) Domes- 
tic verses. By . . . Edinb. 1843. — (2) 
Memoir of Gait. Edinb. 1841. 

A. Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of Bea- 
consfield. The tragedy of Count Alar- 
cos. By . . . L. 1839. 




D. Sir Humphry Davy. Signature 
in tlie "Annual Antliology," 1796, pp. 93- 
99, 120-125, 172-176, and 179, 180. 

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(From "Encycl. Britan. Suppl.") Edinb. 

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(2) On a congress of nations to settle 
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and Turkey. From the Providence 
"Daily Post," Nov. 25, 1853. Provi- 
dence, 1853. 

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ary phenomena. "Amer. Whig Rev.," 
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■-. D. Ralph Allen Daniell. The sover- 
eign. By ... " Helston Grammar 
School Magazine," 1857-59. 

D., Mr. William Derhain. The pas- 
toral muse. By ... L. 1722. 

D., A. Anne Dutton. (1) A brief 
account of the dealings of God with a 
poor sinful . . . creature - . . By ... L. 
1750. — (2) Narration of the wonders of 
grace : in verse. By ... L. 1734. 

D., A. A. Dnrby. An expostulatory 
address to all who frequent places of 
diversion and gambling. Shrewsbury', 

D., A. Charles Auguste Desoer. Wil- 
liam Shakespeare par Victor Hugo. 
(Analyse critique.) Liege, 1864. 

D., A., & D., 31. Mr. A. Douglas and 
Mrs. Douglas. Notes of a journey from 
Berne to England ... L. 1797. 

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of a departed friend [Mrs. Dyson]. L. 

D., C Charles Deane. (1) Records 
of the council for New England. [Ed- 
ited] by . . . B. 1867. — (2) A sermon 
preached Dec. 9, 1621. [By Robert 
Cushman.] With an historical and 
bibliographical preface [by C. D.]. B. 

D., C. Charles Dent. Something about 
cosmogony and morals . . . [Verses.] 
L. 1850. 

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liiran. Sthlm. 1846. 

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and John A. Baxter. A selection of 
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Litei-ary prospects of 1845. "Amer. 
Whig Rev.," February, 1845, p. 146. 

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Daunt. The priory tracts. Signed . . . 
Launoeston, 1861. 

D. G. Sir William Browne. Verses, 
written by himself,- to vindicate him 
against the abuse and anger of Scots 
rebel licentiates. 

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Virgil. (The life of Virgil, signed . . .) 
L. 1825. 

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guide through Cheltenham, etc. Chel- 
tenham, 1832. 

D., H. B. Henry Barton Daivson. 
North American rock-writing, etc. [by 
Thomas Ewbank]. Edited by . . .' N.Y. 
1866. .^ 

I>., H. H. Henry H Davis. Exei'cises- 
on the Anabasis of Xenophon ... L. 

D., H. N. Horatio Nelson Dudding. A 
pastor's memorial for a dying jjastor, for 
the congregation of St. Peter, St. Alban's, 
June, 1846. L. n.d. 

D., J. John Dove. Remarks on the 
Reverend Mr. John Wesley's Sufficient 
answer to the author of the letters on 
Theron and Aspasio. By . . . 1768. 

D., J. Jane Deivhiirst. The Sabbath, 
and other poems. By ... L. 1856. 

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view of the controversies occasioned by 
the "Confessional". . . L. 1775. 

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Analysis of Dr. Newman's " Apologio 
pro vita sua . . ." By ... L. 1866. — 
(2) Brief analysis of the Epistle to the 
Hebrews ... By ... L. 1870. — (3) 
Brief exposition of the Epistle of James. 
By . . . Translated from the Italian. L. 
1879. — (4) Brief remarks on the work of 
. . . D. Brown . . . By ... L. 1865. — 
(5) Christian devotedness. By ... L. 




1874. — (6) Cleansing by water ... By 
... L. 1875. — (7) The covenants. By 
... L. 1867. — (8) Deliverance, not par- 
don only ... By . . . L. 1874. — (9) A 
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. . . L. 1861. — (10) Episcopacy ... By 
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ture ... By . . . L. 1876. — (13) Grace, 
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... L. 1867. — (14) The hopes of the 
church of God ... as revealed in proph- 
ecy .. . By . . . L. 1867. — (15) Is the 
Comforter come ? and is he gone ? . . . 
By ... L. 1865. — (16) Lectures on the 
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Letters by . . . L. 1881. — (18) The main- 
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1879. — (20) The names of the Lord Jesus 
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... L. n.d. 

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In the "Christ. Exam." — (2) Vanitas ! 
Vanitatum Vanitas! From Goethe. 
*' Amer. Monthly Mag.," October, 18.37, 
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Momentary musings : poems. By . . . 
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elation ; or, wliere shall we seek justice? 
A lesson in law. 1867. 

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(1) A chaplet of cuckoo cries endeav- 
ored by . . . Civ. Dunelm, 1854. (2) 
A collection of Bislioprick [of Durham] 
rhymes, etc. Civ. Dunelm, 1850-59. — 
(8) English sirnames obtained from 
matters of war and chivalry. Durham, 
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A few fragments of fairy ology . . . Civ. 
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^'I'll Neville you, etc." Duriiani, 1851. 
— (8) Popular rhymes, etc. Durliam, 
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by which great advantages are proposed 
for the government as well as for the 
people of Great Britain. L. 1762. 

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causis belli quibusdam, de Anglico, non 
ad verbum convertit Pacis Defensor [R. 
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The verses were written by T. D. 

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mary, historical and political, of the first 
planting, etc., of the Britisli settlements 
in North America ... B. 1747. 

I>., W. A. William Augustus Davis, 
in the " Christ. Exam." 




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motte. Smoking and smokers. L. 

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(^Dufourquet) Bastide. Souvenirs de . . . 
public's par Eugene (Catin, dit) de La 
Morliere. Paris, 1821. 

j)***^ ;B*«*_ Baudry des Lozieres, 
Louis Narcisse. Voyage a la Louisiane, 
etc., fait dans les annees 1794 a 1798. 
Paris, 1802. 

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The genuine memoirs of Mrs. Faulkner, 
otherwise ... or. Countess of H*****x 
[i.e. Halifax] in expectancy ... L. 

D*****s, Jane. Jane Douglas. Gen- 
uine memoirs of the late celebrated . . . 
L. 1761. 

D n, B . bb. George Bubb 

Dodington. — See "E . . . e G . . . s." 

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Countess of Derby. Thalia to Eliza : 
a poetical epistle ; to the ... L. 

D , B , Right Hon. Bt. 

Hon. Benjamin Disraeli. " Maccallum " 
[Lothair] ; or, the peer, the prelate, 
and the princess. By . . . Edinb. 

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land's minor theatre ... L. 1828- 

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En roddar-madam, Berattelse af . Sthlm. 

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ends well. A comedy . . . By W. 
Shakespeare . . . with remarks . . . by . . . 
L. 1850. 

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Douglass. Thomson as redivivus ; or, a 
reply to . . . L. 1746. 

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Daisy, Cousin. Delia Knipe. 1879. 

Dame anglaise, Une. Mme. 

(Ward Rondeau). Letters d' , . . resi- 
dante en Russie. Eotterdam, 1770. 

Danforth, Parke. Miss Hannah L. 
Talbot. Not in the prospectus. B. 

Daniel, Uncle. Anson Wriffbrd. 
Traits of character, pursuits, manners, 
etc., manifested by the inhabitants of the 
North-eastern States. By . . . Portland, 
Me., 1837. 

Dannenberg, Georg. Bertha Hepi 

" Known also as Golo Itaimund, who was born 
at Magdeburg in 1823. Klie was the author of 
many novels, which belong to the better class of 
light literature. Died in isSa." — Lippincott's 
" Biographical Dictionary," p. 772. 

Dannlstonus, Gualterus. Archi- 
bald Pitcairne, M.D. G. D. ad Geor- 
gium Buchananum epistola . . . Edinb. 

D'Anvers, Caleb, of Gray's Inn, 
Esq. William Pulteneg, Earl of Bath. 
A proper reply to a late scurrilous libel 
... By . . . L. 1731. 

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Bell. (1) Around the world in eighty 
days . . . Translated from the Erench 
of Jules Verne by G. M. Towle and . . . 
1876. — (2) Celebrated travels and trav- 
ellers. The great explorers of the nine- 
teenth century . . . Translated from the 
French of Jules Verne by . . ., etc. 1874. 

— (3) The curious adventures of a field 
cricket . . . Translated from E. Can- 
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Dobbie's master : a peep into the life of 
a very little man. L. 1876. — (5) An 
elementary history of art; architecture, 
sculpture, painting ... L. ' 1882. — (6) 
Elementary history of music. L. 1882. 

— (7) The fur country . . . Translated 
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etc. 1874. — (8) Handbooks of ele- 
mentary art ... By . . . L, 1883. — 
(9) Heroes of American discovery . . . 
By . . . L. 1884. — (10) Heroes of North 
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Heroes of South African discovery. L. 
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From the French of Mad. de Stolz 
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Nanny's adventures : the tale of a goat 
. . . L. 1879. — (15) Parted: a tale of 
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(16) Pixie's adventures : the tale of a 
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(19) Robert's holidays. By. . . Founded 
on the French of Fleuriot. L. 1875. — 

(20) Science ladders. L. 1881. — (21) 
Some account of tlie great buildings of 
London ... L. 1879. — (22) Tlie Suez 
canal. Letters and documents [of Les- 
seps] descriptive of its rise and urogiess 
. . . Translated by . . . L. 1876.— (23) 
Trust me. L. 1882. — (24) To the Vic- 
toi-ia Falls of tlie Zambesi. Translated 
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L. 1876.— (25) Wonders of sculpture,, 
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and Honors Fisquet. Guide du voyageur 
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Darf, Esel. Alfred Luce. My 




Bummer in Porkopolis, and other papers. 
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in 1790. 1810. 

Daughter of Darius, The. il/js. 
Georqe Anne Be/taiiii/. — See "Queen of 
Babylon, The." 

Daughter of Dionysias, The. Ed- 
ward Nichols Dennijs. 

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History of the Society of Jesus, from its 
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Cincinnati, 1865. 

David the Son of Jesse. David 
Kendall. Bible trutli in its true light . . . 
By . . . Utica, N.Y., 1835. 

Daviess, Jo. Joseph Hamilton Daviess. 

Davis, Honest John. Hon. John 

Dawson, Florence. Julia Wedge- 
wood. An old debt. L. 1858. 

De Cranki, Lunatico. Edward 

De Kalb. Mrs. Kate Cross. Signa- 
ture in Canadian newspapers. 

De Montgomery, Percy Vernon 
Gordon, Viscount. James Hichman. 
Hours of sun and shade. Reveries in 
prose and verse ... L. 1856. 

De Wolfe, Marie. Miss Minnie D. 

Deaf-Mute, A. William B. Swett. 
Adventures of . . . B. 1874. 

Decius. William Austin. 

About the year 180.5, William Austin, in con- 
sequence of political differences with Gen. Simon 
Elliott, ill the " Chronicle," under the signature 
"Decius," was challenged by Jamen H. Elliott, 
eon of the general. A duel was fought in llhode 
Island, and .Mr. Austin was slightly wounded. 

Decius. William Pinkney. D. to 
tlie republican citizens of Maryland. 
Bait. 1812. 

Decorator, A. C. H. Savon/. The 
paper hanger, painter, grainer, and deco- 
rator's assistant ... By . . . L. 1878. 

Deerstalker, A. William Black. 
Rhymes by . . . L. 188-. 

Defendant, The. Frederic Edmonds, 
M.D. A letter to the editor of the 
" Lancet," with the explanatory statement 
of . . . in Millet v. Edmonds. L. 1806. 

Defensor. William Thomas. The 
enemies of the Constitution discovered . . . 
By . . . N.Y. 1835. 

Defensor. Samuel Fuller. Letters 
on baptismal regeneration. By . . . N.Y, 

Delancy, Fitzhugh. Bichard Henry 

Delaval, Barclay. James M. Share. 
Shaugh bridge and Mount Edgecumbe. 
By . . . Plymouth, 1878. 

Delegate, A. David Weston. Among 
the wounded. United States Christian 
Commission. Experiences of . . . P. 

Delegate, A. Rev. Henry Clay Badger. 
The truths and errors of liberal Chris- 
tianity, and of the national conference 
of 1870. By . . . Camb. 1870. 

Delegate to the Anti-Slavery Con- 
vention of American Women, A. 
Laura H. Lovell. Report of . . . B. 1835. 

Delmond, Mary. Mary Anne Kelty. 
The story of Isabel. By . . . L. 1826. 

Delphine. Delphine Paris Baker. 
Solon; or, the rebellion of '61. Chi- 
cago, 1806. 

De Lunatico, F. G. P. B. James. 
The commissioner; or, de lunatico in- 
quirendo. L. 1843. 

Delta. Henry Dunn. (1) "The 
Comforter " ; or, joy in the Holy Ghost 
... By . . . L. 1857.— (2) Evangelical 
churchmen are evangelical Noncon- 
formists : an address . . . By ... L. 
1859. — (3) Protestantism in Italy . . . 
L. 1858. — (4) The revelation of St. 
John, simply analyzed and expounded. 
By . . . L. 1850. — (5) " The Spirit of 
Truth," a supplement to "The Com- 
forter" .. . By... L. 1857. 

Delta. David Macbeth Moir\_^']. The 
legend of Genevieve, with other tales and 
poems. By . . . Edinb. 1825. 

Delta. John Close. The , poetical 
works of John Close, etc. . . . 1860. 

Delta. Charles Deane. Spurious re- 
prints of early books. By . . . 

Demijohn. F. Alcott Pratt. Com- 
piler of the "Alcott Calendar for 1885." 

Democrat of the Old School, A. 
Eli-iir Wrifjht, Jr. The programme of 
])eace. By . . . B. 1862. 

Democratic Tory, A. John Skelton. 
Benjamin Disraeli: the past and the 
future, a letter to John Bull, Esq. By . . . 
L. 1808. 

Democritus, junior. Rev. Orlando 
Wilherspoon. Doctor Ben. By ... B. 

Denison, Edmund Beckett. Sir 
Edmund Beckett. Astronomy without 
matliomatics. By ... L. 1869. 

Departed Child, A. Mary Boyd. 
The flower translated ; or, memorial of 




... By Rev. John Boyd. Edinb. 

Deputy Governor, Tlie. Thomas 
Cole. Narrative of an excursion to Ire- 
land ... By . . . L. 182.5. 

Derrydown Triangle. Robert Stew- 
art, Lord Castlereagh, afterwards Mar- 
quis of Londonderry, in a parody on 
the Athanasian creed, by William Hone. 
Dervall, Johannes v^an. August 
Kilhne. Else Hohenthal; ronian. Stuttg. 

Derwent, Lelth. James Leith Der- 
icent. Circe's lovers : a novel. L. 1883. 

Descendant from one of the early 
Puritanical Governors, A. Albert 
Welles. " Things new and old " for the 
glory of God . . . By . . . Portland, 
Me., 1845. 

Descendant of the Great Scrible- 
rus, A. William Cooke. The royal 
naval review . . . By ... L. 1781. 

Descendant of " Oar Ancient 
Friend," A. Job Cus/iman. A com- 
plaint, i.e. detail of facts, i.e. an appeal 
to the Cong, churches of the Old Colony, 
by ... as Robert Cushman was called 
among the Pilgrims, n.p., n.d. 

" Detached Badger " of the Field. 
J. II. Walford, writer on angling and 
floating flies. 

Detector. Nathaniel Brassey Halhed. 
The letters of . . . L. 1783. 

Detector. Francis Burdett Courtenai/. 
Revelations of quacks and quackery: a 
series of letters by . . . L. 1865. 

Detenu, A. T. R. Underwood. Nar- 
rative (A) of memorable events in Paris, 
etc. ; being extracts from the journal of 
... L. 1825. 

Detenu, A. James Lawrence. A pic- 
ture of Verdun ; or, the English detained 
in Fi-ance . . . From the portfolio of . . . 
L. 1810. 

Detouche, Pierre. Arnold Tanzer. 

Deveronside Poet, A. Alexander 
Harper. Summer excursions in the 
neighborhood of Banff, and vicinity of 
Duff House. Bridge of Alva, etc., etc. 
Banff, 1843. 

Devoniensis. William Chapjyle. An 
Exmoor vocabulary. " Gent. Mag.," 1746, 
pp. 405, 527. 

Dewall, Johannes van. August Kilhne. 
— See "Dervall, J. v." 

Dhu, Hari. William Henry Black. 

Dliu, Helen. Helen Black. Stanhope 
Burleigh : the Jesuits in our homes. A 
novel. By . . . N.Y. 1855. 

Dick, Squire. Richard Archbold, Esq. 
A letter to the poet, in vindication and 
praise of . . . Dublin, 1756. 

Didymus Clericus. JSficcoh Ugo Fos- 
colo. Hypercalypseos liber singularis. 
Paris, 1815. — See " Que'rard." 

Different Practitioners. John Quier 
and others. Letters and essays on the 
small-pox ... By . . . L. 1778. 

Five of the letters are by Dr. John Quier, of 

Digamma. Francis H. Valpy. Aude- 
ograpliy : the new shorthand . . . By . . . 
L. 1885. 

Digby, Edward. Jones. The 

trial of Mr. Jones, a medical gentleman, 
for footpad robbery, near Primrose Hill, 
Oct. 11, 1802 ... L. 1805. 

Dilettante in law and politics, A. 
Allan Ramsaij, Jr. Observations upon 
the Riot Act'. . . By . . . L. 1781. 

Dilthey, Karl. Julian Werner. Hen- 
riette Sontag; bllithen und dornen am 
baume eines kiinstlerlebens. N.Y. 1872. 

Dinks. Capt. Jonathan Feel. The 
dog. By . . . 1857. 

" Dinner Bell, The." Edmund Burke. 

" In the days when he wearied everybody with 
details, and, as Goldemith so happily put it, 
' Too deep for his hearers, still went on refining, 
And thought of canonizing, while they thought 
of dining,' 

a large number of the members actually did be- 
take themselves to that occupation, which cir- 
cumstance earned for the great orator the- title of 
' The Dinner Bell.' " 

Diogenes. John Trenchard . 

"Among the papers he wrote for the ' London ' 
and the ' British Journal,' under the signature of 
'Cato,' were some, written by him under the name 
of ' Diogenes,' upon several points of religion, 
which were thought exceptionable." 

Dion. George Berkeleij, Bishop of 
Cloyne. A letter to . . . occasioned by 
his book, Alciphron ; or, the minute phil- 
osopher. By . . . [B. de Mandeville]. L. 

Dionysius, the Areopagite. Sir 
Richard Cox, 2d Bart. 

Director, The. Ormsby MacKnight 
Mitchell. Report of . . . '[of the Cin- 
cinnati observatory], 1845. Cincinnati, 

Director, The. Cleveland Abbe'. Re- 
port . . . [of the Cincinnati observatory], 
1869, 1870. Cincinnati, 1869-70. 

Director of the Mint, The. James 
Ross Snowden. Communication from . . . 
to the Secretary of the Treasury, relative 
to a proposed branch mint at New York. 
P. 1860. 

Disciple, A. 3Irs. Harriet Anne De 
Sails. Kissing : its origin and species. 
By . . . 1873. 

Disciple, A. Samuel Halbeart Turner. 
Teachings of tlie Master. N.Y. 1868. 




Disciple of Bishop Butler, A. Rev. 
Thomas Wimberley Mossman. A reply 
to Dr. Tyndall's Lucretian, by . . . L. 

Disciple of Cranmer, A. Richard 
Walker, B.A. Papistry defeated . . . 
By . . . Oxf. 1841. 

Disciple of the Old School, A. 
James Everett. The disputants . . . Ey 
... L. 1835. 

Disciple of the Unitarian Mis- 
sion, A. Jogut Chunder Gangoohj. Jud- 
doo's triumph . . , by . . . Calcutta, 

Dishclout, Tommy Thomas Toivle. 
A miscellaneous collection of satirical 
pieces . . . respecting the . . . conduct of 
Master T. D. . . . L. n.d. 

Dismal Fellow. Richard Bentley, 
D.D. 1661-62 to 1742. 

Dismallo, Don Diego. Daniel Finch, 
2d Earl of Nottingham. — See Swift's 
works, ed. " Scott," chap. xiii. 

Displeased Liayman, A. George Web- 
ster. The stumbling-block of predesti- 
nation rolled away . . . By . . . Aber- 
deen, 1858. 

Dissenter, A. Anna Letitia Barbauld. 
An address to the opposers of the repeal 
of the Corporative and Test Acts. L. 

Dissenter, A. Hudson. Obser- 
vations on the origin and effects of the 
Test Act... By... L. 1790. 

Dissenter, A. John Offord. On the 
recent prosecutions of persons vending 
books against Christianity : an address 
to deists. By . . . L. 1823. 

Dissenter, A. David Bogue. Rea- 
sons for seeking a repeal of the Test 
Acts. By . . . L. 1790. 

Dissenting- Country Gentleman, A. 
Abraham Tuijlor. The Scripture doctrine 
of the Trinity vindicated . . . By ... L. 

Dissenting Minister, The. Hugh 
Heugh, D.D. The 1). M.'s friendly 
reply to a second friendly address 
[by Robert S. Candlish, U.D.] from 
ministers of the Establishment. Edinb. 

Dissenting Teacher, A. Asher 
Humphreijs. — See "A Presbyter of the 
Church of England " (Rev. T. Ains- 

DistrictOfficer(A),C.H.T.C. Charles 
Ilaukes 'J'od Crosthwaite. Notes on the 
north-western provinces of India. By . . . 
L. 1870. 

District Visitor, A. ^frs. Lucy (Emra) 
Crogqon. Things old and new ; or, recol- 
lections of , , . L. 1839. 

Distinguished English Commoner, 

A. Edmund Burke. A letter from . . . 
on the repeal of a part of the penal laws 
against tlie Irish Catholics in 1785. L. 

Divine of the Church of England, 
A. Francis Gregory. Impartial thoughts 
upon the nature of the human soul, etc. 
By . . . L. 1704. 

Divine of the Church of England, 
A. William Assheton. A seasonable 
vindication of the clergy . . . By . . . 
L. 1709. 

Divine of the Church of England, 
A. William Fleetwood, D.D. A sermon 
on fast-day, January the sixteenth, 17 jj 
... By... L. 1712. 

Dizzy. Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of 
Beaconsfield. — See " Gladdy." 

Doctor. Dr. William M. Gibson. Is 
understood to have been the " Doctor " 
in Mark Twain's " Innocents Abroad." 

Doctor, The. Henry Addington, Lord 
Sidmouth, so called because his father 
was Doctor Anthony Addington of 

Doctor, The. Daniel Waterland, 
D.D. Memoir of his life and writings ; 
being a summary view of the Trinitarian 
controversy for twenty years between 
. . . and a clergyman in the country. 

" Doctor My-Book." John Abernetliy, 
M.D. "Tlie celebrated 'My-Book' 
to which he was so fond of referring his 
patients was the ' Surgical Observa- 
tions,' etc." 

Doeg. Elkanah Settle in Dryden's 
" Absalom and Achitophel." 

Dog Whip. L. D. Smith. 

Dom, A. Jledwig Dohm. Der erbe 
von Martella ; roman. N.Y. 1882. 

Don Quixote of the Jerseys, The. 
6*0?;. William Livingston. So called in 
"Rivington's Gazette," where he was 
also termed " The Itinerant Dey of New 
Jersey," and " The Knight of the most 
honorable Order of Starvation and Chief 
of the Independents." 

Donlcej^ John. Thomas Dunn Eng- 

Dorrington, Edward. Alexander 
Bicknell. Le solitaire anglois ; ou, aven- 
tures raerveilleuses de Philippe Quaril. 
Traduit par . . . 1787. 

Dorset, St. John. George Ste- 
phens. The vampire : a tragedy. L. 

This pseudonym is also referred to Rev. H. J. 
Beifotir. — 8ee " I and P." 

Doseall, Dr. Henry Fenneck, M.D. 
In Paris's "Philosophy in sport." 




Dot. C. Bowi/er Vaux. Canoe hand- 
ling . . . N.Y. 1885. 

Dotter, En Sveriges. Emilia Ris- 
herq. Stora svenska man, tecknade for 
fol'ket af. Sthlm. 1866. 

Double, Sir Thomas. Charles Dave- 
nant. Sir Thomas Double at court, etc. 
L. 1701. 

Doubt, Nick. Thomas Baker, in the 
" Tattler," No. 90. 

Doubting Disciple, A. Rev. John 
Henry Blunt. Things that I doubt : dedi- 
cated to the authoress of " Essays and 
Reviews," by . . . Oxf. n.d. 

Douglas. Andrew Reed. A threaten- 
ing letter from ... to Lefevre [F. Bar- 
nett] ; with Lefevre's reply. L. 1822. 

Douglas, Frank. F. E. Longley. 

Douglas, George. Gertrude Douglas. 
Brown as a berry : a novel. L. 1874. 

Dove, Walter. James fVhitelaiv. The 
skater's monitor. By . . . Edinb. 1846. 

Do'wnsey. William Howe Downes. 
The boys' advertiser. 

DoAvse, Ephraini. George Steevens. 
Letter to Mrs. Baldwin. In Nichols' "Il- 
lustrations of Literature," Vol. V., p. 434. 

Draper, The. M. Pilldngton. — See 
" P— n, Mrs. L." 

Draper, The. M. Pilkington{1') . An 
answer to a fool who modestly styles 
himself the Draper. Dublin, 1748. 
[Written by Mrs. L. Pilkington.] 

Dreamer, A. Henry H. Davis. The 
fancies of . . . L. 1842. 

Dromedary, The. William Maginn. 
The writer Tam. "Blackw. Mag.," 
April, 1824, p. 445. 

A criticism of Thomas Campbell. 

Dromore, Thomas. Bishop Tliomas 
Percy, D.I). 

" Droylesden Bard, The." J. Bur- 
gess. Pictures of social life ; being select 
poems. Manchester, 1869. 

Druid, The. John Witherspoon. Es- 
says in newspapers. 

Druid,The. Henry Rail Dixon. (l)The 
poet and the paddock.. . By... L. 1856. — 
(2) Scott and Sebright. By . . . L. 1858. 
— (3) Silk and scarlet. By . . . L. 1858. 

Du Pradel, Abraham. N. de 

Ble'gny. Livre commode des addresses 
de Paris. 1692 . . . Paris, 1878. 

Duboc, Ed-ward. Robert Waldmiiller. 
Die Somosierra: roman aus dem span- 
ischen Buhnenleben. N.Y. 1881. 

Dudley, Uncle. M. G. Russell. U. 
D.'s odd liours : the vagaries of a country 
editor . . . Duluth, Minn., 1882. 

Dufourquet, Thalares. Mvie. Fanny 
(Dufourquet) Bastide. Le concierge : 
drame dans le palais des Tuileries. 
Paris, 1833. 

Dufruit, Th., maitre de langues. 
J/. Etie7ine(^1) Cabet. Voyages et aven- 
tures de lord William Carisdall en 
Icarie; traduit de I'angl. de Francis 
Adams. Paris, 1840. 

Duhecquet, H. M. H. D. Robinson. 
The comet. N.Y. 1832-33. 

AvvajxiKOS* Lynall Thomas. Rifled 
ordnance . . . By ... L. 1856. 

Dunbar, Sydney. Mrs. Alexander 
Cadetl. An oath to the dead; or, the 
love of life's young day. L. 1886. 

Dun-Cuddy. Henry Dundas, 1st Vis- 
count Melville. — See '' Pitti-Clout." 

Dunelmus Bristoliensis. Thomas 
Chatterton. Under this assumed name he 
first appeared in "Felix Farley's Bristol 
Journal," Oct. 1, 1768 ; afterward he used 
it frequently, especially cerltributing to 
the "Town and Country Mag." in 1768. 

Dunlap, Col. Waiter B. Sylvanus 
Cobb, Jr. 

Dunning, Charles. Charles Dunning 

Dunning, Charlotte. Charlotte Dun- 
ning Wood. Upon a cast. N.Y. 1885. 

Dupuis, Mile. Athenais, filleule de 
M. Cotonet. Lou/s Charles Alfred de 
Alusset. Dupont et Durand, idylle. 
Facetife imp. dans la "Revue des Deux- 
Mondes "... Paris, 1838. 

Duthus. Alexander Taylor Innes, in 
" Good Words." 

Duval, Emma. Mrs. Ann Hampton 
(^Harris) Brewster. 

Dweller in the Temple, A. 8. B. 
Brittan. — See " B., S. B." 

Dy, W. H. W. H. Darby. Faith and 
works, and canon and truth. By . . . 1859. 


€. Rev. W. Williams, of Winchester, 
in his contributions to the " Snob," and 
its successor the " Gownsman," 1829. 

B in the same periodical was William Make- 
peace Thackeray. 

E. George Edward Ellis, D.D., in the 
" Christ. Exam." 

E. C. C. Egerton. T. Castle's "A 
manual of surgery," reprinted by E. 
L. 1839. 




E. Rev. Henry Meen. Eemarks on 
the Cassandra of Lycophron, originally 
published in the " European Magazine " 
[beginning in April, 1796, and contin- 
ued to May, 1797, and November, 1799], 
and reprinted in a distinct form. L. 

The signature afterwards changes to " R.," 
from January, 1801 to 1813. 

E., A. Andrew Edward. Dance (The) 
of Baldawoch. n.p., n.d. 

E., A. C Mrs. Anne Charlotte {Lejffler') 
Edgren. A Swedish author. 

E., A. G. A. Q. Engberg. Brutus, 
sorgespel i fern akter. Sthlm. 1868. 

E., A. J. Alexander John Ellis. (1) 
Penny packets. L. 1849. — (2) Pho- 
netics ; a familiar exposition of the 
principles of that science, etc. L. 

E., B. Mrs. Betty (Ehrenhorg) Posse. 
Andeliga Sanger for Barn af . . . Sthlm. 

E. B. William Bromwell. Locomotive 
sketches. By . . . P. 1854. 

E., C. Mrs. Charlotte Elizabeth {Phe- 
lan) Tonna. Maternal martyrdom . . . 

E., D. David Edwards. Uur mutual 
relation to the animal kingdom . . . By 
... L. 1862. 

E., D. J. W. Ulrika Sophia v. Strus- 
senfelt. Ein pfarrhaus auf deni lande ; 
ein familien gemalde von . . . Stuttg. 

E., E. Hon. Emily Eden. The 
semi-attaolied couple. By . . . L. 

E., E. A. E. A. Eminson. Deaconess 
House, Carisruhe. Hints on village 
nursing. L. 1885. 

E., E. F. Elizabeth Fries (Lummis) 
Ellet. Signature to poetry in the " Amer. 
Monthly Mag.," 18^30-37. 

E., F. J. F. J. 0. Evans. (1) Afri- 
can pilot, etc. L. 1880. — (2) Australian 
directory. L. 1879. — (3) Bedford's sail- 
ing directions for the Bristol Cliannel, 
etc. L. 1879. — (4) Penn's sailing direc- 
tions for the west coasts of France, 
Spain and Portugal, etc. L. 1881. — (5) 
The west coast of Ilindostan pilot, etc., 
by A. I). Taylor. L. 1880. 

E., F. M. F. 31. Edge. Kichard 
Cobden at home . . . By ... L. 

E., G. George Ellis. Fabliaux, or 
tales. With a preface and notes. L. 

E., G. B. George Barrell Emerson. 
(1) vSignature in the "Christ. Exam." 
(B.), 1850, 1851.— (2) Observations on 
a pamphlet, entitled " Remarks on the 

7th annual report of . . . Horace Mann 
... B. 1844. 

E. H. C. M. Rev. Nathan Davis. The 
chaplet. A collection of poems by . . . 
edited by Rev. Henry D. Moore. 

The letters " E. H. C. M.," stand for " Editor 
of Hebrew Christian Magazine." 

E. H. K. Mrs. E. Harcourt Mitchell. 
First fruits. 

E., H. S. H. Sutherland Edwards. 

E., I. James Evans. Translation of 
the " Republic of Letters," from the 
Spanish. L. 17—. 

E., J., F.R.S John Evelyn. Ace- 
taria : a discourse of Sallets. L. 1699 
or 1706. 

E., J., Falmouth. James Ear I.e. Ex- 
tracts from history. By ... " Selector 
or Cornish Mag.," 1826. 

E., Rev. 3Ir. J. Rev. Mr. Joseph Eliot. 
A copy of an excellent letter wrote by 
the ... of Guilford, deceased, to his 
brother Mr. B[enjamin] E[liot] of Rox- 
bury. B. 1738. 

E., M. ' E. Mary Ellen Edwards. 
Mark Dennison's charge [by G. M. 
Craik]. With illustrations by . . . L. 

E., P. M. Phillis Marion Ellis. Iphi- 
genia in Tauris . . . Translated ... by 
... L. 1883. 

E., P. de M. G. E. Sir Philip de 
Malpas Grey Egerton. Descriptive cata- 
logue of the pictures and other works 
of art at Oulton Park, Cheshire. L. 1864. 

E., R. Rufus Ellis, in the "Christ. 
Exam." (B.),1851. 

E., R. Ralph Eddowes. (1) On the 
early treatment of children. A discourse. 
P. 1809. — (2) Inconsistency of several 
passages in Doctor Watts's hymns, with 
Scripture and with each other ... L. 

E., S. Sutherland Edwards. (1) Eu- 
gene Scribe, in "Temple Bar," April, 
1801. — (2) A financial difficulty, in 
"Temple Bar," 1860-61. — (3) Formosa, 
in " Temple Bar," April, 1862. 

E., S. A. Samuel Atkins Eliot, in the 
"Christ. p:xam." (B.), 1856. 

E., S. W. Miss S. W. Evitt. Outlines 
of cookery for the young wife ... By 
... L. 1839. 

E., T. Thomas Ellwood. (1) An ac- 
count of tythes in general, n.p., n.d. 
— (2) An answer to some objections 
of a moderate enquirer [R. Snow]. L. 

E., T. Thomas Ernes. A dialogue be- 
tween Alkali and Acid ... By . . . L. 

E., W. William Emerson. (1) Navi- 




gation; or, the art of sailing upon the 
sea, etc. L. 1764. — (2) The projection 
of the sphere, orthographic, etc. L. 1749. 

E., W. William Endicott, Jr. The 
five-twenty bonds. From the Boston 
"Daily Advertiser," October 5, 1867. 

E., W. and A. Sir William Erie and 
Lady Amelia Erie. Sermons [of D. Wil- 
liams, warden of the New College, Ox- 
ford] . , . with a brief memoir of the 
author. By . . . L. 1862. 

E***. Eugenia, Princess of Sweden. 
Princesses (Les) de la Suede. Par . . . 

E***^ _^**»_ Hon. Andrew Erslcine. 
An elegy on the death of an amiable 
young lady ... To which are prefixed 
three critical recommendatory letters. 
L. 1761. 

Signed: G*** D***, A*** E*** [i.e. Hon. 

Andrew Erskine] and J*** B*** [i.e. James 

£;»»* Y****. Henry Ware, St., D.D. 
Notes on the Bible. In the " Christ. 
Exam." (B.), 1824. 

E , Hon. R . Hon. Hi chard 

JEdgcnmbe. An epistle from the ... to 
bis dear Nanny [Day]. To which is 
a.dded, A satire on L — d O — y's [Lord 
Orrery's] remarks on the life and writ- 
ings of Dean S — ft [Swift, by C. Jones]. 
I.. 1752. 

E , Right Honourable W . 

William Eden, afterwards Baron Auck- 
land. Letters from the ... on the late 
political arrangement, to the Earl of 
Carlisle, etc. L. 1786. 

E — d, M. Magnus Elmhlad. Allan 
Eoini. Chicago, 1876. 

E — e. Mrs. Elise Aubert. Hjemme- 
fra. 1883. 

E— g, B. Mrs. Betty (Ehrenborg') 
Posse. Bibelsanger till uppbyggelse 
inom familjen. Stlilm. 1863. 

E — n. James Wallis Eastburn. Sig- 
nature to poetry in the "United States 
Gazette " (B.), 1824. 

E — n, A. C. Mrs. Anne Charlotte {Lef- 
fler~) Edgren. A Swedish author. 

E— t, E. Edward Everett. Washing- 
ton. In the " Encyclopaedia Britannica," 

E . . . e, G . . . s. Giles Earle. A dia- 
logue between . . . and B..b D n 

[George Bubb Dodingtonj. L. 1741. 

E h's. [Edinborough's] 

instructions. Edinb. 1739. 

E Pluribus Unum. Gideon Nye, Jr. 

E Pluribus Unum. Paulding. 

A broadside for the times. N.Y. 1861. 

Eagle, The. George W. Maynard. — 
See " Puritan, The." 

Earl of Buchan, The. John Leyden. 
Irregular ode to the Duchess of Gordon. 
By . . . In " Archibald Constable and 
Literary Correspondents," Vol. I., p. 
520 [which see]. 

Earl of St. Germans, The. Edivard 
Granville Eliot, 3d Earl of St. Germans. 
Reasons for not signing an address to 
Her Majesty on the . . . papal aggres- 
sion. By . . . L. 18.50. 

Earle, the Liate Gilbert, Esq. 
Francis Barry Boyle St. Leger. Some 
account of the life of . . . Written by 
... L. 1824. 

Early Settler of Texas, An. W. B. 
Dewees. Letters from . . . Compiled 
by Cora Cardelle. Louisville, 1858. 

Ecclesiastes. Rev. George Edward 
Biher. Church emancipation and church 
reform ... By . . . L. 1847. 

Ecclesiasticus. Bev. Richard Pol- 
whele. An original essay on . . . religious 
and civil government. " Orthodox 
Churchman's Mag.," 1801. 

Echion. Edward Cliatfield. His sig- 
nature in " Blackwood's Mag.," the "New 
Monthly Mag.," Elmes' " Annals of the 
Fine Arts," etc. 

Eckob, Jay. -/. Storer Cobb. 

Ecrivain, Americain, Un. William 
Ellery Channing. Les tendences et 
I'avenir du Catholicisme et du Protes- 
tantisme d'apres . . . Paris, 1857. 

Editing Committee of the Cana- 
dian Institute, The. Henry Scad- 
ding and others. The "Canadian Jour- 
nal of Science, Literature, and History." 
Conducted by . . . Toronto, 1877- 

Editor, An. William Willder Wheil- 
don. Letters from Nahant. By ... B. 

Editor, An. Henry Morford. Rhymes 
of . . . L. 1873. 

Editor, The. James Burgh. An ac- 
count ... of the Cessares . . . With 
notes by . . . L. 1764. 

Editor, The. Isaac Ambrose Eccles. 
The comedy of the Merchant of 
Venice . . . With . . . remarks by . . . 
L. 1805. 

Editor, The. Thomas Gilbert. Col- 
lection (A) of pamphlets concerning 
the poor [by Thomas Firmin, Daniel 
Defoe, etc.], with abstracts of the poor 
rates . . . and observations by . . . L. 

Editor, The. Eric S. Robertson. Life 
of Longfellow. L. 1887. 

Editor, The. Mrs. Eliza Berkeley. 
Poems of G. M. Berkeley, with a preface 
by . . . L. 1797. 




Editor, The. Thomas Tyers. Politi- 
cal conferences between several great 
men in the last and present century ; 
with notes by . . . L. 1780. 

Editor, The. John Anstis. The 
register of the most noble of the Garter 
... By . . . L. 1724. 

Editor, The. John Payne Collier. A 
select collection of old plays ... L. 1825- 

Editor, The. Bishop Richard Hurd. 
Select works [of Abraham Cowley], with 
a preface and notes by . . . L. 1772. 

Editor, Mary Singleton, spinster, 
The. Mrs. Frances Brooke. The " Old 
Maid " : a periodical paper . . . By . . . 
L. 1764. 

Editor of " Bellendene," The. Sam- 
uel Parr. The Parriad : addressed [by 
W. Chapman, A.M.], upon his elegant 
but illiberal preface. L. 1788. 

Editor of " Ben Mordecai's Letters 
to Elisha Lievi," The. Pi.ev. Henry 
Taylor. A full answer to a late view, 
etc. ... By . . . L. 177-. 

Editor of "Benjamin Ben Mor- 
decai," The. Rev. Henry Taylor. An 
inquiry into the opinions of learned 
Christians ... By . . . L. 1777. 

Editor of " Calmet's Dictionary of 
the Holy Bible," Tlie. Charles Taylor. 
(1) The Baptist's self-conviction. By 
the Rev. William Anderson, of Dun- 
stable, in his remarks on the editor of 
"Calmet." L. 1819. — (2) Facts and 
evidences on the subject of baptism 
... L. 1815. 

Editor of "Enquire Within, " The. 
Robert Kemp Pliilp. The family save- 
all .. . L. 1861. 

Editor of "Good Words," The. 
Norman M'Le.od, D.D. The old lieu- 
tenant and his son. By ... L. 

Editor of " Jasher," The. John 
William Donaldson. A brief exposure 
of tlie Rev. John S. Perowne, by . . . 
L. 1805. 

Editor of " Letters of the Swedish 
Court," The. Julia Smith. The prison 
of Montauban ; or, times of terror . . . 
By . . . L. 1810. 

Editor of "3Iadauie du DefFand's 
Letters," The. Miss Mary Berry. (I) 
A comparative view of the social life of 
Pingland and France . . . By ... L. 
1828. — (2) Some account of the life of 
Racliol VWiotliesley, Lady Russell. By 
... L. 1810. 

Editor of " Men of the Reign," The. 
Thomas lltunpln-ii Ward. Men of the 
time. 12th ed. L. 1887. 

Editor of " Miss Sidney Biddulph," 
The. Mrs. Frances {Chamberlaine) Sher- 
idan. (1) The discovery. A comedy .. . 
Written by . . . L. 1703. — (2) The his- 
tory of Nourjahad. By . . . L. 1767. 

Editor of "aioral and Political 
Dialogues," The. Richard Hurd, D.D. 
Dialogues on the uses of foreign travel 
... L. 1764. 

Editor of "Mortimer's Commer- 
cial Dictionary," The. William Tate. 
Foreign exchanges . . . By ... L. 1819. 

Editor of" 3Iortimer's Dictionary," 
The. IF. Dikinson. Tlie American 
negotiator ... By . . . L. 1818. 

Editor of " Our Own Fireside," 
The. Charles Bullock. Home words for 
the heart and hearth . . . Conducted by 
... L. 1871, etc. 

Editor of " Pamela and Clarissa," 
The. Samuel Richardson. History (The) 
of Sir Charles Grandison. By ... L. 

Editor of " Political Conferences," 
The. Thomas Tyers. An historical 
rhapsody on Mr. Poi^e. By ... L. 1781. 

Editor of the "Beauties of Fox, 
North, and Burke," The. George 
Chalmers. Opposition politics exempli- 
fied. L. 1786. 

Editor of the "Biographical Me- 
moir of Her Royal Highness," The. 
./. Coote. Select extracts and beauties 
taken from . . . sermons . . . on . . . Prin- 
cess Charlotte of Wales and Saxe Coburg 
... By . . . L. 1818. 

Editor of" The British Workman," 
The. T. B. Smythies. The "Band of 
Mercy Advocate." Conducted by . . . 
L. 1879, etc. 

Editor of the " BuU," The. George 
Edward Biber. (1) A letter to the Earl 
of Arundel and Surrey, on the Bull "In 
ccjcna Domini." By . . . L. 1848. — (2) 
Papal diplomacy, and the Bull "In coena 
Domini . . ." By . . . L. 1848. 

Editor of " The Cabinet Lawyer," 
The. John Wade. Account of public 
charities in England and Wales ... by 
... L. 1820. 

Editor of the " Chester Chronicle," 
The. ./. H. Ilanshall. The stranger in 
Chester, giving an accurate account of 
its local history, etc. By . . . Chester, 

Editor of the " Chester Chronicle," 
The. ./. /Iemin(/u-aij. Chester election, 
1818, 1820. Chester, 1818, 1820. 

Editor of " The Churchman's Guide 
to Faith," The. Robert Brett. The 
oflfic.c of tlie most holy name ... L. 1866. 

Editor of the "Court Journal," 




The. Thomas Kibble Hervey. Devil's 
progress : a poem ... L. 1830. 

Editor of the "Earl of Shaftes- 
bury's Iietters to Lord Moles-worth," 
The. John Toland. The danger of mer- 
cenary parliaments ... L. 1722. 

Editor of " The English Essayists," 
The. R. Cochrane. Great achievements 
of military men, statesmen, and others 
. . . arranged by . . . Edinb. 1879. 

Editor of the " Essay on the char- 
acter, manners, and genius of avo- 
men," The. William Russell, LL.D. 
Julia : a practical romance. By . . . 
From the French. L. 1773. 

Editor of the " Evening Post," The. 
William Coleman. A collection of the 
facts and documents relative to the death 
of . . . Hamilton ... By . . . N.Y. 1804. 

Editor of the "Examiner," The. 
James Henrij Leigh Hunt. An attempt to 
show the folly and danger of Methodism 
... L. 1809. 

Editor of the " Family Christian 
Observer," The. Josiah Pratt. Forty 
family sermons. By ... L. 1830. 

Editor of the " Friend of Peace," 
The. Noah Worcester, D.D. Pacific 
overtures for Christian harmony. By . . . 

Editor of the " Gospel Magazine," 
The. David Alfred Doudneij. A run 
through Connemara. By ... L. 1856. 

Editor of the " Historical Hand- 
book to Oxford, etc.," The. James J. 
Moore. The pictorial and historical 
gossiping guide to Oxford . . . By . . . 
Oxf. 1875. 

Editor of the " History and Anti- 
quities of Wheatfield in Suffolk," 
The. Rev. John Clubbe. Physiognomy ; 
being a sketch only of a larger work on 
the same plan . ._. By ... L. 1763. 

Editor of the " Investigator on 
Prophecy," The. Joshua. William Brooks. 
A dictionary of writers on the Prophecies 
. . . 1835. 

Editor of "The Jersey Indepen- 
dent." George Julian Harneii. Feudal- 
ism in Jersey . . . Jersey, 1857. 

Editor of the " King's Highway," 
The. J. Brash and others. The higher 
life : helps to Bible holiness. Conducted 
by . . . L. 1874. 

Editor of the " Liittle Gleaner," 
The. ;S'. Sears. " Monthly morsels . . ." 
Edited by . . . L. 1859. 

Editor of the " Looking Glass for 
the Mind," The. Arnaud Berquin. 
The blossoms of morality . . . By . . . 
L. 1789. 

Editor of " The Looking Glass for 
the Mind." Rev. Samuel Cooper. The 

blossoms of morality . . . By ... L. 

Editor of the " Louisville Journal," 
The. George Denison Prentice. Prentice- 
ana ; or, wit and humor in paragraphs. 
By . . . N.Y. 1860. 

Editor of the "Lunar Map and 
Catalogue," The. William Badcliff 
Birt. Selections from the portfolio of 
... L. 1873. 

Editor of the "Christian Reformier ; 
or, Unitarian Magazine and Review," 
The. Robert Aspland. L. 1834-44. — 
New series. Robert Brook Aspland. L. 

Editor of " The Napoleon medals," 
The. Edward Edwards. Brief (A) de- 
scriptive catalogue of the medals struck 
in France and its dependencies, between 
the years 1789 and 1830, contained in the 
cabinet of the British Museum ... L. 

Editor of the "New London Jest- 
book," The. William C. Hazlitt. Anec- 
dotes and reminiscences of illustrious men 
and women of modern times ; by . . . L. 

Editor of the " Phoenix," The. Miss 
Clara Reeve. The champion of viiiue : a 
Gothic story. By . . . Colchester, 1777. 

Editor of the " Royal Military Cal- 
endar," The. Sir John Philippart. The 
East India military calendar . . . By . . . 
L. 1823-26. 

Editor of the "Scottish Guardian," 
The. Rev. George Lewis. (1) The Elder- 
ship of the Church of Scotland, as it was, 
and may be again. — (2) Scotland a half- 
educated nation . . . By . . . Glasgow, 1834. 

Editor of the " Series of Hymns 
and Songs for Catholic Families and 
Schools," The. Henrg Furmby. Picto- 
rial Bible stories for the young . . . By 
... L. 1856. 

Editor of the "Synopsis of the 
Peerage," The. Nicholas LI arris Nic- 
olas, Esq. A letter intended for the " Gen- 
tleman's Magazine," by . . . 'L. 1826. 

Editor of the " Textuary and Ritu- 
alist," The. Joseph White Niblock. Piety 
and patriotism ; or, the Church the cham- 
pion of liberty . . . by . . . L. 1835. 

Editor of the " United States Ga- 
zette," The. Joseph R. Chandler. A 
trip to r.oston ; in a series of lettei's to . . . 
B. 1838. By Enoch Cobb Wines. 

Editor of the " Voyage of Hanno," 
The. Rev. Thomas Falconer, llemarks 
on some passages in Mr. Bryant's publi- 
cations respecting the war of Troy. By 
... L. 1799. 

Editor of the Young Ladies' Geog- 




raphy, The. Demarville. The 

young lady's introduction to natural his- 
tory ... By . . . L. 1766. 

Editor of those "Epistles," The. 
Dr. William Kenrick. A scrutiny ; or, 
the criticks criticis'd . . . occasioned by 
their . . . account of a poem entitled 
" Epistles Pliilosophical and Moral . . ." 
By . . . L. 1759. 

Editor off the Line, An. Edward 
MialJ. 1865. 

Editor oth "Bowtvm Luniinary," 
The. J. T. Staton. Bobby Shuttle un 
his woife Sayroh's visit to Manchester, 
un to th'greight Hert treasures eggshibi- 
tion . . . Written for Bobby himself, by 
. . . Manchester, 1867. 

Editor's Drawer. W. A. Seaver. 
"Harper's Monthly." 

Editors of the " Aiidover RevieTT," 
The. Egbert Coffin Smi/th and others. 
Progressive orthodoxy. B. 1886. 

Editors of the " Children's Friend," 
The. William Cams Wilson and others. 
The infant's magazine. By ... L. 1866, 

Editors of the " Family Friend," 
The. Robert Kemp Pliilp. Tlie practical 
housewife . . . By. . . L. n.d. 

Editors of the "Priest's Prayer 
Book," The. B. F. Littledale and J. E. 
Faux. The Christian passover ; or, 
notes on the Holy Communion. By . . . 
L. 1878. 

Edr. Joh. A. Johan Alfred Enander. 
Byggnads, skulptur och ini°ilarekonsten, 
etc. Chicago, 1884. 

Educational Advocate, An. Ed- 
ward GruncHlle Eliot, 3(1 Earl of St. Ger- 
mans. Advice to govenmient on the 
subject of Irish education . . . By . . . 
L. 1842. 

Edvard. Per Jolian Edrard BUck- 
strvrn. Skaldefursuk. Sthlm. 1860. 

Edwardean, An. Joseph Harvei/. 
Letters on the j)rcscnt state and probable 
results of tlieological speculations in 
Connecticut. By . . . Colcliester(?), 
Conn., 1832. 

EdAvardson, J. Jesse Appleton. Seri- 
ous and resj)ectful address to the clergy 
on approving and ordaining candidates 
for the ministry. B. 1801. 

Edwin. Thornas Vau()h<in. 

Effie, Aunt. Mrs. IJarkshaw. Aunt 
E.'s gift to tlie nursery. L. 1854. 

Egeria. Mrs. Felicia Dorothea 

(Browne) Ilemans. A ciiaracter in Mrs. 
Fletcher's [M. J. Jewsbury] " Tiie Three 

F^ginhardt. Othello r. PHinckner. Der 
erb-graf. Attenbiirg, 183i). 

Eginhardus. Mrs. De La Biviere 
Manleij. Memoirs of Europe . . . Writ- 
ten by . . . Done into English [or 
rather actually written by Mrs. M.l. 
L. 1710. 

Egomet Deniens. Bev. Thomas 
Williams. An explicit avowal of Noth- 
ing-arianism in a sermon, March 4, 
1823. By . . . Printed and published 
nowhere, by nobody. Providence, 1823. 

Ejnar. Klas Ri/dberg. A Swedish 

El Ayudante. Paid F. De Gournay. 

El Mukattem. Howard Crosbij, D.D. 
Lands of the Moslem . . . By . . . N.Y. 

Elbett, Theodore. John Sterling. 
Fragments from the travels of ... in 
the " At]iena3um," 1828. 

Elbon, Barbara. Leonora B. Hal- 
stead. Bethseda : a novel. N.Y. 1884. 

Elder, An. James E. Mathieson. The 
rightful claims of foreign missions. By 
... L. 1879. 

Elder of the Church, A. John B. 
Bishop. Only a servant ; or, a brief 

memorial of Mary H . By . . . 

Edinb. 1870. 

Elder of the Church, An. Bev. 
John Johnstone. Strictures on the Duke 
of Argyll's bill. By . . . Edinb. 1841. 

Elder of the Church of Scot- 
land, An. James Clerk. The practice 
of discipline . . . By . . . Edinb. 

Elder of the United Presbyterian 
Church, An. James Brydone. Reasons 
for declining to assist in the extrication 
of Dr. Thomson's Free Bible Press Com- 
pany. By . . . Edinb. 1847. 

Elderly Gentleman, An. Mar- 
guerite {Power Farmer), Countess of 
Blessington. Confessions of . . . L. 

Elderly Lady, An. Marguerite 
{Pjower Farmer), Countess of Bless- 
ington. Confessions of . . . L. 

Elector, An. /. Preston. To the 
electors of Great Britain. Serious re- 
flections on a dissolution of Parliament. 
By . . . L. 1784. 

Elector, An. //. L. Williams. Why 
I am a Conservative. By ... L. 

Elector of Westminster, A. John 
Crook. The voice of the people in a 
memorial to the Prince Regent of Great 
Britain and Ireland. By . . . West- 
minster, 1819. 

Eliot, Alice. Sarah Onie Jewett. 
Country by-ways. By . . . B. 1881. 




Eliot, Madge. Mrs. Sol Eytinge. Her 
signature in " Harper's Mag." and 
" Young People." 

Eliot, Max. Mrs. Anne M. D. Ellis, 
in the Boston " Herald." 

Elis Emil. Emilia Haclcsell. Sjok- 
aptenens liustru Berattelse af. Sthlm. 

Eliza. Eliza Day. (1) A poem on 
the proclamation of peace, etc. Tot- 
tenham, 1814. — (2) Serious reflections 
on the death of Johannes . . . By . . . 
L. 1789. 

Elle et Liui. Mad. A. L. A. Dudevant 
and Paul de Musset. L'amour et I'hon- 
neur. Par . . . Paris, 1862. 

Ellen. Mrs. Rebecca S. Heed Nichols. 
Editress and journalist, frequently con- 
tributing to periodicals, also using nom 
de plume " Kate Cleveland." Bernice ; 
or, the curse of Merina: a romance 
in three cantos. — See " Kate Cleve- 

EUersberg, Edward. iSduard Au- 
gust Philipp Ziehen. Geschichten und 
bilder aus dem wendischen volksleben. 
Hannover, 1864. 

Ellery. Rev. Edward Abbott. 

Elling, Franz von. Karl Miiller. 
Ein ni-eteor der borse. Leipzig, 1872. 

Elliott, Arthur H. William Henry 
Davenport Adams. The witty and hu- 
morous side of the English poets . . . 
L. 1879. 

Elliott, E. Ellen Epps. Blenham; 
or, what came of troubling the waters 
... L. 1855. 

Ellis, Rush. Mrs. Alma Calder John- 
ston. Miriam's heritage : a storj^ of 
Delaware River. N.Y. 1878. 

Elohta, Ttenrub. Athole Burnett. 
The Vade Mecum, or ABC guide to 
Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. By. . . 
L. 1875. 

Eloquent Hortensius, The. Lord 
William Coa-per. 

Eniancipatus. Rev. Joseph Mendham. 
The spiritual venality of Rome . . . By 
... L. 18.36. 

Emilia. Penelope Viscountess Ligonier. 
The generous husband ; or, the history 
of Lord Lelius and the fair Emilia, etc. 
L. 1771. 

Emilie. Emily Julia Black. Chants 
d'une e'trangere. Par . . . 1853. 

Eminent Collector, An. Mus- 

grave. Catalogue of a genuine and ex- 
tensive collection of English portraits. 
By . . . L. 18—. 

Eminent Painter, An. George Rom- 
ney. A poetical epistle to . . . By Wil- 
liam Hayley, of Eastham. L. 1778. 

Eminent Physician, A. Peter Shaw, 
M.D. A philosophical and chymical 
analysis of antimony . . . By ... L. 

Eminent Practical Teacher, An. 
David Bates Tower. The progressive 
speaker and common school reader . . . 
By . .. B. 1858. 

Emperor of the West. John Murray, 
who moved his business from "the City" 
to the West End. 

Engineer, The. Alexander Catlin 
Twining. E.'s report on the survey 
from New Haven City ... to Plain- 
ville, and thence to Collinsville, in 
the Eramington Valley. New Haven, 

Engineer, The. T. Willis Pratt. E.'s 
report upon the location and probable 
income of the New York and Boston 
railroad. B. 1854. 

Engineer. Bryant P. Tilden. Re- 
port of the preliminary survey of the 
Sacket's Harbor and Saratoga Rail-Road. 
B. 1851. 

Engineer Officer, An. Henry W. 
Benham. Recollections of Mexico and 
Buena Vista.-^y ... In " Old and New " 
(B.), 1871. 

Engineer in Chief of the United 
States Navy. Charles H. Haswell. On 
instruments adapted for the expansion of 
steam . . . Bait. 1848. 

England, S. Richard Parson. 

"In the 'Morning Chronicle' he published at 
different tiraes a variety of spirited articles of a 
temporary nature. One of the most amusing was 
the nursery song [' Sing a song of sixpence '], in 
Grreek iambics, April 13, 1796, called a ' Fragment 
of Sophocles,' and signed ' S. England,' in ridi- 
cule of Ireland's pretended discoveries." — See 
Dr. Aikin's "Athenffium," January, 1809. 

England's Pride and Westmin- 
ster's Glory. Sir Francis Burdett, the 
most popular politician of his time, and 
especially the idol of Westminster, for 
which he was an M.P, for nearly thirty 

English Aristophanes, Tl^e. Samuel 

English Artist, An. Hon. Eleanor 
Vere (Gordon) Boyle. Child's play. 
Seventeen drawings. L. n.d. 

English Catholic, An. John Rich- 
ard Best. Transalpine memoirs; or, 
anecdotes and observations . . . By . . . 
Batli, 1826. 

English Editor, The. Charles 
Knight. Mind among the spindles : 
a selection from the " Lowell Offer- 
ing." With introduction by . . . L. 

English Farmer in America, An.. 




Joseph Pickering. Emigration. L. 

£nglisb Freeholder, An. Edmund 
Burke. Sentiments of . . . L. 1769. 

English Freeholder, An. Messrs. 
Downley and Dunning. The sentiments 
of ... on the late decision of the Middle- 
sex, election. L. 1769. 

English Gentleman, An. Philip 
Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield. 
An apology for a late resignation : in a 
letter from ... to his friend at the Hague. 

English Gentleman, An. Thomas 
Newte. England and Scotland in 1785. 
By . . . L. 1788. « 

English Gentleman, An. Charles 
Cochrane. Journal of a tour made by 
Senor Juan de Vega, the Spanish min- 
strel of 1828-29, through Great Britain 
and Ireland : a character assumed by . . . 
L. 1830. 

English Lady, An. Helen Maria 
Williams. Residence in France during 
years 1792-95 . . . Letters from . . . 
Elizabeth-Town, 1798. 

English Ijando\vner, An. Sir Henrij 
Pollard Willouyhbii, ?A Bart, of Baldon. 
The apology of . . . addressed to tlie 
landed proprietors of the county of Ox- 
ford. Oxf. 1827. 

English Jjimner, The. Joseph Par- 
ky ns Mncmuhon. Paris in miniature . . . 
By . . . L. 1782. 

English Minister, An. Cotton Mather. 
An epistle to the Christian Indians . . . 
Written by . . . B. 1700. 

English Missionary, An. ^ev. 
Thomas Tlwvipson. Memoirs of . . , to 
the coast of Guinea ... L. 1788. 

English Oflicer in India, An. 

Maj. North. Journal of . . . L. 


English Prisoner in Russia, A. 
William Burrkhardt Barker. Odessa 
and its inhabitants. By ... L. 

F^nglish Rabelais. Thomas Amorij. 

English Rabelais. Lawrence Sterne. 

English Rabelais. Jonathan Swift. 

English Roscius, The. David Gar- 

English Shoeing Smith, An. Brncij 
Clark. liernarks on French shoeing. 
By ... — See " Mennlcas." 

English Traveller, An. Pev. Thomas 
Campl)ell, LL.D. An account of tiie south 
of Ireland in a scries of letters . . . 

English Traveller, An. Marianne 
Younq. Persecution in Tuscany . . . 
L. 18'53. 

English Traveller in Spain, An. 

<S;V .John Talbot Dillon. Letters from . . . 
in 1778. L. 1781. 

English Vicar, An. Bev. John Myers 
Kinq. The parson's home : a poem. By 
. . .' L. 1849. 

English Woman, An. Lady Anna 
Riggs Miller. Letters from Italy, 1770- 
71. By . . . L. 1776. 

English Woolen Manufacturer, An. 
Daniel Webb. Essay (An) presented ; 
or, a method humbly proposed ... by 
... to pay the national debts ... L. 

Englishman, An. Bev. Philip Henry 
Good. An E.'s plea for the United 
Church. L. 1869. 

Englishman, An. James Miller. Are 
these things so ") The previous question 
from ... in his grotto to a great man at 
court. L. 1740. 

Englishman, An. Trophime Gerard, 
Marquis de Lally-ToUendal. The dream 
of . . . faithful to his king and his coun- 
try. L. 1793. — See Nichols' "Literary 
Anecdotes," IX., 136. 

Englishman, An. Simeon De Witt 
Bloodyood. An E.'s sketch-book; or. 
Letters from New York. N.Y. 1828. 

Englishman, An. William Dodd. 
The laboring classes of England . . . By 
... B. 1847. 

Englishman, An. Charles Blake. 
Liglitliouse management . . . By . . . 
L. 1861. 

Englishman, An. Frederick Milnes 
Edge. Paul Morphy, the chess cliam- 
pion ... By . . . L. 1859. 

Englishman, An. Sir William Gore 
Ouseley. Reply to an "American's Ex- 
amination " of the " Right of Search " 
[by Lewis Cass] ... L. 1842. 

Englishman, An. D. J'aseley. The 
rise and progress of Australia, Tasma- 
nia, and New Zealand . . . Bv ... L. 

Englishman, An. Jolin Hervey Ash- 
ivorth. Tlie Saxon in Ireland; or, the 
rambles of ... in search of a settlement 
in Ireland. L. 1851. 

Englishman, An. Philip Burton. 
Speculum Britannicum . . . By ... L. 

Englishman, An. Francis Basset, 
Lord De Dunstanville. Thoughts on 
the theory and practice of the French 
constitution. L. 1794. 

Englishman, An. TJaniel Puseley. 
New jilays by an old author. L. 1876. 

Englishman Abroad, An. Alex- 
ander Tighe Gregorij. Practical time 
tables ... By . . . L. 1860. 




Englishman Resident in Germany, 

An. Capt. Edmund Spencer. Sketches 
of Germany and the Germans ... By 
... L. 1836. 

Englishwoman, An. Mrs. Charlotte 
Ann ( Waldie) Eaton. The days of bat- 
tle ; or, Quatre Bras and Waterloo. By 
... L. 1853. 

Ennery, Adolphe d'. Eugene Phi- 

Enos. Cecil Percival Stone. Philoso- 
phy of the rifle ... By . . . L. 1858. 

Enquirer, An. W. Cuniiighame. 

Twelve letters on the evidences of the 
Christian religion. By . . . Serampore, 

Enquirer, An. John Perkins. The 
true nature of the tails of comets. Elu- 
cidated ... By . . . B. 1772. 

Entre-nous. Miss Josephine Jenkins, 
in the Boston " Herald." 

Episcopal Clergyman, An. Bev. 
Caleb Sprague Henry. Politics and the 
pulpit : a tract for the times. By . . . 
N.y. 1860. 

Episcopalian, An. Lucius Manlius 
Sargent. Letters to John H. Hopkins, 
D.D ... By . . . Windsor, Vt., 1836. 

Erato. William Davis Gallagher. 
*' Erato," Nos. 1,2,3 [poems]. Cincin- 
nati, 1853-57. 

Ereunetes. Bev. Robert Edward 
Garnham. Papers in "The Theological 
Repository." L. 1786-87. — See " Gent. 
Mag.," p. 1221, and "I and P." 

Ernditis Britannis. John Jortin and 
others. Miscellaneai observationes cri- 
ticse in auctores veteres et recentiores ab 
. . . Amst. 1732-39. 
- Esek, Uncle. Henry W. Shaw, in the 
" Century's " Bric-a-brac. 

Espartero, Baldomero. William 
Makepeace Thackeray. Singular letter 
from the Regent of Spain. " Punch," 
December, 1843. 

Essayist, An. William Brighty Bands. 
An E.'s holiday. 

Este, 3Iorosoph. Bev. Charles Este. 
So called by Gilford. 

Estelle. Miss Elizabeth Bogart. The 
effect of a single folly. The forged note. 
Prize stories published about 1825 in 
*' New York Mirror." 

Esther. A. W. Buchan. 

Estibius Psychalethes. William 
Coward. Second thoughts concerning 
the human soul. L. 1704. 

•Estrian, P. d'. Charles Ledyard 
Norton . 

Etchell, Mabel. Charlotte Bhillips. 
Ten years in a lunatic asylum. By . . . 
L. n.d. 

Etcher, An. Philip Gilbert Hamerton, 
An unknown river ; or ... 's voyage of 
discovery. Ij. 1874. 

Eton Boy, An. George Nugent Banks. 
(1) About some fellows. By ... L. 
1886. — (2) A day of my life ; or, every 




. . Oxf. 

day experiences at Eton 

Etonensis. Hon. William 
Musse Etonenses ... L. 1795. 

Etonensis. George Booth 
canorte, quas . . . imprimi fecit . 

Etonian, An. Helps. The salt- 
bearer : a periodical work. By ... L. 

Eu n, Mr. Lawrence Eusden. An 

heroic poem occasioned by the Dunciad. 
Together with a critique on that poem 

address'dtoMr.T d,. . .Mr.Eu n, 

etc. (Gentlemen scandalized in the 
Dunciad.) L. 1728. 

Eubante. Walker. Hints for 

a system of education for a female orphan- 
house. In a letter . . . By . . . Dublin, 

Eubulu^i John Martin. A letter to 
a young gentleman in prison. By . . , 
L. 1791. 

Eubulus. William Maginn. Three 
goblets of wine. "Black. Mag.," May, 

Eugenius. John Hall Stevenson. The 
Eugeniiis of Mr. Sterne. 

Eugenius Philalethes, F. R. S. 
Tliomas Vaughan. Long livers : a curi- 
ous history of such persons of both 
sexes, who have lived several ages, 
and grown young again . . . By . . . 
L. 1722. 

Eumenes. Charles Wildbore, in " Gen- 
tleman's Diary." 

Euphemius. Sir Robert Walpole. 

Euphrosyne. Mrs. Julia Christina 
(Svardstrom) Nyberg. Samlade dikter 
af . . . 1832. 

Eupistinus, Theophilus. Prich- 

ard. Remarks on the four^volumes of 
the lives of saints, published 1729 . . . 
By . . . L. 1732. 

European and Colonial Sugar 
Manufacturer, An. John A. Leon. On 
sugar cultivation in Louisiana, Cuba, etc., 
and the British possessions. By ... L. 

Euryalus. John Carleton. 

Eusebes. Stephen Addington. 1761, 

Eusebius. Vicar of Lilliput. Joseph. 
Robertson. Observations on t'ne late act 
for augmenting the salaries of curates . . . 
By . . . L. 1797. 



Eusebins Devoniensis. Rev. Richard 
Polivhele, in the " Classical Journal." 1820. 

Eva. Fanny Tuxen. 1866, 1868, 1883, 

Eva. Miss Mary Kelly, afterwards 
Mrs. Kevin O'Dogherty, a writer in the 
" Irish Nation." 

Evangelus Pacificus. JRev. Hubbard 
Winslow. An evangelical view of the 
nature and means of regeneration . . . 
By . . . B. 1830. 

Evans, Augusta J. 3Irs. Augusta J. 
{Evans) Wilson: Beulah. N.Y. 1883. 

Evans, Mark. Paid Tidman. A 
book of common prayer and worship for 
household use. Compiled by . . . from 
the Holy Scriptures. L. 1876. 

Ever-Green Votary of Venus. Wil- 
liam Douglas, 4th Duke of Queensberry. 
The Piccadilly Ambulater; or, old Q. 
Containing memoirs of the private life 
of that . . . 1808. 

Ewing lecturer on aiusic, Ander- 
sonian University, Glasgow, The. 
Colin Brown. Music in common things . . . 
Glasgow, 1869. 

Ex-Army Officer, An. W. W. Mc- 
Kim. A brief dissertation on military 
titles and brevet-rank. By ... B. 1880. 

Ex-Boy, An. R. W. Figg. Where 
men only dare to go; or, the story of a 
boy company, C. S. A., by . . . Rich- 
mond, Va., 1885. 

Ex-Editor, An. Cyrus Redding. 
Essays by ... in " Douglas Jerrold's 
Weekly Newspaper." L. 1847. 

Ex-bfficer of the British Com- 
missariat, An. Arthur Louis Dvnatt.i. 
The orphan of Novgorod : an lUyrian 
tale. By . . . L. 1841. 

Ex-Puseyite, An. Charles Maurice 
Davies. Philip Paternoster; a tracta- 
rian love story. By ... L. 18-58. 

Also ascribed to Rev. Henry Nutcomhe Ox- 

Ex-Tramp, An. Frank Bellew. The 
tramp : his tricks . . . and villanies ex- 
posed. By . . . Edited by F. B. 1878. 

Examinator. Lyman Cobb. A criti- 
cal review of Webster's spelling-book. 
By . . . n.p. 1828. 

Examiner of Needlework to the 
School Board of London, The. 
3Irs. L. 8. Flayer. Plain cutting out 
for standards IV., V., and VI. . . . By 
... L. 1877. 

Exile from America, An. Myles 
Cooper, D.D. A poem in the " Gent. 
Mag.," July, 1776. 

Expelled Correspondent, An. 

Boyle. Diary of . . . L. 188-. 

Explorer, An. Francis Galton. Nar- 
rative of ... in tropical Africa. N.Y. 

Expounder of the Constitution, 
The. Daniel Webster. 

Eye-Witness, An. Jean Sylvain 
Bailly. Memoirs of ... of the Revolu- 
tion. 1808. 

Eye-Witness, An. Rev. Thomas Ro- 
maine Oovett. Illustrations of Scripture. 
By . . . L. 185-. 

Eye-Witness, An. E. J. Dalton. A 
portrait of what are called "New Meas- 
ures," as they appeared in the county 
of Berkshire (Mass.), in the years 1833-4. 
By . . . Troy, N.Y., 1835. 

Eye-Witness, An. Rev. Charles 
Cameron. The tyranny of Popery. By 
... L. 1852. 


, F. John Fessenden, in the "Christ. 

P. Nathaniel Langdon Frothingham, in 
the " Christ. Exam."' 

P. William Henni Furness, in the 
"Christ. Exam.," I., 433, 1824. 

P. Thomas Falconer. On the act . . . 
affirming the validity of certain mar- 
riages . . . Swansea, 1867. 

F. and P., P. Fanny Fagan, who 
wrote under these signatures. 

P. and I. Forster and Ingle. What 
is wine: an interesting dialogue on 
wines ... L. 1850. 

P., A. Mrs. Annie (Adams) Fields. 

Signature for many years in the " Atlan- 
tic Monthly." 

P. A. [Frater Anselm]. Anselm 
Baker. Signature to coats-of-arms in 
" Foster's Peerage." 

F'.,A. Anne Fry. An affectionate ad- 
dress to the working classes. By a friend 
who is lately deceased. Bristol, 1829. 

P., A. A. Forbes. Perspective made 
easie . . . Translated . . . by . . . L. 1710. 

P., A. A. Fanton. Nubar Pacha. Par 
... L. 1870. 

P., A. O. Francois Adriaan van der 
Kemp. A wreath for Rev. Daniel Dow, 
etc. 1806. 



F., A. P. Alexander Penrose Forbes. 

(1) A commentary on the seven pene- 
tential psalms, etc. By ... L. 1847. — 

(2) The duties of society. L. 1853.— 

(3) The holiness of the human body. 
L. 1853. — (4) Meditations on the suf- 
fering life on earth of our Lord . . . 
Edited by . . . L. 1850. — (5) The mir- 
ror of young Christians . . . Edited by 
... L. 1853. — (6) Narrative of the 
last sickness and death of Dame C. 
Forbes, etc. Edited by . . . L. 1875. — 
(7) The Scottish communion office done 
into Greek by . . . L. 1865. 

F., B. BarziUai Frost, in the " Christ. 

F., B. B. Fowler. The philosophical 
principles of heat as applied to domestic 
purposes . . . Harlow, 1812. 

F., B. Mrs. B. Finch. Sonnets, and 
other poems : to which are added tales 
in prose. L. 1805. 

F., B. M. B. M. Forster. An intro- 
duction to the knowledge of funguses. 
L. 1820. 

F., C. Charles Theodore Christian Fal- 
len, in the " Christ. Exam." 

F., C. Robert George Cecil Fane. 
Sketch of an act to establish tenant 
right ... L. 1849. 

F. C. Florence Montgomerif. Wild 
Mike and his victim. By ... L. 1875. 

F., C, and G.,. W. Charles Forrest 
and W. Grange. A ramble on Rumbald's 
moor, among the dwellings, cairns, and 
circles of the ancient Britons . . . By . . . 
Wakefield, 1868. 

F., C. C. Cornelius Coniuay Felton, in 
the " Christ. Exam." (B.), ISoO. 

F., D. David Fosdick, in the " Christ. 

F., E. Edward Fitzgerald. The Al- 
bany lumber trade ; its history and ex- 
tent. Albany, 1872. 

F., E. Edward Falkener. The book 
of Psalms . . . disposed according to the 
rhythmical structure of the original . . . 
By . . . L. 1875. 

F., E. Edivard Feile. Daily read- 
ings ... L. 1847. 

F., E. Rev. Edmund Field. A manual 
of devotions for seafaring men. L. 1854. 

F., E. Edward Fisher. The second 
part of the "Marrow of modern divinity 
..." By ... , author of the first part. 1722. 

F., E. D. Mrs. E. D. Franchett. In- 
fant morality displayed in Miss Rose's 
address to the impartial admirers of 
theatrical merit. L. 1774. 

F., E. F. K. Edward Francis Knottes- 
ford Fortescue. (1) Anthem book . . . L. 
1875. — (2) The service for certain holy- 

days, being a supplement to " The day- 
hours of the Church of England." [Com- 
piled by . . .] L. 1873. 

F., E. G. F. G. Fox. Poems original 
and translated . . . by S. H. F. \_i.e. S. H. 
Fox]. With illustrations by . . . L. 1863. 

F., E. T. Eteazar Thompson Fitch. 
The alumni of Yale to their Alma Mater 
. . . hymn. New Haven, 1846. 

F., F. [Fanny Fern]. Mrs. Sara 
Pay son (^Willis Farrington Eldredge~) Par- 
ton. A fable from the Burmese. By . . . 
B. 1850. 

F., F. A. Frederick Augustus Farley,. 
D.D., in the "Christ. Exam." 

F., F. W. Frederick William Faber. 
Hymns for the use of the schools and his 
congregations of St. Wilfred's, Stafford- 
shire. By . . . L. 1849. 

F., G. H. R. G. H. R. Fletcher. 
Famil}' prayers for church people. 
Adapted . . . from Dean Goulburn's man- 
ual. By a parish priest. L. 1879. 

F., G. J. George James Foster. (1) 
Tlie interrupted story ; or, the boy and his 
pony. L. 1871.— (2) The life of Jesus, 
written for the young. By . . . King- 
land, 1866. — (3) A little book for young 
persons ... By . . . L. 1883-84. — (4) 
Little Tom; or, the boy that "fought a 
good fight." L. 1871. 

F., G. T. George Thomas Fisher. Re- 
searches on magnetism. " Westm. Rev." 
June, 1846, p. 281. 

F, G. W. George Wilder Fox. 

F., H. Henry Formhy{1). (1) The 
duties and happiness of domestic service 
. . . L. 1851. — (2) Pictorial Bible stories- 
for the young . . . B}' the editor of the 
series of hymns and songs for Catliolic 
families and schools. L. 1856. — (3) The- 
village carol singers . . . By ... L. 

F., H, [Harry Franco]. Charles F. 
Brigqs. Terrestrial pleasures. "Amer. 
Wliig Rev.," June, 1846, p. 625. 

F., H. li. Henrietta Louisa Farrer 
Lear. (1) Baby's baptism./ L. 1848. — 
(2) Carry and Milly. L. 1848. — (3) 
Charles's sum. L. 1849. — (4) Harriet 
and Mary Bond. L. 1849. — (5) Tlie 
little traveller. L. 1849.— (6) The wet 
Sunday evening. L. 1849. 

F., J. James Flint, in the " Christ. 

F., J. Josiah Forster. Extracts from 
my note-book from 1831 to 1854 (from. 
1855 to 1856). L. 1865. 

F., J. John Fleming. A general cor- 
responding, circulating, and friendly let- 
ter, with particular addresses . . . Glas- 
gow, 1771. 




F., J. John Folton. Friendly hints to 
young gentlemen who are or intend to 
be bound by articles to attornies or solic- 
itors. L. 1751. 

F., J. John Femcick. Letters to the 
people of Great Britain . . . (Letter I.), 
[signed J. F.]. L. 1795. 

F., J. James Ford. A memoir of T. 
Green ... of Ipswich ; with a critique on 
his writings . . . Ipswich, 1825. 

F., J. Joh7i Flint. Notes, questions, 
and answers on the Gospels for the 
Christian year. L. 1863. 

F., J. A. James Anthony Froude. (1) 
Tales from the "Phantasus" [of TieckJ, 
etc. [with preface by...]. L. 1845. — 
(2) Tales of fairy land [by Tieck, with 
preface by . . .]. L. 1879. 

F., J. B. J. B. Farmer. An essay on 
liberty, and other poems. By ... L. 

F., J. P. John P. Firmin. A digest 
of the laws of Moses ... L. 1851. 

F., J. S. J. Smith Futhey. Author 
•of works on local history and genealogy. 

F., J. T. James Thomas Fields. (1) 
In tlie "Christ. Exam." — (2) Songs 
and sketches. B. 1838. 

F., M. Mathilda Foy. Den oljade 
fjadern, etc. 

F., M. A. M. A. Fisher. A spin- 
ster's story. By . . . N.Y. 1866. 

F., M. J. M. J. Fox. Warfare and 
victory : a record of Bible-class work. 
By . . . L. 1878. 

F., N. Li. Nathaniel Langdon Frothing- 
.harn, D.D., in the " Christ. Exam." (B.), 

F., N. S. Nathaniel Smith Folsom, in 
the " Christ. Exam." (B.), 1857. 

F., O. B. Octavius Brooks Frothing- 
.ham, in the "Christ. Exam." (B.), 1851. 

F., P. Philip Freeman. Thoughts on 
the proposed dissolution of the Cam- 
bridge Camden Society . . . By a mem- 
ber of the committee. L. 1845. 

F., R., A.3I. Richard Farrington, 
A.M. Twenty sermons . . . By ... L. 

F., R. B. Robert Barclay Fox. His 
signature in the "Herald of Peace," 

F., S. Stephen Farley, in the " Christ. 

F., S. Samuel Furley. Letter to the 
monthly reviewers, dated Roche [Corn- 
wall], and signed " S. F." in the 
"Monthly Rev.," 1783, p. 88. 

F., Mrs. S. Mrs. Sarah (Fyge Field) 
Egerton. Poems on several occasions, 
together with a pastoral. By ... L. 

F., S. A. Miss Sarah A. Flint. Great 
success. B. 1871. 

F., S. J. J. S. J. J. Fox. A letter 
to the female members of our soci- 
ety. From one of themselves (. . .). 

F., S. M. Sarah Margaret Fitton. My 
pretty puss. By . . . L. 1866. 

F., S. S. Mrs. Susanna Sarah (3Ic- 
Kean) Folsom. Poetry, in the " Christ. 
Exam." (B.), November, 1854. 

F.,T. R.ev. Thomas Falconer, of C. C. 
C, Oxford. (1) A letter to the Rev. R. 
Warner, Bath, 1804. — (2) The resurrec- 
tion of our Saviour asserted ... in a let- 
ter to the Rev. L. R. [Legh Richmond]. 
Bath, 1798. 

F., T. Thomas Falconer, County 
Court Judge. (1) An appeal to the 
good sense of the people of Bath. 
Bath, 1834. — (2) List of the county 
court judges ... L. 1865. — (3) On 
surnames and the rules of law affect- 
ing their change. Cardiff, 1862. — (4) 
Supplement to an essay on surnames, 
and the rules of law affecting their 
change. With comments on the speeches 
delivered in the House of Commons by 
Sir G. Grey and the Solicitor-General 
[Sir Roundell Palmer], By . . . L. 

F., T. Thomas Ford. The composi- 
tor's hand-book ... _L. 1854. 

F., T., one of the Bereaved Sons. 
Rev. Thomas Foxcroft. Sermon . . . after 
the funeral of Mrs. Elizabeth Foxcroft 
... B. 1721. 

F., T. B. Tliomas Bayley Fox, in the 
"Christ. Exam." 

F., T. G., Esqre. T. G. Fonnereau. 
Mems. of a tour in Italy, from sketches 
by..., etc. L. 1840(?). 

F., W. W. Falconer. Dr. Percival. 
Bath(?), 1804. 

F., W. W. Fearnley. The simple ail- 
ments of horses ; their nature and treat- 
ment. By . . . L. 1802. 

F., W. W. Flint. A treatise on the 
breeding, training, and management of 
horses . . . Hull, 1815. 

F., W. William Field. (1) An intro- 
duction to the use of the globes . . . War- 
wick, 1798. — (2) A series of questions 
comprising the liistory of the four Gospels, 
and the Acts of the Apostles . . . War- 
wick, 1816. 

F., W. Willard Fiske. Icelandic 
notes. Berlin, 1880. 

F., W., Esq. William Freke. Lingua 
Tersancta ; or, a . . . compleat allegorick 
dictionary to the holy language of the 
Spirit ... By . . . L. 1703. 




F., W., Master in the Holy Lan- 
guage. William Freke. The divine 
grammar . . . By ... L. 1703. 

F., W. B. William Balmbro' Floiver. 
A revival of old Church of England 
principles no new faith . . . By the Cu- 
rate of Stoke Damerel. L. 1849. 

F., W. H. William Henry Furness, 
D.I)., in the " Christ. Exam." 

F., W. H. William Harris Falcon. 
Irish common law reports . . . By . . . 
1852, etc. 

^ , F , Mr. Charles James Fox. Mr. 

E[dmund] B[urke]'s answer to his 
own speech . . . 1780. With Mr. F's ani- 
madversions thereon, etc. L. 1780. 

F , , Esq. Fitzgerald. 

The Chester race ball; an heroic poem 
... By . . . 1825. 

ir»**<j^ H***y, Esq. Henri/ Flood. 
Two translations from the Greek. Ad- 
dressed to . . . Dublin, 1774. 

Fagerman. Annie E. Bartholomew. 

Fair Maid of Kent, The. Joan 
Plantagenet. The . . . An historical and 
biographical sketch. Margate, 1877 (?). 

Fairfax, Mrs. Mpiie Bell. First ap- 
pearance. J^. 1872. 

Fairfield, Caroline Elizabeth. Caro- 
line Elizabeth (Fairjield) Corbin. Our 
Bible class. By . . . N.Y. 1860. 

Fair Play. Malcolm i^) Cameron. 
To the editor of the " Chronicle." n.p. 

Fairplay, Oliver. Benjamin Frank- 
lin Bache. Proposals by . . . for publish- 
ing the private and public life of the 
First Consul. P. 1804. 

In " I. and P." this is ascribed to Thomas 

Faith. George W. Cockburn. An old 
soldier's farewell to the 42nd Royal 
Highland Black Watch. L.(?), 1877. 

Falmouth-, J. E. James Earle. Ex- 
tracts from history. In the " Selector 
or Cornish Mag.," 1826, p. 4. 

Falstaff. White. 1792. 

Famous Balancing Captain, A 
King George II. The late gallaij , 
exploits of . . . A new song. L. 

Fanny, Aunt. 3Irs. Fanny Barroio. 
How little Katie knocked at the door of 
heaven. By . . . L. 1864. 

Fanny, Miss . Hon. F. Lygon, 

Lord Beauchamp. — See " Bo'sim, The." 

Farmer, A. Francis Douglas. The 
birthday ; with a few strictures on tlie 
times : a poem . . . By . . . Glasgow, 

Farmer, A. George Logan. (1) Five 
letters addressed to the yeomanry of the 

United States ... By . . . P. 1792. — 
(2) Letters addressed to the yeomanry 
of the United States ... By . . . P. 

Farmer and Breeder, A. John 
Lawrence. The new farmer's calendar 
... By . . . L. 1801. 

Farmer, The. John Clubbe. The 
F.'s queries and resolutions concerning 
the game. Ipswich, 1770. 

Father, A. Rev. Solomon Piggott. 

Father, A. George Barclay. A F.'s 
letters to his son [Robert Barclay] . . . 
P. 184-. 

Father, A. William Lee. The hog. 
Composed by . , . W. 1823. 

Father, A. William Mavor. The 
juvenile olio , or, mental medley . . . 
Written by . . . L. 1796. 

Father, A. David Thurston. Letters 
from ... to a son, an apprentice. Port- 
land, 1858. 

Father, A. David Hale. Letters on 
the new theatre. 1827(?). 

Father, A. Charles -Hyde. Parental 
training ... By . . . B. 1849. 

Fath&f (A) and a Daughter. Rev. 
J. A. Prowett and Miss Prowett. Poems 
by . . . L. 1845. 

Father of British Inland Naviga- 
tion, The. Francis Eqerton, 3d Duke of 
Bridgewater. "~ 

Father of Jests. Joseph Miller, so 
called because he never made any. 

Father of Ornithologists. George 

Faucit, Helen. Mrs. Theodore Mar- 
tin. Eminent women of the drama . . . 
L. 1877. 

Favrcett, George. Miss Sophia Al- 
ice Fawcett. Blue eyes or brown 1 L. 

Fawcette, Wyliaume. J. K. Ham- 
ilton Willcox. 

Faxon. George W. Felloivs. A cor- 
respondent to the New York " Commer- 

Feeling, Lord. A. Fontaney. Scenes 
de la vie Castillane et Andalouse. Paris,. 

Fellowr, R. Horace Elisha Sciidder. 
The game of croquet; its appointment 
and laws. By . . . N.Y. 1866. 

Fellow Citizen, A. David Porter.. 
To the tribunal of the American people. 
By . . . W. 1825. 

" Fellow of a College," A. Rev. 
John Rustat Crowfoot. College tuition. 
By . . . L. 1845. " 

Fellovr of a College, A. Richard 
Hiird, D.D. The opinion of an eminent 
lawyer [Earl of Hardwicke] concerning 




the right of appeal from the vice-chan- 
cellor of Cambridge to the senate . . . : 
an answer to a late pamphlet, etc. By 
... L. 1751. 

Fellow of Harvard College, A. 
Nathan Prince. An essay to solve the 
difficulties that attend the several ac- 
counts given by the evangelists of our 
Saviour's resurrection and his appear- 
ances to his followers on the day he rose 
... By . . . B. 1734. 

Fellow of the Royal Societj^, A. 
Cotton Mather. Coheleth. A soul upon 
recollection . . . Written by . . . B. 

Fels. Adolph Bduerle. Das ein- 
gemauerte madchen . . . Pesth, 1857. 

Fels, Egon. Johanna Herbert. Die 
rose von Delhi ; roman . . . Jena, 1866. 

Female, A. Mrs. Hannah Carnes. 
(1) The beauties of Halstead . . . Bv 
. . . 1861. — (2) The beauties of Wal- 
den: a poem. By . . . Saffron- Wal- 
den, 1842. 

Female Hand, A. Mrs. Elizabeth 
(Singer) Rowe. The history of Joseph: 
a poem. By ... L. 1736. 

Female Ho^va^d, The. Mrs. Eliza- 
beth (G-urnejj) Frij. 

Female Inhabitant of Leeds, in 
Yorkshire. Mrs. A. Gomersall. Ele- 
onora : a novel . . . Written by . . . L. 

Femme, Une. Mme. la baronne De 
Stael. Reflexions sur le proces de la 
reine. Paris, 1793. 

Fen., M, de. Francois de la Salignac 
de la Mothe Fe'nelon. Alexandre : trage- 
die. Paris, 1761. 

Fergusia. Scotland. (1) Angelicus 
[England] and ... A tale. 1761. 
— (2) The comical history of the mar- 
riage-union betwixt . . . and Heptarclius 
[England], 1706. 

Fermanagh True Blue. Robert Yoting. 
The Orange minstrel ; or, Ulster melo- 
dist. Londonderry, 1832. 

Fermier de Pennsylvanie, Un. John 
Dickinson. Lottres d' . . . traduites de 
I'anglais (par Barbeu duBourg). Paris, 

Ferriere, le brigadier. Arthur Wil- 
liam C'ostigan. Lettrcs sur le govern- 
ment, les mojurs et les usages en Por- 
tugal . . . traduites de I'anglais . . . 
Paris, 1811. 

Fereal, M. V. de. Mme. Snberwick. 
Die geheimnisse dcr inquisition . . . 
Leipzig, 1846. 

Fidelia. E. Bennett. Finished salva- 
tion ; being a sermon ... By . . . L. 

Field Officer, A. George William 
Featherstonhaugh. Observations on the 
application of human labour ... in vari- 
ous parts of the British Empire. By . . . 
L. 1847. 

Field Officer, A. Lient.-Col. Henry 
D'Oyley Torrens. Six familiar lectures 
for the use of young military officers. 
By . . . L. 1851. 

Field, Braddock. Charles Patton 

Fielding, Thomas. .John Wade. Se- 
lect proverbs of all nations ... L. 1824. 

Filalete, Ernesto. Carlo Passaglia. 
La questione della inpendenza ed uuita 
d 'ftalia dinanzi al clero. Di . . . Firenze, 

Fin-Bee. William Blanchard Jerrold. 
The book of menus, 1876. By . . . L. 

Finality John. Lord John Russell, 
who regardea his reform bill as a " final- 

Financier, A. Pelatiah Webster. An 
essay on the danger of too much circu- 
lating cash in a state . . . Published first 
in the " Penn. Evening Post," Oct. 5, 
1776, and republished in 1791. 

Finn. Peter August Godecke. A Swed- 
ish author and joiu'nalist. 

First Gentleman of Europe. George 

Fisher, Jonas. James Carnegie, Earl 
of Southesk, in a " socio-satiric poem of 
a very striking class." 

Fiske, Fidelia. Mary Lyon. 

Fiscario. Sidney Godolphin, Earl of 

Fitzgibbon, Edward. William Ayr- 
ton, Esq. Mr. Barnacles and his boat. 
By . . . L. 1856. 

Five Clergj^men. John Barrow, D.D., 
and others. Notes on the Gospel of St. 
John, as translated by . . . 1857. 

" Five of Clubs." Richard A. Proctor. 
How to play whist. Whist-whittlings, 
and forty fully annotated games. By . . . 
L. 1885. 

Fjalar. Carl Ludviq Ostergren. Dik- 
ter nf . . . Sthlm. 1871. 

Flanner, Abbie. Ellen A. F. Camp- 

Fleury,,Edouard. Edotiard Husson- 
Flenri/. Etudes re'volutionnaires. Paris, 
1849-54. ^ 

Florence. Mrs. Frances Sargent 
{Locke) Osgood. A wreath of wild 
flowers. 1839. 

Florentia. Miss Buller. Pol- 

perro [in Cornwall]. By... In the 
" New Monthly Mag.," 1854-55. 

Florio. William Ellis, of Christ 




Church. An epistle to . . . at Oxford. 
L. 1749. By Thomas Tyrwhitt, Esq. 

This iu " I. and P." is aBcribecI to Dr. William 
King ; in Nichols's "Literary Anecdotes," Vol. 
III., p. 147, it is ascribed as above. 

Florry. J. Frank Kernan. Eeminis- 
cences of the old tire ladders of New 
York and Brooklyn . . . N.Y. 1885. 

Floyd, Margaret. Margaret Crosby. 
Passages froiTi the journal of a social 
wreck. N.Y. 1884. 

Foaming Fudge. Henry Peter, 
Lord Brougham and Vaux, in Disraeli's 
" Vivian Grey." 

Fontanelle. Anne, Queen of England. 

Footman, A. Daniel Defoe and 
Mobert Dodsle/j. Servitude : a poem . . . 
By . . . L. 1729. 

The prose by Defoe, the verse by Dodsley. 

Fore-top-man, A. Henry James Mer- 
cier and William Gallop. Life in a man- 
of-war. P. 1841. 

Foreign Protestant, A. Rev. Archi- 
bald Bruce. Strictures on the form of 
swearing by kissing the gospels ... L. 

Foreign Resident, A. Thomas Hay 
Sweet Escott. London society. L. 188-. 

Forge of "Vulcan. Leon N. Salmon. 
The spawn of Ixion ; or, the biter bit. 
n.p. 1846. 

Former Member of the University 
of Cambridge, A. William Giles Dix. 
An American tract for the times . . . By 
... B. 1843. 

Forrester, Mrs. Mrs. Colonel 

Bridges. Author of " Viva," " Mignon," 

Forrester, Fanny. Mrs. Emily 
(^Chubbuck) Judson. (1) The great secret ; 
or, how to be happy. — (2) Allen Lucas ; 
or, the self-made man. — (3) Memoir of 
Mrs. Sarah B. Judson. N.Y. 18—. 

Forty Years' Cultivator of the 
Earth and Follower of Nature, A. 
L. Mitchell. The Christian mythology 
unveiled in a series of lectures. By . . . 
L. 1840. 

Foucher, Paul. Victor Marie Hugo. 
Amy Robsart, plaj^ed at the Ode'on in 

This first drama of Hugo, under the name of 
his brother-in-law. 

Foul-weather Jack. Commodore 
John Byron, so called by the sailors on 
account of his ill-fortune at sea. 

Four Years' Resident, A. James 
Bryce Brown. Views of Canada and the 
colonists ... By . . . Edinb. 1844. 

Fox, Bitha. Mrs. William Rey- 
nolds {Fox) Lloyd. Studies of Christian 
character. By . . . L. 1860. 

Frail, Lady. Anne Vane, Viscountess 
Vane. The history of a woman of qual- 
ity; or, the adventures of . . . L. 1751. 

Frangais, Un. Le Marquis Francois 
Alexandre Fre'de'ric Rochefoucauld-Lian- 
court. Pense'es d'un ... en 1814. Paris, 

Frangais,- Un. , Louis Simond. Voy- 
age d' ... en Angleterre pendant les an- 
ne'es 1810 et 1811. Paris, 1816. 

Franck, Dr. Gustav, ritter von Frank. 
Autorsquallen ; lustsp . . . n.d. 

Francis. Francis Cornu. 1829, 1832, 

Francis, George. George Francis 
Thomas. Legends of the land of lakes 
. . . Chicago, 1884. 

Francis, Miss Sophie L. Frances 
Lathom. L'inconnu; ou, la galerie mys- 
terieuse, traduit de I'anglaise par Mme. 
Viterne. Paris, 1810. 

Francisco, Don. Francis Charteris. 
The life of Colonel ... L. 1730. 

Franco, Harry. Charles F. Briggs. 
The adventures of Cupid Smith. " Amer. 
Whig Rev.," October, 1846, p. 339. 

Frangois, Un. Jean Bernard Le 
Blanc. Lettres d' . . . La Haye. 1745. 

Frank. James Redder. 1876. 

Frank, Paul. Oscar Paul.- 1858. 

Franklin, Benjamin. L'Abbe Andre 
Morellet. Avis aux faiseurs de constitu- 
tions. 1789. 

Frater Jocundus. Wilhelm Miiller. 
Schiibiade : leben und thaten des Fritz 
Schiibig . . . Milwaukee, Wis., 1886. 

Free Church Liayman, A. John 
Watson. The present position of Pro- 
fessor Smith's case . . . By . . . Edinb. 

Free Churchman, A. Rev. Charles 
Leslie. A new association of those called 
moderate churchmen with the modern 
Whigs and fanatics ... L. 1702. 

Freeholder, A. Sir James Campbell, 
Bart. An address to the Commons of 
Ireland. By . . . Dublin, 1771. 

Freeholder, A. Alexaiider Carlyle, 
D.D. The question relating to a Scots 
militia considered . . . By . . . Edinb. 

Freeholder, A. William Wagstaffe, 
M.D. The state and condition of our 
taxes considered , . . Bv . . . Dublin, 

Freeholder North of Trent, A. 
William Hutchinson, Esq. Letters ad- 
dressed to the minister. By ... L. 

Freeholder of Corqw^all, A. Fran- 
cis Gregor. Two letters ... By . . . 
L. 1810. 




Freeholder of Lieicester, A. Bev. 
Dr. Italph Heathcote. Memoirs of the 
late contested election for the county of 
Leicester . . . By ... L. 1775. 

Freeholder of the County of Sur- 
rey, A. Joseph Grove. A re^jly to the 
famous Jew question . . . By ... L. 

Freeman, Dr. James Russell Endean. 
The political catechism for 1880-81 : a 
retrospect, an outlook, and a warning. 
By . . . L. 1880. 

Freeman, Mrs. Sarah Jennings, the 
Duchess of Marlborough. Name under 
which she corresponded with Queen 
Anne, who was " Mrs. Morley." 

Freeman of the Colony of Connec- 
ticut, A. Rev. .Sfephen Johnson. His 
signature in 1765 to five papers in the 
New London " Gazette." 

Freese, Arthalis. Laura (Freese) 

French Minister, The. Pierre Auguste 
Adet. — See "The >Secretary of State." 

French Missionary, A. The Abb^ 
Manach or Maijnard. Account of the 
customs and manners of the Micmakis 
and Maricheets savage nations ... L. 

French Oflficer, A. Charles de Saint 
Manre. A new journey through Greece, 
etc. L. 1725. 

Frere, Alice M. Mrs. Godfrey Clerk. 
The antipodes and round the world. 
By . . . L. 1870. 

Friend, A. William Harper. Advice 
of ... to the army and people of Scot- 

Friend, A. Peregrine Bingham. The 
book of fallacies, from tlie unfinished 
papers of Jeremy Bentham. By ... L. 

Friend, A. Mrs. Hannah F. Lee. 
Memoir of Hannah Adams. By herself; 
"ces by. . . B. 1832. 
I, A. Edward Mangin. Pioz- 
, recollections of the late Mrs. 
th remarks. By ... L. 1833. 
ribed to W. Manrjin. 
:■■ I, A. James Hadoiv, D.D. Re- 
)on the case of the Episcopal 
,^_ ....d those of the Episcopal per- 
suasion considered . . . Pjdinb. 1703. 

Friend in the Country, A. George 
L'/tlelton, Lord Lyttelton. Considerations 
upon the present state of our affairs. In 
a letter . . . from ... L. 1739. 

Friend in the North, A. Ebon C. 
tngersoll. A letter from . . . with special 
referen(;e to the effects of disunion u\}0\\ 
-slavery. P, 1856. 

Friend of Domestic Industry, A. 

Caleb Gushing. Summary of the practi- 
cal principles of political economy . . . 
Camb., Mass., 1826. 

Friend of India, A. Frederick John 
Shore. Remarks on the affairs of India. 
By . . . L. 1852. 

Friend of that College, A. John 
Lowell. Review of Dr. Morse's " Appeal 
to the Publick," principally with refer- 
ence to that i3art of it which relates to 
Harvard College. By . . . n.p. 1814. 

Friend of the Author, A. Alexander 
Bruce. The Scottisli Behemoth dis- 
sected . . . Edinb. 1722. 

Friend of the Author, A. James 
Thomson. A defence of the New Sopho- 
nisba : a tragedy . . . By ... L. 1730. 

Friend of the Christian E.x;aminer, 
and a Lover of Truth, A. John Prince, 
D.D. Some remarks on the writings of 
a " Lover of Cudworth and Truth " [Rev. 
George Barrell Cheever] . . . By . . . 
Salem, 1834. 

Friend of the Clergy, A. Jonathan 
Warne. A remonstrance addressed to 
the clergy, shewing where the charge of 
Deism . . . will necessarily terminate. 
By . . . L. 1731. 

Friend of the Established Church, 
A. Rev. Frederick Toll. A plain and 
proper answer to the question, " Why 
does not the Bishop of Clogher . . . resign 
his preferments . . . ?" By . . . L. 1753. 

Friend of the People, A. Henry 
Brougham, Lord Brougham and Vaux. 
Letters to the queen on the state of the 
monarchy. By ... L. 1838. 

Friend of 'Truth, A. Rev. Elisha 
Scott Williams. A serious and familiar 
dialogue concerning the divine ordinance 
of baptism. By . . . B. 18—. 

Friend of Truth and Peace, A. 
James Rumsag. A series of interesting 
questions on the nature ... of Gospel- 
churches ... By . . . Edinb. 1800. 

Friend to Candour and Truth, A. 
0. G. Gilchrist, llypercriticism exposed 
... By . . . L. 1812. 

Also ascribed to Stephen Jones. 

Friend to Consistency, A. James 
W//att. A comparative view of the 
opinions of Mr. .James Boaden (editor of 
the " (Jracle ") in February, March, and 
April, 1705, and of James Boaden, Esq., 
(author of "Eontainville Forest,'' and of 
a " Letter to George Steevens, Esq.") in 
February, 1796, relative to Shakespeare 
Mss. By . . . L. 1796. 

Friend to Female Beauty, A. 
Richard Russell. War witli the senses; 
or, free thoughts on snuff-taking. By . . . 
L. 1782. 




Friend to Ministers, A. Allen Wile!/. 

In 183-4 and 1835 he wrote a series of articles, 
which appeared in the " Western Christian Ad- 
vocate," under this signature, which were after- 
wards published under the title " Letters to 

Friend to Order, A. ./. Somerville. 

A reply to the speeches of Dr. Chalmers 
and Dr. Macgill, in the synod of Glasgow 
and Ayr ... By . . . Edinb. 1824. 

Friend to Religious and Civil Lib- 
erty, A. John Jones. A short and safe 
expedient for terminating the present de- 
bates about subscriptions . . . By . . . 
L. 1769. 

Friend to the Clergy, A. <See- 

bright. A remonstrance address'd to the 
clergy . . . By ... L. 1731. 

Friend to the Constitution, A. 
Benjamin Flower. Tlie principles of the 
British constitution explained . . . L. 1792. 

Friend to the Nation, A. John Wynn 
Baker. An address lo the representa- 
tives of the people upon subjects of mo- 
ment, to I he well-being and liappiness of 
. . . Ireland. By . . . Dublin, 1771. 

Friend to the Navy, A. Mahlon 
Dickerson. Correspondence . . . touching 
the South Sea exploring expedition . . . 
N.Y. 1838. 

Friend to the Principles of that 
Work, A. Rev. Joseph Holden Pott, M.D. 
Remarks on two particulars in a refuta- 
tion of Calvinism, etc. [By George 
Pretyman Tomline, Bishop of Win- 
chester.] By . . . 1811. 

Friend to Truth, A. J. Dodds. The 
Church of England: is she the true church, 
or the prostitute of Babylon 1 A letter 
to Robert Mackenzie Beverley, occasioned 
by the publication of " The Tombs of 
the Prophets ..." By . . . L. 1831. 

Friend to Truth, A. Joseph Ecl-leif. 
Divine glory brought to view, in the con- 
demnation of the ungodly . . . By . . . 
B. 1782. 

Friend to Truth, A. Albert Radicati, 
Count de Passeran. A philosophical dis- 
sertation upon death . . . By ... L. 1732. 

Friend to Truth and Liberty, A. 

Josiah Owen. Remarks on two charges : 
delivered by the Bishop of L[ichfiel]d 
and C[oventr]y [Dr. Smalbroke], to the 
clergy of his diocese . . . By ... L. 1738. 

Friend to Truth and the Present 
Happy Establishment, A. Caleb 
Fleming. Remarks upon the life of John, 
Duke of Argyle ... L. 1745. 

Friend to Youth, A. William Pinnock. 
A catechism of chronology. L. 1821. 

Allibone says he gained an enduring reputa- 
tion by his educational catechisms, 83 parts. 

A writer in a recent number of the Athenseum 
says, " Some of the papers have cruelly said he 
was the autlior of the ' Catechisms ' which had 
begun to appear before he was born." 

Friend Unknown, A. Jolm Hunifreg. 
A paper to William Penn, at the departure 
of that gentleman to his territory . . . By 
... L. 1700. 

Friend, vi'ho is lately deceased, A. 
Anne Frg. — See " F., A." 

Friendly, Aunt. Mrs. Sarah S. (Tut- 
hill) Baker. (1) Barton Todd. By . . . 
N.Y. 18(50. — (2) The children on the 
plains/ By... N.Y. I860. — (3) The 
Jewish Twiirs. By . . . N.Y. 1860. — (4) 
"Poor little Joe." By . . . N.Y. 1860. 
— See " I. and P." 

Frimousse. R. Toche. Les premieres 
illustrees; notes etcroquis. Paris, 1883-84. 

Fritz. A. Smith. 1873. 

Fritze, Ernst. Luise Reinhardt. Cari- 
tas : roman. Prag, 1857. 

Frivillig, En svensk. Oscar von 
Knorring. Minnen frati fattlaget i Dan- 
mark 1849. Sthlm. 1864. 

Frolich, Herr. Thomas William Mar- 
shall. The " old Catliolics " at Cologne 
... By . . . L. n.d. 

Froth, Abraham. Arthur Charlett. 
" Spectator," No. 43, April 19, 1711. 

Funny Man of " The Times," The. 
William L. Alden. 

Fuster, Colonel Cranberry. Charles 
Astor Brtsted. A letter from ... to Jef- 
ferson J. Grabster, Jr., etc. "Knicker- 
bocker," February, 1852. , 

Fuzzy Guzzy, William Henry Bur- 



G. Ezra Stiles Gannett, in the " Christ. 

G. Samuel Gilman, D.D., in the 
" Christ. Exam.," II., 420. B. 1825. 

G. John M. Gait. The annexation of 
Texas. Williamsburg, Va., 1852. 

G. Leonard Withington. The bird's 

nest in the moon. " New England Mag.," 
Vol. VIL, p. 33, 1834. 

G. Edxard Collins Giddi/. Loss of 
the Algerine xebec . . . September, 1700. 
By ... in the " Selector or Cornish Ma<j.," 

G. C. J. M. Gwinn. Miles's De Soto,, 




"Southern Quar. Rev.," October, 1853, 
p. 450. 

G. William Oldys. Various lives in 
the " Biographia Britannica," with the 
signature " G," the initial letter of Gray's 
Inn, where he once lived. 

G., A. Agnes Giber ne. (1) Among 
the mountains ; or, the Harcourts at 
Montreux. L. 1864. — (2) Mabel and 
Cora ; or, the sisters of Stone3'croft Hall. 
By . . . L. 1865. 

G., A. Alfred Greenough. Baccalau- 
reate hymn for the class of 1865. Camb., 
Mass., 1865. 

G., A. Alexander Gardner. Morisoni- 
anism refuted. Paislev, 1852. 

G., A. T. Albert T. Gellerstedt. Dikter 
af. Stlilni. 1881. 

G., B. Benjamin Grosvenor,D.D. Some 
account of the late inclinations to popery. 
By . . . L. 1717. 

G., B. A. Benjamin Apthorp Gould, Jr. 
Herschel's outlines of astronomy. In the 
"Christ. Exam." (B.), 1849. 

_G. B. O. D. These letters were adopted 
by .17.1/. P. Gustave Brunet and Joseph Oc- 
tave Delepierre, in their contributions to 
various Paris periodicals. The letters, 
besides forming their respective initials, 
are also a play upon the word " Gebeode " ; 
and several articles by these nutliors are 
also signed " Les Freres Gelie'ode." 

G. C. William Coward. Absalon et 
Achitopliel : carmine Latino Iieroico. 
[Trans, by . . .] L. 1682. 

"G. C," The [The Grand Cordon]. 
Victor Cheralle'i de Riruz. "The Queen" 
recipes. Bv ... L. 1881. 

G., C. E. H. Charles Edivard H. Ges- 
trin. Vacation labors, by . . . Montpe- 
lier, Vt., 1879. 

G., C. F. Mrs. Catherine Frances 
(Grace) Gore. Modern chivalry; or, a 
new Orlando Furloso. L. 1843. 

G., K. of C. George Mackenzie, Earl 
of Cromarty. Synopsis Apocalyplica . . . 
By . . . Edinb. 17U8. 

G., E. B. Edward Burnahy Greene. 
Critical essays. L. 1770. 
tX G., E. S. Ezra Stiles Gannett, D.J). 

(1) Signature in the "Christ. Exam." — 

(2) Correction. "New England Mag.," 
Vol. IV., p. 407. 

G., F. B. P\ B. Gardera. Le lecteur 
franf;ais de la jeunesse. Northampton, 

G., F. T. Frederick Turell Gra >/, in the 
" Christ. Exam." (B.), 1850. 

G., G. Genrg Golhc, a Swedish author. 

G., G. af. Gustaf af Geijerstam, a 
Swedish author and journalist. 

G., G. W. George Washington Greei'ie. 

(1) In the "Christ. Exam."— (2) Transla- 
tion from Petrarch. "NewEngland Mag.," 
Vol. VII., p. 470, 1834. 

G., Gustaf. Gustaf Gullberg, a Swe- 
dish author and journalist. 

G., H. Henry Giles, in the " Christ. 

G., H. Rev. Henry Gregory. — See 
" Rector, The." 

G., H.F. Hannah Flagg Gould. (1) 
The fly's revenge. " New England Mag.," 
Vol. L, p. 519. — The lost kite. Vol. IV., 
p. 56. — The spouting horn. Vol. IV., 
p. 158.— (2) The little blind boy. "Amer. 
Monthly Mag.," March, 1836, p. 244. 

G., H. S. H. S. Grosvenor. Aunt Sa- 
rah's sketches. B. 185-. 

G., J. John Gay. The present state 
of wit, in a letter to a friend ... L. 1711. 

G., J. B. James Bradstreet Greenough. 
Queen of hearts : a dramatic fantasia, by 
... B. 1885. 

G., J. H. -/. H. Gibbon, in the " Christ. 
Exam." (B.), 1851. 

G., John. .Tohn Garneit. Seaman's 
desiderata. With additions by . . . New 
Brunswick, N.J., 1801. By Henry Clarke, 

G. li. B. O. C. George, Lord Bishop 
of Cloyne [;'.e. Bishop Berkeley]. Siris: 
. . . concerning the virtues of tar water 
... By . . . Dublin, 1744. 

G. M. B. [Green Mountain Boy]. Henry 
Stevens, F.S.A. His favorite title. 

G., R. Richard Gough. (1) Account 
of a rich illuminated missal executed for 
John, Duke of Bedford, etc. L. 1794. — 

(2) British topography. . . L. 1780. — 

(3) The customs of the Israelites; trans, 
from the French of the Abbot Fleury, by 
... L. 1750. — (4) A short genealogical 
view of the family of Oliver Cromwell 
... L. 1785. 

G., R., Jun. Richard Gough. The 
history of tlie Bible. Translated from 
tlio French. L. 1747. 

A .juvenile production — lie wjis only twelve 
years old — of the eminent antiquary, Mr. Gough. 
Only twenty-five copies were printed. 

G., S. Samuel Gihnan, D.D., in the 
"Christ. Exam." 

G., W. IF. Greene. Calhoun's report 
on the Memphis Memorial. "Amer. 
Whig Rev.," January, 1848, p. 15. 

G.; W. William Greene. "The Fish- 
er's Call " for 1827. Newcastle, 1827. 

The verses wore written by W. Q-. 

G., W. Wayne Gridley. Slavery in 
the South: a review . . . Charleston, 

G., W. William Gregory. Vacation 
trifles. By . . . Bath, 18—. 




G., W. R. William Eathbone Greg. 
(1) Alison's History of Europe. " Westm. 
Eev.," June, 1844, p. 388. — (2) Claims 
of labour. " Westra. Rev.," June, 1845, 
p. 445. — (3) Corn-law debate. " Westm. 
Rev.," April, 1842, p. 348.— (4) Dr. 
Arnold. " Westm. Rev.," February, 
1843, p. 1. — (5) Life and correspond- 
ence of Thomas Arnold, D.D. " Westm. 
Rev.," December, 1844, p. 3G3. — (6) The 
outbreak of August in the manufactur- 
ing districts. " Westm. Rev.," October, 
1842, p. 3U1. — (7) Resources of an in- 
creasing population. " Westm. Rev.," 
July, 1843, p. 101. — (8) The slave 
trade, etc. " Westm. Rev.," June, 1844, 
p. 486. 

G D. George Daniel. Cumber- 

laiid's British theatre... By... L. 

O — n. Ezra Shaiu Goodwin, D.D., in 
the " Christ. Exam.," V., 441. ^ B. 1828. 

G — y, Mr. J — s. James Graij. The 
naked truth, in two letters ; the first 
from ... to his correspondent ... L. 

G . . . G . • . The dramatical contribu- 
tions to "La Presse " (Paris) over these 
letters were written by Georges La Brunie 
and Pierre .Jules The'ophile Gaufier. 

Gaffet, parfuiueur dlstillatevir de 
Paris. Charles Yves Cousin d'Accdon. 

Galltziiie, Prince Dmitry. D. Mou- 
ravline. Les amours d'un tenor : roman 
traduit du russe par Serge Nossoff. 

Gall, Franz Joseph. Th. F. Kaje- 
tan Arnold. 1791. 

Gallop-a"way, Joe. Joseph Galloway, 
in a political squib, " Tlie Ride to Dan- 
bury." — See "Diary of the Revolution," 
Vol. I., p. 428. 

Gait, Christopher Columbus. J. 
B. Polk. 

Gambado, Geoffrey, Riding Master. 
Francis Grose. Academy for grown 
horsemen. L. 1787. I 

Also attributed to Henry Bunhury. — See i 
" I. aud P." 

Gardwell, Godek. — See " Goodwell, 

Gas, Charlatan. Et. Hon. George 
Canning, in Disraeli's "Vivian Grey." 

Gaudentio di Lucca, Signor. Simon 
Beringloii. Adventures of ... L. 1776. 

Gautier, Pierre Jules Theophile. — 
See " La Brunie, Georges, and." 

Gay, Joseph. .John Durant de Breval. 
The hoop-petticoat: an heroi-comical 
poem ... L. 1720. 

General of the Salvation Army, 
The. William Booth. Salvation sol- 
t'.iery ... By . . . L. 1882. 

General Officer, A. Lieut.- Gen. John 
Burgoyne. Speech of ... in the House 
of Commons, Feb. 20, 1775. L. 1775. 

General Superintendent of Freed- 
men Department of the Tennessee, 
etc. John Eaton. Report . . . Memphis, 
Tenn., 1865. 

Gentle Shepherd. George Grenville. 
So called in debate by William Pitt, Earl 
of Chatham. 

Gentleman, A. Rev. John Disney. A 
compendious history of the . . . Refor- 
mation ... in England . . . By ... L. 

Gentleman, A. James Hogg. Tlie 
covenants of redemption and grace dis- 
played in some questions sent by ... to 
a reverend and pious minister of this 
church . . . Edinb. 1707. 

Gentleman, A. Hugh Williamson, 
Description of the-settlement of the Gen& 
see country . . . New York. In a series' 
of letters from ... to his friend. N.Y. 
1799. . 

Gentleman, A. Nathanael Hooke. A 
dissertation on the constitution of the 
Roman senate. By ... L. 1743. 

Gentleman, A. William Hanway. 
Poems upon several occasions, chiefly 
public ... L. 1745. 

Gentleman, A. William Hayes. Re- 
marks on Mr. Avison's essay ... In a 
letter from ... to his friend in the coun- 
try. L. 1753. 

Gentleman, A. Alhan Butler. Re- 
marks on the two first volumes of the 
late lives of the popes [by Archbishop 
Bower]. In letters from .. . Douaj^ 1754. 
Gentleman, A. Thomas Sherlock, D.D. 
Remarks upon [Hoadly] tlie Lord Bishop 
of Bangor's treatment of the clergy and 
convocation. By ... L. 1717. 

Gentleman, A. George Sewell, M.D. 
The resigners vindicated ; or, the defec- 
tion consider'd . . . By ... L. 1718. 

Gentleman, A. Bichard Gardiner. 
September : a rural poem . . , By . . . 
L. 1780. 

Gentleman, A. Daniel Defoe. A 
tour throuijh the whole island of Great 
Britain. By . . . 3d ed. L. 1742. 

Gentleman, A. Browne Willis. The 
whole duty of man ... By . . . L. 1717. 
Gentleman at Paris, A. Lewis Gold- 
smith. The secret history of the court 
and cabinet of St. Cloud ... L. 1806. 

Gentleman authorized to investi- 
gate the Commerce of that Country 
vi^ith Great Britain, A. N. Brooke, 
M.D. Observations on the mannel's and 
customs of Italy ... By . . . Bath, 1798. 
Gentleman conversant on the Sub- 




ject, A. John Brown, M.D. Observa- 
tions on the principles of the old system 
of physic ... By . . . Edinb. 1787. 

Gentleman educated at Yale Col- 
lege, A. Samuel Johnson, D.D. Intro- 
duction to the study of philosophy . . . 
New London, Conn., 174-3. 

Gentleman Here, A. John 31acki/, 
(1) A journey through England. In 
familiar letters from ... to his ' friend 
abroad ... L. 1724. — (2) A journey 
through Scotland ... L. 1723. 

Gentleman in Boston, A. Joseph 
Tuckennan, D.D. An essay on the wages 
paid to females for their labour, in the 
form of a letter from ... to his friend in 
Philadelphia. B. 1830. 

Gentleman in Edinburgh, A. Dun- 
can Forbes. Copy of a letter from ... to 
his friend in the country, upon the sub- 
ject of the malt tax. Edinb. 1725. 

Gentleman in France, A. J. B. 
Paris de Meyzieu. Bibliotheca Farisiana : 
a catalogue of a collection of books 
formed by . . . L. 1791. 

Gentleman in India, A. Eijles Irwin. 
St. Thomas's mount : a poem. Wi'itten 
by . . . L. 1774. 

Gentleman in London, A. William 
Hayes, Mus. Doc. Remarks on Mr. 
Avison's essay on musical expression . . . 
By . . . L. 1753. 

Gentleman in Scotland, A. William 
Logan. A letter to an English member 
of Parliament, from . . . concerning the 
slavish dependencies, etc. Edinb. 1721. 

Gentleman in Scotland, A. Francis 
Doittjlds. Observations on the Douglas 
cause in general ... In a letter . . . from 
... L. 1708. 

Gentleman in Search of a Man- 
Servant, A. William Makepeace Thack- 
eray. Iloljson's choice; or, the tribula- 
tions of . . . "Punch," Februnrj', 1850. 

Gentleman in the City, A. }fartin 
Strony. An essay on tiio usefulness 
of mathematical learning. In a letter 
from ... to his friend in Oxford. Oxf. 

Also ascribed to John Arbuthnot. 

Gentleman in the Country, A. John 
Perceral, 2d Earl of Egmont. An occa- 
sional letter from ... to his friend in 
the town ... L. 1749. 

Gentleman in the Country, A. 
Allan Logan. Queries upon tlie over- 
tures concerning kirk sessions and pres- 
byteries. By . . . n.p. 1720. 

Gentleman in the Country, A. 
Adam Ferguson, LL.D. Remarks on a 
pamphlet lately published hy Dr. Price 
... L. 177G. 

Gentleman in the Eastern Part of 
said Colony, A. Benjamin Gale. The 
present state of the colony of Connecti- 
cut considered. In a letter from . . . 
n.p. 1755. 

Gentleman Independent of Party, 
A. Woodmass. The j)olitical salva- 
tion of Great Britain by means entirely 
new ... L. 1797. 

Gentleman, late of Trinity College, 
A. James Ayr es. Sancho at com"t; or, 
the mock governor : an opera-comedy 
. . . Written by ... L. 1742. 

Gentleman lately Restored from 
threatning Sickness, A. Cotton Mather. 
Small offers towards the service of the 
tabernacle in the wilderness ... B. 1689. 

Gentleman of Cambridge, A.B., A. 
Rev. John Diincomhe. 

The author of " several letters in ' The Con- 
noisseur,' beins; the ' Gentleman of Cambridge, 
A.B.' mentioned in the last number." 

Gentleman of Connecticut, A. 

Lemuel Hopkins, M.D. The Democratiad. 
P. 1796. 

I followed " Sabin " in " I. and P." in ascrib- 
ing this to William Cobbett ; but he was not the 

Gentleman of Ireland, A. John 
Monck Mason. Remarks upon Povning's 
law ... By . . . Dublin, 1758. 

Gentleman of Lincoln's Inn, A. 
Philip Carteret Webb. The question 
whether a Jew born within the British 
dominions was before the making the 
late act of Parliament a person capable 
by law to purchase and liold lands to 
him and his iieirs, fairly stated . . . By 
... L. 1753. 

Gentleman of Manchester, A. 
Thomas Prrcival, M.D. Observations 
and reflections on the late earthquake, 
or, more properly called an airquake . . . 
By . . . n.p. 1777. 

Gentleman of Massachusetts, A. 
Samuel Fjheridqe. Tiie Christian orator 
... By ■ . • B. 1818. 

Gentleman of New York, A. Wash- 
ington Irving. The poetical works of 
'iliomas Campbell . . . [with] biographi- 
cal sketch ... P. 1815. 

Not William Irving. 

Gentleman of Oxford, A. Daniel 
Bellamy, the Elder. The Cambro-Britan- 
nic engineer ... a mock-heroic poem . . . 
By . .'. 1722. 

Gentleman of Oxford, A. John 
Leake. The scholar's manual ... By 
... L. 1733. 

Gentleman of Oxford, A. Rev. 
Charles Richard Powys. The tablet of 
Ceres ; or, a picture of human life : a 




A. Sir 
a poem 
. . . L. 


poem, copied from the Greek of Cebes 
the Theban. By . . . Oxf. 1759. 

Gentleman of Oxford, A. WiUiam 
Collins. Verses humbly addressed to 
Sir Thomas Flanmer on his edition of 
Shakespeare. By . . . 1743. 

Gentleman of Scotland, A. James 
Boswell. An ode to tra<^edy. By . . . 
Edinb. 1761. 

Gentleman of Shropshire, A. 

Woodforde. Sentiments on eloquence, in 
a letter ... By . . . L. 1795. 

Gentleman of South Carolina, A. 
Henri/ Putnam. A description of Bruns- 
wick in letters. By ... to a friend in 
that State. Brunswick, 1820. 

Gentleman of Stirling, A. 

Main or Mayne. Stirling: a satirical 
poem ... By . . . Edinb. 1809. 

Gentleman of that Country, A. 
Archibald Campbell, D.D. Queries to the 
Presbyterians of Scotland. By ... L. 

Gentleman of the Army, 
Richard Steele. The procession : 
on Her Majesty's funeral. Bv 

Gentleman of the Bar, A. 
Doiimes. Observations on tlie speech of 
the Eight Honourable J. Eoster . . . By 
... L. 1799. 

Gentleman of the College, A. W. 
Paget. The humours of the Fleet . . . 
By . . . L. 1749. 

Gentleman of the Faculty, A. 
Thomas Hayes. 1784. 

P. Hayes in "I. and P." ia wrong. 

Gentleman of the Inner Temple, A. 
Sir Bartholomew Shower. The compleat 
English copyholder; or, a guide to lords 
of manors, etc. By ... In the Savoy, 

Gentleman of the Inner Temple, A. 
William Bohun. The practising attorney 
... By . . . L. 1737. 

Gentleman of the Middle Temple, 
A. Henry Barnes. Notes of cases in 
points of practice . . . By ... L. 1741. 

Gentleman of the Middle Temple, 
A. John Banks. A short critical review 
of the life of Oliver Cromwell. By . . . 
L. 1739. 

Gentleman of the Temple, A. Pdch- 
ard Bentley, D.D. The present state of 
Trinity College in Cambridge ... By 
... L. 1710. 

Gentleman of the Temple, A. Ar- 
thur Ashley Sykes, D.D. (1) The reasons 
alleged against Dr. Rundle's promotion 
to the see of Gl[ocester] . .-. considered 
. . . By . . . L. 1734. — (2) Some further 
considerations on the reasons alledged 

against Dr. Bundle's promotion to the 
see of Glocester . . . By ... L. 

Gentleman resident at Paris, A. 

Lewis Goldsmith. The Revolutionary 
Plutarch ... L. 1804. 

Gentleman who was present at the 
Conferences, A. Dr. Samuel Chandler. 
The two conferences held on Feb. 7 and 
13, 1734-5, at the Bell tavern in Kicholas- 
lane . ". By. . . L. 1735. 

Gentlemen in the County, Clergy- 
men and L/aymen. Rev. Chester Dewey 
and others. A history of the county of 
Berkshire. Pittsfield, 1829. 

Gentlew^oman in the Country, A. 
Mrs. Katherine Willis. A letter from . . . 
to [Hoadly] the Lord Bishop of Bangor. 
L. n.d. 

Geordie, Emperor of Gotham. 
George III., King of England. — See 
" Curt-his, Sir William." 

Georg. - Carl Georg Starbdch. Gud 
och guld. Beriittelse af. Sthlm. 1853. 

George. George Cavan. 1841. 

George, F. W. George Frederick 
Watts. This eminent English artist in 
1858 exhibited under this pseudonym. 

Georgia Huntsman, A. Maj. W. 
R. Remhert. The Georgia bequest. Mano- 
lia ; or^ tlie vale of Tallulah. By . . . 
Augusta, 1854. 

Gerald. Erasmus Henry Brodie. 
Atala and other poems. L. 18 — . 

Gerard, diaries Yves Cousin d'Ava- 
lon. Vies. Paris, 1825. 

Gerard, Claude. Mrs. Aurora Lovisa 
Ljungstedt. Dagdrifoerier och drom- 
merier. Sthlm. 1872. 

Gerard, E. D. Mrs. v. Laszouski. 
The waters of Hercules : a novel. N.Y. 

German Plato. Friedrich Heinrich 

Gesner, Sawney. Marquis George 

Gesuit, V. Erasino. Eduardo de la 
Barra Lustarria. Saludables advertencias 
a los verdaderos catolicos i al clero poli- 
tico. Cartas sobre los jesuitas, por . . . 
Santiago, Chili, 1871. 

Gibbons, Lee. William Bennett. The 
cavalier. — The king of the peak. — 
Owain Gocli.-Malims. L. 1821, etc. 

Also ascribed to Thomas Roscoe, Jr. 

Giddy, Davies. Davies Gilbert. A 
plain statement of the bullion ques- 
tion, in a letter to a friend. By . . . 
L. 1811. 

Gift, Theo. Mrs. Dora Henrietta 
(Havers) Boulqer. N-.fe<v'- 

Glacier, Gregory, Gent. l ^ - ^'^^ ^Blau- 




velt. Notes to Fashion's analysis. — See 
" Avalanche, Sir Anthony." 

Gladdy. William E. Gladstone. 
Hodge Podge. Gladdy and Dizzy [Dis- 
raeli] ... A little comedy, etc. L. 1884. 

Glasguensis. John Buchanan. Bank- 
ing in Glasgow during the olden time . . . 
By. . . Glasgow, 1884. 

Glaubreclit, Otto. Rudolph Ludwig 
Oeser. Ein hoses jahr ; erzahlung fiir 
das volk. Frankfurt a M. 185G. 

Glaucus. Edwin T. Freedley. Oppor- 
tunities for industry, etc. L. 1859. 

Gnimelf, Rednaxela, A.M. Alex- 
ander Fleming. Strictures on the hy- 
pothesis of two supreme co-ordinate 
powers . . . By . . . Glasgow, 1840. 

Gobeniouche, M. WiUiaiu Makepeace 
Thackeray. M. G.'s authentic account of 
the grand exhibition. "Punch," May, 

Godin, Amelie. Ame'lie (Speyer) 
Linz. Mutter und solm. N.Y. 1882. 

Gohren, Caroline v. Caroline {Grape) 
v.Zollner. Die brautsciiau. Berlin, 1856. 

Gok, Gok Gokson. Daniel Aslund. 
Poetiska ungdonissynder. Sthlm. 1851. 

Goran. Paul Fritz Menrjel. A Swed- 
ish journalist who writes for "Giite- 

Goldsmith, Widow. Mrs. Julie. P. 
Smith. — See " I. and P." 

Goldy. Oliver Goldsmith. So called 
by Dr. .loiinson. 

Good Natur'd Well^vishe^, Doc- 
teur. Fj-an^ois Marie Arouet de Voltaire. 
Defense de Milord Bolingbrocke. Ber- 
lin, 1751. 

Goodwell, Godek. Horace Greeley. 
Currency : the evil and the remedy. N.Y. 

<ioose, Mother. Mrs. Ellzahdh (Fos- 
ii-r) (iooae. .Mother (ioose nii-lotlies for 
children ... B. 171U. 

ThiH iti probably right, and that in " I. and P." 

Gothanilte, A. Col. Thomas Pir.ton. 
Acrostics from across the Atlantic, and 
other p(jems humorous and sentimental, 
by . . . L. 1869. 

Gotthelf, Jeremlas, Jr. Samuel Ha- 
ter stich. 

Gottlieb, W. Comte Guillaume Pirutus 
Icilius Lil)ri-Carucci della Sommaia, in 
his contributions to " La Ilevue des 
Deux Mondes" (Paris). 

"Gov." Col. John A. Godfrey. Rhymed 
tactics. By . . . N.Y. 1862. 

Grace, Batavian. Alexander James 
Beresf(>rd-n<>pc. — Sec " Bo'sun, The." 

Grace, Eliza. Mrs. Katharine Byer- 
ley Thomson. 

Graduate, A. Rev. Edward Samuel 
Taylor. Plato's Apology of Socrates and 
Crito, with English notes, by . . . Camb. 

Graduate of Cambridge, A. Philip 
Wentworth Buckham. (1) Miscellanea 
Graeca draniatica ... in unum fasciculum 
coUecta. By . . . and editor of the " The- 
atre of tlie Greeks." L. 1825.— (2) Mis- 
cellanea Virgiliana . . . By . . . Camb. 

Graduate of Oxford, A. William 
Charles Toionsend. The dawn of free- 
dom : a political satire [in verse]. L. 

Graduate of Oxford, A. .James Py- 
croft. Tlie .students' guide to a course of 
reading necessary for obtaining miiversity 
honours. By ... L. 1864. 

Graduate of the University of Mat- 
rimony, A. E. J . Hardy. How to be 
happy though married. By . . . 1886. 

Grafton, Maud. Mrs. Graff. 

Gragg, Agnes. Mrs. A. H. Blaisdell. 
Our Odyssey club. B. 1885. 

Graham, J. Arthur Stevens, in his con- 
tributions to " Le Figaro" (Paris), et al. 

Graham, Maria. Lady Maria Dun- 
das Culhott. Journal of a residence in 
India. By . . . Edinb. 1813. 

Grand Chaplain of the Grand 
Royal Arcli Chapter of Massacliu- 

setts.The. Bland. [Pike's] "The 

j holy triad . . . Jah : Baal Peor, the Syr- 
ian Priapus "... A reply to . . . 1873. 

This I find in the British Museum Catalogue: 
"The Grand High Friest," A. F. Chapman, — 
evidently the same thing — I do not know where 
Ifoundit. — W. C. 

Grand Corrupter. Robert Walpole, 
Earl of ( >rford. 

Grand High Priest of the Grand 
Royal Arcli Chapter of Massachu- 
setts. A. F. Cliaj)iiia:n. A reply to . . . 
B. 1873. 

Grand Master, The. John L. Lewis, 
Jr. Memoir and eulogy of Elisha K. 
Kane [by Edward W. Andrews] pro- 
nounced before the Grand Lodge F. & 
A. M., in the State of New York, Jime 
5, 1857 ; together with the opening ad- 
dress by ... , etc. N.Y. 1857. 

Grand Vizier, The. Rt. Hon. George 
Canning. The Protestant Tory refuted : 
in reply to a pamphlet entitled "... un- 
masked." L. 1827. 

Cirandfather, A. Joseph Sylvester 
Clark. The history of the Pilgrims ; or, 
. . . story of'tlie first settlers of New Eng- 
land. By . . . B. 1848. 

Grandison Cromwell. Marie Jean 
Paul lioch Yves Gilbert Motier La Fayette. 




Grane, Valfrid. Mrs. Signd {Lid- 
berg) Vinell, a Swedish novelist. 

Grant, Parson. Rev. Daniel Nash, in 
Cooper's " The Pioneers." 

Gray, Barry. Robert Barry Coffin. 
My married life at Hillside. N.Y. 1865. 

Gray, Herbert. Henri/ Schtifz Wilso7i. 

Gray, Lady Jane. George Keate. An 
epistle from ... to Lord Guilford Dudley 
... L. 1762. 

Gray, Rosalie. Mrs. D. H. Mann. 
Little soldier. N.Y. 1880. 

Graybeard, A. Brijan Waller Proc- 
ter(Jl). A. G.'s gossip, in the "New 
Monthly Mag.," 1847. 

Great Big Fool, A. John Bnrle// 
Waring. The English nlphabet consid- 
ered philosopliicallv and pantologicallv 
... By . . . L. 1870. 

Great Commoner, The. William 
Pitt, Earl of Chatham. 

Great Commoner, The. Henrij 

Great Duke. Arthur Wellesley, Duke 
of Wellington. 

Great Expounder, The. Daniel 

Greatest Hypoci-ite in His Majes- 
ty's Dominions, The. Alexander Wed- 
derburn, Lord Loughborough. A letter 
to . . . [By . . .] L. 1794. 

Greene. Tench Coxe. Strictures upon 
the letter imputed to Mr. Jefferson, ad- 
dressed to Mr. Mazzei. n.p. 1800. 

Greenliat, Sir Humphrey. Sir Am- 
brose Croirlei/. "The Tattler," No. 73. 

Gi'eenhorn. George Tliompson. 

Green^vay, Grandfather. Charles 
James Cannon. Ravellings from the web 
of life. By . . . N.Y. 1855.- 

Greenwood, Grace. Sara Jane 
{Clarke) Lippincott. Copyright, authors, 
and authorsliip. In " Greenwood Leaves." 
By . . . B. 1850. 

Contains: Poems and sketches. — A call for 
a convention of authors, at FaneuU Hall, to dis- 
cuss the question of internatioual copyright. By 
J. G. W. [John Greenleaf Wliittier], pp. 2S3- 
285. — A touching incident. B3' J. R. O. [./oseph 
R. Chandler], pp. 285-287. — To a voung poet. 
By W. C. B. [ William CuUen Bryant] , pp. 287, 
288. — A tale of horror. By E. A. P. [Edgar 
Allan Pop( ?) ] , pp. 288-291. — A song. By G. P. 
M. [Georqc P. Morr'n^]. pp. 291, 292. — Poet- 
drearas. By F. G. H [Fitz- Green Halleck], 
pp. 292, 293. - Letter from the author of " Ty- 
pee " [Herman Melville], pp. 294-296. — A 
Bketch. By N. P. W. [Nathaniel Parker Wil- 
lis], pp. 296-298. Night's revealings. From . . . 
ByH. W. L. [Henri/ Wadsmorth^Lonr/felloio], 
pp. 298-300. — Apollo in America. By O.W.H. 
[OUver Wendell /ToZmesC?)], pp. 300-302. — Let- 
ter from New York. By L. M. C. [Lydia Maria 
(Francis) Child], pp. 303, 304. — Warblings. 
By P. S. O. [Frances Sargent Osgood], pp. 304, 
305. — A fragment. By L. H. S. [Lydia Huntly 
Sigourney], pp. 305, 306. — A tale from the Bur- 

mese. By P. F. [Fanny Fern (pseud.). Sarah 
Parker Willis Parton], pp. 306-308. 

Grey, Oliver. Thomas Townley. An 
apology for servants. By ... L. about 

Grey, William. William F. White. 
A picture of pioneer times in California 
. . . By . . . San Francisco, 1881. 

Grey-Eyed Man of Destiny, The. 
William Walk-er. 

Grievous, Petei', Junr. Joseph Hop- 
ki7ison{l). A congratulatory epistle to 
the redoutable " Peter Porcupine "... 
P. 1796. 

Griffin, The. R. Swain Gifford. — 
See "Puritan, The." 

Griggs, W. Stephenson. Miss F. 
Mabel Robinson. Irish history for Eng- 
lish readers. L. 1886. 

Grinimus, Jodocus, Aviculse nos- 
tra? Pronepos. William Meston. Deca- 
dem alteram, exprobatissiinis auctoribus 
. . . selectam admixtis subinde nonnullis, 
m gratiam -Pidchrioris tiexus, vernaculis, 
subjunxet ... L. 172-. 

Grindstone, Gaffer, Esq., of Hun- 
ger-him-out. Alexander Hill. The po- 
litical dispute ; or, kirk and state affairs 
debated, by two knights belonging to the 
order of the awl and thimble. A poem. 
By . . . Montrose, 1817. 

Grip, Halvor. Johan Nordling. Dolce 
far niente. Sthhn. 1884. 

Griiber, Lud'wig. Ludwig Anzengru- 
ber. Fehlraiu und waldweg . . . Stutt- 
gart, 1882. 

Grumble, Alexander. Forest. 

One of his signatures in the "St. James's 

Guardian, A. Nassau William Senior. 
Remarks on the opposition '^^ the Poor 
Law Amendment Bill. By... L. 1841. 

Guarnerius, Tobias, Jr. Charles 
P alt on Dimitry. 

Guernsey Slilitia Officer, A. Capt. 
W. H. Buliol 3Joulson. The Channel 
Islands militia ... By . . . Guernsey, 

Gunson, Gamaliel. Aaron'Hill. 

Guthrie, James. R. Johnson. 1737. 

GAvinet, Ambrose. Isaac Bicker- 
staffe. The life and strange . . . voyages 
and adventures of . . . Written by him- 
self. L. 1770. 

G\A'ynfryu. Olive Thome Miller. 

Friends in fur and feathers. By ... L. 

Gvvynne, Francis. Henry Martyn, in 
" Her title of Honour. By Holme Lee." 

Gyp. La Comtesse de Martel-Mira- 
beau. Marriage no mystery. By . . . 
Translated from the French. L. 1886. 





H. Edward Brooks Hall, D.D., in the 
" Christ. Exam.," V., 185. B. 1828. 

H. Frederic Henry Hedge, D.D., in 
the " Christ. Exam." 

JFI. Thomas Wentworth Hlqq'mson, in 
the " Christ. Exam.," XXXV.; 106. 

H. Alonzo Hill, D.D., in the " Christ. 

H. Frederic Dan Huntington, in the 
" Christ. Exam." 

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orators. " Southern Quar. Rev.," Octo- 
ber, 1851, p. 352.— (2) Battle of Cerro 
Gordo. "Southern Quar. Rev.," Janu- 
. ary, 1852, p. 120. — (3) Battle of Cha- 
pultepec. " Southern Quar. Rev.," Janu- 
ary, 1853, p. 1.— (4) Battle of Churu- 
busco. "Southern Quar. Rev.," July, 
1852, p. 78. — (5) The battle of (::on- 
treras. " Southern Quar. Rev.," April, 
1852, p. 373. — (6) The battles of the 
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(9) Mines of California. " Southern 
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Tlie siege of Vera Cruz. " Southern 
Quar. Rov.," July, 1851, p. 1. 

H. Rev. Robert Stephen Huicker. The mole in Cornwall : a morality from 
the Stowe of Morwciisfow, in tiie rocky 
land. Wy . . . — Sec •' Ndics and Que- 
ries." LS.'jO, II., p. 225. 

H. William Hnddiaford. Godstow 
nunnery and Rosamond's bower. " Gent. 
Ma^.," June, 1783, p. 402. 

H. Mrs. Hel.ene Ni/blum. Noveller 
af IT. Sthlm. 1875. 

H., I>r. Hother Hakon Viggo Tolder- 
■ jund. Ein sommer in Schleswig; skizzen 
und bilder von dr. H. . . . Leipzig, 
i/ H., Mrs. Mrs. Anna M. {Ellis) Hol- 
stein. Tiiree years in field hospitals of 
the Army of tlie Potomac. By ... P. 

H., A. Anthoni/ Horneck. The Sermon 
on tiu; Mount opened and applied . . . 
L. 1706. 

II., A. B. Amanda Barilelt Harris. 
Sumner's autographs . . . N.Y. 1875. 

H. B. John Doyle. (1) I'olitical 
sketches of . . . L.' 1829-43.— (2) A 
key to the political sketches of . . . L. 

H. B. George Steevens. Curious head 
of Chedder, a poet earlier than Rowley. 
" Gent. Mag.," June, 1782, p. 276. 

H. B. C. Benjamin Hall Kennedy. 
Tlie tree of life, etc. L. 1853. 

H., C. Gharles Hudson, in the " Christ. 
Exam ." 

H. C, Esq. Samuel William Henry 
Ireland. Tlie sailor boy : a poem . . . 
By . . . L. 1808. 

H., C. F. Gharles Fenno Hoffman. 
Mohegan-Ana. "Amer. Monthly Mag.," 
January, 1836, p. 80. 

H., C. F. Mrs. Gecil Frances (Humph- 
reys) A lexander. Verses for holy seasons. 
By . . . L. 1846. 

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Charity and truth; or, Catholics not 
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Wit against reason '. . . Brussels, 1835. 

H., E. A. Ethan Allen Hitchcock. 
Notes on the Vita Nuova and minor 
poems of Dante ... By . . . N.Y. 1866. 

H., E. B. Edward Brooks Hall, D.D.,. 
in tiie" Christ. Exam." 

H., E. E. Edward Everett Hale, in 
the " Christ. Exam." 

H., E. G. Elihu G. Holland, in the 
" Christ. Exam." 

H., E. J. E. J. Hasell. Browning's 
poems. The ring and the book. By 
... In the " Saint Paul's Mag.," 1870- 
71. L. 

H., E. S. Elizabeth Still Pearsall,. 
Countess of Harrington. Poems. By 
... L. 1874. 

H., F. Franz Hartmann. White and 
black magic; or, practical instructions 
for students of occultism. 

H., F. D. Frederic Dan Huntington. 
Poetry in tlie "Christ. Exam." (B.), 
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and Literary Gazette," January, 1827, p. 
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States Rev. and Literary Gazette," Feb- 
ruary, 1827, p. 376. — (3) Poet dreams. 
By ." . . B. 1850. — See "Greenwood, 

H., F. \V. Frederic West Holland, in 
the " Christ. Exam." 




H., F. W. F. W. Hewes. 10th 
Michigan infantry. By . . . Detroit, 

H., G. George Hay, D.D. The Scrip- 
ture doctrine of miracles displayed . . . 
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n.p., n.d. — (2) Verses. B. 1874.— (3) 
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ace by .. .]. L. 1869. 

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The letters " H. S." are the initials of the re- 
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ence and councils forever. By ... L. 
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The edition of 1795 bears the pseudonym " Un 
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(6) Essays tending to prove the ruinous 
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on the farmers, planters, and merchants. 
P. 1826. — (7) Examination of a tract 
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Also ascribed to Franklin Dexter. 

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tween John Hardman and John Card- 

well ; or, thoughts on tlie Rule of Faith 
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nary enjojnnents . . . By ... St. Ag- 
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Viscount Bolingbroke. "Vis B , 

a gamesome, frolicksome young fellow." 

— See " The High German Doctor," 
" Harry Gambol." 

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and .fohn Trumbull, 'io'^ ' ^■s'--,,.' - 

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— (6) The hard sura, and other stories. 
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The little princess, and other stories. By 
. . . N.Y. 1874.— (9) Lost but found. 
By... B. 1868. — aO) Stopping the 
leak. By . . . B. 1865. 

, Hayes, Henry. Mis. Ellen Olney Kirk. 
Story of Margaret Kent. P. 1885. 

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Trial between Maria Foote, the cele- 
brated actress, and Joseph Hayne (" Pea- 
green Hayne ") for a breach of promise 
of marriage. L, 1824. 

Hayward, Thomas. William Oldys. 
The preface of " Tlie British Muse . . ." 

Hazel-Bud, Witch. William Budd. 

Hedgehog, Humphrey. John Agg. 
The general post bag ; or, news, foreign 
and domestic. L. 1815. 

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ivig Hiiberlin. Russische hofgeschichten, 
neue f olge ; von Katharina II. bis Mco- 
laus I. Leipzig, 1857. 

Hellebore, Dr. Charles LucasC?). 
The . . . history of . . . Dublin, 1754. 

Hellenophilus. Edward Maltby, 
D.D.C^). Articles on Richard Porson 
and his literary labors, in Dr. Aikin's. 




^' AthensBum," Oct. 17, Nov. 10, and Dec. 
13, 1808, and January, 1809. 

Heller, Robert. William Henry 

HeUmuth, Ernst. Ernst Schmidt- 
Weissenfels. Apoll von Byzanz. Wien, 

Hellmuth, Paul. J. Heinrich L. 
Fischer. Augustin. Leipzig, 1829. 

Helper. George Wilder Fox. 

Helvidius. John Jaij. Letters. 

Also ascribed to James Madison. 

Henri B. Honore de Balzac. Articles 
in " La Caricature," 1831. 

Henry. Richard Gh'iffith. Gordian 
knot. L. 1769. 

Henry, Bishop of Exeter, 1851. 
Henry Phillpots, Bp. of Exeter. Acts of 
the diocesan sjmod in the cathedral 
church of Eieter. By . . . L. 1851. 

'Henry, Patrick. Philip Richard 
Fendall. — See " Onslow." 

Heptarchus. England. — See "Fer- 

Heptarchus, Ijord. England. Mel- 
anchoUy sonnets : being Fergusia's [Scot- 
land's] complaint upon Heptarchus, in 
wliich . . . Lady Fergusia reflects upon 
her liappy state before her unhaliow'd 
marriage with . . . Lord Heptarchus, 
anno 1707, etc. Elguze, 1741. 

Her Bi'other-in-law. Charles Con- 
stantine Pise. Lutters to Ada, from . . . 
N.Y. 1834. - 

Her Daughter. Edith Coleridge. Me- 
moir and letters of Sara Coleridge. 
Edited by . . . 1873. 

Her Father. Riv. Benjamin Carvosso. 
Account of Deborah Banks Carvosso. 
By . . . 1840. 

Her Father. /. Drakeford. Brief, 
memoir of Martlia Drakeford . . . Writ- 
ten by . . . L. 1800. 

Her Father. John Boyd. The flower 
transijlaiited ; or, a memoir of Mary 
Boyd. By . . . P. 1854. 

Her Father. Francis Kinlock. Let- 
ters from Geneva and France ... to a 
lady in Virginia. By.. . . B. 1810. 

Her Father. Jonathan Gray. Some 
account of tlic personal religion of Mar- 
garet Gray. By . . . York, 1826. 

Her Father. Cotton Mather, D.D. (1) 
Silentiarius ... A sermon . . . on the 
death of Mrs. Abigail Willard . . .' By 
... B. 1721. — (2) Victorina: a sermon 
preached on the decease and at tiie de- 
sire of Mrs. Katherin Mather. By . . . 
Whereunto tliere is added a further ac- 
count of tliat young gentk'wom.-m. By 
another hand [Tiionuis Walter]. B. 1717. 

Her Father. Rev. Thomas Prince, 
D.D. The sovereign God acknowledged 
and blessed, both in giving and taking 
away : a sermon occasioned by the de- 
cease of Mrs. Deborah Prince . . . 1744 
... At the South Churcii, in Boston . . . 

Her Husband. Edward Morgan. 
The clergyman's wife • a memoir of the 
late Mrs. Morgan of Syston. By . . . 
Carnarvon, 1854. 

Her Husband. James M. Byron. 
The grace of God manifested in a short 
account of Mrs. Eliza Byron . . . By 
... In the " Methodist Mag.," 1804. 

Her Husband. John Greenleaf 
Adams. Memoir of Mrs. Mary H. 
Adams. B. 1865. 

Her Master. William Chambers. 
Fiddy : an autobiography. Edited by 
. . . 1851. 

Her Mother. Mrs. Martha Stone ' 
Hubbell. Memorial of an only daughter. 
By . . . L. 1858. 

Her Pastor. Chandler Robbins. Por- 
trait of a Christian ... By . . . B. 1858. 

Her Physician. Richard Robert Mad- 
den. Travels of Lady Hester Stanhope, 
narrated by ... L. 1846. 

Her Sister. Jane Margaret Strickland. 
Life of Agnes Strickland. By ... L. 

Her Sister. Marie V. G. Havergal. 
Memorials of Frances Ridley Havergal. 
N.Y. 1880. 

Her Son. Rev. Samuel Stillman. A 
sermon occasioned by the decease of 
Mrs. Mary Stillman. By . . . B. 1768. 

Herbert, Lucian. Julius Gundling, 
1830; roujan und geschichte. Leipzig, 

Herbert, Uncle. Timothy Shay Arthur. 

Hercnles. Fisher Ames, in the Boston 
"Palhidlum," October, 1801. 

Hercditarj' High Churchman, An. 
James llirks Smith. Reminiscences of 
forty years. By ... L. 18 — . 

Hcring, Jeanie. Mrs. Adams Acton. 
Honour is my guide. L. 1886. 

Herman, William. William Herman 
Ridofsen. Dance of Death. By . . . 
San Francisco, 1877. 

Hermann, Eugen. Eugen Hermann 
Dedenroth. Die baronin. Frankfurt a. 
M. n.d. 

Hermes. William Torrey Harris. 

Hermes, Paul. William Roscoe 
Thaijer. Confessions of . . . and other 
poems. P. 1884. 

Hermit. Paul F. De Gournay. 

Hermit, A. John Stoiu. A H.'s nar- 
rative of opinions ... L. 1861. 




Hermit of Eastham, The. William 
Hay ley. 

Hermodactyl. Philip Horneck. The 
High-German doctor ... L. 1714-15. 

Hermodactyl of High Fame. Robert 
Haiiey, Earl of Oxford and Mortimer. 

In " Political Merriment ; or, Truths told to 
Some Tune," L. 1714, there occurs ;i ballad en- 
titled, " Advice to the Tories," which satirizes 
the heads of that party under the respective 
titles of " Hermodactj'l of High Fame" {The 
Earl of Oxford) ; "Codicil" {Lord Har court); 
" Lord Gambol " ( Viscount Bolinghroke) ; 
"Will Wildfire" {Sir 'William Windham); 
"Matt Rummer " {Matthew Prior) ; " Bungay, 
the Tow'riug High-Church Pope" {Dr. Henry 
Sacheverellj ; " Peter Brickdust " and " Zeche- 
riah " {unknown) . — See " Notes and Queries," 
1860, Vol. I., pp. 198, 290. 

Hero of Cowpens, The. Gen. 
Daniel Morgan. ... a revolutionary 
sketch. By Miss Rebecca McConkey. 
N.Y. 1885. 

Hero of tlie Nile, The. Horatio Nelson . 

Herodion. Waldemar Adolf Tliisfed. 

Herschel, Sir John. J. N. Nicollet. 
De'couvertes dans la lune, faites au Cap 
de Bonne-Esperance. Strasbourg, 1836. 

Herself. Nathaniel Hooke. An account 
of the conduct of the Dowager Duchess 
of Marlborough, from her first coming to 
court, to the ye&r 1710. In a letter from 
herself to my Lord • . L. 1712. 

Hertzman, Rudolph. il//.s.s Emma 
Catharine (Manley) Embury. Fugitive 
writings. 1840-45. 

Hess, Bernliard. Bernhard Hesslein. 
Unter dem schleier der nacht ; sitten- 
bild aus Berlins gegenwart. Berlin, 

Hi-Ski-Hi. Mrs. Caroline Elizabeth 
Sarah {Sheridan) Norton. One of her 
signatures in writing to Mr. Hayward. 

Hibernian Dicli. Sir Richard Steele. 
In the " Hudibrastic Brewer" (1714) are 
some sarcastic lines on ... by " Ned " 

Hibernicus. ./. D. Latouche. — See 

Hickling, William. Benjamin Frank- 
lin De Costa. 

High Churchman of theOld School, 
A. William Edward Jelf, B.D. Quous- 
que ? How far ■? How long ? . . . By 
... L. 1873. 

Highland Mary. Mary Campbell. 
Burns' first love. 

Hilda. Mrs. Peter E. Abel. 

Hildreth, Harry. J. W. Donovan. 
Friend to friend . . . little scraps . . . By 
. . . Detroit, 18—. 

Hinds, John. .John Badcoch. The 
veterinary surgeon ; or, farriery taught 
on a new and easy plan. L. 1827. 

Also ascribed to John Bell. 

Hipponax. Rev. Thomas Monro. 
Spring in London : a poem. By , . . 
L. 1793. 

His Brother. Derwent Coleridge. 
Essays and marginalia. By Hartley 
Coleridge. Edited by . . . L. 1851. 

His Brother. George L. Prentiss. A 
memoir of S. S. Prentiss. Edited by 
. . . N.Y. 1855. 

His Daughter. 31rs. Alicia (Pryme) 
Baijue. Autographic recollections of G. 
Pryme. Edited by . . . L. 1870. 

His Daughter. Mrs. Asia {Booth) 
Clarke. Booth memorials : passages, in- 
cidents, and anecdotes in the life of Ju- 
nius Brutus Booth (the elder). By . . . 
N.Y. 1866. 

His Daughter, ilfrs. Mary { Wilson) 
Gordon. Christopher North: a memoir 
of John Wilson. Compiled . . . by . . . 
Edinb. 1862. 

His Daughter. Sara Henry Coleridge. 
Essays on his own lines . . . By S. T. 
Coleridge. Edited by . . . L. 1850. 

His Daughter. Miss Barry. 

The manual of happiness. By . . . H. 
Barry. Edited by . . . 1862. 

His Daughter. Mrs. J. J. {Ewing) 
Matheson. A memoir of Greville Ewing 
. . . By . . . L. 1843. 

His Daughter. Lucy Barton. Poems 
and letters by Bernard Barton . . . edited 
by . . . L. 1853. 

His Daughter. Mrs. Frances Free- 
ling {Hood) Broderip. (1) Memorials of 
Thomas Hood ; collected, arranged, and 
edited by . . . with a preface and notes 
by his son [T. Hood]. L. I860.— (2) 
Works of Thomas Hood . . . Edited by 
... L. 1869. 

His Eldest Daughter. Mamie Dick- 
ens. Charles Dickens. By ... L. 

His Eldest Son. .Jacob Halls Drew. 
The life, cliaracter, and literary labours 
of Samuel Drew. By ... L. 1835. 

His Eldest Son. ./. C. Charlton. In 
memoriam of John Moore Cllarlton. Ed- 
ited by .. . L. 1877. 

His Ex — y It. C. His Excellency Lord 

His Excellency the Governor-in- 
Chief of New Zealand. Sir George 
Grey. Jom-nal of an expedition from 
Auckland to Taranaki . . . undertaken . . . 
by . . . [written by his assistant private 
secretary, G. S. Cooper]. Auckland, 1851. 

His Eatlier. Rev. Benjamin Carvosso.. 
Attractive piety; or, memorials of Will. 
Banks Carvosso. By ... L. 1847. 

His Father. Lyman Tremain. Memo- 
rial of Frederick Lyman Tremaine . . . of 




the 10th N.Y. Cavalry. By , . . Albany, 

His Father. William Johnson Bacon. 
Memorial of William Kirkland Bacon . . . 
By . . . Utica, N.Y., 1863. 

His Father. Clark. Payson, a 

model boy ; or, recollections of J. F. W. 
Clark. By . . . L. 1865. 

His Father. Joseph Parrish Thomp- 
son. Tlie sergeant's memorial. By . . . 
N.Y. 1863. 

His Foster-Father. J. D. Pound. 
The echo of truth to the voice of slander; 
or, John B. Gough's early history. By . . . 
N.Y. 1845. 

His Friend in Orkney. Thomas 
Hepburn. A letter to a gentleman 
[George Baton] from ... L. 1760. 

His Grace the Archbishop of Dub- 
lin. William King, D.D. Divine pre- 
destination and foreknowledge consis- 
tent with the freedom of man's will : 



life of 
by. . . 

a sermon 

His Great-Granddaughter. 

Nicholas lianclolph. Domestic 
Thomas Jefferson. Comp. . . . 
N.Y. 1871. 

His 3Iother. Mrs. M. Fergus. Nearer 
to Jesus : memorials of Eobert Walter 
Fergus. By . . . L. 1870. 

His Representative. Sir William 
Lemon, Bart. Thoughts on the present 
crisis, in a letter from a constituent to . . . 
By William Peter, in the " Pamphleteer," 
1816, pp. 216-80. 

His Reviewer. B. U. Campbell. Re- 
marks of the " United States Catholic 
Magazine " on the discussion between 
Hon. J. P. Kennedy and ... By Michael 
Courtney Jenkins. Bait. 1840. 

His Sister. Anne Muzlei/. Letters 
[of James B. Mozley]. Edited by . . . 
L. 1884. 

His Sister, ^frs. Elizabeth Bonhote. 
Rambles of Mr. Frankley. By ... L. 

His Son. Thomas Hood, Jr. — See "His 
Daughter," Mrs. F. F. (H.) Broderip. 

His Son. John Barnett, the Younger. 
" Faithful unto death." Memorials of 
John Barnett [tbe elder] ... of Blaby . , . 
Edited by . . . 1878. ' 

His Son. Pro. Benjamin Carrosso. 
The great cfRc'acy of sinii)le faith in the 
atonement of Cbrist, exemplified in a 
memoir of Mr. AVilliam Carvosso, sixty 
years a class leader in the Wesleyan 
Methodist connexion. Written by liim- 
self, and edited by . . . L. 1835. 

His Son. Pichard Harris Dalton Bar- 
ham. Tlie life and letters of the Rev. 

Richard Harris Barham ... By ... L. 

His Son. George Crahbe, Jr. The 
poetical works of George Crabbe, with 
his letters and journals, and his life. By 
... L. 1834. 

His Son. Benjamin Say. A short 
compilation of the life and writings of 
Thomas Say. By . . . P. 1796. 

His Son. Rev. Francis Charles Hinges- 
ton-Randolph. The poems of Francis 
Hingeston. Edited by . . . L. 1857. 

His Son-in-Iia^v. Edward Dorr Grif- 
fin Prime. Fort}^ years in the Turkish 
empire : a memoir of William Goodell, 
By . . . N.Y. 1876. 

His Son-in-Ijaw. Vcdery Radot. Louis 
Pasteur: his life and labors. By . . . L. 

His Son-in-Law. William Lamb Bel- 
lows. Memoir of John Strickland, a local 
preacher of the Wesleyan connexion, 
late of East Holme, near Wareham, 
Dorset. By . . . L. 1838. 

His Uneie. Thomas Grant. A boy 
in tlie swellings of Jordan ; or, the child 
in tlie conflict with death. By . . . 
Edinb. 1855. 

His Widow. Eleanor W. Campbell. 
Biographical sketches, with other literary 
remains [by John Wilson Campbell]. 
Compiled by . . . Columbus, Ohio, 1838. 

His Widow. Emilij Beke. The late 
Dr. C. [Charles Tilstone] Beke's dis- 
coveries of Sinai in Arabia and of Mid- 
ian. Edited by . . . L. 1878. 

His Widow. Mrs. Lucy (Bakewell) 
Audubon. The life of John James Au- 
dubon the naturalist. Edited by . . . 
N.Y. 1869. 

His Widow. Mrs. Mary Jane Vasey. 
The life of Thomas Vasey. By ... L. 

His Widow. Frances Waddington, 
Baroness Bunsen. A memoir of Baron 
Bunsen ... By . . . 1868. 

His Widow. Mrs. S. M. Barclay. 
Sermons. By Robert Barclay [of Tot- 
tenliam] . . . Edited by . . . L. 1878. 

His Widow. Helena Beecher Bayly. 
Songs, ballads, and other poems. By 
tlie late T. H. Bayly. Edited by . . . 
L. 1844. 

His Widow. Mrs. Anne Elizabeth 
(MacCaid) Finn. Stirring times; or, 
records from Jerusalem consular chron- 
icles of 1853 to 1856. By the English 
consul [James Finn]. Edited and com- 
piled by ... L. 1878. 

His Widow. 31rs. Lucy Maw. A 
tribute to the memory of Thomas Maw. 
By . . . L. 1850. 




His Wife. Mrs. Ann Elisa Safford. 
A memoir of Daniel Safford. By . . . 
B. 1861. 

His Wife. Mrs. Elizabeth J. H. Clark. 
Memorials ... of Samuel Clark [Rector 
of Eaton-Bishop] . . . Edited ... by 
. . . 1878. 

His Wife. Mrs. Blanche Clough. The 
poems and prose remains of Arthur Hugh 
Clough . . . Edited by . . . L. 1869. 

His Wife. S. F. Daivson. Prayers, 
etc. By George Dawson [minister at 
Birmingham]. Edited by . . . L. 1877. 

His Wife and Daugliter. Mrs. 
Louisa Chesney and Mrs. Jane (Chesnei/) 
O'Donnell. The life of General E. R. 
Chesney. By . . . Edited by Stanley 
Lane-Poole. L. 1885. 

Historian of Cornwall, The. 
Charles Sandoe Gilbert, in "Notes and 
Queries," 4 S., IX., 141, 1872. By Sir 
John Maclean. 

Historian of Kochdale, The. Wil- 
liam Hohertson. 

Historicus. Mr. George Grote. 

Hoax, Stanislas. Theodore Edward 
Hook, in Disraeli's " Vivian Grey." 

Hocus, Humphrey. John Churchill, 
the Duke of Marlborough, in Arbuth- 
not's " History of John Bull." 

Hodge, Tobe. Charles Mcllvaine. 

Hogadahls prostgard, forf. till. 
Carolina V. Gravallius. AUt for skenet. 
Sthlm. 1881. 

Hoflfmann, Professor Louis. Angelo 
John Lewis. Modern magic. 1885. 

Holt, Felix. Mrs. Marian (Evans 
Lewes) Cross. Address to workingmen. 
By . . . In "Blackwood's Mag.," Janu- 
ary, 1868. 

Holt, Sestertius. William White 
Cooper. Zoological notes and anecdotes. 
L. 1852. 

Home Missionary, A. C>/ril Pearl. 
Fragments from the note book of . . . 
B. 1842. 

Homely, Josias. John Bradford. 
Tales of the moor. By ... L. 1841. 

Homespun, Henry, Jr. Solomon 
Soitthwick, Jr. The plough-boy. Al- 
bany, N.Y., 1819. 

Homo. Charles S. Westcott. 

Homo. George Stons. The watch 
tower; or, man in death, and the hope 
for a future life . . . By . . . N.Y. 

Homo, Aquae, A.B. Jotham Water- 
man. The wren and eagle in contest ; or, 
a short method with the Unitarian no- 
bility. B. 1819 ; also Sermon . . . upon 
the bad effects of secret assemblies and 
party designs. Salem, 1819. 

Honest Countryman, An. Stephen 
Greenawag. An address to honest Eng- 
glish hearts; being . . . 's reflections on 
tlie cyder-tax, etc. L. 1762. 

Honest Jack Lee. John Lee, Esq. 
A celebrated counsellor, well-known to 
the bar by this sobriquet. 

Honest Man, An. Abraham Lincoln. 
The truth from . . . [or President Lin- 
coln's views] ... P. 1863. 

Honest Tory, An. Benjamin Hoadly. 
The thoughts of . . . upon the present 
proceedings of that party ... L. 1710. 

Honeycomb, Will. Colonel Cleland, 

Honeywater, Oon R. John Douglas, 
F.B.S. The cornutorof seventy -five, etc. 
L. 1748. 

Honolulu, The Right Rev. Bishop 
of. Thomas Nettleslnp Staley. A pasto- 
ral address by . . . 1865 . . . Honolulu 
"Honorable Brigadier General, An 
George Townshend . Letter to . . . com- 
mander-in-chief ... in Canada. L. 1760 

Honorary 3Iember of the Washing 
ton Light Infantry, An. A. 0. An- 
drews. Sixteen years chaplain, friend 
and counsellor of the AV. L. I. of Charles 
ton, S.C. The Rev. Samuel Oilman, D.D 
... By . . . Charleston, 1875. 

Honourable Gentleman, An 
Thomas Pownall. Two speeches of . . 
on the late negotiation and convention 
with Spain. L. 1771. 

" Hook and Crook." Thomas Quiller 
Couch. The prior's cross, in "Willis's 
Current Notes," 1856, p. 84. 

Hope, Mark. Eustace Clare Gren- 
ville Murray. 

Horace in Cincinnati. Thomas 
Peirce. In 1821 he contributed a series 
of satirical odes to the " Western Spy 
and Literary Cadet," under this signature. 

Horatio. Sigfrid Wieselgren. En 
man " iifverbord." Sthlm. 

Horatius. William Ti/tler. His signa- 
ture to No. 16 of the " Loijnger," May 
21, 1785. 

Home, George, D.D. Walleg Cham- 
berlaine Oulton. Occasional remarks ad- 
dressed to N. B. Halhed, Esq. ... By . . . 
L. 1795. 

Hortulanus. Waldemar Adolf Thisted. 

Horus. James D. Whelpley. " Love 
and Friendship," and "Epigram." 
"Amer. Whig Rev.," February, 1845, 
p. 194. 

Horvath, G. F. Ewald Christian 
Victorin Dietrich. Albrecht der Bar, her- 
zog von Ascanien, markgraf zu Branden- 
burg, oder Die griindung von Berlin. 
Meissen, 1830. 




Hospital Agent, An. J. S. V/heelock. 
The boys in white. The experience of 
... in and around Washington. N.Y. 

Hoven, Ernest. Fanny Hooker. 

Hovey, Wayne. George William John- 

Howard, Assunta. Aliss Edith A. 

Ho^va^d, Gr. George Howard Peirce. 

Howley, John, Esq., of Garry 
Owen. William Maginn. Ode to the 
king's landing in Ireland. " Blackwood's 
Mag.," August, 1821, p. 94. 

Hubaine, Em. Le Prince Napole'on 
Charles Bonaparte. Le government tem- 
porel des papes juge par la diplomate 
fran^aise. Paris, 1862. 

Hudson, Harry. Henrg Hunter. 

Huggins. George Dolland. 

Hugglestone, Leontius Audrocles. 

William Makepeace Thackeraij. The great 
Squattleborough soiree. " Punch," De- 
cember, 1848. 

Humphrey, Poor. William Hone. 
Poor H.'s prophecies for 1829. By . . . 
L. 1829. 

Huntley, William. William Prynne. 

Hyde, Sidney. Miss Manj Caroline 

Hyla. Jane Dunbar Chaplin. The 
convent and the manse. By ... B. 1853. 

Hypatia, Amanuensis for the 
Spinsters. L. Mitchell. The humble 
petition of the spinsters to the legisla- 
ture of Great Britain in session assembled. 
By . . . L. 1840. 

Hypercritic, A. William Warbur- 
ton. — See " Philocriticus Cantabrigi- 


I. A. M. Tde. To oblivion. " Amer. 
Whig Rev.," March, 1847, p. 240. 

I. and O. Jonathan Edwards, D.D. 
His signature to a large number of arti- 
cles in the " New York Theological Mag." 

I., J. James Ingram, D.D. Memorials 
of the parish of Codford St. Mary in the 
county of Wilts ... By . . . Oxf. 1844. 

I. W. L. Warner. An address to 

the University of Oxford, occasioned by a 
sermon intitled, "The divine institution, 
etc.,'" by Joseph Betty. By... L. 1730. 

lanthe. Lady Charlotte ^fary Bacon. 
The " lanthe " to whom Byron's " Childe 
Harold " was dedicated. 

lanthe. J/r.s-. Emma Catharine {Man- 
ley) Embury. (1) The bride : soimet, 
in the " United States Rev. and Literary 
(Jazette," March, 1827, pp. 463, 454.— 
j^) Constance Latimer; or, the blind 
git-1 ; Pictures of early life; Nature's 
gems; or, American wihl flowers, 1845; 
Lou's token flowers, 1H4G. — (3) Spring 
breezes, in the "United States Rev. and 
Literary Gazette," June, 1827, p. 220. 

Icarus. Daniel Webster, in the "Dart- 
mouth Gazette." 

Ichabod. James Smith Buck. An 
address with which . . . explains liis post- 
centennial position. Milwaukee, 1876. 

Iconoclast. ./. C. Maclennan. Scot- 
ti.ih art and artists in 1860. By . . . 
VAmh. 1860. 

Ides, Thomas. William Ferret. — See 
" A Rochester Fellow." 

Idiota. Hohert Edward Garnham. 
Papers in "The Theological Repository." 
L. 1787. — See " Gent. Mag.," LXXIL, 

Idle Fellow, An. Jerome K. Jerome. 
Idle tlioughts of . . . L. 1886. 

Ignotus. Alexander Hunter. Georgi- 
cal essays. L. 1770-1804. 

II Secretario. E. W. Johnson. (1) 
American letters; their character and 
advancement. " Amer. Whig Rev.," 
June, 1845, p. 575. — (2) " Angels and 
ministers of grace." "Amer. Whig 
Rev.," December, 1845, p. 654. — (3) 
Life and labors of Hugh S. Legare. 
" Amer. Whig Rev.," October, 1845, p. 
416. — (4) The progress and disorgani- 
zation. " Amer. Whig Rev.," July, 1845, 
p. 90. — (5) Vanity of vanities. " Amer. 
Whig Rev.," September, 1845, p. 258. 

Illinois Farmer, An. Funk. 

Copperheads under the heel of . . . N.Y. 

Illustrious Hen, An. Charlotte, 
Queen Consort of George III., King of 
Great Britain and Ireland. The R— 1 
brood, or . . . and her pretty chickens. 
By Peter Pindar, the Younger. L. 

Illustrious Obscure, An. William 
Robert Hicks. " Morning Post," Sept. 8, 
1865 [by Abraham Hayvvard, Q.C]. 

Illustrious Personage, An. Char- 
lotte, Queen of Great Britain, wife of 
George IlL Catalogue of the genuine 




library, prints, and books of prints, of 
... L. 1819. 

Inihof, Joseph. Joseph Bnrkard Len. 

Impartial Hand, An. Rev. William 
Ashdowne. (1) The distinction between 
the ordinary and extraordinary gifts of 
the Holy Spirit. By . . . 1768. — (2) 
On the true character of John the Bap- 
tist. By . . . Canterbury, 1757. 

Impartial Hand, An. TJiomas Camp- 
bell. The order of the primitive churches 
... L. 1719. 

Impartial Inquirer, An. Andrew 
Wilson, M.D. Short observations on 
the principles and moving powers as- 
sumed \>y the present system of phi- 
losophy. By . . . 1764. 

Impartial Observer, An. John 
Corrij. Strictures on the expedience of 
the Addingtonian extinguisher . . . By 
... L. 1811. 

Impartialis. William Plumer{^). Ad- 
dress to the electors of New Hampshire. 
Portsmouth, N.H., 1804. 

Imperial Ben, etc. Benjamin Disra- 
eli, Earl of Beaconsfield. L. 1879. 

Satirical verses by J. G. Ashivorth. 

Incog. Bishop Thomas Percij, D.D. 
Letter dated April 10, 1790, in the 
"Percy and Nichols Correspondence." 
" Illustrations of Literature," Vol. 8, pp. 

Incumbent of Wormegay and Tot- 
tenliill, Norfolk, The. WHlliam Hennj 
Henslowe.' Facts and tracts in evidence 
of the apathy, dereliction, and degrada- 
tion of the national clergy. By ... L. 

Independent, An. Edwin Doah Mead. 
The case of Mr. Blaine ... B. 1884. 

Independent, An. John Hall-Steven- 
son. A pastoral puke : a second sermon 
preached before the people called Whigs. 
By . . . L. 1764. 

Independent Gentleman, An. John 
Sywmons. Thoughts on tlie present 
prices of provisions . . . By ... L. 

Independent Teacher of the truth, 
An. John Jlall-Stei^enson. A pastoral 
cordial ; or, an anodyne sermon ... L. 

Independent Whig, An. Thomas 
Gordon. The creed of . . . L. 1720. 

Indian Agent, An. Captain D. C. 
Poole. Among the Sioux of Dakota. 
Eighteen months' experience as . . , 
N.Y. 1881. 

Indian Theist, An. Kesavachandra 
Sena. True faith. By . . . Calcutta, 

Inexperienced Clergyman, An. 

Samuel Adams Devens. Sketches of 
Martha's Vineyard, etc. By ... B. 

Ingenious Antiquary, An. W. 
Onlej). Robin Hood ; the noble birth 
and gallant achievements, etc. Newly 
collected by ... L. 1827. 

Inglese, Un. E. C. Hawtreij. Scherzi 
metrici da ... L. 1835. 

Inhabitant of His Majesty's Liee- 

ward-Caribbee Islands, An. Rev. 

Robertson. Letter to Edmund Gibson 
. . . from ... L. 1730. 

Innes, Alexander, D.D. Archibald 
Campbell, D.D. APETH-AOriA; or, an 
enquiry into the original of moral virtue. 
Westminster, 1728. 

Inquirer, An. W. Cuninghame. Re- 
marks upon David Levi's Dissertation 
on the prophecies relative to the Mes- 
siah . . . By . . . author of " Letters, 
Si"." ... in the " Christian Observer," 
signed " Talib." L. 1810. 

Inquirer, An. A. P. Happer. The 
state of religion in China. By . . . 
Shanghai, 1881. 

Inquisitor. G.Amsinck. The brewer's 
annual for 1841. By . . . L. 1840. 

Inside Passenger, An. William Jer- 
dan. Personal narrative of a journey 
over-land from the Bank to Barnes, by 
way of Piccadilly ... By . . . L. 1829. 

Inspector of Schools, An. Rev. John 
David fxlennie. Hints from . . . Char- 
ing Cross, 18-56. 

Inspired Idiot, The. Oliver Gold- 
smith. So called by Horace Walpole. 

Instructer, The. William Bentlei/ 
Fowle. (1) A catechism of English 
grammar ... By . . . B. 1823. — (2) 
First biennial report of the trustees and 
... of the Boston Monitorial School. B. 

Intimate Friend of his, An. Wil- 
liam Seward. Recollections of some 
particulars in the life of the late Wil- 
liam Shenstone, Esq., in a series of let- 
ters from ... L. 1788. 

Also ascribed to liichard Graves, 

Invalid, An. C. Home Douglas. 

Searches for summer : showing the anti- 
winter tactics of . . . L. 1874. 

Inventor of the Art of Printing in 
Dry Colours, The. William Kingston. 
The Kingstonian poems. By ... L. 

Invernessieus. J^achlan Mackintosh, 
of Raigniore. Observations on objects 
interesting to the highlands of Scotland 
. . . Edinb. 1814. 

Investigator. Robei-t Nares. Baga- 
telles ; or, poetical trifles, supposed by " 



Gilbert Wakefield. "Gent. Mag.,'" Janu- 
ary, 1823, p. 15. Also, Wakefield and 
Moore's poetry compared. " Gent. Mag.," 
March, 1823, p. 214. 

Irenseus Krantzo\dus. Benjamin 
StilUngJleet. Some thoughts concerning 
happiness. L. 1733. 

Irish Agitator, The. Daniel O'Con- 

Irish Crichton, The. John Henderson . 

Irisli Emigrant, An. Thomas Ledlie 
Birch. A letter from . . . giving an ac- 
count of the commotions in Ireland. P. 

Irish Gentleman, An. Joseph Blanco 
White. Second travels of . . . in search 
of a religion . . . Dublin, 1833. 

Irish Operator. Sir Constantine 

Irish Roman Catholic, An. Anfhom/ 
Richard Blake. Thoughts upon the Cath- 
olic question, by . . . Dublin, 1828. 

Iron, Ralph. Miss Olive Schreinev. 
Story of an African farm : a novel. By 
... L. 1883. 

Iron Duke, The. Arthur Wellesley, 
1st Duke of Wellington. 

Israel. Israel Pick. Wider Stahl 
iind Bunsen. 1856. 

Italian Grentlemau, An. Filippo 
Muncinelli. A collection of colloquial 
phrases ... By . . . P. 1832. 

Italian Gentleman, An. Alessandro 
Bisani. A picturesque tour through part 
of Europe, Asia, and Africa . . . by . . . 
L. 1793. 

Ithiel. Daniel Edward. Hiobs drei 
freunde, oder Bunsen, Stahl und Praelat 
Eitter als Heifer der leidenden Christen- 
heit. 1857. 

Itinerant's Wife, An. Helen P. Cut- 
ler. Jottings from life ; or, passages from 
the diary of . . . Cincinnati, 1864. 

Its 3Iinister. Nathaniel Hall. Dis- 
course . . . 1869, in the First Church, 
Dorchester, by . . . B. 1869. 

Its Pastor. Geary e Bipleij. A let- 
ter addressed to the Congregational 
Church in Purchase St. [Boston], by 
... B. 1840. 

Its Pastor. Pi.ev. William White Wil- 
liams. Twenty-five years of the first Con- 
gregational Church of Toledo. A sermon 
of ... , 1869. Toledo, 0., 1869. 


J. D. F. Jamieson. (1) Lamai'tine'.s 
histoire des Girondins. " Southern Quar. 
Rev.," October, 1849, p. 53. — (2) " My 
novel," by Bulvver. " Soutliern Quar. 
Rev.," January, 1854, p. 17. — (3) The 
national anniversary. " Soutliern Quar. 
Rev.," September, 1850, p. 170. — (4) 
The penitentiary question in Soutli Caro- 
lina. " Southern Quar. Rev.," November, 
1850, p. 357. 

J., Mount Sion, Falmouth. Mr. 

Johnson. Lines to Sarah on lier 

birthday. By ..." Selector or Cornisli 
Mag.," 1826. 

J. A. Pichard Goxfjh. Some account 
of the alien jiriories and of such lands as 
they are Itnown to liave possessed in 
England and Wales. L. 1779. 

J. B. Mrs. Di' La Riviere ^fanley. 
Hath intrigues . . . By . . . L. 1725. 

J., B. William Btanrhard Jerrold. (1) 
Madame Doublet's news-saloon, in "Tem- 
ple Bar," 1860-61. — (2) Our pet social 
floctor, in "Temi)le Bar," October, 1861. 
— ('3) Pens and ink in the reign of terror, 
in " 'rciii])le Bar," May, 1862. 
. J. B , C. C. James Boswell. 

J. C ./. C roil. HoJ'Mcin. Familjeri 

Stark. Enskildring ur lifvct af J. C. 

J., C. A. C.A.Jones. (1) "Ready 
and desirous"; or, a Lent's lessons. B}^ 
. .. L. 1858.— (2) The sunbeam. By 
. . . 1861. 

J., E. Edward Jar vis, M.D., in the 
" Christ. E.vam." (B.), 1852. 

J.,G. W. 6*. W.Jordan. An account 
of the irides or corona?, which appear 
around . . . the bodies of the sun, moon, 
and other luminous objects. L. 1799. 

J., H. C. Hciirij Constantine Jennini/s. 
A translation of the fifth canto of Dante's 
Inferno, and of tlie entire scene and nar- 
rative of Hugolino. L. 1798. 

J., ,J. Jean Jacques Rousseau. 

•J. J. J. Isaac Appleton .lewett. Signa- 
ture to articles in the "Amer. Monthly 
Mag.," 1836-37. 

J. K. William Mojfet. The history 
of Ireland in verse ; or, a descri^jtion of 
the Western Isle. By . . . Dublin, 1750. 

J., 31. A. .)/. A. Je.vons. The sacred 
offering: a poetical annual, 1835. L. 

J., 31. E. M. Mai-f/aret Elizabeth Maty 
Jones. .Iiibal : a poem in !»i.\' canton. 



By . . . L. 1839. — See " N. and Q.," 
July, 1857, p. 71. 

J. O. James 0. Clephane. Official 
report of the trial of M. Harris [of Chi- 
cago] . . . Prepared by . . . Chicago, 

J., S. Samuel Johnson, in the " Christ. 
Exam.," XLI., p. 229. 

J., S. SamiielJohnson. Ad urbanum. 
" Gent. Mag." for March, 1738. 

" This was Johnson's first performance in the 
' Gentleman's Magazine,' which for many years 
was his principal source for employment and 

J., S. Samuel Johnson. The life of 
Father Paul [SarpiJ. " Gent. Mag." for 
November, 1738, p. 681. 

J — ns-n, Dr. Dr. Samuel Johnson. 
Ode to Cloacina upon the most fashion- 
able model : with a card to . . . By . . . 
[ Coffin]. L. 1782. 

Jack, Capt. J. W. Crawford. " The 
poet scout." A volume of poems. N.Y. 

Jacques. Samuel Ewing. His signa- 
ture in " The Portfolio." 

JAK. Annie Bowles Williams. Birch- 
wood. N.Y. 1885. 

Janus. Ii. de Bonniere. Jeanne Avril. 

Janvier. Joseph Janvier Woodward, 
M.D.Ci). Ada: a tale. P. 1852. 

Japanese Scout, A. S. Coclburn. 
Japanese ideas of London and its Avon- 
ders ... By . . . L. 1873. 

Jeanies, 3Ir. William Makepeace 
Thackerai/. The persecution of British 
footmen. "Punch," April, 1848. 

Jenkin, Gi'iffin. Bev. Daniel Tai/- 
/ojC?). a brief vindication of the pur- 
chassors against the proprietors in a 
Christian manner. N.Y. 1745. 

Jenkins, Mr. Peter. Henrij Peter 
Brouff/iam, Lord Brougham and Vaux. 
A letter to Isaac Tomkins, Gent. . . . 
L. 1835. 

Jenniko. Sarah Jennings, the Duch- 
ess of Marlborough. — See " The High 
German Doctor." 

Jereinias, Primus Anglo-Britan- 
niae Episcopus. Jeremij Collier. Sig- 
nature in a long correspondence with the 
court of Russia, which ended in 1725. 

JerAingham, Mrs. 2frs. Hart. Harry. 
[Poem.] N.Y. 1877. 

Jesuit of Paris, A. Jean Debreail. 
The practice of perspective . . . By . . . 
L. 1781. 

Jo. Jo. Johan Fvristqfer Jolin. En 
man af verld. Sthlm. 1846. 

Jocelyn, Pen Cler. Pierce Connelly, 
.''J. A. The Pope in England ; and who 

shall turn him ®ut ? Three letters . . . 
By . . . L. 1853. 

Joeuiidus, Frater. W. Miiller. 
Schabiade ; leben und tliaten des Fritz 
Schiibig. Milwaukee, 1877. 

Jonsson, Petter. C. E. Chytraus. 
En bondeplagare. Sthlm. 1867. 

Jorgen. Georg Lundstrom. Fran 
polcirkel till viindkrets. Sthlm. 1881. 

John, Doctor. John Churchill, Duke 
of Marlborough. 

Johnson, Daniel. Wright, 1880. 

Jolinson, G. H. William Kist. 

Jon. E. Kingman, in the Baltimore 
" Sun." 

Jonas. Sir William Jones, in Dry- 
den's " Absalom and Achitophel." 

Jonathan. Henri Col son. 

Jonathan. William Cohhett. An ad- 
dress to the clergy of Massachusetts. By 
... B. 1815. 

/'Jones, Prof. Chaucer. Williarfi H. 
Beckett. Rhymes of nonsense, truth, and 
fiction. By . . . With illustrations by 
Sir Michael Angelo Raphael Smith [?.e. 
Charles Bush]. N.Y. 1874. 

Jones, Ethel. Thomas Wharton. A 
latter-day saint ; being the story of . . . 
related by herself. NA". 1884. 

Jones, Henry. John Taylor,, oculist. 

Jones, Ignatius. Gorham A. Wo7-th. 
Random recollections of Albany from 
1800 to 1808. Albany, 1849; and of 
Hudson . . . 1850. 

Jones, John Franklin. William S. 
Cardell. Analytical spelling-book. By 
. . . N.Y. 1823. 

Jones, Sarah T. Catherine Cooper 

Joseph. Bt. Hon. Joseph Chamber- 
lain. Defeat and retreat . . . Letters 
from ... L. 1883. 

Joshua. Joshua Hutchinson. A brief 
narrative of the Hutcliinson familj' . . . 
By . . . B. 1874. 

- Journalist, A. Isaac C. Pray. Me- 
moirs of James Gordon Bennett and his 
times. By . . . N.Y. 1855. ' 

'Journeyman Bookbinder, A. Fred- 
crick Bull. The difficulties and improba- 
bility of persons recovering their right, 
by civil or legal process, who do not pos- 
sess the means to employ counsel . . . By 
. . .- L. 1837. 

Journeyman Engineer, A. Thomas 
Wright. (1) The great unwashed ... L. 
1868. — (2) Some habits and customs of 
the working classes ... L. 1867. 

Journeyman Mechanic, A. Wil- 
liam Calder. I'oems . . . by . . . Edinb. 

Journeyman Printer, A. Henry 




Clark. Four years in the States. L. 
Journeyman W^oolcomber, A. C. 

Jones. Sowton : a village conference 
. . . By. . . Crediton, 1775. 
- Jowler. ' William Pitt, Earl of Chat- 
ham, in Smollett's "History of an atom." 

Juba. Rev. Benjamin Allen. "United 
we stand, divided we fall." By . . . N.Y. 

Judge Advocate General, A.V Joseph 
Holt. Review by ... of the proceedings 
... of a general court-martial held for the 
trial of Maj. Gen. F. J. Porter, U.S.V. 
W. 1863. 

Judy, Aunt. 3Irs. Juliana Horatia 
(^Gattij) Ewing. 

Julius. Julius Charles Hare. A lay- 
man's letters. 1824. 

Junior. John Eardley Wilmot, Esq. 
Conjecture on the author of Junius con- 
tinued. " Gent. Mag.," January, 1813, ' 
pp. 3, 4. 

Junior 31. A., one of the 386. Wil- 
liam (reorge Ward. Some answer to the' 
question, How do you vote on the 13th ? 
In a letter to a friend, by . . . Oxf . 1845. 
y^ Junius. Cornelius Walford, in " In- 
surance Times." 

Junius. W. R. Dickerson. The letters 
of . . . B. 1871. 

Junius. Alfred Delvau and Alphonse 
Duchesne, in Letti-es contributed to " Le 
Figaro" (Paris). 

This signature has also been employed bj' .Titles 
Barbey-d Aurevilly, Charles Monselet, and Jnles 

Vallks, in their contributions to various Frencli 

Junius. Rev. Calvin Colton. (1) 
American jacobinism : a sequel to the 
" Crisis of the country." By . . . N.Y. 
1840. — (2) The Junius tracts. By . . . 
N.Y. 1844. — (3) Life of Henry Clay. By 
. . . N.Y. 1843. 

Junius, E. Adrien Emmanuel Rou- 
quette. Critical dialogue between Aboo 
and Caboo on a new book ; or, a gran- 
dissime ascension. Edited by . . . Mingo 
City (New Orleans), 1880. 

Junius Patricias. Young. 

Junius Redivivus. William Bridges 
Adams. Common sense, edited by . . . 
L. 1841. 

Jurist, A. Elias Hasket Derby. The 
Catholic : letters addressed by . . . to a 
young kinsman ... B. 1856. 

Juror, A. Downing. A series of 

letters on rural police . . . By ... L. 

Justice. Joseph Ritson, in " St. James's 

Justice. John H. McCunn. Autobi- 
ography or biography. Albany, 1874. 

Justice of the Peace, A. .fohn 
Disneg, D.D. Thoughts on the great 
circumspection necessary in licensing 
public ale-houses . . . By ... L. 

Justinas, John. .John Taylor. 1854, 

Justitia. Rev. Richard Wheatley. 

Juvenal, Democritus. Andrew Brice. 


K., C. Charles Knight. The British 
mechanic's and labourer's hand-book, and 
true guide to the United States. L. 1840. 

K., E. Edward King. Correspondent 
of the Boston "Journal." 

K., J. James Kennard, ,Tr., in the 
"Christ. Exam.," XXXVIII., 1. 

K., Ij. v. Lotten von Kramer. Fanta- 
siklang-viixter kring verklighetens stam. 
Sthlm. 1865. 

K., M. A. Mrs. Mary Anne Kelty. 
Loneliness and leisure . . . By ... L. 

K., O. von. Oscar von Knorring, a author. 

K., S. L(. Samuel Lorenzo Knapp. Pro- 
fesBor John W. Francis. " New England 
Mag.," Vol. VII., p. 210, 1834. 

K., T. Thomas Kirkn/). Article on 

" Socialism," in the last edition of the 
" Encyclopaedia Britannica." 

K., T. Thomas Ken, D.D. The royal 
sufferer: a manual of meditations and de- 
votions. L. 1723. 

K., T., and D. J. Thomas Keyworth 
and David Jones. Principia Hebraica . . . 
By... L. 1817. 

"k., T. S. Thomas Starr King, in tlie 
"Christ. Exam." (B.), 1851. 

K. Z. Karl Merz, in his contributions 
to "Brainard's Musical World" (N.Y.). 

K.-F., I. G. N. Hon. Ion Grant Nevill 
Keith- Falconer. Article on " Sliortliand," 
in the last edition of the " Eucycloinodia 

K . George Keith. Sigii.atiire (o 

hymns in "Rippon's Selection." 
' K— t, A. Sir John Douglas. Odes to 




the pillory. Supposed to hcive been writ- 
ten by . . . and his lady [Lady Charlotte 
Douglas]. L. 1813. 

Kaiser, Ernst. Ewald August Konig. 
Schuld und siiline : reman. N.Y. 1882. 

Kappa. Bev. Henry Penneck. A song 
composed for a party to beefsteaks on 
tin. " Cornish Mag.," 1828, p. 106. 

Kate. Mrs. Katharhie (Reipiolds) 
Barmby. Her signature in the " Moral 

Kate, Cousin. Maria J. Mcintosh. 

Kate, Cousin. Kate M. T. Gozans. 

(I) Christmas treasures for boys and 
girls. By . . . N.Y. 1879. — (2) Sun- 
beams for baby days. By . . . N.Y. 1879. 

Kate, Cousin. Mrs. Catharine Doug- 
lass Bell. (1) Set about it at once ; or. 
Cousin Kate's story. Edinb. 1847. — (2) 
Georgie and Lizzie. 1849.— (3) What 
may I learn ; or, sketches of school-girls. 
1849. — (4) The Douglass family. 1851. 

— (5) Margaret Cecil ; or, " I came be- 
cause I ought." 1851. — (G) Arnold Lee ; 
or, rich children and poor children. 1852. 

— (7) Lily Gordon, the young house- 
keeper. 1853. — (8) Hope Campbell ; 
or, know thyself. 1854. — (9) Mary 
Elliott ; or, be kind to one another. 2d 
ed., 1856.— (10) New stories. 1861.— 

(II) My first pennies. B. 1864. 

Kate, Cousin. Mrs. Catharine M. 
Edwards. Stories for children. By . . . 
B. 185-. 

Keene, Alec. Alexander Findlay. 

Keese, Olive. Miss Caroline W. 
Leakey. The broad arrow : passages 
from the history of Maida Gwynnham. 
L. 18—. 

Kenneth, Esther Sarah. Mrs. E. M. 

Kent. Sidney George Fisher. An 
American political writer, of Philadel- 
phia ; adopted this signature in the lat- 
ter part of his life. 

Kentuckian, A. Charles Winterjield. 
My first day with the rangers. By . . . 
"Amer. Whig Rev.," March, 1845, p. 280. 

Kentuckian, The. William A. Car- 
riifhers. The K. in New York. N.Y. 1834. 

Kettle, Rosa Blakenzie. Mary Rosa 
Stuart Kettle. (1) The earl's cedars. By 
... L. 1860. — (2) Fabian's tower: a 
novel. By... L. 1852. 

Kien liong. Emperor of China. 
Tlioiiias James Mathias. Tlie imperial 
epi.stle from ... to George tlie Third, in 
1794 ... L. 1798. 

Kilniallock, Lord. William O'Con- 
nell. So called, in .joke, by his cousin the 

" King Andrew." Andrew Jackson. 

" King Andi-ew had five trusty squires, 
Whom he held his bid to do; 
He also had three pilot fish. 

To give the sharks their cue. 
There was Mat and Lou, and Jack and Lev, 

And Roger, of Taney hue. 
And Blair, the book, 
And Kendall, chief cook, 

And Isaac surnamed the true." 
"'Mat.,' Martin Van Buren, was Secretary 
of State ; ' Lou.,' Louis McLane, Seci-etary of 
the Treasury; 'Jack,' John Branch, was Secre- 
tary of the Navy; ' Lev.,' Levi Woodbury, was 
his successor, and ' Roger,' Roger B. Taney, 
was Attorney-General." — See Pbblbt's " Rem- 
iniscences," Vol. I., p. 103. 

" King, Miss Nancy." William Ru- 
fus King. A sobriquet of that eminent 
statesman, who "was a prim, spare bach- 

King, Thorold. Charles Gatchell, M.D. 
Haschisch. Chicago, 1886. 

King of Batli,'The. Richard Nash. 

King of Dunces, The. Colley Cibber, 
in Pope's " Dunciad." 

King of the Vagrants, Tlie. George 

King's Remembrancer, The. Sir 
Henry Jardine. Report of . . . relative to 
the tomb of King Robert the Bruce . . . 
Edinb. 1821. 

Kingsbury, Alice. Alice Kingsbury 
Cooley. Ho f for elf -land! By... San 
Francisco, 1877. 

Kingston, May. Sarah Lane. Phoebe 
Skiddy's theology. B. 1883. 

Kinmont Willie. William Arm- 
strong. Kinmont Willie : a border bal- 
lad. ' 1839. 

Kirkland. Miss Amanda Bartlett 
Harris. Signature in the " Christian 

Kismet. 3Irs. Newton Sears. 

K\£is. William S. Villiers Sankey. 
Portefeuille of science. L. 1838. 

Klett, Harold. Halkett Lord. His 
signature in the "Bookmart." 

Kleve, Stella. Miss Mathilda I'Cruse. 
Berta Funcke. Beriittelse af. 1885. 

Knave of Clubs. Rev. .Toshna Brookes. 
— See " Rivers, Rev. Joseph." 

Knight, A. .Jeremiah Bentham(l). 
Ryme and reason ; or, a fresh stating of 
the arguments against an opening through 
the wall of Queen's Square, Westminster. 
By . . . L. 1780. 

Kuot-Rab. A'. Barton. lo: a tale 
of tlie olden fane. N.Y. 1851. 

Koo-(A07ro\iTT)S, S. Li. <S. Lusignan et al. 
A history of tlie revolt of All Bey . . . 
L. 1783. " 

Krantzovius, IrenaMis. Benjamin 
StilUngfieet. Some thouglits concerning 
liappiness. By ... L. 1738. 



Krick. EWiu Burritt. 

Krinebol, le voyageur. Laurent 
Anglioiel de la Beaumelle. Les amours de 
Zeokinizul (Louis-Quinze) . . . Amster- 
dam, 1746. 

See Querard, Vol. II., pp. 454, 455; also for 
key to " Zeokinizul." 

Kringle, Karl. J. P. Buckner. The 
Hoosier doctor. A medicated story. 
Columbus, 0., 1881. 

Kull von Kill. Alexander McGrew, 
in his letters to various Western periodi- 


£. John Sterling. (1) Carlyle's 
works. " Westminster Rev.," 1839, p. 1. 
— (2) Montaigne and his writings. 
" London and Westminster Rev.," Au- 
gust, 1838, p. 321. — (3) Simonides. 
*' Westminster Rev.," December, 1838, 
p. 99. 

Li. Alvan Lainson, in the " Christ. 

li. William Parsons Lunt, in the 
" Christ. Exam.," XXXIII., 50. 
J li. James Lenox. Curiosities of 
American literature, in Norton's " Liter- 
ary Register," 1853 or 1854. 

Lj. Tlioiuns Lajiviirl:. The medical 
police of the United Kingdom. " West- 
minster Rev.," March, 1846, j). 56. 

L. William Pettji, ^larquis of Lans- 
dowiie. Monument for Howard. "Gent. 
Mag.," May, 1791, p. 395. 
^^ li., Mr. Baron. Mr. Baron Lovel. 
Charge to the grand jury for the County 
of Devon, the 5th of April, 1710, at the 
Castle of Exon ... L. 1710, By Jona- 
than Swift. 

li., A. Ali'an Lamson, in the " Christ. 

L., A. A. Abiet Abbot Lirermore, in the 
"Christ. Exam." (B.), 1851. 

li., C Sir Charles Lemon, 2d Bart. 
A letter . . . on . . . the Dunstanville 
fund . . . Truro, 1837. 

li., D. David Laing. Abbotsford 
club. A list of the members, etc. Ed- 
ited by . . . Edinb. 1886. 

li., E. Edirnrd fjovibond. Mis signa- 
ture to No. 82 in the " World," July 25, 

He also wrote Nos. 9.3, 94, \Z2, and 134 with- 
out signature. 

Ij., K. Emma Lewis. Night wntchcs ; 
or, till! peace of the cross. P. 1853. 

li.. Cm. George Luut. (1) The death 
race. " Amer. Monthly Mag.," April, 
1829, p. 39. — Specimen of a cantf), Octo- 
l)er, 1829, p. 483. — Eraser's burial, No- 
vember, 1829, p. 566. — (2) Signature to 
poetrv in tlie "United States Literary 
Gar^'iie" (V,.), ISl'O. 

L., G. George Liver more, in the " Christ. 

li., Gr. H. George Henrij Lewes. (1) 
Authors and managers. " Westminster 
Rev.," January, 1842, p. 71. — (2) 
Charges against Niebuhr. " Westminster 
Rev.," October, 1843, p. 335. — (3) Errors 
and abuses of Englisli criticism. " West- 
minster Rev.," October, 1842, p. 466. — 
(4) French drama. " Westminster 
Rev.," September, 1840, p. 287. — (5) 
Modern French historians. " West- 
minster Rev.," October, 1841, \). 273. — 
(6) Percy Bysshe Shelley. " West- 
minster Rev.," April, 1841, p. 303.— (7) 
The prize comedy and the prize com- 
mittee. " Westminster Rev.," Septem- 
ber, 1844, p. 105. — (8) Recent trage- 
dies. " Westminster Rev.," April, 1842, 
p. 321. — (9) Tiie Roman Empire and 
its poets. " Westminster Rev.," July, 
1842, p. 33. — (10) Shakespeare and his 
editors. " Westminster Rev.," March, 
1845, p. 40. — (11) Spinoza's life and 
works. " Westminster Rev.," May, 1843, 
p. 372. — (12) Strafford and the histori- 
cal drama. " Westminster Rev.," March, 
1844, p. 119. 

lii, H., Gentleman. Henrij Lok. 
Ecclesiastes ; otherwise called the 
preacher. By ... L. 1597. 

Ij., H. W. Henrij W. Longfellow. 
(1) The approach of spring. From the 
French. " New England Mag.," Vol. 
IV., p. 410. — (2) Night's revealings. 
From the ancient Sclavonian of Hans 
Hammergaffstein. By... B. 1850. — 
See "(xreenwood, Grace." — (3) Signa- 
ture to jjoetry in the " United States Lit- 
erai-y Gazette" (B.), 1824-26. 

li., J. Josejih Lovering, in the " Christ. 

li., J. John Longmnir, M.D. Stra- 
tology; or, soldier worship, n.p. 1870. 

L., J. P. ./. P. Lesleij. Catalogue of 
the American I'hilosopliical Society Li- 
brary. P. 1863. 

L.., J. K. John B. Lei/child. Corn- 
wall ; its mines and miners . . . By . . . 



L. 1855, Also his signature in the 
" Encyclopaedia Britannica," 8th edition, 
pp. 219-49, to the article "Mines and 

Li., J. W. J. W- Lawson. Brockley 
Moor. N.Y. 1874. 

Li. L. Michael Wodhull. He was a 
frequent correspondent of the " Gent. 
Mag.," chiefly under the final letters of 
his name " L. L." 

L., Ij. Li. L. L. Lauren. Minnen 
frau skolan och universitetet. Sthlm. 

Li., R. Rev. Roger Laurence. Dis- 
senters, and other unauthorized baptisms 
null and void ... By . . . L. 1712. 

Li., S. Samuel LoiH/felloiv, in the 
" Christ. Exam.," XXXIX., 191. 

Li. S. E. Michael Augustus Gathercole. 
(1) The church of Christ. What is it ? 
where is it 1 and how may we know it '? 
By . . . L. 1863. — (2) A remonstrance 
addressed to the . . . Bishop of London 
... L. 1834. — (3) Reply to . . . twenty- 
four strong reasons why the author . . . 
does not become a Dissenter. L. 1840. 

L., S. K. Samuel Kirkland iMhrop, in 
the "Christ. Exam." 

Li., T. Thomas Lewis. A modest vin- 
dication of the Church of England from 
the scandal of popery. L. 1710. — ■ (2) 
The scourge ; in vindication of the 
Church of England ... L. 1720. 

Ij., V. Rev. C. V. Le Grice. Tripos 
verses in the " Classical Journal." 1812. 

Li., W. William Lauder, on Milton's 
imitation of the moderns, in " Gent. 
Mag.," pp. 24, 82, 189, 285, 363. L. 

Li., W. B. William B. Lapham. Bar 
Harbor and Mount Desert Island. N.Y. 

li., W. P. William Parsons Lnnt, in 
the " Christ. Exam." 

LLi.B. of Harvard College, A, 
Sometime Commonor of Magdalen 
Hall, Oxford. William Alexander Rich. 
The English universities, in the " North 
American Review." An essay by . . . 
Albany, 1854. 

L ce, Miss Elizabeth. Miss 

Elizabeth Lairrence. 

Li She, H S., Esq. 

Hercules Langrishe. The substance of a 
speech made by . . . Dublin, 1772. 

li**. Mrs. Hannah F. (Sawi/er) Lee, 
in the "Christ. Exam." 

Li**g, C. Miss Concordia Lofoim). 
Nordiska skymningssagor. Sthlm. 1871. 

Li , Lady. Lady Lyons. L. 1847. 

li — g. Bailey Loving, in the " Christ. 

Li — ne, Lord. George Granville, Lord 
Lansdowne. The genuine speech of . . . 
against repealing the occasional and 
schism bills. L. 1719. 

L — p — . Samuel Kirkland Lothrop, 
D.D., in the " Christ. Exam." 

Li — tt — n, E — m — d. Edmund Litton.^ 
Philosophical conjectures on aerial in- 
fluences ... By . . . L. 1747. 

Li**, B**. Louis Narcisse Baudry 
des Lozieres. Voyage a la Louisiane . . . 
1794 a 1798 . . . par"". . . Paris, 1802. 

Labourer's Daughter, A. Barbara 
H. Farquhar. Female education . . . By 
. . . L. 1851.- — The pearl of days . . . 
By . . . L. 1848. 

Labruyere. A. P. D. A. Mil laud. 
Physiologies parissiennes : dessins de 
Cavan d'Ache. Paris, 18 — . 

Laco. Stephen Higginson. 

" Among the most tenacious political oppo- 
nent'.: of John Hancock, was Stephen Higgineon, 
a nervous writer of great spirit, whose itnicles 
signed ' Laco,\in Russell's ' Oentinel,' effected a 
strong feeling. Mr. Higginson was a merchant 
on Long wharf, and passed down State Street to 
his store. The truckmen wlio stood in State 
Street used great efforts to teach a parrot, that 
hung in a cage at the corner of Merchants' Row, 
to recognize 'Laco,' and to curse him; and so 
completely successful were they, that pretty Poll 
no sooner saw Mr. Higginson approach, than she 
J)egan to 'Hurrah for Hancock! Down with 
Laco!' and continued to do so till he was out 
of sight." 

Lacretelle le jeune. Napole'on et 
Lucien Bonaparte. Parralle entre Cesar, 
Cromwell, Monck et Napoleon. Paris, 

Lady, A. Miss Sara H. Browne. A 
book for the eldest daughter. By . . . 
B. 1849. 

Lady, A. Mrs. R. G. Varnham. Bos- 
ton Common : a tale . . . By . . . 1856. 

In " I. and P." ascribed to Mrs. Farrar. 

Lady, A. Mrs. Eliza (Rotrh) Farrar. 
The children's Robinson Crusoe . . . By 
... B. 1830. 

Lady, A. Lady Lees. Effie's and 
the doctor's tales. L. 1854. 

Lady, A. Mrs. Mary AstelL' An es- 
say in defence of the female sex . . . By 
... L. 1703. 

Lady, A. 3Irs. Elizabeth Bonhotc 
Feeling . . a . . . poem . . . By ... L. 
1810. ^ 

Lady, A. Mrs. Eliza Ann (Afunroe) 
Bacon. 'I'he fruit of tlie spirit ; or, the 
Christian graces. By , . . B. 1842. 

Lady, A. Miss A. F. Ghilde. Good 
out of evil ; or, the history of Adjai, the 
African slave-boy. By . . . 1850. 

Lady, A. Mrs. Isabella Bird Bishop. 
A L.'s life in the Rocky Mountains. N.Y. 




Lady, A. Mrs. Henri/ Warwick Cole. 
A L.'s tour round Monte Rosa, etc. 1859. 

Lady, A. Mary Eyre. A L.'s walks 
in the south of France in 1863. L. 1865. 

Lady, A. M. E. Dunch. Leisure 
moments ; or, letters and poems, etc. 
By . . . Greenwich, 1826. 

Lady, A. Mrs. Martha Blount. Letters 
to . . . By Mr. Pope. L. 1769. 

" These letters, twelve in number, were writ- 
ten about 1722 or 1723, and were supposed to 
have been addressed to Mrs. Martha Blount. Mr. 
James Dodsley possessed the originals." 

Lady, A. Mrs. Dorset. (1) The 

lion's masquerade . . . Written by . . . 
L. 1807. — (2) The peacock " at home " 
... By . . . L. 1807. 

Lady, A. Miss Hannah White. The 
mountain gleaner. By ... B. 1850. 

Lady, A. Miss Christian Carstairs. 
Original poems. By ... L. 1786. 

Lady, A. Mrs. Frances Maria Cow- 
per(1). Original poems . . . By ... L. 

Lady, A. Miss Edwards. Otho- 

and Rutha. A dramatic tale. L. 1781. 

Lady, A. J. Henrietta Pi/e. Poems. 
By . . . L. 1767. 

Lady, A. Lady Charlotte Maria 
(Campbell) Bury. Suspirium sanctorum; 
or, holy breathings . . . By ... L. 1830. 

Lady, A. 3hs. Ritson. A poetical 
picture of America . . . By ... L. 1809. 

Lady, A. Mrs. A. Bell. Poetical 
tales and poems. L. 1844. 

Lady, A. Catharine Dowjlas, Duchess 
of Queeiisberry. A proper reply to a 
late . . . letter from the Hon, 'r[honia]s 
H[ervejv. !>>«)■. to Sh- T. Hanmer . . . 
By . . . ' L. 1742. 

Lady, A. Maria Piiivkney. The quin- 
lessence of long speeches arranged as a 
political catocliisni. By . . . for her god- 
daughter. Charleston, 1830. 

Lady, A. Eliza Rxmsey. Tlie re- 
deemed rose ; or, Willie's rest. \iy . . . 
L. 1853. 

Lady, A. Mrs. Ross. Remarks 

on a poem called " The scourge of fash- 
ion." By . . . N.Y. 1801. 

Lady, A. Mi's. Charles Tucker. Re- 
marks on marriage with a deceased 
wife'.s sister. Hy . . . L. 1868. 

Lady, A. J//.ss Eraiis. Resig- 
nation : an American novel. By . . . 
B. 1825. 

Lady, A. Miss Askew. A re- 
view of the reigns of Ceorge I. and IL 
... By . . . Berwick, 1792. 

Lady, A. Mrs. R. W. Thomson. The 
rights of labor and the nine-hours' niove- 
nicnt . . . P.y . . . n.p., n.d. 

Lady, A. Anna Finch, Countess of 
Winchelsea. The spleen : a Pindarique 
ode. By . . . L. 1709. 

Lady, A. Mrs. Helena ( Wells) Whit- 
ford. The stepmother : a domestic tale 
from real life. By . . . L. 1798. 

Lady, A. Grace Arthur. The temple 
of health: a poetic vision. By ... L. 

Lady, A. Miss Jane Frances Chap- 
man. Waldemar, surnamed Seir ... 
Translated from the Danish . . . By . . . 

Lady, A. Henry and Augustus Mayhew. 
Whom to marry, and how to get mar- 
ried; or, the adventures of a lady who 
has refused twenty good offers. N.Y. 

Lady lately Deceased, A. Mrs. 

Langhorne. Constantia : an elegy 

to the memory of . . . L. 1768. By 
Edmund Cartwright. 

Lady Margaret, Professor of Di- 
vinity, The. Jolni James Blunt. A let- 
ter to . . . on education for the priest- 
hood in the University of Cambridge. 
By a fellow of a college. Camb. 1846. 

Lady, a Native of Virginia, A. Mrs. 
Alfred W.ElwesC^). The Potomac muse. 
By . . . Richmond, 1825. 

Lady of Fashion. A. William Make- 
peace Thackeray. Yesterday : a tale of 
the Polish balL "Punch," June, 1848. 

Lady of New Orleans, A. 3Iarion 
Southu-ood. " Beauty and booty "; being 
the watchword of New Orleans. N.Y. 

Lady of Philadelphia, A. .Uiss 
Eliza J^eslie. Seventy-five receipts . . . 
By ... B. 1828. 

Lady of Quality, A. Anne I- «)«(.', Vis- 
countess Vane. .\n ai)ology for the con- 
duct of . . . lately traduc'd under the name 
of Lady Frail. L. 1751. 

Lady of Quality, A. Lady Mary 
{Lee) Chudleiqti. Tlie female preacher 
... By . . . ■ L. n.d. 

Lady of Rank, A. Catherine Hyde, 
Marchioness Govion Broglio Solari. 
Secret memoirs of the royal family 
of France during the Revolution . . . 
By . . . L. 1826. 

Lady of the Last Century, A. Mrs. 
Elisabeth (Robinson) Montagu. Illus- 
trated in her unpublished letters ... By 
Dr. Doran. L. 1873. 

Lafitte, Leon. Prentis Ingraliam. 

Lahainaluna. Rev. Sheldon Dibble. 

Laiub-leader, The. William Ander- 
son. The piper of Peebles : a tale. By 
. . . Dundee, 1794. 
(/ La Moille, Dr. Tom G. Ceorqe La 

*«• LA 



Motile Olmsted. Signature in the "Na- 
tional Repository," "Potter's Amer. 
Monthly," etc. 
-— 'Liainp. George B. Watson, in the 
Boston " Transcript." 

Liancashire Minister, A. Bev. Bobert 
Best. A L. M.'s continental holiday, and 
wliat it cost ... L. 1865. 

Lancelot. Lancelot Blackhurne. Priest- 
craft and lust ; or, ... to his ladies : an 
epistle from the shades. L. 1743. 

jSTot written by Blackburne, but descriptive 
of him. 

Land of 3Iisfortuiie, The. Zululand. 

In the . . . , with illustrations. L. 1882. 
Dixie, Lad^' Florence Caroline (Doug- 

Ijaudliolder, A. Benjamin Bell. Ob- 
servations on the assessment of tolls as a 
public revenue . . . By . . . Edinb. 1797. 

Landlady of the Old School, A. 
Mrs. Sophia Hai/es V/yatt. Autobiog- 
raphy of . . . 1854. 

Landseer. Brumlei/ Mnrfaii. The 
dog in health, etc. N.Y. 1886. ' 

Langdale, Launcelot. George J. 

Larkfin. FranMln Sattertliwaite. 

Larkln. John L. Cassidi/. 

La Rochere, Mile. Eugenie. Eu- 
genie Duthiel. A French novelist. 

La Rochere, Mme. la comtesse. 
Eugenie Dutheil. Tebaldo, oder Glaube 
und vorurtheil. Mainz, 1853. 

Lars Johan. Rev. J. Guveuius. Snia 
noveller af. Sthlm. 1859. 

Last English Msecenas, The. Samuel 

Last of the Stuarts, The. Charles 
Edward Stuart, Count of Albany. 

Late Author, A. Joseph Galloway. 
An account of the conduct of the war in 
the middle colonies. Extracted from . . . 
By John Wesley. L. 1780. 

Late Author, A. William Coward. 
[Turner's] A brief vindication of the 
. . . immortality of the soul from . . . 's 
second thoughts, etc. L. 1702. 

Late Author, A. Daniel Brevint. 
The Christian sacrament and sacrifice : 
extracted from . . . By J. Wesky. L. 

Late Commentatoi', A. William 
Romaine. An apology for the clergj', 
with a view to expose the groundless as- 
sertions of ... on the CVIIth Psalm, etc. 
L. 1755. John Douglas. 

Late Deceased Satirist, A. .John 
Potter. The hobby horse : a character- 
istical satire on the times. By ... L. 

Late Dignified Clergyman, A. 

Chapman. Sermons preached at the 

abbey church at Bath. By . . . 1790. 

Late Eminent Advocate, A. Williu m 
Melnwth. Memoirs of . . . L. 1796. 

Late Eminent Citizen of Dublin, A. 
James Digges Latouche. A sliort but true 
history of the rise, progress, and happy 
suppression of several late insurrections 
... in Ireland . . . By ... L. 1760. 

Late Eminent Divine, A. William 
Law(^). The true grounds of the bene- 
fits of Jesus Christ, as he is the Saviour 
of all mankind. Extracted from the 
writings of . . . Bristol, 1777. 

Late Eminent Hand, A. Sir George 
Cooke. Reports and cases oi practice in 
tlie Court of Common Pleas in the 
reigns of Anne, George L, and George II. 
By ... L. 1747. 

Late Genial Editor of "Punch," 
The. Charles Shirley Brooks. Wit and 
humour, in " The Times," Oct. 16, 1875. 

Late Inhabitant, A. Edicard Hasted, 
F.S.A. The Canterbury guide ; or, trav- 
eller's pocket companion. By . . . 1805. 

Late Learned Judge, A. Sir Geof- 
fry Gilbert. Reports of cases in equity 
argued and decreed in the courts of 
chancery and exchequer, chiefly in the 
reign of King George I. . . . L. 1734. 

Late Lord Mayor of London, A. 
Sir John Barnard. A present for an ap- 
prentice ; or, a sure guide to gain both 
esteem and an estate. By ... L. 1740. 

Late 3Ieniber of the General Court, 
A. James Swan. National arithmetick ; 
or, observations on the finances of the 
Commonwealth of Massachusetts. B. 

Late Member of the Honourable 
East India Company's Civil Service 
at Canton, A. Sir James B.^ Urmston. 
Past and future British relations with 
China. By . . . 1843. 

Late Noble Commander, A. Lord 
George Sackville. The conduct of . . . 
examined. By John Almon. ^ L. 1759. 

Late Perpetual Curate of East and 
West Looe, The. Richard William 
Barnes. The last three sermons preached 
in the clmrcli of Looe, Cornwall. By . . . 
Truro, 1850. 

' Late Popular Writer, A. Dr. 

Brown. A description of the lake of 
Keswick (and tlie adjacent country) in 
Cumberland. By . . . Kendal, 1771. 

Late Professor in the University 
of Oxford, A. Robert Lowth, D.D. A 
letter to the right rev. author of the 
"Divine legation of Moses demonstrated" 
[William Warburton] in answer, ^tc. L, 




Late Railway Chaplain, A. Bev. 
James Henry Nowers. Recollections of 
... L. 1851. 

Late Resident, A. Eaton Stannard 
Barrett. Six weeks at Longs. By . . . 
L. 1817. 

Late Second Rate Minister, A. 
Edward Weston. Apology for the con- 
duct of . . . from 1729 to 1746. L. 17—. 

Late Senior Examiner of Needle- 
■wrork to the School Board of Lon- 
don, The. Mrs. L. 8. Floijer. Plain 
cutting out for standards V., VI., and 
VII. ... By . . . L. 1885. 

Late Visitant, A. William Jerdan. 
Six weeks in Paris; or, a cure for the 
gallomania. By ... L. 1818. 

Lately Beneficed Clergyman, A. 
Rer. George Armstrong. The church: its 
civil establishment indefensible . . . By 
... L. 1831. 

Launcelot, Dom Claude. Mart/ 
Aiiiie (^Gulton) Schimmelpennincl: Nar- 
rative of a tour in the year 1667 to La 
Grand Chartreuse and Alet. By ... L. 

Laureat, A. Eobert Southei/. The 
cliangeling : a poem in two cantos, ad- 
dressed to . . . [an invective against 
K. S.]. L. 1817. 

Lavante. Albert A. Wilmer. The 
poets and poetry of America. N.Y. 

Also ascribed to Edgar Allan Foe. 

Lawson, Will H. Charles Albert 
White. Down by the brooklet. Song 
and chorus . . . Music by . . . B. 1871. 

La^vye^, A. Jolin Fine. Lectures on 
law. Prepared principally from Kent, 
by . . . for the use of Jiis sons. Albany, 

Lawyer, A. Francis Ilext. Letter 
from ... of. the Middle Temple, a Cor- 
nishinan by birth. The "Spectator," 
No. 129, July 28, 1711. 

Law.yer, A. John Beeves. Observa- 
tions on (what is called) tiie Catholic 
bill. L. 1807. 

Lawyer, A. . Frederick JIallard. 
Thoughts on some points in our system 
of judicial procedure. By . . . Edinb. 

Lawyer, The. Sir William Black- 
stone. Tlie L.'s farewell to his muse, in 
Dodsley's ".Poems," Vol. IV. 

Lay Hand, A. Edmund Curll. Some 
considerations . . . offer'd to the . . • 
B[i9ho]p of Salisbury ... By . . . L. 

Lay Head-Master, A. Ileh/ ITntrhin- 
son Ahmmd. Sermons by ... L. 1880. 

Lay Member of the ("hiirch, A. 

John Hamilton. The present position of 
the Church of Scotland explained and 
vindicated, ^y . . . Edinb. 1839. 

Lay I>lember of the Churcli of 
England, A. G. Taijlor. The Scriptu- 
ral doctrine of man's salvation ... A 
letter . . . from . . . Manchester, 1818. 

Signed " Zenas." 

Lay Member of the Church of 
England, A. John St.oiv. A selection 
from a version of the Psalms of David, 
intended for family use. By ... L. 

Lay Member of the Protestant 
Episcopal Church, A. Thomas McMul- 
len. Beauties of sacred literature and 
practice, selected from various authors. 
Edited by . . . N.Y. 1864(?). 

Lay Protestant, A. William Wallace. 
Strictures on the letter of the Right 
Rev. Dr. Murray . . . relative to Dew's 
theology ... By . . . Dublin, 1836. 

Layman, A. R. Tooth. 

Layman, A. A. H. Fitzroij, Duke of 
Grafton. — See "A Clergyman" [Bp. 

^ Layman, A. William Plumer. An 
address to the clergy of New England 
on their opposition to the rulers of the 
United States. By . . . Concord, N.H., 

-- Layman, A. Alexander Dunlop. (1) 
American confessions of . . . Edinb. 1848. 

— (2) Continental confessions of . . . 
Edinb. 1847. 

Layman, A. John Lowell. Are you 
a Christian or a Calvinisti ... B. 1815. 

Layman, A. Scantlebury. Church 

and state lieterogeneous ; or, . . . correct- 
ing (Fletcher Dixon) the vicar of Duf- 
field, in reply to a pamphlet entitled "A 
sermon against Jacobinical and Puritan- 
ical reformations." \j. 1794. 

- Layman, A. John Boirles. Claims of 
the Established Church. By . . . L. 1817. 

Layman, A. William Stevens. Cur- 
sory observations on a pamphlet entitled 
" An address to the clergy of the Church 
of England, etc." L. 1773. 

Layman, A. Charles Bewick Curtis. 
A domestic liturgy . . . Compiled by . . . 

.-'Layman, A. Francis Edward Chase. 
Eliana ; or, . . . contributions in theology. 
L. 1852. 

Layman, A. Angnslus Henry Fitzroy, 
Duke" of Grafton. Hints, etc., submitted 
to tlu? serious attention of the clergy, 
nobility, and gentry ... By . . . L. 178-. 
''Layman, A. William. Ellis. A L.'s 
contribution to the knowledge and prac- 
tice of religion in common life. L.1857. 



^^ayman, A. John Skute Barrington, 
y'lst Viscount. A letter from . . . L. 1714. 
Liayman, A. D. P. Prime. Letters 
addressed to a Baptist clergyman on the 
doctrine of endless punishment. By . . , 
B. 1859. 

/' Liayman, A. Augustus William and 
■Julius Charles Hare. Letters to the au- 
thor of the " Trial of the witnesses." L. 

Preface to " Guesses at Truth. The fourth 
letter by Julius. 

^ Eiayiiian, A. Edgar Taylor. The 
New Testament of our Lord and Saviour 
Jesus Christ. Revised . . . By ... L. 

>-Iiayinan, A. Peleg Whitman Chandler. 
Observations on the authenticity of the 
Gospels. By . . . B. 1867. 
- Ijayinan, A. William Falconer. Ob- 
servations on the words which the centu- 
rion uttered at the crucifixion of our 
Lord. By . . . Oxf. 1808. 

L/ayman, A. John David Chambers. 
An order of household devotion . . . for 
everv morning and evening for a week 
. . . " By . . . L. 1854. 

Ijayinan, A. James A. Wright. Peo- 
'^ple and preachers in the Methodist Epis- 
copal Church. By . . . P. 1880. 

Liayman, A. Colonel 3forrison. Propo- 
sitions regarding the Church of Scotland. 
By . . . Edinb. 1843. 

Layman, A. Thomas Paine. Ra- 
tional and revealed religion . . . com- 
pared. By . . . L. 1794. 
--. Layman, A. John Drt/den. Religio 
laici ; or, a layman's faith : a poem. L. 

Layman, A. Stephen Tempest. Re- 
ligio laici ; or, a layman's thoughts upon 
his duty to God, his neighbour, and him- 
self. L. 1764. 

Layman, A. Capel Lofft. The right 
of Protestant dissenters to a compleat 
toleration asserted . . . Bjr ... L. 1790. 

Also ascribed to Samuel Heywood. 
"Layman, A. *Sw' William Domville, 
Bart. The Sabbath . . . By . . . L. 1849. 
^--^Layman, A. William Burgh. A 
Scriptural confutation of the arguments 
against one godhead of the Father, Son, 
and Holy Ghost ... By . . . L. 1773. 

Layman, A. George Colman, the 
younger. A sermon for the general fast 
... By . . . L. n.d. 

Layman, A. Daniel Defoe. Sermon 
upon the late storm ... L. 1704. 
^- Layman, A. Mrs. Jane Anthong 
Fames. A sketch of the rise and progress 
of Grace Church, Providence. Compiled 
by . . . Providence, 1857. 

.(-'liajmian, A. Bev. Samuel Simpson. 
Short prayers . . . By . . . Lancaster, 

x^ Layman, A. Henry Drummond, M.P. 
Supplement to the Candid examination 
of the controversy between Messrs. Ir- 
ving, A. Thomson, and J. Haldane, re- 
specting tlie human nature of the Lord 
Jesus Christ. By . . . L. 1830. 
y^ Layman, A. Goldwin Smith. The 
suppression of doubt is not faith. A let- 
ter to Samuel VVilberforce . . . By . . . 
Oxf. 1861. 
y-y Ijayman, A. Benjamin Bartis Come- 
gys. Talks with boys and girls ; or, wis- 
dom better than gold. By . . . P. 1878. 
Z' Layman, A. Robert Gossip. The 
teachings of tlie " Scotch sermons " ex- 
hibited and examined. By . . . Edinb. 
,-■" Layman, A. Walter Brown. Thoughts 
about union .. Glasgow, n.d. 

Layman, A. Andrew Crosbie. Thoughts 
of . . . concerning patronage and presenta- 
tions. Edinb. 1769. 

Layman of the Chnreh of England, 
A. G. Warrington. (1) The historic 
character of the Pentateuch vindicated 
... By . . . L. 1863.— (2) The Mosaic 
origin of the Pentateuch considered . . . 
By\ . . L. 1864. 

Layman of the Church of England, 
A. ./. P. Caesar. Letters on Christian 
missions. By . . . Calcutta, 1858. 
.^^ Layman of the English Church, A. 
John David Chambers. The Encheiridion 
. . . Translated . . . by . . . L. I860.. 

Layman, The. John Shute Barrington, 
1st Viscoimt. The L.'s letters to the 
Bishop of Bangor. B}- ... L. 1716. 

Le Baron, 3Iarie. j\rrs. Bielby, 

Le Connor, Hans Patrick. Jacob 
L, Bowman. You and me ; or, sketches 
for both of us. By . . . St. Louis, 1867. 

Le G., C V. Charles Valentine Le 
Grice. An imitation of Horace's first 
Epistle, written and printed at Trinity 
College, Cambridge, in . . . 1793' Truro, 

Le Ros, Christian. W. J. Sorel, 
Christmas day. L. 1854. 

Led. Mrs. Josephiita Vilhelmina (Lund- 
berg) Vettergrund. Ur tant Ullas efter- 
lemnade anteckningar. Sthlni. 1878. 

Leader in the East India Direc- 
tion, The. Sir Richard Joseph Svlivan. 
History of the administration of . . . L. 

Leading Democrat of " Egypt,"' or 
Southern Illinois, A. Fdmvnd Quincg. 
Wliere will it end ? A view of slavery in 
the United States in its aggressions and 




results . . . supposed to be by . . . Provi- 
dence, 1863. 

Originally published in the "Atlantic Month- 
ly," I., pp. 2.39-249. 

Lieading Liberals. <S'/7- W. G. G. V. 
Harcourt, Joseph Chamberlain, and others. 
Speeches of ... on current politics, etc. 
L. 1880. 

licander, Charlotte. Emma Hennings. 

Lear, Fanny. Mrs. Hattie Blackford. 

Learned Tailor. Henry Wild. Called 
also the "Arabian Tailor." 

Lecturer, The. Henry Lonyueville 
Mansel. An examination of the Rev. 
F. D. Maurice's Strictures on the Bamp- 
ton lectures of 1858. By . . . 1859. 

Lee, Alice Gordon. Mrs. Alice (Brad- 
ley Neal) Haven, contributor to various 
magazines, prose and poetry, and editor 
of Neal's " Philadelphia Saturday Even- 
ing Gazette," about 1850. 

Lefevre. F. Barnett. — See "Douglas." 

Legalist. ,/. P. Philpott. What is 
law ? what are personal rights under 
law ? and what are personal obliga- 
tions ? Nashville, Tenn., 1887. 

Lexay-Marnezia, Le marquis CI. 
Fr. Adr. de. Martin Sherlock. 
^ Lena. Mrs. Mary Torrans Lathrop. 
A woman's question. In " Harper's 
Cyclopedia of Poetry." 

Wrongly ascribed to Mrs. Browning. 
.— Lenau, Nikolaus. Nikolans Franz 
Niembsch v. Strehtenaii. (1) Faust, ein 
gedicht. Stuttgart, 1840. — (2) Grossere 
Epische Diclitunoen . . . N.Y. 1882. 

/-Lennox, Miss. Lord Henry Lennox. 
A— See " Bo'sun, Tlie." 

Leo, Andr^. Mme. Le'onie (Bei-at) 
Ch<imiispi.r. l"it mariage scandeleux. 
Paris, 180;}. 
. Leon, Stuart de. Miss G. H. Lyman. 

Lerinina, Jules. William Cobb. 

Lespes, Leo. Antoine Joseph Najwleon 
Los pes. 

Known also under the pseudonym of " 'I'iino- 
thf^e Trimm." 

Lespes, Leo. Mme. Delpliine (Gay) de 
(Hiiirdin. Les mysteres du Grand-Opera. 
Pari.s, 1848. 

Lcstrange, Corliuie. Mary R. Davie. 

L'Estrange, Joseph. M. Prosper M<^- 
rim^e. Notice sur Clara Gazul .. . Paris, 

" Leud Gambol." Henry St. John, Vis- 
count Bolingbroke. — See "Hormodactyl, 

Le.xiphanes. George Golman, the elder. 
Signature to a philological squib, in 1770. 
— See "Fugitive rieces," 11., 02-97. 

Liberator, The. Simon Bolivar. 


Libra. Edward Brotherton. One of 
his signatures in the Swedenborgian peri- 

Libra. Richard Cobden. Letters on 
political economy, in the " Manchester 

Librarian, The. Miss Mary A. Bean. 
Brookline (Mass.) Public Library cata- 
logue supplement, 1873-81, compiled by 
. . . Brookline, 1881. 

Librarian, The. William Alfred Jones. 
Eeport of . . . [of Columbia College] . . . 
May 14, 1862. N.Y. 1862. 

Librarian, The. Beverley Robinson 
Beits. Report of . . . [of Columbia Col- 
lege] . . . June 15, 1875. N.Y. 1875. 

Lickshingle, Grandfather. Robert / 

W. CrisH-ell. A^V^' 

Light Cast. Sir Randal H. Roberts, 
Bart. Tiie silver trout. L. 1887. 

Light-Horse Harry. Henry Lee. 

Ligonier. William Henry Burleigh. 

Lincolnshire Freeholder, A. Sam- 
uel Partridge, M.A. Thoughts of . . . on 
the late address of Sir Gilbert Heathcote 
. . . Boston (Eng.), n.d. 

Lincolnshire Thrasher, The. Charles 
Richardson. Miscellanies. Leeds, 1867. 

Lindamour. Charles Gildon. The 
miscellaneous works of Charles Blount, 
Esq. ... L. 1695. 

Lingard, Dickey. Harriet Sarah Dun- 

^.^ Lingerlong, Reuben. James M. Car- 
penter. The legend of Hob-or-Nob ; by 
. . . N.Y. 1870. 

Linnajus. Emerson Davis. The palm 
tree, an emblem of youth. By . . . B. 1844. 

Lintner, Grace. Mrs. Ellen M. Ingra- 
ham. Bond and free : a tale of the South. 
Indianapolis, 1882. 

Linton, A. H. Alonzo A. Hojtli'ns. 

Lips, Friedrich Willielin. Phillipp 
Friedricli Wilhelm (Jcrtel. Rheinische 
dorfgescliichten. Frankfurt a. M. 1854. 

Lirac, Aiitonin. Charles Clair. 1880. 

Lirinensis, Vicentius. William 17;n- 
drrpool. Kucliaristical adoration. 1874. 

Lisle. G. E. Ellis. Letters upon the 
annexation of Texas, addressed to Hon. 
John Quincy Adams, as originally pub- 
lisiied in the "Boston Atlas" under the 
signature of . . . B. 1845. 

Lisle, Lester. Miss Emmeline Lisle 

Listener. Nathan Llenry Chamberlin, 
in the Bf)ston "Transcrijjt." 

Listener, Richard. Charles Me'ne- 
trier. Arthur de Bretagnc . . . Paris, 

Literary Veteran, A. Ii'ubcrl Pearce 
Gillies. Memoirs of . . . Edinb. 1851. 




Liitgue, J. John T. Bedford. Member 
of the Corporation of the City of London, 
in his contributions to " Puncli " (L.)- 

The pseudonym is the French equivalent of 

y^ Little Giant, The. Stephen Arnold 

Liittle Magician, The. Martin Van 
Bur en. 

"Mr. Van Buren had an abundance of politi- 
cal nicknames. He was the ' sweet little fellow ' 
of Mr. Kitchie of the ' Richmond Inquirer,' and 
the ' Northern man with Southern principles ' of 
the ' Charleston Courier ' : Mr. Clinton baptized 
him 'the political Grimalkin'; Mr. Calhoun, 
'the Weazel.' "— See Pbrley's "Reminiscen- 
ces," Vol. I., p. 218. 

Living Statesman, A. Edward Henrij 
Stanhif, 15th Earl of Derby. An era in 
the life of . . . By a Conservative. 
L. 1855. 

^,HL1., Rev. C. Charles Lloyd, LL.D. 
Observations on the choice of a school 
... By . . . L. 1812. 

Llevi'ellyn, E. L. Mrs. Lydia H. She.p- 
pard. " Judge not"; or, Hester Power's 
girlhood. B. 1867. 

lilinos. Miss Jane Williams. The L. 
of Welsh music. 

Lochiel, Gentle. Donald Evans Cam- 
eron. Ode on Locliiel's birthday. By 
William Cameron. 

^ liochnagar. Magnus Moivat. Ruth- 
ven's revenge, and other metrical tales. 
By . . . Edinb. 1862. 
, LiOclc-lceeper, A. J. Sadler. A trip 
down the Thames from Oxford to Wind- 
sor. By . . . Sonning, 1877. 
» LiOclce, Una. 3Irs. Urania Locke 
(Stouglifon^ Bailey. 

Loclcroy, Edouard. Edouard Etienne 
Simon. The great French Revolution, 
1785-93 ... L. 1881. 

Liodbrolt. Rev. B. Pilstrand. Fanrik 
Flinks minnen fran trettiariga kriget. 
Sthlm. 1881. 

London Citizen, The. Alexander 
Cruden. — See " C, A." 
^London Clergyman, A. Rev. George 
Raymond Portal. The sacrament of the 
Lord's Supper to be " duly used "... 
By . . . Oxf. 1855. 

-"'London Clerk, A. Thomas Jlughes. 
Scouring of the White Horse; or, the 
long vacation ramble of . . . L. 187-. 
.-' London Merchant, A. William 
Ellis. Three letters from . . ., etc. L. 

/^London Tailor, A. Francis Place. 
Political economy. By ... L. 1822. 
, Longiands, Miss. Mrs. E. D. {Long- 
lands) Dreroe. The last prior of St. An- 
thony (in Roseland). Truro, 1857. 

,-Longway, A. Hugo. Andrew Lang. 
Much darker days. L. 1885. 

Looker on from America, A. 

Charles Brandon Boynton. The Russian 
Empire . . . By . . . Cincinnati, 1856. 
,^- Looker-Out, A. H. Harris.- The 
look-out song ; or, the ballad of Billy the 
Tileman. Egham, 1875. 

Lord Albemarle. William Miller. 
Familiar name given to him by his 

Lord Bishop of Norwich, The. Dr. 
Rober' Butts. The charge of ... to the 
clergy in his diocese, in the year 1735. 
L. 1736. 

Lord Bishop of Winchester, The. 
Benjamin Iloadlij. A letter from ... to 
Clement Chevaliier, Esq. L. 1757. 

Lord Chamberlain, The. James 
Cecil, 1st Marquis of Salisbury. Official 
correspondence between . . . and Earl 
Cholmondeley. L. 1788. 

Lord Fanny. Lord John Herrey. 

Lord Gawkey. Richard Orenville, 
Lord Temple. y 

Lord of Crazy Castle, The. John 
LI all- Stevenson, author of " Crazy Tales." 

Lord Peter. Alexander Pope, in 
Swift's "Tale of a Tub," and Arbuth- 
not's " History of John Bull." 

Lord Rector of the University of 
GlasgOAv. Lord Henry Cockburn. In- 
augural address delivered . . . Jan. 6, 

Lome, Marquis of. George Edward 
Henry Douglas Sutherland Campbell. The 
book of Psalms, literally rendered in 
verse. By . . . L. 1877. 

Lome, Marquis of. George John 
Douglas Campbell. Church of Scotland. 
Letter from . . . Glasgow(?), 1843. 
..- Lorrequer, Harry. John Brougham. 
Is said to be the original of this charac- 
ter in Charles Lever's novel. 
,- Lot, Arthur. Henry C. Banner, in 
" Puck." 

Lothario. Charles Jenner. ^ Letters, 

Lover of Cudworth and Truth, A. 
Rev. George Barrell Cheever. Used in 
the Salem controversy witli Rev. C. W. 

Lover of Pine Arts, A. Vaughan 
Thomas, B.D. Thouglits on the cameos 
and intaglios of antiquity . . . By . . . 
Oxf. 1847. 

Lover of Good English and Com- 
mon Sense, A. John Wesley. The com- 
plete English dictionary ... Bristol,, 

Lover of his Country, A. Cotton 
Mather. A bi'ief account of the state of 




the province of Massachusetts Bay in 
New England ... By . . . B. 1717. 

Liover of his Couatry, A. Francis 
Raivle. Some remedies proposed for the 
restoring the sunk credit of the province 
of Pennsylvania . . . By ... P. 1721. 

Lover of Liberty, A. John Baillie. 
The patriot : being a dramatick history 
of the life and death of William the First, 
Prince of Orange . . . By ... L. 1736. 

Lover of Nature, A. Mis. Lucij 
Emra Croqqon. Transcripts from my 
tablets. By . . . Dublin, 1849. 

Lover of Order, A. Basil Montagu. 
Some thoughts upon liberty and the 
rights of Englishmen. By ... L. 

Lover of Quietness and Liberty of 
Conscience, A. Rev. John Fletcher. A 
vindication of the Rev. Mr. Wesley's last 
minutes, etc. By... Bristol, 1771. 

Lover of Social Order, A. Robert 
John Thornton, M.D. The politician's 
creed ; or, political extracts . . . By . . . 

Lover of the Truth, A. Charles 
Prentiss. The trial • Calvin and Hop- 
kins versus the Bible and common sense. 
By. . . B. 1819. 

Lover of Truth, A. Charles Leslie. 
Deism refuted ; or, the truth of Christi- 
anity demonstrated ... By ... L. 1755. 

Lover of Truth, A. Curtis. 

Revelation, the best foundation for 
morals ... By . . . Edinb. 1798. 

Lover of Truth, A. Grerpn/ Sharpe, 
LL.D. A review of the controversy 
about the meaning of demoniacks in the 
New Testament ... By . . . L. 1739. 

Lover of Truth, A. Hennj Laijton. 
A searcli after souls ; or, the immortality 
of a humane soul . . . considered . . . By 
... L. 1706. 

Lover of Truth and Godliness, A. 

Farinrjton. The religion of many of 

the clergy in the Church of England since 
the reign of King James the First. By 
... L. 1707. 

Lover of Truth and Liberty, A. 
Elisha Williams. The essential right.s and 
liberties of Protestants ... By . . . B. 

Also ascribed to Thomas Cusliinq (1694- 

Lover of Truth and Liberty, A. 

Samuel Bourn. The Protestant catechism 
... By . . . 1747. 

Lover of Truth and Peace, A. Wil- 

liuvi Nation. A dissertation on the nature 
of heresy. By . . . L. 1731. 

Loveyouth, Willis. /. H. Anderson. 
Fred Freedland. By . . . B. 1859. 

Lowe, Sir Hudson. M. M. Leon Vidal 
et Alplionse Signal. Memorial de . . . rela- 
tif a la captivite de Napole'on (compose 
par ...)... Paris, 1830. 

Loy, Hugo de la. Hugh Leslie, A.M. 
Hot pressed doctors outwitted ; or, who's 
afraid. By . . . Edinb. 1808. 

Lucidor den Olycklige. Lars Johav- 
son Humerus. Blomster, plackade ok vid 
atskillige Tillf alien utdelte af . . . About 

Lucretius. William Tytler. An in- 
quiry. . . into the evidence against Mary, 
Queen of Scots . . . Edinb. 1772. 

Lucy, Aunt. Mrs. Lucij Elizabeth 
{Bloomjiel(l) Bather was best known by 
this pseudonym. 

Ludovicas, 31. John Campbell, LL.D. 
A particular but melancholy account 
of the great hardships . . . the common 
women of the town ar plung'd into at 
this juncture . . . By ... L. 1752. 

Liidwig. Rufas Wilniot Griswold, D.D. 
Notice of E. A. Poe, in the New York 
" Tribune." 

Ludwig, Otto. Emil Putthammer, frei- 
herr v. Zischen himmel und erde. Ber- 
lin, 1862. 

Lumpwitz, Prof, S.IT.S. and CA.C. 
Henry William. Bunharg, Esq. Tales of 
the devil, from the original gibberish . . . 
Bury St. Edmunds. L. 1801. 

Lun. John Rich. 

" Wliere Lun appeared with matchless art and 
wliira." — Garuick. 

Lunarian. Henri/ Augustus Abraham. 
Newer York. By . .\ N.Y. 1876. 

Lunatico, F. de, K.F.3I., F.S. St. L. 
George Payne Rainsford James. The com- 
missioner ; or, de lunatico inquirendo. 
Dublin, 1843. 

Lusitanicus. William Shirley. His 
signature to some letters, published in the 
" Daily Gazetteer," on the affairs of trade 
and commcrcia 1 interests of different king- 

Luska, Sidney. Hcnni Harland. The 
yoke of the thorah. N.Y. 1887. 

Lutterby, Francis. Samuel H. Scud- 
der. — See "A Rochester Fellow." 
.- Lyall, Edna. Ada Ellen Bayly. A 
modern Englishman. L. 1887. 





M. Samuel May, Jr., in the " Christ, 
Exam.," XXXIX., 420. 

M. John Mudge Merrick, in the " Christ. 

M. Sir John Maclean. "The Imperial 
Dictionary of Universal Biography " con- 
tains articles, thus signed, by Sir J. Mac- 

M. James Warley Miles. (1) Philoso- 
phy of Spinoza. " Southern Quarterly 
Bev.," October, 1849, p. 76. — (2) Sep- 
tem contra Thebas. " Southern Quarterly 
Rev." October, 1853, p. 514. 

M. le Chef du Bureau des Affaires 
Indiennes. George W. Manypennii. Les 
hommes rouges de I'Amerique du Nord. 
Rapport . . . par . . . Paris, 1855. 

M.,A. xhine Maria Mackenzie. Seeing 
and hearing; or, first impi-essions in Natal. 
By . . . Edinb. 1857. 

M.,A.,Oxon. W.S.Moses. (1) Higher 
aspects of spiritualism. By ... L. 1880. 

— (2) Spirit identity. By . . . L. 1879. 

— (3) Psycography ... By . . . L. 1878. 
M., A. B. Artemas Bowers Muzzey, in 

the " Christ. Exam." 

M., A. W. Alfred Wilson Mills. Asso- 
ciation of lay-helpers, Cornwall. — Night- 
schools. Hayle, 1871. 

M., B. Sirs. Barbara {Miller) Mar- 
andrew. Signature to many exquisite 
poems published in the English maga- 

M., B. Bernhard Meijer, a Swedish 
author and journalist. 

M., C. Charles Mason, in the " Christ. 

M., C. Charles Morthland. An account 
of the government of the Church of Scot- 
land ... L. 1708. 

M., C. Cotton Mather. (1) Baptistes ; 
a conference about . . . baptism. Between 
C. M.andD. R. B. 1704. — (2) An elegy 
on the much-to-be-deplored death of . . . 
the Reverend Mr. Nathaniel Collins . . . 
B. 1865. — (3) Right thoughts in sad 
hours ... To my worthy friend Mr. 
S. S. [Samuel Sewall] . . . with poetry 
signed E. T. [Edward Taylor]. B. 1689. 

— (4) A true account of the tryals, etc., 
at Salem, in New England ... L. 

M., C. Charles Moss. The evidence 
of the Resurrection cleared from the ex- 
ceptions of a late pamphlet, entitled "The 
Resurrection of Jesus considered by a 
moral philosopher, in answer to the 
'Tryal of tlic witnesses.'" L. 1744. 

M., C , and B , I., C.C. Colin 

Maclaurin, afterwards Lord Dreghorn, 
and James Bosicell, of Auchinleck. Songs 
in the justiciary opera, composed fifty 
years ago, by . . . Auchinleck, 1816. 

ai., C. E. Charles Edioard Mudie. 
Stray leaves. By . . . L. 1872. 

ai., C. M. E. Mrs. C. M. E. M'Fie. 
Stolen hours, by . . . Glasgow, 1836. 

M., E. Edward Marston. (1) An ama- 
teur angler's days in Dove Dale. L. 1884. 
— (2) Copyright, national and interna- 
tional, from the point of view of a pub- 
lisher. L. 1879. — (3) Frank's ranch; 
or, my holidays in the Rockies . . . By 
... L. 1886. 

31., E. Mrs. Eleanor Moon. (1) The 
grace of God manifested in the life and 
death of William Sandy ... L. 1862. — 
(2) Little James. A tract for children. 
L. 18—. 

M., E. Ediuard Maitland. Jewish 
literature and modern education ; or, the 
use and misuse of the Bible in the school- 
room. By ... L. 1872. 

M., E. Edward Mangin. Oddities 
and outlines. By ... L. 1807. 

M., E. d., eleve au college royal 
d'Heni-i IV. Edntond de Manne. His- 
toire d'un chien naufrage, par . . . Paris, 

M. E. B. Mrs. Man/ E. Gellie. (1) 
Brave Nelly ... L. 1875.— (2) Poems 
and tales by Mary Campbell, Mary Mel, 
etc. Noms de plume of . . . N.Y. 1851. 

M., E. H. E. H. Mair. Recollec- 
tions of the past. A series of letters. 
By . . . Edinb. 1877. 

M., F. Farrington MacJcintire, in the 
" Christ. Exam." 

M., F. Rev. Frederick Madden. Al- 
chuine's Bible in the British Museum, 
n.p. 1836. 

M., G. -Grenville Mellen. Signature 
to poetry in the " United States Literary 
Gazette," 1825-26. 

M. G. [Miracle of Grace]. William 
Smith. Letter to Onesimus [Peter L. 
Courtier]. 1810. 

ai., G. P. George P. Morris. (1) 
Ida. "Araer. Monthly Mag.," June, 
1838, p. 502.— (2) A song. By . . . B. 
1850. — See " Greenwood, Grace." 

ai., H. Harriet Martineau. (1) Lit- 
erary lionism. " Westminster Rev.," 
April, 1839. — (2) Miss Sedgwick's 
Works. " London and Westminster 
Rev.," October, 1837, p. 42. 




M., H. A. Henry Adolphus Miles, D.D., 
in the " Christ. Exam." 

M., H. E. Henry Edward Manning, 
D.D. Holy Baptism ... L. 1844. 

M., I. Isaac McLeUan{1). (1) Sig- 
nature to poetry in the " Boston Monthly 
Mag.," 1826. — (2) Autumn. In the 
" United States Kev. and Literary Ga- 
zette," December, 1826, p. 222. — (3) 
Fancy. In tlie " United States Rev. and 
Literary Gazette," May, 1827, p. 139. — 

(4) A morning wallc in autumn. " Amer. 
Monthly Mag.," October, 1829, p. 490. 

(5) Poetry. In the " United States Rev. 
and Literary Gazette," April, 1827, p. 58. 

M., J. John Muir. (1) Indian Bud- 
dhism, n.p., n.d. — (2) Notes of a trip to 
Chinee in Kanawar, in October, 1851. 
n.p., n.d. 

M., J. John Mia-Iin. A letter to 
Richard Hill, Esq. . . . Bristol, 1775. 

M., J. H. John Hopkins Morison, D.D., 
in the "Christ. Exam." 

M., J. H. James Henry Monk. Re- 
view of Barker's Cicero de senectute et 
de amicitia ; in " Gent. Mag.," 1812, 
I., p. 441 ; and rejointer by the reviewer ; 
the same, II., p. 444. 

M., J. M. John Mudr/e Merrick, in the 
" Christ. Exam." 

M***, M. J. Katharine King. Petite's 
romance . . . By ... L. 1870. 

M., J. jV. John Xewland Maffit(^). 
The council of twelve. " Amer. Monthly 
Mag.," 1838. 

M., J. W. Prof. James Warley Miles. 
Tlie Turkish language. " Southern 
Quarterly Rev.," January, 1848, p. 54. 

31., Li. (Luigi Mariotti;. Antonio Gal- 
lenqa, in the " Christ. Exam.," XXV., 
p. 273. 

M., Ii. Mrs. L. Minot, in the "Christ. 
Exam.," XXVIII., p. 359. 

M., Li. Lucy Maw. Memoir of Louisa 
Maw . . . York, 1829. 

M., Rt. Hon. L. »I. W. Jady Mary 
Wortley Montague. Six town eclogues, 
with some other poems. By ... L. 

M., Li. S. Mrs. Louisa S. McCord. 
(1) Carey on the slave trade. " South- 
ern Quarterly Rev.," January, 1854, p. 
115. — (2) Enfranchisement of woman. 
" Southern (Quarterly liev.," April, 1852, 
p. 322. — (3) Justice and fraternity. 
"Southern (Quarterly Rev.," July, 1849, 
p. 350. — (4) Negro and white slavery. 
"Southern Quarterly Rev.," July, 1851, p. 
118. — (5) The right to labor. "Southern 
Quarterly Rev.," October, 1849, p. 138. 
— (0) Uncle Tom's cabin. " Southern 
Quarterly Rev.," January, p. 81. 

M., M. 3fiss Maria Mitchell, in the 
" Christ. Exam." (B.), 1852. 

M., 31. Alattheiv Montagu. AVar son- 
net, 1856 ; peace sonnet, 1856. 

31., 31. I. Mellish Irving Motte, in the 
" Christ. Exam." 

31. N. William Wotton. (1) Memoirs 
of the cathedral church of St. David's. 
L. 1717. — (2) Memoirs of the cathedral 
church of LandafE. L. 1719. 

31. N. James Kennedy, B.D. Re- 
marks on Professor W. R. Smith's arti- 
cle " Bible," in the Encyclopasdia Brit- 
annica (ninth edition). By. . . Edinb. 

31., K. 31. Bichard Monckton Milnes, 
Lord Houghton. American philosophy, 
Emerson's discourses. " Westminster 
Rev.," 1839, p. 345. 

31., R. S. B. S. Menamin. A printer's 
life in Germany, from personal expe- 
rience, in the " 'Tj'pographical Circular," 
December, 1855. 

31. S. William Nevins, D.D. His 
signature to articles in the New York 
"Observer"; afterwards published in 
two small volumes, under the titles 
" Thoughts on popery," and " Practical 

31., S. Scijiio 2Ioorhead. One of Phil- 
lis Wheatley's poems is addressed to S. 
M., a young African painter. 

31. S. Menella Bute Smedley. Lays 
and ballads from English history, etc. 
L. n.d. 

31., S. Selina Martin. Sketches of 
Irish history . . . Dublin, 1844. 

31., S., Flushing. Samuel Martin. A 
selection of hymns for public and private 
worship . . . Falmouth, 1824. 

31. S., G. S. Machell Stace. Cromwel- 
liana . . . Westminster, 1810. 

The above letters arc the initials of the author 
and the printer. 

31., T. Thomas Morell. (1) Exampla 
moralia, etc. Eton, 1762. — (2) Hecuba. 
Translated from the Greek ... L. 

31., T. Sir Theodore Martin. Transla- 
tion of Horace's ode " Ad Pyrrham " 
and its application "To Coralie," in 
" Blackwood," February, 1887. 

31., T., St. Petersburg. Thomas 
^fichell. Handbook for travellers in 
Russia, Poland, and Finland. L. 

31., T. S. Thomas S. Muir. (1) De- 
scriptive notices of some of the ancient 
parocliial and collegiate churches of 
Scotland. L. 1848.'— (2) A ramble 
from Edinburgh to Durham. Edinb. 




M., W. William Mitchell, in tlie 
"Christ. Exam." (B.), 1851. 

M., W. William Mountford, in the 
" Christ. Exam." (B.), 185L 

M., W. William Milton. Mechanic 
power. " Gent. Mag.," January, 1814, 
p. 38. 

M., W., Esq. Walter Moyle. Dis- 
course upon tlie revenue of the state of 
Athens. Translated with liistoric notes 
from Xenophon. L. 1697. 

M., W., of 3Ievagissey. Rev. William 
Moore. The happy seaner. By . . . 
" Evangelical Mag.," 1812. 

M., W., the yovinger. William Mac- 
readij. The pied piper of Hamelin : a 
child's story. (Written [by Eobert 
Browning] for and inscribed to . . .) L. 

M'K., H. Henrij M'Kenzie. The lay 
of the Turings . . . n.p., n.d. 

M'N., J. James M' Naughton. Reflec- 
tions on the doctrines and duties of the 
Christian revelation. By . . . Edinb. 

M , Dr., A of D , and Dr. 

E , B of F . Dr. William 

Magee, Archbishop of Dublin, and Dr. 
Elrington, Bishop of Ferns. Scene in 
Trinity College, Dublin. Sketches of 
. . . "Eraser's Mag.," April, 1830, p. 
I M — n, Mr. Rev. Martin Madan. — See 
" H— s, Mr." 

M—n [Mason], Rev. William. Bev. 

<• Richard Polwhele. An epistle from . . . 

petitioning for the vacant laureateship. 

L. 1785. 

i/ Mac Adam, Sawney. The Marquis 

, George Toivnshend. 

McGee. David MacGregor Means. 
^ MacGregor, Malcolm. Rev. William 
Mason. (1) The dean and the squire : a 
political eclogue ... L. 1782. — (2) He- 
roic epistle to Sir William Chambers. L. 

This epistle was also attributed to Walpole, 
Matbias, John Baynes, and William Coomhe. — 
See " N. and Q.," May 14, 1SS7, p. 382. 

For a discussion of the authorship of this 
poem, see Chalmers, Vol. XXI., pp. 438, 439. 

MacMavel. Thomas Wharton, Marquis 
of Wharton. Letter to Zenobius Buon- 
delmontius. L. 1680. 

Mackenzie, Erick. Mrs. Millicent 
Grogan. The Rona pass ; or. English- 
men in the Highlands. By ... L. 

Mackenzie, Sawney. Marquis George 

McQuill, Thursty. Wallace Bruce. 
The Connecticut by daylight. By . . . 
N.Y. 1874. 

/ Macrabin, Mark, the Canieronian. 

Patrick Robertson. 

Also ascribed to Allan Cunningham. 

Macstaff, Donald, of the North. 

Robert Hepburn. The " Tatier," by . . . 

Numb. 38. From Saturday, May 19, 

to Wednesday, May 23, 1711. Edinb. 


.■■- Maeularia, Margelina Scribelindra. 

William Kenrick, LL.D. The old wo- 
man's Dmiciad: with notes. By ... L. 

^Macullum More. George John Doug- 
lass Campbell, Duke of Argyll, in " North 
British Review," 1864. 

Mad Anthony. Anthonij Wayne. 

•"Maddolo. George. Gordon Noel Byron, 
Lord Bj'ron, in Shelley's poem of "Ju- 
lian " (Shelley) and " Maddolo." 

Madge, Cousin. Mrs. J. H. Ten 
Broeck. 1879. 

Madonella. Mrs. Mary Astell. 

In the 32d number of the " Tatier," appeared 
" a srosti misrepresentation " of Mrs. Astell, un- 
der this name. The slander was repeated in the 
59th and 63d numbers of the same periodical. 
" Madonella " is called " Platoune." 

Magazine Editor, A. Alaric Alexan- 
der Watts. Reminiscences of . . . L. 

Magistrate, A. R. Fellowes, Esq. 
Thoughts on the present state of the 
agricultural interest of this kingdom, etc. 
L. 1817. 

Magistrate acting for the Counties 
of 3Iiddlesex, Surrey, Kent, and Es- 
sex, A. Patrick Colquhoim. Observa- 
tions and facts relative to public houses. 
By . . . L. 1794. 

Maglanowich, Hyacinthe. Prosper 
Merime'e. La Guzla. P. 1827. 

Magopico, minister of aiuchti- 
whanock. Mr. Pyot or Pyet, minister 
of Dunbar. Memoirs of . . . By Simon 
Haliburton and Thomas Hepburn. Edinb. 

In a note to Scott's " St. Ronatj's Well " the 
name is given as Pyet. 

Mahalin, Paul. iSmile Blondet. Les 
Allemands chez nous : Metz, Strasbourg, 
Paris. Par . . . Paris, 1885. 

Mahon, Ogerman. James Patrick 
0' Gorman Mahon, who, as claiming to 
be the head of the Septs of Clare, gener- 
ally received the title of " The O'Gorman 

Maiden, Henry, chapel clerk. Rev. 
Dr. Thomas James. An account of 
King's College chapel, in Cambridge, 
... By . . . Camb. 1769. 

The real author was not Mr. Maiden, but Pr. 




Malser, Hans. Petri Kettenfeier JRoseg- 
ger. Annonce nummero 99 ; novelette, 
in " Vierteljahrl. Mag." 

Maltitz, Hermann v. Friedn'ch Her- 
mann Klencke. Der adept zu Helrastedt ; 
historischer roman. Leipzig, 1851. 

Man, A. Joseph Barker. The his- 
tory and confessions of ... as put forth 
by himself. Wortley, 1840. 

Man in Business, A. John Hope. 
Occasional attempts at sentimental poe- 
try, ^j . . . L. 1769. 

Man of Angola, The. Dr. Samuel 
Squire. — See "Squirt, Dr.," etc. 

Mato of Business, A. Thomas Quincey. 
His signature in the " Gent. Mag." 

Man of Business, A. John Davys. 
A sort o"f an answer to a piece of a book 
entitled, A battle royal . . . By . . . 
Oxf. 1711. 

Man of Kent, A. William Pettman. 
The spirit of the moment candidly con- 
sidered ... By . . . Canterbury, 1810. 
Man of Ross, The. John Kyrle, of 
Ross. linniortalized by Pope in his 
" Moral Kssays." 

Man of the People. Charles James 

Man of Truth, The. Charles Thom- 
son. " The repute of his integrity gained 
him with the Indians the title of . . ." 

Manager, The. F. Ravenscroft. Tiie 
Birkbeck Building and Freehold Land 
Societies . . . explained in a conversation 
between ... and a person desirous of 
becoming a member. L. 1855. 

Manager of St. Stephen's Co-oper- 
ative Store. Prime Mmislrr. — See 
" Benjamins, Mr." 

Manchester 3Ianufacturer, A. Rich- 
ard Cohden. Russia. By . . . Edinb. 

Mand, J. E. Jidie Gi-ossheim. Von 

schritt zu schritt ; nach einer episode 

aus dem leben. In " Vierteljahrl. .Mag." 

Winifred. Elliott W. Preston. Lord 

15\ run vindicated ... L. 1870. 

Manlius. Jolin Douglas. — See " Taci- 

Manro, Th. A. W. Thorman. 1838. 

Mansfield, Edgar. Pearson. 


Mantuan. Rev. Dr. Thomas Town- 
son. Specimen of Mr. Heron's [John 
Pinkerton] profound taste in criticism. 
In "Gent. Mag." for April, 1780, p. 

Manuel, Ernest. TCrnest Le'pine, the 
French novelist and dramatist, in his 
earlier works. 

Thf' rt-;i(lcr \n referred to " I^cb I'MciKlonyiticH 
du Jour," by (,'harIon Jolict (iioiiv. cd., Pai-iw, 

18S4), pp. 71-7-3, for some interesting correspon- 
dence relative to this pseudonym. 

3Ianufacturer, A. John Hustler. The 
occasion of the dearness of provisions 
and the distress of the poor ... L. 1767. 
Manufacturer, A. John Carmichael . 
A treatise on soap-making . . . Edinb. 

3Iarcel. William Francis Allen. Sig- 
nature in the " Nation." 

Marcellus. Vilhelm Alex. Bergstrand. . 
Ministerskiftenas historia, etc. Sthlm. 

March, Major. Orlando Bolirdr Will- 
cox. Faca : an army memoir. Bv . . . 
B. 1857. 

March, Wenzeslaus. Ciisar Wenzel 

}fessenhanser. Polengriiber. Leipzig, 1848. 

3Iarcus. Benjamin Franklin Butler. 

Remarks on private banking. Albany, 


Maria. .John Fraser. A writer for 
tlie "Irish Nation" in 1847. 

3Iaria. Maria D. Weston. (1) Lu- 
zette ; or, good brought out of evil . . . 
By... B. 1847. — (2) Nanny: the 
young wanderer, and otiier stories. By 
... B. 185-. — (3) The three friends . . . 
Bv . . . B. 1849. — (4) Tlic wayward son. 
By . . . B. 1849. 

3Iaria. Mrs. Maria Wilkin. Tlie 
shackles of an old love. L. 1882. 

3Iarie. Mme. Marie Hugo, dans 
" L'Evenement," 1851. 

Clarissa. J^ady Mary Chvdleigh. Her 
poetical name. — See " C, M." 

3Iarket Gardener, A. R. D. Black- 
more. The farm and fruit of old : a 
translation, in verse, of tiie hrst and 
second Georgics of Virgil. By . . . L. 

Mario, Karl. Karl Genrqe Winkel- 
hlerh. The federalism of ... ' N.Y. 1884. 
3Iaro, P. V^irgilius. .lohn Dryden 
B(igs(f). The fugitive: an epic poem in 
one canto. By... Translated by J. D. B. 
. . . n.p., n.d. 

Mars, Victor de. Francois Ferdinand 
Philippe Louis Afarie d'Orleans, Prince de 
Joinville. La Pologne ; scs ancicnnes 
provinces et scs veritables limites. Par 
... P. 1803. 

From the " Revue des Deux Mondes," XLV., 
pp. 497-VJ7. 

3Iarshall, Joseph. Sir John Hill. 
Travels through Holland, Flanders, etc., 
in 1708-70. L. 1772-70. 

Marston, Hyde. Capt. John William 

Martenze, Claes. 72. //. Greene. 
Cannon-flashes and pen-dashes. N.Y. 




Martin. Martin Hugo Lange. 1863-72. 

Martin, Eusebe. Henri Morel. Reine 
a Paris : revelations. Paris, 1868. 

Martine, H. Henry Fitzhardinge. 

Marvel, Scott. J. Dawson Findlay. 

Marvellous Boy. Thomas Chatterton. 

Mary. Miss Mary Patrick Downing. 
A writer in tlie " Irish Nation," 1847. 

3Iary, Aunt. Mrs. Mary Hughs. 
Aunt M.'s library for boys and girls. 

Mary, Aunt. Mary Hodgson. The 
Philadelphia housewife. P. 1855. 

Mary, Cousin. Mary E. Huston. 

Mary, Cousin. Mrs. Mary H. Max- 
well . . . Letters to the children ... B. 

Masdania. Benjamin Buck. Behe- 
moth ; or, bulls of Bashan. By . . . 
N.Y. 1874. 

Massachusetts Freeman, A. Bev. 
George Allen. An appeal to the people 
of Massachusetts on the Texas question. 
B. 1844. 

Master Mason, A. Henry Dana Ward. 
Freemasonry : its pretensions exposed . . . 
By . . . N.Y. 1828. 

Master of a Grammar School, The. 
W. R. Goodluck. The French genders 
taught in six tables. By . . . Revised 
by... B. 1826(?). 

Master of Arts, A. William King, 
LL.D. A proposal for publishing a 
poetical translation ... of Mr. Tutor 
Bentham's letter to a young gentleman 
of Oxford. By . . . L. 1748. 

Master of Arts, formerly of Balliol 
College, of the University of Oxford, 
A. William John Birch. Paul an idea, 
not a fact. By . . . 1855. 

Master of Arts of the University of 
Oxford, A. Sir Richard Hill. Pietas 
Oxoniensis ; or, a full and impartial ac- 
count of the expulsion of six students 
from St. Edmund Hall, Oxford ... By 
. . . L. 1768. 

Blaster of St. Chloe School, The. 
Douglas H. Cumphell. The essentials of 
geography . . . By ... L. 185-3. 

Master of the Company for the 
year 1873-4, The. Charles Mathew 
Clode. Memorials of Guild of Merchant 
Taylors of the Fraternity of St. John 
the Baptist in tlie city of London . . . 
Compiled and selected by ... L. 1875. 

Master of the Usk Grammar 
School, The. W. H. Wrenford. State- 
ment made by Judge Falconer to the 
trustees of Edwards' charity, relating to 
the . . . Usk, 1866. 

Matador. William L. Alden. 
Mathers, Patrick. James Gregory. 

Matilda. Matilda Anthony. Poems. 
By . . . Richmond, Va., 1851. 

Mattis. Mrs. Mathilda Lundstrom. 
Dagslandor. Sthlm. 1867. 

Matthaeus, Thomas. John Tindal. 

Maurice, Walter. Walter Besant. 
All in a garden fair. L. 1883. 

Maurice, W. Walter Besant and 
James Rice. Ready money : a drama 
... L. 1850. 

May, Ida. Mrs. Man/ H. Greene 

May, Sophie. Sophie Frederike Eliza- 
beth Meyer, in a large number of transla- 
tions from Sir Walter Scott ; miscella- 
neous tales, etc. 

Mayor, The. Josiah Quincy, Jr. (1) 
Address of ... to the city council of 
Boston, Jan. 5, 1846. B. 1846. — (2) 
Address of . . . to the cltv council of 
Boston, Jan. 4, 1847. B. 1847. 

Meade, L.T. Mrs. L. T. Smith. How 
it all came round. N.Y. 1886. 

Meanvvell,M. William Cowper, M.D. 
II Penseroso : an evening's contemplation 
in St. John's church-yard, Chester . . . 
L. 1767. 

Medico Campo, Don Richardo de. 
Richard Lichfield. The trimming of 
Thomas Nash", etc. L. 1597. 

Also ascribed to Gabriel Harvey. — See "I. 
and P." 

Medicus. /.s««f Pidduck, M.D. Pro- 
posed national medical establishment 
... By . . . L. 1848. 

Medium, The. .John Shoehridge Wil- 
liams. An address to the officers and 
citizens of the United States . . . To 
which is appended . . . the spiritual ex- 
perience of . . . Bait. 1854. 

Bledvi^ay, Le^vis. William Paterson, 
founder of the Bank of England. An 
inquir}^ into the reasonableness and con- 
sequences of a union with Scotland. 
L. 1706. 

Meleager. H. W. Sotheby. Ancient 
classical novelists. In " Temple Bar," 

Melesigonus, Julius. William Jones. 

Blelusine. Moy O'Brien. 

Member, A. Nathan Weston. Vindi- 
cation of the minority of the congrega- 
tion at church, in the South Parish, Au- 
gusta ... By . . . Augusta, Me., 1840. 

3Iember for Kidderminster, The. 
Robert Lowe. — See "Decimal Associa- 
tion," etc. 

Member for Sussex, The. Edward 
Jeremiah Curteis. A defence [by M. 
Stapylton] of the petition of the debtors 
in Horsham jail from the misconceptions 
of . . . 1828. 




aieinber of a Law-Society, A. 

Francis Blackharne, 3LA. Reflections on 
the fate of a petition for relief in the 
matter of subscription offered to the 
lionourable House of Commons, Febru- 
ary 6th, 1772 ... By . . . L. 1774. 

Member of Both Syndicates, A. 
William Whewell. Reply to " Observa- 
tions on the plans for a new library, etc., 
by a member of the first S3'ndicate " 
[George Beacock, M.A.]. By . . . Camb. 

Member of Ms Flock, A. Richard 
Edmonds, Jr. Hymns for the principal 
festivals of the church . . . By ... L. 

Member of Magdalen College, Ox- 
ford, A. James Bateman, M.A. The 
Oxford crisis. A word to the wise. By 
... L. 1845. 

Member of Parliament, A. John 
Wilkes. Observations on papers relative 
to the rupture with Spain ... In a let- 
ter from ... to a friend in the country. 
L. 1762. 

Member of Parliament, A. Francis 
Grant, Lord CuUen. Reasons in defence 
of the standing laws about the right of 
presentation in patronages . . . By . . . 
Edinb. 1703. 

Member of Parliament, A. William 
Haij. Remarks on the laws relating to 
the poor . . . By ... L. 1735. 

Member of Parliament, A. William 
Seton, Jr. Scotland's great advantages 
by an union with Enghmd . . . 1700. 

Member of Parliament, A. Anthony 
Bacon. A short address to tlie gov- 
ernment, the merchants, manufacturers, 
and the colonists in America, and the 
Sugar Islands, on the present state of 
affairs. L. 1775. 

Member of Parliament, A. Charles 
Ahliott, 2d Baron Colcliester. Some 
observations on tlie importance of the 
navigation laws. By ... L. 1849. 

3Ieniber of Parliament In the 
Country Interest, A. Thomas Carle. 
The case fairly stated in a letter from 
... L. 1745. 

Member of the American Bar, A. 
Simon Grecnleaf. Testanu-ntary coun- 
sels . . . By a retired solicitor. Care- 
fully revised by . . . Troy, N.Y., 1845. 

Member of the Arcadian Society at 
liome, A. William Parsons. A poetical 
tour, in the years 1784, 1785, and 1786. 
By ... L. 1787. 

Member of the Associate Presby- 
tery of Olasgo\v, A. Re I). William 
Fcrrier. l{e])ly to a i)amphlet, entitled 
State of the j)roces8 commenced by the 

. . . Associate Presbytery of Glasgow, 
against the Rev. James Ramsay . , . 
By... Glasgow, 1801. 

Member of the Athenian Society, 
A. John Dunton. The visions of the 
soul before it conies into the body . . . 
Written by . . . L. 1692. 

]>Iember of the Bar, A. Charles 
Edward Lex. Incentives to confirmation. 
By... N.Y. 18— . 

Membei' of the Bar, A. George Lunt. 
A letter upon law ... By . . . B. 1835. 

3Iember of the Board of Directors 
of Girard College, A. Frederick Adol- 
phus Packard. Private documents . . . 
[Views of . . . on binding orphans to 
suitable occupations.] P. 185-. 

Member of the Board of Educa- 
tion, A. James S. Whitney. The public 
school system of Philadelphia. In the 
" Pennsylvania Monthly," February, 
1874. P. 1874. 

Member of the Boston Bar, A. 
Peleq Whitman Chandler. Review of the 
D'Hauteville case ... By . . . B. 1841. 

Memiber of the Boston Society of 
the New Jerusalem, A. Theophilus 
Parsons, LL.D. Sunday lessons . . . 
By . . . B. 1838. 

Member of the Bourne Family, A. 
-/.• Walford. Memoirs of tlie life and 
labours of . . . Hugh Bourne. By . . . 
L. 1854. 

Member of the C U. B. C. [Cam- 
bridge University Boat Club], A. J. F. 
Bateman. Aquatic notes . . . By . . . 
Camb. 1852. 

Member of the Church, A. George 
Andrew Witte. A petition addressed to 
the Right Reverend Fathers, the Bisliops 
of the Church of Christ, in the United 
States ... By . . . Bait. 1874. 

Member of the Church established 
by the Law, A. W. B. Clarke, A.M. 
The reviewer reviewed . . . Poole, 183(i. 

Member of the Church of England, 
A. Samuel iJean. The sum and sub- 
stance of the four evangelists ... By . . . 
Oxf. 1726. 

Member of the Church of Scot- 
land, A. Robert Findlay, D.D. A per- 
suasive to the enlargement of psalmod}- 
. . . By . . . Glasgow, 17()3. 

3Ienlber of the College of Physi- 
cians, A. John Moyle. The present ill 
state of the practice of physick in this 
nation. By . . . L. 1702. 

Member .of the College of Physi- 
cians, A. Richard Pearson, M.D. The- 
saurus medicaminum . . . By ... L. 

Member of the College of Surgeons 




of liOndon, A. Edward Crisp, M.D. 
The Hunterian oration (Feb. 14, 1851) 
that would have been delivered by . . . 
if permission had been granted ... L. 

Member of the Committee, A. Philip 
Freeman. Thoughts on the proposed dis- 
solution of the Cambridge Camden So- 
ciety, suggested for the consideration of 
the members. By ... L. 1845. 

Member of the Committee, A. 
Charles Alan Fijffe, M.A. Remarks on 
the scheme proposed by the building 
committee of the Oxford Union Society. 
By . . . n.p., n.d. 

Member of the Consociation and 
Association, A. Itev. Jonathan Todd. 
A defence of tlie doings of the Reverend 
Consociation and Association of New 
Haven County . . . By . . . New Haven, 

Member of the Constitution Club, 
A. Nicholas Amhurst{1). The Protest- 
ant session ... L. 1719. 

Member of the Council, A. .Joseph 
Goffe. The I'esult of an ecclesiastical 
council at Princeton, March 7, 1817 . . . 
By . . . Worcester, 1817. 

Member of the Council of the Na- 
tional Union, A. Sir William Thomas 
Cliarley. Conservative legislation for 
the working classes. No. I. Mines and 
factories. Qy ... L. 1872. 

Member of the Court, The. John 
Downie. The substance of a speech ad- 
dressed to the . . . synod of Ross . . . 1810. 
By . . . Inverness, 1810. 

Member of the Episcopal Church, 
A. Sa7uuel Seabnri/, D.D. An address 
to the ministers of the Presbyterian and 
Independent persuasions of the United 
States of America. By . . . 1790. 

Member of the Faculty of Advo- 
cates, A. Archibald Alison. Remarks 
on the administration of criminal jus- 
tice in Scotland . . . By . . . Edinb. 

Member of the First Syndicate, A. 
George Peacock. Remarks on the replies 
to the observations on the plans for the 
new library, etc. By . . . Camb. 18-31. 

3Iember of the House of Commons, 
A. Tliomas Gordon. An answer to the 
country parson's plea against the Quak- 
ers' tythe-bill. L. 1736. 

Also ascribed to Lord Hervey. 

Member of the House of Commons, 
A. William Pulteneij, Earl of Bath. The 
case of the revival of the salt duty . . . 
In a letter from ... L. 1732. 

Member of the House of Commons, 
A. Archibald Htitcheson. A letter to the 

author of the Calculations in the White 
Hall " Evening Post," relating to South 
Sea stock ... By . . . L. 1720. 

Member of the House of Commons, 
A. William Benson. The plebeian. L. 

Also ascribed to Sir Richard Steele. 

Member of the Household of his 
late Majesty, Nussir-u-deen, King of 
Oude. William Knighton. The private 
life of an Eastern king. By ... L. 1855. 

Member of the Incorporated Soci- 
ety, A. David Stephens. Thoughts . . . 
for the rehef of the poor . . . By . . . 
Dublin, 1746. 

Member of the Inner Temple, A. 
James Holbert Wilson. Temple Bar the 
city Golgotha ... By . . . L. 1853. 

Member of the Manchester Cor- 
poration, A. William Medccdf. A plea 
for Ireland . . . By . . . Manchester, 

Member of the Massachusetts Bar, 
A. John Pickeiing. National rights and 
State rights : a review of the case of Alex- 
ander McLeod ... By . . . B. 1841. 

Member of the Massachusetts Bible 
Society, A. Abiel Holmes, D.D. An his- 
torical sketch of the English translations 
of the Bible, by . . . B. 1815. 

Member of the Massachusetts His- 
torical Society, A. JosejJi McKean, 
D.D. Addition to Wood's continuation 
of Dr. Goldsmith's History of England 
... By . . . B. 1815. 

Member of the Metropolitan Board 
of Health, A. B.Dixon. Practical sug- 
gestions for removing all the sewage from 
the dwellings in and about London, etc. 
By . . . L. 1858. 

Member of the New Athehian Soci- 
ety, A. Joitn Dtinton. The new practice 
of piety writ in imitation of Dr. Browne's 
" Religio Medici "... By . . . L. 1704. 

Member of the N. E. Hist. Geneal. 
Soc, A. John Dane. ... A pedigree 
of the Dane family. B. 1854, 

Member of the Ncav Orleans Bar, 
A. James P. Boi/d. Brief analysis of 
the Militarj^ Bill,' by . . . New Orleans, 

Member of the Ne>v York Bar, A. 
Abraham Oal.-eij Hall. A review of the 
■Webster case. ' By - . . N.Y. 1850. 

Member of the New York Histori- 
cal Society, A. Henrij Barton Dairson. 
The eastern boundary of New Jersey : a 
review of a paper . . . and a i-ejoinder 
to the reply of . . . N.Y. 1866. 

Member of the Protestant Episco- 
pal Association, in South Carolina. 
Rei\ Henry Pnrcell. Strictures on the 




love of power in the prelacy . . . By . , . 
Charleston, 1795. 

Member of the said Synod, A. Rev. 
John Thomson. An overture presented to 
the Reverend Synod of dissenting minis- 
ters sitting in Philadelphia . . . 1728 ... . 
By . . . P. 1729. , '■ 

Member of the Same, A. Rev. Georye 
Frederick Simvions. A letter to the so- 
called " Boston Churches," which are in 
truth only parts of one Church. By . . . 
B. 1846. 

Member of the Scotish Bar, A. 
James C-rrahame. Vindication of tlie 
Scotish Presbyterians and Covenanters 
... By . . . Glasgow, 1817. 

Member of the Senate, A. Mm 
Howard Mnrsdeii. A letter to . . . the 
Duke of Devonshire ... L. 1863. 

Member of the Society, A. David 
Spence. Arithnietick compendiz'd . . . 
Edinb. 1721. 

Member of the Society, A. Daniel 
^Wi/son, M.A. A respectful address to 
the Most Rev. Archbishops . . . members 
of the Society for Promoting Christian 
Knowledge ... By . . . L. ISKJ. 

Member of the Society for Consti- 
tutional Information, A. Sir William 
.[ones. Dialogue between a farmer and 
a country gentleman, on the principles 
of government, written hy . . . L. 

3Iember of the Society of Antiqua- 
ries of London, A. Philip Carteret Wdih. 
(1) A short account of Danegeld. L. 175(i. 
— (2) A sliort account of some particulars 
■ couceruiug Domes Dav Book . . . By . . . 
L. 17-')6. 

Mf-mber of the Spital-ficlds Benevo- 
lent Society, A. Irviii.(j Brock-. A let- 
ter to tiie inhabitants of Spital-hclds, on 
the characters anfl views of modern re- 
formers. By . . . L. 1817. 

Member of the University, A. Sir 
William ./ones. Oration intended to liave 
been spoken in the theatre at Oxford, on 
the 9tli of July, 177;'., by ... L. 177.'). 

Member of the University, A. Fraji- 
ris Ai/sroii.(/h, ]J.D. A proper answer to 
a late abusive pamjjldct [by Tliomas To- 
vey], entitled "Tlie Winchester converts" 
... By. . . Oxf. 17;>5. 

Member of the University of Cam- 
brid<;e, A. William .loms. 'I'lii- consti- 
tutional criterion; by. . . L. 1768. 

Member of the University of Cam- 
brldfjc, A. Ri'v. Samnel Rome. An ejjit- 
DUK! of Paley's I'rinciples of moral and 
jiolitical philosophy. By ... L. 1825. 
Also, Epitome of the evidences of Chris- 
tianity. E. 1 82-. 

Member of the University of Cam- 
bridge, A. Thomas Perronet Thompson. 
The first book of Euclid's Elements . . . 
By . . . L. 1830. 

Member of tlie University of Cam- 
bridge, A. Henrfi Car//. The Odyssey 
tr,anslated into English prose . . . By . . . 
L. 1823. 

Member of the University of Cam- 
bridge, A. Coni/ers MMdIeton. (1) Re- 
marks . . . upon the proposals lately pub- 
lish'd by Richard Bentiey, for a new edi- 
tion of the Greek Testament, and Latin 
vei-sion ... By . . . L. 1721. — (2) A 
second part of the Full and impartial 
account of all the late proceedings in 
the University of Cambridge against Dr. 
Bentiey. By . . . L. 1716. 

Member of the University of Cam- 
bridge, A. Edward Tew. Resignation 
no proof. By ... L. 1776. 

31ember of the University of Ox- 
ford, A. John I. Briscoe. The Gospel ac- 
cording to Mark : revised. By ... L. 1870. 

Member of the University of Ox- 
ford, A. Thomas Wintle. A letter to the 
Lord Bishop of Worcester [Bisiiop Hurd] 
... By . . . Oxf. 1796. 

Also attributed to Ralph Chtirtoii. 

3Iember of the University of Ox- 
ford, A. ./ohn Keble. The Psalter or 
Psalms of David : in English verse ; by 
. . . Oxf. 1839. 

Member of the University of Ox- 
ford, A. Charles Port.aies Uoliiihtlji, M.A. 
Strictures on No. 90 of the Tracts for the 
Times. By... Oxf. 1841. 

31ember of the University of Ox- 
ford, A. William Lisle Bowles. A voice 
from St. Peter's and St. Paul's ... By 
... L. 1823. 

Member Thereof, A. Rev. Thomas 
Wfdker. An alarm tq the Church of 
Scotland ... In a letter from ... to a 
reverend brother. Edinb. 1781. 

Members of the Bar. F. C. M. 
Wetherjield and others. The law : a 
monthly magazine . . . Conducted by 
... L. 1874-75. 

Members of the Established 
Church. ./. Pratt, Z. Macaulaij, S. C. 
H7//-.S', ./. IF. Cnmiinfjham, etc. The 
Christian Observer. Conducted by . . . 
L. 1802-74. 

Members of the Mercurie, etc. R. C. 
Smith. The astrologer of the nineteenth 
century; or, compendium o'f astrology, 
etc. By . . . L. 1825. 

Membre dii Congres Am^ricaiu,Un. 
Vincent, de Rouen. I>ettres d'. . . a di- 
vers membres du Parlement d'Angleterrc. 
I'. 1779. 




Membre du Parlement, TJn. John 
Herman Mevicale, Esq. Hommes d'Etat 
de I'Angleterre . . . Imprime dans la 
" Revue des Deux Mondes," 1834, 1835, 
and 1838. 

Membre du Parlement d'Angle- 
terre, Un. Sir Henry Parnell. Coup 
d'oeil sur les avantages des relations 
commerciales entre la France et I'An- 
gleterre, basees -sur les vrais principes 
de I'economie politique. Trad, de I'angl. 
Paris, 1832. 

Memorable Mother, A. Mrs. Ann 

3Ienan'der. Thomas Warton, in Dib- 
din's "Bibliomania." 

Menenius. Digbij Pilot Starke/j. Ode 
commemorative of Her Majesty's visit to 
the Great Industrial Exhibition in Dub- 
lin .. . By . . . Dublin, 1853. 

Menippus. Rev. Thomas Easton. A 
review of Dr. Chalmer's astronomical dis- 
courses . . . By , . . Glasgow, 1818. 

Mentor. Isaac Ledyard. M.'s reply 
to Phocion's letter . . . N.Y. 1784. 

Mentor. R. Haupt. 1869, 1879. 

Mercator, J. A. .John A. Chapman. 
The walk, and other poems. By . . . 
Newberry, S.C, 1875. 

3Ierchant, A. Charles Blake. A let- 
ter ... on tlie present state of affairs at 
Gibraltar. By . . . 1855. 

Merchant, A. .Jonas Hanway. A 
review of the proposed naturalization of 
the Jews . . . By . . . who subscribed 
the petition against the naturalization of 
the Jews. L. 1753. 

Merchant, A. Richard Blanshard, 
Esq. Thoughts on the present commer- 
cial distress ... By . . . L. 1826. 

Meriman, Butterfield. Emily J. 

Jlerlin. Jlilner, ^'> "-V i \? 7 ■•. : "-. 

Merlin the Second. David Henry. 

3Ierliniis Anglicus, Jun. R. C. 
Smith. Urania ; or, the Astrologer's 
Chronicle, and Mystical Magazine. Ed- 
ited by . . . L. 1825. 

Merriton, Mervyn. H. C. Coape. 

Merrypebble, Mr. Right Hon. Sir 
W. E. Gladstone. — See " Benjamins, 

Messager de Wandsbeck, Lie. Ma- 
thias Claudius. 

Metastasio, Pietro Buonaventura. 
Pietro Antonio JJomenii-o Buonaventura 

Meteorologist of the New York 
Skating Club, The. Eugene B. Cook. 
Report of . . . for the season 1863-64. 
N.Y. 1864. 

Metoikos. Hugh Carleton. A page 

from the history of New Zealand. By 
. . . Auckland, 1854. 

Midshipman, The. Bev. Augustus 
Adolphiis J.'jue. The M.'s trip to Jerusa- 
lem. Ib72. 

Milford Bard, The. John Lofand. 
The harp of Delaware ; or, the miscella- 
neous poems of . . . P. 1828. 

Mill-boy of the Slashes. Henry 

Milord All'Eye et Milord All'Ear. 
Mathitu Francois Pidansrat de Mairohert 
et autres. L'Observateur anglois, ou 
correspondance secrete entre ... L. 

An abridgment lias appeared as " L'Espion 
anglais," 1809. 

Milow, Stephan v. Stephan v. Mil- 
lenkovics. Veriorenes gliick ; eine erzah- 
lung. Heidelberg, 1866. ^<^, 

Milton, Marniaduke, Esq. *^ Charles 
Punster. St. James Street: a poem in' 
blank verse. By ... L. 1790. 

Miner of Perranzabuloe, The. Wil- 
liam Murrish. The M. of P. ; or, simple 
records of a good Jiian's life. By W. 
Davis Tyack. "L. 1866. 

Minister, A. Stephen Badger. Ad- 
dress of ... to the church under his pas- 
toral care ... B. 1784. 

Minister, A. Rev. William Logie. 
The church in Orkney. Address of . . . 
Edinb. 1844. 

Minister, A. Rev. .Tonathan Dickinson. 
A display of God's special grace ; in a 
familiar dialogue between . . . and a 
gentleman of his congregation ... B. 

Minister, A. Josiah Woodu-ard, D.D.^ 
The duty of family prayer ... In a let- 
ter from ... to his parishioners. L. 1704. 

Minister, A. Bev. John Bold, B.A. 
The duty of worthily coniniiinicating 
recommended and explained ... In a 
letter from ... to his parishioners. L. 

Minister, A. Richard Cecil. Friendly 
advice from ... to the servants of his 
parish. L. 1793. 

Minister, A. Thomas Crawford, D.l>. 
Reasons of adherence to the Established 
Church of Scotland, addressed by . . . 
11th ed. Edinb. 1844. 

Minister, A. Thomas Hewerdine, M.A. 
A serious ad<lress to the Anabaptists ; 
being a letter from ... to some of his 
parishioners of that persuasion. L. 1701. 

Minister, A. Ednuuid Gibson, D.D. 
Serious advice to j^ersons who have been 
sick ... In a letter from ... L. 1722. 

Minister, A. Rev. Thomas Stnbbark. 
A serious and earnest exhortation to at- 




tend public worship. Addressed by . . . 
to his parishioners. Helston, 1804. 

Minister, A. Hev. Henrij M . Bridge. 
Wallamannumps ; or, the triumpli of re- 
ligious principles. By ... B. I806. 

Minister, A. Rev. Samuel Webster. 
A winter evening's conversation upon 
the doctrine of original sin, between . . . 
and three of his neighbours . . . B.1757. 

Minister, The. Sir Robert Peel. A 
letter to B. D'Israeli, upon the subject 
of his recent attack upon ... L. 1846. 

Minister, Chaplain in the Ai'my, A. 
John Whittle. An exact diary of tlie late 
expedition of his illustrious highness, the 
Prince of Orange, etc. . . . By ... L. 

Minister in the Country, A. Rev. 
John Lewis. Kemarks on four sermons, 
preach'd by Dr. Thomas Bisse, at the 
Rolls Chappel ... L. 1716. 

Minister of a Chapel of Ease, The. 
Rev. Andrew Graij. The chapel question 
considered . . . By . . . Edinb. 1834. 

Minister of knoAvn Learning, Piety, 
and Integrity, A. Alexander Hamilton. 
A sermon explaining the life of faith . . . 
By . . . Edinb. 1705. 

Minister of London, A. George 
Hickes. Jovian ; or, an answer to [S. 
Johnson's] Julian the apostate. By . . . 
L. 1688. 

Minister of that Church, A. James 
Gordon or (rordniie. The state and duty 
of the Church of Scotland . . ; By . . . 
Edinb. 17:;2. 

Minister of that Parish, The. Joscpli 
Harrison. A scriptural exposition of the 
churcli I'iitccliisni . . . for the use of the 
parish of ( 'ircuccster. 

Minister of the Church of Knghmd, 
A. Josiid, Woodn;nd, D.I). (l)Adis- 
swasive from gaming. \ly ... L. 1718. 
— (2) A disswasivc from the sin of drunk- 
enness. By . . . L. 1704. — (f.) A kind 
caution to prophane swearers. By . . . 
L. 1704. 

Minister of the Church of ^England, 
A. Samuel Johnson. (1) A letter from . . . 
to his dissenting parisliioners . . . N.Y. 
17-'i;5. — (2) A second letter from . . . B. 
17:}4. — (3) A third letter from ... B. 

Minister of tlie Church of Kngland, 
The. Rev. Jiisejiii Wdterland. Tile reason- 
ableness of putting the laws in strict ex- 
ecution for restraining the exercise of 
worldly employments on the Lord's day 
... By . . . L. 1702. 

Minister of the Church of Englaud, 
A. Her. Wills. Remarks on Meth- 
odism ... Mv . . . E. 1813. 

Minister of the Church of Scotland, 

A. Ralph Erskine. Gospel canticles ; or, 
spiritual songs ... By . . . lulinb. 1720. 

Minister of the Church of Scotland, 
A. Robert Findlui/, D.D. A persuasive 
to the enlargement of psalmody . . . By 
. . . Glasgow, 1763. 

Minister of the Church of Scotland, 
A. Andrew R. Boiiur. Tresbyterian 
liturgies . . . By . . . Edinl). 1858. 

Minister of the Church of Scotland, 
A. Rev. Alexander Moncrieff. The prop- 
er, true, and supreme deitj- of our Lord 
and Saviour Jesus Christ, proved . , . 
from the Holy Scriptures. By . . 
Edinb. 1730. 

3Iinister of the Church of Scotland, 
A. .John Cnmming, D.D. A short state 
of tlie origin and nature of the present 
divisions in the Church of Scotland. 
By ... L. 1840. 

Minister of the Established Church, 
A. Rer. Henrij Duncan. Statement and 
representation respecting the parochial 
schoolmasters of Scotland . . . By . . . 

Minister of the Gospel, A. Rev. 
Herman Snorr. Incidents of personal ex- 
perience ... By . . . B. 1852. 

Minister of the Gospel, A. James 
Clark. A new yeai-'s gift ; or, the Chris- 
tian's pocket-book ... By . . . Edinb. 

3Iinister of the Gospel, A. Rev. 
William Thorn. Seasonable advice to 
the landholders and farmers in Scotland: 
a sermon . . . By . . . Edinb. 1770. 

3Iinister of tlieir Parish, The. Rev. 
William CInbhe. LL.D. An address to the 
lower classes of his iiarishioners on the 
subject of Methodism, from ... By . . . 
L. 1806. 

Minnie at Home, ^[arl| A. Dunham. 

Minto, Nina. Emma Eleanor (^Hislop) 
Elliot-Murraii-K ipiijn mound, Countess of 
Minto. Life and letters of Sir Gilbert 
Eliot, first Earl of Minto, from 1751 to 
1800. L. 1874. 

3Iirabel, Doctor. The Duke of Marl- 
borough. — See "The High German 

31iso-Dolos. Charles Leslie. The good 
old cause ; or, lying in truth ... L. 1710. 

3Iiso Saruin, Gregory. Jonathan 
Swifi, D.D. A preface to the B--p of 

S — r m's introduction to the third 

volume of the History of tlie Reforma- 
tion of the Churcli of England. By . . . 
L. 1713. 

Missionaries of the A.B.C.F.M., 
Gaboon Station, Western Africa, 
The. /. lU. Preston and J. Bert. Gram- 




mar of the Bakile language. By . . . 
N.Y. 1854. 

Missionary, A. J. Lloyd Breck. A 
■communication on parish sisterhoods . . . 
By . . . u.p. 1863. 

Missionai-y from the Honorable 
Society for Propaj>ating- the Gospel, 
etc. James Wetmore. A letter from a 
minister of the Church of ' England 
[Samuel Johnson, D.D.] . . . showing the 
necessity of unity and peace . . . By . . . 
N.Y. n.d. 

Mr. Seward's Pet. Charles Hale. 
Tlie history of . . . in Egypt. W.^ 1866. 

Mnason. William P. Smith, D.D. 
"Scottish tracts for the Times," No. 1. 
" The Bible," by the Rev. Walter Wood, 
A.M., Elie examined. By . . . Aber- 
deen, 1880. 

Mneinonicus. Robert Nares. Mr. 
Feinagle's art of memory not new. 
" Gent. Mag.," February, 1814, p. 107. 

Moderator. Thomas Chattert.on. His 
signature to a letter to Lord North. 1770. 

Modern Aristoplianes. Samuel 
■ Footc. 

/^Modern Buddhist, The. Chao 
Fhija Tripakon. The wheel of the law, 
illustrated from Siamese sources by . . . 
L. 1871. By Henry Alabaster. 

aiodern Calvinist, A. R. S. IVi/ld. 
Strictures on Scottish theolog}^ and 
preaching. By . . . Edinb. 1863. 

Modern English Journalist, A. 
William Murratj, Earl of Mansfield. The 
thistle: a dispassionate examiner ... of 
a late arrogant insult offered to all 
Scotchmen hy ... L. 1747. 

Modern Pythagorean, A. Dr. Roh- 
i'vt Macnish, LL.D. The book of apho- 
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May, 1846. 

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storms vala blott. Sthlm. 1880. 

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Tloice. The Pasha papers : epistles of 
. . . rear admiral of the Turkish nary, 
written from New York . . . N.Y. 1859. 
— Moina. Mrs. Anna Peyre Shackleford 
Dinnies. The floral year, 1846, consist- 
ing of one hundred compositions, ar- 
ranged in twelve groups to illustrate that 
number of bouquets gathered in the dif- 
ferent months. 

MoldAvarp, Nicholas, B.A. Miss 
Anne Manning. Passages in the life of 
the faire gospeller, Pdistress Anne Askew, 
recounted by ye unworthie pen of . . . 
L. 1866. 

Molly. Judith Rave. 1804. 

Molony, Master 3Iolloy. William 
Makepeace Thackeray. 

" On reading of the general Indignation occa- 
sioned in Ireland by the appointment of a Scotch 
professor in one of Her Majesty's godless col- 
leges, Master Molloy Molony, brother of Thad- 
deus Molony, Esq., of the Temple, a youth only 
fifteen years of age, dashed off the' following 
spirited lines: — 

" 'As I think of the insult that's done to this 
Red tears of rivinge from my faytures I 
And uphold in this pome to the world's daytis- 
The sleeves that appointed Professor M'Cosh. 

" ' O false Sir John Kane ! is it thus that you 
praych me? 
I think all your Queen's Universities Bosh; 
An if j'ou've no neetive Professor to taych me, 
I scawurn to be learned by the Saxon 
M'Cosh.' " 

Monad nock. Dr. Nicholas. 

3Ionitor, Elias. Noah Worcester. The 
stranger's apology, etc. 1812. 

3Ionitoriiis, Aiiramantulus and 
Delicatiilus. WiUiain Collins, ]]'^arton, 
and. (mother. Three poems by three 
sclioolmates, in tlie " Gent. Mag.," for 
October, 1730, p. 545. 

Montague, Ijady Mary Wortley. 
Horace Walpole and others. Letters of 
. . . L. 1763. 

" Lady Craven, margravine d'Anspach, avance, 
dans ses ' Memoires ' (Paris, 1825), que Lady 
Bute, fllle de Lady Montague, a lui dit que ses 
'Lettres' etaient supposees; Waljiole et deux 
autres beaux-esprits de ses amis s'etaient reuni.s 
pour s'amuser de la credulite du public anglais 
en composant cet ouvrage." 

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" Canzonets and sonnets occasioned by 
the amours of . . ." In " Poetic trifles " 
of Rev. Richard Polwhele. L. 1796. 

Slontgomery, Charles Montague. 
Sir Thomas Dick Lauder, Bart. Loch- 
andhu : a tale of the eighteenth century. 
Edinb. 1825. 

Montgomery, Cora. Mrs. William 
Leslie. EagPe pass. By... N.Y. 1852. 

Monticola. James Hews Branshy. In 
1841 he printed in the "Christian Re- 
former " a series of papers. 

Montreal. B. Eclan. 1837. 

aioody, Billy. Thomas Peirce. In 
1825 he wrote a second series of satirical 
poems for the " National Republican " of 
Cincinnati, imder this signature. — See 
" Horace in Cincinnati." 

aioral Philosopher, A. Peter Annet. 
The resurrection of Jesus considered. 
By . . . L. 174-. 

Moral Philosopher, The. Thomas 
Morgan. A defence of the moral phi- 
losopher ... L. 1737. 




■^ More, John. George Biihh Dodington, 
Lord. Melcombe. An epistle from . . . 
apothecary in Abchurch lane, to Lord 
Carteret, upon the treaty of Worms. L. 
ty ■ More, William. William Julius Mickle. 
In January, 1763, he sent a letter to Lord 
Lyttelton, under this name, to obtain his 
f- More Accurate Observer, A. Bt. 
Hon. Thomas Peregrine Courtenay. A 
plain answer to the misrepresentations 
. . . contained in the cursory remarks 
of a near observer. By ... L. 
^ Moreclarke, Sir Mawdcope, of 
Hull. Piev.John Henleif. The informer's 
winding sheet. L. 17-18. 
J 3Iorel, Conway. diaries Zachary 
Ma(iaulay. Authorit}' and conscience. 
^ Edited by . . . L. 1871. 

Morel, G. Arthur Join Lambert. 
I 1802. 

-- Morellus. Rev. Tliomas Morell. 
[Verus] Eruditissimo viro Thomas Ash- 
ton, S.T.P. In "Gent. Mag.," April, 
1770, p. 183. 

,-Morley, Mrs. Queen Anne, in her 
correspondence with the Duchess of 
Marlhorougli, who was "Mrs. Freeman." 
j 3Iorner, Fitz-. William Wirt >Sikes. 

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Joppe und crinoline. Leipzig, 1865. 

Mortimer. ./. ,1A Mnrphi/. 

3Iorvell, Dr. W. F. A. Vollmer. Er- 
zahlungen und pliantasiestiicke. Stutt- 
gart, 1836. 

Moscow Sappho. Countess Eudoxij 
Rostoprhhi, 1811-08. 

Mose, Buckskin. firorge W. Perrie. 

Most Insolent Man alive, The. The 
lit. lion. William Pitt. A letter to . . . 
L. 178!). 

31other, A. Mrs. George W. (Jordan. 
Fresh flowers for children. By ... B. 
' Mother, A. Mrs. Peabody. Holi- 
ness ; or, the legend of St. George : a tale 
from Spenser's Faerie Queene. Bv . . . 
B. 183(). 

Mother, A. ^^a.ry Hunker Cornelius. 
Letters on Christian eihication. By . . . 
N.V. 183()(?). 

3Iother, A. Mrs. Harriet Miller David- 
son. The two babies : a sketch of every 
day life. By . . . L. 1859. 

Mother, A. Mrs. JV. W. Campbell. 
Why am I a Presbyterian ? By ... P. 

Muff, Goliah. William Makepeace 
Thackeraij. The sights of London. 
"Punch," April, 1850. 

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"The Crabstick," a song sung at the 
" Noctes." In " Blackwood's Mag.," 
November, 1824, pp. 600, 601. 

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tary to Christopher North. John 
Wilson. Some illustrations of Mr. M'Cul- 
loch's principles of political economy. 
By . . . Edinb. 1826. 
, 3Iuldro, Carl de. Charles H. Miller. 
. Mummius. William Maginn. The 
embalmer. " Blackwood's Mag.," Jul}'', 
1821, p. 448. 

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Erlebnisse eines arztes. Leipzig, 1866. 
t- Munter, Jeremias. Brur Edvard 
Fornell. Ein funke. Aus dem schwe- 
dischen iibers, von Gottlieb Fink. Stutt- 
gart, 1852. 

Murray, the Hon. Mrs., of Kensing- 
ton. Mrs. Sarah. Aust. 
U' 3Ius Rusticus. Edvmrd Walford. 
Letter on the " Sarcenstones," in the 
"Wilts County Mirror" of Aug. 5, 
1887 ; reprinted in " Notes and Queries," 
Sept. 10, 1887, pp. 206, 207. 

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Remarks on Provencal poetry — the ' 
troubadours. In " Gent. Mag.," 1793, 
pp. 520-22. 

31 use of Cumberland. Susannah 
Bill in ire. 

3Iuse of Fiction, The. Henry Fielding. 

3Iy Octogenarian Friend. John 

3Iy Pen. Caleb Dunn, in New York 
"Puck." , 

3Iy Uncle Know-all. .fames Bishop. 
Pictures and knowledge . . . By ... L. 

3Iylius, Otfried. fvarl Milller. Am 
hofe der nordischen Semirarais ; histor- 
ischcr roman. Hannover, 1873. 

3Iy8elf. Mrs. Purcell. The oriental- 
ist ; or, electioneering in Ireland : a tale. 
By... L. 1820._ 

3Iystagogus. Thomas Woolslon. Dis- 
sertatio de Pontii Pilati ad Tiberium 
epistola circa res Jesu Christi gestas. 
Per . . . L. 1720. 






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" Christ. Exam." 

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" Christ. Exam." 

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America. " Southern Quarterly Rev.," 
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vember, 1823, p. 417. 

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igree of Admiral Sir Sidney Smith, 
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293. Also, Improvement on the organ. 
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Signature to letters to Abraliam Hay- 

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Bilder och dikter af . . . forsvenskade af 
C. R. N. Sthlm. 1883. 

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tion of the second epistle of the first 
book of Horace, to LoUius. Bv ... L. 

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forsvarsfragan af G. N. Sthlm. 1878. 

N., G — g. Georg Nordensvan, a Swe- 
dish author. 

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Hunter ... In some unknown periodical 
for July, 1826. 

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inscribed to Mr. Tooke. " Gent. Mag.," 
July, 1765, p. 335. 

" Tn August, 1778, he became associated with 
his friend, Mr. David Henry, in the management 
of the ' Gentleman's Magazine ' ; and since that 
time not a single month has elapsed in which he 
has not written several articles for that miscel- 

lany, some of them with his name or his ini- 
tials, and others anonymously, under the sig- 
natures, very frequently, of 'Alphonso,' 'Euge- 
uio,' ' M. Grreen,' 'A London Antiquary,' ' J. 
N.,' etc." 

N., J. John Nutt. D.D. Select poems 
from the Hesperides . . . by . . . Bristol, 

N., J. G. John Gough Nichols, F.S.A. 
Memoir of Day, the printer. In the 
"Gent. Mag.," November, 1832. 

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letter addressed to the Rev. 11. W. Jelf, 
D.D. ... By . . . Oxf. 1841. 

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trations of monumental brasses. Edited 
by . . . Camb., Eng., 1846. 

N. O., M.A. of the same University. 
Richard Bentley. A review of the pro- 
ceedings against Dr. Bentley, in the Uni- 
versity of Cambridge : in answer to . . . 
[Conyers Middleton] . . . By ... L. 

N., P. A. P. A. Nuttall. The Tuscu- 
lan disputations of M. Tullius Cicero, 
translated . . . with an introduction by 
... L. 1841. 

N. P. D. Benjaniin Apthorp Gould, Jr. 

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cated to the memory of the reverend and 
excellent Mr. Urian Oakes ... B. 1682. 

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concerning the honour of Earl Marshall 
... L. 1703. 

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jecture respecting the author of Junius. 
" Gent. Mag.," December, 1812, pp. 499- 

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— (2) Warton's History of Englisli poetry 
corrected. " Gent. Mag." for June, 1781, 
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N***. Miss Sarah Fielding. L'Orplie- 
line angloise, ou histoire de Charlotte 
Summers, imitee de I'anglais de M. . . . 
par de la Place. L. 1781. 

Nalbob, A. Richard Harwell. Intrigues 
of . . . 177-. 




Nadie, X. Edouard Lefehvre-Lahoulaye. 
Articles in the " Gaulois" (Paris), 1868. 

Nano, Hervis. Harvey Leach. 

Nash, Reade. Mrs. Martha Joanna 
Reads (^Nash) Lanih. 

Nathan, John. J. J. Beckerinrf. 

Nathan le Sage. William Duchett. 
L'art de gagner de I'argent. 1848. 

Native of America, A. Philip Fre- 
neaii. Lyric works of Horace, translated 
into English verse • to which are added a 
number of original poems, by . . P. 1786. 

Also ascribed to Lt.-Col. John Parhe. 

Native of Boston, A. Cotton Mather. 
The Bostonian Ebenezer ... By . . . B. 

Native of Boston, A. William Will- 
der Wheildon. Brief review of considera- 
tions ... on the annexation of these two 
cities [Boston and Charlestown]. B. 1854. 

Native of New England, A. M'athau. 
Buwen. The New England Diarv, or 
Almanack, for 1724, 1728, 1729, 17;n. 
By . . . B. 1724, etc. 

Native of the Town, A. James('.) Og- 
den. A description of Manchester by . . . 
Manchester, 1783. 

Naturalist, A. Horace William 

Wheelwright. Busii wanderings of ... ; 
or, notes on the field sports and fauna 
of Australia Felix. 

Naturalist, A. Frederick A. Oher. 
Camps in the Caribees. The adventures 
of . . . in the Lesser Antilles. B. 1880. 

Naturalist, A. Rev. William Hont/htuii. 
Country walks of . . . with his children. 
L. 1860. 

Naturalist, A. William Colenso. Jour- 
nal of . . . in some little-known parts of 
New Zealand. Hooker, " London Journal 
Botany," HI., pp. 1-62 (1844). 

Naturalist, A. Samuel Prescott Hil- 
difth. Miscellaneous observations made 
during a tour in May, 1835, to the Falls 
of Cuyahoga, near Lake Erie. Extracted 
from the diary of . . . 

See " Hilliman's .Journal," No. 1, Vol. XXXI. 

Naturalist, The. Jolm Keast Lord. 
The N. in Vancouver Island and nritish 
Columbia. L. 1866. 

Naturalist, A. Cnthbert Colliiii/wood. 
Rambles of . . . on the sliores and waters of 
the(-' 1866andl867. L.1868. 

Nauticus, PeiizaiH'O. .A/wr.s llot^cirall. 
Signature in the " Wcsleyau Methodist 
Mail.," 1851 and 1863. 

Naval Officer, A. Admiral William 
Fisher. The Petrel : a tale of the sea. 
By ... L. 1850. 

Naval Officer's Orphan Daughter, 
A. S. M. Healoii. 'riiouijclits on the 
litany. By ... L. 1840. 

Naval Peer, A. Edward Plunkett, 
16tli Baron Dunsany. Our naval posi- 
tion and policy. By ... L. 1859. 

Near Observer, A. John Booth. The 
battle of Waterloo, also of Ligny, and 
Quatre Bras. By . . . 10th edition. L. 

Nelk, Theophilus. Aloys Adalbert 
Waibel. Blumenbeet kleiner lehrreicher 
geschichten vorziiglich der jugend gewid- 
met. Wiirzburg, 1838. 

Nelly, St. Karoline v. Strieker. Blii- 
then aus Tetschens goldenen auen. 
Leipzig, 1843. 

Nemesis. Antony Watre. Remarks 
on . . . " Croker's review of the ' Me- 
moirs of Thomas Moore,' " in the " Quar- 
terly," 1855. 

Nemniersdorf, Franz v. Franziska 
Reitzenstein, freifrau v. AUein in der 
welt : roman . . . Berlin, 1868. 

Nemo. George Wilder Fox. 

Nemo. Hablvt Knir/ht Browne. His 
signature to the first two plates — to the 
" Pickwick Papers," — which he after- 
wards changed to " Phiz." 

" Nemo," of Louisiana. John L. Me- 
gee. Reveries in rh^vnie. N.Y. 1846. 

Neologist, The. Ril/erl Charles Sands, 
in the New York " Commercial Ad- 

Nephew^ of an East India Director, 
The. Aiif/iistu.:> Bosanquet. India seventy 
years ago. By ... L. 1881. 

Nepomuk. Rev. Julius Axe! Kiellman- 
Goransoii. Kiirlekens seger. 

Nestor. Alexander Carlyle. A paper 
so signed in support of the Duke of 

New England Lady, A. 71/i'ss Maria 
J. B. Browne. Laura Huntley : a storv 
for girls ... By . . . B. 1850. ^ 

New England Pastor, A. Nathanael 
Emmons. D.D. The platform of ecclesi- 
astical government established by the 
Lord Jesus Christ. Discourse of ... to 
}iis flock, March 26, 1826. Providence, 
R.I., 1826. 

Ne^v Writer, A. Charles Wood. 
Buried alone •. a story by . . . L. 1869. 

NcAV Writer, A. Lewis Moj-ris. 
Songs of two worlds. 

New York Detective, A. James 
Branijiton. Leaves from the note-book 
of . . . The private record of J. B. N.Y. 

New York Presbyter, A. Rer. John 
Cotton Smith. The New Missionary So- 
ciety. N.Y. 1860. 

New Yorker, A. Daniel Curry, D.D., 
fJj.D. New York: a historical sketch 
... By . . . N.Y. 1853. 




Ne^wport, AndrcTV. Daniel Defoe. 

Newton, Charles E. C. E. Ferine. 

Newton, R. Edward Cave. 

" In 1731 Cave purchased a small printing 
office at St. John's Gate, Olerkenwell. Here, in 
the gateway of the old priory of the Knights of 
St. John, he started husiness as a printer, under 
the name of ' R. Newton,' and began the ' Gen- 
tleman's Magazine.' " 

Nicolovius. Rev. Nils Loven. Folk- 
lifoet i Skytts harad . . . 

Nigard, Salomo. Samuel Draing. 

Nilla. Mrs. Abby Allin Curtiss. 

Nimrod, Lady. William Makepeace 
Thackeray. The lion hunters of Bel- 
gravia; being . . . 's journal of the past 
season. " Punch," August and Septem- 
ber, 1850. 

Nine Authors. Miss Frances Aivdry, 
Miss M. Bramston, Miss Christabel R. 
Coleridge, Miss A. E. Anderson Morshead, 
Miss C. M. Yonge, Miss F. M. Peard, 
Miss Mary 8. Lee, Miss Eleanor Price, 
and Miss Florence Wilford. The miz 
maze ; or, the Winkworth puzzle : a 
story in letters. By ... L. 188-. 

Nipclose, Sir Nicholas, Baronet. 
David Garrick. The tlieatres : a poeti- 
cal dissection. L. 1772. 

No Fisher but a Well-w^isher to 
the Game. Sir Walter Scott. 

Noaek, Gubben. Karl Ekstrom. 
Skogvaktarens berattelser. Sthlm. 1873. 

Noble Celsus, The. Charles Mon- 
tagu, Earl of Halifax. 

Noble Commander in America, A. 
John Campbell, 4th Earl of Loudoun. The 
conduct of . . . impartially reviewed, etc. 
L. 1758. 

Noble Lord, A. John Campbell, 4th 
Earl of Loudoun. An answer to a let- 
ter . . . vindicating ... L, 1760. 

Noble liord, A. Lord George Sack- 
ville. Viscount Sackville. The conduct 
of . . . [at the battle of Minden, Aug. 1, 
1759] scrutinized. By a volunteer who 
was near his person . . . [/.e. John Doug- 
las]. L. 1759. 

Noble Lord, A. Anthony Ashley 
Cooper, 3d Earl of Shaftesbury. Several 
letters written by ... to a young man 
at the university. L. 1716. 

Nobleman, A. William Russell, LL.D. 
The history of Modern Europe ... in a 
series of letters from ... to his son. L. 

Nobleman, A. James Howard Harris, 
Viscount Fitzharris, 3d Earl of Malmes- 
bury. A reply to the pamplilet [by 
Henry Southern and Sir George Vil- 
liers], entitled " The policy of Eng- 
land towards Spain." By . . . L. 

Noble Peer, A. Robert Harley, Earl 
of Oxford. Part of the seventh epistle 
of the first book of Horace imitated, and 
addressed to . . . [by Jonathan Swift]. 
L. 1713. 

Noblesse Oblige. Howard Evans. 
Our old nobility. By . . . L. 1886. 

Nobody. Rev. James Cook Richmond. 
Nothing. By . . . P. 1827. 

Nobody (the Writer). John Freder- 
ick Denison Maurice. Dialogue between 
Somebody . . . and Nobody., L. 18— 7. 

No Matter by Whoni. James Ralph. 
The case of authors by profession or 
trade stated ... L. 1758. 

Non-commissioned Officer, A. John 
Fletcher. Advice to the British soldier. 
By . . . L. 1839. 

Non-Intrusionist, A. John Hamilton. 
Memorial submitted to Her Majesty's 
government . . . Edinb. 1842. 

Noque, Ore. Bessie C. Blakeman. 
Historicals for young folks. Bv . . . 
B. 1874. 

Norden, Marie. Friederike Wolf- 
hagen. Columbus und seine zeit; his- 
torischer roman. Wien, 1861. 

Norman, Johannes. Chr. Winter- 
Hjehn. Interniezzoer (Inpass). 

Normannus. Thomas Stott. In de- 
fence of the Protestant Loyalists of 
Ireland. In "Gent. Mag.," 1801, p. 

North, Christopher. Willia m Mag in n . 
A happy New Year to the true men of 
the land, from ... " Blackwood's Mag.," 
January, 1824, p. 124. 

Ascribed by Mackenzie to Maginn. 

North Briton, A. <S''V Whitelaw{'>y 
Ainslie, M.D. Pizano : a tragedy in five 
acts ... By . . . 1799. — See "Notes 
and Queries," 1859, p. 305. 

Norton, Miss Elena. Miss 

O'Hea. The rose and the ring. L. 188-. 

NorAveb, J. J. Browne, in " Humor- 
istische Operafantasien . . . Amsterdam,. 

Norwich Quaker, The. J6hn Gurney. 
The Callico Quaker's [Jolin Eggleston] 
speech to the . . .House of Lords. In 
opposition to . . . L. 1720. 

Not by the Editor of " Captain 
Rock's 3Iemoirs." Joseph Blanco White. 
Second travels of an Irish gentleman in 
search of a religion . . . Dublin, 1833. 

Nothing, Marcus. Morice Dreyfus. 

Nottingham Poet, The. Philip 
James Bailey. 

NovusHomo. William John Conrthope. 
The Tercentenary of Corydon : a bucolic 
drama ... By . . . Oxf . 1864. 

Noyes, McLeod-. Francis T. Patton. 




Nunez, May. Mrs. Senator Spencer. 
The story of Mary. N.Y. 1885. 
: Nyky. Isaac Bicker staffs. Love in 
the suds : a town eclogue. Being the 

lamentation of Eoscius [D. Garrick] for 
the loss of his ... L. 1772. 

This was written by William Kenrick, LL.D., 
1779, and was grossly abusive of Mr. Garrick. 

o. fyk 

O. Samuel Osgood, D.D., in - the 
" Christ. Exam." 

O. Rev. Henry Atkinson. Signature 
in the " Cornish Mag.," 1828, p. 155. 

O., A., LiLi.D. Abraham Oakes. The 
story of Balaam and his ass . . . By . . . 
L. 1751. 

0-, F. S. Frances Sargent (^Locke) Os- 
good. VVarblings. By... B. 1850.— 
See " Greenwood, Grace." 

O. 31., Haberdasher. Alexander Car- 
li/le. Plain reasons for removing a cer- 
tain great man [the elder Pitt] from His 
M — y's presence and councils forever . . . 
By... Edinb. 1758. 

O., S. Samuel Osgood, in tlie " Christ. 
Exam," Vol. XLIIL, p. 1. 
' O-, S. Sf/dneif Oicenson, Lady Sydney 
Morgan. St. Clair ; or, the heiress of 
Desmond. By . . . L. 1803. 

0.,W.,Esq. William Oldijs. Camden's 
Britannia : translated probably by Mr. O. 

O , Comte d'. Arsene Hoiissage. 

Le jeu de la vie et le jeu de I'amour. 
Public en 1866 par la " Revue du XIX« 

O***, Charles. Le Comte Charles Denis 
William 0' Kellij. Paroles d'un voyage ur. 
Paris, 1835. 

O****. Oscar II., King of Sweden, 
has contributed poems to some periodi- 
cals under this signature. 

O — r. 0. Brander. ITumoristiska 
rodfargskonturer for 1867. Sthlm. 1867. 

Oats, Sergeant. J. B. Vawter. Prison 
life in Dixie . . . Chicago, 1880. 

0'13., Arthur. Richard Be.adon Brad- 
ley. Review [of "The crowning of tlie 
British poetesses. A poem"]. By. . . 
" Cornish Mag.," 1828. 

O'Dowd, Darby. Mrs. Kate Lubij. 

O'Gorinan, William. William Little 

O'Hara, Barnes. Mic}ia('l Banim. 

O'Shanter, Tarn. Thomas Archer. 

Obscure and Nameless Bard in the 
Braes of Angus, An. Joseph Gordon. 
Poetical trifles. \iy . . . Forfar, 1825. 

Observator. Samuel Blodget. Thoughts 
on the incrciising wealth of tlie United 
States. \V. 1801. 

Observator on Warton, The. Joseph 

Observer, An. John Emory, D.D. His 
signature to several articles in the " Na- 
tional Messenger," Georgetown, D.C., 
which were afterwards published in a 
pamphlet under the title, "The divinity 
of Christ vindicated from the cavils and 
objections of Mr. John Wright." 1817. 

Observer. John P ode Drake. On the 
so-called Armstrong gun. In the " Me- 
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" Iron Question " vindicated .. . . By . . . 
L. 1857. 

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Review of certain recent proceedings of 
the Kirk ... By . . . Edinb. 1839. 

Observer, An. John Corri/. A satir- 
ical view of London at the commence- 
ment of the xixth century. By . . . 
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Observer, An. Cyril Pearl. Tale of 
intemperance. By ... B. 1839. 

Occasional Contributor, An. Al- 
fred Porter Putnam. " Can two walk 
together except they be agreed "? " By 
... B. 1870. 

Occasional Writer in the British 
Critic, An. Samuel Parr, LL.D. Re- 
marks on the statement of Mr. George 
Combe. By . . . L. 1795. 

Occultarius, Cosmopolites, etc. 
Elizabeth Craven, Baroness Craven, after- 
wards Margravine of Anspach-Baireuth. 
Pleasant passetime for Christmas even- 
ings; or, tlie predictions of . . . L. 1795. 

Octavius. Francis C. Bliss. The 
nauglity man ; or, Sir Thomas Brown. 
By . . . Newark, N.J., 1878. 

Octogenarian, An. Baptist Noel 
Turner, M.A. Extracts from ..." Nugai 
Canoraj " ; or, amusements of Scribble- 
thorpe Hall ... By . . . — See Nichols' 
" Illustrations of Literature," VI., pp. 

Octogenarian of Philadelphia, An. 
Matlmc Carey. The Querist. An humble 
imitation of a work under a similar title 
published by the celebrated Berkeley, 
Bishop of Cloyne ... By . . . 1'. 1839. 




Octogenary Pen, An. Mrs. Hester 
Lynch (Thrale Salusbury) Piozzi. Love 
letters, written when she was eighty, to 
the handsome actor, William Augustus 
Conway, aged twenty-seven, " written at 
three, four, and five o'clock (in the morn- 
ing) by ... a heart twenty-six years old, 
and as H. L. P. feels it to be, all your 
own." Letter V., 1820. 

Odd, Orvar. Oscar Patrih Sturzen- 
Becker. Samlade ax. Nya dikter af. 
Sthlm. 1868. 

Ornskog, Sonen i. Adolf Ivar Ar- 
ividsson. Ungdoms rimfrost af. 

Officer, An. Benjamin Franklin 
Webster. Annals of the Army of the 
Cumberland ... By . . . P. 1863. 

Also ascribed to John Fitch. 

Officer, An. Thomas Thrush. Apol- 
ogy of . . . for withdrawing from the pro- 
fession of arms ... L. 1833. 

Officer, An. Archibald Alexander 
Douglas. Christ still on earth ... By 
. . . ■ L. 1865. 

Officer, An. William Blakeney. A 
few short addresses. By . . . 1877. 

Officer, An. Hon. Henry Seymour 
Conway. The military arguments in the 
letter to a right honourable author fully 
considered. By ... L. 1758. 

Officer, An. George Robert Gleig. 
Narrative of the campaigns of the Brit- 
ish army at Washington and NeAV Or- 
leans in 1814 and 1815 ... By . . . L. 

Officer, An. Lord Edward Thurlow. 
A refutation of the letter of an Hon. 
brigadier general, commander of ^is 
Majesty's forces in Canada. By . . . 
L. 1760. 

Officer, An. James Glenie. A short 
essay on the modes of defence best 
adapted to the situation and circum- 
stances of this island . . . By ... L. 

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Sketches of Ladia. Written by . . . L. 

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ures on military discipline . . . By . . . 
L. 1774. 

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Two years in Ava, and the operations of 
the Burmese war. By . . . 1827. 

Officer in the Archdeacon's Court, 
An. Edward Steward. Suggestions [by 
Henry Bathurst, Archdeacon of Nor- 
wich] for readjusting the present church 
rate system . . . also, two letters from 
. . . L. 1835. 

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Murray. Speculative ideas on the 

probable consequences of an invasion 
... By . . . L. 1782. 

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partment of the Army, An. John 
Edgecumbe Daniel. Journal of . . . com- 
prising a narrative of tlie campaigns 
under . . . Wellington, in Portugal, 
Spain, France, and the Netherlands, in 
the years 1816-18 ... L. 1820. 

Officer in the Service of the £ast 
India Company, An. Richard Hall 
Gower. A treatise on the theory and 
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Clunes. A short account of the Pin- 
daries, preceded by historical notices of 
the different Maliratta states. By . . . 
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An. Sir Edward Berry. An authentic 
narrative of the proceedings of His Maj- 
esty's squadron under the command of 
. . . Nelson ... L. 1798. 

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Genesis ; or, the details of the Aus- 
trian revolution [of 1848]. By . . . 
L. 1872. 

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An. T. W. E. Holdsworth. Cam- 
paign of the Indus . . . from ... L. 

Officer of the Ninth Regiment, 
An. General Charles William Thompson. 
Twelve months in tlie Britisli legion. 
By . . . L. 1836. 

Officer of the Regiment, An. Joseph 
M. Califf. Record of the services of the 
seventh regiment. United States colored 
troops, from September, 1863, to No- 
vember, 1866. By . . . Providence, 

Officer of the Royal Navy, An. 
H. C. Goldsmith. The golden Cher- 
sonese ; or, the Logan rock restored. By 
. . . Penzance, 1824. 

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Rear Admiral Henry Gage Morris. Ques- 
tions on the Pentateuch . . . By ... L. 

Officer of the United States Army, 

An. Sergeant Atkins. A tale of 

adventure. By . . . P. 1871. ' - 

Officer of the Volunteer Corps, 
An. Archibald Campbell Eraser. Short 
thoughts on the present price of provis- 
ions. By . . . L. 1800. 

Officer of Zouaves, An. Jean Joseph 
Gustave Cler. Peminiscences of . . . 
N.Y. 1860. 

Officer on Half-Pay, An. William 




Gregorij Dawkins. The position of officers 
in the army. L.(1) 1873. 

Officier de I'armee navale en Ame- 
rique en 1781-82, Un. Comte Francois 
Joseph Paul de Grasse-Tilli/. Journal 
d' . . . (as described in two contemporary 
journals). Amsterdam, 1783. 

Old Army Surgeon, An. Samuel 
Dickson. Wliat killed Mr. Drummondj 
the lead or lancet ? By ... L. 1843. 

Old Asiatic Merchant, An. Alexander 
Robertson. Eeflexions on the present diffi- 
culties of the country . . . By ... L. 1820. 

Old Author in a New^ Walk, An. 
John Richard Best, aiterwaTds John Richard 
Beste ; still later John Richard Dighif Beste. 
(1) Isidora ; or, the adventures of a Nea- 
politan. A novel. L. 1841. — (2) The 
pope : a novel. By ... L. 1840. 

Old Bachelor, An. William Lloyd 
Garrison. Breach of marriage promise. 
In the Newburyport (Mass.) "Herald," 

Old Bohemian, An. Gustave Louis 
Maii-ice Strauss. (1) Tlie reminiscences 
■of . . . L. 18—. — (2) Stories by . . . L. 

Old Book. ./. P. Schmidt. Les 
eglises gotliiques. Paris, 1837. 

" Old Boy," An. Edward Bellasis. 
The " Phormio " at the oratory school, 
1881. By... 1881. 

Old Brother Officer, An. Col. 
W. M. Leake(l). A letter to Colonel 
Chesney . . . By . . . , who served many 
years in Turkey. L. 1854. 

01<1 Buffer, The. Frederick Gale. 
Modern English §ports : their use and 
abuse. L. 188-. , 

Old Bullion. Thomas Hart Benton. 
A sobriquet of this eminent statesman. 

Old Bushman, An. Horace William 
Wheelwright. (1) A sprinnc and summer 
in Lapland. L. 18G-. — (2) Ten years in 
Sweden... L. 1805. 

Old Business Man, An. George 
Draper. Sane views on the tariff ques- 
tion. By . . . B. 1880. 

Old Catholic, An. Arthur Cleveland 
Coxe. Catholics and Roman Catholics. 
By . . . Buffalo, 1874. 

Old Cavalry Officer, An.- Charles 
Montauhan Carmichael. A rough sketch 
of the rise and progress of the Irregular 
Horse of the Bengal army. By . . . 
[Paris, 1847(?)]. 

" Old Chapultepec." W infield Scott. 

Old-clothes Philosopher, An. Wil- 
liam Brnde. fEdii)us on the sphinx of 
the nineteenth century ; or, politico- 
polemical riddles interpreted. By . . . 
L. 1862. 

Old Contributor, An. Mrs. Annie 
(^Thomas') Cudlip. The Helston Flora 
Day. By... In "The Queen," 1868. 

Old Contributor to Maga, An. 
Charles Neaves, Lord Neaves, Songs 
and verses, social and scientific. Edinb. 

Old Cornish Woman, An. Alary 
Keli/nack. Aunt Mavor's picture books 
for little readers. The old Cornish wo- 
man. L. 1853. 

Old Diplomatic Servant, An. Henry 
Headley Parish. British diplomacy illus- 
trated in the affair of the " Vixen "... 
By . . . Newcastle, 1838. 

Old Divine, An. Matthew Henry. The 
communicant's companion . . . Abridged 
from the work of . . . L. 1814. 

Old Ex-Scholar of Trinity College, 
Dublin, An. Thomas Wallace, LL.D. A 
review of the doctrine of personal iden- 
tity ... By . . . L. 1827. 

Old FolloM'^er, An. Henry Ducie 
Chads. Memoir of Admiral Sir Henry 
Ducie Chads, G.C.B. By . . . Portsea, 

Old Grog. Admiral Edward Vernon, 
so called by his sailors because he wore 
a grograni cloak in foul weather. 

Old Hand, An. Thomas E. Bryan. 
The art of book canvassing; or, agent's 
aid. By . . . N.Y. 1875. 

Old Hereditary Burgess, An. Sir 
James Foiilis. Observations on the pro- 
posed bridge and bridge-tax : humbly 
offered to the town-council of Edinburgh 
. . . By . . . Edinb. 1775. 

Old Hurrygraph. James A. Robinson. 

Old Jacob. .James II. of England. 

Old Line Democrat, An. George 
Wilkes. " McClellan " : who he is and 
what he has done ... By . . . N.Y. 1864. 

Old Looker on of Cliange, An. Ed- 
mund Carrington. The Victoriad ; or, the 
New World : an epic ... of the Victorian 
a!ra ... By . . . L. 1861. 

Old Maid, An. E. Carrington. Con- 
fessions of ... L. 1828. ■ ■ 

01d3Ian, An. Mrs. William Pitt Byrne. 
" De omnibus rebus "... discursive 
ramblings on the road of every day life. 
By . . . L. 1887. 

Old Man, An. John Payne Collier. 
An (). M.'s diary forty years ago. 

Old 3Ian, An. Alexander Dalrymple. 
Thoughts of ... on the high price of 
corn. L. 1800. 

01d-3Ian-\vith-a-Cane. Benjamin 

Penh(dloiv Shillaber. His signature in the 
Hartford " Evening Post." 

Old Member of Parliament, An. 
Richard Glover. Considerations on the 




attorney-general's proposition for a bill 
for the establishment of peace with 
America. By ... L. 1782. 

Old Member of Parliament, An. 
John Eanby. Doubts on tlie abolition of 
the slave trade. By ... L. 1790. 

Old Member of Parliament, An. 
Philip Withers. riiilo-Theodosius ; or, a 
new edition of Theodosius . . . By . . . 
L. 1790. 

Old Oak. James Oakes. 1880. 

Old Observer, An. RoioLund Hill. 
Spiritual characteristics . . . By ... L. 

Old Officer, An. Walter Bromley. 
Distressed and destitute state of the in- 
habitants of Spain and Portugal, respect- 
ing moral and religious instruction. By 
... L. 1813. 

Old Pastor, An. Bev. Thomas John 
Mackee. Morning musings. By . . . 
Huntingdon, 1859. 

Old Peninsular, An. Thomas Boys. 
My Peninsular medal. In " Blackwood," 
November, 1849, to July, 1850. 

Old Pioneer, An. George H. Gilman. 
History of the town of Houlton (Maine). 
From 1804 to 1883. Haverhill, Mass., 

Old Prairie Hen, An. Catherine Nich- 
ols. Wild flowers of the West. By . . . 
Chicago, 1874. 

Old Printer, An. William Dorrington. 
Composing-room lectures ... L. 1878. 

Old Public Functionary. James 

Old Put. Israel Putnam. 

Old Resident, An. William Arm- 
strong. The aristocracy of New York : 
wlio they are and what they were. By 
. . . N.Y. 1848. 

Old Resident, An. Albert H. Porter. 
Niagara. Past and present, 1805-1875. 
By . . . 1875. 

Old Revieiver, An. Sir Henry Bul- 
tcer, afterwards Lord Dalling. A pam- 
phlet on Crimean questions. By . . . 
L. 1863. 

Old Rowley. Charles IT. of England. 

Old Soldier, An. William Francis 
Butler. The invasion of England, told 
twenty years after. By ... L. 188-. 

Old Student, An. John Barling. 
Leaves from my writing desk; being- 
tracts on the question, What do we 
know '? By . . . L. 1872. 

"Old Tip" [or Tippecanoe]. William 
Henry Harrison. 

Old Traveller, An. James Silk Buck- 
ingham. A summer trip to Weymoutli 
and Dorchester . . . From the note 
book of . . . L. 1842. 

OldWi^gie. James Davids 


times so called because he liad a habit 
of pulling off his wig and beating delin- 

quent pupils with it 

" Old Zach." Zachary Taylor. 

Oldboy, Oliver. George Bailej/. 

Oldbuck, Jonathan. Ramsay 

in Scott's " Antiquar3\" 

Oldcastle, Geoffrey, Gent. William 
Mudford. The Canterbury Magazine. 
Canterbury, Eng., 1834-35. ' 

Oldcastle, Humphrey, Esq. Nicho- 
las Amhurst. Remarks on the history of 
England. From the minutes of . . . L. 

Also ascribed to Henry St. John, Viscount 

Older One who has been through. 

An. Atkinson. Letter to a j'oung 

man who has just entered college from 
... B. 1849. 

Oldest School Inspector, The. Jo- 
seph Bentlei/. (1) Moral culture for the 
people... By... L. 1865. — (2) The vast 
expense of ignorance to the Queen's sub- 
jects. By . . . L. 1870. — (3) What to 
do and how to do it when an election 
comes . . . By ... L. 1868. 

Olinthus. William J. A. Sheehy. 
Reminiscences of Rome ... L. 1858. 

Oliver. Oliver Gibhs. 1880. 

Olle Niimarker, De. Karl. Valentin 
Immanuel Loffler. U't dorp ; lustige 
vertellungen van'n oU'n niimarker. Jena, 

Omega. Robert Piatt. Cornish saints. 
By . . . In the « Cornish Mag.," 1828. 

Omega. G. Gilbert. 1867. 

One call'd an High-church man. 
Charles Leslie. The second part of the 
wolf stript of his shepherd's cloathing 
... By . . . L. 1707. 

One in the Ranks. Michael Con- 
stable. Othello in hell, and The infant ; 
with a brancli of olives. By . . . Dub- 
lin, 18-48. 

One intimately acquainted with 
him. Cotton Mather. PietAs in patri- 
am. The life of his Excellency Sir Wil- 
liam Phips, Knt. . . . Written by . . . 
L. 1697. 

One lately a 3Iember of the Imme- 
diate Government of the College. 
Andrcn-s Norton. Remarks on a report, 
etc. Camb. 1824. 

One Miso-Dolos. Charles Leslie. The 
good old cause ; or, lying in truth . . . 
By . . . L. 1710. 

One of Dr. Wheelock's pupils. 
Levi Frisbie. On the rise and progress of 
Moor's Indian charity school, etc. By 
. . . 1811. 





One of her 3Iinisters. Thomas 
Dowell. Farewell to the outward bound 
... By . . . L. 1849. 

One of his Candid Neighbours. 

Joseph Bellanii/, U.D. A letter to [S. 
Webster] the reverend author of the 
Winter-evening conversation on origi- 
nal sin, from ... B. 1758. 

One of Ms Congregation. Edna 
Dean Proctor. Life thoughts, gathered 
from his [Henry W.ard Beecher] . . . dis- 
courses, by . . . B. 1858. 

One of His Constituents. Francis 
Darr. Our Pacific possessions. Eail- 
way to the Pacific ... A letter ... to 
Hon. Benjamin Franklin Wade . . . By 
... W. 1861. 

One of his Constituents. Edward 
Cop/eston, JJ.D. A second letter to the 
Eight Hon. Robert Feel, M.P. ... By 
. . . Oxf. 1819. 

One of his Sons. C. Ma/an. Life 
and writings of Ce'sar Malan. By . . . 
L. 1839. 

One of his Sons. Thomas Howard 
Gill. The Rev. William Gill: a sketch, 
by . . . L. 1871. 

One of its Slaves. Mrs. Sarah 
Brid'/es Stebhins. Annals of a baby . . . 
N.Y." 1877. 

One of No Party. Richard Crnttirell. 
Reform without revolution ! . . . By . . . 
L. 1839. 

One of the Aldermen. Henrij Chris- 
topher Combe. Substance of a speech de- 
livered in the Court of Common Council 
... By . . . L. 1812. 

Oiie of the Cock and Hen Club. 
George Steevens. 

" In a few days after tlie Doctor's [Dr. Hicbaid 
Farmer] death, the following jcu il'esprit (not 
improbably by his friend, Mr. George Steevens) 
appeared in one of the daily papers: ' Tliis emi- 
nent critiek . . . composed some of his pleasantest 
works in an arbour on the verge of a pond where 
he resided . . . and he amused himself with a vari- 
ety of water-fowls, which covered his pond, and 
which, with others not of an aquatic nature, were 
much admired by all those who visited his hospi- 
table mansion. These birds, a Cambridge friend 
informs me, he disposed of in the following man- 
ner: — 

" ' " My geese I give and bequeath to the Heads 
of the University. 

My ducks and dralces — to Sir Henry Vane 

My peacock — to the Duchess of Gordon. 

My guinea-fowls — to Colonel Cawthorne. 

My pigeons — to 1-ady IJuckingbarashire, etc. 

My doves — to the Princess. 

My Rcreech-owl — to Mrs. ^fattock8. 

My humming-bird — to Mr. Courtney. 

My bantams — to Tommy Onslow. 

My chicken — to Nf. A. 'I'aylor. 

My king-tisher — to the French Directors. 

Mycock-sparrow — to the Duke of CJueensbury. 

My old gray i)arrot — to Mrs. Cowley. 

My pullets — to Lord William Gordon. 

My cuckoo — to Mr. Esten. 

My cormorant — to the Duke of Marlborough, 

My goldtinches — to Sir William Pulteney. 

My vulture — to Lord Lonsdale. 

My eagle — to Mr. Pitt. 

My jack-daws — to the Broad street beaux. 

My magpie — to George Coliuau. 

And my rooks — to the Club at Brookes's." '" 
— "Oracle," September 21. "One of the Cock 
and Hen Club." 

One of the Committee of the Ameri- 
can Academy. Jacob Biyelo/r. A short 
reply [to Marcus Bull's pamphlet]. B. 

One of the Company. B. Chamiinf/ 
M. Page. Sketch of Page's Battery of 
Morris' Artillery, 2d Corps, Army of 
Northern Virginia. By . . . N.Y. 1885. 

One of the Crew. P. D. Haijivood. 
The cruise of the "Alabama." By : . . 
B. 1886. 

One of the Family. Joseph Harfwell 
Williams. A brief study in genealogy ; 
Connin, Conny, Cofiy, Coney, Cony. By 
. . . Camb., Mass., 1885. 

One of the Family of the 
Bowleses. Williain Lisle Boicles. Re- 
ply to an "Unsentimental sort of critic," 
the reviewer of " Spence's Anecdotes " in 
the Quarterly Review for October, 1820 
... By . . . L. 1820. 

One of the Fancy. Pierce Ei/an. 
Boxiana; or, sketches of antient and 
modern pugilism. By ... L. 1812. 

One of the Hearers. Cotton Mather. 
The grand point of solicitude ... A ser- 
mon ... B. 1715. 

One of the Last Century. William 
Sfemart Rose. Thoughts and recollec- 
tions by . . . L. 1825. 

One of the Magistrates of the 
Public Office in Great Marlborougli 
Street. Philip Neve, Esq. A letter to 
the Rev. William Cockburne ... L. 

One of the Majority. Rev. James 
Gall. Six letters to ])r. Begg and his 
protesting minority . . . From . . . 
Edinb. 1808. 

One of the blasters. John James 
Charles A'orman. School services, com- 
i piled for the use of the Forest School, 
j Walthamstow. By . . . L. 1850. 

One of the Members of the College. 
Charles Coote. Sketches of the lives and 
characters of eminent English civilians, 
with an historical introduction relative to 
the college of advocates . . . By. . . L. 

One of the Ministers in Boston. 
Cot/on Mather. (1) Sober sentiments 
... By . . . B. 1722.— (2) The voice 
of God in a tempest . . . B. 1723. 

Oue of the Ministers in tlie Nortli- 




part of Boston. Cottun Mather. The 
soul upon the wing . . . By ... B. 1722. 

One of the Ministers of the Gospel 
ill Glasgow. James Clark. (1) The 
cross and the crown ; or, a cluster of 
cordials . . . by . . . Edinb. 1705. — 
(2) The debaucherie and vices of the 
present age . . . By . . . Edinb. 1707. 

One of the Old School. liev. William 
Bentinck Lethem Hawkins. Sketches of 
country life and country matters by . . . 
L. 1840. 

One of the Old School. Bobert Sey- 
))iour{1). The school-master abroad, by 
... L. 1834. 

One of the Old School. Colin Mac- 
kenzie. Tavern anecdotes . . . By . . . 
L. 1825. 

Also ascribed, t6 WiUiam West. 

One of the People. Thomas Frognall 
Dibdin(}). A letter to the Earl of Liv- 
erpool ... By . . . L. 1824. 

One of the People. George Barrell 
Cheever. The republic or the oligarchy ? 
which ... By . . . N.Y. 1866. 

One of the People. William Wirt. 

" In 1808, he wrote the essays in the Richmond 
'Enquirer' signed 'One of the People,' addressed 
to the members of Congress who had joined in a 
protest against the nomination of Mr. Madison to 
the presidency." 

One of the People called Christians. 

Jeremiah Waring. Three letters, addressed 
to the readers of Paine's Age of Reason. 
By... L. 1797. 

One of the Pilgrims. A. C. W. Trues- 
dell. A California pilgrimage, by . . . 
San Francisco, 1844. 

One of the Professors. Thomas 
C^ark, iU.D. The right of Marischal 
College and University, Aberdeen, to 
confer degrees . . . By . . . Aberdeen, 

One of tlie Pupils. Mrs. Louisa 
(Goddard) Whitney. The burning of 
the convent . . . by . . . Camb., Mass., 

One of the Readers. Samuel Mather. 
A letter to the author [John Clarke] of 
a letter to Dr. Mather, etc., by . . . B. 

One of the 687 F.R.S sss. 

Dr. Augustus Bozzi Granville. Science 
without a head ; or, the Eoyal Society 
dissected. By ... L. n.d. 

One of the Suffering Clergy of the 
Church of Scotland. William Mglnc. 
A time to weep ... a sermon . . . Edinb. 

One of the Three Hundred. Flavel 
S. Mines. Presbyterian clergyman look- 
ing for the churcli. By . . . N.Y. 1849. 

One of the Trustees. Samuel Bulkley 
Haggles. The duty of Columbia College 
to the community . . . by . . . N.Y. 1854. 

One of their Brethren. John Walker, 
F.T.C.D. The church in danger . . . 
Addressed to the clergy . . . By . . . 
Dublin, 1796. 

One of their Gossips. Miss Eliza- 
beth Tuckett. Our children's story. By 
... L. 1870. 

One of their own Class. John T. 
Glanville. Servants defended. By . . . 
Oxf. 1847. 

One of them. Leonard Marsh. A 
bake pan. For the dough-faces. By . . . 

One of themselves. Daniel Ellis, 
F.R.S. E. Considerations relative to 
nuisance in coal-gas works . . . Ad- 
di-essed to proprietors ... in the vicinity 
of the oil-gas works at Tanfield. By . . . 
Edinb. 1828. 

One of themselves. Donald Bain. 
Olden times; or, the rising of the ses- 
sion. A comedy . . . By . . . Edinb. 

One of themselves. William Make- 
peace Thackeray. On literary snobs. In 
a letter from ... to Mr. Smith, the cele- 
brated penny-a-liner. " Punch," June, 

One Recently Returned from the 
Enemy's Country. Edward Alfred Pol- 
lard. A letter on the state of the war. 
By . . . Richmond, 1865. 

One that has had Experience of 
them. Cotton Mather, D.D. The night- 
ingale ... By . . . B. 1724. 

One that has perused the " Summer 
Morning's Conversation." Charles 
Chauncy. The opinion of ... B. 1758. 

One that holds Communion with 
the Church. John Humfrey. A sea- 
sonable caution to the members of this 
new parliament . . . By ... L. 1703. 

One that was once a Scholar to 
him. Cotton Mather. Corderius Amer- 
icanus ... In a funeral sermon on Mr. 
Ezekiel Cheever ... By . . . B. 1708. 

One w^ell acquainted with some of 
the Travellers. William Gustling. An 
account of what seemed most remark- 
able in the five days' peregrination of 
the five following persons, viz., Messieurs 
Tothall, etc. Imitated in Hudibrastics. 
By... L. 1781. 

One w^ho, as a Son Avith a Father, 
served Avith him in the Gospel. Cot- 
ton Mather, D.D. A father departing 
. . . Dr. Increase Mather ... By . . . 
B. 1723. 

One who Believes the Christian 



• • 'j tures. Joseph Rogerson Cotter. 
■:;ng facts. England's sin ; Ireland's 

, . ^Britain's peril. By . . . L. 1867. 

'; ,o who for more than thirty 

. ' ias dealt largely Avith money. 

jj.'. Chambers. Everybody's question; 

or, a few words on banking and currency. 

By . . . L. 1864. 

One Avho has been " almost wor- 
ried to Death." Heiirt/ and Augustus 
Maijhew. The greatest plague of life ; 
or, the adventures of a lady in search of 
a good servant. By ... P. 1847. 

One who has impersonated them. 
Ladii Helen Faucit ilartin. On some of 
Shakespeare's women. By ... L. 1885. 

One who has never lived out of it. 
Thomas (reerutq. Our parish : a medley. 
By . . . Hailsham, 1886. 

One who has served. Alfred Wilks 
Draqson. Tlie young dragoon. By . . . 
L. 1870. 

One who has served under Sir 
Charles Napier. G. B. Malleson. The 
meeting of the Bengal army . . . By . . . 
L. 1857. 

Also ascribed to Henry Charles Bunbury. 

One w^ho "has some there." Al- 
mira Se>/mour. Our silent city: a poem, 
n.p. 1866. 

One who heartily desires the Or- 
der, Peace, and Purity of the 
Churches. Tliomas Fitch, A.M. An 
explanation of Say-Brook platform . . . 
By . . . Hartford, 18(i3. 

One Avho is also an Elder. Ricli- 
ard Mant, IJ.I). A second letter to the 
Rev. Henrv Hart Milman, M.A. ... By 
. . . Oxf. 1830. 

One Avho is no partizan or bigot. 
Samuel f^ai/. Brief remarks, caution, 
etc., to tlie inhabitants of tliis highly- 
favoured nation, (Jld England. By . . . 
L. 1700. 

One who knoAvs. Charles Edward 
Pickett. Sand-gambling versus mining- 
gambling . . . From . . . San Francisco, 

One who knows all about thein. 
Lillie E. Burr. Dot and Dime. Two 
characters in ebony. By ... B. 1877. 

One who knows it well. C. R. 
Lushinqlou. The practice of the Men- 
dicity Society. Hy ... L. 1847. 

One who Values Christianity for 
its own sake, and believes in it as a 
Revelation from God. John Nelson 
Darhij. Dialogues on tiie essays and 
reviews. By ... L. 180.". 

One who w^as born in the Colony 
of Massachusetts 15ay. Rer. lienjamin 
PrescotI {''. ). A free and ('.'ilm considiTa- 

tion of the unhappy misunderstandings 
and debates which have of late years and 
yet subsist between 'the Parliament of 
Great Britain and these American colo- 
nies . . .' Written by . . . Salem, Mass., 

One who ^vas there in 1857-58. 
Walter Coningshij Erskine, Earl of Kellie. 
A chapter of the Bengal mutiny . . . By 
... L. 1871. 

One Avho ^vishes vi^ell to him in 
common ^vith 3Iankind. Rev. John 
Clarke. A letter to Doctor Mather . . . 
By . . . B. 1782. 

Oneida. James Dugan. Doctor Dis- 
pachemquic : story of the great Southern 
plague of 1878. New Orleans, 1879. 

Onesimus. Peter L. Courtier. The 
pulpit. L. 1810-12. 

Ongiiill. John Cresivell. P^ssays and 
letters in the " World." 

Onslow. John Caldwell Calhoun. 
Onslow in reply to Patriclc Heiiry [Philip 
Richard Fendall]. W. 1826. 

Opera 3Ianager, An. J/a.r Maretzek. 
Crochets and quavers ; or, revelations of 
... in America. N.Y. 1855. 

Opimius. William Henry Fitzhugh. 
Controvers}'^ between Caius Gracchus 
and ... in reference to the American 
society for colonizing the free people of 
colour of the United States . . . George- 
town, D.C., 1827. 

Opzoomer, Miss. Miss Wallis. Royal 
favour. L. 1885. 

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dame Jane Junk and Joe. By . . . San 
Francisco, 187(i. 

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22d Connecticut volunteers. A journal 
of incidents connected with the travels 
of the 22d regiment for nine months : in 
verse. By . . . Hartford, 1863. 

O'lieid, John Charles, Esq. Joslah 
Cornier. Reviewers reviewed . . . By . . . 
Oxf. 1811. 

Origen Adamantius, Renatus. 
Thomas Woolston. Epistola secunda . . . 
Circa Fidem vere Orthodoxam ... L. 

Original Editor of the Encyclo- 
p;cdia 3Iotropolitana, The. Thomas 
(Jurtis. The London Encyclopajdia . . . 
By ... L. 1829. 

Original Editor of the " Family 
Friend," The. Robert Kemp Philip. 
The i)ractical housewife . . . By ... L. 

Original Republican, An. S. T. 
drover. Remarks on the existing rebel- 
lion ... By . . . St. Louis, 1865. 

Orlando. Michael Wodhull. The 



character of Orlando in Dr. Dibclin's 
" Bibliomania " has been attributed to 
Mr. Wodhull. — See " Gent. Mag.," No- 
vember, 1816, p. 464. 

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H. Japp, LL.D. Treasury of devotional 
reading. L. 188-. 

Orthodox Clergyman of Massa- 
chusetts, An. Rev. Jacob Norton. (1) 
Seasonable and candid thoughts on hu- 
man creeds, etc. By ... B. 1813. — 
(2) Tilings set in a proper light . . . By 
... B. 1814. 

Orthodoxus. Thomas Coneij, D.D. 
Twenty-five sermons upon several sub- 
jects ... L. 1730-50. 

Osander. Benjamin Allen. Miscella- 
neous poems on moral and religious sub- 
jects. By . . . Hudson, N.Y., 1811. 

Osborne, Edith. Mrs. Blake. 1876. 

Oscar. Willard 0. Carpenter. 

Oscar. Mrs. Leman Grintstone. 

C'leonc, and other poems. L. 1821. 

Oscar Fredrik. Oscar II., King of 
Sweden. Ur svenska flottans niinnen, 
dikter. Sthlm. 1858. 

Ostsee, Johannes von der. Johann 
Daniel Fcdk, called Johannes. Goethe aus 
nilhern personlichen umgange dargestellt; 
ein nachgelassenes werk. Leipzig, 1856. 

Oswald, E. Bernhardine Schulze- 
Sniidt, frau. Vain forebodings ... P. 

Other Surviving Sons of the Late 
Earl and Countess of Berkeley, The. 
Maurice Frederick Fitzhardinge Berkelei/, 
Baron Fitzhardinge, and others. Reply 
to some passages in a book entitled " My 
life and recollections, by the Hon. Grant- 
ley F. Berkeley." L. 1865. 

O'Toole, Bryan, Esq., of Gray's Inn. 
William Maginu. Barney Moon : a vision 
of Covent Garden and St. Giles. By . . . 

Otto, Franz. Johann Gottlieb Chris- 
tian Franz Otto Spamer. Deutscher dich- 
ter, denker und wissensfiirsten im 18. und 
19. jarh .; in lebensbildern f iir jugend imd 
volk . . . Leipzig, 1877. 

Out and About. Miss Ahby Langdon 
Alger, in the Boston " Gazette." 

Outsider, An. Sidney S. Hurlbut. 
Early days at Racine, Wisconsin . . . By 
. . . Racine, 1872. 

Overseer, An. Sir George Nichotls. 
Eight letters on the management of our 
poor. By ... L, 1822. 

Owen, Catherine. Mrs. Catherine 
Owen NitscJi. New cook book, ^y . . . 
N.Y. 1885. 

0^vl, The. F. Hopkinson Smith. — 
See " Puritan, The." 

Ox and Bull . Bobert Har- 

lei/, Earl of Oxford, and Henry Saint-John, 
Viscount Bolingbroke. Or a funeral ser- 
mon for the two beasts that are to be 
slaughter'd upon Tower-Hill, next session 
of Parliament, etc. L. 1715. 

By John Dunton, bookseller. 

Oxford Divine, An. Richard Bur- 
don. The Oxford Ai'go. By ... L. 

Oxford Man, An. W. E. Youngman. 
Lascine. 1874. 

Oxford Tutor, An. William Warde 
Fowler. A year with the birds. Oxf. 

Oxonian, An. John Duncombe. Par- 
ody on Gray's Elegy. By . . . 1776. 

Oxonian, An. Harry John Wilmot 
Burton. Poems. By . . . Oxf. 1865. 

Oxonian Graduate, An. Bobert 
Nares('}). Defence of the English Uni- 
versities. "Gent. Mag.," 1827, p. 594. 

Oxoniensis. Rev. Francis Chenevix 
Trench. A ride in Sicily. By ... L. 

Oyster, An. Robert Henry Cobbold. 

A poetic description of the festivities at Oak- 
ley Park, September 27, 1832. 

" By . . . from home, 
Unaccuatom'd to roam, 
Who's contented to dwell 
In his snui; little shell, 
With the world as it goes, 
Or the tide as it flows ; 
So that he only knows 
Of sweet peace, the rei^ose." 
Ipswich, 1832. 



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P. Ephraini Peabody, D.D., in the 
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P. George Putnam, D.D., in the 
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P. [T. G. P.]. Bev. Pender Hodge 

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holm under riksdagen 1847-48 af P. 
Sthlm. 1849. 

P. Daniel McDonald, D.D. A series 


of articles in the " Gospel Messenger," 
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T. A. R. P. T. O. L. A. li.e. Theologia 
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A private proof printed in order to pre- 
serve certain matters connected with the 
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On terms of communion . . . By tlie . . . 
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{2} The spiritunl iiiiiili;i!, i y . . , Law- 

rence Scupoli . . . Translated ... L. 


P., E. C. Miss E. C. Price. One only. 
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liam Kingdon Clifford . . . Edited and 
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Reserches philosophiques sur les Ameri- 
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Rumohr. Nils Juel, der danische admiral 
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■ P. Q. R. Augustus Pecquer{^). The 
Unionist ... P^ditor for . . . By . . . 
Tunbridge W^ells, 1848. 

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letter to the livery of London relative to 
the views of the writer in executing the 
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William Bourne Oliver 
Christ. Exam." 
]\[rs. Lcetitia. Pilkington. 
The draper's [M. Pilkington] letter to 
. . . concerning her book of memoirs 
lately published. Dublin, 1748. 

P — r, 31 — w, Esq. Matthew Prior, 
Esq. Upon Lady Katherine H — de's first 
appearing at the playhouse in Drury 
L. 1718. 
Mr. William Pitt, Earl 
The speech of . . . L. 

P., W. B. O. 

Peabody, in the ' 
P — n, Mrs. Ij. 



of Chatham. 
P . . 


, Sir C • . . Sir Constantine 
The conduct of the purse of 
in a letter . . . occasioned by 
their having conferr'd the degree of doc- 
tor upon . . . 1714. 

P 1, J , commonly 

called E of E . John 

Perceval, Earl of Egmont. A genuine 
copy of the tryal of . . . the reputed 
author of a pamphlet, entitled an Exam- 
ina of the principles, etc., of the two 
B rs [Brothers], etc. L. 1749. 

P , L. U., A.M. Thomas Edwards. 

A letter to the author of a late episto- 
lary dissertation . . . By ... L. 1744. 

P— e, A . Alexander Pope. — See 

"C— ffe, C— s." 



P****. J. B. Paris dfi Mei/zieu. — See 
" A Gentleman in France." 

Pacifico, Dr. Solomon. William 
Makepeace Thackeray . (1) The proser : es- 
says and discourses by . . . On an inter- 
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1850. — (2) On an American traveller. 
"Punch," July, 1850. 

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cent Fitz-Patrick. Thauuiaturgus. L. 

Padwell, Peter, of Padin^ou, Esq. 
Christopher Bullock. Woman's revenge; 
or, a match in Newgate : a comedy . . . 
To which is added, A compleat key to 
the Beggar's Opera. By ... L. 1728. 

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See " Cobb, Billy." 

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Palmer, Albert. Albert Nathan. 

Palmer, Fr. H. Emma Hartmann. 

Pandora. Mrs. Blanche Boosevelt 
{Tucker) Macchetia. ' 

" ' Pandora,' as the title by which the poet 
[H. W. Longfellow] usually addressed nae." — 
See note on p. 12 of her book on " The home 
life of H. W. L." 

Pansmouser. Gottlieb. Theophilus 
IJiiihc I. I. a i);irtMgi' ik' la I'olognc. 

Paiit;ij>ruel, (irtragaiitua. Knight 
of the Sable Purse. William. Hufas 
Chrtwood. The stock-j<)l)l)(.'rs; or, the 
humours of Exchange-Allev : a comedy 
... L. 1720. 

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lic Advertiser," 1770. 

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Rornaiicerf). Leipzig, 1845. 

I*apa, Un. Pierre Jules Fletzel. Al- 
pliaU't (le Mile. Lili. Paris, 1805. 

Paper King. Jolni Lau\ 

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in " The Orators," one of Samuel Foote's 
comedies. L. 1762. 

Parens. S'l/nr/e. 1831. 

Pariii, A. P. L. Henri/ W. Faxon. 

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— See "K., G. II. R." 

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vier. \ dogmatical and practical treatise 
on indulgences . . . abridged . . . By . . . 
Dul.liii, ]Hr.U. 

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Courtenay. Our new life in Christ. Ed-' 
ited by . . . L. 1863. 

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Faber. Examination of conscience ; safe 
advice about this duty . . . By ... L. 

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Scudamore. Steps to the altar . . . Com- 
piled by . . . L. 1846. 

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votion. The half-way covenant : a dia- 
logue between Joseph Bellamy, D.D., 
and . . . continued. By . . . New Lon- 
don, Conn., 1769. 

Two letters to Bellamy from the " Parish- 
ioner" were published at New Haveu, 1770. 

Parishioner, A. Richard Willett. A 
memoir of Hawarden parish, Flintshire 
... By . . . Chester, 1822. 

Parishioner of St. Peter's, A. George 
Bloomfield. Thetf ord Chalj^beate spa : 
a poem by . . 1820. 

Parisian, The. Mary Charlton. L. 

Parisien devenu Muscovite, Un. 
Horace Gay. Deux anne'es d'excursions 
d' . . . MoscoM', 1847. 

Parley, Peter. William Martin. The 
holiday keepsake. By ... L. 1865. 

Parmegiano of Auctioneers, The. 
John Lochee (Jack Loche'e). So called by 
Dr. Dibdin. 

Parochial Clergyman, The. Plcv. 
Thomas Tregenna Biddulph. Tlie P. C.'s 
ordination vows . . . Bristol. 1824. 

Parochial Minister, The. Thomas 
Tregenna Biddulph. The . . . 's affection- 
ate address, etc. Bristol, 1824. 

Parson, A. Robert Herbert Story, D.D. 
Poems V)y ... L. 1863. 

Parthenopaeus Hereticus. William 
Gordon. (1) An accotmt of the supersti- 
tious ceremonies and wicked i)ractices of 
the Church of Home, in the Holy Week 
(2d ed., London, 1719). — (2) Popery 
against Christianity ... L. 1719. 

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kins. 'IViles of the tripod. Bait. 1821. 

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Mrs. P.'s carpet-bag of fun. N.Y. 1854. 

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Comber. A scourge for adulterers, etc., 
of 1810. By . . . ('ensor of public man- 
ners ; of Ballyn o' lichstein, in the island 
of Utopia. L. 1810. 

Pastor. Sanford J. Ilortoii. P.'s 
offering. 1847. Providence, 1847. 

Pastor, A. Very Rev. Edward Mey- 
rick Goulburn, D.D. Farewell counsels 
of . . . to his flock. L. 18 — . 

Pastor, A. Rev. I. C. Matthews. The 




Christian's strength : a pastor's word of 
exhortation . . . Maidstone, 1860. 

Pastor, A. Gard'mer Spring, D.D., 
LL.D. Fragments from the study of . . . 
N.Y. 1839. 

Pastor, A. Rev. Henry John Betts. 
Gleanings from . . . By ... L. 1854. 

Pastor, A. Thomas Baijlet/ Fox. 
Hints to Sunday-scliool teachers . . . By 
. . . B. 1840. 

Pastor, A. Rev. Pitt Clarke. A P.'s 
legacy to his people . . . Taunton, Mass., 

Pastor, A. Plini/ Butts Dai/. A P.'s 
new year's address to his parishioners. 
Manchester, N.H., 186-. 

Paston", A. Rev. Beedam Charles- 
worth. A P.'s parting words of affec- 
tionate counsel to his flock . . . Bris- 
tol, 1862. 

Pastor, A. John Turner Sargent. 
Serious questions for the new year, from 
... to his flock. B. 1843. 

Pastor, The. William Henrg Furness. 
An address delivered in the First Congre- 
gational Unitarian Church in Philadel- 
phia ... 1831. By... P. 1831. 

Pastor, The. Rev. Samuel Hohart 
Winkley. A book of questions prepared 
for the use of students of the Scriptures, 
at Pitts Street Chapel [Boston]. By . . . 
B. 1853. 

Pastor, The. Rev. Alonzo II. Quint. 
The Christian patriot's duty. A sermon 
addressed to the Mather Church and So- 
ciety, Jamaica Plain, Mass., April 28, 
1861. By . . . B. n.d. 

Pastor, The. William Newell. Hymns 
for the festival of the Sunday school of 
the first parish, Cambridge, Mass. By 
. . . Camb. 1860. 

Pastor, The. Frederic Tlenrg Hedge. 
" Live soberly " : a sermon preached to 
the First Church in Brookline. By . . . 

Pastor, The. William West Phillips. 
Memorial of the goodness of God . . . 
Discourse ... in the city of New York, 
Jan. 11, 1846. By... N.Y. 1840. 

Pastor, The. Rev. Moses Chase. A 
statement of facts in the trial of . . . 
J. Henshaw . . . By . . . and cliurch, 
West Brookfield. Worcester, Mass., 1843. 

Pastor at Maiden, The. Joseph 
Emerson. A timely seeking of God 
urged. B. 1737. 

Pastor of the Westminster Cong. 
Soc. . . . Providence, The. Rev. Augus- 
tus Woodhiiri/. On tiie use of the word 
" Evangelical." Providence, 1854. 

Pastor's Wife, A. il/r.s. Cecilia 
Con^dfj. Memorial of . . . L. 1874. 

Pasty, Carolina Petty. 3frs. Eliza- 
beth Cohbold. 

Patentee, The. Oliver Abbott Shaw. 
A brief description of the nature and 
construction of tlie visible numerator . . . 
By... N.Y. 1831. 

Paterfamilias. Martin Farquhar 
Tiipper. P.'s diary of every-body's tour 
... L. 1859. 

Pathfinder, of the Field. H. C. 
Dear. Pheasants and poultry : how to 
breed and rear them successfully. L. 

Patient, The. Walter Channing. A 
fragment of medical autobiography ; or, 
a case reported by . . . B. 1864. 

Patrick of the King's Chekar 
3Iaister. Patrick Eraser Tiftler. Life 
of John Wicklyff .... L. 1826. 

Patricola. John Toland. 1717. 

Patriotic Englishman, A. W. P. 
Russell. Political thoughts in prose and 
verse ; or, a fig for invasion . . . By . . . 
L. 1808. 

Patroon, The. Stephen Van Rensse- 

Paul. Rev. Arturus' Granger, A.M. 
Ultra Universalism and its natural affini- 
ties. By . . . Hartford, 1839. 

Paul the Aged. Paul Whitehead. 

Paul, Uncle. Edward Abbott. 

Paul, Uncle. Paul F. De Gourna.)/. 

PaAvkie, James, Esq. John Gait. 
The Provost ; or, memoirs of 'his own 
times : compiled from the papers of . . . 
By . . . L. 1821. 

Peak, Gavilan. Ilennj Pope. Strug- 
gle for existence. N.Y. 1872. 

Pederson, Are. Arvid August Afze- 
lius. En ny sorgesang iifver Hogstsalig 
Konung Carl XIV. Johans dod. Sthlni. 

, Pedestrian Tourist, A. George Hume 
Weatherhead, M.D. The pliilosophical 
rambles ; or, the observations of . . . 
through France and Italy. L. 1834. 

Pedling- Tibbald. Lewis Theobald, in 
Pope's " Dunciad." 

Peeper, Simon, Esq. Rev. J. Harris. 
The inspector. Bv . . . No. 1, July, 1807. 
L. 1807. 

Pelican, A. James Watson Gerard. 

Pen and Pencil, A. F. P. Palmer 
and Alfred Jlenri/ Forrester. Wander- 
ings of . . . L. 1846. 

Penetrating- Argilius, The. John 
Campbell, 2d Duke of Argyle. 

Penfeatlier, Amabel. James Fenimore 
Cooper. Elinor Wyllys. By . . . Edited 
by J. F. C. P. 1846. 






Penitent Peri, A. G-eonje C. Pear- 
son. Flights inside and outside paradise. 
By . . . N.Y. 1880 

Penniless, Pierce. Thomas Nash. 

Pennsylvania Farmer, A. John 
Hare Powel. Eeply to Col. Pickering's 
attack upon ... P. 1825. 

Pennsylvanian, A. Mathew Carey. 
Twenty-one golden rxiles to depress agri- 
culture, etc. By . . . P. 1824. 

Many other tracts written by Mr. C, and 
signed "A Pennsylvanian," will be found in 
" Habin." 

Penseroso. Heeqe, Frau. Alban und 
Nanny. Leipzig, 1849. 

Perambulating Philosopher, The. 
(Tilhert Abbott a Beckett. His signature to 
a series of articles in the " Illustrated 
London News." 

Percevall, Plaine. Thomas Nash(iy 

Percival, Fanny. Mrs. F. A. Percy. 

Percy, L. Mile. Herpin. Histoire 
d'une grande dame au 18® siecle ; la 
prinoesse Helene de Ligne. 

Peregriniis pedestris. James Echrard 
Marston. Der linlsteinische tourist. 
1833, 1836. 

Perfect, Thomas. Sir .lolm Hill. 

Perhaps. Sajnud Horsley, LL.B. His 
signature to a letter in the " Gent. Mag.," 
for November, 1783. 

Pericranium. Bobi'rt Nares. Ad- 
vice to the students and admirers of 
craniology. " Gent. Mag.," January, 
181-''), p.. 11. 

Per — se, Sylvanus. James Safaf/e( ?) 
<ind others. Editors of the " Montlily 
Anthology" (B.), 1803, etc. 

Perier, Jules. Alfred Joseph Xavler 
Michiels. " Vn Entrepreneur do Litte'ra- 
ture" (Paris), 1847. 

For the celebrated controversy between him 
and Arsene Ilousoaye, which occasioned the 
above work, vid. D'Ueilly, " Dictionnaire des 
pseudonymes" (Paris, 180VI), p. -R-. 

Persan eu Aiigleterre, Un. Lord 
(jreonje Lyiteltoi}. Lettrcs d' . . . a son ami 
a Ispahan ... L. 1770. 

Persins. J. P. Andreirs. Citv affairs. 
W. 1820. 

Persius, Jr. Alderman \otfar/e. 

Person concerned in Trade, A. 
James Butlericorth. A complete history 
of the cotton trade. By . . . IManches- 
ter, 1823. 

Person of Honour, A. W'illium I'ld- 
teneij, Karl of Batii. An odi', imitated 
from Ode XL, Book 2d of Horace. From 
P...1 F...y [Paul Foley] to N...s 
F . . . y [Nicholas Fazakerley]. By . . . 
L. 1745. 

P(5rson of Honour, A. (korf/e Vil- 
Jieis,2(\ Duke of IiuckiiiLrliam. I'octical 

reflections on a late poem entitled Absa- 
lom and Achitophel. By . . . L. 1682. 

Person of Note, who resided many 
years there, A. John Bobinson. An 
account of Sweden . . . By ... L. 

Person of Quality, A. Jonathan 
Sii'ift, D.D. A project for the advance- 
ment of religion and the reformation of 
manners. By ... L. 1709. 

Person of Quality, A. .John Hervey, 
Lord Hervey. A satire in the manner of 
Persius ; in a dialogue between Atticus 
and Eugenio. By ... L. 1739. 

Person wlio had some share in his 
Education, A. Thomas tSheridanC^). 
To the Right Honourable the . . . Vis- 
count Mont-Cassel : this fable is . . .ded- 
icated by . . . Dublin, 1727. 

Person Avho renounced Deism, A. 
Francis Grey. Soiue judicious remarks 
and observations made by . . . New 
Bedford, Mass., 1805. 

Persuasive Euphemius, The. Sir 
Robert Waljjole, Earl of Orford. 

Perugini, Mrs. Charles Edward. 
Js^ate Jjickens. An English artist — the 
younger daughter of Charles Dickens. 

Peruvian Princess, A. F. d'lssem- 
j honnj d'Hajjjmncoiirt, Dame de Grafliigny. 
' Sequel of letters written by . . . Dublin, 
j 1740. 

I Peter. lieu. William Cockburn, M.A. 
The persecution of the clergj^ repre- 
hended in a discourse upon the banish- 
ment of an injured divine [Atterbury]. 
L. 1723. 

Peter the Plowman. James Mercer. 
Proceedings of a craw club held in Fife 
on the fourth of June, as reported by 
. . . Dunfermline, 1813. 

Peters, Jeremy. Thomas L. Smith. 

Petit, Lizzie. P. C. Cutler. Light 
and darkness; or, fate's shadow. N.Y. 

Petitioning Clergyman, A. John 
Disney, D.D. ]?emarks on Dr. Bal- 
guy's sernion . . . 1775 . . . By ... L. 

Petty, Under. William Makepeace 
Thackeray. Why can't they leave us 
alone in the holidays'^ "Punch," Janu- 
ary, 1851. 

Pew Holder, A. Henry S. Olcott. 
Pulpit sketches ; or, the dreams of . . . 
Albany, 1846. 

Pg. Henry Pickering. Signature to 
poetry in the "United States Literary 
Gazette" (B.), 1824. 

I*helps, Mrs. S. S. Frances Irene 
Biinio (,'risn'old. Sister Eletinor's brood. 

Phil, Hib. John /iarrctt, DO. Que- 




Ties to all the serious, honest, and well- 
meaning people of Ireland. Dublin, 

Philadelphus. Thomas Curteis, Rec- 
tor of Wrotham, Kent. 

Philadelphus. Increase Mather. A 
letter of advice to the churches of the 
Non-Conformists in the English nation 
... L. 1700. 

Philadelphus. Saxe Bannister, M.A. 
Remarks on the Indians of North Amer- 
ica, in a letter to the " Edinburgh Re- 
viewer " (L.), 1822. 

Philagathos. Ezra Stiles, D.D. A 
poem commemorative of Goffe, Whaik^y, 
and Dixwell, three of the judges of 
Charles I. By . . . B. 1795. 

Philaletes. Joseph Backhmd. 1839. 

Philalethes. Alexander Comrie. 1752- 

Philalethes. John Swinton. 1738. 

Philalethes. Thomas Curteis, Rector 
of Wrotham, Kent. 

Philalethes. Laurence Echard. An 
answer to Dr. Edmund Calamy's letter 
to . . . Archdeacon Echard . . . L. 1718. 

Philalethes. Rev. John Cameron. The 
Catholic Christian defended, etc. Bel- 
fast, 1771. 

Philalethes. Elisha Williams. The 
essential riglits and hberties of Protes- 
tants. L. 1744. 

Philalethes. Charles Paynter. In- 
stinct and mind. By . . . Plymoutli, 

Philalethes. John Poinfret. " Rea- 
son," written in 1700; and "Dies noves- 
sima " ; or, " The Last Epiphany " 
[poems]. L. 170-. 

Philalethes. James Staunton Bab- 
cock. (1) Numa and Egeria. Classical 
ballads. No. 1. "Amer. Whig Rev.," 
October, 1746. — (2) Road song of 
earth's traveller. " Amer. Quar. Rev.," 
April, 1845, p. 362. 

Philalethes. Robert Findlay, D.D. 
Remarks on Mr. Lindsey's dissertation 
upon praying to Christ ... L. 1781. 

Philalethes. Bev. John Bruce. Re- 
marks on Pliilanthropos' [Rev. James 
Morrison] answer to the question 
" What must I do to be saved ? " By . . . 
Kilmarnock, 1841. 

Philalethes. Richard Challoner, D.D. 
A specimen of the spirit of dissenting 
teachers ... By . . . L. 1736. 

Philalethes Antichubbius. F. Hor- 
ler. Memoirs of T. Chubb ... a fuller 
and more faithful account. L. 1747. 

Philalethes Cantabrigieiisis. James 
Jurin. The minute mathematician; or, 
the freethinker no just thinker. L. 1735. 

Philalethes Cantabrigiensis. Bishop 
John Kaye. (1) Remarks on Dr. Wise- 
man's lectures . . . By ... L. 1838. — 
(2) Reply to the " Travels of an Irish 
gentleman in search of a religion " [by 
Thomas Moore] ... By . . . L. 1834. 

Philalethes, Eugenius, Jun. Robert 
Sambe'r. A treatise on the plague . . . 
By . . . L. 1721. 

Philalethes Rusticans. Richard 
Shepherd, D.D. Reflections on the doc- 
trine of materialism . . . By ... L. 

Philalethes or Liover of Truth, T.3I. 
Thomas Alaule. For the service of truth. 
By . . . P. 1703. — See collections of 
Essex Institute, Vol. III., p. 238. 

Philalethes, Theodorus. Thomas 

Philalethius, Ireneus. W. Teelinck. 

Philander. Rev. John Cameron. His 
signature in the " Theological Reposi- 
tory," Vol. II., 1771. 

Philanthropist. William Evans. 
History. Syracuse, N.Y., 1858. 

Philanthropos. Rev. Morgan John 
Rhees. Letters on liberty and slavery r 
an answer to ... " Negro-slavery de- 
fended by the Word of God." By . . . 
N.Y. 1798. 

Philanthropos. John Thomas Barber 
Bi'iiiimonf. Life insurance. L. 1814. 

Philanthropos. Rev. James Morrison. 
The question " What must I do to be 
saved ? " answered by . . . About 1840. 

Philanthropos, Theophilus. Robert 
Poole, M.D. Physiciil vade mecum ; or, 
fifth gift of .. . L. 1741. 

Philanthropus Jjondinensis. Daniel 
Scott. An essay towards a demonstra- 
tion of the Scripture Trinity. By . . . 
L. 1725. 

Also ascribed to James Pierce, of Exeter. 

Philanthus. John Sharpe, Jr. The 
retrospect ; or, review of the memorable 
events of Mona in the year 1790. By . . . 

Philaretus. Edmund Curll: Atter- 
buryana . . . By ... L. 1727. 

Philargyrius Cantabrigiensis. J. C. 
de Pamv. Emendationes in Menandri et 
Philemonis reliquas. Astelodami, 1711. 

Philargyrius Cantabrigiensis. 

Joshua Barnes, 1711, 1712. 

Phileeclesia. Rev. Charles Henry 
Davis. Suggestive sketch of an Irish 
church constitution and canons . . . By 
. . . Dublin, 1870. 

Phileulethere de Leipzig. Richard 
Bentley. La friponnerie laique des pre- 
tendus esprits forts d'Angleterre, on re- 
marques de . . . sur le " Discours de la 




liberte de jienser " (d'A. Collins), trad, de 
I'anglois par N. N. [Armand de la Cha- 
pelle]. Amsterdam, 1738. 

" L'original anglaia est intitule " Remarks 
upon a late discourse of free thinliing, in a letter 
to F. H., D.D. [Dr. Francis Hare]. L. 1712." 
This is entered in "I. and P." under the pseudo- 
nym " Phileleutherus Lipsiensis." 

Phileleutheros Orielensis. John 
Davison, B.D. A short account of cer- 
tain notable discoveries . . . contained in 
a work [hj H. Kett], entitled, Elements 
of general knowledge, etc. By . . . Oxf. 

Phileleutherus Britannicus. John 
Hlldrop, D.D. Reflections upon reason. 
By . . . L. 1722. 

Phileleutherus Lipsiensis. Richanl 
Bentley. Emendationes in Menandri et 
Philemonis reliquas . . . Ultrajecti, 

Phileleutherus Londinensis. Sam- 
uel Squire, D.D. Remarks on Dr. K 's 

[King's] speech before the University of 

() d [Oxford], at the dedication of 

Dr. R 's [Radcliffe's] library. 

By . . . L. 1750. 

Phileleutherus Vigorniensis. Paul 
Cardale. The true doctrine of the New 
Testament concerning Jesus Christ, etc. 
L. 1771. 

Philhellen Ktonensis. Lancelot 

Shadwel.l, Emi. The Iliad of Homer, 
faithfully rendered in Homeric verse . . . 
By . .. L. 1844. 

Philistor. Jolin Pinl-erton. Letters 
... on tlie cultivation of tlieir national 
history. In "Gent. Mag.," 1788. 

Phillipps, Ambrose Lisle, Esq. Am- 
brose Lisle A^Iarrh P/iillijips de Lisle. The 
Catholic Christian's complete manual . . . 
By . . . L. 1847. 

Philo-Bereaniis. Enoch B. Ke.nrick. 
I'lnal restoration demonstrated from the 
Scriptures of Truth . . . by . . . B. 1821. 

Philo-Kuriaoes Loncardiensis. 

Thoiti'is Yonnf/. 

Philo- Pacific us. Rev. Robert Folger 
W'dlcnt. Harvard University, 1817. 

Philobiblic us Cantabrigieusis. 

Jiikn Chaiiman, D.D. Remarks on a let- 
ter [by Conyers Middlcton] to Dr. Water- 
land ... By . . . Camb. 1731. 

Philobiblius. Richard ]Vatson. The 
sophist untnaskfd ... L. 1797. 

Philochristus. Rev. Jonas Proast. 
A second letter to the autlior of tiie 
Three letters for toleration . . . OxL 


Philocosmos. Handel Clark. 

Phllocrlticus Cantabrigicnsis. John 
Jackson. A treatise on the improvement 
made in tl)e art of criticism, collected out 

of the writings of a celebrated hypercritic 
[Wm. Warburton] ; by . . . L. 1748. 

Philoditto. James Moore Smith, in 
" Daily Journal," 1728. 

Philoeunomos. Roger Sherman. 

Philokalus. Benjamin G. Sporon. 

Philoletlius. Pedro Lozano. A true 
and particuhir historj' of earthquakes . . . 
L. 1748. 

Philomath, T. N. Jonathan Swift. 

Philomela. Mrs. Elizabeth (Singer) 
Roiue. (1) Divine hymns and poems on 
several occasions, &c., by . . . and several 
other ingenious persons. 1704. — (2) 
Poems on several occasions, written by 
... L. 1696. 

Philonauticus. Lawrence Hynes Hal- 
loran. The female volunteer; or, the 
dawning of peace: a drama. 1802(?). 

Philonorvagus. EvanHammer. 1771. 

Philonous. Richard Berenger. His 
signature to No. 156, in the " World," 
Dec. 25, 1755. He was also the writer 
of Nos. 79 and 202, which have no sig- 

Philoparthen, Esdras. George Whar- 
ton. Poems. L. 1661. 

^iXo(j>\vvKTis- William Makepeace 

Thackerai/. A plea for Plush. "Punch," 
July, 1846. 

•^iXoiroiTJTTis, P. H. Patrick Hume. 
Annotations on Milton's Paradise Lost. 
6th ed. L. 1695. 

*LA.0^YXi2N. Rev. Richard C. 

Philoscriblerus. James Moore Smith, 
in " Daily Journal," 1728. 

Philosinensis. W.H. Medhurst. 1835. 

Philotheos Physiologus. Thomas 

Pliysician, A. William Kitchiner. 
The cook's oracle ... L. 1823. 

Physician, A. John Allen. Observa- 
tions rtn tiie state of the dispute between 
. . . and an apothecary, concerning a pre- 
scription of Sydenham ... L. 1765. 

Physician, A. Rowland Jackson, M.D. 
A physical dissertation on drowning . . . 
By . . . L. 1746. 

Physician, A. Walter Ghanning. Re- 
marks on the employment of females . . . 
in midwifery. By . . . B. 1820. 

Physician, A. N. F. Cook. Satan in 
society, by ... St. Louis, 1877. 

Physician, A. Llobcrt Couper. Specu- 
lations on the mode and ajtpearances of 
impregnation in the human female . . . 
Edinb. 1789. 

Physician of Charleston, S C, A. 
Dr. Samuel H. Dickson. Suicide. "Amer. 
Whig Rev.," August, 1847, p. 137. 




Physitian in the Countrey, A. John 
Peachie. Some observations made upon 
the Barellas . . . Written, by ... to Dr. 
Allen, etc. L. 173-. 

Pica, Phinehas. Edwin Buckingham. 
Orthography. " New England Mag.," 
Vol. L, p. 105. 1831. 

Pierrepont. William C. Church. 

Pieseis. L. A. Beardslee. 

Pigalle. Jean Jacques Rousseau, in 
his contributions to " L'Autographe au 
Salon" (Paris), et al. 

Pilgrim.. Ednxird JBrotherton. One of 
his signatures in Swedenborgian periodi- 

Pilgrim Good-Intent, The. JVoah 
Worczster, D-D. A parable, occasioned 
by the late portentous phenomenon. By 
. . . Concord, N.H., 1812. 

Pilgrim, Lord. Gerard de Nerval et 
Arseiie Jloussai/e. Successively the pseu- 
donym of these veriters in the editorship 
of the "Artiste " (Paris). 

Pilgrim of Seventy, A. John Cox. 
The path of life and the perfect rest . . . 
By . . . L. 1878. 

Pilgrimen. Ulrika Sofia von Strus- 
senfelt, Sveriges forsta romanforfattare. 
Stiilm. 1853. 

Pindar. Rev. William Woodis. The 
tuck-net split. By . . . L. 1824. 

Pindar, Peter, Jr. Nathaniel Chap- 
man Freeman. Parnassus in Philadelphia. 
A satire. By . . . P. 1854. 

Pindar, Peter, Jun. John Agg. The 

R 1 lover; or, a duke defeated 

... By . . . 10th ed. L. 1812. 

Pindaricas. Jonathan Sloiv. 

Pirate, A. Edmund Gurrie. A scene 
in tlie West Indies. By a four-years' resi- 
dent. L. 1832. 

Pitawall, Ernst. Eugen Hermann 

Pitti-Clout. William Pitt. ^ Pitti- 
Clout and Uun-Cuddy [Henry Dundas] : 
a political ecologue. 

A satire upon W. Pitt and H. Dundas. 

Plagiary, Sir Fretful. Richard Cum- 
ier/o?uZ(?), in Sheridan's play, "The 

Plain Dealer, A. Thomas Rushton. 
Party detected ; or, plain truth : a poem. 
By . . . L. 1770. 

Plain Hand, A. Ezra Mundi/ Hunt. 
About the war. Plain words to plain 
people. By . . . P. 1863. 

Plain Man, A. Henri/ William Pullen. 
Everlasting punishment. Do our clergy 
believe in it ? A plain question. By . . . 
L. 1872. 

Plain Man, A. Rev. Joseph Mendham. 
Some account of the discussion on infal- 

libility which took place at . . . Birming- 
ham . . . 1830 . . . Bv . . . Birmingham, 

Platonic Puritan. John Hoioe. 

Playfair, Peter. William Tait. P.P.'s 
correspondence with the editor of the 
"Times" journal on both sides ... L. 

Plug, Percival, R.N. James Hunnay. 

Plush, Mr. J — s. William Makepeace 
Thackeray. Thoughts on a new comedy ; 
being a letter from ... to a friend. 
" Punch," February, 1850. 

Poet, A. Louis B.elrose, Jr. A P.'s 
appeal for protection of home industry. 
P. 1884. 

Poet, A. James Montgomery. Prose. 
By . . . P. 1824. 

Poet-Philosopher of Venusia, The. 
Qnintus Horatius Flaccus. Original views 
of passages in the life and writings of . . . 
L. 1851. By John Murray, LL.D. 

Poet Squab. John Dry den. So 
called by Lord Rochester. 

Poet Wheelman, The. S. Conant 
Foster. Wheel songs. 1884. 

Polemius. James Stanhope, 1st Earl 

Polite and Ijearned Physician of 
Oxford. William Talbot, D.D. 

Political Economist, A. Thomas 
Charles Banfield. Six letters to the 
Right Hon. Sir Robert Peel, Bart., being 
an attempt to expose the dangerous ten- 
dency of the theory of rent advocated 
by Mr. Ricardo ... By . . . L. 1843. 

Politicus. James Cheetliam. Obser- 
vations on the conduct of Governor 
Lewis, in relation to the bribery charged 
on the ijassage of the act to incorporate 
the Merchants' Bank. By . . . N.Y. 

Pollet, Mr. Mi/les Davies. The 
recantation of ... a Roman priest, etc. 
L. 1705. 

Pollex, D., and Others. William Al- 
linqham. Blackberries picked from many 
bushes. L. 1884. 

Polycephalus, Hydra, Esq. W. D. 
Whitlington and others. The Galvinist: 
a periodical paper. By . . . Canib., 
Eng., 1804. 

Polyglott, Pandemus, LIj.D., Liugd. 
Bat. Olim. Soc. William Maginn, in 
"Blackwood's Mag.," October, 1837, p. 

Pomfret, Ellen Lionise. Ellen Louise 
Chandler Moidton. This, that, and the 

Poningoe. Caleb Dunn. 

Pontfeus. Henry Sacheverell. — See 
" The High Gerraan'Doctor." 




Pope in Worsted Stockings. Rev. 
George Crabbe. Is what Horace Smitli 
in a note to " Rejected Addresses " called 

Popllcola. Col. Isaac Barre'. (1) 
In "Public Advertiser," 1770. — (2) Un- 
der this signature the letters of Junius 
were ascribed to him. 

Popllcola. Charles Brockden Broivn. 
Monroe's embassj^, etc. P. 1803. 

Popular Writer, A. John Timbs. 
The illustrated year. — Book of won- 
ders, etc. Edited by . . . L. 1850. 

Port Oar, A. Emil Charles Bfeiffer. 
An account of the '89 freshman crew 
of Harvard College . . . By ... B. 

Potts, Philips, Esq., Holyhead. 
Willinni Magtnn. Translation of the 
" Wine-bibber's glory." " Blackwood's 
Mag.," 1822. 

Poughkeepsie Seer, The. Andrew 
Jackson Davis. 

Power, Cecil. Charles Grant Blair- 
Jindie Allen. Babylon: a novel. L. 

Practical Chemist and Experi- 
enced Liquor Dealer, A. John Stephen. 
A treatise on the manufacture, etc., of 
f reigns ... By . . . P. 1860. 

Practical Farmer, A. Jolin Arnt- 
stromj. A treatise on agriculture . . . By 
. . . ' Albany, 1819. 

Preacher to a Christian Commu- 
nity at Ijeeds, A. Daniel Srott. — See 
"A Wesleyan Minister." 

Preaching Weathercock, The. Mr. 
William Richardson. The preaching 
weathercock : a paradox proving Mr. 
W. R. (lately a dissenting minister, and 
now a presbyter of the Church of Eng- 
land) will cant, recant, and re-recant . . . 
L. 1712. By JoJin Dunton. 

Preceptress, A. il//.s.s Charlotte Palm- 
er. Letters on several subjects from 
... to lier pupils ... L. 1797. 

Premier, The. Benjamin Disraeli.^ 
Earl of Heaconsfield. The P.'s defence 
of his administration ... L. 1879. 

Presbyter. Rev. Edward Edwards. 
Pastoral recollections. L. 18;]('). 

Presbyter, A. AV;;. Francis John 
Bodjield I/oo/ier. A quietus for the com- 
ing struggle ... By . . . L. 1853. 

Presbyter of the Church, A. Robert 
Crawford Dillon. The book of common 
prayer . . . revised . . , by ... L. 1845. 

Presbyter of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. lirian ITnnt. Parochial ])astur- 
agc ... L. 1722. 

Presbyter of the Church of Eng- 
l;in<l, A. Nathaniel Marshall. The 

penitential discipline of the primitive 
church for the first 400 years after Christ 
... L.1714. 

Presbyter of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. Richard Newton, D.D. Plu- 
ralities indefensible . . . By ... L. 

Presbyter of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. ' Daniel Whiston. A primitive 
catechism . . . By ... L. 1718. Edited 
by William Whiston. 

Presbyter of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. Thomas Hagwood. Primitive 
morality ... By. . . L. 1721. 

Presbyter of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. Rev. John Boswell. Remarks 
on the "Candid Disquisitions." Bv . . . 

Presbyter of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. William Currie. A sermon, in 
Radnor church . . . 1747. P. 1748. 

Presbyter of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. Rev. John Bold, B.A. The 
sin and danger of neglecting the public 
service of the church, plainly set forth 
... By . . . L. 1745. 

Presbyter of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. Thomas Ainsivorth. The va- 
lidity of Episcopal ordination, and in- 
validity of any other, considered in 
three letters between . . . and a dissenting 
teacher [Asher Humphreys]. Oxf . 1719. 

Presbyter of the Church of Scot- 
land, A. James Clark, A.M. Presby- 
terial government as now established 
and practised in the Church of Scotland 
... By . . . Edinb. 1703. 

Presbyter of the Diocese of Lion- 
don, A. William Berriman, D.D. A 
seasonable review of Mr. Whiston's ac- 
count of primitive doxologies . . . By 
... L. 1719. 

Presbyter of the Diocese of Massa- 
chusetts, A. Jonathan Maghen> Wam- 
vright, D.D. Considerations on the 
Eastern diocese. By ... B. 1837. 

Presbyter of the Episcopal Church 
in Edinburgh, A. Charles Hughes Jer- 
rot, D.D. Reasons for avoiding contro- 
versy respecting statements and opinions 
advanced at a meeting lield in tiie As- 
semblv Rooms in Edinburgh on tlie 20th 
December, 1838 . . . Edinb. 1839. 

Presbyter of the Episcopal Church 
in Scotland, A. Joh)i Torrg. The Ox- 
ford tracts vindicated from the misrepre- 
sentations of tlie Edinburgh Review, etc. 
By . . . Ediiil). 1839. 

Presbyterian, A. Bennett. 

Terms of communion agreed upon by 
the Scots Methodists ... In a letter 
from . . . Edinb. 1779. 




Presbyterian concerned therein. 
The. James Brown. A second edition 
of the debate in the shop about impur- 
ity among pastors . . . By ... n.p. 

Prescott, Thomas H. William 0. 
Blake. The American encyclopsedia of 
historj'^, biography, and travel. By . . . 
Columbus, 0., 1856. 

Prescott, Thomas O. Bev. Thomas 
Oliver Prescott Hiller. Sermons . . . 
Glasgow, 1848. 

Present Pastor, The. Ehenezer Bur- 
gess, D.D. Dedham pulpit . . . with a 
Centennial discourse. By ... B. 1840. 

Present Teacher, The. William A. 
Brewer. Some account of Harvard bible 
class for students and others. By . . . 
B. 1856. 

President, The. John Mockett Cramp. 
Acadia College. The inaugural address 
delivered by . . . Halifax, N.S., 1851. 

President, The. Robert Charles Win- 
throp. The building and the finances of 
the Massachusetts Hist. Soc. Remarks 
of . . . at the monthly meeting, July 13, 
1871. B. 1871. 

President, The. Thomas Burgess. 
Discourse delivered at the anniversary 
meeting of the Eoyal Society of Litera- 
ture. By . . . L. 1831. 

President, The. Marshall Pinckney 
Wilder. First annual meeting of the 
United States Agricultural Society, Feb- 
ruary 2, 1853 . .". address. VV. 1853. 

President, The. Harry Chester. (1) 
Highgate . . . institution. Tlie address of 
. . .1847. Kentish Town, 1848.-— (2) 
Highgate . . . institution. The address 
of". . . 1848. Kentish Town, 1849. 

President, The. James Finn. The 
opening address of [the Jerusalem Liter- 
ary Society] by ... L. 1851. 

President, The. Rev. Daniel Turner, 
M.A. Short history of the Westminster 
Forum ... L. 1781. 

President of Harvard University, 
The. Josiah Qnincy. Report of . . . 
submitting for consideration a general 
plan of studies conformably to a vote of 
the board of overseers . . . Camb. 1830. 

President of the College, The. John 
H. Raymond. Vassar Coile»e . . . By 
. . . N.Y. 1873. 

President of tlie Panama Railroad 
Company, The. David Hoadly. Copy 
of a private letter addressed by ... to 
Isaac Townsend . . . N.Y. 1859. 

President of the Royal College of 
Surgeons, The. John Henry Green, 
Esq., F.R.S. John Hunter: an address 
... By . . . L. 1859. 

President of the Wesleyan Confer- 
ence, The. Thomas Jackson. At the 
bar of public opinion. By Ethelred. 
Reprinted from the " Wesleyan Times." 
L. 18.50. 

Priest, A. Charles Seager, 3f.A . The 
daily service of the Anglo - Catholic 
Church ... By . . . Banbury, 1838. 

Priest, A. Rev. Charles J. Boiven. 
God's safe way of obedience . . . Revised 
and edited by . . . 1872. 

Priest of the Church of England, 
A. Richard Hooper. A plea for sea- 
sons and places of spiritual retirement 
for the working clergy. By . . . Oxf. 

Principal of the Tw^entieth Dis- 
trict School, Cincinnati, O., The. 
Thomas M. Dill. Outlines of moral ex- 
ercises for public schools. Cincinnati, 

Principals of those Halls, The. 
Drummond Percy Chase and W- C. Salter. 
Education for frugal men at the Univer- 
sity of Oxford. An account of the ex- 
periments at St Mary's and St. Alban's 
Halls. By . . . Oxf. 1864. 

Printer's Devil, The. Thomas 
Peirce(i ). A poetical gift to the patrons 
of the Western Spy ; on the commence- 
ment of the year 1818, by the carrier 
... By . . . Cincinnati, 1818. 

Priscianus. Richard Beiitley. 1661- 

Prisoner, A. Samuel Miller Quincy. 
A P.'s diary. B. 1882. 

Prisoner in England, A. Charles 
Andreas. The prisoner's memoirs ; or, 
Dartmoor prison . . . By . . . who was 
a captive during the whole war. N.Y. 

Prisoner of War, A. Alfred Ely. A 
journal of ... in Richmond. Edited by 
Charles Lanman. N.Y. 1802. 

Prisoner of War, A. Col. F. F. Cav- 
ada. Libbv life. Experiences of . . . 
in Richmond, 1863-64. P. 1864. 

Prisoner of War, A. C. M. Erskine, 
Life in a rebel prison ; or, the experience 
of . . . P. 1883. 

Private Gentleman, A. 0. G. R. 
Wightman. A specimen of peculiar 
thoughts upon sublime, abstruse, and 
delicate subjects . . . By ... L. 1788. 

Private Gentleman, A. John Cart- 
wright. The trident ... L. 1805. 

Private Person, A. Granville Sharp. 
An address to the people of England; 
being a protest of . . . against every sus- 
pension of law that is liable to Injure or 
endanger personal security. 

Private Soldier, A. .lohn McElroy. 




Andersonville : a story of Rebel military 
prisons ... A P. S.'s experience in Rich- 
mond, &c. Toledo, 1879. 

Pro me, si merear, In me. Hicliard 
Gomjh, in " Gent. Mag.," May, 1786, pp. 
386-88. — See " Benvolio," note. 

Probationer of the Free Church of 
Scotland, A. Peter Halelij Waddell. 
Orthodoxy is not Evangelism . . . By 
. . . Glasgow, 184.3. 

Profess'd Friend to an Honest 
Freedom of Thought in Religious 
Enquiries, A. Patrick Delann, D.D. 
Revelation examined with candour . . . 
By . . . L. 1732. 

Professor, A. William Fergusson, 
M.D. Notes and recollections of . . . 
L. 181-. 

Professor Emeritus of dead and 
living languages (^. B. K., Cam- 
bridge, 1867), The. Oliver Wendell 
Holmes. Clianson without music. "At- 
lantic Monthl3%" November, 1867. 

Professor of Botany, The. Charles 
Giles Bridle Dauheny. Copy of a report 
presented to the visitors of the Oxford 
Botanic Garden by . . . Oxf . 1834. 

Professor of the Spanish and Por- 
tuguese Languages in St. Mary's Col- 
lege, A. P. Bahud. A Portuguese and 
English grammar . . . By . . . Bait. 

Prolix, Peregrine. Philip H. Nick- 
lin. Letters descriptive of the Virginia 
Springs. By . . . P. 1837. 

Prolocutor, The. George Stanhope, 
D.D. Answer to a letter from a member 
of the lower house of Convocation, inti- 
tuled. The Report vindicated from Mis- 
reports. L. 1717. 

Prometheus. William Bush. The 
dawn of liberty : drama. By . . . Chi- 
cago, 1869. 

Promoter of the Sunday Band, 
The. Sir William Domuille. The Sun- 
day band at Eastbourne . . . by . . . L. 

Prophet of San Francisco, The. 
Henrii George. 

Proprietor, A. Lewis Glover Praij. 
Letter to the friends of . . . F. T. Gray 
. . . B. 1842. 

Pro|)ri<'tor of the Roman Gal- 
lery, Th(!. J. Ji. 'J'liglidfi'rri. On view- 
ing and judging jjicturos . . . N.Y. 

Protestant, A. David Urqnhart. (1) 
Appeal of . . . to tlie Pope. L. 186-. — 
(2) The general council. Sequel to the 
"Appeal of . . , to the Pope." Tlie mili- 
tary oath and Christianity. L. 1869. 

Protestant, A. Rev. John Billingslei/. 

A brief discourse of schism. By ... L. 

Protestant, A. John Bowden. Obser- 
vations by ... on a profession of Catho- 
lic faith, by a clergyman of Baltimore, 
and with the authority of the Rt. Rev. 
Bishop Carroll. 180-. 

Protestant, A. Rev. John Wilson. 
Popular reflections on the progress of 
the principles of toleration . . . By . . . 
Newcastle, 1814. 

Protestant Churchman, A. J. Bal- 
lard. A second letter to Mr. Alderman 
Sadler by . . . Oxf. 1851. 

Protestant Clergyman, A. Rev. Ed- 
gell Wyatt Edgell. Heredity : being a 
■\dllage dialogue . . . By ... L. 1878. 

Protestant Dissenter, A. Sanuiel 
Bourn. (1) An address to Protestant 
Dissenters ; or, an inquiry into the 
grounds of their attachment to the 
Assembly's catechism . . . by . . . L. 
1736. — (2) Address to the congrega- 
tion of Prot. Dissenters ... at the Cas- 
tle Gate in Nottingham, &c., by . . . 

Protestant Dissenter, A. John Gam- 
ble. Brief observations on the present 
state of Ireland . . . By . . . Dublin, 

Protestant Dissenter (A) , a Friend 
to Truth, Peace, and Liiberty. John 
Sladen. Reasons offer'd against pushing 
for tlie repeal of the Corporation and 
Test Acts ... By . . . L. 1732. 

Protestant Episcopalian, A. Wil- 
liam Jaij. A letter to the Right Rev. 
Levi Siiliman Ives ... By ... V. 1846. 

Protestant Layman, A. David Clark. 
Correspondence between a Roman Catho- 
lic priest, and . . . Dublin, 1821. 

Protestant Member of the Univer- 
sity of Oxford, A. Jolui Allen Giles, 
D.C.L. Reply to an expostulatory let- 
ter. . . By . . . Oxf. 1829. 

Protestant of the School of the 
Reformation, A. James Bri/ce, D.D. 
" The pitli and marrow " of the present 
controversy in the Church of Scotland. 
By . . . L. 1841. 

Protestant Watchman, A. James 
Richardso)!. Review of Mr. Gisborne's 
considerations on tlie Catliolic relief bill 
... By . . . York, 1830. 

Proud Duke, The. Charles Seymour, 
Duke of Somerset. 

Provisional Bishop, The. Horatio 
Potter, D.D. A pastoral letter to the 
laity ... of New York ... By . . . N.Y. 

Prudence, Aunt. L. 11. Muzzy. 

P-^vu-ll, Th-m-s, Esq. Thomas Pow- 




nail. The speech of . . . late G-v-rn-r of 
this province, in the H — se of C-ra — ns, 
in favor of America. B. 1769. 

Prussien, Un. J. B. Clootz, since 

^' called Anac/iarsis. Addresse d' . . . a un 

Anglois [Edmund Burke]. Paris, 1790. 

Psychalethes, Estlbius. William 
Coward, M.D. Second thoughts con- 
cerning human souls. L. 1702. 

Publicola. John Williams, in the 
-^Weekly Dispatch," 1840. 
.- Publicus. Caleb Fleming. A mod- 
ern plan : upon which the minds and 
manners of youth may be formed . . . 
L. 1748. 
,- , . Publius. Samuel B. Williams. P . . . 
on banking ; or, the money-changers' ta- 
bles overtlirown. N.Y. 1849. 

,.Piiclica. Miss Sotheran. 

-\^ Punchinello. Alexander Blunt. Pun- 
/ chinello's sermon, etc. [A satire on J. 
Henley. Edited, or rather written, by 
A. B,] L. 1727. 

"Punch's" Commissioner. William 
Makepeace Thackeray. A Brighton night 
entertainment. By . . . October, 1845. 

Pungent, Pierce. Francis Sylvester 
Mahoni/. (1) Literary characters. By 
. . . "Eraser's Mag.," April, 1830, p. 291 ; 
June, 1830, p. 563. — (2) Men and man- 
ners. A series of satires. In " Eraser's 
Mag.," 1834. 

/ Pupil, A. E. Brooks. The Bruce 
Castle Magazine. Edited by ... - Tot- 
tenham, 1839. 

/Pupil of the late Dr. W. Hunter, A. 

Bev. John Trusler. The practi<;e of mid- 
wifery ... By . . . L. 1788. 
^Purchaser, A. Bev. John William 
Donaldson. Strictures on the Rev. W. G. 
Cookesley's penny letter to his son. By 
. ■. . Bury St. Edmunds, 1855. 

Puritan, Tlie. George H. Boiighton. 

The members of " The Tile Club " conceal 
their identity, when they appear in print, behind 
sobriquets. In the " Book of the Tile Club " the 
" Puritan " is George H. Boughton; the " Owl," 
F. Hopkinton Smith; the " Bishop," William 
Gedney Bunce; the ■' Q-riflBn," li. Swain Oif- 
ford; the " Eagle," George W. Mnynard; the 
'" Pasan," Elihu Vedder; the " Bulgarian," F. 
D. Millet; the " Builder," Stanford^ White; the 
" Chestnut," EdioinA. Abbey; and the " Saint," 
Augustus St. Gaudens. 

Putnam, Eleanor. Mrs. Harriet L. 
(^Vose) Bates. (1) Signature in the 
" Atlantic Monthly." — (2) Old Salem. 
By . . . B. 1886. Edited by Arlo Bates. 

Puto. Henry Bate. " Tekel," thou 
art weighed . . . and found wanting . . . 
L. 1872. 

Put's Boy. Henry M. Putney. His 
signature to humorous political letters, 
which attracted much attention. 
^^uzzlem, Peter. Sir William Herschel, 
in the " Ladies' Diary." 

Pylodet, Ij. Frederick Leypoldt. La 
litterature fran9aise contemporaine . . . 
N.Y. 1867. 

Pym, T. Clara Creed. Mixed pickles : 
a story for boys and girls [by Mrs. Field} 
. . . Illustrated by . . . L. 1886. 


Q. Richard Gough, in " Gent, Mag.," 
1785, p. 877. — See " Benvolio," note. 

Q. G. C Rosenberg. (1) Man of the 
people : a novel. L. 1843. — (2) You 
have heard of them. L. 184-. 

Q. in the Corner. Thomas Haynes 
Bayly. Epistles from Bath. 1817. 

Q.,J.P. Josiah Phillips Quincy. Manu- 
script corrections from a copy of the fourth 
folio of Shakespeare's play. B. 18 — . 

Q., W. F. IF. F. Quicksell. The 
Shakespearian question. In the " Re- 
public" (W.), Nov. 20, 1881. 

Q. Z., late Comnjoner of Oxon, Dr. 
John Ellison. A most pleasant descrip- 
tion of Benwel village, in the county of 
Northumberland . . . By . . . Newcastle- 
upon-Tyne, 1726. 

Quadrat, Nonpareil, X. P. D. J. 
G. P. Holden. 

Quaker Poet, The. Bernard Barton. 
Quaker Poet, The. John Greenleaf 


Quarante, Un des. Prosper Merimee. 
H. B. [Henri Beyle], par .^ . . Eleu- 
theropolis [Bruxelles], 1864. 

Quarles, Geoffrey. Edgar Allan 
Poe(l). Introduction to "The poets 
and poetry of America." N.Y. 1887. — 
See " Lavante." 

This writer is not probably Mr. Poe, but as- 
sumes his pseudonym partially to confuse mat- 

Quartz. Afrs. T. C. Patterson. 

Queen of Babylon, The. Mrs. 

Woffington. The green room squabble ; 
or, a battle royal between . , . and the 
daughter of Darius [Mrs. Bellamy]. By 
Saimiel Foote. L. 1756. 

Queen of Hearts, The. Elizabeth 




Stuart, the daughter of James I., and the 
unfortunate queen of Bohemia. 

Queen of the Dead Heads. Ida 

Quekett Club-Man, A. T. Chartres 
White(^l). The student's handbook to 
the microscope . . . By ... L. 1887. 

Quencher, Mark. Charles M. Con- 
noil if. 

Querist. Harman Blennerhasset. Pub- 
lished in 1806 a series of papers in the 
Ohio " Gazette," under this signature, 
in support of the schemes of Aaron 

Quick, Tim. George B. Wool- 


Quidam. William Meston. The knight. 
L. 1723. 

Quiet Observer. Erasmus Wilson. 

Quiet observations on the ways of the 
world. N.Y. 1887. 

Quill, Charles. James Waddel Alex- 
ander. Tlie American meclianic. P. 

Quinqiiagenarius. Godfrey Faussett, 
D.D. A few plain reasons for retaining 
our subscription to the articles at matric- 
ulation . . . Oxf. 1835. 

Quinquegenarian, A. James Hunter. 
Reminiscences of . . . n.p. 1867. 

Qiiintus. Alplieus Crosby (^^. Con- 
servatives and reformers. A pamphlet 
for the times. B. 1843. 

Quirinus. Johann Joseph Ignaz Doel- 
linger. liomische brief e vom council. 
Von . . . Miinchen, 1870. 

Quixote, Don, Juu. James Tytler^ in 
the " Edinb. Mag." 



R. Rev. Henry Meen. — See " E." 
R. James Itichardson, Jr., in the 
" Christ. Exam." 

R. Samuel Ripley, in the " Christ. 

R. Chandler Robbins, D.D., in the 
" Christ. Exam." 

R., A. Alexander Russel. Exposure 

' of the attack [in the " Law Magazine 

and Law Review " for August, 1856] on 

Lord Cockburn's " Memorials." Edinb. 


R. A., Esq. Thomas Carte. A full 
answer to a letter of a bystander ... L. 

R. C. [Richard of Cashel]. Rich- 
ard Laurence, On the existence of 
the soul after death . . . By ... L. 

R., C. Chandler Robbins, D.D. Our 
pastor's olfering: a compilation ... B. 

R., C. Clara Reeve. The progress of 
romance through times, countries, and 
manners ... By . . . L. 1785. 

R. D. R. William Maginn. A wel- 
come to His Majesty King George the 
Fourth on his arrival in Ireland. " Black- 
wood's Mag.," 1821. 

R., E. Eliza Bobbins, in the " Clirist. 

R., E. Ellas Riggs. Notes on the 
grammar of the Bulgarian language. 
Smyrna, 1844. 

R., E. Emilia Risberg. Rolf och 
Alfliild. Sthlm. 1860. 

R. E., a Member of the Society. 

Ralph Eddowes. On the early treatment 
of children ... By . . . P. 1809. 

R., E. H. Mrs. Elizabeth Harcourt 

R., G. George Ripley, in the " Christ. 

R., jGr. Gilbert Rorison. The three 
barriers : notes on Mr. Darwin's " Origin 
of Species." Edinb. 1861. 

R., G. B. G. B. RIchardsonCi). Wil- 
liam and Elizabeth Elstob, the learned 
Saxonists. L. 1847. 

R., G. H. George Henri/ Richards. 
The China Sea Directory, Vol. IV. . . . 
[with an advertisement signed . . .]. L. 

R., H. Mrs. Harriet (Rashleigh) Rodd. 
The cliiirch catechism partially explained 
... L. 1836. 

R. H., the E. of R. John Wilmot, 2d 
Earl of Rocliester. Poems on several 
occasions. By... L. 1701. 

R., I. Iscfac Rail, 31. D., in the " Christ. 
E.xani." (B.), 1851. 

R., J. James Richardson, Jr. Poetry 
in the " Christ. Exam.," XXXVIII., p. 

R., J., M.D. John Robinson, M.D. 
Piulosopliical and scriptural enquiries 
into the nature and constitution of- man- 
kind, considered only as rational beings 
. . . Autliore ... L. 1757. 

R., J. G. John Gray Rogers, in the 
" Christ. Exam." 

R., J. J. John Jope Rogers. Notice 




of Mr. John Knell, of Gray's Inn, 1733- 

1811. Helston, 1871. 

R., J. O. James Otis Bockwell. (1) 
The absent husbanfl. " Amer. Monthly- 
Mag.," April, 1829, p. 53. — (2) The Red 
Rover. May, 1829, p. 107.— (3) Mary. 
July, 1829, p. 227.— (4) A morning on 
the Andes. August, 1829, p. 339. — (5) 
Napoleon. September, 1829, p. 400.— 
(6) The tempest. December, 1829, p. 
616. — (7) The discontented eagle. June, 
1830, p. 158. 

K., J. S. Joseph 8. Ropes. The finan- 
cial situation. " Banker's Mag.," August, 

R., K. Klas Rydberg. A Swedish 

R., Li. N. Mrs. Ellen Ranyurd. (1) 
The book and its missions, past and pres- 
ent . . . Edited by . . . L. 1856-64. — 
(2) The Missing Link Magazine ; or, 
Bible work at home and abroad . . . 
Edited by . . . L. 1865-83. 

R. M. Susannah Freeman Centlivre. 
Love's contrivance : a comedy. L. 1703. 
R. M. T. H. [Regular Member of the 
Third House]. Dr. Francis Bacon. He 
wrote for the New York " American," 
then edited by Charles King, under this 

R., R. Robert Runeberg. A Swedish 

R., R. Robert Rantoid, Jr. The rogue 
in spite of himself. " New England 
Mag.," Vol. VIII., p. 108. 1835. 

R., R. Robert Roxby. The fisher's 
garland, for 1821. Newcastle, 1821. 
The verses were written by R. R. 
R., R. P. Robert Fossae Rogers, in 
the " Christ. Exam." 

R., S. Samuel Beufs, in the " Christ. 

R., S. Samuel Richardson. Lines in 
the " Gent. Mag.," Vol. VI., p. 61. 

R., S. Rev. Samuel Rosewell. A con- 
fession of faith, as it was publickly de- 
livered by a dissenting minister at his 
ordination, August 2d, 1705. L. 1706. 

R. S. Richard Gough. Remarks on 
the essay prefixed to Pinkerton's " An- 
cient Scottish Poems." In " Gent. Mag." 
for February, 1786, pp. 115-17. 

R., T. T. Rubinsohn, P.D., in the 
"Christ. Exam." (B.), 1853. 

R., W. William Ross. The new as- 
tronomer ; or, astronomy made easy . . . 
By . . . L. 1735. 

R., W. William Russell. Poetry. In 

the " Christ. Exam.," II., p. 273. B. 1825. 

R., W. U. William Upton Richards. 

The great truths of the Christian religion. 

[Edited by . . .] L. 1862. 

R , J. James Rivington. Suppli- 
cation of . . . 

It was written by Dr. Witherspoon. 

R , air. J , Mem. of the Phy, 

Med. Soc. in Edinburgh. John Ricketts. 
Poems on several occasions. By. . . 
Edinb. 1771. 

R — a. Flias Vilhelm Ruda. Fram- 
lingen fran Norden. About 1832. 
V R — er, Mr. Ab — I. Jonathan Swift. 
Cursory but curious observations of . . . 
upon a late famous pamphlet, entitled, 
Remarks, &c. L. 1711. 

R — n, Anders. Anders Flodman. 
Upp och ned. Sthlm. 1862. 

R— s, M. Miss 3Iathilda Roos. Mari- 
anne. Sevenskt original. Sthlm. 1881. 

R***, Froken. Constantia Carolina 
Ainalia von Strussenfelt. Andelunden vid 
Kassin. About 1832, 

Rafaelleof Auctioneers, The. George 
Leigh. So called by Dr. Dibdin. 

Rag Emperor. Samuel H. Napoleon 
Sonaparte Everette. 

Rag, Tag, and Bobtail. James Cam- 
eron Lees, D.D. A rollicking tour in the 
land of the Gael. By . . . Paisley, 1878. 

Rail Splitter, The. Abraham Lincoln. 

Railway Reader, The. James Sped- 
ding. Companion to the railway edition 
of Lord Campbell's Life of Bacon. By 
... L. 1853. 

Raimbault, A. T. Charles Yves Cousin 

Raimund, Golo. Mme. Bertha Heyn 
Friedrich. Gesucht und gefunden (1880), 
and numerous other novels. 

This pseudonym is generally attached to the 
name Georg Dannenberg. The latter personage, 
however, is a myth, and was the creation of Karl 
Rumpler, in Hannover, the first publisher of 
Mme. Friedrich, who by this means diverted the 
attention of the public from the real author. 

Raleigh, W. Henry St. John, Vis- 
count Bolingbroke. (1) The craftsman 
extraordinary ; being remarks on a late 
pamphlet entitled, Observations on the 
conduct of Great Britain, &c. L. 1775. 
— (2) The craftsman extraordinary; or, 
the late dissertation on parties continued, 
n.p., n.d. — (3) Observations on the pub- 
lic affairs of Great Britain. In a letter 
from ... to Caleb d'Anvers, of Gray's- 
Inn, Esq. 

Ramble, John. John Carter. 

Ramble, Robert. John Frost. R. 
R.'s stories. P. 1839. 

Rambler, A. aS'. Smith. Reflections 
of . . . througli the ruins of mental, ma- 
terial, and artificial creation. L. 1847. 

Rambler, The. Charles Joseph La- 
trobe. The R. in North America. L. 




Ramblex" among the Tombs, A. 

Samuel Shepherd. Under this signature 
he addressed a letter to " The Times," 
on " Tiie Tomb of Chaucer," August 25, 

Rambler at Home, A. Robert Mont- 
cfomerji Bird{l). A tale of a snag. 
From the note-book of . . . " Amer. 
Monthly Mag.," August, 1837, p. 121. 

Randolph, Ramus. Edward N. Den- 
nijs. The alpha ; or, the first principles 
of the human mind ... L. 1851. 

"The author originally intended to publish 
this work under the pseudonym of the fictitious 
narrator, ' Ramus Randolph.' It is dedicated 
to the ' daughter of Dionysius ' [i.e. himself], so 
that he personifies himself twice in this book." 

Raphael. Mjs. E. Edson (^Gibson Du 
Sois) Evans. 

Rasselas, Prince. Mr. Wliite, in con- 
tributions to the New York " Times." 

Rattlebrain. William Eassie. 

Ray, Captain. Edward Smith. 

Rbg. Prof. Sigurd Ribbing. Grund- 
linier till Philosophicus historia. Upsala, 

Rd, A. Anton Ridderstad. Vid in- 
vigningen af grafmonumentel afver 
L. C. VViede. 1884. 

Rdd. Carl Fredrik Ridderstad. A 
Swedish author and journalist. 

Real Author of that Performance, 
The. John Withersjiuon. A serious 
apology for the " Ecclesiastical Charac- 
teristics." By . . . Edinb. 1763. 

Real Friend of Methodists, A. Ed- 
ward Sharman. The Christian world un- 
masked . . . Watertown, 1819. 

Reason, Mr. James Donaldson. 1706. 

RecentMissionaryof the A. H.M.S. 
in Wisconsin, A. Rer. .lob CJusliman. 
A letter to the Edwards Church, North- 
ampton [Mass.]. Madison(?), 1856. 

Recluse, A. William Benton Clulow. 
Essays of . . . L. 1865. 

Rector, The. Rev. John Cotton Smith. 
Annual address to the parishioners of 
the Cliurch of the Ascension. By . . . 
N.y. 1861. 

R u-tor. The. Rev. Edioard B. Boggs. 
The ('liurch and the Rebellion. Mr. 
Jay's letter to . . . and vestry of St. Mat- 
thew's Cliurch, Bedford . . . N.Y. 1863. 

Re<rtor, The. Rev. Isaac. H. Tiittle. 
The C'lmrch's niinistrative care : a sermon 
... in behalf of . . . St. Luke's Home for 
Destitute Christian Females. By . . . 
N.Y. 1851. 

Rftctor, The. Arthur Cleveland Coxe. 
A city not forsaken; or, the Church 
vindicated. A sermon . . . Hartford . . . 
184i>. By . . . Hartford, 1849. 

Re<'tor, Tlie. I/arri/ Grosu-elt. A 

guide to the holy sacraments ... By 
. . . New Haven, 1857. 

Rector, The. Gregory Thurston Bedell. 
Notitiaeparochiales. Parish statistics . . . 
Prepared by . . . N.Y. 1860. 

Rector, The. Rev. William W. Lord, 
D.D. Our citizenship in the Church. 
Some remarks made by . . . of Christ 
Church, Vicksburg . . . Vicksburg, 1857. 

Rector, The. Rev. Eugene Augustus 
Hoffman. Parish statistics of Christ 
Church, Elizabeth, N.J., and . . . address 
of... N.Y. 1858. 

Rector, The. Rev. Samuel Lewis 
Southard. A pastoral, from ... to the 
parishioners of Calvary Church, New 
York. N.Y. 1848. 

Rector, The. Rev. James Graik. A 
pastoral letter from ... to the congrega- 
tion of Christ Church, Louisville . . . Ky. 
Louisville, 1854. 

Rector, The. Rev. Henry Gregory. 
The R.'s second new year's offering . . . 
Syracuse, N.Y., 1850. 

Rector, The. Rev. Theodore William 
Snoiv. The sea as an emblem. A ser- 
mon preached at Saint Thomas' Church. 
Taunton, Mass. . . . 1834. By . . . B. 

Rector, The. Rev. Charles Cotesworth 
Pinckney, Jr. The sermon ... on the 
occasion of the death of the Rev. Jasper 
Adams, D.D. Charleston, 1842. 

Rector, The. Dudley Atkins Tyng. 
A statement to the congregation of the 
Church of the Epiphany, Philadelphia, 
of facts bearing on the action of the 
vestry in requesting the resignation of 
... P. 1856. 

Rector, The. Rev. Gilbert H. Sayres. 
Thoughts for the new year. The R.'s 
offering . . . Jamaica, 1850. 

Rector of Christ Church, Water- 
town, Conn. Rev. Horace H. Reid. 
New year's offering of . . . 1853. Water- 
town, 1853. 

Rector of Fryerning, The. Robert 
Doyly. A letter to . . . upon his refusing 
to pay his rates, etc. L. 17;!2. 

Rector of St. Mary's Church, New 
Yorlc, The. Gliarles Coffin Adams, 
S.T.D. Creation: a recent work of 
God. By . . . N.Y. 1870. 

Rector of St. Philip's Churc h, The. 
C/iristopher Edwards (Jadsden. A dis- 
course on . . . the death of . . . Nathaniel 
Bowen, D.D. ... By . . . Charleston, 

Rector of the Cliurch of the Ad- 
vent, The. Rev. Samuel A. Clark. A 
pastoral report of . . . P. 1855. 

Redgirdle. R. Eldridge. 1859. 




Redruth, E. Richard Edmonds, Jr. 
Puns and punning. " Cornish Mag.," 

Refalo, Hon. John Philip, Sergeant 
at L/aTvr, of Gray's Inn, London. James 
Dun/op. Forensic tour in tlie United 
States. By the . . . 18—. 

Regius Professor of Divinity, The. 
William Ince. How did Chrysostom un- 
derstand TouTo TToieiTe ? A letter ad- 
dressed [by Henry Ramsden Bramley] 
to . . . etc. Oxf. 1879. 

Regius Professor of Divinity [of 
Oxford], The. Henn Dickson Hampden. 
State of parties in Oxford. From tlie 
public prints: With an appendix con- 
taining some letters relative to the per- 
secution of . . . L. 1836. 

Reichenbach, Moritz v. Valeska 
Bethusy-Huc, grafin. Die eichhofs. N.Y. 

Reid, Ike. Ike Beid Caiddwell. Harry 
Hill's reminiscences, in the New York 
" Sunday Mercury." 1885-86. 

Reimar, Reinald. Adolf Glaser. 
Familie schaller. Prag, 1857. 

Reinhold. B. Gotherg. Forsta knip- 
pan. En liten samling Sanger, etc. 
Sthlm. 1864. 

Reinhold, C. Christian Reinhold 
Kostlin. Real und ideal. Bremen, 

Rekatihve, Drawde. Edward Whi- 

Remlap, L. T. Loomis T. Palmer. 
Gen. U. S. Grant's tour around the world 
. . . Chicago, 1879. 

Representative, A. Henry J. Ray- 
mond. — See " A Constituent." 

Representative, A. Henry Clark 
Barloic. The sixth centenary festivals 
of Dante Alighieri in Florence, and at 
Ravenna. By ... L. 1866. 

Republicain, Un. M. J. A. N. C, 
Marquis de Condorcet. Sentiments d' . . . 
sur les assemblees provinciales et les 
Etats-Gdneraux. P. 1788. 

Republican, A. William Charles 
White. Avowals of . . . Worcester, 
Mass., 1813. 

Republican, A. George Bliss. The 
charges against Mr. Blaine examined by 
, . . n.p. 1884. 

Reputed President of the Under- 
ground Railroad, The. Levi Coffin. 
The reminiscences of . . . Cincinnati, 

Research. J. Wood Beilby. The 
true theory of the earth and philosophy 
of the predicted end . . . By . . . Edinb. 

Reseda. Mrs. Th€rese Albertine Louise 

{yon Jacob') Robinson. Gedichte in Dresd" 
ner " Abendzeitung." 

Resident Assistant, A. E. Clark (1). 
General description of the Britannia and 
Conway tubular bridges on the Chester 
and Holyhead Railway. By . . . L. 1849. 

Resident at the" Falls, A. T. G. 
Huleti. Every man his own guide to the 
falls of Niagara . . . By . . . Buffalo, 

Resident Clergyman, A. Mark Hil- 
desley, D.D. Plain instructions for young 
persons in the principles of the Christian 
religion ... By . . . L. 1762 and 1767. 

Resident of Paris, A. Dionysius 
Lardner. Adolphe Thiers. " Amer. 
Whig Rev.," December, 1846, p. 559, and 
January, 1849, p. 26. 

Resident of Sherwood Forest, A. 
Sarah Hamilton. Sonnets, Tour to Mat- 
lock, Recollections of Scotland, andH)ther 
poems. By ... L. 1825. 

Resident of twelve Years at Rlari- 
etta in that State, A. Nahum Ward. 
A brief sketch of the State of Ohio . . . 
By . . . Glasgow, 1822. 

Erroneously ascribed to R. J. Meigs. 

Resident of Washington, A. Wil- 
liam L. Hodge. Disunion and its results 
to the South. A letter from . . . W. 

Restless, Jimmy. .Tames Hull. 

Restorationist Clergynian, A. 
Charles Hudson. A friendly epistle from 
... to his parishioners. Mendon, Mass., 

RetcliflPe, Sir John. Hermann Ottomar 
Friedrich Godsche. Nena sahib, oder'die 
emporung in Indien ; historisch-politi- 
scher roman. N.Y. 1882. 

Retired Naval Commander, A. 
Captain Gillmor. Miscellaneous poems 
... By . . . L. 1849. 

Retired Physician, A. Sholto Doug- 
las. . . . Some account of a secret so- 
ciety in New York, entitled the Kappa 
Lambda. In a letter ... By . . . N.Y. 

Retired Practioner, A. John Allen. 
Thoughts on medical reform. By . . . 
L. 1833. 

Retired Solicitor, A. William Bul- 
len. A letter to the Marquis of Clanri- 
carde ... By . . . L. 1862. 

Retlaw, A. A. Walter. 1879. 

Retlaw, J. J. Walter. 1867. 

Reverend Divine of the Church of 
England, Missionary to America, and 
Doctor of Divinity. .James McS/>arran, 
D.D. America dissected . . . Letters 
from . . . Dublin, 1752. 

Reverendo. Nicholas Boscawen. In 




■" The Consultation, a poem." By Francis 
Paynter (1750-1814). 1771. 

Among the persons satirized in this poem are 
■" Reverendo," Nicholas Boscaiven ; "Consultus 
Gripe," George Veale, solicitor; " Tanncrius," 

Mr. Roberts, of St. Levan; " K— 1, ," I'om 

Kepil, clerk to ■ G. Veale; " Duffanus," James 
Sie?;e/js,.Wesleyan preacher; "A wight skilled 
in mathematics," X)ior?is«MS Williams; "Homi- 
cide," George Treweelce, surgeon; " Barabbas," 
Pearce, surgeon; " C — mer, and Michael curates 
at Bury an." 

Reviewer, The. James Lewis, D.D. 
Defence of ecclesiastical establishments 
. . . Edinb. 1830. 

Revievrer, The. Samuel Austin Alli- 
bone. New themes condemned ; or, tliirty 
opinions upon New Themes and its " Re- 
viewer." P. 1853. 

R'hoone, Lord. Honore cle Balzac, in 
numerous of his earlier works (1822 et 

He was assisted frequently by Mons. Le Poit- 
epin, under the pseudonym of " Villergle," and 
Etienne Arago, under the pseudonym of " Dom 

Rhymer, A. Alfred Gatty. Fancies 
of . . . L. 1833. 

Richard. Mrs. Aurora Lovisa {HJort) 
Ljungstedt. Hin ondes hus. Sthlm. 1853. 

Richard, le Bonhomine. Benjamin 
Franklin. Le science du . . . ou, moyen 
facile de payer les impots. Trad, de 
I'angl. (par Quetant et L'Ecuv). Paris, 

Richardus Critic us Cantabrigien- 
sis. Richard Bentleij. 

^Riddery, Mac — an — 't'sen. Maurice 
Fitzqihbon. — See the "Times," Feb. 28, 

Rt. Hon. Gentleman, A. William 
Pitt. ■ The conduct of ... in resigning 
the seals of office justified by facts, 
&c. By a member of Parliament. L. 

Right Hon. Gentleman, A. Rt.Hnn. 
Jeremiah Di/son. A word on behalf of the 
House of Commons ; or, remarks upon a 
speech supposed to have been delivered 
by ... on the motion for expelling Mr. 
Wilkes, etc. L. 1760. 

Right Reverend Father in God, 
Francis, late Lord Bishop of Ches- 
ter, The. Francis iinslrell. The Cliris- 
tian institutes ... L. IHOfJ. 

Right Itev. the Lord Bishop of 
Winchester, The. Benjamin lloadleij. 
A vindication of . . ■■. against . . . those 
who . . . ascribe the book intituled, "A 
plain account of 'the nature and end of 
the Sacrament of the Lord's Supi)er," 
to his Lordship. By the author of 
" Pro])osals for the revival of Chris- 

Ringwood, Richard. Robert Allyn, 
D.D., LL.D. Tlie Homely Club. In 
the " Ladies' Repository," 1848, etc. 

Rita. Mrs. Otto Booth-Daphne. 

Ritter, Ernst. Emile von Binzer. 
Charaktere ; erzahlungen. Prag, 1855. 

Rivella. Mrs. N. de la Riviere 

Rivers, Guy. William Gilmore Simms. 

Rivers, Rev. Joseph. Rev. Joshua 

He is described in Parkinson's " Old Church 
Clock" as the "Rev. Joseph Rivers," and ap- 
pears under his own name in the " Manchester 
Man " of Mr. G. Linnagus Banks. His general 
appearance gained him the nickname of the 
" Knave of Clubs," though he was usually 
styled " St. Crispin." 

Riverside, John. Noah Brooks. 

Riverside Visitor, The. Thomas 
Wright. His signature in " Good 
Words " and " Sunday Magazine." 

Rivington, James. Francis Hop- 
kinson. Advertisement extraordinary. 
N.Y. 1781. 

This was one of the wittiest of Hopkinson's 
papers in ridicule of Rivington. 

Robart, John. Thomas Surnerton. 

Robert. Robert Hennings. 

Robert, Adrien. Charles Basset. 

Robert, James. Abraham Payba. 

Robin. Robert Harley, Earl of bxford. 
A tetter from ... to his friend the " Occa- 
sional Writer." L. 1727. 

Roche, Miss Regina Maria. Mrs. 
Dealey. 1803. 

Rochester FelloAV, A. Samuel Hub- 
bard Scudder. Tlie Winnipeg country; 
or, rougliing it with the eclipse party. 
By . . . B. 1886. 

Rock, R. W. Joh7i C. Tliompson. 
History of the 11th Regiment, R.I. Vol- 
tmteers, in the war of the Rebellion. 
Providence, 1881. 

Rockwood. Thomas Dykes. Stories 
of Scottish sports. By . . . Glasgow, 
1881. >.; ,■ .- . . 

Roger. Rev. William Stephens. A 
letter to the Lords upon the matter of 
tlie occasional bill ... L. 1704. 

Roman Catholic Clergyman, A. 
Rev. James Doyle. A propo.sal for the 
advancement of religious knowledge . . . 
By. . . Dublin, 1820. 

Romauiit, Christopher. ./. l\f. Bow- 
man. The island home. B. 1807. 

Rooke, Harvard B. Rer. Brooke 
TIerford. The strange story of I'ragtjna. 
In the "Atlantic Monthly," December, 

Rooncy, Alderman. Daniel 0' Con- 
ned 'J'oienlei/. (1) ... at the Cubic biuiquet.- 
N.Y. 1800. — (2) . . . at the Great Exhi- 




bition. Another epic. By himself. N.Y. 

Roosevelt, Blanche. Mme. Blanche 
Roosevelt ( Tucker^ Machetta. Life and 
reminiscences of Gustave Dora' . . . By 
. . . N.Y. 1885. 

Koscius. David Garrick. — See " Nyky ." 

Koselle, Marquis de. A. L. Elie de 
Beaumont. — See " ***, Madame." 

'Rosen, liUdTvig. Ludwig Volrad 
Jiingst. Werner Thorniann. Breslau, 

Rossseus, Georgius Gulielmus. 
William Gifford. 

Rothschild, Melchisedech, ban- 
Quier a Capharnaiini. William Duckett. 
L'art de gagner de I'argent rendu a la 
fois facile et agre'able . . . par . . . Tra- 
duit de I'hebreu . . . par Nathan-le-Sage. 
Paris, 1848. 

Rothwell, J. S. S. S. S. Thorville. 

Rover, Roderic, and others. Charles 
Prentiss. The thistle. By. . . n.p.,n.d. 

Rowel, M. Waldemar Adolf Thisted. 
Letters from hell. Given in English by 
L. W. J. S., with a preface by George 
Macdonald. L. 1885. 

" Rough and Ready." Zachary Taij- 

Rowena. Mrs. Sophia L. (Rabbins) 
Little. (1) Thanksgiving : a poem, 1828. 
— (2) The pilgrim's progress in the last 
days in imitation of Bunyan, 1843. 

Rowley, Thomas. Thomas Chatter- 
ton. — See " Canynges, William." 

Rub. George Villiers, 2d Duke of 

Ruhland, Marie. Marie Calm. 
Durch arbeit frei. With Henning, Lud- 
wig Friedrich. 

Rummer, Matt. Mattheiv Prior, 
so called because he had been a 
drawer in a tavern. — See " Hermodac- 
ty\," etc. 

Rupert of Debate, The. Edward 
Geoffrij Smith Stanley, Earl of Derby, in 
Lytton's " New Timon." 

Rural Divine, A. Archibald Bruce. 
Poems serious and amusing. By . . . 
Edinb. 1812. 

Russian, A. M. Poletika. A sketch of 
the internal condition of the United States 
of America... By... Trans... Bait. 

Also ascribed to Alexis Eustapliieve. 

Rusticlericus. Rev. John Jones. An- 
swer to the instructor. " Gent. Mag.," 
Vol. XIX., p. 311. 

Rusticus. John Dell. In journals. 

Rusticus. Rev. Richard Wheatley. 

Rusticus. Rev. St. George Armstronff 
Williams. Biographical sketches and 
various letters, under the names of " Rus- 
ticus," " Vindex," " Clericus," and "Sion 
ap Myrddin," in Welch periodicals. 

Rusticus. Frederick Denison MauricCy 
B.A. Subscription no bondage . . . By 
... Oxf. 1834. 

Kyley, Sir Heister. Charles Povey. 
The visions of . . . L. 1711.* 

S. Thomas Sherwin, in the " Christ. 

S. Charles Card Smith, in the "Christ. 

S. Jared Spai-ks, in the " Christ. 
Exam.," XL., p. 140. 

S. Henry John Shepherd. The law of 
copyright ... In the " Law Mag." (L.) 
May, 1838, pp. 365-78. 

S. Daniel Strock. Read's poems. 
" Amer. Whig Rev.," September, 1849, 
p. 301. 

S. John Skelton. Thalatta ; or, the 
great commoner : a political romance. 
L. 1862. — See " I. and P." 

S. Gerrit Smith. Thoughts for the 
people . . . Peterboro, N.Y., 1865. 

S. andP. Samuel Bishop. Numerous 
essays and poems in " Publick Ledger," 
1763-64, signed " S. and P." 

S., A. August Strindberg. Lustiga 
historier fran Danbury ; of varsattning 
af A. S. Sthlm. 1879. 

S., A. B. Alfred Billings Street. (1) 
His signature to poetry in the " Amer. 
Monthly Mag.," 1836-37. — (2) The 
simoon. " Amer. Monthly Mag.," March, 
1830, p. 863. 

S., A. F. Anders Fredrik Sonde'n. Om 
bibel-ofversattningsfragans nuvarande 
standpunkt. Sthlm. 1883. 

S., A. \V. Amos W. Stetson. Is our. 
prosperity a delusion ? Our national 
debt and currency. By a Boston, mer- 
chant. B. 1864. 

S., C. Caleb Stetson, in the "Christ. 

S., C. Charles Sumner, in the " Christ. 
Exam.," XL., p. 122. 

S., C. Charles Sprague. E. B. [Edwin 




Buckingham]. "New England Mag.," 
Vol. v., p. 3. 

S., C. C. Charles Card. Smith, in the 
" Christ. Exam." 

S., C. E. Cornelius E. Swope. The 
provincial system. N.Y. 1870. 

S., C. Li. Charitie Lees(l) Smith. Life's 
vicissitudes in the Norrice family: a 
tale. L. 1863. 

S., C. S. Charles Sprague Sargent. 
Asa Gray. B. 1886. 

S., E. H. Edmund Hamilton Sears, in 
the "Christ. Exam." (B.). 

S., E. M. Elizabeth M. Stewart. Rod- 
enhurst , or, the church and the manor. 
By . . . L. 1845. 

S., E. Q. Edmund Quincy Sewall, in 
the " Christ. Exam." 

S., E. T. . E. T. Sachs, of the "Eield." 

S., E. v. Mrs. E. Vale Smith, in the 
"Christ. Exam." (B.), 1855. 

S., G. George Smith(1). The angler's 
magazine : added, The angler's dictionary. 
By . . . Dublin, 1760. 

S., G. George Swinnock, A.M. The 
life and death of Mr. Tho. Wilson, Min- 
ister of Maidstone, in the county of 
Kent, M.A. By . . . Maidstone, 1672. 

S., G. George Smeeton. A sketch of 
James Campbell, in the " Gent. Mag.," 
1826, Pt. I., p. 569. 

S., G. B. George Burnett Smith. 

S-, G. C. George Charles Smith. Pen- 
zance, Truro, and St. Anstell. Baptist 
drink warnings, n.p., n.d. [1862]. 

S., G. F. George Frederick Simmons, 
in the " Christ. Exam." 

S. H. James Cornish. The pliysi- 
cian. Lines by . . . in the " Selector or 
Cornish Mag.," 1827, p. 174. 

S., H. H. H. H. Snell. The evangel- 
ist .. . Edited by . . . Vol. I.-III. L. 

S., H. W. 3Irs. IToraceWemi/ss Smith. 
The Christian's secret of a hapjiy life. 
By . . . 1875. 

S., J. dohn Sharp. Dr. Johnson at 
Cambridge. " Gent. Mag.," March, 1785, 
pp. 173-74. 

S., J. Joseph Si/fces, A.M. Lectures 
on French history . . . Brighton, 1863. 

S., J. A. James Alexander Smith. Tiie 
structure of matter, cause of gravitation, 
etc. Ediiib. 1856. 

S., J. H. John II. Scourjield. Lyrics. 
Choltenliam, 1864. 

S., J. J. J. J. Storl-dole. A sketch 
of all the invasions or descents upon tlie 
British Islands from the landing of Wil- 
liam the Conqueror. Translated from 
the French, etc. L. 1803. 

S., J. W. James W. Slatter. Kiiral 

pictures and miscellaneous pieces. By 
. . . Oxf. 1825. 

S. K. C. Robert Pearce Gillies. Ex- 
tempore to Walter Scott, Esq. . . . 
Edinb. 1819. 

S., li. Lorenzo Sabine, in the " Christ.. 
Exam." (B.), 1852. 

S., Li. Lancelot Sharpe. Anapylyxis 
biblica ... L. 1846. 

S., Li. Mrs. Lina Berg (Sandell) Kors- 
blomman. Kristlig kalender utgifven. 
Sthlm. 1867. 

S., Li. H. Lydia {Huntley) Sigourney. 
(1) A fragment. By... B.i850.— 
See " Greenwood, Grace." — (2) Morn- 
ing. " Amer. Monthly Mag.," September, 
1829, p. 386. — (3) Oii a broken vase. Vol. 
v., p. 218 ; Death of Wilberforce, Vol. 
VI., p. 59 ; La Fayette, Vol. VII., p. 124.. 

S., M. Menella Bute Smedley. (1) 
The maiden aunt. L. n.d. — (2) Nina : 
a tale of the twilight. L. 1853. 

S., M. Mrs. Mary (Cartivright) Strick- 
land. A memoir of . . . Edmund Cart- 
wright, D.D., &c. L. 1843. 

S., M. Moses Stringer. Opera minera- 
lia explicata ; or, the mineral kingdom 
within the dominions of Great Britain 
displayed. L. 1713. 

S., M., G.S. Machell Stace. Crom- 
welliana . . . Westminster, 1810. 

S., 31. E. M. Mrs. Margaret E. (Mun- 
son) Sangster. 

S. N. Thomas Elrington. (1) An in- 
quiry whether the disturbances in Ire- 
land have originated in tithes . . . By 
. . . Dublin, 1822. — (2) A reply to 
John Search's [P. Whateley] considera- 
tions on the law of libel . . . By . . . 
Dublin, 1834. 

S., P. Phdip Schaff. The life and 
genius of Dante. " Amer. Whig Pev.," 
August, 1848, p. 125. 

S., P. B. Percy Bysshe Shelley. Zas- 
trozzi : a romance. By ... L. 1810. 

S., K. H. liirhard Hill Sandys. His 
signature in " The Church of England 
Mag.," 1872-73. 

S.. R. P. Bufns Phineas Slebbins, in 
tile " Ciirist. Exam." (B.), 1851. 

S., S. Samuel Say. Cliaracter of 

Mrs. B , granddaughter of t)liver 

Cromwell. "Gent. Mag.," 1765, p. 357. 

S., S. Sarah Shc/i/iard. Cluiracter- 
istics of tlie genius and writings of L. E. L. 
[Lotitia Elizabeth Landon] ... L. 1841. 

S. S. Teacher, A. Miss Sara H. 
Broirne. The Bryden family. B. 1847. 

S., S. F. Sebastian Ferris Streeter, 
The sky. " New England Mag.," Vol. 
I.\., p. 350. 1835. 




S. T. Horace Walpole, 4th Earl of Or- 
ford. An account of the giants lately 
•discovered ; in a letter to a friend in the 
country. L. 1766. 

S., T. Airs. Rosa Carlen. Cornelius, 
hans friinder och viinner, af T. S. 

S., T. Thomas Streatjield. The old 
oak chair. A ballad. By . . . Wester- 
ham and L. 1838. 

S., T. Thomas Stona. Remarks upon 
the natural history of religion. By Mr. 
Hume ... By . . . L. 1758. 

S., T. W. Thomas W. Storrow, in the 
" Christ. Exam.," XXXVIII, p. 374. 

S., W. William Silsbee, in the " Christ. 

S., W. William Sewell, B.D. Mis- 
givings on requisition of Lord Derby, by 
a conservative member of convocation. 
Oxf. n.d. 

S., W. 8ir Walter Scott. Moredun: 
a tale of the twelve hundred and ten. 
By . . . [Attributed to Scott.] L. 1855. 

S., W. Whitley Stokes. The play of 
the sacrament. A Middle-English drama. 
Edited by . . . Berlin, 1862. 

S., W. G. William Grant Stewart. 
Lectures on the mountains ... L. 1860. 

S., W. G. William Gitmore Simms. 
The voice of the streamlet. "Amer. 
Monthly Mag.," April, 1835, p. 95. 

S., W. J. William Joseph Snelling. 

S — e — der. Sophie Bolander. Gunst- 
lingarne. Sthlm. 1862. 

S — g. August Strindberg. Fran Fjer- 
dingen och Svartbacken. Sthlm. 1877. 

S — g, A. Anton Stuxberg, a Swedish 

S — h. Charles Card Smith, in the 
" Christ. Exam." 

S — 1, Capt. Sir Richard Steele. Pro- 
logue to the University of Oxford. In 
the " Muse's Mercury ; or, the Monthly 
Miscellany," September, 1707. 

S — n. Thomas Sherwin, in the "Christ. 

S — n, J. Julius Sellman, a Swedish 

S — ry of the A — ty. Hon. .John 
Clerelaiul.— See " B— g, A— 1." 

S — s. Jared Sparks, LL.D., in the 
"Christ. Exam." 

S — s, R. Richard Sandi/s. A budget 
of poems selected from the portfolio of a 
Cornishman ... L. 1868. 

S — t, Dr. Dr. .Jonathan Swift. Bounce 
to Fop : an heroick epistle from a dog at 
Twickenham to a dog at court. By . . . 
Dublin, 1736. 

S — t, Kev. Mr. J — s. Rev. James 
Sproaf. 'J"wo letters to a friend, on the 
removal of the . . . from a church in 

G — If — d [Guilford] to one in P — Ip — a 
[Philadelphia]. 1769. 

S-w-rd, B-Uy. William Henri/ Sew- 
ard. A reconstruction letter [written by 
F. S. Hoffman, addressed to Th — rl — w 
W— d, by . . .]. N.Y. 1866. 

S***, Fru M. S. Mrs. Marie Sophie 
(Birath) Schwartz. Passionerna. Sthlm. 

S:th, C Carl Smith, a Swedish writer, 
formerly editor of "Ny Illustr. Tidning." 

Sa. Oxon. Rev. Gilbert Burnet. An 
enquiry into the reasons for abrogating 
the test imposed on all Members of Par- 
liament, (s.l.e.a.) 

St. J., P. B. Percy Bolingbrohe St. John. 
Quadroona. A tale contributed to the 
"London Journal," 1856. 

Saint-Hilaire, Marco de. £mile M. 
Hiluire. Der kleine hund Josephinens und 
der papagoy Marie Louisens . . . Ham- 
burg, 1842. 

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Wilson. The Sabbath on the rock, and the 
Gospel on the Decalogue. By . . . L. 1867. 

Sabina. Stanley Meredith. 1875. 

Sailor, A. William Schaw Lindsay. 
Recollections of . . . L. 1876. 

Sailor King, The. William IV., of 

Sailor Preacher, The. Rev. George 
Charles Smith. America, Denmark, and 
Sweden hailed by . . . n.p., n.d. 

Sailor's Friend, The. Rev. George 
Charles Smith. 

Saint, A, a Member of the Univer- 
sity of Cambridge. Robert Mackenzie 
Beverley. Cambridge besieged . . . L. 1818. 

Saint, The. Augustus St. Gaudens. — 
See " Puritan, The." 

St. Crispin. Rev. Joshua Brookes. — 
See " Rivers, Rev. Joseph." 

St. George, George. Joseph Snowe. 
Legends, traditions, and history of the 
Rhine. L. 1839. 

Salamanca, Don Felix de. John H. 
Ingram. The philosoj^hy of handwriting. 
L." 1879. 

Salamander in My Eye. Henry St. 
John, Viscount Bolingbroke. 

Sallinger, G. 8. A. Peterson. 

Salviati. Marie Henri Beyle. Articles. 

Sam. Adams of Philadelphia, The. 
Charles Tltomson. 

" John Adams at the time [1774] in his diary" 
so describes him. 

Same Author, The. William Coombe. 
Additions to the Diaboliad : a poem . . . 
By ... L. 1778. 

Same Compiler, The. Mrs. Lucy 
{Fletcher) Massey. Later lyrics of the 
Christian church : .being a companion 




volume to Christian Lyrics, by . , . L. 

Same Haud that wrote the Packet 
of Lietters to Dr. Waterland, The. 

William Staunton. Reason and revela- 
tion stated ... L. 1722. 

Same Spirit, The. 3Irs. Matilda 
Anne (^Planche) Mackarness. Sequel to 
Old Jolliffe . written in the same spirit, 
by . . . L. 1866. 

Samson. ./. A. Clippinger. Sam John- 
son. By . . N.Y. 1878. 

Sandars, Harry. William John Stan- 
nard. Music and music printing. In the 
"Printing Times and Lithographer," new 
series, Vol. I., pp. 81, 208, 231 (L.). 

Sanitarian, A. Samuel Sneade Brown. 
Notes on sanitary reform. By.. . L. 1870. 

Sapphira. Mary Barber. So called 
by Dean Swift. 

Sappho. Ladij Marij Worilei/ Mon- 
tague, in Pope's " Moral Essays." 

Sara. Signora Laura Tardy, 1877, 79, 
81, 83. 

Satan. Midoch, in the " London 

Literary Gazette." 

Sauzade, John S. James Payn. Gar- 
ret Van Horn ; or, the beggar on horse- 
back. By . . . N.Y. 1863.^ 

Saviour of the Punjaub, The. John 
Laird Mair Lawrence. 

Saxon. Johan Lindstrom. Genom 
egen kraft. Sthlm. 1880. 

Saxon, Van. Mrs. Evangeline M. 
Simpson. Marplot Cupid. B. 1883. 

Scammony, Frank. Francis Atter- 
bury, Bishop of Rochester. 

Scarabseus. Z). Badham, M.D. The 
question concerning the sensibility, intel- 
ligence, and instinctive actions of insects. 
By . . . Paris, 1837. 

Scaronia. Mme. Frcnx^oise (^d'Auhign^) 

Scheffer, Frederick. William King. 
The toast : an hcroick poem ... L. 1736. 

For n. key to this poem, see Martin's (John) 
bibliographical catalogue of boolis privately 
printed, pp. 28, 2'.». L. 1834. 

Schlachtenbummlers, Eines. Ilein- 
rich Laiif/, thi: Munich artist. Aus der Erin- 
nerungen . . . im Feldziige, 1870, 71. 

Scholiast, The. Mark. Antony V Wolfe 
Howe. The scholiast schooled . . . By 
a Bostonian [William Bcntlev Fowle]. 
Camh. 1846. 

Schoolboy tliirtcen years of a^e, A. 
John /t'ylinid, the younger. Tlic plagues 
of Kgy[)t. By . . . n.p., n.d. 

Schoolmaster, A. Albert Bitzins. 
The joys and sorrou-s of . . . 1861. 

Schwarz, Peter. /'. C. Peter.son. 

Scion of the old Church. Rev. 

Robert Rodolph Suffield. Our churches. 
By . . . L. 1844. 

Scot, Phil. Harris. A defence 

of the Scots abdicating Darien . . . By 
. . . Edinb. 1700. 

Scotch Banker, A. George Driim- 
mond Charles- The theory of money in 
connection with some of the prominent 
doctrines of political economy. By . . . 
Edinb. 1868. 

Scotch Episcopal Clergyman, A. 
Rev. William Robb. The patriotic wolves : 
a fable. By . . . Edinb. 1793. 

Scotch Preacher, A. Rev. James 
Wood. The strait gate, and other dis- 
courses . . . By . . . Edinb. 1881. 

Scots Gentleman, A. William Car- 
stairs. The Scottish toleration argued 
... In a letter from ... L. 1712. 

Scotsman, A. James Broivn, navy 
pilot. Observations on stocking the 
mountainous grounds of Ireland with the 
black-faced sheep . . . By . . . Glasgow, 

Scotsman, A. William T. Ker. The 
restoration of the Church of Scotland. 
By . . . Edinb. 1879. 

Scott, Leader. Lucy E. Barnes. 
Sculpture : renaissance and modern. By 
. . . N.Y. 1886. 

Scott, Richard. Paul Par/ait, in 
"Paris Mag." 

Scottish Philhellen. Edward Mas- 
son. Philhellenika ; or, poetic transla- 
tions ... By . . . Edinb. 1852. 

Scotus. Samuel Raleigh. Reform in 
the bankruptcy law of Scotland. By. .. 
Edinb. 1852. 

Scotus Novanticus. Simon Somer- 
ville Laurie. Metaphysica nova et ve- 
tusta. Ethica; or, the ethics of reason. 
Edinb. 1885. 

Gcourge of Grammar, The. Giles 
Jacob. In Pope's " Dunciad." 

"Jacob, the scourge of Grammar, mark with 

Nor less revere the blunderbuss of law." 

Scriblerus, Faustinus. Cuthbert 

Scriblerus Redivivus. Rev. Edward 
Caswall. (1) A new art, teaching how 
to be plucked ... By . . . Oxf . 1835. — 
(2) Pluck examination papers for candi- 
dates at Oxford and Cambridge in 1836 
. . . By . . . Oxf. 1836. 

ScribJcrus, Tertius. Thomas Cooke. 
^ Scripture Reader, A. RicharJ Eowe. 
Name under which he jjublished a work 
on London life. 

Script urista. Rev. William Hart. A 
letter to . . . containing some remarks on 




his answer to Paulinus's three questions 
. . . New Haven, 1760. 

Written by Joseph Bellamy, D.D. 

Scrutator. Rev. Malcolm Maccoll. 
Who is responsible for the war ? L. 1871. 

Scythrop. Perci/ Bysshe Shelleij, in 
T. L. Peacock's " Niglitmare Abbey." 

Sea- Actor. Paulin H. Pearce. Drama. 
L. 1859. 

Search, Warner Cliristian, and 
Peter Peeradeal. Sir William Cusack 
Smith, Bart. Ramble on ; or, dialogue 
the second, between . . . Dublin, 1835. 

Seaward, Sir Edward. William 
Ogilvie Porter. Sir E. S.'s narrative of 
his shipwreck . . . frum the year 1733 to 
1749, as written in his own diary. Edited 
by Miss Jane Porter. L. 1831. 

Sebastian. 3Irs. Marie Sophie {Birath') 
Schwartz. Ett tidens barn. Sthlm. 1873. 

Secretaries of the Congregational 
Union and Mission of Victoria. W. 
S. H. Fielden and J. C. MacMichael. The 
Australian Congregational year book 
and calendar. 1867-69. Edited by . . . 
Melbourne, 1867-69. 

Secretary, The. Charles Deane. Rules, 
orders, and statutes of Harvard College 
. . . presented at a meeting of the Massa- 
chusetts Historical Society . . . with re- 
marks by . . . Camb. 1876. 

Secretary of State, The. Timothy 
Pickering. Review of tlie administration 
. . . since the year ninety-three ; or, the cor- 
respondence between . . . and the French 
minister [P. A. Adet] on that subject. 
B. 1797. 

Secretary of the Massachusetts 
Sabbath School Society, The. Asa 
Bullarcl. Sabbath school results. By 
... B. 1842. 

Secretary of the New York Sabbath 
Committee, The. R. S. Cook. Sketch 
of the Sabbath reform. N.Y. 1863. 

Secretary of the Royal Society of 
Canada, The. John George Bourinot. 
The ... a literary fraud. By Nicholas 
Elood Davin. Ottawa, 1882. 

Secretary of tlie Society for pro- 
moting Christianity amongst the 
Jews, The. Alfred Long Stackhouse. 
Darkness made light ; or, the story of 
"Old Sam" [Hyams], the Christian 
Jew. Tnsmanio, Launceston, 1859. 

Secretary of the Treasury, The. 
William Harris Cran-ford. A letter [by 
Aristides] to ... on the commerce and 
currency of the United States. N.Y. 1819. 

Secretary of War, The. Joel Roberts 
Poinsett. (1) Letter from . . . transmit- 
ting a system of reorganization of the 
militia of the United States, March 20, 

1840. W. 1840. — (2) Plan of a standing 
army of 200,000 men submitted to Con- 
gress. By . . . W. 1840. 

Secundus, Trismegistus. Sir Thomas 
Bernard, in the "Director" (L.), 1807, 
Vol. II., 381. 

Sedley. John E. Hall. Signature in 
" The Port-Folio " at Philadelphia. 

Seed and Plum Cakins. John Trus- 
ler, LL.D. See " Gent. Mag.," Vol. XC.,. 
Pt. 2, p. 120. 

Seeker, A. Francis William Pitt 
Greenwood, D.D., in the "Christ. Exam., 
III., p. 109. B. 1826. 

Segrave, Adolphus. Philip Gilbert 
Hamerton. Marmorne, etc. L. 1878. 

Selden, Camille. Mme. de Krinitz. 

Portraits de femmes par . . . 188-. 

Selim. George Lyttelton, Lord Lyttfel- 
ton. The Persian letters continued . . . 
Letters from ... at London, to Mirza at 
Ispahan. L. 1736. 

Selitn the Persian. Lord Lyttelton. 
The trial of . . . for divers high crimes and. 
misdemeanours. L. 1748. By Moore, Ed- 
ward (1712-57), English dramatist. 

Selina. Mrs. Sarah F. Abbott. Saturday 
evenings with my children. By... B.n.d. 

Sellen, Gustav. Karl Ludivig Wil- 
helm Alvensleben. Der strafende burg- 
geist . . . Meissen, 1830. 

Semloh. Holmes. 1833. 

Senex. Robert Reid. (1) Autobi- 
ography of R. R. (Senex) . . . Glasgow,. 
1865. — (2) Old Glasgow and its environs. 
By . . . Glasgow, 1864. 

Senex. John Adams Dix. On the 
mode of constituting presidential electors. 
Addressed to the people of the State of 
New York. N.Y. 1823. 

Senior, S. H. Samuel Hxmton. 

Senior Fellow^ of a College in Cam- 
bridge, The. John Golbatch, D.D. Rea- 
sons for altering the method used at 
present in letting church and college 
leases. By . . . Camb. 1739. 

Senior Member of the Company, A. 
H. W. Busk. A sketch of the origin 
and history of the New England com- 
pany. By ... L. 1884. 

Senior Member of the University 
of O.xford, A. James Ingram, D.D. Ob- 
servations on the bill now in progress 
througli Parliament, in support of the 
spiritual authority of the Church of 
Rome. By . . . Oxf. 1825. 

Senior Minister of the West Church 
in Boston, The. Charles Lou-ell, D.D. 
Sermons, chiefly practical. By ... B. 

Senior Physician, A. Thomas Har- 
rison Bur der. Letters from ... to a junior 




physician [Dr. James Hope] on the im- 
portance of promoting the religious wel- 
fare of his patients. In the " Evangeli- 
<;al Magazine " for 1836. 

Senior Resident Member of the 
University of Oxford, A. Charles 
Portales Golightly, M.A. The position of 
the Right Rev. Samuel Wilberforce, D.D., 
Lord Bishop of Oxford, in reference to 
ritualism ... By . . . L. 1867. 

Septchenes, Jean de. Jacques Albin 
Simon Collin de Planet/. Jacquemin du 
f reimaurer . . . Grimma, 1852. 

Serious Enquirer, A. Anthony Tem- 
ple. Objections to Mr. Lindsey's inter- 
pretation of the first fourteen verses 
of St. John's Gospel . . . By ... L. 

•^Serious Inquirer, A. Rev. Jacob 
Norton. A candid and conciliatory re- 
view of the late correspondence of the 
Rev. Dr, Worcester with the Rev. AV. E. 
Channing, on the subject of Unitarian- 
ism. By . . . B. 1817. 

Serins. H. Ernst, Jr. 1864. 

Severin, Justus. Adolf Miitzelhurg. 
Robert Clive, dereroberer vonBengalen: 
historischer roman. Leipzig, 1868. 

Severin, Paul. Bai/mond Bnicher. 

Seven Years' Resident, A. G. Nettle. 
Letters from an Eastern colony ... in 
1826-7. By... L. 1829. 

Severn, LaAvrence. Miss Ada M. 
Trotter. Heaven's gate : a story of the 
forest of Dean. B. 1886. 

Several gentlemen. Samuel Derrick. 
A companion for a leisure hour. L. 1749. 

Severus, Baptista. jSfatthew Cooker. 

Sexagenarian, A. Canniff JIui(/ht. 
Country life in Canada fifty years' ago. 
Personal recollections and reminiscences 
of . . . Toronto, 1885. 

Sexagenarian, The. William Beloe. 

A second key, by Ilenry R. Luard, D.D., will 
be found in " The nibliotriapher," Vol. VI., pp. 
120, loO, l.'.l, 1>>'2, and 18:3. 

A third key, by U. B. Wheatley, will be found 
in the same volume of "The Bibliograpber," 
pp. "■<, 9<5, 143, 1.5S. 

Seymour, The Hon. Juliana Su- 
sanah. Sir John Hill. Tlic comhict of 
a married life ; laid down in a series of 
letters, written by . . . toayounglady her 
relation, lately married. L. 1753. 

Shade of Alden, The. James TJoyd 
Homer. Nahant and otiicr places . . . 
By . . . B. 1848. 

Shade of Sir Robert Peel, The. 
Henri) dale. Religion, rigiits and rever- 
ence.' By . . . L."^185-. 

Shaker, A. Frederick White Krans. 
Auto#if)graphy of . . . Mt. Lebanon, 
N.Y., 1869. 

Shareholder, A. Henry Booth. The 
case of railways . . . By . . . Liverpool, 

Sha'wmut. Bev. Nathan Henry Cham- 
berlain, in the " Boston Transcript." 

Shayback, Mr. Rev. Samuel June 

Shayback, Mrs. Mrs. Katherine Isa- 
bel (^Hayes Chapui) Barrows. 

Sheelagh. Lord William Conyngham 
Plunket. Letters to John Bull. L. 1777. 

Shemeya, Ebn. David Parkes. The 
star : being a complete system of . . . as- 
trology ... By . . . L. 1839. 

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Birds and fishes. Natural history 
studies . . . 

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Walsh. (1) The Uterary life. N.Y. 
1883. — (2) Our young folks' history of 
the Roman Empire. 188-. 

Sheridan, Richard Brinsley Butler. 
Sir John Vanhrugh. 

Sir John Vanbiugh, advocate, produced at 
the Drury Lane, London, in 1697, a comedy en- 
titled " The Relapse," etc. Nearly a century 
later, Sheridan brought it out at the same theatre 
as his own, under the title, "A trip to Scar- 
borough.", iu— ,'/'.. .. ■ • ■ ' ■' 

Sherry, Charles. John Osborne Sar- 
gent. Quite too susceptible. By . . . 
"New England Mag.," Vol. VIIL, p. 26. 

Shiels, Tibby. Miss Isabella Richard- 

Shimei. John Dryden, in Pordage's 
" Azaria and Hushai." 

Shirlej''. Charles James Lever. (1) A 
campaigner at home. By ... L. 1865. 
— (2) A reprint of " Robert Browning," 
frotn " Eraser." February, 1863. 

Shoestrings, Mr. Negative. Sir Wil- 
liam Whillock. 

Shortfellow, Mr. William P. Cope- 
land. Stanlico Africanus. Stanley's 
trip from Zanzibar to Ujije. By . . . 
n.p. 1873. 

Shuffleton, Thomas. W. Thomas 

Siamese Minister of State, A. 
Cliao Phya Thipakon. The modern Bud- 
dhist; being tiie views of . . . L. 1870. 

Sidartha. Henry E. Nesmith. Poems. 
N.Y. 1887. 

Sidney. Rev. John Allen. An essay 
on the policy of appropriations by the 
United States for purchasing, liberating, 
and colonizing tiie slaves thereof. B. 

Sienna, B. T. Charles Ledyard Norton. 

Sicvad, Hadji, and a talented Hea- 
then Staff. (Icnild SliDiley Davies. Tiie 
Moslem in Cambridge : a Liberal and 




advanced journal . . . Conducted by 
. . . Cambridge, 1890 [1870]. 

Sigma. Lucius Manlius tiargent. (1) 
The ballad of the abolition blunder-buss. 
B. 1861. — (2) The betterment law. n.p., 
n.d. — (o) Notices of the histories of 
Boston. By . . . B. 1857. 

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corn, bean, and mangold planter. By 
... L. 1858. — (2) The corn planter. 
By . . . L. 1857. 

Sigma. J. B. Shaio. Sonnets and 
other poems. By ... L. 1863. 

Signora Inglese, Una. Lavinia Fair- 
fax. Rime Italiane, composte da . . . 

Sigurd. Alfred Hedenstierna. Kaleid- 
oskop. Qvaden och ogvaden. Sthlm. 

Silas. Rt. Bev. William White, D.D. 
Thoughts on the singing of psalms and 
anthems in churches. Signed ... P. 

Silas, Uncle. James W. Poland. The 
Walker family: a true story. By . . . 
B. 1847. 

Sill, E. Row^Iand. Andrew Hedbrooke. 

Silly Billy- Eustace Clare G-renville 
Murrai/. Strange tales. Prom " Vanity 
Fair." By . . . L. 1882. 

" Silvercloud," a detective Officer. 
George Shaw Brown. Studies in decla- 
mation . . . By . . . Glasgow, 1865. 

Silverspoon, Doctor. Dr. Wither- 
spoon. The XLV. chapter of the 
prophecies of Thomas the Rhymer in 
verse . . . Dedicated to . . . preacher 
of sedition in America. Edinb. 1776. 
By Hugh Arnot. 

Simcoe, Adolplius. William Make- 
peace Thackeray. Miss Tickletoby's lec- 
tures on English history, in "Punch," 

Simmons, P. E. R. De Witt Clinton 
Cooley. The high old court of impeach- 
ment. By . . . St. Paul, 1878. 

Simon. Henry B. Hooker. Put off 
and put on; or, the vile and beautiful 
apparel. By . . . B. 1846. 

Simon, the Tanner. Rev. Thomas 
Prentice (^1). A letter to the Rev. An- 
drew Croswell ... B. 1771. 

From the tract itself it appears that the writer 
was an overseer (or " had a chartered right" to 
be) of the college, a clergyman, and a resident at 
Charlestown; which facts agree in Mr. Prentice, 
and make it probable that he wrote it. 

Simpkins, Jonas. Benjamin E. G. 
Jeivett. Reveries of a woodsawyer. 
N.Y. 1873. 

Sincere Friend to America, A. 
Alexander Hamilton. The Farmer re- 
futed . . . N.Y. 1775. 

Sincere Lover of our Protestant 
Establishment, A. Thomas Bray. 

Papal usurpation and persecution, as it 
has been exercised in ancient and mod- 
ern times. By ... L. 1712. 

Sincere Lover of the Truth, A. 
Rev. John Williamson. Reasons against 
the restoration of Professor Simson, to 
teach or preach . . . Edinb. 1729. 

Sincere Lover of Truth and Union,. 
A. John Mortimer. Some considerations 
concerning the present state of religion 
... By . . . L. 1702. 

Sincere Well-wisher to the Colony, 
A. lliomas Turner Wise. A review of 
the events which have happened in Gre- 
nada . . . By . . . Grenada, 1795. 

Sincere Well-wisher to the public, 
A. Martin Madan. Thoughts on execu- 
tive justice. By ... L. 1785. 

Single-speech Hamilton. William 
Gerard Hamilton. 

Singleton, Captain. John Oshorne 
Sargent. A talk upon talking. " New 
England Mag.," Vol. VIII., p. 372. _ 1835. 

Sirmoon, Hoin. John AIorison(1) 
Anecdotes, pasquinades, and mess-table 
stories ... By . . . L. 1858. 

Sister, A. Mrs. ( W hidden) 

Tappan. A short account of Robert 
Cutts Whidden. By . . . B. 1848. 

Sister of Mercy, A. Charlotte M, 
Braeme. Tales from the diary of . . . 
L. 1867. 

Sister Sainte Claire, Order of Ste. 
Ursula. Mar If Bebecra Theresa De Costa. 

Sitting Bull. Robert D. Clarke. The 
works of . . . in the original French and 
Latin. Omaha, 1877, 

Skenandoah. Lewis Henry Morgan. 
Letters on the Iroquois,in Colton's "Amer.. 
Whig Rev.," 1847. 

Skinner, Mose. James E. Brown. Rec- 
ollections of a lazy life. By . . . B. 1869. 

Skirra. Maria Skerret. The Rival 
Wives answered ; or, ... to Clarissa. L. 
1738. — See "Clarissa." 

Sleekhead. Gilbert a Beckett. — See 
" Wrong-head." 

Sleinada, S. J. P. J. A. Daniels. 

Slick, Jonathan, Esq., of Weathers- 
field, Conn., 1854. Ann Sophia (^Win- 
terbotham) Stephens. High life in New 
York. By . . . 1854. 

Slop, Dr. John Burton, M.D. 

" His political opinions rendered him obnox- 
ious to Sterne, who satirized him in ' Tristram 
Shandy ' under the name of ' Dr. Slop.' " 

Sloth. Robert Thorn. Esop's fables,, 
written in Chinese by the learned Mun 
Mooy Sein-Shang ... by his pupil . . .. 
Canton, 1840. 




Slottved. J. P. Palmer. 1801. 

Slug, Abel. Henri/ Headletj. 

Sly, Sam. William Taylor Sammons. 

Small-beer Poet. William Thomas 
Fitzgerald. So called by Cobbett. 

Smallage, George. George Smal- 

Small Shot. Dr. Joseph Toiuers. The 
"shade of Dr. Stuart defended against 
"Vindex." In "Gent. Mag." for 1786, 
p. 1128. 

Smallshot, Jasper. Maj. Ware. 

Sqtiibs and crackers, serious, comical, and 
tender, by . . . L. 1812. 

Smith, Mr., Demy of Magdalen 
College, Oxford. Walter Birch, B.D. 
Verses spoken at the Encsna, by . . . 
Oxf. 1810. 

Smith, J. Jeremy Collier. Signature 
to a letter to Atkins, the publisher, Dec. 
1, 1710. 

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Humorous sketches and addresses by 
. . . Dubuque, la., 1879. 

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Tieck's " Lover of Nature " : a tale, trans. 
. . . by . . . Camb., Mass., 1833. 

Smith, John, Esquire. Seba 8mith(^). 
Speech . . . not delivered at Smithville, 
Sept. 15th, 1864. N.Y. 1864. 

Smith, Sir Michael Angelo Raph- 
ael. Charles Bush. — See " Jones, Prof. 

Smith, Shirley. Miss Ella J. Curtis. 
The favourite of Fortune. L. 1886. 

Smith of Smitheden, The. Daniel 
M'lvor. The wanderer: fantasia and 
vision, &c. By . . . Edinb. 1857. 

Snaffle, Will, The Saddler. Bohert 
Dunkin, in Paris's "Philosophy in Sport." 
L. 1827. 

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Fairchild and others. Catalogus planta- 
rum ... By . . . L. 1730. 

Society of Gentlemen, A. Adam 
Smith, David Hume, and others. " The 
Edinburgh Magazine and Review." By 
, . . Edinb. 1773-70. 

Also Baid to have been conducted by IVilliam 
Smellie and Gilbert Stuart, 

Society of Gentlemen, A. Andrew 
Kippis -and others. " 'I'lie I.iibrary ; or, 
Moral and Critical Magazine." By . . . 
L. 1761-62. 

Society of Gentlemen, A. Ephraim 
Chambers. " The Literary Magazine ; or, 
the History of the Works of the Learned" 
... Hy... L. 173.5-37. 

Society of Gciitlcmcn, etc., A. John 
Potter, M .D. " Tlio Theatrical Review," 
... \iy . . . L. 1772. 

Society of the Learned, A. Ralph 

Heathcote, Sylva ; or, the wood ; being a 
collection of anecdotes . . . By ... L. 

Socrates Christianus. Ediuard Ste- 
phens. Letter to a missionary priest. By 
. . . n.p., n.d. 

Sola. Josephine Tyler. Waymarks ; 
or, Sola in Europe. N.Y. 1885. 

Soldier, A. A. F. Hill. Our boys. 
The personal experiences of ... in the 
Army of the Potomac. P. 1865. 

Soldier of the Cross, A. William 
Robertson Aikman. The last regret ; or, 
the power of divine regeneration . . . By 
. . . L. 1861. 

Soldiers' Friend, The. Frederick, 
Duke of York. 

Solicitor, A. Richard Sargent. Prin- 
ciples of the laws of England. By ; . . 
L. 1839. 

Solicitor-General, The. Sir Roun- 
dell Palmer. — See " F., T." [Thomas Fal- 
coner] . 

Solitaire. George Wilder Fox. 

Some of his quondam dear Friends, 
called Quakers. George White^/ield. A 
serious examination of George Keith's 
pretended serious call to the Quakers 
... By . . . L. 1707. 

Somebody. George Gordon Noel 
Byron, Lord Byron. Poems written by 
. . . most respectfully dedicated (by per- 
mission) to nobody; and intended for 
everybody who can read ! ! ! L. 1818. 

Somers. Harry Slillicell Edwards. 

Somersetshire Clergyman, A. Rev. 
Thomas Spencer. The corn laws and the 
national debt ; or, the parson's dream 
and the queen's speech. By ... L. 

Son of a Military Officer, The. 
Frederick W. N. Bayley. Four years' 
residence in the West Indies, during the 
years 1826-29. By . . . L. 1833. 

Son of Candor, A. Richard Gren- 
ville, 1st Earl Temple. The principles 
of the late changes impartially exam- 
ined . . . from ... L. 1765. 

Also ascribed to George Grenville. 

Son of Martin-Marprelate. Thomas 
Walter. An essay upon that paradox, 
infallibility may sometimes mistake ; or, 
a reply to a discourse concerning Epis- 
cojjacy. Prefixed some remarks upon 
" A Discourse " [Mr. Checkley's] shew- 
ing who is a true pastor of Christ, etc. 
By . . . B. 1724. 

Sophia, MevrouTT. Mevrouw Sophia 
MacLeod. 1882. 

Sopho. Henry Horm, Lord Karnes. 
An analysis of the moral and religious 
sentiments contained in the writings of 




. . . and David Hume, Esq. By George 
Anderson. Edinb. 1755. 

South Carolina Federalist, A. 

Charles Pinckney{'i). Answer to a dia- 
logue between a Federalist and a Repub- 
lican, first inserted in tlie newspapers in 
Cliarleston. Charleston, 1800. 

South-Carolinian, A. Whitemarsh 
Benjuinin Seabrook. An appeal to the 
people of the Northern and Eastern 
States, on the subject of negro slavery 
in South Carolina. By . . . N.Y. 1834. 

South Carolinian, A. Joel Boberts 
Poinsett. Notes on Mexico, with maps. 
P. 1824. 

Southern Physician, A. Dr. Samuel 
H. Dickson. The principle of life. 
"Amer. ¥/hig Rev.," October, 1847, p. 

Southerner, A. Edward Alfred Pol- 
lard. The Southern spy; or, curiosities 
of slavery in tlie South. Letters from 
... to a Northern friend. W. 1859. 

Spec, Alonzo, Historical Painter. 
William Makepeace Thackeraij. Mr. 
Spec's remonstrance. " Punch," 1843. 

Special Commissioner, A. John 
Lewis Roqet. A Cambridge scrap book 
... By ^ . Camb. 1859^ 

Spectator. Henrfj Walter Bellew. 
Contributions to the Calcutta "English- 
man " in February, 1869, under this sig- 

Spirit of a Little Bell awakened 
by " The Chimes," The. Mrs. Matilda 
Anne (^Planche) Mackarness. Old Joliffe ; 
not a goblin story. By ... L. 1845. 

Sporus. John Hervey, Lord Hervey. 
In Pope's " Prologue to the Satires." — 
See " Lord Fanny." 

Square, A. Edwin Abbott Abbott. 
Flatland : a romance of many dimen- 
sions. By . . . B. 1885. 

Squat, Squire. Sir William Pulteney, 
Earl of Bath. — See " Courtly," Sir Rob- 
ert Courtly. 

Squid, Scotch. Eliza Gilbert Hurd. 

Squintum, Doctor. George White- 
Jield. In Foote's farce of the " Minor." 

Sqnintum, Doctor. Rei\ Edward 
Irving. So called by Theodore Edward 
Hook, Esq. 

Squirt, Dr., apothecary to alma 
mater's (or the old lady's) Stew^ard. 
Rev. Dr. Samuel Squire. 

"From an unlucky similitude of names, he 
was ridiculed by tbe aijpellation of . . . His 
dark complexion procured him iu college conver- 
sation, and in the squibs of the town, the nick- 
name of ' The Man of Angola.' " 

Staff Officer, A. Lieut. Col. Fred. C. 
Newhall. With General Sheridan in his 
last campaign. By ... P. 186G. 

Stage Driver, A. James S. McCue. 
Twenty years in California. Incidents 
in the life of . . . San Francisco, 187- 

Stalwart Republican, A. Rev. 
Henri] C. Badger. Dead heads, financial 
and moral ... By . . . B. 1884. 

Stanley, Henry ]>I. John Roivlands. 

St— pe, Sir W — in. Sir William Stan- 
hope. The original speech of . . . L. 

Stanton, Evan. Rev. T. P. Hughes, 
author of " Ruhainah." 

Starbuck, Caleb. E. C. Godwin. 
Hampton heisihts ; or, the spinster's 
ward. N.Y. 1856. 

Starr, Margaret. Miss J. S. Cragin. 

Starvation Dundas. Henry Dundas, 
1st Lord Melville, who first introduced 
the word starvation into the English 
language, in a speech in Parliament, in 
1775, in an American debate. 

State Agent, A. John Lewis Peyton. 
The American crisis ; or, pages from the 
note book of . . . during the civil war. 
L. 1867. 

State Librarian [of Connecticut], 
The. Charles .Jeremiah Hoadly . Report 
of . . . relating to the registration of 
births and deaths for . . . 1862. New 
Haven, 1863. 

State Librarian, The. William Tur- 
ner Coggeshall. State library, 13th an- 
nual report . . . With a historical sketch 
by . . . 1859. 

Steenwyck. Henry Clay Lukens, in 
the " Norristown Herald. 'L 

Steeple Jack. Charles Aubin. 

Stein, A. Margaretha Wulff. Little 
Anna : a story for pleasant little children. 

Stein, Armin. Hermann Nietschmann. 
Count Erbach : a story of the Reforma- 
tion. N.Y. 1882. 

Stein, Paul. Albertine (Roslein) Hin- 
rich. Handwork und Industrie. Leipzig, 

Stella. Mary M. Cox. Minna Monte. 
By... P. 1872. 

Stentor. William Stanley, D.D. So 
called in the " Tattler " for the loudness 
of his voice. 

Stepliens, Kitty. Catherine Capell- 
Coningsby, Countess of Essex. 

Stephenson, Valentine. Miss Georg- 
ina Hamlen. 

Stepniak. Michael Dragomanov(^.'). 
Underground Russia . . . By ... L. 

Three or four other names are given. 

Stern, Detlef. Dora Slrempel. Hy- 
patia : roraan ... In " Vierteljahrl. 





Stern, Otto. Louise Otto Peters. Lud- 
wig, der kellner. Leipzig, 1843. 

Sterne, Laurence. John Cars. A 
■continuation of Tristram Shandy (L. 
1760), was by John Cars. 

Stevenson. Mrs. Elizabeth (^Cleghorn) 

Stevenson, Pierce. Mrs. C. E. S. 
(Sheridan) Norton. On the custody of 
infants' act, in the " Law Magazine." 

Stilling, Heinrich. Johann Heinrich 
Jung. (1) Tlie autobiography of . . . 
L. 1843.— (2) Heinrich Stilling's jugend; 
eine wahrhafte geschichte. Berlin, 1777, 

Stomach, A. Sydney W/iiting. Me- 
moirs of . . . Written by himself ... L. 

Stonecastle, Henry. Henry Baker. 
" The Universal Spectator and Weekly 
Journal." L. 1728-33. 

In "I. and P." this is assigned to "William 
Oldys. Stephen in "National Biography" as- 
cribes it to Baker. 

Stonehenge. John Henry Walsh. The 
coursing calendar and review of the 
season . . . Edited by . . . L. 1857, etc. 

Storks. Pi'of. Thomas Henry Hux- 
ley, in Mr. Mallock's "The New Re- 

The real names of the fictitious characters in- 
troduced, are as follows: " Htorks," Prof. Hux- 
ley ; "Stockton," Prof. Tijndall ; "Herbert," 
Mr. Ruski.n ; " Donald Gordon," Ihomas Car- 
lyle ; " Jenkinson," Prof. Jewett ; "Mr. Luke," 
Mr. Matthew Arnold; "Saunders," Prof. 
Kingdon Clifford; "," Mr. W. Pater; 
"Leslie," Mr. Hardinf/e ; " Seyden," Dr. 
Pu.sei/ ; " Lady Grace," Mrx. Mark Pattlson; 
" Mrs. Sinclair," Mrs. Singleton ( Violet Fane). 
See " N. and Q.," March 6, 1886, p. 192. 

Stot, Joseph. Robert Whitworth. A 
sequel to the friendly advice to the poor 
of Manchester. Manchester, 1756. 

Stray Yankee in Texas, A. Samuel 
A. Hammitt. 

Streamlet, Rev. Josiah. Bev. Joshua 
Brookes, in " Blackwood," March, 1821. 
Brief sketch of Kev. Josiah Streamlet. 
[By Mr. Charles Wheeler.] 

Stretcher. /.. Hnhert. 1814. 

Strivelyne, Elsie. Sir Joseph Noel 
Palon. >:-:. 

Student, A. John Brown. The ac- 
coucheur : a letter to Rev. Mr. Tatter- 
shall ... on the evils of manmidwifery. 
By . . . L. 18.59. 

Student, A. Albert Jerome Chittenden. 
The candidating fair. A. S.'s dream of 
trial preaching. Andover, Mass., 1873. 

Student, A. R. Magill, A.M. The 
race : a prize poem, composed at Glas- 
gow College, in April, 1814, with other 
poems. By . . , Glasgow, 1815. 

Student in Paris, A. Augustus Kings- 
ley Gardner. Old wine in new bottles ; 
or, spare hours of . . . N.Y. 1848. 

Student in the University of Glas- 
gow, A. James Arbuckle. Glotta. Glas- 
gow, 1721. 

Student of Humanity, A. David 
Pae. The powers of Europe and the 
world's great quarrel . . . By . . . Edinb. 

Student of Medicine, A. Rev. Wil- 
liam Bobb. A gratulatory address to his 
alma mater. By . . . Edinb. 1826. 

Student of Medicine in the Uni- 
versity of Edinburgh, A. Alexander 
Campbell. Odes and miscellaneous poems. 
By . . . Edinb. 1796. 

Student of the Middle Temple, A. 
Joseph Beldam. II pastore incantato : a 
drama ; Pompeii, and other poems. By 
... L. 1823. 

Student of the Middle Temple, A. 
Henry Lucas. The tears of Alnwick : 
a pastoral elegy . . . By ... L. 1777. 

Sub-Utopian, A. Richard Walker, 
B.D. Oxford in 1888 : a fragmentary 
dream. By . . . Oxf . 1838. 

Subaltern of Artillery, A. Frederick 
Robinson. Seven gray pilgrims. 1874. 

Sue-Sand, Alexandre, fils. Edicard 
Hamlei/ Bruce. The last French hero. 
Edinb! 1879. 

Suffolk Minister, A. Thomas Har- 
mer. Remarks on the ancient and pres- 
ent state of the Congregational churches 
of Norfolk and Suffolk ... By . . . 

Suh, Au***te. P. L. Stapleton. 1818. 

Summerdale. Alexander Young. 
Why we live. By . . . Ciiicago, 1880. 

Sundarius. Charles Spencer, 3d Earl 
of Sunderland. 

Sunday School Teacher, A. F. 0. 
Fish. St. Ann's Church, Brooklyn, N.Y., 
1784-1845 ... By . . . Brooklyn, 1845. 

Superintendent, A. Lewis Glover 
Pruij. The Boston Sunday school hymn 
book. By . . . B. 1834. 

Superintendent, The. James Edward 
Fitzger(dd. Address of His Honor . . . 
at the opening of the first legislative 
council of tiie province of Canterbury, 
New Zealand, September 27, 1853. Lit- 
telton, N.Z., 1853. 

Superintendent, The. Edward Au- 
gustus Ilolyoke. Ni'W year's address to 
the cliildren of the Nortli Society Sunday 
Scliool, Salem, Mass. By . . . Salem, 

Superintendent, The. Samuel Hobart 
Winldeij. A question book on the life of 
Jesus .' . . By . . . B. 1860. 




Superintendent, The. Samuel Hurd 
Walleij. The S.'s offering. By . . . B. 

Superintendent of Public Schools, 
The. John JJudleij Philbrick. Course of 
study for grammar schools . . . By . . . 
B. 1868. 

Superintendent of the Coast Sur- 
vey, The. Alexander- Dallas Bache. 
Navy Yard at Patuxent River. Letter 
from ... W. 1866. 

Superior of the Society, The. 
Priscilta Lydia Sellon. Reply to a tract 
by the Rev. J. Spurrell ... L. 1852. 

Supernumerary, A. John Fring. On 
the principles of the common or incep- 
tive discipline . . . By ... L. 1840. 

Surgeon Aurist, A. William Wright. 
A few minutes' advice to deaf persons 
... By .' . . L. 1839. 

Surgeon of the U. S. Navy. William 
S. W. Ruschenberger. Remarks on the 
condition of the hospital fund of the 
United States ... P. 1848. 

Suspensurus. Charles Lamb. On 
the last peach, in the " London Mag.," 

Sussex, Jasper. William Maginn. 
The equality of the sexes. "Blackwood's 
Mag.," August, 1826. 

Sussex Clergyman, A. Rev. Joseph 
Wise. The coronation of David . . . 
By . . . Lewes, 1766. 

Swahn, Christer. Prof. V. H. Wich- 
strom. En sjelfmordares anteckningar. 
Sthlm. 1882. 

Swellmore. William Makepeace 

Thackeraij. Poor Puggy. "Punch," 
October, 1851. 

'^ Swerdna, Mrs. 3Ii-s. Andrews. 

Ambrose Rodman. By . . . N.Y. 1865. 

Swift, Jonathan. Jolm Arbuthnot,. 
M.D. Le proccs, etc. L. 1754. 

Sycorax. Joseph Ritson. In Dibdin's 
" Bibliomania." 

Sylvan. George Wright. 1772. 

Sylvan. Richard Wright Proctor. 
Memorials of Manchester streets. Man- 
chester, 18 — . 

Sylvaiius. William Carleton. 

Sylvanus. Joh7i Nichols. Visit to an 
octogenarian, July 17, 182.3; signed 
" Capricornus " [Ur. Thomas Prognall 
Dibdin]. In Nichols' "Illustrations of 
Literature," Vol. VIII., pp. 26-29. 

Sylvia. Mrs. Sara Pfeiffer. Foster- 
barnet. Medaljongen. Sthlm. 1864. 

Sylvianus. Rev. William Duke. His 
signature to a pamphlet published in 
1816, on the difficulties in the Church of 
Maryland with the Rev. George Dashiell. 

Sylvius. Hugh Williamson. Letters 
from ... to the freemen inhabitants of 
the United States. N.Y. 1787. 

Synergus. Rev. Robert Edward Gam- 
ham. Papers in " Commentaries and 
Essays," published by the society for pro- 
moting the knowledge of the Scriptures. 
L. 1784-96. — See "Gent. Mag.," VoL 
LXXII., p. 1221. 

Syphax. John Tucker Prince, in the 
Boston " Transcript." 

Syr. Samuel A. Allen. My own home 
and fireside. P. 1846. 


T. Samuel Johnson. 

Boswell Bays that Dr. Johnson dictated the 
essays in the " Adventurer," signed " T," to 
Richard Bathurst (d. 1762), who wrote them 
down and sold them for two guineas each for his 
own benefit. 

T. Thomas Broughton, who contributed 
the lives marked " T," in the original 
edition of " Biographia Britannica." 

T. William Jlenry Trenwith. (1) 
Antichrist. P. 1866.— (2) The Apoca- 
lypse ... P. 1866.— (3) The crisis . . . 
P. 1865. — (4) God and his wisdom, etc. 
N.Y. 1877. — (5) Immortality . . . N.Y. 
1878. — (6) Jerusalem. P. 1866. — (7) 
Liberty. N.Y. 1870. — (8) Prophecy. 
N.Y. 1868 — (9) Religion. N.Y. 1869.— 
(10) Rime. P. 1866. — (11) Treason 
... P. 1866. 

T., A. F., Miss. Miss Anne Fraser 

Tytler. (1) Grave et gai. Rose et gris. 
Trad, . . . Paris, 1860. — (2) Leila en 
Angleterre. Trad, de I'angl. Lausanne, 
1853. — (3) Leila dans la niaison pater- 
nelle. Trad, de I'angl. Lausanne, 
1853. — (4) Leila, ou I'ile diserte. Trad. 
de I'angl. Lausanne, 1846. — (5) Marie 
et Florence a seize ans ; par . . . Trad, 
de I'angl. Lausanne, 1852. 

T., B. B. Benjamin Bussey Thatcher. 
(1) In the "Christ. Exam."— (2) Im- 
plora pace. " New England Mag.," Vol. 
VI., p. 504. 1834. — I will remember 
thee. Vol. IX., p. 105. 1835. 

T., B. N. Rev. Baptist-Noel Turner. 
Specimen of a new translation of the 
Psalms. "Gent. Mag.," 1820, pp. 395, 

T. C. William Maginn. Letters from 




the dead to the living: No. 1. Barret- 
tiana. January, 1822. — No. 2. Caltiana. 
August, 1822, etc. 

T., C. Churlotta C. af Tihell. Blom- 
mor vid viigen till Zion af . Sthlm. 1852. 

T., C. H. C. H. Temperly. Songs of 
the press, and other poems relative to the 
art of printers and printing ... L. 1745. 

T., C. T. Christopher Toppan Thayer, 
in the "Christ. Exam." 

T., F. Frank Tuthill. Arnell's poems. 
" Amer. Whig Eev.," August, 1848, p. 174. 

T., F. F. Tanner. The plainest, easiest, 
and prettiest method of short-hand ever 
yet published. By . . . L. 1712. 

T., G. George Tichior, in the " Christ. 

T. G. P. "T." J. Johns, P. "G." Hill, 
and "P." H. C'udllp. Music. By . . . 
" Helston Grammar School Mag." 1852. 

Mr. Cudlip wrote pp. 16 and 17 of tbe article. 
The first part was written by Tremenheere John 
Johns and Pasco Grenfel Hill. 

T. H. E. A. Arthur Henry Hallam. 
Remarks on Professor Rosetti's " Disqui- 
sizioni sullo Spirito Antipapale." L. 1832. 

T., H. T. Henrij Theodore Tuckerman. 

(1) In the "Christ. Exam." (B.), 1852.— 

(2) Greenough, the scvilptor. "Amer. 
Monthly Mag.," January, 1836, p. 53. — 
Spring. June, 1836, p. 580. — (3) My 
mother's grave. Vol. V., p. 200. 1833. 
— A glimpse at Basil Hall. Vol. VIII., 
p. 127. 1835. — Parting. Vol. IX., p. 
122. — May. p. 3-58. 

T., H. W. Henry Warren Torrey, in 
the "Christ. Exam." 

T., J. Joseph Tuclcerman, D.D., in the 
"Christ. Exam.," III., 361. B. 1826. 

T., J. W. James William Thompson, in 
the " Christ. Exam." 

T., J. M. Joseph Meredith TQ7ies. Notes 
of a summer trip. W.(?) 1875(?). 
. T., M. B. M. M-s. Mary B. M. Toland. 
Iris: tlie romance of an opal ring. P. 1870. 

T. M. O. T. F. S. 31. [The Master of 
the Free School, Margate]. Zarliariah 
Cozens. His signature in the " Gent. 

T., N. Nicholas Transidder. Signa- 
ture in the " Selector or Cornish Mag.," 
1820, 1827. 

T., N. Nicholas Truhner, in the dedi- 
cation to the memorial of Joseph Octave 
Delepierro (+ 1880). 

T., S. P. Samuel Prideaux Tref/elles. 
On eternal life and those wlio receive it. 
n.p., n.d. 

Dr. Trngelles often signed his writings " S. 

T. T. William Makepeace Thackeray, 
in the " Constitutional" (L.). 

T. T. T. Thomas Henry Sealy. The 
porcelain tower ; or, nine stories of China., 
Compiled . . . by . . . L. 1841. 

T., W. William Turner, in the " Christ. 

T., W. William Tong. An account of 
the life and death of Mr. Matthew Henry 
... L. 1716. 

T., W. G. William Gill Thompson. 
The fisher's garland, for 1822. Newcas- 
tle, 1822. 

The verses were written by " W. Gr. T." 

T. W. O. Mary Ellen Atkinson. Hes- 
ter's happy summer. By ... B. 1871. 

Table-Gossip. Mrs. Washburn, 

in the Boston " Globe." 

Tacitus. John Douglas. Letters in the 
"Public Advertiser," 1770 and 1771, un- 
der the signatures of " Tacitus " and 

Tacitus. William Darby. (1) Fred- 
erick the Great. "Amer. Whig Rev.," 
September, 1845, p. 292. — (2) Prussia. 
"Amer. Whig Rev.," December, 1845, p. 

Talib. William Cuninqhame. (1) In the 
"Christ. Observer" (L.), 1810.— (2) Re- 
marks upon David Levi's dissertation on 
the prophecies relative to the Messiah . . . 
By an inquirer [calling himself Talib]. 
1810. — See "An Inquirer." 

Tanfucio, Neri. Renato Fucini. Cento 
sonetti di . . . Eirenze, 1872. 

Tar, A. William Nugent Glascock, 
Tales of . . . By . . . L. 1830. 

Tarr, Simon. Simon Neiccomh. — See 
"A Rocliester Fellow." 

Tarro Australasiaticus. David Burn. 
Sydney delivered ; or, the princely bucca- 
neer. By . . . Sydney, 1845. 

Taura, Elfried von. August Peters. 
Zkvis von Rosenberg, genannt von Falk- 
enstein : liistorisclier roman. Prag, 1860. 

Taverner. Alexander Young, in the 
Boston " Post." 

Teaolier, A. Benjamin H. Coe. First 
lessons in perspective, and sketching from 
Nature ... By . . . N.Y. 1846. 

Teacher, A. Henry White Pickering. 
Latin phrase book . . . By ... B. 

Teacher, A. Ehenezer Hyde. The 
Newton collection of sacred music . . . 
By ... B. 1844. 

Teacher, A. George Whitejield Sam- 
son. Outlines of the history of ethics, by 
. . . W. 1801. 

Teacher, A. Afi-s. Anna Cabot (Jack- 
son) Loirell. Theory of teaching . . . By 
... B. 1841. 

Teacher, The. ;l/)-,s. E. N. Horton. 
The teacher's harvest ... B. 1852. 




Teacher and Friend to Youth, A. 

Adam Keys. The excitement; or, a 
collection of amusing and instructive 
lessons . . . By . . . Prescot, 1831. 

Teacher of the Persic, Arabic, etc., 
Languages, A. Benjamin Gerrans. 
Tales of a parrot ... By . . . L. 1792. 

TearefOAvl, Sr. Guzzledown. Wil- 
liam Hogarth. 

Telescope, Tom, A.M. Oliver Gold- 
smith (1). The Newtonian system of 
philosophy . . . Being the substance of 
six lectures read to the Lilliputian society. 
By . . . L. 1787. 

TeU, Agnes, Forf. tUl. lira. Bosa 
Carlen. Tuva. In berilttclse. Sthlm. 

Telltale, George. Isaac Edward 
Holmes. Recreations of . . . 

Tell-Truth, Paul, Esq. George Saville 
Carey. Liberty chastized ; or, patriotism 
in chains : a tragi-comi-political farce. L. 

Telmann, Konrad. Ernst Otto Konrad 
Zitelmann. Das jiingste gericht ; novelle. 
In " Vierteljalirl. Mag." 

Tenioinoculaire. Jean SylvainBailly. 
Memoires d' . . . , etc. Paris, 1804. 

Temple, T. B. Tliomas Banister. 
Two papers on some of the popular dis- 
contents. L. 1849. 

Temple, Theodore. Samuel Lorenzo 
Knapp. The secret discipline, &c., ex- 
plained. By . . . N.Y. 1833. 

Templeton, Timothy. Charles Adams. 
The adventures of my Cousin Smith. 
L. 1855. 

Tenella, La. Mrs. Mary (^Bayard) 
Clarke. (1) Mosses from a rolling stone. 
By . . . Ealeigh, N.C., 1866. — (2) Wood 
notes ; or, Carolina carols : a collection 
of North Carolina poetry. Compiled by 
. . . Ealeigh, 1854. 

Terry, Kose. Rose Terry Cooke. 
Poems. By... B. 1861. 

Testy, Nick. Forest, One of 

his signatures in the " St. James's Chron- 

Thames Tunneller, The. Richard 
Howe. A name given to him by James 
Payn, because he spent a night in the 
Thames Tunnel, and wrote a graphic ac- 
count of it in " Chambers' Journal." — 
See James Payn's "Recollections," p. 

Than, John A. John A. Lynch. A 
letter to the people of the United States 
... By . . . W. 1872. 

Theatric J<lr Amateur, A. James Win- 
ston. Theatrical tourist ... L. 1805. 

Their Father. James Hitchens. A 
short account of Samuel Hitchens and of 

his brother Thomas Hitchens, of Bisveal, 
near Redruth, in Cornwall. L. 174-. 

Their Late Pastor. Rev. Nelson Clark. 
Pastoral assumptions ... A . . . state- 
ment of . . . trials endured by the evan- 
gelical church of Quincy [Massachu- 
setts] ... in their connection with . . . 

Their Kev. Pastor. Bev. Nathaniel 
Eells. A letter to the Second Church 
and Congregation in Scituate. Written 
by . . . [About Whitefield.] B. 1745. 

Their Vicar. Rev. Augustin Gaspard 
Edouart. An address to the parishion- 
ers of Leominster upon the worship of 
the Virgin Mary. From ... L. 1866. 

Theoc. Theodore \_Thomas Edward'] 

Theophilus. Rev. Caleb Fleming. 
Free thoughts upon a free enquiry into 
the authenticity of the first and second 
chapters of St. Matthew's Gospel . . . 
London, s.a. 

Theosebes Bereanus. William Haz- 

Theta. Jidia Hyde. A summer day- 
dream, and other poems. By ... L, 

Thiacus Scotus-Agricola. George 

Thickhead. Mark Lemon. — See 
" Wronghead." 

Thomas, Father. Thomas Doyle, 

" His letters in ' The Tablet,' and other peri- 
odicals, under the signature of ' Father Thomas,' 
were full of a quaint humour peculiar to himself, 
and generally went true to the mark." 

Thomasine. Miss Olivia lOiight, after- 
wards Mrs. Hope Connolly. 

Thor. Robert Henry Thurston. 

Thorne, Olive. Mrs. Harriet (^Mami) 

Thornet, Teresa A. Mrs. Anna Hol- 
loivay. Kate Comerford; or, sketches 
of garrison life. P. 1881. 

Thrasher, The Lincolnshii^e. Charles 
Bichardson. Miscellanies. Leeds, Eng., 

Thrift, V'ernon. Abraham Hayward. 
In Warren's " Ten Thousand a Year." 

Thurston, Oliver. Henry Flanders. 
Adventures of a Virginian. P. 1881. 

Thyra. Mrs. Alfkild Agrell. A Swe- 
dish author. 

Tic-tic, Count Horloge de. 3Irs. C. 
E. S. (S.) Norton. Her signature to the 
letter to Mr. Hayward, presenting him 
a clock. 

Tiddy-doll. Richard Grenville, Lord 
Temple. In the pasquina.des of the 




Tiger, The. Dr. William Dunlop, in 
"Blackwood's Mag." 

Tiger Lily. Lillie Devereux Blake. 

Tiinanus, Sara J. Mrs. Wilbur F. 
Crafts. The infant class. By . . . Chi- 
cago, 1870. 

Timon. Eugene Lemoine Didier. 

TiJiion. James Brijdges, 1st Duke of 

" In 1731 Pope published his ' Epistle to Lord 
Burlington,' in which occurs the famous descrip- 
tion of ' Timon'a ' villa, and 'Timon' was at 
once identified with the Duke of Chandos." 

Timotheus. William Oldisworth. 1711. 

Timothy. Silvester Holmes. Fifty- 
five reasons for not V^eing a Baptist. By 
. . . New Bedford, 1830. 

Tinman, Philippe Hamlin. John 

Tippling Philosopher of the Roj^al 
Society, A. William Oldisworth. The 
delightful adventures of honest John 
Cole, that merry old soul . . . By . . . 
L. 1732. 

Tippy. T. P. Cooke (as he was al- 
ways called). 

Tish. Sir Edward George Earle Lyt- 
ton-Bulwer, 1st Baron Lytton. Intro- 
ductory chapter to the " Parisians." 
"Blackwood's Mag.," p. 115, 1872. 
Paris, Aug. 28, 1872. 

Titmarsh, Michael Angelo. Wil- 
liam Makepeace Tliackeraii. Titmarsh v. 
Tait. "Punch," March, 1846. 

Tittle-Tattle, Sir Fopling. Daniel 
Defoe, in " Mist's Journal," March 26, 

Titus. William Maginn. The last 
words of Charles Edwards, Esq. " Black- 
wood's Mag.," October, 1823. 

Tivag. Daniel E. Gavit. 

Toby, Sir. Scott Sutton. 

Tombo, Mons. .John Armstrong. 

Tonim. Minot. 1877. 

Tonsenius. Charles Townshend, Vis- 
count Townshend. 

Topics, 3Iinor. Joh7i Swinton. 

Tornow, Dr. Karl Valentin Imman- 
uel Loffier. 

Torrence, Cousin. John D. Coughlin. 

Tory, A. Edward Hitgesson Kuatch- 
bidl-Hugesson, Baron Bradbournc. Pro- 
tectionist parodies. By . . . Oxf. 

Tory of the Old School, A. Plumer 
Ward. The reviewers reviewed . . . ad- 
dressed to the editor of the "Quarterly 
Rev." (L.), 1839. 

Touchstone. John Darcie. 

Toiich.stone. Herring. Touch- 
stone to the people of the United States 
on the choice of a president. N.Y. 1812. 

Touchstone, Timothy, of Saint 
Peter's College, Westminster. R. 

Oliphant, J. H. Allan, Sir W. E. Taunton, 
W. Aston, the Hon. T. J. Twistleton, etc. 
The trifler ... By . . . L. 1788. 

Tougue-loosed Doctor, The. Henry 
Sacheverell. Isaac Bickerstaff's [Sir 
Richard Steele] letter to . . . L. 

Town Crier, The. Charles A. Byrne. 

Tramp, Tilbury. Charles James 

Translator, The. Thomas James 
Mathius. A translation of the passages 
. . . quoted in ... " Pursuits of litera- 
ture ".. . By... Dublin, 1799. 

Translator of Catullus, The. George 
Frederick Notf, D.D. Petrarch translated 
... By . . . L. 1808. 

Translator of Michaelis, The. Her- 
bert Marsh, D.D. Letters to Mr. Arch- 
deacon Travis . . . Leipzig, 1795. 

Translator of that Worlc, The. 
Francis Haywood. An analysis of Kant's 
" Critick of pure reason." By ... L. 

Translator of that Worlc, The. 
Robert Clifford. Application of Barruel's 
Memoirs of Jacobinism, to the secret 
societies of Ireland and Great Britain. 
By . . . L. 1798. 

Traveller, A. William Stirling, M.P. 
Cosas de Espafia ; or, scraps from the 
portfolio of . . . L. 1847. 

Traveller, A. Thomas Liddell. Four 
letters . . . signed ..." a Traveller," " a 
Triggite," " a Parish Waywarden," and 
" a Contributor to the Way Rate," 1838. 
Bodmin, 1838. 

Traveller, A. John Francis Campbell. 
Frost and fire, natural engines ; tool 
marks ai)d chips . . . By ... L. 

Traveller, A. ./. Palgrave Simpson. 
Second love, and other tales from the 
i note book of . . . L. 1846. 

Traveller from New Zealand, A. 
D. Ronqh. Recollections of a visit to 
Europe' in 1851 and 1852. By . . . Auck- 
land, 1853. 

Traveller in the East, A. Sir John 
Malcolm, G.C.B. Sketches of Persia . . . 
L. 1827. 

Traveller Maude. Thomas Maude. 
— See " Eraser," I., p. 753. 

Trebor. Robert Emmet. The London 
])riile and shamrock: a fable. In "The 
Press," (Dublin), No. 11, 1797. 

Treddlehoyle, Tom. ./.Rogers. The 
Bairnsla Foaks Annual, and Pogmoor 
Olmcnack, for 1843 (for 1882). Be . . . 
Barnsley, 1843-82, 




Tria Juncta in lino, M. N. A., or 
Master of No Arts. Richard Griffith. 
The Koran; or, the life, character, and 
sentiments of . . . L. 1770. 

Triangle. Frank Bellew. 

Trim. Edward Baldwijn. A con- 
gratulatory letter to the Rev. William 
Atkinson, M.A., Fellow of Jesus College, 
Cambridge, on his appearance in the 
character of a printer, &c. L. 1790. 

Trimmer, Will. William Pidtenei/, 
Earl of Bath. The new comers ... To 
which is added the character and history 
of . . . L. 1742. 

Trinitarian, A. Joshua Leavitt. Let- 
ter from ... to a Unitarian, dated at 
Greenfield, August, 1820. Greenfield, 
Mass., 1820. 

Trinity Praelector in Physiology, 
The. Michael Foster. Studies from the 
physiological laboratory in the Univer- 
sity of Cambridge. Edited by . . . Camb. 

Tripod, John. George Blagden Bacon. 
Legendaiy history of New York. By . . . 

Tristram, Sir. Sir Walter Scott, in 
Dibdin's " Bibliomania." 

Trost, Sven. Count Carl Johan Gustaf 
Snoilskq. Dikter af. 

Trofast. 7s. Faggot. 1768. 

TroUope, Susanna. William Maginn. 
Death in the pot. Letter from an elderly 
gentlewoman to Mr. Christopher North. 
" Blackwood's Mag.," February, 1820. 

Trott, John, yeoman. Henry St. John, 
Viscount Bolingbroke. The craftsman 
extraordinary : containing an answer to 
the defence of the enquiry into the rea- 
sons of the conduct of Great Britain . . . 
By . . . L. 1729. 

True, Hollis. T. C. Chegividden. Vic- 
toria Britannia; or, celebrate the reign 
. . . N.Y. 1879. 

True, Kate. 3frs. Kate Tannant Woods, 
in " Elrichs'(?) Mag." 

True Briton, The. Thomas Tod. 

True-Church-man, A. Charles Leslie. 
The new association of those called Mod- 
erate-Churchmen, with the modern Whigs 
and Fanaticks, to undermine and blow- 
up the present church and government 
... By . . . L. 1702. 

True Churchman, A. Benjamin 
Hoadlij. A T. C.'s reasons for repeal- 
ing the corporation and test acts ... L. 

True Liover of his Country, A. 
James Armour. A premonitor \vm ruing 
... By . . . 1752. 

, True Patriot, A. Joseph Warren, 
{/' M.D. Three articles in the Boston 

"Gazette," thus signed, February 29, 
March 7, and March 14, 1768. 
True Patriot and Good Man, A. 

William Lisle Bowles. The sentiments of 
... on the mischievous tendency of Tom 
Paine's " Rights of man "... Canter- 
bury, 1819. 

Trueman, Farmer. Han- 

way. Advice from ... to his daugh- 
ter Mary, upon her going to service. 
L. 1792. 

Trumbull, Henry. James Steward. 
History of the discovery of America . . . 
Trenton, 1812. 

Though published as by " Henry Trumbull," 
was actually written by James Steward. 

Trustee, A. John Whally. A plan 
or scheme for the regulation and man- 
agement of the charity schools founded 
by Sir John Cass . . . By ... L. 

Trustee of the Fife and Mid-Lothian 
Ferries, The. Roger Aytoun. Observa- 
tions upon the means by which the com- 
munication betwixt the counties of Fife 
and Mid-Lothian might be improved . . . 
By . . . Edinb. 1828. 

Trypho Emeritus. Thomas Payne. 

Tunsley, O^ven. 3Iiss Jennison. Love 
,poems and sonnets. B.(?). 

Turnabout, the Rev. Secretary. 
Joseph Priestley. Anything; or, from 
anywhere : otherwise, some account of 
the life of . . . the great high priest. 
Birmingham, 1792. 

Twitcher, Harry. Henry Brougham. 

Two in one House. John James and 
Sarah Morgan (Bryan) Piatt. The chil- 
dren out of doors : a book of verses. 
By . . . Edinb. 1884. 

Two Loungers. Charles Dudley and 
Frank Forsyth. Skits and sketches of 
Scarborough. Scarborough, 188?. 

Two Members of that Church. 
Alonzo E. and Sarah J. Newton. The 
" Ministry of angels " realized : a letter 
to the Edwards Congregational Church, 
Boston. By . . . B. 1853. 

Two Members of the N. T. Com- 
pany. Charles John Eilicott and Edwin 
Palmer. The revisers and the Greek 
text of the New Testament. By ... L. 

Two Naval Officers. Thomas Thrush 
and another. Conversations on religious 
topics between ... L. 1839. 

Two of her Daughters. A'. Fry and 
Rachel E. Cresswell. Memoirs of the life 
of Elizabeth Fry . . . Edited bj- ... L. 

Two Readers of Dar^vin's Treatise 
on the Origin of Species. Daniel 




Treadwell and Asa Gray. Discussion be- 
tween . . . upon natural theology. New 
Haven, 1860. 

Two Sisters of the West. Mrs. 
Catharine Ann {Ware) Warjield a.i\dMrs. 
Eleanor Perctj ( Ware) Lee. The wife of 
Leon, and other poems. By . . . N.Y. 

Tyro-Theologus, A.M. Stone. 

A short and seasonable application to 

the public in behalf of a respectful ad- 
dress to the Parliament to procure a 
legal redress of notorious, religious 
grievances. By ... L. 1768. 

Tyrrel, Thomas Signis. Thomas 

Tythiugman, A. Bufus Wi/man. Re- 
marks on the observance of the Lord's 
Day as a moral, a positive, and a civil 
duty. By . . , Camb., Mass., 1816. 


U., C W. Charles Wentworth Upham, 
in the " Christ. Exam." 

U., E. V. Edward Vernon Utterson. 
Select pieces of early popular poetry; 
republislied ... By . . . L. 1817. 

U., Gr. Gustaf Unonius. Gustaf eller 
den finska flyktingen af G. U. Sthlm. 

U., J. James Usher. An introduc- 
tion to the theory of the human mind. 
By . . . L. 1771. 

Ulback. Louis Ulbach. Gloriana. 
Paris, 1844. 

Ulrich, Charles, Jun. William Ham- 
ilton Gait. 

UfFe. Miss Anna Sandstrom. Realism 
i undervisningen af Uffe. Sthlm. 1883. 

Ulla, Tant. Ulrica Strom. Sigrid 
eller Dn'Jinraar och verklighet af . Sthlm. 
!/ Umbellus, T. David H. Eaton. 

Undergraduate Pen, An. George Nu- 
gent Bunks. Cambridge trifles ; or, splut- 
terings from . . . By . . . 1881. 

Unferinented Wine Communicant, 
An. John Coqlan. Confessions of . . . 
Edinb. 1877. 

Unfortunate Nobleman, An. Charles 
Edicard Dnimmond. The detection of 
infamy ... By . . . n.p. 1816. 

" I. and P." seems to be wrong under this 
pseudonym: the pamphlet, however, was writ- 
ten by T. C. Banks. 

Unicus. William Bash. Baronet or 
butcher. Drama. By . . . Cliicago, 1876. 

Union Army Oflicer, An. Frank 
Wolford. Military tyranny denounced 
. . . from . . . n.p. 1864. 

Unit, Matthew. James Pooton. 

Unitarian, An. John Peilli/ Beard, 
D.D. The Cliristian verity stated [Ijy 
Walter Chamberlain], in answer to . . . 
L. 1861. 

Unitarian, An. Henry Ware, D.D. 
Letter to Rev. Nehemiah Adams, occa- 
sioned by his sermon entitled " Injuries 
done to Christ." By . . . B. 1841. 

Unitarian, An. William Leonard 
Gage. Light in darkness . . . By . . . 
B. 1861. 

Unitarian, An. James Gifford. Re- 
monstrance of . . . L. 1818. 

Unitarianof New^Yorlt, An. Henry 
Devereux Sewall. An appeal from the de- 
cisions of Rev. Dr. Mason against rational 
Christians. By . . . N.Y. 1822. 

Universalist, An. Wesley Grindle. 
Resurrection past . . . By ... B. 

Unknown Author of "Neclt or 
Notliing," The. John Dunton. The 
Sacheverellite-plot; or, the Church's real 
danger detected, in several letters . . . 
Written by . . . 

Uno. George Melville Baker. Baby 
ballads. By . . . B. 1877. 

Urban, Silvanus. John Nichols. A 
Rowland for an Oliver ... L. 1790. 

Urban, Su. Mrs. Edward Cave. "She 
signs a . . . humorous poem as . . ." 

Urban, Sylvanus, of Ahlermanbury, 
Gent. Edward Cave. — See " Cave, Ed- 
ward, Jun." 

Us Two. R. Warner. The omnium- 
gatherum ; or, Bath, Bristol, and Chel- 
tenham literary repository. By . . . 
Bath, 1814. 

Edited and chiefly written by K. "Warner. 
'-^ Useless, Ipecac, M.D. E. Alex. Hous- 
ton, M.D. 

Usevold,Krestovslcy. Nadejda Hvost- 
chinskii. 1825. 

Usher, Freeman Ij. Noah Worcester, 
D.D. The signal : ])roposing a society 
for tiie moral and religious improvement 
of the clergy. By . . . B. 1815. 





V. Mrs. Caroline (^Wigley") Clive. (1) 
I watched the heavens : a poem, by . . . 
L. 1842. — (2) The Morlas : a poem, by 
... L. 1853. — (3) Paul FerroU : a tale, 
by . . . L. 1855.— (4) The Queen's ball : 
a poem, by. . . L. 1847. — (5) The val- 
ley of the Rea. By . . . L. 1851. — (6) 
Year after year : a tale, by . . . L. 1858. 

V. C, J. M. J. M. Van Cott. The 
new constitution . . . The judiciary. 
"Amer. AVhig Rev.," November, 1846, 
p. 520. 

v., E. Edward Valpy. 'H Kaivii Aia- 
0-fiKT). Novum Testamentum : cum scho- 
liis, etc. L. 1816. 

v., J. Jones Very, in the " Christ. 

v., J. J. Veitch. Letter I. to Lord 
Viscount Althorp, on the ruinous conse- 
quence of an oligarchical system of gov- 
ernment. L. 1831. 

v., li. Ii. A. L. L. A. Very. Poetry, 
in the "Christ. Exam." (B.), March, 

v., R. Richard Valpy. (1) Delectus 
sententiarum et historiarum . . . Read- 
ing, 1800. — (2) Poetical chronology of 
ancient and English history . . . Read- 
ing, 1795. 

v., W. Washington Very, in the "Christ. 

V n, Adm. Admiral Edward 

Vernon. Adm. V.'s opinion upon the 
present state of the British navy, &c. 
L. 1744. 

Vagabond, The. Julian Thomas. Can- 
nibals and convicts. L. 1886. 

Vale et Fruere. John Baynes. An 
archa9ological epistle to Jeremiah Milles. 
L. 1782. 

Valerius. William Coombe. V.'s ad- 
dress to the people of England [on the 
threatened invasion]. L. 1803. 

Valtour, G. M. Louis Gustave Vape- 
reau and Maurice Tourneux, in their con- 
tributions to " L'lUustration " (Paris). 

The letters " G " and " M " are the initials of 
their respective names. The pseudonym is formed 
by taking the first syllable of each of their sur- 
names, separated by the letter " 1." 

Vandyck, Rioter Woden. Andrew 
Coventry Dick. Nuggets from the oldest 
diggings ; or, researches in the Mosaic 
creation. Edinb. 1859. 

Van Sampson, Isaac. Thomas Chap- 
man, Z>.i).(?). David's prophecy relating 
to C[am]b[rid]ge ... By . . . 

Van Wert, Rupert. Daniel Clarke 

Eddy. Rip Van Winkle's travels in 
Asia and Africa. N.Y. 1882. 

Vane, Henry. Rev. Henry Jackson 
Van Dyke, .Jr. 

Varick. M. Palmer. On the horse. 

Varley, John Philip. Langdon Elwyn 
Mitchell. Sylvian : a tragedy; and poems. 
N.Y. 1885. 

Vasili, Paul, comte. Mme. Edmond 
Adam. La societe de Londres. Paris,. 

Vedette. Rev. Thomas Boys. His 
signature in " Notes and Queries." 

Vega, Senor Juan de. Charles Coch- 
rane. Journal of a tour made by . . . the 
Spanish minister of 1828-9, through Great 
Britain and Ireland ; a character assumed 
by an English gentleman \_i.e. the author 
himself]. L. 1830. 

Velasquez, Mine. Loreta Juanetta. 
Lieut. Ham/ T. Buford. Autobiography 
of . . . Hartford, 18—. 

Vely, Emma. Emma (^Couvely') Simon. 
Am strand des Adria : novellen. Stuttg. 

Verax. Thomas Warton. 

" He was compelled, in self-defence, to vindi- 
cate his 'History of English Poetr j' ' from the- 
scurrilous observations of Ritson ; which he did, 
very ably, under the signature of ' Verax,' in 
' Gent. Mag.,' Vol. LH., p. 527." 

Veritas. Abraham Hayicard. Letter 
signed ... in the "Times," 19th May, 

Vernon, Ada. Susan E. Dickinson. 

Versemaker, A. Rev. George Tugwell. 
A book of verses by . . . L. 1858. 

Verus. Robert Brown, in the " Edin- 
burgh Courant." 

Verus. Rev. John Brekell. The signa- 
ture to his papers in the " Theological 
Repository," 1769 and 1771. 

Very Moderate Person and Duti- 
ful Subject of the Queen, A. Mrs. 
iVary Astell. A fair way with dissenters 
and their patrons . . . by . . . L. 1704. 

Very Young Lady, A. Anne Susanna 
Nichols. Journal of . . .'s tour from Canon- 
bury to Aldborough, &c. . . . 1804 ... L. 

Veteran, A. Maj. Thomas Bunbury. 
Reminiscences of . . . L. 1861. 

Veteran, A. John Adams. The testi- 
mony of ... to the value of the labours 
of Sunday-school missionaries. P. 18 — . 

Vevay, Paul. William Marshall Fitz 

Vey, Elinor, Ella S. Sargent. 




Viator. Benjamin Ogle Taylor. 

Vicar, A. Rev. John Godson. A V.'s 
view of church patronage. L. 1874. 

Vicar, The. Rev. WilHam Tremen- 
heere. In Paris' "Philosophy in sport 
made science in earnest" ... L. 1827. 

"In this work, Dr. Paris caricatured various 
persons in Penzance and its neighborhood. The 
following have been identified : ' The Vicar,' Bev. 
Dr. Tremeiiheere ; ' Dr. Doseall,' Henry Pen- 
neck, M.D.; 'Will Snaffle,' Robert Duiihin ; 
' Kitty liyland,' Miss Peggy Tremenheere ; 
' Margery N'oodleton,' Miss Catherine Pey- 
ton ; 'Jerry Styles,' lobias Head; 'Mr. Sey- 
mour,' Dr. Paris ; ' Overton,' Penzance." 

Vicar, The. Rev. Drumniond Percy 
Chase. " Dull sermons." A sermon . . . 
by . . . L. 1858. 

Vicar, The. Rev. John Garrett. A 
pastoral address to the inhabitants of the 
parish of St. Paul, near Penzance, by . . . 
Penzance, 1859. 

Vicar of Brompton, The. Bev. Wil- 
liam Josiah Irons. — See " A Layman," in 
" I. and P." 

Vicar of Cheshunt, The. Rev. Rich- 
ard Chapman. An elegy [by Chapmanno- 
Wiskero] on the heroic poem lately pub- 
lish'd by . . . L. 1715. 

Vicar of Frome-Selvvood, The. Rev. 
William James Ear/i/ Bennett. 

Bennett was the vicar; but the pamphlet was 
written by T. Clissold. 

Vicar of Harewood, The. R. Hale. 
Strictures on Mr. E. Hare's letter to . . . en- 
titled, "A caveat against Antiiiomianisra " 
. . . By a clergyman. Brailford, 1817. 

Vicar of Islington, The. Daniel Wil- 
son. A letter addressed tu the evangelical 
members of the Church of England, in 
consequence of an appeal by . . . L. 1850. 
By Thomas Bowdler, M.A. 

Vicar of Penley, The. 7?. W. Foul- 
ger. " The EUesrnere Ruridecanal Maga- 
zine" (Oswestry), 1879, etc. 

Vicar of S. Michael and All An- 
gels, Coventry, The. Rev. Robert Hall 
Baijnes. Autumn memories, and other 
verses. By . . . L. 1808. 

Vicar of that Parish, The. Rev. 
Charles Goddard.^ Bexlcy tracts, Xos. 
1(-12) . . . 1833 ... By . . . Richmond, 

Vice-Chancellor, The. Dr. Georcje 
Huddesford. The last blow ; or, an un- 
answerable vindication of the society of 
Exeter College. In reply to . . . Dr. 
King and the writers of the " London 
Evening Post." L. 1755. 

Vice-President of the Company, 
The. Daniel Waldo Lincoln. Reply to 
the complaints ... in relation to the 
management of the Boston and Albany 
Railroad. B. 1875. 

Vidi. William C. Conant, in the New 
York correspondence for religious and 
daily papers in mo'.t of the principal 
cities of the United States, between 1870 
and 1887. 

Villerg'le, De. Auguste Le Poitevin 
Saint- Aiine. — See " R'lioone, Lord." 

Vilhelmina. Carolina Vilhelmina Stal- 
herg. Miniatyrer ur familjelifvet i Sve- 
rige. Sthlm. 1845. 

Village Churchman, A. Rev. Samuel 
Childs Clarke. Thoughts in verse from 
. . . 's note book. L. 1848. 

Village Curate, A. George Henry 
Tui/lur. The excursion of ... ; or, the 
fruits and gleanings of a month's ramble 
in quest of health. L. 1827. 

Village Pastor, A. Rev. J. Lawson. 
The penitent's cave, and other poems . . . 
By . . . L. 1839. 

Village Pastor, A. Samuel Irenceus 
Prime. Records of . . . B. 1843. 

Villamaria. Frau Timme. Der 

pathe Hinkefoot dorfgeschichte. In 
" Vierteljahrl. Mag." 

Vincent,Jacques. Mme.Dussaud. The 
return of the princess: a novel. N.Y. 1881. 

Vindemiis, Chevalier Apicius a, Le. 
Laurent de Crozet. Nunc est Bibendum. 
ologiques sur le cuhe de Bachus en Pro- 
vence au XVIIP Siecle. Toulon, 1860. 

These curious studies are followed by five 
letters by the same author, under the general 
title of " Milord Bariniborough et see Amis . . ." 
The letters are signed respectively: — 

1. Le Chevalier Elzear de la Rabasse- 

2. Throphime Amadou. 

3. Agricol Caron Aioli. 

4. Lazare Arleri. 

5. ]^escio Quern. 

The fifth letter was originally sent to the editor 
of "LeCourrierdcsBouches du Rhone," by the 
imaginary personage, " Bernardbus von Kraken- 
dorf de Blaguenhof ." 

An " errata" of eight pages follows these sup- 
plements. It is signed " Georges Alearius." 

Vindex. Edmund Henry Barker. 

Vindex. Sir William Drummond. 

Vindex. William Gibbons, M.D. Let- 
ters on tlie doctrines of the Friends. 1823. 

Vindex. Rev. George Allen. A re- 
view of the Reverend Aaron Pickett's 
" Reply " and " Defence." By . . . B. 

Vindex. .Tolin Pinkerton. Vindica- 
tion of Heron's "Letters of literature," 
in " Gent. Mag." for November, 1786, p. 
943, and December, 1780, p. 1021. 

Mr. Pinkerton continued his defence of Heron's 
"Letters" in another letter, signed "Vindex," 
in " fient. Mag." for December, 1786, p. 1021, in 
which he attacked Dr. Stuart and the " Knglish 
lieview." This produced a controversy between 




" Small Shot " [Dr. Towers] and " Vindex " 
{Pinkerton] ; for which the reader is referred to 
"Gent. Mag." for 1786, p. 112S; 17S7) pp. 121, 
130, 29(3, 397. See "Illustrations of Literature," 
VIII., p. 131. 

Vindex, Biblicus and Candidus. 
Sir Williatn Druinmond. 1813. 

Vindicator, The. Rev. John Fletcher. 
A second cheek to Antinomianism. By 
... L. 1771. 

Violinist, A. Eric Mackay. Love 
letters of . . . L. 188-. 

Also ascribed to Willie Blair. 

Virey, Leopold. Paschal Grousset. 
Signature to romances in " Figaro." 

Virginia Antiquary, The. Richard 
Bland. " His perfect mastery of every fact 
connected with the settlement and progress 
of the colony gave him the name of . . ." 

Virginia, Cousin. Virginia Frances 
Toivnsend. 1869. 

Virginian, A. Abel Parker Upshur. 
A brief enquiry into the true nature and 
character of our Federal government . . . 
Bj . . . Petersburg, Va., 1840. 

Virginian, A. Jesse Burton Harrison. 
Review of the slave question, extracted 
from the "American Quarterly Review," 
December, 1832 . . . By . . . Richmond, 

Virginius. George M. Brown. Cen- 
tennial dirge, n.p. 1878. 

Vinnond, Lj. d. Louis Enault. Re- 
creations bibliographiques. Paris, 1882. 
— See " L. de Vernon " in " I. and P." 

Vitalis (Vita, lis). Erik SJoberg. 
A Swedish poet. 1794-1828. 

Vixen. George Edgar Montgomery. 

Voice from Virginia, A. John M. 
Gait. The future of democracy. Wil- 
liamsburg, Va., 1852. 

" Volo non Valeo." M. S. Gibbons. 
" We donkeys " in Devon. By . . . 
Exeter, 1885. 

Volunteer, A. John Douglas. — See 
" Noble Lord, A." 

Volunteer, A. George Bruce. Patie 
and Nell}' ; or, the radical reformation : 
a true tale. By . . . Edinb. 1820. 

Volunteer, A. Edivin F. Pahner. 
Vermont. The Second Brigade ; or, 
camp life. By . . . Montpelier, 1864. 

Volunteer Cavalryman, A. Fred- 
erick Whittaker. Volunteer cavalry . . . 
By . . . N.Y. 1871. 

Von Boyle. Acland Bogle. Signa- 
ture in " Scribner," etc. 

Von Vohning. Mrs. A. W. M. How- 

Vovchok, 3Iarc. M. A. Marco- 
vitch. Muroussia, d'apres la legende 
de Marco Wovzog. Trad, par P: J. 
Stahl. 1878. 

Vox, Valentine. John Henry Walsh. 

Voyager, A. Park Benjamin. Ran- 
dom leaves. From . . . 's common-place 
book. " New England Mag.," Vol. VIIL, 
p. 260. 

Voyager, A. Robert Pearce Gillies. 
Tales of . . . to the Arctic Ocean. L. 

Vychan, Idris. John Jones. His 
bardic name. 


W. James Walker, D.D., in the 
"Christ. Exam." 

W. Jason Whitman, in the "Christ. 
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Also ascribed to William Wakeman, an Irish 

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Talk kindly, but avoid argument ... L. 

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be sung in Lewin's Mead Chapel, Bristol, 
on Sunday, August 25, 1844 ... in cele- 
bration of the passing of the " Dissenters' 
Chapels Bill." Bristol, 1844. 

The hj'mns are Bigned " J. R. W.," "E. H.," 
and"H. H." 

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analysis and summary of Old Testament 
history and the laws of Moses . . . Oxf. 

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W., P. C. Philip Carteret Webb. 




A state of facts in defence of H. M.'s 
Tight to certain fee-farm rents in the 
•county of Norfolk. L. 1758. 

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Hierocles' commentary on the golden 
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... By . . . L. 1803. 

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take concerning the Arundel marbles 
corrected. " Gent. Mag.," 1779, p. 

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of the last illness and death of J.Wheeler. 
Falmouth, 1840. 

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Lowe, tiie wise woman ; and the seventh 
son. By ... L. 1802. — (2) The first con- 
firmation at St. Matthew's. By ... L. 

1872. — (3) Edna Willis ; or, the promise 
fulfilled. By . . . L. 1866. — (4) The 
Mancliester cellar . . . By ... L. 1871. 

(5) Mrs. Angus' Thanksgiving . . . By 
... L. 1872. — (5) My first baptism at 
St. Matthew's ... By . . . L. 1871. — 

(6) Stories for every Sunday in the 
Christian year. By . . . L. 1862.— (7) 
Stories for the Saints' days. i5y . . . L. 

1873. — (8) Stories on church-going and 
church offices. By . . . L. 1872. — (9) 
The two weddings . . . By ... L. 1872. 
— (10) What do you go to church for? 
... By . . . L. 1869. — (11) What is 
worship? ... By . . . L. 1870. 

W., S. R. Sarah R. Whitehead. Rose 

Douglas ; or, sketches of a country parish 
... By . . . L. 1851. 

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stories from the South Sea Islands. L. 

W., T. Theodore Warland, in the 
" Christ. Exam." 

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redemption, &c. L. 1717. 

W., T. H. Thomas H. Wynne. The 
narrative of . . . David Fanning ... as 
written by himself, with an introduction 
[by J. H. Wheeler] and explanatory 
notes [by . . .]. 1861. 

W., W. William Ware,ia the "Christ. 

W., W. William Willis, in the 
" Christ. Exam." 

W., W. William Whyte. Elegie on 
the death of . . . Sir James Falconer of 
Phesdo . . . n.p. 1705. 

W., W. W. Wileman. Our present 
peril : are we standing in the gap ? L. 

W., W. C. William Chalmers Whit- 
comb. The true consoler . . . By . . . 

W., W. D. William Dexter Wilson, in 
the " Christ. Exam." 

W., W. G. William George Ward. 
Strictures on Mr. Ffoulkes' letter to 
Archbishop Manning. By the editor of 
the " Dublin Review." L. 1869. 

W., W. T. William T. Wragg. The 
public health. " Southern Quarterly 
Rev.," January, 1854, p. 74. 

W., W. V. W. V. S. Wilson. (1) 
Bibliography of a controversy. In the 
" Republic '' (W.), Aug. 17, 1884.— (2) 
Was Shakespeare Shakespeare ? In the 
" Republic " (W.), Dec. 10, 1881. 

W , Mrs. Mrs. Jane (^Cave) Wins- 

com. Poems on various subjects. By 
Miss Cave, now . . . Bristol, 1786. 

W — d, Mr. Rev. George Whitejield. 
A poem, entitled Mr. W — d's soliloquy ; 
or, a serious debate with himself what 
course he shall take ... B. 1745. 

W — g, K. Karl J. Warburg. A Swed- 
ish author. 

W — n, J. Jason Whitman, in the 
" Christ. Exam." 

W — s. John Weiss, in the "Christ. 

W — s, J. John Weiss, in the " Christ. 

Wagner, Eduard. Robert Springer. 
■^Wagon Boy, The. Thomas Corwin. 
C Wainwright, Alexander. William 
Henry Rideiiig. 

-Waitford, Hannah. David Hume. 
.. Walker, liev. James. Mrs. Carnegie, 




of Pitterow. Dunnottar castle : a poem. 
By . . . Aberdeen, n.d. 

Wallace, Jenny. Mary J. Morrison. 
Songs and rhymes for the little ones. 
N.Y. 1885. 

Wallis, Ik. Thomas R. Laughton. 

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contributions to "Frank Leslie's News- 
paper" (N.Y.), et al. 

Walsingham. Clinton Stuart, in his 
contributions to the "Herald" (B.),ei al. 
■ Wanderer, A. W. F. Cumming. Notes 
of ... in search of healtli through Italy, 
Egypt, Greece, Turkey, up the Danube 
and down the Ehine. L. 1839. 

Wanderer, A. Miss Susan G. Flint. 
Recollections of my native village. By 
... B. 1856. 

Wanderer, A. Caroline E. Rush. 
Waymarks in the life of . . . P. 185-. 

Wanderer, The. George William 
Curtis. The W. in Syria. L. 1852. 

Wandering Pilgrim, A. Penelope 
Dowling. Wild flowers gathered by . . . 
L. 1862. 

Wandsbecker Bote, Der. Mathias 
Claudius. Auswahl des besten und 
schonsten aus Claudius schriften. Hild- 
burghausen, 1841-46. 

Warburton, Eliot. Eliot Bartholomew 
Warburton. The crescent and the cross ; 
or, romance and realities of Eastern 
travel. By . . . L. 1844. 

Warden, Florence. 31rs. Florence 
Alice (^Price) James. A prince of dark- 
ness. N.Y. 1887. 

Warm Well-Wisher to the Inter- 
ests of Genuine Christianity, A. 
Newcome Cappe. An alphabetical expli- 
cation of some terms and phrases in 
Scripture. York, 1786. 

Warth, Julian. Mrs. Julia (Warth) 
Parsons. (1) The full stature of a man. 
1886. — (2) Dorothy Thorn. 1887. 

Warton, S. S. Sherard. 

Warwick. Frederick R. Ryer. 

Watchman, A. Ephraim Stinchjield. 
Cochranism delineated . . . By ... B. 

Water-Drinker, A. Charles Lamb. 
Some inquiries into the effects of fer- 
mented liquors. By ... L. 1814. 

In "I. and P." this was ascribed to Basil 
Montagu, but he was the editor. — See "Notes 
and Queries " for May, 1887, p. 196. 

Wattle. Walter Chisholm. Some .of 
his poems with this signature found 
their way into the Poet's Corner of the 
" Haddington Courier," 1875. 

Weaver, A. John Bowden, D.J). A 
letter from ... to the Rev. Mr. Sherman 
. . . 179-. 

Weber, Karl. Adolf Miitzelburg . 

Weber, Veit. Georg Philipp Ludwig 
Leonhard Wachter. Author of Legends 
of ancient times, — Sagen der vorzeit, — 
from which Sir Walter Scott took his^ 
tragedy, " The House of Aspen." 

Wed ale. Sir John Hill. 

Welch Freeholder, A. Thomas Pen- 
nant. Letter from ... to his representa- 
tive. L. 1784. 

Well-Avisher to his King and Coun- 
try, A. George Whalleij. Principles of 
trade ... By . . . L. 1774. 

Well-wisher to his King and Coun- 
try, A. Alexander Dalrymple. Reflec- 
tions of the principle of trade in general. 
By . . . 1769. 

Weller. Jean Joseph Louis Blanc', in 
his contributions to " Le Courrier de 
Paris," 1857. 

Werden, Adolf. Alexander Mann. 

Werder, Bertha v. Bertha Antoinette 
Heiiriette Meyer. Altes lieben, neues liof- 
fen. Leipzig, 1847. 

Werner, Julian. Karl Dilthey. 

Wesleyan, A. T. E. Horwell. Odd 
Fellowship and Wesleyan Methodism . , , 
By. . . L. 1841. 

Wesleyan Minister, A. William 
Gluyas Pascoe. Correspondence be- 
tween . . . , a preacher to a Christian 
community at Leeds [Daniel Scott], 
and Henry Meeson . . . 

West, Annie. Mrs. Annie QAdams) 

West, Buxton. Edwin Boss Chamjilin. 

West, Thomas, F.A.S. Thomas Daniel. 
(1) An account of antiquities discovered 
in Lancaster in 1776. Published in the 
"Archseologia." — (2) The antiquities of 
Furness . . . dedicated by T. West, Tit- 
cap in Furness. L. 1774. 

West India Merchant, A. John 
Robley. A permanent and effectual 
remedy suggested for the evils under 
which the British West Indies now la- 
bour. In a letter from ... to a West 
India planter. L. 1808. ' - 

West Indian, A. Sir Simon Houghton 
Clarke. Some considerations on the de- 
pressed state of the British West India 
colonies, their claim on the government 
for relief; by. . . L. 1823. 

Westminster Elector, A. Alexander 
P. Stewart. Principle is policy ; or, the 
British nation versus statecraft and priest- 
craft ... By . . . L. 1859. 

Wheaton, Campbell. Henry Stuart 

Whetham, John. Thomas Warton. 
Verses on the death of Frederick, Prince 
of Wales, in the Oxford collection. 1751. 




Whetstone, Col. Pete, of the Dev- 
il's Peak, of Little Red. Albert Pike. 

Whirler, The. John Newhery, in " The 
Idler," No. 19. 1758. 

Whistle, BUly. Dr. William Whewell. 
As they used to call him at Oxford, be- 
cause it was so much easier to whistle 
his name than to pronounce it. 

Whistling Commercial, The. 8. 
Walker. Tlie road-leaves from the sketch- 
book of a commercial traveller. By . . . 
Otley, 1872. 

White, C H. Heman W. Chaplin. 
The village convict. N.Y. 1884-85. 

White, Hubert. J. Storer Cobb. 

White, Thomas, Jr. Thomas Stewart 
Omond. Poems by . . . Oxf. 1876. 

White Knight, The. Maurice Fitz- 
gibbon. — See the "Times," Feb. 28, 1881. 

White Republican, The. Hiram 
Fuller. The times ; or, flag of truce . . . 
By . . . Richmond, 1863. 

Whitestock, Frank. William Henry 
Brookjield, in Thackeray's " Curate's 

Wicliflfe. Bobert Nares. Blanco White 
and Antonio Gavin. " Gent. Mag.," Feb- 
ruary, 1827, p. 126. The same continued 
[but I am unable to find the date]. 

Widdern, Marie. Marie Bi-andi-np. 
Prinzessin Schnee ; roman. N.Y. 1882. 

Wide Awake. George W. Moore. 

Wife of an Officer, The. Mrs. F. 
C. Patrick: More ghosts ! By ... L. 

Wight skilled in Mathematics. Dio- 
nysiiis Williams. 

Wilde, Professor. Albert Henry El- 
worthy. The orator . . . By ... L. 

Wilder. George Wilder Fox. 

Wildfire, Will. Sir William Wind- 
ham. — See " Hermodactyl," etc. 

Wildgoose, Mr. Geoffry. Rev. Sir 
Harry Tre.lawney. 

Sir 11. Trelawney is stated, in Tyerman's 
" Life of Wesley," to have been the hero of 
Graves' " The Spiritual Quixote." 

Wildman, Willie. Dexter Whiting. 
Poems, scriptural illustrations, and ver- 
sifications. By . . . Charlton, Mass., 

Wilhelmi, Alexander Viktor. Alex- 
ander Viktor Zechmeister. One of you must 
marry : a comic drama. In Lacy. 

Willfried, H. Hermine Villinger. Die 
livcrgiiiis : roman. N.Y. 1882. 

Williams, Montague. Was- 

borough. — See "Tlie King," in "I. 
and I'." 

Williams, Zachariah. Samuel .Tohn- 
son, LL./J. An account of an attempt 

to ascertain the longitude at sea . . . 
By... L. 1755. 

Appears under " Z. Williams" in the Advo- 
cates' Catalogue, but really written by Johnson. 

Williamson, Mrs. Florence. Bev. 
William Kirkus, LL.B. Frederick Riv- 
ers, independent parson. L. 1864. 

AVilloughby, Lady. Mrs. Hannah 
Mary jRathbone. So much of the diary 
of Lady Wjiloughby as relates to her 
domestic history ... L. 1845. 

Willy, Leon. Leon Willy Widmann. 

Willy o' the HoUins. William Gibson. 
So called for many years. 

Wilmhurst, Zavarre. William Bennet. 

Wilson, Henry. Jeremiah Jones Col- 

Wiltshire Clothier, F. A.S., A. Henry 
Wansey. Wool encouraged without ex- 
portation ; or, practical observations on 
wool and the woollen manufacture . . . 
By . . . L. 1791. 

Windsor. Edward Abbott. 

Winifred, Weeping. Daniel Defoe, 
in "Mist's Journal" (L.), Feb. 15, 

Winter, John Strange. Mrs. Henri- 
etta Eliza Vam/han Stannard. (1) Houp- 
La : a novelette. N.Y. 1885. — (2) Mig- 
non's secret ; [also] Wanted — a wife. 
N.Y. 1887. — (3) Pluck. N.Y. 1886. 

Winter, June. Emily Frances Wheeler. 

Winter, Reinhold. 0. R. Ericsson. 
Brytningstid. 1885. 

Wintley, Hartley. F. 0. Gifford. 

Wird, Sixten. P. Sigfried Wieselgren. 
Fantasi och verklighet. 1865. 

Wirt. William Francis Williams, in 
New York " Evening Post." 

Witcracker, William. White. 

Wittendorf, C. Hermine Camille 
Proscliko. Der liofkanzler ; historische 
erziihlung. In " Vierteljiihrl. Mag." 

Wittol, H. C. Harriet Wilson. 

Wizard of the North. Sir Walter 

Wladlmir. Adolf Hofmeister. Der 
liebo wonn' und weh' ; sagen, novellen 
und skizzen. Altenburg, 1840. 

WoUmar, Charlotte. Charlotte v. 
Witzleben.. Agnes Felscr ; erziihrlung in 
bricfen. Ellwangen, 1828. 

Wolseianus. Robert Nares. Im- 
provements at Cambridge Universities. 
" Gent. Mag.," October, 1827, p. 316. 

Woman, A. Mrs. Fenivick. Se- 
crecy ; or, the ruin of the rock. By . . . 
L. 1765. 

Woman of Fashion, A. Miss 

Piifot. Private correspondence of . . . 
L. 18.32. 

Wood, Ash. James M. Etches. 



Wop, Mr. W. Tademma. 1866. 

Working Clergyman, A. Rev. John 
Davies Mereweather. Diary of ... in Aus- 
tralia and Tasmania. 184-. 

Working Clergyman, A. Bev. John 
Henry Blunt. Our difficulties and the 
way to deal with them. By ... L. 

Workless, Faith. Bev. John Ber- 

Worthy Patriarch of Howard Di- 
vision, The. E. Morrison. A letter 
from . . . Halifax, 1867. 

Wray, Leopold. Clara (de Pontignij^ 
de Chatelain. The man of many daugh- 
ters. In "Reynold's Miscellany." L. 

Besides this signature, she used those of 
" Baronne Corn61ie de B.," "Rosalia Santa 
Croce," and " Leopoldine Ziska." 

Wright, J. WilUam Gifford. Voy- 
age to St. Domingo in 1788-90 . . . trans. 
... L. 1797. 

Wright, May. J. C. F. Gnimbine. 
Lethe : a novel. 18 — . 

Wright, Samuel. Charles T. Murrati. 

Writer of "A Voice from the 
North," A. Samuel Broivn Harper. A 
few urgent words on the present crisis . . . 
By . . . L. 1850. 

Writer of " Nuces " and " tiucre- 
telis," The, William Johnson, lophon : 

an introduction to the art of writing 
Greek iambic verses. By ... L. 1873. 

Writer of "Seed Time and Har- 
vest," The. William King 2\veedie, D.D. 
The gospel of other days ; or, thoughts 
of Old and New Testament Scriptures . . . 
L. 1854. 

Writer of the " History of the Man 
after God's Own Heart," The. Archi- 
bald Campbell. A letter to the Eev. Dr. 
Samuel Chandler from . . . 1762. 

Writer of the " Preface to the 
lately published Mishna," The. Ben- 
jamin Elkin. Letters addressed to the 
editor of " The Voice of Jacob "... L. 

Writer of" The Universal Church," 
&c., The. John Burleij Waring. "Broad- 
cast" (short essays). L. 1870. 

Wronghead. Douglas William Jerrold. 

In Alfred Bunn's "A word with Punch," in 
which he retorted upon the principal writers in 
" Punch," he described them .as, " Wronghead," 
Mr. Douglas Jerrold ; " Sleekhead," Gilbert d, 
Beckett; and " Thickhead," Mr. Mark Lemon. 

Wykehamist, A. Frederick Gale. 
The public school matches, and those we 
meet there ... By . . . L. 1867. 

Wykehamist, A. Dr. Blaclciston. 

Reply to Dr. Golding's and Dr. Lowth's 
answers to the anonymous letter. By 
. . . L. 1759. 


X. Samuel Woolcock Christophers. 
Signature in the " Christian Miscel- 
lany " and the " Family Visitor." 

X. Eustace Budgell. Signature to his 
papers in the " Spectator," of which 
there are thirty-seven in the first seven 
volumes. There is also a letter of his 
in No. 539, signed "Eustace." 

"The humour and wit of Budgell appear to 
advantage in several of his communications ; 
especially in his ' Observations on Beards ' 
('Spectator,' No. 331), on ' Country Wakes ' 
(No. 161), in his relation of 'Will Honeycomb's 
Amours' (No. 359), and in his detail of the 
effects of the ' Month of May on Female Chas- 
tity' (Nos. 369 and 395).— See Drake's 'Es- 
says,' Vol. III. 

X. Gerrit Smith. Jugglery. Dated 
Peterboro . . . 1867. 

X. Augustus Jessopp. Our premier. 

By . . . In the "Helston Grammar 

School Mag." 

His other signatures in the same magazine 
are " A. J.," " J.," " Y.," " O. O.," and " A." 

X. Alfred Billings Street. Stanzas. 
"Amer. Monthly Mag.," December, 1837. 

X., Barnabe. Hippolyte Adolphe 
Taine, in his contributions to "La Vie 

X., Monsieur. Joseph Howard, Jr., in 
his contributions to the " Sun " (N.Y.). 

X I E. JTarrij Stilhvell Edwards. 

X. Y., Tallow-Chandler. John Mac- 
Jaurin, M.A. A loud cry for help to the 
struggling Church of Scotland . . . dated 
from my shop, in the Candleriggs. Glas- 
gow, 1753. 

X. Y. Z. John Neal. Three articles 
on " American Writers," in " Black- 
wood's Mag.," 1824, '25. 




Y. A. Fontanel/. Articles in "La 
Eevue des Deux Mondes," upon the 
"romans et les poesies du jour." 

Y., A. A.lexander Young, in the 
"Christ. Exam." (B.), 1824. 

Y., C. Gr. Sir Charles George Young. 
A catalogue of the Arundel manuscripts 
in the library of the College of Arms 
[with a preface signed . . .]. L. 1829. 

Y., E. J. Edward James Young, in 
the " Christ. Exam." (B.), 1855. 

Y., J. R. .John Russell Young. 

Y. Z. Tremenheere John Johns. A 
week of Jersey. By ... In " Helston 
Grammar School Mag.," 1852. 

Y****. Henry Ware, Jr., D.D. To 
the Ursa Major. In the " Christ. Exam.," 
Vol. II., p. 360. B. 1825. 

Y****, A., Esq. Arthur Young, Esq. 
The theatre of the present war in North 
America. By ... L. 1758. 

Yankee, A. Richard Grant White. 
Words and their uses past and present : 
•a study of the English language. N.Y. 

Yemor, Selrach. Charles Romey. 

Yemrof. J. H. S. Formeg. 17G6. 

Yoe, Shway. James George Scott. 
The Burman; his life and notions. L. 

Yorke, Percy, Jr. Thomas Atkinson, 
Jr. Three nights in Perthshire ... In 
a letter from . . . Glasgow, 1821. 

Young Adventurer, A. J. Spooner. 
The Puritan or lay-essayist ; being . . . 
essays . . .■ Plymouth, 1832. 

Young Gentleman, A. James Rid- 
del, M.D. Original poems. By . . . 
Edinb. 1780. 

Young Gentleman of Oxford, A. 
Edmund Lechmere. Poems and transla- 
tions. By . . . 1770. 

Young Gentleman of Philadelphia, 
A. Joseph li. Hopkins. Hamiltoniad ; 
or, the effects of discord : an original 
poem ... By . . . P. 1804. 

Young Gentleman of Rank, A. 
Willidiii Wirt. The British spy .. . By 
. . . Newburyport, 1804. 

Young <ientlewomau, A. Mrs. 
Theojihila Nelson. Letters . . . on . . . de- 
parting from tlie Ciiurch of England. 
L. 1707. 

Young Jacob. James Francis Ed- 
ward iSluarl (The Pretender). 

Young Ijady, A. Alicia Catherine 
Mani. lOilon ; or, the young godmother 
... By . . . Southampton, 1812. 

Young Liady, A. Miss Field. 

The glory of the heavenly city, and 
blessedness of departed saints, graciously 
manifested in a vision to ... of Bristol 
. . . 1781, as related by herself. Bristol, 

Young IJady, A. Miss — — Maunsell. 
Letters to . . . wherein the duties and 
characters of women are considered. L. 
1806. By Mrs. Jane West. 

Young Lady, A. Miss Anna Maria 
Porter. Original poems . . . By ... 18 
years of age. L. n.d. 

Young Lady, A. Elizabeth Blower. 
The parsonage house. By ... L. 

Young Lady, A. Miss Charlotte 
{Lennox) Ramsay. Poems on sev- 
eral occasions. Written by . . . L. 

Young Man, A. Sylvester Judd. A 
Y. M.'s account of his conversion from 
Calvinism. B. 1838. 

Young Man in Town, A. Richard 
Graves. The rout, from ... to his 
friend in the country. L. 17 — . 

You ng Mining Captain, The. Joseph 
F. Lean. A tract for youth. Signed 
T. R. J., London. 

Young Native, A., R.A.D. Ralph 
Allen Dan'iell. A few words about New 
Zealand. By ... " Helston Grammar 
School Mag.," 1857-59. 

Young Nobleman, A. Lord ]^w- 
haitle, son of Lord Ancram. Chosee 
emblems . . . Written for the amuse- 
ment of . . . L. 1772. 

Young Physician, A. John Spence, 
Jr. Ship and shore ; or, pencil sketches 
on a recent voyage to, and a tour in old 
England. By . . . B. 1847. 

Young Relative, A. Theoderick 
Bland Dudley. Letters of John Ean- 
dolj)li, to . . . P. 1834. 

Young Scotsman now a Volunteer 
in the Corsican Service, A. James 
Boswell(l) A North Briton extraordi- 
nary. Written by . . . L. 1769. 

Young Scottish Lady, A. Margaret 
Cuninghame. The Popish dungeons 

open again : a few words on the per- 
secution of ... at Florence, etc. L. 

Young Shepherd, A. Lsaac Ritson. 
Copy of a k'tlcr wrote by . . . to liis friend 
in Borrow(hile. A new edition, to wliicli 
is added a glossary of Cumberland words, 
by James Clarke, autlior of the Survey 




and description of the lakes, Penrith, 

Young Sicilian, The. Luigi Monti, 
in Longfellow's " Wayside Inn." 

Young Veteran, The. Lawrence 

Younker, A. Josiak Cobb. A green- 
hand's first cruise. By . . , Bait. 1841. 


Z. Samuel Edmund Sewall, in the 
"Christ. Exam.," Vol. IV., p. 200. B. 

Zena, Harry. George H. Butler. 

Zenas. George Taylor. (1) See "Lay- 
Member of the Church of England, A." 
— (2) The Scriptural doctrine of man's 
salvation, as stated in a sermon pub- 
lished by the Bishop of Chester, irrecon- 
cilable with the liturgy, articles, and homi- 
lies ; a letter . . . Manchester, 1818. 

Zeta. Rev. William Woodis Har- 
vey. On the use of granite. By . . . 
In the "Cornish Mag.," 1828, pp. 107- 

Zethar. Francis Harvey. The auto- 
biography of . . . Natal, 1868. 

Zofim, Migdal. Israel Pick. 1855, 

Zoophilus. Edward Blytk. His sig- 
nature in " Land and Water," and in the 
" Field." 


Part II. 

Abbe, Cleveland, 1838-. The Direc- 
tor. An American meteorologist; b. in 
New York City ; educ. at tlie New York 
Free Acad. ; director of the Cincinnati 
observatory, 1867-71 ; in the United 
States Signal Service at Washington 
since 1871. 

Abbey, Edwin Austin, 1852-. The 
Chestnut. An American artist; b. in 
Pliiladelphia ; illustrator of books and 
periodicals ; resident chiefly in New York 
City ; but since 1883 in London. 

Abbot, Ezra. E. A. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 325. 

Abbott, Charles, 2d Baron Colchester, 
1798-1867. A Member of Parliament. An 
English naval oflScer ; educ. at West- 
minster School ; entered the Royal Navy, 
1811 ; admiral on tlie retired list, 1864. 

Abbott, Rev. EdAvard, 1841-. Uncle 
Paul; Glianning ; Kllerij ; Windsor. An 
American clergyman ; b. at Farmington, 
Me.; Univ. of New York City, 1860; 
Andover Theol. Sem., 1860-62; Epis- 
copal minister at North Cambridge, 
1880-87 ; and for several years editor 
of the " Literary World." 

Abbott, Rev. Edwin Abbott, 1838-. 
A Square. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 325. 

Abbott, Mrs. Sarah F. Selina. An 
American religions writer for the young. 

A Beckett, GUbert Abbott, 1811-56. 
The Perambulutimj P/iilosoji/icr ; Sleekhead. 
An English comic writer ; b. in London ; 
educ. at Westminster Scdiool; wrote for 
the London " Times," " Morning Herald," 
etc. ; d. at Bonlogne-sur-Mer. 

Abel, Mrs. Peter E. Hilda. An 
American writer of tlie day, of Pliiladel- 

Abernethy, John, M.D., 1764-1831. 
Doctor M ii-Buok. An Englisli surgi'on ; 
b. in London ; studied surgery at St. 
Bartholomew and the London hospitals ; 

assistant-surgeon and surgeon at the 
former, 1787-1827 ; d. at Enfield. 

Abraham, Henry Augustus. Luna- 
rian. All American writer of the day. 

Adair, Robert. Robin Adair. An 
Irishman ; a descendant of the Desmond 
Fitz Geralds; d. about 1789. 

See " N. and Q.," 3d Series, pp. 233, 

Adam, Mme. Edmond. Comte Paul 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 326. 

Adam, William. W. A. An Amer- 
ican clergyman ; for some years an Eng- 
lish Baptist missionary in India ; became 
a Unitarian missionary there; later came 
to this country, and resided at the West. 

Adams, Mrs. B. Leith. B. L. A. An 
English writer of the day. 

Adams, Charles. Timothij Templeton. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 326. 

Adams, Charles Coffin, D.D. Tlie 
Rector of St. Mnri/'s Church, iVew York. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 326. 

Adams, Charles Francis. C. F. A. 

See "I. and P.," First Series,pp.306, 326. 

Adams, J. F. C. Bruin. An Amer- 
ican publisher, in 1887, of the firm Beadle 
& Adams, 98 William Street, New York 

Adams, John, 1735-1826. A Veteran. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 326. 

Adams, John Greenleaf. Her Hus- 
band. An American minister ; b. 1810, at 
Portsmouth, N.H. He was editor of the 
" Gospel Teacher." 

Adams, John Quiney. A Celebrated 
Personable ; ./. Q. A. 

See " I. and 1'.," First Series, p. 326. 

Adams, John Turvill, 1805-82. J. 
T. A. All American lawyer and journal- 
ist; b. in Demarara, South America; 
Yale Coll., 1824 ; was for a time a jour- 
nalist, then a lawyer; residing from 1844 
at Norwich, Conn., where the latter pan 




of his life he devoted himself to literary 
pursuits ; and d. there. 

Adams, WiUiam Bridges, 1797- 
1872. Junius liedivivus. 

See " I. and P.," Mrst Series, p. 327. 

Adams, William Heiiry Daven- 
port. Arthur H. Elliott ; IV. H. D. A. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 327. 

Adains-Aeton, Mrs. . Jeanie 

Her'imj. An English writer of the day. 

Adamson, John. J. A. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 327. 

Addington, Henry, Lord Sidmouth. 
The Doctor. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 327. 

Addington, Rev. Stephen, 1729-96. 
Eusebes. An English Dissenting clergy- 
man ; b. at Northampton ; was a-pupil of 
Dr. Doddridge ; became a schoolmaster 
of some repute ; then in 1781 the min- 
ister of a congregation in London, where 
he died. 

Addison, Joseph. Atticus. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 327. 

Adet, Pierre Aiigiiste, 1763-1832. 
The French Minister. A French chem- 
ist and politician ; b. at Nevers ; minis- 
ter to the United States, 1795-97 ; was 
& member of the French Assembly in 

Adgate, Mathew. A Citizen of New 
York. An American religious writer of 
nearlv one hundred years ago. 

Adiersparre, Carl August, Count, 
1810-62. Albano. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 327. 

Adolphus, Otto. A Olergipnan. An 
Englisli clergyman; C. C. C, Cambridge, 
1851 ; Englisli lecturer to K. C. Ev. Class 
Department, 1857-86 ; residing at Lynd- 
hurst-road, Camberwell. 

Afzelius, Rev. Arvid August, 1785- 
1871. Are Pederson. A Swedish clergy- 
man, poet, and historian. 

Agassiz, Jean Louis Kodolphe, 1807- 
73. L. A. A Swiss-American natural- 
ist ; b. at Motier ; educ. at home and at 
Lausanne ; studied medicine at Zurich ; 
came to this country in 1846 ; professor 
in the Scientific School at Cambridge, 
1847-73; director of the Museum of 
Comparative Zoology, 1862-73; died in 

Agg, John, -1813. Peter Pindar, jun. ; 
Humplireij Hedgehog. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 328. 

Agrell, Mrs. Alfhild. Thyra. A Swed- 
ish novelist and miscellaneous writer. 

Aikin, Dr. John. J. A. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 328. 

Ailvin, Lucy. L. A. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 328. 

Ailcman, William Robertson. A 

Soldier of the Cross. An English relig- 
ious writer of the day. 

Ainslie, Whitelaw, M.D. A North 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 328. 

AinsAvorth, Rev. Thomas. A Pres- 
byter of the Church of England. An Eng- 
lish clergyman in the first part of the 
eighteenth century ; minister of West- «* 

Aitken, Andrew. A Cultivator of the 
Ground. A Scottish writer. 

Aitken, Mrs. Jane (Carlyle). J. G. 
A. A Scottish lady; daughter of Thomas 

Alton, Rev. Thomas. T.A. A Scot- 
tish clergyman ; early in the eighteenth 
century; minister at Alyth. 

Akenside, Mark, M.D., 1721-70. The 
Bard of the Imaqinution. 

See '" I. and P.," First Series, p. 328. 

Akerman, John Yonge. J. Y. A. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 328. 

Alden, William Livingston, 1837-. 
" Funny Man of the Times " ; Jimmy 
Broicn. An American humorist; b. at 
Williamstown, Mass. ; educ. at Lafay- 
ette and Jefferson Colls., 1858 ; and stud- 
ied law ; in 1885 was appointed United 
States consul-general at Rome. 

Aldwinkle, . Al-w-le. The 

name of a rectory in Northamptonshire. 

Alexander, Mrs. Cecil Frances 
(Humphreys). C. F. H.; C. F. A. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 329. 

Alexander, James Waddel, D.D., 
1804-59. Charles Quill. 

See "L and P.," First Series, p. 329. 

Alexander, John, D.D. An Observer. 
A Scottish clergyman ; incumbent of St. 
Columba's Episcopal Chapel ; afterwards 
minister of St. Paul's Church, Edinburgh. 

Alexander, Mrs. Susan M. S. M. A. 
An American religious writer of the 

Alexander, William. Ajic. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 329. 

Alfeston, Stephen. A.; A . A 

French poet; French teacher at Fal- 
mouth and at the Belle Vue Acad., Pen- 
rhyn ; d. at Falmouth. 

Alger, IMiss Abbie Langdon, 1850-. 
Out and About. An American writer; 
b. at Roxbury ; daughter of the Rev. 
William Rounseville Alger; has con- 
tributed to the "Hearth and Home," the 
Boston " Transcript," etc. 

Alger, Francis, A.M., 1807-63. A. 
An American n)ineralogist; b. at Easton, 
Mass.; Hon. A.M. at Harv. Univ., 1849; 
in 1856 succeeded his father in the man- 




ageuient of the South Boston Iron Com- 
pany ; d. in Washington, D.C. 

Alger, William Rounseville, 1823-. 
A. ; IF. R. A. An American clergyman ; 
b. at Freetown, Mass. ; Cambridge 
Theol. School, 1847; Hon. A.M. at 
Harv. Univ., 1852 ; pastor in Boston, 
1855-74; in New York City, 1875-78; 
resided at the West, 1878-81; in 1881 
returned to Boston. 

Alison, Sir Archibald, 1792-1867. 
A Member of the Facult i of Advocates. 
An eminent British historian ; b. at 
Kenley, Shropshire ; educ. at the Univ. 
of Edinburgh; called to the bar in 1814; 
contributed extensively to " Blackwood's 
Magazine," besides writing his history 
(which had a wonderful sale) and other 
works ; d. at Glasgow. 

Allen, Eev. Benjamin, 1789-1829. 
.Tuba ; Osander. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 330. 

Allen, Charles Grant Blairfindie, 
1848-. Cecil Power; J. Arbuthnot Wil- 
son. An English naturalist ; b. in Can- 
ada ; educ. at Oxford ; professor in 
. Queen's Coll., Jamaica, 1873, and its 
principal, 1874-77 ; since 1877 has re- 
sided in England, engaged in literary 

Allen, Rev. George. A Massachu- 
setts Freeman ; Vindex. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 330. 

Allen, John, M.D., 1770-1843. A 
Retired Practitioner ; A Phijsician. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 330. 

Allen, Rev. John. Sidneij. An 
American clergyman; professor in the 
Univ. of Maryland. 

See " I. and P.," First Scries, p. 330. 

Allen, Rev. Joseph Henry, 1820-. 
J. II. A. An American clergyman and 
author ; b. in Northborough, Mass. ; 
educ. at Ilarv. Univ. ; has for many 
years resided at Cambridge, Mass., witli- 
out pastoral charge, but employed 
chiefly in literary work ; in 1887 editor 
of the " Unitarian Review." 

Allen, Ralph, 1G94-17G4. Mr. AU- 
worthi/ ; S'r/nire Allu'orthij. An English 
gentleman ; b. at St. Blazey, Corn- 
wall ; d. at Bath; was called "The 
Man of Bath," and a caricature por- 
trait of him was entitled, " The one- 
headed corporation." Pope wrote of 
him : — 

"Let humble Allen, witli an awkward sbanie, 
Do good by Mtealtli, and bhrnb lo lind it fame." 

Allen, Samuel Aclams(0, ]805-(i5. 
»S''/c. An American writer; b. in I'itts- 
fiel.l; William.s Coll., 1825; became a 
clergyman, but, his voice failing, he 

only preached occasionally, residing in 
his native town, where he died. 

Allen, William Francis. Marcel, 
An American educator; brother of Rev. 
Joseph Henry Allen ; born in North- 
borough, Mass. ; educ. at Harv. Univ. ; 
professor in the Univ. of Wisconsin since 

Allibone, Samuel Austin. The Re- 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 330. 

AUingham, William. Pollex and 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 330. 

Allyn, Robert, D.D., LL.D., 1817. 
Richard Rinejwood ; Roi/al L. Brent. An 
eminent American clergyman ; b. at 
Ledyard,New London Co., Conn.; Wes- 
leyan Univ., 1841 ; resident at Carbon- 
dale, Jackson Co., Illinois, in 1881. 

Almkvist, Prof. H. —/.■—. A Swed- 
ish author and translator. 

Almon, John. The Author of the Re- 
view of Mr. Pitfs Administration. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 330. 

Almond, Hely Hutchinson. A Lai; 
Head-Master. An English educator; 
head-master of the Loretto Scliool. 

Almquist, Carl Jonas Ludvig, 1793- 
1866. C. J. L. A. A Swedisli dramatist, 
novelist, clergyman, and journalist ; d. 
at Bremen. 

Alsop, Anthony, -1726. Tomj Alsop, 
a late Editor of the " ^Esopean Fables." 
An English poet and miscellaneous writer; 
educ. at Westminster School, and at 
Christ Church, Oxford ; Rector of Bright- 
well, Berks., wliere he died. 

Alsop, Richard, 1761-1815. The 
" Hartford Wits." 

See'" I. and P.," First Series, p. 331. 

Alvensleben, Karl Lu(l\vig Fried- 
rich Wilhelm Gustav von, 1800-68. 
C/odwi</ ; (liistar Scllcn. A (Jerman novel- 
ist ; b. at BerUn ; was for some years an 
officer in tlie Hanover and tlie Prussian 
service ; but from 1828 devoted liimself at 
Vienna to literary labor, and d. there. 

Ames, Fisher. Un Americain, ancien 
Membrs dn C'onr/res ; Hercides. 

wSee " I. and P.," First Series, p. 331. 

Anihurst, Nicholas, 1706-42. A 
Member <f the Constitution Club ; Collet/ 
Cibber ; Hiimphrei/ Oldcustle, Esq. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 331. 

Aniory, Thomas, 1691-1789. English 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 331. 

Amsinck, G. Inquisitor. An Eng- 
lisli brewor(?). 

Anderson, Alfred. — Lfr — . A Swed- 
ish writer. 




Anderson, I. H. Willis Loveyouth. 
An American writer for the young. 

Anderson, James. Agricola. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 332. 

Anderson, William. The Lamb- 
Leader. A Scottish poet ; schoolmaster 
at Kirriemuir. 

Andrew, Nicholas Jeffery, 1798- 
1873. Aquarist. An English amateur 
mathematician ; b. at Mazarion ; white- 
smith at St. Clare Street, Penzance, 
where he died. 

Andre'ws, Mrs. . Mrs. Swerdna. 

Andrews, A. O. An Honorary Member 
of the Washington Light Infantry ; A. O.A. 
An American writer of Charleston, S.C. 

Andrews, Charles. A Prisoner in 
England. An American soldier ; im- 
prisoned at Dartmoor. 

Andrews, J. P. Persius. An Ameri- 
can writer of Washington, D.C. 

Angell, Joseph Kinnicut, 1794- 
1857. J. K. A. An American lawyer 
and legal writer; b. in Providence, R.I. ; 
educ. at Brown Univ. ; and admitted to 
the bar in 1816; was editor of the "Law 
Intelligencer and Review," 1829-31 ; d. 
in Boston, Mass. 

Anne, Queen of England, 1665-1714. 
Fontanelle ; Mrs. Morley. An English 
sovereign; b. at Twickenham ; succeeded 
William III. in 1702; was the last sover- 
eign of the house of Stuart. 

Anne-son, James. — See " Maxwell, 

Annet, Peter. Tlie Considerer ; A 
Moral Philosopher. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 332. 

Anspach, Elizabeth, Margravine of, 
1750-1828. H. S. S., the M. of A. An 
English dramatist ; the youngest daugh- 
ter of Augustus, 4th Earl of Berkeley; 
in 1767 slie married Mr. William Craven, 
afterwards the 6tli Earl of Craven ; in 
1780 the}^ separated, and Lady Craven 
travelled in Europe; she visited Ans- 
pach, and took up her abode with the 
margrave ; wrote to her husband that 
she was to be treated as his sister; Lord 
Craven dying in 1791, she married the 
margrave ; d. at Naples. 

Ansted, David Thomas, 1812-80. 
H. W. An Englisli geologist ; b. in 
London ; educ. at Cambridge ; professor 
of geology at King's Coll., London ; d. at 
his residence, near Woodbridge, Suffolk. 

Anstey, Christopher. C. A., Esq. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 332. 

Anstis, John, 1669-1745. iV. ^S". ; 
The Editor. An English heraldic writer; 
b. at St. Neots, Cornwall ; educ. at Exe- 
ter Coll., Oxford, and at the Inner Tem- 

ple, London ; M.P., 1702 ; Garter King at 
Arms, 1718-45; d, at Mortlake. 

Anstis, Rev. Matthew, 1740-1823. 
P. K. An English Baptist clergyman ; 
b. at St. Germains ; minister at Bridport, 
1767-1823, where he died. 

Anthony, Matilda. Matilda. An 
American poet of Richmond, Va. 

Anthony, W. B. W. B. A. An Eng- 
lish educational writer of the day. 

Anzengruber, Ludwig. 183P-. Lud- 
wig G'rilber. A German novelist of the 
day ; b. at Vienna ; was an actor 1860- 
67; since 1871 has devoted himself to 
literary pursuits in his native city. 

Appleton, Jesse, D.D., 1772-1819. J. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 333. 

Appleton, Thomas Gold, 1812-84. 
T. G. A. An American author; b. in 
Boston, Mass. ; educ. at the Boston 
Latin School and Harv. Univ. ; after- 
wards spent much of his life abroad; 
was a liberal patron of the fine arts, and 
gave efficient aid to the various institu- 
tions at Boston and Cambridge; d. in 
New York City. 

Appleyard, Rev. Ernest Silvanus. 
E. S. A. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 333. 

Arbuckle, James. A Student in the 
Unirersiti/ of Glasqow. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 333. 

Arbuthnot, John, 1667-1735. A 
Gentleman in the Citi/ ; Jonathan Swift. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 333. 

Archbold, Richard, Esq. Squire 
Dick. An Irish poet of the earlier part 
of the eighteenth century. 

Argles, Mrs. Margaret. — See " Hun- 
gerford, Mrs. M. (A)." 

Aristarchi BEY, Demetrius. Chart- 
cles. A Turkish writer of the dny. 

Armour, James. A True Lover of his 
Countri/. A Scottish political economist 
of tlie first part of the eighteenth century. 

Armstrong, Miss Frances Char- 
lotte. F. C. A. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 333. 

Armstrong, Rev. Geoi-ge. A Lately 
Beneficed Cltrgyman. An English minis- 
ter [Unitarian minister of BristolC?)]. 

Armstrong, John, 1758-1848. A 
Practical Farmer ; ]\Jons. Tombo. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 333. 

Armstrong, Rev. John, 1771-97. Al- 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 333. 

Armstrong, Samuel Turell, 1784- 
1850. 6'. T. A. An American pub- 
lisher and bookseller; was mayor of 
Boston and lieutenant-governor of Mas- 




sachusetts; and when, in 1836, Governor 
Davis was elected senator, Mr. Arm- 
strong became acting governor. 

Arinstroug, William. An Old Besi- 
dent ; Kinmont Willie. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 334. 

Arnett, Richard. Jack Catch. An 
English political writer of the first part 
of the eighteenth century. 

Arnold, Thomas F. Kajetan. Franz 
Joseph Gall. 

Arnold, Thomas James, 1804(?)-77. 
T.J. A. An English barrister; son of 
Stephen James Arnold ; called to the bar 
in 1829 ; appointed magistrate at the Wor- 
ship Street Police Court in 1847, and trans- 
ferred to the Westminster Court in 1851 ; 
and held the latter appointment till his 

Arnold, Thomas Kerchever. T. 
K. A. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 334. 

Arthur, Grace. A Lady. An Eng- 
lish poet of one hundred years ago. 

Arthur, Timothy Shay. Uncle Her- 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 335. 

Arwidsson, Adolf Iwar, 1791-1858. 
Sonen i Ornskog. A Swedish poet and 

Ashdowne, Rev. William, 1723-1810. 
An Impartial Hand. An English Unita- 
rian ; b. at Tunbridge Wells ; removed to 
Dover in 1757, and was pastor there of 
the General Baptist Church, without pay, 
for twenty-two years (1759-81); and filled 
the same position till his death in 1810. 

Ashley, Rev. Ed\vard. The Chaplain 
of the Rer/iment. An American clergyman ; 
chaplain of the 1st Regiment, Connecticut 
Volunteers, Heavy Artillery, in the late 
civil war. 

Ashton, Charles, 1665-1752. B. W. 
[R. Warren]. An English scholar and 
divine ; b. at Bradway, in the parish of 
Norton, Derbyshire; Queen's Coll., Cam- 
bridge, 1682 ; master of Jesus Coll., Cam- 
bridge, 1701, and vice-chancellor of the 
Univ., 1702-52; d. at Cambridge. 

Ashtoii, Thomas. Seborr.ns Basilicus. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 335. 

Ashvvorth, John Hervey, M.A. An 
Enf/lishmdn. An English writer; B.A., 
Oxford, 1819 ; M.A., 1825. 

Askew, Miss . A Ladi/. An 

English writer of one hundred years 

Aslund, Daniel. Gdk G'okson Gok. 
A Swedish autlior. 

Aspland, Rev. Robert. Tlte Editor 
of the Christian Refornwr, etc. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 336. 

Aspland, Robert Brook. The Editor 
of the Christian Reformer, etc.. New Series. 
An English clergyman ; son of tiie pre- 
ceding; pastor at Dukinfield. 

Assheton, William, D.D., 1641-1711. 
A Divine of the Church of England. An 
English clergyman ; son of the rector of 
Middleton, in Lancashire ; educ. at Ox- 
ford ; rector of Beckenham, in Kent, 
1670, where he died. 

Astell, Mrs. Mary. Madonellu ; Pla- 
toune : A Lady ; A Very Moderate Person, 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 336. 

Atkins, Mrs. Anna. A. A. 

Si'e " I. and P.," First Series, p. 336. 

Atkins, Sergeant . An Officer of 

the United States Armi/. 

Atkinson, Rev. Henry, 1802-63. 0. 
An Englisli clergj-man ; educ. at Magda- 
len Coll., Cambridge; B.A., 1828; mas- 
ter of Falmouth Grammar School, 1829- 
42; head-masterof Drax Grammar School, 
Yorkshire, 1842-45; incumbent of Barm- 
by-on-the-Marsh, Yorksliire, 1845-63. 

Atkinson, Sir Jasper 

See "''l. and P.," First Series, p. 336. 

Atkinson, Mary Ellen. T. W. 0. 
An American poet of BostonC?). 

Atkinson, Thomas, Jr., about 1800- 
33. Percy Yorke, Jr. A Scottish writer ; 
lived in Glasgow. 

Atkinson, William Parsons, A.M. 
IF. P. A. ; An Older One ivho has been 
through(^). An American scholar ; Harv. 
Univ., 1838; in 1887, professor of Eng- 
lish and history at the Massachusetts In- 
stitute of Teclinology. 

Atterbury, Francis, 1662-1732. Frank 
Scam mom/. 

See " 1. and P.," First Series, p. 336. 

Atwater, Caleb, 1778-1867. A Citi- 
zen of Ohio. An American lawyer; b. in 
North Adams, Mass. ; educ. at Williams 
Coll., and studied law; in 1811 lie re- 
moved to Ohio, where lie held important 
public oflSces ; d. at Circleville, 0. 

Aubert, Mrs. Elise. E — e. A Nor- 
wegian novelist. 

Aubin, Charles. Steeple Jack. An 
American meclianic, of Boston, Mass. ; 
repairs, paints, gilds, slates, removes the 
highest churcii spires, without erecting a 

Audubon, Mrs. Lucy (Bakewell), 
-1874. His Widow. An American lady ; 
wife of Jolin James Audubon ; d. at Sliel- 
byville, Ivy. 

Aufrere, Anthony, 1756-1833. A. 
Viator. An English antiquary of Old 
Foulsham Hall, Norfolk ; b. at Hoveton 
Hall, Norfolk; d. at Pisa. 




Auren, J. A. J. A. A, A Swedish 

Aust, Mrs. Sarah, 1744-1811. The 

Hon. Mrs. Murray of Kensington. An 
English writer, whose- first husband was 
the Hon. William Murray ; and after 
his death, in 1786, she married Mr. 
George Aust; d. at Noel House, Ken- 

Austin, Alfred, 1835-. A. A. An 
English poet, critic, and journalist ; b. at 
Headingley, near Leeds; educ. at Stoney- 
hurst" Coll. and St. Mary's Coll., Oscott ; 
B.A. at the Univ. of London in 1853; and 
in 1857 was called to the bar at Inner 
Temple ; has devoted himself to liter- 
ary pursuits ; has written for the " Stan- 
dard " newspaper and the " Quarterly 
Review"; in 1887 editor of the "Na- 
tional Review." 

Austin, William, 1778-1841. Decius. 
An American lawyer of Charlestown, 
Mass.; Harv. Coll., 1798; b. and d. in 

Austin, Rev. Wiltshire Stanton, Jr. 

W. S. A. 

See " L and P.," First Series, p. 337. 

Avery, Samuel P. Mrs. Partington^ 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 337. 

Awdry, Miss Frances, and others. 
Niiie Authors. An English author of the 

Axelson, Arvid. Cabriolo. A Swed- 
ish writer. 

Ayres, James. A Gentleman late of 
Trinitji College. An English dramatist of 
the eighteenth century. 

Ayrton, William, Esq., 1777-1858. 
Edward Fitzqihbon. . 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 337. 

Ayscough, Francis, D.D., 1700-66. A 
Member of the Uiiiivrsiti/. An English di- 
vine ; b. at St. Olave's, Southwark ; educ. 
at Oxford ; rector of North Church, Berk- 
hanistead, 1740; afterwards dean of Bristol. 

Aytoun, Roger. A Trustee of the 
Fife and Mid-Lothian Ferries. A Scot- 
tish gentleman of Inchdairnie. 

Babad, P. A Professor of the Spanish 
and Portuguese languages, in St. Mary's 
College. A Portuguese(?) teacher of 
modern languages in London, sixty years 

Babcock, James Staunton, -1847. 
Philulethes. An American poet ; Yale 
Coll., 1840; d. at his home, Coventry, 

Babson, Mrs. E. M. Esther Sarah 

Bache, Alexander Dallas, 1806-67. 
The Superintendent of the Coast Survey. 
An eminent American scientist; b. in 
Philadelphia ; educ. at the United States 
Military Acad, at West Point; professor 
in the Univ. of Pennsylvania, 1828-41 ; 
superintendent of the Coast Survey, 
1843-67 ; d. at Newport, R.I. 

Bache, Benjamin Franklin. Oliver 
Fair play. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. .338. 

Backlund, Joseph. Phitaletes. 

Bacon, Anthony, about 1558-. A 
Member of Parliament. An English politi- 
cal writer ; half-brother of Francis Bacon. 

Bacon, Lady Charlotte Mary, 1801- 
80. lanthe. An English lady, 2d daughter 
of the 5th Earl of Oxford, and widow of 
General Anthony Bacon ; b. and d. in 

Bacon, Mrs. Eliza Ann (Munroe). 

A Lady. An American religious writer ; 
wife of Rev. Henry Bacon. 

Bacon, Francis, A.M. R. M. T. H. 
An American journalist; brother of Rev. 
Dr. Leonard Bacon, of New Haven,. 
Conn. ; graduate at Yale Coll. in 1838, 
and d. in 1849. 

Bacon, George Blagden. John 
Tripod. An American writer of the 

Bacon, Rufus Henrj^ 1820-59. 
Li. LL. B. An American clergyman ; 
Hamilton Coll., Clinton, N.Y., 1842; 
Cambridge Divinity School, 1847. 

Bacon, William Johnson, LL.D., 
1803-. His Father. An American jurist; 
b. at Williamstown, Mass. ; removed to 
Utica, N.Y., in 1814; Hamilton Coll., 
1822; called to the bar, 1824; justice of 
the New York supreme court, 1853-70;. 
M.C., 1877-79. 

Badcock, John, -1830. John Hinds. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 339. 

In " I. and P." " John Hinds " is J. Bell. Ste- 
phen's "National Biography" makes it John 

Badger, Rev. Henry Clay, 1833-. 

A Delegate ; A Stalwart Republican. An 
American clergyman ; b. at Mendon, 
N.Y. ; Antioch Coll., 1857 ; in the minis- 




try from his graduation ; in 1887 assis- 
tant in Harv. Univ. Library. 

Badger, Stephen, 1725-1803. A 
Minister. An American minister; b. in 
Charlestown, Mass. , Harv. Coll., 1747 ; 
missionary over the Indians at Natick, 
Mass., 1753-1803. 

Badham, Charles David, M.D., 
1806-57. S'-arnbceus. An English natu- 
ralist ; b. in London ; educ. at Eton and 
Oxford ; afterwards resided a long time 
on the continent, especially at Rome 
and Paris ; still later he entered the 
church, and held curacies in Norfolk 
and Suffolk'. 

Backstrom, Per Johan Edvard, 
1841-86. Edvard. A Swedish journal- 
ist, poet, and dramatist ; b. and d. at 
Stockholm ; educ. at Upsala ; in 1877 
became a journalist. 

Baiierle, Adolph. Fels. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 346. 

Bagger. Carl Christian, 1807-46. 
Johan llarring. A Danish poet ; pub- 
lished at Copenhagen in 1860-67. 

Bags, John Dryden. P. Virr/iliiis 

The uaiiae is probably assumed ; it is too much 
like John Dryden (Bayes), who translated Virgil. 

Bagshaw, William, 1628-1702. 
Apostle of the Peak. An Englisli Non- 
conforming divine ; b. at Litton, in the 
parish of Tideswell ; educ. at Cambridge ; 
received holy orders ; preached for some 
time, when in 1662 he was one of the 
two thousand ejected ; he was buried at 

Bailey, Mr. . Edmund Alton. An 

American writer of the day. 

Bailey, George. Oliver Oldhoij. 

Bailey, Picv. Henry. //. B. 

Sec " I. and P.," First Series, p. 340. 

Bailey, Philip James, 18 16-. The 
Nottini/ham Poet. An English poet ; b. 
at Nottingham ; educ. at the Univ. of 
Glasgow ; called to the bar at Lincoln's 
Inn, 1840; devoted himself chiefly to 
literary pursuits. 

Bailey, Urania L/ocke (Stoughton), 
1820-82. Una Locke. An American 
writer ; b. at Gill, Franklin Co., Mass. ; 
and married Mr. B. D. Bailey of Provi- 
dence, K.I. 

Baillie, John. A Lover of Liherti/. 
A Scottish advocate, of the first half of 
the eighteenth century. 

Bailly, Jean Sylvain, 1736-03. An 
Eije-Witness ; Un Temoin ornlaire. An 
eminent J'rench astronomer, phiiosopiier, 
and eloquent writer; b. in Paris; first 
presiflent of the States-General ; d. by tiic 

Bain, Donald. One of themselves. A 
Scottisli accountant in Edinburgh. 

Baine, James, 1710-90. J. B. An 
eminent Scottish minister; b. at bonhill,. 
Dumbartonshire ;' educ. at the the Univ. 
of Glasgow ; he was minister at Paisley 
(having John Witherspoon as a col- 
league), 1756-66; at Edinburgh from 
1766, whereC^) he died. 

Baird, Robert, D.D., 1798-1863. 
Americanus; An American; P. B. An 
eminent American theologian ; b. in 
Fayette Co., Penn. ; studied theology at 
Princeton, N.J. ; agent and secretary of 
the American Foreign Christian Union, 
1839-55; d. at Yonkers, N.Y. 

Baker, Anselm, 1834-85. F. A. 
[Frater Anselm]. An English artist; 
learned drawing and painting at Hard- 
man's studios, in Birmingham ; in 1857 
became a Cistercian monk, at Mount 
St. Bernard's Abbey, Leicestershire ; and 
d. there. 

Baker, Delphine Paris. Delphine. 
An American writer of Chicago. 

Baker, George, 1781-1851. Cr. B. 
An English topographer; b. at North- 
ampton; his first printed work was "A 
Catalogue ^of books, etc. ; printed at . . . 
Strawberry Hill ..." London, 1810; he 
was a Unitarian, and a magistrate of the 
borough of Northampton ; d. in that 

JBaker, George Melville, 1832-. Uno. 
An American author of amateur dramas; 
b. in Maine; in 1887 publisher in Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

Baker, Mrs. Harriet Newell 
(Woods). FT. N. W. B.; Aunt Ilattie. 

See " I. and 1'.," First Series, p. 340. 

Baker, Henry, F.R.S., 1698-1774. 
Ilennj Stonerastle. 

Sec -'I. and P.," First Scries, p. 340. 

Baker, John Wynn, -1775. A 
Friend to the Nation. An English econo- 
mist; was from 1764 till his death offi- 
cially connected with the Dublin Society, 
under tlie patronage of whicli he estab- 
lislied at Lauglilinstown, county of Kil- 
dare, a factory for making all kinds of 
imi)lemcnts of husbandry; d. at Wynn's 
Field, county of Kildare. 

Baker, Mrs. Sarah S. (Tuthill). Aunt 
Frieiidli/. An English autiior of the day. 

Baker, Thomas. Nick Doubt. An 
Englisii dramatist ; is said to have been 
tlie editor of the "Female Tattler," in 

Baker, William, 1742-85. Alfred. 
An English i)rinter; b. at Reading; he 
was api)renticed to Mr. Ki])pax, a printer 
of J.,()ndon ; on the death of whom he 




succeeded to the business ; afterwards 
removing to Ingram Court, where he was 
in partnership with John William Gala- 
tin; (1. in London. 

BaldAvyn, Edward. Trim. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 341. 

Balestier, Charles Woleott, 1861-. 
Crepin. An American journalist of the 
day ; b. in Rochester, N.Y. ; studied one 
year at Cornell. 

Ball, Edward. " Creation " Ball. An 
English poet ; author of " Creation," a 
now forgotten poem. 

Ballantyne, James Robert, LL.D., 
-1864. J. B. B. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 341. 

Ballard, J. A Protestant Churchman. 
An English religious writer. 

Ballou, llev. Adin. A Consistent 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 341. 

Balzac, Honore de. Alfred Cou- 
di-eux ; Alexandre de B . . . ; Henri B. ; 
Lord R'hoone. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 342. 

Bancroft, George, 1800-. U. B. An 
American historian ; b. at Worcester, 
Mass.; educ. at Harv. Univ., 1817; then 
spent some years in Germany; Ph.D. 
at Berlin, 1820; secretary of war under 
President Polk; minister at Berlin, 1871- 
74 ; has of late years resided chiefly at 

Baiifield, Thomas Charles. A Politi- 
cal Economist. An English writer of 

Banim, Michael. Bar 

See "I. and P.," First 

Banister, Tliomas. 
An English writer. 

Banks, George Nugeiil 
graduate Pen ; An Eton Boi/. 
lish writer of the day ; of Cambridge 

Banks, John, 1709-51. A Gentleman 
of' the Middle Temple. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 342. 

Bannister, Saxe, 1790-1877. Phil.a- 
delphus ; LnAiujlais. An English writer ; 
b. at Bidlington House, Steyning, Sus- 
sex; Queen's Coll., Oxf., 1813; was 
called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn ; at- 
torney-general of New South Wales, 
1823-26 ; became a gentleman bedel of 
the Royal Coll. of Physicians about 
1848 ; spent the closing years of his life 
at Thornton Lodge, Thornton Heath, 
the residence of his only child, Mrs. 
Wyndliam, and d. there. 

Bai-bauld, Anna Letitia. A Dis- 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 342. 

Barbe, Madame C. B. C. Barbier. 
A Frencli writer. 

Barber, Mary, 1690(1)-1757. Sap- 
phira. An Irish poet, and friend of 
Swift; her poetic name at the deanery. 

Barber, William. W. B. An Amer- 
ican writer. 

Barclay, George. A Father. A 
Scottish minister of Irvine. 

Barclay, Mrs. Sarah Blatilda (Fry). 
His Widow. An English lady ; widow of 
Robert Barclay, first of Bristol, then of 
London, a Friend, or Quaker, whom 
she married in 1857. 

Barhain, Francis. F. B. 

See " 1. and P.," First Series, p. 343. 

Barham, Richard Harris Dalton, 
1815-86. His Son. An English author; 
b. in Westwell, Kent; educ. at St. Paul's 
School, and at Oxford, after which he 
settled at Lolworth, where he resided till 
1863, when, for the sake of a warmer 
climate, he removed to Dawlish, and 
d. there. 

Baring, Alexander, 1st Baron Ash- 
burton, 1774-1848. Sand// Baring. An 
English financier and statesman, second 
son of Sir Francis Baring ; was trained as 
a banker ; being sent to the United States 
on business of his father's house, he, 
in 1798, married Anne Louisa, eldest 
daughter of William Bingham, of Phila- 
delphia ; he became the head of his 
father's firm in 1810; M.P., 1806-35 ; was 
raised to the peerage in 1835 ; English 
commissioner to the United States, 1842; 
d. at Longleat, the seat of his grandson, 
the Marquis of Bath. 

Barker, Edmund Henry. Vindex. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 343. 

Barker, Joseph, 1806-75. A Man. 
An English avithor, preacher, and con- 
troversialist ; b. at Bramley, near Leeds ; 
in 1851 came to this country and soon 
settled in Nebraska ; but in 1860 returned 
to England ; about 1868 he came back to 
America, and d. at Omaha. ^ 

Barker, Thomas, 1722-1809. T. B., 
Gent. An English scientific and mis- 
cellaneous writer ; b. and d. at Lyndon, 
Rutland ; was for many years an assidu- 
ous observer of meteorological phenom- 
ena, publishing the results in the " Phil- 
osophical Tra^actions " of the Royal 
Society. ^ , 

Barker, William Burckhardt, 
1810(?)-56. An English Prisoner i7\Rus- . 
sia. An English orientalist ; b. at Alep- 
po ; was brouglit to England in 1819, and 
educ. tliere ; was for many years I'esident 
at Tarsus in an official capacity ; d. at 
Sinope, on the Black Sea. 




Barling, Rev. John, 1804-83. An 
Old Student. An English dissenter ; b. 
at Weymouth ; was for a time (1856-58) 
a colleague of Russell Lant Carpenter, 
at Northgate End Chapel ; resided in 
studious leisure at Belle Grange, Win- 
dermere, for many years from 1858 ; and 
then at Leeds, where he died. 

Barlow, Henry Clark. A Repre- 
sentative; Enrico Clark Barlow. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 344. 

Barmby, Mrs. Katharine (Rey- 
nolds). Kate. An English writer ; wife 
of John Goodwyn Barmby (1820-81), 
who was minister of Wakefield more 
than 21 years. 

Barnard, Daniel Dewey, 1797-1861. 
D. D. B. An American lawyer; b. in 
Sheffield, ^lass.; educ. at Williams Coll. 
and studied law ; in 1821 was admitted 
to the bar, and began to practise at 
Rochester, N.Y. ; after travelling for 
some time abroad, he removed to Albany, 
and afterwards resided and d. there. 

Barnard, Frederick Augustus Por- 
ter, D.D., LL.D. F. A. P. B. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 344. 

Barnard, Sir John, 1685-1764. Sir 
J. B — d; An Anti-Patriot ; A Late Lord 
Mayor of London. An English merchant 
a,nd politician ; b. of Quaker parents at 
Reading ; lord mayor of London, 1737 ; 
M.P., 1722-01 ; d. at Clapliam. 

Barnes, Miss E. W. E. W. B. An 
American religious writer of the day, of 
Philadelphia (?). 

Barnes, Edwin C. Leon Claire. An 
American writer of the day, of Syracuse, 

Barnes, Henry. A Gentleman of the 
Middle Tciiijilr. An English barrister of 
the eighteenth century ; at one time one 
of the secondaries of the Court of Com- 
mon Pleas. 

Barnes, Joshua, 1654-1712. Phil- 
■argi/rius Ca7itabri(/iensis. An English 
Greek sciiolar and antiquary, the son of a 

• London tradesman; educ. at Cambridge; 
professor of Greek there, 1095-1712 ; d. 
at Hemingf<inl(?). 

Barnes, Kate D. W. Kate Cameron. 

Barnes, Ijuey E. Leader Scott. An 
English writer of the day ; daughter of 
William Barnes, poet ancl philologist. 

• >; ' Barnes, Rev. Richard William. 
, The Late Perpetual Curate of East and 

I* Went T^ooe. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 344. 
Barnes, Thomas, 1780-1841. Criti- 
cus; Thomas /joinirr, Driver of a 'Turnabout. 
See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 344. 
Barnett, Francis. Lvfevrc. An 

English gentleman ; the " Lefevre " of 
" No Fiction," a novel by Dr. A. Reed. 

Barnett, John, the Younger. His 
Son. An English writer, son of John 
Barnett, of Blaby. 

Barr, Lillie E. One who knows all 
about them. An American writer of the 

Barratt, Joseph, M.D., -1882. A 
Citizen of Middletown, Conn. An Amer- 
ican physician ; honorary M.D. at Yale 
Coll. in 1834. 

Barre, Isaac, 1720-1802. Corregio ; 
Poplicola. An Irish officer; b. at Dublin; 
educ. at Trin. Coll. ; joined the army 
in 1746, and was by Wolfe's side when 
this brave leader fell at Quebec ; M.P., 
1761-90 ; d. in Stanhope Street, May 
Fair, London(?). 

Barrett, Eaton Stannard, 1786- 
1820. E. S. B. ; A Late Resident. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 344. 

Barrett, John, D.D., 1753-1821. 
Phil. Hib. An Irish scholar ; educ. at 
Trin. Coll., Dublin ; vice-provost, 1807- 

Barrett, Jonatlian. J. B. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 344. 

Barrett, Samuel, D.D., 1795-1866. 
B. ; B — t. An American clergyman ; b. 
at Royalston, Mass. ; Harv. Univ., 1818; 
pastor in Boston, 1825-58 ; soon after- 
wards removed to Roxbury, and d. there. 

Barrington, John Shute, 1st Vis- 
count. *1 Layman ; The Layman. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 344. 

BarroAV, Mrs. Frances Elizabeth 
(3Iease), 1822-." Aunt Fanny. An 
American author ; b. in Charleston, S.C. ; 
educ. in New York City, and has passed 
most of her life there ; in 1841 she mar- 
ried James Barrow, Jr., of that city, and 
since 1855 has been much engaged in 
literary work. 

Barrow, John, D.D., and others. 
Five Clergymen. An Englisli clergyman; 
principal of St. Edmund Ilall, Oxford, 
and rector of Gatcombe, Newport, Isle 
of Wight, 1854-00 et seq. ; at one time 
tutor and librarian of Queen's Coll., Ox- 

Barrows, Mrs. Katherine Isabel 
(Hayes Chapin) , 1845-. B. C. B. ; Mrs. 
Shayliark. An American writer; b. at 
Irasburg, Vermont ; wife of the follow- 

Barrows, Rev. Samuel, J. 1845-. 
Mr. Sliayback. An A nu'rican clergyman ; 
b. in New York City; editor of the 
"Christian Register" (R.). 

Barry, . B . An English 

poet of Bath. 




Barry, Miss . His Daughter. An 

English lady ; daughter of Henry Barry, 
late fellow of Queen's Coll., Oxford. 

Bartholomew, Annie E. Fugerman. 

Bartlett, David W. f «». An Amer- 
ican journalist; for twenty-two years the 
Washinuton correspondent of the Spring- 
field " Republican " ; afterwards secre- 
tary to tlie Chinese embassy. 

IJai'tol, Cyrus Augustus, D.D. B. ; 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 345. 

Barton, Bernard, 1784-1849. The 
Quaker Poet. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 345. 

Barton, K. Knot-Rab. An Ameri- 
can novelist. 

Barton, Lucy. His Daughter. An 
English lady ; daughter of Bernard 

Barwell, Richard, 1741-1804. A 
Nabob. An Anglo-Indian ; b. at Cal- 
cutta; was appointed a writer on the 
Bengal establishment of the East India 
Company in 1756 ; a member of the 
council in Bengal, 1774-80; returned to 
England, it was said, with one of the 
largest fortunes ever accumulated ; M.P. 
1790-96 ; d. at Staiistead. 

Basset, Adrien Charles Alexandre. 
Robert Adrien. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 345. 

Basset, Francis, Lord de Dunstan- 
ville, 1757-1835. An Englishman. An 
English nobleman ; b. at Waltot, Co. 
Oxford ; educ. at Harrow, Eton, and 
Cambridge; M.P. 1780-84; raised to the 
House of Lords in 1796; d. at his man- 
sion, South Place, Knightsbridge. 

Bastide, Mme. Jenuy (Dufourquet), 
1792-1854. Mme. Jenng D*** ; T/ialares 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 345. 

Bate, Henry, M.R.C.S., 1846-. Puto. 
An English writer; b. at Truro. 

Batenian. Pen. John Fitzherbert; A 
Member of the C. U. B. C. [Cambridge 
Univ. Boat Club]. An English clergy- 
man ; St. John's Coll., Camb., 1851 ; rec- 
tor of North u\ South Lopham, Harling, 
Norfolk, 1681-87. 

Batenian, Mrs. Elizabeth Blower. 
Mrs. B**-* ; A Young Lad//. An English 
novoli-st of one hundred years ago. 

Batenian, James. A Member of Mag- 
dalen College, Oxford. An English cler- 
gyman; Magdalen Coll., Oxford, 1834; 
rector of East and West Leake, Notting- 
ham, 1859. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 346. 

Bates, Mrs. Harriet L. (Vose), -1886. 
Eleanor Putnam. An American writer 

of the day ; was the wife of Arlo Bates 
of Boston. 

Bather, Mrs. Liucy Elizabeth 
(Bloomfleld), 1836-64. L. E. B.; Aunt 
Lncg. An English writer for the young ; 
b. at Fulham ; in 1861 married Arthur 
Henrj"- Bather, of Meol Brace, Shrop- 
shire ; d. at " The Hall," Meol Brace. 

Bathurst, Charles. C. B. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 346. 

Baudry des LiOzieres, Louis Nar- 
cisse, 1761-1841. 73** i**. A French 
author and traveller; b. and d. at Paris; 
he was for some years a soldier; but 
later entered the bureaus of the Marine, 
and became the historiographer of that 

Bayford, . A Bgstander. An 

English controversial writer. 

Bayley, Frederick W. N., 1808-53. 
The Son of a Mllitarg Officer ; A Clergy- 
man in Debt. An English miscellaneous 
writer; in 1825 accompanied his father, 
who was in the army, to Barbados ; and 
remained in the West Indies for four 
years ; when he returned to England he 
found he could write in verse with con- 
siderable facility; he conducted the 
" Omnibus," and was the first editor of 
the London "Illustrated News"; d. at 

Bayly, Ada Ellen. Edna Lgall. An 
English novelist of the day. 

Bayly, Mrs. Helena (Beecher). His 
Widow. An English lady ; widow of 
Thomas Haynes Bayly. 

Bayly, Thomas Haynes, 1797-1839. 
Q in the Corner. An English song-writer,, 
novelist, and dramatist; b. at Bath; 
educ. at Winchester and at Oxford 
(without graduating) ; returned to Lon- 
don in 1824, and devoted himself to liter- 
ary work; d. at Cheltenham (T). 

Bayne, Mrs. Alicia (Pryme). His 
Daughter. An English lady ; daughter of 
G. Pryme. 

Baynes, John, 1758-87. Vale et Fru- 
ere. An English miscellaneous writer ; 
b. at Middleham, in Yorkshire ; Trin. 
Coll., Cambridge, 1777 ; admitted to 
Gray's Inn in 1778 or 1779 ; paid much 
attention to politics ; contributed politi- 
cal articles to the London "Courant"; 
wrote, anonymously, political verses, and 
translations from French and Greek po- 
ems, for the "European Magazine"; the 
"Archajological Epistle," etc., was gen- 
erally ascriljed to him, but he denied the- 
authorship; d. in London. 

Baynes, Rev. Robert Hall. The 
Vicar of S. Michael and All Angels, Cov- 
entry. An English clergyman ; St. Ed- 




mund Hall, Oxford, 1856; vicar of St. 
Michael, Coventry, 1866-79 ; rector of 
Toppesfield, Essex, 1879-80; vicar of 
Holy Trinity, Folkestone, 1880-85 ; hon- 
orable canon of Worcester, 1873 ; in 1887 
resided at Burnham, Somerset. 

Beach, Rev. John. An Aiionymons 
Author. An American clergyman. 

Beaconsfield, Benjamin Disraeli, 
1st Earl of. Mr. Benjamins ; Manager 
of St. Stephen's Co-Operative Store; Con- 
ingsby ; A [or Delta] ; Imperial Ben ; Ben ; 
Benjamin; Dizzij ; The Premier; The 
Right Hon. B D . 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 347. 

Beamish, North Ludlow, 1797-1872. 
A Cornet. An English antiquary ; son 
of William Beamish, Esq., of Beaumont 
House, county of Cork; in 1816 he ob- 
tained a commission in tlie 4th Royal 
Irish Dragoon Guards, in which he pur- 
chased a troop in 1823 ; spent much of 
his life from 1826 in literary work; d. at 
Annmount, county of Cork. 

Bean, Rev. James. The Christian 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 347. 

Bean, Miss Mary A. The Librarian. 
An American ladv of Brookline, Mass. 

Beard, John ReUly, D.D., 1800-76. 
An Unitarian. An English minister; b. 
at Southsea, Hants. ; educ. at the Unita- 
rian Coll. at York; minister at Salford, 
Manchester, 1825; and Strangeways, the 
same city, 1848-64 ; at Sale, near Ashton- 
on-Mersey, 1865-73, and d. there. 

Beardslee, L. A. Pieseis. 

Beauclerk, Lady Diana De Vere, 
1841-. Ladij Di Beauclerk. An English 
lady ; daughter of tlie 9th Duke of St. 

Beaufoy, Charles. C. B. An Eng- 
lish natural philo.sopher. 

Beaumont, John Thomas Barber, 
1774-1841. Philanthropos, 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 348. 

Beckering, J. J. .Inhji Nathan. 

Beckett, Sir Kdmund, LL.D., 5th 
Bart., 1816-. Edmund Beckett Denison. 
An English writer; b. at Doncaster; 
succeeded his father, 1874 ; educ. at 
Eton and Trin. Colls., Oxford ; B.A., 
1838 ; LL.D., 1863 ; called to the bar at 
Lincoln's Inn, 1841 ; chancellor of York, 
1877; residence, Batch Woods, St. Al- 

Beckett, William H. Prof. Chaucer 
Jones. An American humorist of the day. 

Beckman, Krnst. E. B — n. A Swed- 
ish journalist and miscellaneous writer. 

Bedell, Gregory Thurston, 1817-. 
The Rector. An American clergyman ; 

b. in Hudson, N.Y. ; educ. at Bristol 
Coll., Penn., and at the Virginia Tlieol. 
Sem. ; assistant-bishop and bishop of 
Ohio from 1859. 

Bedford, John T. J. Litgue'. 

See "I. and 1'.," First Series, p. 348. 

Bedingfield, Thomas, 1760-89. T. 
B — g — d. An English poet; b. at York; 
educ. at the Univ. of Liege ; in 1787 com- 
menced practice as a chamber counsel in 
London, where he died. 

Behn, Mrs. Aphra (Johnson), 1040- 
89. ^4. B. An English dramatist and 
novelist ; baptized at V^jq ; spent some 
years in Surinam ; returned to England 
about 1658, and married a city mer- 
chant named Behn ; before 1666 she 
was a widow ; dedicated her life chiefly 
to " pleasure and poetry " ; d. in London, 
and was buried in Poet's Corner, West- 
minster Abbey. 

Beilby, J. Wood. Research. An Aus- 
tralian geologist of Melbourne ("?). 

Beke, Mrs. Emily (Alston). His 
Widow. An Englisli lady of Mauritius ; 
daughter of Mr. William Alston of Lei- 
cester, and widow of Charles Tiistone 

Beldam, Joseph. A Student of the 
Middle Temple. An English poet ; a 
bari'ister-at-law of the Middle Temple, 

Belfast, Frederick Richard Chi- 
chester, Earl of. Campana ; Lord 

7^ y(: jJC" viC' ^ itC- ^ ^ ^ 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 349. 

Belger, Mrs. Fanny Courtenay 
(Baylor). Fannij Courtenay Bai/lor. 
An American writer of Texas and Vir- 
ginia ; has spent many years abroad. 

Bell, Mrs. A. A Lady. An English 

BeU, Benjamin, 1749-1806. A Land- 
holder. A Scottish surgeon; b. at Dumfries; 
at seventeen was sent to the Edinburgh 
Medical School ; travelled on the Con- 
tinent, and studied at Paris ; surgeon to 
the Royal Infirmary at Edinburgh, 1772- 
1801 ; he gained a large practice, and also 
engaged considerably in agriculture ; d. 
at Newington House, Edinburgh. 

Bell, Miss Catharine Douglass, 
Cousin Kate. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 349. 

Bell, Mrs. Emily Ernst (Mynie). 
Mrs. Fairfax. An Irish writer of the 

Bell, John, and David Francis Con- 
die. An Association of Phi/sicians. 

Bell, John, 1796-1872. A physician; b. 
in Ireland; came to this country in 1810; 
graduated at the Univ. of Pennsylvania 




in 1817 ; was for several years a lec- 
turer in Philadelphia ; and afterwards 
a professor in Ohio. — See " Condie, 
D. F." 

Bell, Mrs. Nancy (Meugens). N. 
D'Anvei's. An English writer on art, 
of the day. 

Bellamy, Daniel, the Elder, 1687-. 
A Gentleman of Oxford. An English 
miscellaneous writer ; b. in London ; 
edue. at Merchant Taylors' School and 
at Oxford (which he left, without a de- 
gree, in 1709) ; and became a convej^- 
ancer's clerk. 

Bellamy, Mrs. George Anne, 1731 (?)- 
88. The Dawjiiter of Darius. An Irish 
actress ; b. at Fingal ; was the daughter 
of Lord Tyrawley, ambassador to Lisbon, 
who sent her, when she was iive years old, 
to Boulogne, where she was in a convent 
till she was eleven, when she went to Eng- 
land ; she became very eminent as an act- 
ress ; d. in London('?). 

BeUamy, Joseph, D.D., 1718 or 19- 
1790. One of his Candid Neighbours. An 
American Congregational minister; b. in 
the part of Wallingford which is now 
Cheshire, Conn.; Yale Coll., 1735 ; pastor 
in that part of Woodbury which is now 
Bethlem, Conn., 1740-90 ; and d. there. 

BeUasis, Edward, 1800-73. An Old 
Boy ; An Anglican since become a Catholic ; 
An Anglican Layman. An English bar- 
rister ; b. at. Basilden ; educ. at Christ's 
Hospital ; was called to the bar in 1824; 
was engaged in parliamentary business, 
1836-66 ; d. at Hyeres, in Provence, 

Bellew, Frank. An Ex-Tramp ; Tri- 
angle. An American writer of the day. 

Belle-w, Henry Walter. Spectator. 
An English traveller. 

BeUows, Henry Whitney, 1814-82. 
H. W. B.; B — s. An American clergy- 
man; b. in Boston ; educ. at Harv. Univ. 
and the Cambridge Divinity School ; 
pastor in New York City, 1839-82 ; d. in 
New York City. 

Bellows, John N. ./. N. B. An 
American translator. 

Bellows, William Lamb, 1802-77. 
His Son-in-law. An English Friend; 
b. at Bere Regis, Dorset ; resided at Lis- 
keard, 1829-32 ; at Pool, near Redruth, 
1841-58; at Dorchester, 1858-77, and 
d. there. 

Beloe, William. The Sexagenarian. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 350. 

Belrose, Liouis, Jr. A Poet. An Ameri- 
can writer of the day, of Philadelphia. 

Belsham, Rev. Thomas. T. B. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 350. 

Belshaw, Robert Redman. R. i? 

An American(Q writer. 

Beuedictsson, Mrs. Victoria. 
Ahlgren. A Swedish authoress. 

Benham, Henry W., 1817-"^ 
Engineer Officer. An America' 
b. in Connecticut ; educ. at Wesi 
served with distinction in the civil >, 
1861-05 ; was engaged as a militarv en- 
gineer, 1869-82; on^the retired list, 1882- 
84 ; d. in New York City. 

Benjamin, Park. A Voyager ; P. B. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 350. 

Bennet, Rev. John. A Clergyman 
of the Church of England. An English 
divine ; curate of St. Mary's, Manchester. 

Bennet, William, 1746-1820. Za- 
varre Wilmhurst. An English clergy- 
man (?) ; b. in the Tower of London; 
Emanuel Coll., Cambridge, 1767 ; Bishop 
of Cloyne, 1794; d. in London. 

Bennett, Rev. . A Presbyterian. 

A Scottish minister of the Antiburgher 
Church, Cupar-Fife. 

Bennett, Charles, -1804. The Blind 
Organist. A English poet and musician j 
b. and d. at Truro ; organist of St. Mary's 
in that town, 1764-1804; travelled 
through Cornwall as a teacher of music. 

Bennett, E. Fidelis. An English 
printer, of South Petherton. 

Bennett, William. Lee Gibbons. An 
English solicitor of Chapel-en-le-Frith, 

" Lee Gibbons " is wrongly given in " I. and 
P." as the pseudonym of Thomas lioscoe, Jr. 

See " N. and Q.," May, 1885, p. 433. 
Bennett, Rev. William James 

Early, 1804-86. W.J.E.B.; The Vicar 

of Frome- Selwood. 

■ See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 350. 

Benson, Egbert, 1746-1833. Curator. 
An American jurist; b. in New York 
City; educ. at King's [now Columbia]. 
Coll., New York City ; attorney -general 
of New York, 1777-89 ; member of the 
continental congress, 1784-88 ; M.C. the 
1st and 2d congress ; and again in 1813- 
15; judge of the supreme court of New 
York, 1794-1808 ; and a regent of the 
New York Univ., 1789-1802 ; d. at Jamai- 
ca, L.I. 

Benson, William, 1682-1754. A 
Member of the House of Commons. An 
English critic and politician ; b. in Lon- 
don; travelled in Germany and Sweden, 
and on his return became the owner of 
considerable property in Dorsetshire and 
Wiltshire, and was made sheriff of the 
latter county in 1710; M.P., 1714-15; 
surveyor-general of works, 1715 ; auditor, 
17 — ; d. at Wimbledon. 




Bentham, Jeremiah. A Knight. An 
English lawyer of London ; tlie father of 
Jeremy; "had no great practice, but he 
made a considerable fortune by the pur- 
chase and sale of land. He was, accord- 
ing to one description of him, ' authorita- 
tive, restless, aspiring, and shabby.' He 
believed that pushing was the one thing 
needful in life, and he much regretted 
that his clever son would not act on this 
maxim. He was fond in a dilettante 
fashion of literature, and proud of own- 
ing Milton's house." 

Bentham, Jeremiy, 1747-1832. Anti- 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 351. 

Bentinck, Rt. Hon. George Augus- 
tus Frederick Cavendisli, 1821-. The 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 351. 

Bentley, Joseph. The Oldest School 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 351. 

Bentley, Richard, D.D., 1662-1742. 
Dismal Fellow ; A (jrentleman of the Tem- 
ple; N. 0., M.A. of the Same University ,• 
Phileleuthere de Leipzig ; Phileleutherus 
Lipsiensis ; Priscianus ; Richardus Criti- 
cus Cantabrigiensis. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 351. 

Benton, Thomas Hart, 1782-1858. 
Old Bullion. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 351. 

Bere, Rev. Thomas. The Curate of 
Blagdon. An English clergyman ; rector 
of Butcombe, near Bristol. 

Berenger, Richard, 1721-82. Philo- 
nous. An English writer; for many 
years gentleman of the horse to George 
III. ; nephew of Lord Cobham and Lady 
Lyttelton ; d. in London. 

Beresford-Hope, Alexander James, 
1820-87. Batavian Grace. An English 
statesman and journalist ; son of Thomas 
Hope, of London and " Deepdene," near 
Dorking; Univ. of Cambridge, 1841, 
when his political and literary career 
began ; at the time of his death he was 
M.P. for Cambridge Univ. ; d. in London. 

Berg, Mrs. Ijiua (Sandell). L. S. 
A Swedish writer of juvenile stories and 

Berger, Mrs. Charlotta (Cronh- 
jelm), 1784-1852. Ch*******. A Swed- 
ish novelist. 

Bergstrand, P. E., 1834-. Bias. A 
Swedish autlior. 

Bergstrand, Vilhelm Alexander, 
1850- . \V. B. Marcelhis. A Swedish 
journalist and miscellaneous writer. 

Berington, Joseph, 1746-1827. J. 
B — n ; A Catholic Priest. An English 

Catholic divine; b. at Winsley, Here- 
fordshire ; educ. at St. Omer ; after being 
ordained, he exercised his priestly func- 
tions for several years, and then returned 
to England ; between the years 1776 and 
1814 he published numerous philosophi- 
cal, historical, and theological works ; 
in or about 1786 he appears to have 
been the priest at Oscott, near Barr; 
afterwards resided for several years in 
the London district ; in 1814 was ap- 
pointed priest at Buckland, in Berkshire, 
where he died. 

Berington, Simon, 1679-. Signer 
Gaudentio di Lucca. An English Roman 
Catholic writer ; studied and took holy 
orders at Douay. 

Berkeley, Mrs. Eliza (Frinsham), 
1734-1800. The Editor. An English 
authoress ; b. at White Waltham, Wind- 
sor Forest; in 1761 she married the Rev. 
George, the son of Bishop Berkeley ; d. 
at Kensington. 

Berkeley, George, D.D., 1684-1753. 
Dion; D — B — .»/ / G. L. B. 0. C. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 351. 

Berkeley, Maurice Frederick Fitz- 
hardinge. Baron Fitzhardinge, and oth- 
ers, 1788-. The Other Surviving Sons of 
the Late Earl and Countess of Bei'kelei/. 
An English naval officer, second son of 
the 5th Earl of Berkeley. 

Bernard, Sir Thomas, 1750-1818. 
Trismegistus Secundits. An English bar- 
rister-at-law, and chancellor of the dio- 
cese of Durham; succeeded his brother, 
Sir John Bernard, in 1810. 

Berquin, Arnaud, 1749-91. The Edi- 
tor nf the "Looking Glassjbr the Mind." A 
French writer ; b. at Bordeaux ; d. at Paris. 

Berridge, Rev. Johu. Paith Work- 
less. An English clergyman. 

Berriman, William, D.D., 1688-1750. 
A Presbyter of the Diocese of London. An 
English divine ; b. in London ; educ. at 
Merchant Taylors' School, and Oriel 
Coll., Oxford ; was minister in London 
from 1712; from 1727, Eton was his 
summer residence. 

Berry, Sir Edward, 1768-1831. An 
Ojficer of Rank in the Squadron. An emi- 
nent English naval officer ; son of a 
London merchant; entered the navy in 
1779 ; made lieutenant in 1794 ; in the 
battle of the Nile was captain of the 
flag-ship, and caught Nelson, when 
wounded, in his arms and prevented 
him from falling ; became rear-admiral 
in 1821 ; but for several years before his 
death was incapal)le of active duty. 

Berry, Miss Mary, 1702-1852. The 
Editor of "Madame Da Defjdnd's Let- 




ters." An English -writer ; a friend of 
Horace Walpole, and one of his literary 

Berry, Miss Mary and Miss Agnes. 
Miss M. and 3Iiss A. B — ij. 

Bertram, James G. Bev. William 
M. Cooper, B.A. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 352. 

Besant, Walter, and Rice, James. 
TF. B. and J. R. ; Walter Maurice. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 352. 

BeskOTT, Bernhard von, Baron, 
1796-1868. Qvintiniis Carhasius. A 
Swedish poet, dramatist, and biographer ; 
secretary of the Swedish Acad. 

Best, John Richard; afterwards 
Beste, John Richard ; afterwards 
Beste, John Richard Digby. An Eng- 
lish Catholic ; An Old Author in a New 
Walk. An English writer of the day. 

Best, Eev. Robert. A Lancashire 
Minister. An English minister of the 
Independent Church, Kirkham. 

Bethusy - Hue, Valeska, grafin. 
Moritz V. Reichenbach. A German novel- 
ist of the day. 

Betts, Rev. Beverley Robinson. 
1827-. The Librarian. An American 
scholar and clergyman ; b. in New York 
City ; Columbia Coll., New York, 1846 ; 
librarian there, 1865-80. 

Betts, Rev. Henry John. A Pastor. 
An English clergyman. 

Betty, Rev. Joseph, 1730-31. Parson 
B. An English clergyman ; Hart Hall, 
Oxford, 1717; Cornish fellow of Exeter 
Coll., 1720; poisoned himself with laud- 
anum to escape his creditors. 

Bevan, E. F. E. F. B. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 352. 

Bevan, Rev. George Jones. A 
Country Parson. An English clergyman; 
of Worcester Coll., Oxford; B.A., 1811. 

Bevan, Robert Caspar Lee. R. C. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 352. 

Beverley, Robert, about 1675-1716. 
D. 8., Natif et habitant du Pays de Vir- 
ginie. An American historian ; became 
clerk of the council of Virginia about 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 352. 

Beverley, Rev. Robert Olackenzie. 
A Saint, a Member of the University of 

See " i. and P.," First Series, p. 352. 

Beyle, Marie Henri. Birkbeck ; 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 352. 

Biber, Rev. George Edvrard, LL.D. 
Ecclesiastes ; The Editor of the " Bull." 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 353. 

BickerstafFe, Isaac, about 1735- 
1812(7). I. B. ; Ambrose Gwinet ; Nyky. 
An Irish dramatist ; at the age of eleven 
he was appointed one of the pages to 
Lord Chesterfield, then lord-lieutenant 
of Ireland; between 1760 and 1771 he 
produced a score of pieces for the stage ; 
for many years he was admitted to the 
most intellectual society, but afterwards 
sunk into the deepest ignominy. 

BickueU, Alexander(?), -1796. Ed- 
loard Dorrington. An English author 
and industrious litte'rateur of the last 
quarter of the eighteenth century, whose 
writings received their due meed of faint 
praise or ridicule in the " Monthly Re- 
view," and are now forgotten ; d. in the 
St. Thomas's Hospital, London. 

Biddle, Clement, 1740-1814. C. B. 
An American " Quaker soldier " ; b. and 
d. in Philadelphia ; served as an officer 
in the Revolutionary War, and in the 
Whiskey Rebellion. 

Biddulph, Rev. Thomas Tregenna. 
A Clergyman ; The Parochial Clergyman; 
The Parochicd Mi?iister ; The Churchman. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 353. 

Bielby, Mrs. Marie Le Baron. 

Bigelow, Jacob, M.D., 1787-1879. 
One of the Committee of the American 
Academy. An American physician ; 
b. in Sudbury, Mass. ; Harv. Univ., 1806 ; 
studied medicine and opened his office in 
Boston in 1810; professor in Harv. 
Univ., 1815-55; d. in Boston. 

Bigelow, Melville Madison, 1846-. 
A Barrister. An American lawyer and 
poet ; b. at Eaton Rapids, Michigan ; 
Univ. of Michigan, 1866 ; afterwards 
studied at Cambridge ; Ph.D., 1879. 

BigeloTV, Mrs. Poultney. Daniel 
Burton. An American writer of the day. 

Bigg, Louisa. Louis Brand. An 
English writer of the day. 

Biglow, William. Harvard. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 353. 

Billingsley, Rev. John. A Protestant. 
An English clergyman, son of Rev. John 
(1657-1722) ; originally a dissenting 
minister at Dover; married a sister of 
Sir Philip Yorke, afterwards Lord-Chan- 
cellor Hardwicke; conformed, and ac- 
cepted a good living in the national 
church with a prebend in Bristol Ca- 

Bingham, Peregrine, the Younger, 
1788-1864. A Frie7id. An English legal 
writer, eldest son of P. Bingham, the 
Elder; educ. at Winchester School and 
at Magdalen Coll., Oxford ; called to the 
bar at the Middle Temple in 1818, and 
was for many years a legal reporter ; 




became one of the police magistrates at 
Great Marlborough Street, and resigned 
that appointment about four years before 
liis death ; d. in London (?). 

Bingham, WUliain, 1751-1804. An 
American now resident in London. An 
American politician ; b. in Philadelphia ; 
educ. at Philadelphia Coll. [now Univ. 
of Penn.] ; United States senator, 1795- 
1801; in 1797 being the president, pro 
tern.; d. at Bath, England. 

Binney, Thomas, D.D., LL.D., 1798- 
1874. A balance, Esq., of the Middle 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 354. 

Binzer, Emile von. Ernst Ritter. A 
German author. 

Birch, Thomas, D.D., 1705-66. B. ; 
Cleunder. An English clergyman ; b. at 
Clerkenwell ; educ. at Quaker schools ; 
rector of Depden, Suffolk, 1761-66; d. 
on the road from London to Harapstead. 

Birch, Thomas LefUie, -1808. An 
Irish Emigrant. An Irish Presbyterian 
minister ; was ordained minister of Saint- 
field, county Down, in 1776 ; in 1708 he 
was much mixed up with the insurrec- 
tion, and, having been tried by court- 
martial at Lisburn, was permitted to 
emigrate to America, where he died. 

Birch, Rev. Walter, B.D., 1774-1829. 
Mr. Smith, Demij of Magdalen College, Ox- 
ford. An English clergyman ; b. at South 
Thoresby, county Lincoln ; educ. at 
Rugby and Oxford ; rector of Stanway, 
Essex, 1817-29; and vicar of Stanton 
Bernard, Wiltshire, 1812-29. 

Bir<'h, William John. A ^Taster of 
Arts formerlfi of Balliol College of the Uni- 
versiti/ of Ccford. An English writer; 
New Inn Hall, Oxford ; Oxford, 1832. 

Bird, Robert Montgomery, M.D. A 
Ituiiihler at Home 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 354. 

Birt, William Kadcliff. The Editor 
of the " Lunar Map and Catalogue." An 
English meteorologist. 

Bisani, Alessandro. An Italian 
Gentleman. An Italian traveller of one 
hundred years ago. 

Bishop, Mrs. Isabella Bird. A Lady. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 354. 

Bishop, James. Mg Uncle Know-all. 
An Englisli miscellaneous writer, chiefly 
for the young. 

Bishop, John Baulch. An Elder of 
the Church. A Scottish ('/) religious 
writer of tlic day. 

Bishop, Samuel, 1731-05. S. and P. 
An English [)oet ; b. in London ; educ. 
at Oxford ; rector of St. Martin Outwlch, 
London, 1789-95, where lie died. 

Bissell, Mary L. M. L. B. An 

American writer of the day. 

Bisset, Kev. William, -1747. Mr. 

B — t. An English clergyman ; b. in 

Middlesex ; educ. at Westminster School 
and at Trin. Coll., Cambridge; rector of 
Whiston, 1697-1747 ; he was made chap- 
lain to Queen Caroline. 

Bitzius, Albert. A Schoolmaster. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 354. 

Black, Emily Julia. Emilie. An 
English poet. 

Black, Helen. Helen Dhu. An 
American(?) writer; published at New 
York in 1855. 

Black, William. A Deerstalker. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 354. 

Black, William Henry, 1808-72. 
Hari Dhu. A Scottish antiquary ; eldest 
son of John Black, of Kintore, Aber- 
deenshire ; educ. at a private school ; 
and at seventeen years of age became 
himself a tutor among the families re- 
siding at Tulse Hill and neighborhood; 
afterwards obtained a jjosition in the 
Public Record Office, becoming at last 
assistant keeper ; he was also pastor of 
the Seventh Daj' Baptists. 

Blackburne, Francis, 1705-87. A. 
B. C. An Englisli clergyman ; b. at 
Richmond, Yorkshire; educ. at Cam- 
bridge ; archdeacon of Cleveland, 1750- 

Blackburne, Francis, M.A., 1782- 
1867. AMemberofa Law-Societg. An Irish 
lawyer ; b. at Great Footstown, county 
Meath; educ. at Trinity Coll., Dublin; 
studied law at tliat city and in London, 
and called to tlie bar, 1805 ; attorney- 
general of Ireland, 1830-34, and again in 
1841; master of the rolls in Ireland, 
1842; chief-justice of the queen's bench, 
1846; chancellor of Ireland, 1852; lord 
ciiancellor of appeal, 1867. 

Blackburne, Lancelot, 1658-1743. 
Lancelot. An English clergyman; b. in 
London; educ. at Westminster and Ox- 
ford ; archbisliop of York, 1724-43 ; d. at 

Blackford, Mrs. Hattie. Fanng 

Blackiston, Dr. . A Wgkeham- 

ist. An Englisli clergyman of the eigh- 
teenth century. 

Blacklock, Thomas, D.D., 1721-91. 
Valerius Corvinus. A Scottish clergy- 
man ; b. at Awnan, in Dumfrieshire ; 
l)ccanie blind when a child; passed his 
life chiefly at Edinburgh, teaching. 

Blackmore, Richard Doddridge, 
1825-. A l\farkel (iardener. An Eng- 
lish novelist; b. at Longwortli, Berk- 




shire ; educ. at Tiverton school and 
Exeter Coll., Oxford; called to the bar 
at the Middle Temple in 1852; and 
afterwards practised as a conveyancer; 
seems to have devoted his life chiefly to 

Blackmore, Sir Richard, M.D., 
-1729. The Cheapside Knight. An Eng- 
lish writer ; son of an attorney in Wilts. ; 
and educ. at Oxford ; physician in ordi- 
nary to William III., 1697. 

Blackstoiie, WiUiam. W. S. Clith- 
eroiv ; The Laivjier. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 355. 

Blaikie, AVilliam Garden, D.D., 
LL.D., 1820-. W. a. B. An eminent 
Scottish clergyman ; b. at Aberdeen ; 
educ. at the grammar school and univer- 
sity of his native town ; minister of the 
Pilrig Free Church, Edinburgh, from 
1843 ; professor in the Univ. of Edin- 
burgh, 1868-87 et seq. 

Blair, Willie. A Violinist. An Eng- 
lish poet of the day; the Queen's late 

Blaisdell, Mrs. A. H. Ag7ies Gragg. 
An American WTiter of the day, of 

Blake, Mrs. . Edith Osborne, 


Blake, Anthony Richard. An Irish 
Roman Catholic. Aw Irish religious writer. 

Blake, Charles. An Englishman ; A 
Merchant. An English miscellaneous 

Blake, Mrs. Lillie Devereux, 1835-. 
yEsop ; Tiger Lily. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 355. 

Blake, Mrs. Mary E. M. E. B. An 
American lady; wife of Dr. John G. 
Blake, of Boston ; correspondent of the 
Boston "Journal." 

Blake, William. W. B. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 355. 

Blake, William O. Thomas H. Pres- 
cott. An American writer of Columbus, 


Blakeman, Bessie C. Oro Noque. 

An American writer of the day for youiig 

Blakeney, William, Lord Blakeney, 
1672-1761. An Officer. An Irish offi- 
cer ; b. at Mount Blakeney, county Lim- 
erick; served in the army with distinc- 
tion ; became lieutenant-general in 1747, 
and lieutenant-governor of Minorca ; 
and, as the governor stayed at home, he 
held the chief command for ten years ; 
defended the place against the French 
for seventy days ; he was made then 
a peer of Ireland, as Lord Blakeney, of 
Mount Blakeney. 

Blamire, Susannah, 1747-94. 7^he 
Muse of Cumberland. An English poet; 
b. in county Cumberland; resided for 
some 3'ears in Scotland, and wrote Scot- 
tish lyrics of great beauty and elegance. 

Blanc, Jean Joseph LiOiiis. Welter. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 355. 

Blanchard, Joshua Pollard, 1782- 
1868. ./. P. B.; A Citizen of Boston. 
An American peace advocate ; labored 
in this cause with Dr. W. E. Chan- 
ning and Noah Webster; d. in Boston, 

Bland, . The Grand Chaplain 

of the Grand Arch Chapter of Massachxi- 

Bland, Richard, 1710-76. The Vir- 
ginia Antiquary, An American states- 
man; b. in Virginia; educ. at William 
and Mary Coll., and at the Univ. of 
Edinburgh; a delegate to the continental 
congress, 1774; d. at Williamsburg, Va. 

Bland, Theodoric, 1742-90. Cassius. 
An American physician; b. in Prince 
George Co., Va.; educ. in England and 
Scotland, studying medicine at the 
Univ. of Edinbui'gh ; he practised his 
profession for some years, and served 
witii great distinction in the Revolution- 
ary War; d. in New York City. 

Blanqnet, Albert. Ghnjsale. A 
French dramatist of the day. 

Blanshard, Richard, Esq. A Mer- 
chant. An English economical and finan- 
cial writer. 

Blauvelt, . Gregonj Glacier, Gent. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 356. 

Blaze de Bury, Mme. Marie Pau- 
line Rose (Stewart). ^1. ^4. ^4. 

See " I. and J^.," First Series, p. 356. 

Blegny, Nicholas de, 1652-1722. 
Abraham Du Pradel. A French surgeon ; 
rose to be surgeon of tlie queen, of the 
due d'Orleans, and of the king ; he was 
afterwards condemned to prison for 

Blennerhasset, Harman, J764(?)- 
1831. Querist. An Irish lawyer and 
politician; b. in Hampshire, England, 
during a temporary visit ; educ. at West- 
minster and Dublin ; came to this coun- 
try in 1796, and in 1798 purchased the 
upper part of a beautiful island on the 
Ohio, two miles below Parkersburg ; in 
1806 became implicated in the plans of 
Aaron Burr ; returned to Ireland in 1822, 
and d. at the island of Guernsey. 

Blessington, Marguerite (Power 
Farmer), Gardiner, Countess of. 
1789-1849. An Elderlij Gentleman; An 
Elderli/ Ladij. 

See" I. and P.," First Series, p. 356. 




Blew, Robert W. Uncle Bob. An 
American writer of the day, for the 
young, of Memphis. 

Bliss, E. V. E. V. B. An American 

writer of tlie clay, of New York. 

Bliss, Francis C. Octavius. An 
American publisher of Newark, N.J. 

Bliss, George, 179o-]87o. A Bepub- 
lican. An American lawyer ; b. and d. 
in Springfield, Mass.; Yale Coll, 1813; 
studied law, was admitted to the bar, and 
commenced practice at Monson, Mass. ; 
after seven years he returned to Spring- 
field, and formed a law partnership with 
Jonathan Dwight, Jr. ; from 1860 he 
lived in retirement in that city. 

Bliss, LiConard, Jr. L. B. An 
American writer ; b. at Rehoboth, Bristol 
Co., Mass. 

Blizard, Sir William, 1743-1835. 
An Aged Person ; C'urtius. An English 
stn-geon ; b. at Barn Elms, in Surrey ; 
studied at the London and St. Bartholo- 
mew Hospitals ; in 1780 was appointed 
surgeon of the London Hospital ; he was 
elected F.R.S. in 1787, and was thrice 
president of the College of Surgeons. 

Blodget, Samuel, 1724-1807. 06- 
serrator. An American statistician at 
Washington, in 1801, etc. ; was b. in 
Wol)urn, and d. in Haverhill, Mass. 

Blondet, Emile. Paul Mahalln. A 
French writer of the day. 

Blooflgood, Simeon De Witt. An 

Sec " I. and P.," First Series, p. 357. 

Bloomfield, Cireorge. A Parishioner 
of St. Peter's. An English poet. 

Blount, Mrs. Martlia, 1090-1762. A 
Ladij. An English lady, a friend of 
Pope ; probably b. at the family seat, 
Mapledurham, near Reading; educ. at 
Hammersmith and at Paris ; she continued 
to live at Mapledurham with her inotJier, 
her Ijrother, and sister, 1710-15; but 
from that time she, with her motlier and 
sister, had a country residence at Peters- 
ham, and a town house in London ; Pope 
bequeathed to her one thousand pounds, 
three score of his books, his household 
goods, chattels, and plate, the furniture 
of his grotto, the urns in his garden, and 
the residue after all bequests were jiaid. 
She lived at last in Berkeley Row, by 
Hanover Square. 

Blower, Elizabeth. A Younrj Ladij. 
An English writer of one hundred years 

Blunt, Alexander. Punchinello. An 
English poet and satirical writer of the 
first part of tiie eighteeiitli century. 

Blunt, Rev. John Henrj', 1823-84. 

A Doubting Disciple : A Working Clergy- 
man. An English clergyman ; b. at Chel- 
sea ; educ. at a private school, and at Univ. 
Coll., Durham ; vicar of Kennington, 
near Oxford, 1868 ; and rector of Bevers- 
ton in Gloucestershire, 1873-84 ; d. in 

Blunt, John James, 1794-1855. The 
Lady Margartt Professor of Divinity. An 
English divine ; b. at Newcastle-nnder- 
Lyme in Staffordshire ; B.A. at St. 
John's Coll., Cambridge, 1810 ; rector of 
Great Oakley in Essex, 1834-39; Lady 
Margaret Professor, 1839-55 ; d. at 

Blunt, Walter. W. B. An English 
clergyman ; Cains Coll., Cambridge, 1835 ; 
rector of Bicknor w. Huckinge, 1858-80 
et seq. 

Blyth, Edward, 1810-73. Zoophilus. 
An English zoologist ; b. in London ; 
curator of the museum of the Asiatic 
Society at Calcutta, 1841-62; in 1862 
his health compelled him to return to 
England, when a pension of £150 a year 
was granted to him ; d. in London('?). 

Boaz, H. H. B. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 358. 

Bogart, Miss Elizabeth. Estelle. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 358. 

Boggs, Rev. Edward B. The Rector. 
An American clergyman ; rector of St. 
Matthew's Church, "Bedford, 1863, and 
editor of " The Church Review," etc.. 
New Haven, Conn., 1875-80; in 1882 
rector at Newark, N.J. 

Bogue, David, 1750-1825. A Dis- 
senter. An English independent minister ; 
b. at Hallydown, Coldingham, Berwick- 
shire; studied for the ministry at the 
Univ. of Edinbui'gh ; was one of the 
founders of the London Missionary So- 
ciety ; d. at Brighton. 

Bohn, Henry George, 1796-1884. ^1 
Bookseller. An English bookseller and 
publisher; b. in London; commenced 
))usiness on his own account in 1831 ; in 
1864 he sold out to Bell & Daldy, after- 
wards Bell & Sons, who succeeded him in 
his biisiness ; he resided at Twickenham 
from 1850, where he died. 

Bohun, William. A Gentleman of 
the Inner Temple. An English law 
writer early in the eighteenth century. 

Bolandcr, Sophie, 1807-1869. 
S — e — der. A Swedish novelist. 

Bold, Rev. John, B.A., 1679-1751. 
A Presbyter of the Church of England ; A 
Minister. An English clergyman ; b. at 
Leicester; St. John's Coll., Cambridge, 
1698; minister at Stoney Stanton, 1702- 
51, where he died. 




Bolingbroke, Henrj' St. John, 1st 

Viscount. \V. Ralei(/h ; Bull. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 358. 

Bolivar, Simon, 1783-1830. The 
Liberator. An eminent South American 
patriot ; b. at Caracas ; d. at San Pedro. 

BoUes, John Augustus, LL.D. J. 
A. B. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 358. 

Bolton, Rev. Richard Knott. A 
Country Clei-gi/mcm. An English poet 
and prose writer of the day. 

Bon, Mme. Klisabeth de. Mme. 
Elisabeth de £***. A French writer. 

Bonaparte, Napoleon Louis, -1831. 
iV. L. B. A French writer ; brother of 
Napoleon III. ; d. at Forli. 

Bonaparte, Napoleon and Lucien. 
Lacretelle le jeune. 

Bonaparte, he Prince Napoleon 
Charles, 1835-. Ern. Hubaine. A 
French writer ; b. at Rome ; became a 
captain in the Algerian sharpshooters, 
and was engaged in the Mexican expe- 

Bonar, Rev. Andre^v Redman. A 
2Iinister of the Church of Scotland. A 
Scottisli minister ; of Canongate Church, 

Bonhote, Mrs. Elizabeth, 1744-1818. 
A Lady ; His Sister. An English author- 
ess ; was the wife of Daniel Bonhote, 
solicitor of Bungay ; her first work was 
published in 1773 anonymously; it was 
the "Rambles of Mr. Frankley, by his 
sister " ; she wrote quite a number of 
popular books after this ; d. at Bungay. 

Bonnet, L'Abbe, I. E. Un Habitant 
de Id Pennsylvanie ; Un Citoyen adopt If 
de Pennsylvanie. 

See " i. and P.," First Series, p. 359. 

Bonniere, R. de. Janvs. A French 
writer of the day. 

Booth, Rev. George, 1791-1859. 
Etonensis. ' An English scliolar ; b. at 
Rotherham ; educ. at Eton and Oxford ; 
vicar of Findon, Sussex, 1833-59, and 
d. tliere. 

Booth, Henry, 1788-1869. A Share- 
holder. An English railway projector ; 
b. in Liverpool ; privately educ. at Gate- 
acre, near Liverpool ; in 1822 he devoted 
himself to the forming and promoting 
railway construction; and wrote many 
works connected directly or indirectly 
with this subject ; d. at his residence, 
Eastbourne, Princes Park, Liveri^ool. 

Booth, John. A Near Observer. An 
English bookseller, of London. 

Booth, William. The General of the 
Salvation Army. An Englishman of the 

Booth-Daphne, Mrs. Otto. Rita. 

See " 1. and P.," First Series, p. 359. 

Boozer, H. W. " Common Sense." 
An American writer of the day, of Wor- 
cester, Mass.C?). 

Bordley, John Beale, 1728-1804. 
B. ; J. B. B. An American writer on 
agriculture ; d. in Philadelphia. 

Borlase, Rev. William, 1695-1772. 
A Cornish Genius. An English anti- 
quary ; b. at Pendeen ; educ. at Oxford ; 
rector of Ludgvan, 1722-72, and d. there. 

Bornemann, Mary. OraquiU. An 
American writer of the day; published 
at San Francisco in 1876. 

Borth%vick, Jane. H. L. L. An 
English writer of the day. 

Bosanquet, Augustus. The Nephew 
of an East India Director. An English 
writer of the day. 

Boscawen, Mrs. Frances (Glan- 
ville). Mrs. £«»**«. An English 
lad}' ; daughter of William Evelyn 
Glanville, of St. Clair, Kent; in 1742 
married Admiral Edward Boscawen ; she 
is spoken of as the " accomplished Mrs. 
Boscawen " ; resided for many years at 
Rosedale, Richmond, formerly the home 
of Thomson the poet, and d. in 1805. 

BoscaAven, Hon. and Rev. Nicholas, 
D.D., 1726-93. Beverendo. An English 
clergyman ; dean of Buryan ; d. at 
Quendon, Essex. 

Bostroni, Harald. IL — Id B — m. A 
Swedisii writer. 

Boswell, James. J*** B*** ; A 
Gentleman of Scotland ; A Young Scots- 
man, etc. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 359. 

Boswell, Rev. John, 1698-1756. A 
Presbyter of the Church of England. An 
English clergyman ; b. at Dorchester ; 
educ. at Oxford and Cambridge ; vicar 
of St. Mary Magdalene, Taunton, 1727- 
56, and d. there. 

Boucher, Rev. Jonathan, 1738-1804. 
^1 Cumberland Man. An English Ameri- 
can Episcopal clergyman ; b. at Blen- 
cogo, in the county of Cumberland ; 
came to this country in 1754 ; after oc- 
cupying several parishes here he re- 
turned finally to England, 1775 ; and 
was vicar of Epsom, Surrey, 1784-99 ; 
when he removed to Carlisle, where he 
resided till his death. 

Boughton, George Henry, 1836-. 
The Puritan. An English artist; b. in 
Norfolk, Eng. ; passed his youth in Al- 
bany, N.Y. ; in 1853 he retui'ned to Eng- 
land, to study art ; removed to London 
permanently, where he has since passed 
the most of his time. 




Boulard, Antoine 3Iarie Henri. 

A. M. H. B. A French notary of 
Paris, known for his passion for col- 
lecting Vjooks ; of which he accumulated 
more than five hundred thousand, with- 
out regard to what they were, which 
were sold, after his deatli in 1825, at 
auction, many of them for scarcely 
more than the price of waste paper. 

Boulton, Thomas. T. B. An Eng- 
lisli dramatist ; probably of Liverpool, 
where his drama was published. 

Bourier, Jean Baptiste. A Parish 
Priest. A French divine ; bishop of 
Le Mans. 

Bourinot, John George, 1837-. The 
Secretary of the Roijid Societij of Canada. 
A Canadian author; b. in Sydney, N.S. ; 
educ. at Trin. Coll., Toronto ; has been a 
journalist ; chief clerk of the Dominion 
House of Commons since 1880. 

Bourn, Samuel, 1689-1754. A Con- 
sistent Christian ; A Consistent Protestant ; 
A Lover of Truth and Liberty ; A Protes- 
tant Dissenter. An English Dissenter ; b. 
at Calne, Wiltshire ; educ. at Bolton and 
Manchester ; minister at Birmingham and 
at Coseley, 1732-54 ; resided and d. at 

Bourne, Vincent, 1695-1747. V. B. 
An English writer of Latin poetry ; an 
usher in Westminster School ; elected to 
the Univ. of Cambridge, 1714 ; was a mas- 
ter of Westminster School, 1721-47 ; d. at 

Bourne, William Oland. B. An 
American writer of the day. 

Bowden, John, D.D., 1751-1817. A 
Weaver ; A Protestant. 

Sec? " T. and P.," First Series, p. 360. 

Bowditch, Ilenrj' Ingersoll, M.D., 
1808-. IL I. B. An American physi- 
cian; b. at Salem, Mass.; Ilarv. Univ., 
1828; M.D., 1832; professor there, 1859- 
67 ; and chairman of the State Board of 
Healtli, 1869-79. 

Bo-\ven, VvQw Charles J. A Priest. 

See " I. and 1'.," First Scries, p. 360. 

Bo wen, Francis, 181 1-. /'. B. An 
American author; b. at Cliarlestown, 
Mass. ; Ilarv. Univ., 1833 ; professor 
there, 1853-87. 

Bo"wen, Nathan. A Native of Neiv 
Enfjlaud. An American writer; justice 
of the peace, and notary public of Mar- 
blehead in tlie last century. 

Bowie, John, 1725-88. Don Bowl,'. 
An English writer on Spani.sli literature; 
descended from Dr. John Bowie, bisliop 
of Rochester; educ. at Oriel Coll., <),\- 
ford ; vicar of Idmeston, in Wiltshire, 
1750-88, where he died. 

Bowles, John, 1751-1819. A Lay- 
man. An English barrister of Lon- 
don ; commissioner of bankrupts ; d. 
at Bath. 

BoAAdes, William Lisle. " One of tlie 
funilii of the Bowleses " ; A Member of the 
University of Oxford ; A True Patriot and 
Good Man. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 361. 

Bowman, Eddowes, 1810-69. B. An 
English Dissenter; b. at Nantwich; educ. 
at Hazlewood, near Birmingham; in 1840 
graduated M.A. at Glasgow, and then stud- 
ied at Berlin ; classical professor in the 
Manchester New College, 1846-53 ; d. in 

Bowman, Jacob Li. Hans Patrick 
Le Connor. An American writer of the 
day, of St. Louis (?). 

Bowman, J. M. Christojilier Roniannt. 
An American writer of the day. 

Bowness, William, 1809-67. An 
Artist. An English painter; b. at Ken- 
dal; he was self-taught; and, after some 
practice in his native town, — soon after 
his twentieth year, — lie went to London, 
and achieved considerable success as a 
portrait and figure painter; he is the 
author of a number of poems in the 
Westmoreland dialect ; d. in London. 

Bowyer, William, 1699-1777. Archi- 
tectus Verborum. An eminent English 
painter and publisher ; b. in Dogwell 
Court, White Fryars, London ; from 
1722 till his death he was employed as 
an author, editor, printer, and publislier. 

Boyd, Andrew^ Kennedy Hutchison. 
A. K. U. B. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 361. 

Boyd, .James P. A Member of the 
Neto Orleans Bar. An American writer 
of the (lay. 

Boyd.^John. Her Father. A Scottisli 
writer; father of Mary Boyd. 

Boyd, Mary. .1 Departed Child. A 
Scottisli child ; daughter of Kev. John 

Boyle, . An Expelled Correspon- 
dent. An English joiUMialist of the day ; 
correspondent of the " Standard '' (L.). 

Boyle, Acland. Von Boyle. An 
.'Vmerican journalist of the day, of 
Philadelphia, in the German dialect. 

Boyle, Hon. Eleanor Vere (Gor- 
don). E. V. B. 

See "I. and P.," First Scries, p. 361. 

Boynton, Charles Brandon. A 
Ijooker on from America. 

See "I. and P.," First Scries, p. 361. 

Boys, Thomas, 1792-1880. An Old 
Peninsular; Vedette. An English anti- 
quary and theologian; b. at Sandwich; 




educ. at Cambridge ; incumbent of Holy 
Trinity, Hoxton, 1848-80. 

Boyse, Rev. Joseph, 1660-1728. J. B., 
Dissenting Minister ; W.B.,D.D. An Eng- 
lish Presbyterian minister ; b. at Leeds ; 
was one of sixteen children of Matthew 
Boyse, formerly elder of the church at 
Rowley, New England, and afterwards 
a resident, for about eighteen years, at 
Boston, Mass. ; was minister at Dublin 
for forty-live years from 1683. 

Brade, WDliani. An Old-Clothes 
Philosopher. An English writer of the 
da J'. 

Bradford, Charles Frederic, 1806- 
87. C. F. B. An American poet ; Hon- 
orary A.M. at Harv. Univ. in 1860 ; b. 
and d. in Boston. 

Bradford, George Partridge, A.M. 
B. An American gentleman; Harv. 
Univ., 1825 ; in 1887 resided in Cam- 
biidge and Concord, Mass. 

Bradford, J. E. J. E. B. An 
American writer. 

Bradford, John. Josias Homelij. An 
English novelist of the day(?). 

Bradford, William John Alden, 
1797-1858. W. J. A. B. An American 
lawyer ; b. in Wiscasset, Me. ; Harv. 
Univ., 1816 ; studied law and practised 
his profession in Essex and New Bed- 
ford, Mass. ; then went to Iowa, and 
practised at Dubuque ten or twelve 
years ; later, returned to Boston ; d. at 
sea, on the passage from Central Amer- 
ica to New York. 

Bradley, Rev. Charles, 1789-1871. 
A Clergyman of the Church of England. 
An English divine; b. at Halstead, 
Essex ; he was for a time a member 
of St. Edmund Hall, Oxford, but took 
no degree ; curate of High Wycombe 
in 1812; here for many years he com- 
bined the work of a private tutor with 
the sole charge of a large parish ; was 
vicar of Glasbury, in Brecknockshire, 
1825-71 ; incumbent of St. James' 
Chapel at Clapham, in Surrey, 1829- 
52 ; spent the latter part of his life at 
Cheltenham, and d. there. 

Bradley, Daniel B. D. B. B. An 
English colonial writer, of Bangkok. 

Bradley, Emily. Clara Cushman. 

Bradley, Rev. Richard Beadon, 
18U3-51. Arthur O'B. An English 
clergyman ; b. at Minehead ; for a time 
curate of the East Church, Teignmouth, 
wliere he died. 

Braeme, Charlotte M. A Sister of 
Mercy; Bertli.aM.Clay. A Roman Cath- 
olic writer of England ; a voluminous 
author of the day. 

Brampton, James. A New York 
Detective. An American writer of the 

Bramston, James, 1694(?)-1744. 
The Author of the "Art of Politicks." An 
English poet; educ. at Westminster 
School and Christ Church, Oxford ; vicar 
of Lurgashall, Sussex, 1723, and of Hart- 
ing, in the same county, 1725. 

Brander, O. — r. A Swedish 

Brandrup, Marie. Marie Widdem. 
A German writer of the day. 

Bransby, James Hews, 1783-1847. 
Monticola. An English Unitarian min- 
ister ; b. at Ipswich ; educ. at Exeter 
Academy ; was chiefly a schoolmaster ; 
d. at Bron'r Hendref, near Carnarvon. 

Brash, John, and others. The Ed- 
itor of the Ts^ing's Highway. English 
journalists and writers of London. 

Brasher, A. A. B. A Scottish 
writer of the daj^ 

Braun, Karl Johann, ritter von 
Braunthal, 1802-67. Jean Charles. A 
German poet and novelist, b. in Eger; 
retired to Vienna, and d. there. 

Bray, Rev. Thomas, 1656-1730. A 
Sincere Lover of our Protestant Establish- 
ment. An English divine ; b. at Marton 
in Shropshire ; educ. at Oxford ; in 1 695 
lie was selected to be sent to Maryland 
as commissary to the bishop of London, 
but was not able to go there till 1699 ; 
no less than 39 libraries — the first at 
Annapolis — were established through 
his instrumentality in North America ; 
he did not remain in Maryland, as it was 
found that he could do more for the 
church by returning home and working- 
there ; he became vicar of St. Botolph 
Without, Aldgate, in 1706, and re- 
iuained(?) there till his death, devoting 
himself to tlie founding of libraries in 
Great Britain and America; to the pro- 
moting the instruction of the negroes, 
and establishing a colony in America to 
provide for the poor who could not find 
employment at home. 

Bray, Thomas, D.D., 1706-85. Mr. 
Boots. An English clergyman ; b. at 
Stratton ; rector of Exeter College, 1771- 
85 ; d. at Exeter. 

Brazer, John, D.D., 1790-1846. ,/. B. 
An American clergyman ; b. in Wor- 
cester, Mass. ; Harv. Univ., 1813 ; pro- 
fessor of Latin there, 1817-20 ; pastor at 
Salem, Mass., 1820-46 ; d. at Charleston, 
S C 

Break, James Lloyd, 1818-76. A 
Missionary. An Ameri(;an clergyman ; 
b. in Philadelphia ; educ. at the Univ. of 




Pennsylvania, and the General Theologi- 
cal Seminary, New York City ; devoted 
his life to the missionar3' service at the 
West ; d. at Benicia, Cal. 

Brekell, Rev. John, 1697-1769. .7. B. ; 
Verus. An English Presbyterian ; b. at 
North Meols, Lancashire ; minister at 
Liverpool for more than forty years, and 
d. there. 

Brenan, Joseph, 1829-57. J.B. An 
Irish poet ,• b. in the North of Ireland ; 
becoming implicated in a revolutionary 
movement at Tipperarv, he fled to this 
country in 1849 ; was for several years 
on the staff of the New Orleans "Delta," 
and d. in that city. 

Brent, Henry Johnson, 1811-80. 
J. B. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 363. 

Brett, Robert, 1808-74. B. B. ; The 
Editor of " The Churchman's Guide to 
Faith." An English surgeon ; b. at or 
near Luton (?), Bedfordshire ; entered at 
St. George's Hosjiital, London, as a medi- 
cal pupil, and passed his examinations 
in 1830 ; he practised at Stoke Newing- 
ton for many years till his death. 

Breval, John Durant de, 1680- 
1739. J. D. B. ; Joseph Ga>i. 

See " I. and P.." First Series, p. 363. 

Brevint, Daniel, D.D., 1016-95. A 
Late Author. An English polemical and 
devotional author; b. in the isle of 
Jersey ; educ. at the Univ. of Saumur on 
the Loire ; fellow of Jesus Coll., Oxford, 
1637 ; dean of Lincoln, 1681-82 to 1695, 
and d. at tlie deanery house. 

Brewer, William A. The Present 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 363. 

Brewster, Mrs. Ann Hampton 
(Harris), 1818-. Emma Dnvul. An 
American writer ; b. in IMiiladelpliia ; in 
1886 resident in Rome, Italy; has writ- 
ten for "Blackwood," etc. 

Brice, Andrew, 1690-1773. Democri- 
liis Jiirenal. An English printer; b. at 
Exeter ; apprenticed himself for five 
years, as a printer, to a tradesman in 
his native city ; commenced business 
on his own account in 1714; became 
the oldest master printer in England, 
but parted with his business for an 
annuity, and retired to a country house 
near Exeter. 

Bridge, Rev. Henry 31. A Minister. 
An American clergyman. 

Bridges, Mrs. Colonel . Afrs. 

Forrester. An English novelist of the 

Bridges, Thomas. Cotton, Junior. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 364. 

Briggs, Charles Frederick. H. F. 

[Harry Franco], 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 364. 

Briggs, George Ware, D.D. G. W.B. 
An American clergyman; Brown Univ., 
1825 ; Cambridge Divinity School, 1834 ; 
in 1887 was pastor at Cambridgeport, 

Brighani, Charles Henry, 1820-79. 
C. H. B. An American clergyman ; b. 
in Boston; Ilarv. L'niv., 1839; Cam- 
bridge Divinity School, 1844 ; minister 
at Ann Arbor, Mich., 1866-77 ; professor 
at Meadville, Penn., 1860-77 ; d. at 
Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Brigham, WiUiam, 1806-69. W. B. 
An American lawj^er ; b. at Grafton, 
Mass; Harv. Univ., 1829; studied law 
and practised in Boston, 1832-69, and 
d. there. 

Brine, Rev. Edw^ard. The Chaplain. 
An English clerg\'man ; Queen's Coll., 
Cambridge, 1842 ; chaplain of the Eng- 
lish Church at the Hague, 1851-87. 

Brine, George, -1881. The King of 
the Vagrants. An English beggar; d. at 
the Union workhouse at Sherborne. 

Brinley, George, 1819-57. G. B., 
T. C, C. An English essayist; b. at 
Cambridge ; educ. at Trin. Coll., Cam- 
bridge ; college librarian, 1845-57, and 
d. there ; most of his writings appeared 
in the "Spectator," or in "Eraser's 

Brior, J. The Butler of Brasenose 

Briscoe, John Ivatt. J Member of 
the fJniversitij of Oxford. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 364. 

Bristed, Charles Astor. C. A. B. ; 
Carl Benson ; Colonel Cranberri/ Faster. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 364. 

Brittain. Thomas, 1806-84. Brittan- 
icHs. An Englisli naturalist ; b. at Shef- 
field ; settled in Manchester in 1842, 
and continued to live there the re- 
mainder of his life, and d. there. 

Brittan, Samuel B. S. B. B. ; A 
Dweller in the Temple. An American 
spiritualist of the day. 

Brock, Irving. A Member of the 
Spilal-felds Benevolent Society. An Eng- 
lish writer early in the nineteenth cen- 

Brock, R. A. Civis. An American 
writer of the day ; a member of the Vir- 
ginia Historical and Pliilosophical So- 
ciety, Richmond, Va. 

Brockedon, William, 1787-1854. An 
Alpine Traveller. An I'higlish author 
and painter; b. at Totnes; afterwards 
lived chiefly in London, and d. there. 




Broderip, Mrs. Frances Freeling 
(Hood), lb30-78. His Daaghter. An 
linglish lady ; daughter of Thomas 
Hood; b. at Winchmore Hill, Middlesex ; 
in 1849 she married Rev. John Somer- 
ville Broderip, rector of Cossington, 
Somersetshire (1844-66) ; in 1857 she 
commenced her literary career; d. at 

Brodie, Sir Benjamin Collins, Bart., 
D.C.L., r.R.S.,178o-1862. B.C.B. An 
eminent English surgeon ; b. at Winters- 
low, in Wiltshire; sergeant surgeon to 
Queen Victoria ; d. at Bromepark, Betch- 
worth, Surrey. 

Brodie, Erasmus Henry. Gerald. 
An English poet; one of Her Majesty's 
inspectors of schools. 

Brokel, Johanna Antonie. Antonie 
Brook. A German novelist of the day. 

Bromley, Walter, Esq. An Old 
Officer. An English writer ; paymaster 
of 23d Regiment of Welsh Fusileers. 

Bromwell, William. E.B. An 
American writer; a Philadelphia(?) rail- 
road man. 

Brooke, Miss . Fairfax Bi/rnne. 

An American novelist of the day. 

Brooke, Mrs. Frances (Moore), 
1724-89. The Editor, Afan/ iSiiif/leton, 
Spinster ; F. B. An English authoress ; 
daughter of Rev. William Moore ; M'as 
married about 1756 to the Rev. John 
Brooke, D.D., rector of Colney, Norfolk, 
and chaplain to the garrison of Quebec ; 
soon after their marriage they left Eng- 
land for that city on his garrison duties ; 
d. at Sleaford, Lincolnshire. 

Brooke, Rev. Henry, 1694-1757. 
JoJin Collier. An English divine and 
schoolmaster; b. at Manchester; educ. 
at Manchester and at Oxford ; head mas- 
ter of Manchester grammar school, 1727- 
49; rector of Tamworth, Gloucestershire, 
1730-57, and d. there. 

Brooke, John Charles, F.S.A., Esq., 
1748-94. J.B.; .1 . C. B. An English 
antiquary ; b. at Fieldhead, in the parish 
of Silkstone, near Sheffield; became 
Somerset Herald in 1777 ; with Mr. 
Pingo, York Herald, and fourteen other 
persons^ he perished in the fatal catastro- 
phe of the third of February, 1794, in 
attempting to get into the pit at the 
Little Theatre, in the Playmarket. 

Brook, N., M.D. A Gentleman, etc. An 
English physician, of Bath; left England 
in 1785 to make an investigation of the 
commerce of Italy witli Great Britain ; on 
his return, he was afflicted witli blindness. 

Brookes, E. A Pupil. A pupil at 
Bruce Castle School, Tottenham. 

Brookes, Rev. Joshua, 1754-1821. 
Rec. Joseph Rivers; Rev. Josiah Stream- 
let; Knave of Clubs; St. Crispin. An 
English eccentric ; b. at Cheadle-Hume, 
near Stockport; his father, a shoemaker, 
who soon removed to Manchester, was a 
cripple, known by the name of " Pontius 
Pilate " ; the son was educ. at Oxford ; 
chaplain to the collegiate church of 
Manchester, 1790-1821. 

Brookfield, William Henry, 1809- 
1874. Fraid- Whitestock. An English 
divine ; b. at Sheffield ; educ. at Cam- 
bridge ; rector of Somerby-cum-Humby, 
near Grantham, 1865-74 ; residing chiefly 
in London. 

Brooks, Rev. Charles, 1795-1872. 
An American resident in Paris. An 
American clergyman ; b. in Medford, 
Mass. ; Harv. Univ., 1816 ; pastor at 
Hingham, Mass., 1821-38 ; then passed 
four years in Europe, in tlie study of 
animals ; on his return led an active 
literary and philanthropic life ; d. at 

Brooks, Charles Timothy. C. T. B. 

See "L and P.," First Series, p. 366. 

Brooks, Charles William Shirley. 
The Late Genial Editor of '^ Punch." 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 366. 

Brooks, Rev. Joshua William. The 
Editor of the "Investigator on Prophecy." 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 366. 

Brooks, Noah, 1830-. Castine ; John 
Riverside. An American journalist; b. 
in Castine, Maine; in 1886 resident at 
Newark, N.J. 

Broom, W. W. TF. W. B. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 366. 

Brotherhead, Alfred Paxson. The 
Bo If Author. An American novelist of 
the day, of Pliiladelphia. 

Brotherton, Edward, 1814 66. E. 
B. ; Libra, ; Pilgrim. An English Swe- 
deuborgian ; b. at Manchester ; was de- 
voted to the work of popular education ; 
editor and chief writer of the first volume 
of " The Dawn " (Manchester, 1861-62) ; 
d. at Cornbrook, Manchester. 

Brotherton, Mrs. Martha (Harvey). 
An Englisli writer, wife of Josepli Broth- 
erton, wliom slie married in 1806 ; they 
were Bible Christians, and as such, were 
vegetarians and total abstainers ; Mrs. 
B. published anonymously, " Vegetable 
Cookery " in numbers, first collected 
into book form in 1821. 

Brotherton, Mrs. Mary. M. B. An 
English writer in " Temple Bar," etc. 

Brough, Robert Barnabas, 1828- 
60. An Old Boltemian. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 3fi(). 




Brougham, Henry Peter, Lord 
Brougham and Vaux. A Big-Wig; A 
Friend of the People ; Harrg Twitcher ; 
Mr. Peter Jenkins ; Foaming Fudge. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 366. 

Brougham, John, 1814-80. Harry 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 366. 

Broughton,Rev. Thomas, 1704-74. T. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 367. 

BrOAver, Wiss Minnie D. Marie De 

Brown, Dr. A Late Popular 


Bro^vn, Alexander. Berwickshire 
Sanilie. A Seottisli dialect poet of the 
first part of the nineteentli century. 

Brown, Buckminster, M.D., 1819-. 
B — n. An American surgeon ; b. in 
Boston ; Harv. Medical School, 1844 ; in 
1887 still practices his profession in 

BroAvn, Charles Brockden. Popli- 
cola ; C. B. B. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 367. 

Bro^vn, Colin. The Ewing Lecturer 
on Music, Andersonian Universitij, Glasgow. 

Brown, D. Reader Bookum. An 
American humorous writer; published at 
East Dover, Vt. 

Brown, Frances, 1810-. The Blind 
Poetess of Ulster. An Irish poet; b. at 
Stranoi^ir, count}' Ulster, whose poems 
were niuc*^ admired. 

Brown, George 31. Virginius. An 
American writer of tlie day. 

Brown, (icorge Shaw^ " Silver- 
cloud," II detertivf <ifi<-<'i\ 

Brown, Mrs. Helen K. H. E. B. 
An .Vini-rican religious writer. 

Brown, James. A Scotsman. 

See " 1. and P.," First Series, p. 367. 

Brown, Kev. James. The Preshf/terian 
concerned therein. A Seottisli minister of 

Brow^n, James Bryce. A Four 
Years' Resident. A Scottish writer ; an 
emigrant to Canada. 

Bro'wn, James E. Mose Skinner. An 
American humorous writer of the day. 

Brown, John, M.D., 1735-88. A Gen- 
tleman conversant trith the Suhject . A Scot- 
tish physician ; founder of the Brunonian 
system of medicine ; h. in the parish of 
Buncle, Berwickshire ; when he was 
eighteen he went to Edinburgh to sup- 
port himself by private tuition; when 
twenty-four lie went again to Edinburgh 
and began to study medicine ; after gain- 
ing liis profession, he, not suciceeding in 
gaining practice in Edinl)urgli, in 1786 
removed to London, and d. there. 

Brown, Lancelot, 1715-83. Capa- 
bilitg Brown. An English architect and 
landscape gardener ; b. at Harle-Kirk, 
Northumberland ; he realized a large 
fortune, and in 1770 he was high 
sheriff of Huntingdonshire. 

Brown, Robert, D.C.L., 1773-1858. 
Verus. A Scottish botanist ; b. at Mont- 
rose, and educ. at Aberdeen and Edin- 
burgh ; librarian of the Linnsean Society, 
1806, and to Sir Joseph Banks, 1810-20 ; 
keeper of the botanical collections at the 
British Museum, 1827-58. 

Brown, Samuel Sneade. .^^1 Sanita- 
rian. An English writer of the day. 

Brown, Thomas. Thomas Bruno. 

Bro'wn, Walter. A Lapnan. A 
Scottish writer. 

Browne, Benjamin Frederick. B. 
F. B. An historical and genealogical 
writer of Salem, Mass. 

Browne, Hablot Knight, 1815-82. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 368. 

Browne, J. J. Norweb. A musical 
writer; published at Amsterdam, 1867. 

Browne, James, LL.D., 1793-1841. 
Colonel Cloud. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 368. 

Browne, John. A Student. An Eng- 
lish medical student. 

Browne, John White, 1810-60. ./. 
W. B. An American lawyer; b. in 
Salem, Mass.; Harv. Univ., 1830; was 
a lawyer at Lynn, Mass., and after- 
wards in Boston ; d. in Braintiee, Mass. 

Browne, 3Iaria J. B. ^1 New Eng- 
land hull]. An American writer for the 
young; b. in Nf)rtliamplon, Mass.; was 
a teaclier by profession, but wrote much 
for magazines niid newspapers. 

Browne, Sara H. A Ladii ; A S. S. 
Teacher. An American author ; sister of 
Maria J. E.; b. in Sundei'land, Mass.; 
wrote several books and magazine arti- 
cles in prose and verse. 

Browne, Sir William, 1092-1774. 
J), a. An English jihysician ; educ. at 
Cambridge; settled at Lynn; hnving- 
acquired a competency by his profes- 
sion, he removed to London; d. iit liis 
house in Queen's Square, Bloomsbury. 

Brownsoii, Orestes Augustus, 1803- 
76. (>. A. IJ. An .\merican author; b. 
at Slockbridge, Vt. ; d. in Detroit, Mich. 

Bruce, Alexander. .,1 Friend of the 
Author. A Scottish advocate of the first 
jiart of the eigliteenth century. 

Bruce, Archibald, 1746-1816. A 
Foreign Protestant ; A Rural iJirlne. A 
Scottish clergyman; b. at Broomhall, 
Stirlingshire ; educ. at Glasgow ; minis- 




ter at Whithurn, 1768-86; professor of 
divinity, 1786-1806. 

Bruce, George. A Volunteer. A 
Scotti:<li writer of sixty years ago. 

Bruce, Rev. John. Philalethes. A 
Scottish divine ; minister of tlie United 
Secession congregation, Nevvmilns. 

Bruce, Wallace, 1844-. Thursttj 
McQuill. An American lecturer; b. at 
Hinsdale, Columbia Co., IST.Y. ; Yale 
Coll., 1867 ; has lectured extensively 
on literary subjects. 

Brunet, Pierre Gustave, 1807-, and 
Delepierre, Joseph Octave, 1804-79. 
G. B. 0. D. 

Brunet, P. G. — See " I. and P.," First 
Series, p. 369. 

Delepierre, J. O. — See " I. and P.," 
First Series, p. 407. 

Brun, Ida Brunsig, edle von. Ida 
von Brun-Barnow. A German novelist 
of the daj^ 

Bryan, Edward B., Esq. E. B. B. 
An American writer of South Carolina. 

Bryan, Thomas E. An Old Hand. 
An American publisher of New York 

Bryant, John Howard, 1807-. J. 
11. B. An American poet; brother of 
W. C. Bryant; b. at Cummington, Mass.; 
emigrated in early life to the West, and 
became a farmer in Illinois. 

Bryant, William CuUen. W. C. B.; B. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 369. 

Bryce, James, D.D., 1767-1857. A 
Protestant of the School of the Reformation. 
A Scottish divine; b. at Airdrie, in Lan- 
arkshire; educ. at the Univ. of Glasgow; 
minister at Killaig, county Londonderry, 
Ireland, 1805-57, and d. there. 

Brydges, James, 1st Duke of Chan- 
dos. Timon. An English nobleman 
of the first part of the eighteenth cen- 

Brydges, Sir S. E. S. E. B. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 369. 

Brydone, James. An Elder of the 
United Presbyterian Church. A Scot- 
tish writer and publisher(?) of Edin- 

Buchan, Alexander Winton. Esther. 
A Scottish i^oct and compiler. 

Buchanan, Rev. . A. T. A 

Scottish clergyman of Inverary more 
than a century ago. 

Buchanan, James, 1791-1868. Old 
Ptdilic Eiinctionari/. An American states- 
man ; b. in Franklin Co., Penn. ; Dickin- 
son Coll., Carlisle, Penn., 1809 ; admitted 
to the bar, 1812 ; president of the United 
States, 1857-61 ; d. at Wheatland, near 

Buchanan, John, LL.D. Glasguensis. 
A Scottish writer of the day. 

Buchanan, Robert Williams. B.; 

R. ir. B.; Williams Buchanan. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 369. 

Buchler, Thomas H., M.D. T. H. B. 
An American physician of Baltimore. 

Buck, Benjamin. Masdama. An 
American writer of the day. 

Buck, James Smith. Ichabod. An 
American writer of the day, of Mil- 

Buckham, Rev. Philip Wentworth. 
A Graduate of Cambridge, and Editor of 
the " 71ieat7-e of the Greeks." An English 

Buckingham, Edgar. E. B. An 
American clergyman ; Harv. Univ., 1831 ; 
Divinity School, 1835 ; in 1887 pastor at 
Deerfield, ISlass. 

Buckingham, Edwin, 1801-33. Phin- 
ehas Pica.. An American journalist ; b. 
in Boston ; an editor and proprietor of 
the "New England Mag."; d. on board 
the brig " Mermaid." 

Buckingham, James Silk. An Old 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 370. 

Buckingham, Jane W. J. W. B. 
An American writer of the day, in 

Buckingham, Joseph Tinker. J. 
T. B. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 370. 

Buckner, J. P. Karl Kringle. An 
American writer of the day. 

Buckridge, Rev. Theophilus, M.A., 
1724-89. T. B.; ***. An English an- 
tiquary ; b. in Lichfield ; educ. at Ox- 
ford ; Master of St. John's Hospital in 
Lichfield, 1769-89, whore he died. 

Budd, Thomas HayAvard. A Chum 
of ./ohnni/ Bull. An English writer of 
the day ; a solicitor(?). 

Budd, William. Witch Hazel-Bud. 

Budgell, Eustace. X: E — ce B — II. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 370. 

Buford, Lieut. Harry T. Loreta 
Janeta Valasqnez. An American writer. 

Bulfinch, Stephen Greenleaf, 1809- 
70. <S. G. B. An American clergyman ; 
b. in Boston, Mass.; Columbian Coll., 
1826 ; studied theology at Cambridge, 
Mass. ; after preaching some years, in 
1852 removed to Cambridge, and d. there. 

Bulfinch, Thomas, 1796-1867. T. B. 
An American author; b. and d. in Bos- 
ton, Mass. ; Harv. Univ., 1814 ; was a 
merchant in Boston till 1837 ; and a 
bank clerk, 1837-67. 

Bull, Mrs. E. O. E. 0. B. An Eng- 
lish lady ; widow of Rev. Henry Bull. 




Bull, Frederick. AJournei/man Book- 
binder. An English writer of London. 

Bull, Ij. a Banker. An American (1) 
fancier of the day. 

Bullard, Mrs. Anna Tuthill Jen- 
Icins. Mrs. Caustic. An American 

Billiard, Asa, 1804-. The Secretan/ 
of the Massachusetts Sabbath School So- 
cieti/. An American clergyman ; b. at 
Northbridge, Mass. ; Amherst Coll., 1828 ; 
Andover Theol. Sem., 1829-31 ; secre- 
tary of the Massachusetts Sabbath 
School Society, 1834-76. 

Bullen, William. A Retired Solicitor. 

See " I. and F.," First Series, p. 371. 

Buller, Miss . Florentia. An 

English writer of Cornwall. 

Bullock, Charles, B.D. The Editor 
of " Oar Own preside." An English 
clergyman ; St. Bees, 1853 ; rector of 
St. Nicholas, Worcester, 1860-74; in 
1887 resident at The Paragon, Black- 

Bullock, Christopher, 1690(?)-1724. 
Peter Padwell, of Padinr/ton, Esq. An 
Englisii actor and dramntist; the son of 
William Bullock, also an actor; in 1717 
married Jane Wilks, tlie daughter of an 
actor ; first appeared (m the stage at 
Drury Lane in 1708. 

Bully, Edouard Koger de. Ro;jer 
de Beaui)oir. 

Bulinan, Alfred. A. B. ; C. S. An 
English writer of the day. 

Bulnier, Thomas S. Nabi Cosmos. 
An English colonial writer of the day, 
of Victoria. 

Bulwer, Sir Henry, afterwards Lord 
Balling, 1801-72. An Old Berievtr. An 
English diplomatist, wiiose full name 
was William Henry Lytton Earle, Baron 
DaUing an I Bulwer ; b. in London ; educ. 
at Harrow and Cambridge ; in 1829 he 
became a diplomatist ; ambassador at 
Washington, 1849-52 ; d. at Naples. 

Bumstead, Josiah F. -/. F. B. An 
American writer ; autiior of school- 
books; b. 1797, at Boston. 

Bunbury, Miss . B . An 

English writer. 

Bunbury, Henry William, Esq., 
1750-1811. Prof. Lumpwitz, S. U. S. 
and G. A. C An English amateur ar- 
tist and' caricaturist; b. at Mildenhall, 
in Suffolk ; educ. at Westminster School 
and Cambridge; his forte was caricature, 
and this he continued to produce till his 
death at Keswick, to which place he re- 
tired in. 1798. 

Bunbury, Major Thomas, C.B. A 
Veteran. An Englisii officer; served in 

the Peninsula War, from 1808 to its 
close ; and at other campaigns, till he 
retired from the service a lieutenant- 
colonel in 1844. 

Bunce, William Gedney, 1842-. 
The Bishop. An American artist; b. at 
Hartford, Conn. ; studied for some time 
at Munich ; in 1878 had a studio in 
Paris, and since in New York City. 

Banner, Henry C. Arthur Lot. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 371. 

Bunsen, Frances Waddington, Bar- 
oness, 1791-187(3. His Widow. An Eng- 
lish lady ; wife of Baron Christian Bun- 
sen ; b. at Dunston Park, Berkshire ; 
married Bunsen at Eome in 1817, in the 
chapel of the Palazzio Savelli; and it 
was twenty-three years from this period 
before she again visited her native land ; 
after her husband's death she went to 
reside at Carlsruhe, and d. there. 

Bunting, Jabez, 1779-1858. Jay 
Bee. An English Wesleyan minister; 
b. at Manchester ; for some time studied 
medicine, but in 1799 entered the min- 
istry ; lie was stationed from 1833 at 
London, where he filled the chief posts 
of influence and authority, and d. in that 

iSurder, Thomas Harrison, 1789- 
1843. A Senior Physician. An English 
physician ; b. at Coventry ; studied in 
London and Edinburgh ; practised his 
profession for 19 years in London, which 
city he left in 1834, and d. at Tunbridge 

Burdett, Miss . Hope Ansted. 

An English writer. 

Burdett, Sir Francis, 1770-1844. 
Enqland's Pride and Westminster's Glory. 
An English politician, third son of Sir 
Eobert Burdett, 4th baronet; educ. at 
Westminster School and Oxford; M.P. 
from 1796; for Westminster, 1807-37, 
and for North Wiltshire, 1837-44. 

Burdon, Rev. Richard, [afterwards 
Sanderson]. An Oxford Divine. An 
English clergyman of Oriel Coll., Ox- 
ford, 1812. 

Burges, Rev. George. Calo. An 
English clergyman of Trinity Coll., 
Cambridge ; vicar of Moulton, near Acle, 

Burgess, Ebenezer, D.D., 1790- 
1870. The Present Pastor. An Ameri- 
can clergyman ; b. in Wareham, Mass. ; 
Brown Univ., 1809; Andover Theol. Sem., 
1815; pastor of the 1st Congregational 
Society at Dedham, Mass., 1821-70, and 
d. there. 

Burgess, J. The Droylesden Bard. 
An English writer of the day. 




Burgess, James. J. B. An English 
biographer, early in the eighteenth cen- 

Burgess, Thomas. Tlie President. 
See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 372. 
Burgh, James. The Editor; J. B. ; 
J. B., Gent. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 372. 
Burgh, William, 1741-1808. A Lay- 
man. An Irish controversialist ; son of 
Thomas Burgh, M.P., of Bert, County 
Kildare ; he lived for the chief part of 
his life in England ; member of the Irish 
Parliament for the borough of Athy, 
county Kildare, 1769-76 ; after having 
lived at York nearly forty years, he d. 

Burgoyne, Lieut. Gen. John. A 
General Officer. 

See " l! and P.," First Series, p. 372. 
Burke, ^Edanus. Cassias. 
See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 372. 
Burke, C. M. C. M. B. An Ameri- 
can Catholic writer of tlie day. 

Burke, Edmund. E B ; 

E — d B — e ; An English Ereeholder ; The 
Dinner Bell ; A Distinguished English 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 372. 
Burleigh, Williami Henry. Fuzzij 
Guzzij ; Ligonier. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 372. 

Burman, . Canny. An 

English writer of the day. 

Burn, David. Tarro Australasiaiicus. 
An English colonial writer of Sydney, 
New South Wales. 

Burnap, George Washington, 1802- 
59. B. : B — p. An Amei'ican clergy- 
man ; b. in Merrimack, N.H. ; Harv. 
Univ., 1824; pastor at Baltimore, Md., 
1828-59; d. in Philadelphia, Penn. 

Burnet, Gilbert, D.D., 1643-1715. 
Balak ; Sa. O.ron. An eminent Scottish 
divine ; b. in Edinburgh ; educ. at Aber- 
deen ; bishop of Salisbury, 1689-1715 ; 
d. in London. 

Burnet, Sir Thomas, 1694-1753. 
T. B. 
See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 373. 
Burnett, Athole. Ttenrub Elohta. 
An English writer of the day. 

Burrage, Henry S^veetser, and 
others. A Committee of the Regiment. 
American soldiers, members of the 36th 
Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers, in 
the late civil war. 

Burritt, Elihu, 1810-79. Krick. 
See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 374. 
Burrow, Sir James, 1701-82. J. B., 
E.R.S. and F.S.A. An English lawyer; 
son of Thomas Barrow, of Clapham, Sur- 

rey ; in 1725 called to the Bar at the Inner 
Temple; elected bencher, 1754; became 
reader in 1764, and treasurer, 1765 ; in 
1773 was knighted ; was the owner of 
Starborough Castle in the parish of Ling- 
field, Surrey, and d. there. 

Burt, John P. Prof. J. Q. Smith. 
An American writer of the day, of 

Burt, Thomas Seymour. T. S. B. 

See " I. and P.," Fn-st Series, p. 374. 

Burt, William, 1778-1826. Amicus 
Patrice. An English writer; b. in Ply- 
mouth ; educ. at Exeter and at Bridge- 
water ; for some time resided at Colyton, 
near Honiton ; but finally settled at 
Plymouth as a solicitor, and d. there. 

Burton, . B. An pjiiglisli 

writer; storekeeper of the Victualling 

Burton, Hazen J. H. J. B. An 
American poet. 

Burton, Mrs. Isabel, ne'e Countess 
Arundell, of Wardour. A. E. I.; P. 

Burton, John. A Commissioner. An 
English writer ; fellow of Eton Coll. 

Burton, John, M.D., 1697-1771. Dr. 
Slop. An English antiquary ; b. at Ri- 
pon ; educ. at Oxford, but also studied 
at Leyden and Cambridge ; practised his 
profession in the city and county of 

Burton, Philip, 1746-1806. An Eng- 
lishman. An English writer; clerk of 
the survey in the dockyard at Chatham. 

Burton, Robert (or Nicholas 
Crouch(O), 1632(?)-1725(0 R. B. 
An English miscellaneous writer ; son of 
a tailor at Lewes ; was a publisher, and 
compiled a number of small books, 
which, issued at a shilling each, had 
great popularity. 

Burton, Warren, 1800-66. W. B. 
An American author; b. in Wilton, 
N.H.; Harv. Univ., 1821; Divinity 
School, 1826; after preaching some years 
he devoted himself to objects of reform ; 
d. in Salem, Mass. 

Bury, Lady Charlotte Susan Blaria 
(Campbell), 1775-1861. A Lady. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 375. 

Bush, Charles. Sir Michael Angela 
Papjhael Smith. An American artist of 
the day. 

Bush, George, D.D., 1796-1859. Cam- 
paginator. An American theologian; b. 
in Norwich, Vt.; Dartmouth Coll., 1818; 
professor of Hebrew and Oriental litera- 
ture in the Univ. of New York, from 1831 ; 
in 1847 he became a Swedenborgian and 
a New Church minister; d. in Rochester, 




Bush, Solon Wanton. S. W. B. An 

American clergyman ; Brown Univ., 
1845 ; Cambridge Divinity School, 1848 ; 
pastor of society in Needham, Mass., 
1879-85 et seq. ; resident in Boston. 

Bush, William. Unicus ; Prometheus. 
An American writer of the day, of Chi- 

Busk, George, E.R.S., 1808-86. Paul 
Cypher. An English surgeon and natu- 
ralist; for some years examiner in com- 
parative anatomy and zoology to the 
Univ. of London ; d. in that city. 

Busk, H. W. A Senior Member of 
the Comparni . 

Butler, Alban, 1711-73. A Gentle- 
man. An English hagiographer ; at an 
early age he was sent to a school in 
Lancashire, and when eight years old 
transferred to the English school at 
Douay ; was ordained priest in 1735 ; 
was president of the English Coll. 
at Saint-Omer, 1756(?)-73, where he 

Butler, Benjamin Franklin, 1795- 
1858. Marcus. An American lawyer; 
T). at Kinderhook Landing, N.Y. ; studied 
law with Martin Van Buren, and be- 
came his partner at Albany in 1817; 
licld many important state and national 
offices during his life ; d. in Paris, 

Butler, George H., 1840-80. Harrij 
Zfii((. An American journalist; d. at 

Butler, William Francis. An 
Old Soldier. An Englisli officer ; an 
ensign of the 69th (the South Lincoln- 
shire) Regiment of Foot ; appointed in 

Buttervvorth, James, 1771-1837. 
Paul Bobhiii, Esq., of Alt, near Oldham, 
Manchester ; Paul Bobbin, Couzin German 
of the famous Tim Bobbin of merri) niemori/ ; 
A Person concerned in Trade. An Eng- 
lish topographer of Manchester ; b. in 
the parish of Ashton-under-Lyne ; was 
sent to school under Mr. John Taylor, of 
Alt; after many years spent in tuition 

he acted for some years as postmaster 
of Oldham. 

Butts, Robert, D.D., 1684-1748. The 
Cord Bishop of Norwich. An eminent 
English divine; son of Rev. William 
Butts, rector of Hartest, in Suffolk ; 
educ. at Cambridge ; Bishop of Norwich, 
1733; of Ely, 1738; d. at Ely-house, 
Holborn, 1747-48. 

Buxton, Harry John Wilmot. An 
Oxonian. An English clergyman ; educ. 
at London and Oxford ; vicar of St. 
Giles-in-the-wood, 1878-87. 

Byers, Samuel Hawkins Marshall. 
Ari American Besident. An American 
dramatist and writer of the day. 

Byles, Mather, D.D., 1707-88. Celoiza. 
An American clergyman ; b. in Boston ; 
Harv. Coll., 1725 ; pastor of the HoUis 
Street Church, Boston, 1733-76; spent 
the rest of his life in retirement, and d. 
in his native town(?). 

Byng, George, Admiral, Viscount 
Torrington, 1663-1733. A— I B—g. 
An English admiral ; eldest son of 
John, of Kent ; entered the navy in 
1678 ; became admiral of the fleet in 
1717-18; first lord of the admiralty, 

Byrd, Li. Ella. Beri/l Carr. An 
American writer of the day. 

Byrne, Chax-les A. The Town Crier. 

Byrne, Mrs. William Pitt. An Old 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 376. 

Byron, George Gordon Noel, Lord 
Byron, 1788-1824. Maddolo ; Somebody. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 376. 

Byron, James M., -1827. Her Hus- 
band. An English Wesleyan minister, 
husband of Mrs. Eliza Byron, who was 
b. at Ilelston, 1767 ; d. at Shepton-Mal- 
let, 1803. 

Byron, John, 1723-86. Fouliveather 
Jack. An English naval officer; second 
son of William, 4th Lord Byron ; in 1740 
he was a midshipman to the Wager 
Store Ship; in 1778 became vice-admiral; 
he was the grandfather of the poet. 


Cabet, Etienne, 1788-1856. Francis 1 afterwards in Illinois; d. at St. Louis, 

Adams. A French adventurer; b. at 
Dijon ; became a lawyer and a journal- 
ist; was the founder of tlie sect of Com- 
m unists, known as the " Icarians " ; sought 
to establish a colony of them in Texas, 


Cabinet Ballad. C T. Ballad. 

Cadell, Mrs. Alexander. Sydney 
Dunbar. An English novelist of the day. 

CtBsar, Julius P. A Layman of the 




Church of England. An English clergy- 
man of Calcutta. 

Calcraft, Emily. E. C. An English 

Calder, Rev. Robert, 1650('?)-172o. 
The Countryman; R. C, M.A.; M. R. C, 
a Presbyter of the Suffering Church of 
Scotland. A Scottish clergyman; b. at 
Elgin; educ. at Aberdeen; his last settle- 
ment was at Edinburgh, where he offici- 
ated to a congregation in Toddrick's 

Calder, William. A Journeyman 
Mechanic. A Scottish poet, a book- 
binder in Edinburgh. 

Caldwell, Charles, 1772-1853. C. 
An American physician; b. in Caswell 
Co., N.C. ; studied medicine in the Univ. 
of Pennsylvania ; in 1810 he became pro- 
fessor of Natural History in that institu- 
tion ; in 1814 editor of the " Port-Folio " ; 
in 1819 professor in Trans. Univ., Lex- 
ington, Ky. ; in 1837 established a Medi- 
cal Institute in Louisville, Ky., which 
however failed ; d. in that city. 

Calhoun, John Caldwell, 1782-1850. 
Onslow. An American statesman; b. in 
Abbeville District, S.C. ; Yale Coll., 1806 ; 
studied law and was admitted to the bar 
in 1807; M.C., 1811-17; secretary of 
war, 1817-25 ; United States senator, 
1832-43; secretary of state, 1844-45; 
again United States senator, 1845-50; d. 
in Washington. 

Califf, Joseph M. An Officer of the 
Regiment. An American writer ; mem- 
ber of the 7th regiment, United States 
colored troops, 1863-66. 

Callcott, Sir Augustus Wall, 1779- 
1844. ^4. W. C. An English landscape 
painter ; b. in the Mall, Kensington 
Gravel Pits ; became a student of the 
Royal Academy, and commenced his ar- 
tistic career as a painter of portraits un- 
der the tuition of Hoppner ; after 1804 
he exhibited nothing but landscapes for 
many years; in 1810 he was elected a 
member of the Royal Academy ; was 
knighted in 1837 ; and in 1844 became 
conservator of the royal pictures. 

Callcott, Lady Maria (Dundas Gra- 
ham), 1785-1842. M. C; Maria Graham. 
An English lady ; b. at Papcastle, near 
Cockermouth ; early in 1808 she sailed 
with her father to India, and in 1809 mar- 
ried Capt. Thomas Graham, R.N. ; in 1827 
she married Augustus Wall Callcott, the 
artist; d. at Kensington Gravel Pits. 

Calm, Marie. .Marie Ruhland. A 
German novelist of the day. 

Cameron, Rev. Charles, M.A. An 
Eye Witness. An English clergyman; 

Queen's Coll., Oxford, 1831 ; incumbent 
of Christ Church, Trusley, near Derby, 
1859-60 et seq. 

Cameron, Donald Evans, 1695('?)- 
1748. Gentle Lochiel. A Scottish chief ; 
b. at Achnacarrie, Lochiel; in 1719 he 
succeeded his grandfather as chief of the 
clan Cameron, and was loyal to the 
Stuarts ; he unwillingly headed the rising 
in favor of Charles Stuart, who was pro- 
claimed James VIII.; this attempt failing,, 
he took refuge in France, where he died. 

Cameron, Rev. John, 1724-99. Phi- 
lalethes ; Philander. A Scottish Presby- 
terian minister ; b. near Edinburgh ; 
M.A. at the Univ. of Edinburgh ; minister 
of Dunluce, 1755-99. 

Cameron, (Malcolm(?)), 1808-76. 
Fair Play. A Canadian statesman ; b. 
at Three Rivers, Canada East; was self- 
educated; was a farm-boy, a stable-boy 
in Montreal, then a clerk in a brewery, 
finally a general store-keeper; in 1836 
became a representative for the county 
of Lanark, Upper Canada ; in 1851 be- 
came minister of the council ; d. at Ot- 

Campbell, Alexander, 1764-1824. 
A Student of Medicine in the University 
of Edinburgh. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 377. 

Campbell, Archibald, -1744. A 
Gentleman of that country. A Scottish 
divine, second son of Archibald, marquis- 
of Argyll (1598-1661); in 1711 he was 
consecrated bishop of Dundee ; and in 
1721 bishop of Aberdeen, but resigned in 
1724 ; spent his last years in London, 
and d. there. 

Campbell, Archibald, D.D., 1691- 
1756. Alexander Innes, D.D. A Scot- 
tish divine ; b. in Edinburgh; studied at 
Edinburgh and Glasgow ; minister of the 
united jiarishes of Larbert and Dunipace, 
Stirlingshire ; he prepared a treatise on 
" Moral Virtue " ; this he trusted to his 
friend, Alexander Innes, who 'published 
it as his own in 1728, under a somewhat 
different title ; in 1730 he was appointed 
professor of church history at St. An- 
drews ; d. at Boarhill, near that city. 

Campbell, Archibald, flourished, 
1767. The Writer of t/ie "History of the 
Afan after God's Oivn Heart." A Scottish 
satirist, son of the preceding; was a 
classical scholar, but became purser of a 
man-of-war, and remained at sea, leadings 
" a wandering and unsettled life." 

Campbell, B. U. His Reviewer. An 
American writer. 

Campbell, Lady Colin. G. E. 
Brunefille. An English novelist of the 




day, wife of Lord Colin Campbell, the 
ilfth son of the Duke of Argyll, who 
was born in 1853 ; educ. at Eton, St. 
Andrews, and Cambridge, and entered 
the Middle Temple, 187-3; 2kl.P. from 
1878 ; in 1881 he married Gertrude Eliza- 
beth, daughter of Edmond Maghlin 
Blood, Esq., of Briekhill, county Clare. 

Campbell, Douglas H. The Master 
of St. ChLoe Sdtool. An English educator. 

Campbell, Eleanor W. His Widow. 
An American lady, widow of John Wil- 
son Campbell ; a bookseller in Peters- 
burg, Va., for thirty years; b. in that 

Campbell, Elizabeth Thynne, -1866. 
The Countess of Caicdor. An English 
lady, daughter of the 2d Marquess of 
Bath ; wife of John Frederick Campbell, 
1st earl of Cawder, whom she married in 

Campbell, Ellen A. F. Ahhie Plan- 

Campbell, George John Douglas, 
8th duke of Argyle. Macullum More; 
The Marquis of Lome. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 377. 

Campbell, Henry Stuart, 1839-. 
CaiiijibeU Wheafon. An American edi- 
tor and author; b. at Lockport, N.Y. ; 
in 1886 resident at Orange, N.J. 

Campbell, Sir James, Bart. A Free- 
holder. An Irish gentleman, member of 
tlie Irish House of Commons. 

Campbell, John, 1753-84. A British 
Officer latelij returned from the East Indies. 
A Scottisli officer ; b. at Levenside 
House, near Dumbarton ; entered the 
army as an ensign in 1771 ; lieutenant- 
colonel, 1781 ; d. at Bombay. 

Campbell, John, 1766-1840. J. C. 
A Scottish philanthropist; b. at Edin- 
burgh, and educ. at the high school; a 
classfellow of Sir Walter Scott ; his life 
was devoted to works of Cliristian phi- 
lanthropy ; in 1802 he became minister 
of Kingsland Independent Chapel in 
London, and d. in that city(?). 

Campbell, John, 2d duke of Argyle, 
1678-1743. 77/e Penetratiiirj Arqilins. An 
able English commander ; served with 
distinction on tlie Continent, 1705-10, 
and l)ecame lieutenant-general ; and at 
the accession of George I. was made 
commander-in-chief of all the forces in 

Campbell, John, LL.D., 1708-75. M. 
fjiidoriciis ; Shejiherd of Binihurij. 

Sec " I. and 1'.," First Scries, p. 377. 

Campbell, John, 4tli earl of Loudoun, 
1705-82. A NoUe Lord; A Noble Com- 
mander in A merira. A Scottish military 

commander; only son of Hugh, 3d earl 
of Loudoun; entered the army in 1727; 
in 1756 he was appointed commander-in- 
chief of the British forces in America; 
on his arrival lie laid plans for the siege 
of Louisburg; but, wasting his time at 
Halifax, he was recalled to England, 
and General Amlierst succeeded him; d. 
at Loudoun Castle. 

Campbell, John Francis, 1822-85. 
A Traveller. A Scottish writer; b. at 
Islay; educ. at Eton and Edinburgh; 
occui)ied post under the government; d. 
at Cannes. 

Campbell, John George EdTi^ard 
Henry Douglas Sutherland, 1845-. 
The Marquis of Lome. A Scottish poet; 
son of the 8th duke of Argyll ; educ. 
at Eton, St. Andrews, and Trin. Coll., 
Cambridge; M.P., 1868-78; in 1871 
married H.E.H. the Princess Louise 
Caroline Alberta, 4th daughter of H.M. 
Queen Victoria ; was for a time governor- 
general of the Dominion of Canada, from 

Campbell, Mary. Highland Mary. A 
Scottish lass, immortalized by Burns. 

Campbell, IMrs. N. W. A Mother. 

Campbell, Robert Allen. A Chi- 
cago Bible Class Teacher. An American 
Avriter ; a publisherC) of Cliicago; af- 
terwardsC?) of St. Louis. 

Campbell, Thomas. An Impartial 
Hand. A Scottish writer of the early 
part of the eighteenth century. 

Campbell, Thomas, 1733-95. An 
English Traveller. An Irish clergyman ; 
b. "at Glack Co., Tyrone; Trin. Coll., 
Dublin, 1756; curate of Clogher till 
1772, when he was collated to the pre- 
bend of Tyholland ; and in 1773 he was 
made chancellor of St. Macartin's, 
Clogher ; d. in London. 

Canning, Et. Hon. George. The 
(irand Vizier; Charlatan. Gas; The Bight 
Honourable G. C q. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 378. 

Canning, Rev. Richard, A.M., 1708- 
75. A Clergi/ma.n. An English divine; 
educ. at Cambridge ; many years minis- 
ter of the parisli of St. Lawrence, in 
Ipswich, where(?) he died. 

Cannon, Charles James, 1800-60. 
Grandfather Greenwai/. An American 
author; b. and d. in New York City; 
was of Irish parentage, and a Roman 
Catholic; wrote poems, dramas, and 

Cant, Rev. Andrew, -1728. A. C, 
One of the sufering Clergg there. A 
Scottish divine ; bishop of Glasgow ; son 
of Andrew Cant ; from whose winning 




tone in the pulpit the term " cant " is 
supposed to be derived. See the " Spec- 
tator," No. 147. 

Capen, Rev. Leinuel. L. C. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 378. 

Cappe, Rev. Newcome, 1732-1800. A 
Warm Well- Wisher to the Interests of Gen- 
uine Christianity. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 378. 

Cardale, Paul, 1705-75. Phileleuthe- 
rus Vigorniensis. An English dissenting 
minister; b. at Dudley; was pastor at 
Evesham from 1733, and d. there. 

Cardell, William S., -1828. John 
Franklin Jones. An American maker of 
school-books ; d. in New York City. 

Carey, George SavUle, 1743-1807. 
Paul Tell-Truih, Esq. An English mis- 
cellaneous writer ; b. and d. in Lon- 
don ; a son of Henry Carey ; failed as 
an actor, but gave dramatic entertain- 
ments and imitations of Foote and 

Carey, Henry, -1743. Benjamin 
Bounce. An English poet and musician ; 
son of George Saville Carey, the famous 
marquis of Halifax; he taught music in 
boarding-schools ; he was a very fruitful 
writer, publishing more than two hun- 
dred works. 

Carey, Henry Charles . H. C. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 378. 

Carey, Mathew. Hamilton ; An Oc- 
togenarian of Philadelphia ; A Pennsijl- 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 378. 

Carl XV., King of Sweden, 1826-72. 
C. Author of some poems, etc. 

Carlen, Johan Gabriel, 1814-1875. 
./. G. C. A Swedisli miscellaneous 

Carlen, Mrs. Rosa Catharina, 1836- 
83. T. S. A Swedish novelist. 

Carleton, Hugh. Metoikos. An Eng- 
lish colonial writer of Auckland, New 

Carleton, John. Eiirijalus. 

Carleton, Capt. John William. 
Hi/de Marston. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 379. 

Carleton, William, 1794-1869. Syl- 
vanus. An Irish novelist ; b. at Prillisk, 
coimty Tyrone ; his earliest tutor was 
one Pat Frayne, who appears as " Mat 
Kavanagh " in the " Hedge School " ; he 
went to Dublin in search of fortune with 
two shillings and ninepence in his pocket ; 
he has been regarded as the truest, most 
powerful, and tenderest delineator of 
Irish life; d. in Dublin(?). 

Carlyle, Alexander, D.D., 1722- 
1805. 0. M. Haberdasher; Nestor; A 

Freeholder. A Scottish divine; b. at 
Prestonpans, Midlothian ; educ. at the 
Univ. of Edinburgh ; minister of Inver- 
esk, near Edinburgh, 1748-1805, and d. 

Carlyle, Thomas. C. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 379. 

Carman, W. C. Will Cooper. An 
American humorous poet of the day, of 
Chicago (■?). 

Carmichael, Charles Montauban. 
An Old Cavalry Officer. An English 
East Indian major-general, of the Ben- 
gal Cavalry, appointed in 1854. 

Carmichael, John. A Manufacturer. 
A Scottish soap manufacturer of Edin- 
burgh (?). 

Carnegie, Mrs., of Pitterow. Rev. 
James Walker. A Scottish poet. 

Carnegie, Georgina Maria (Elliot), 
-1874. Countess ofNortliesk. A Scottish 
compiler; eldest daughter of Sir George 
Elliot, K.C.B., and wife of William 
Hopetoun Carnegie, 8th earl of Northesk. 

Carnegie, James, Earl of Southesk. 
Jonas Fisher. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 379. 

Carnes, Mrs. Hannah. A Female. 
An English poet of Saffron WaldenC?). 

Carpenter, James M. Reuben Linger- 
long. An American writer of the day. 

Carpenter, Miss Mary. M.C. 

See " I. and P.,'' First Series, p. 379. 

Carpenter, Willard O. Oscar. 

Carpenter, William. Common Sense. 
An English astronomer of Greenwich. 

Carr, Robert, Viscount Rochester, 
Earl of Somerset, about 1589-. Alexan- 
der Bendo. An English statesman high 
in favor with James I. In 1616 he and 
his wife were convicted of poisoning Sir 
Thomas Overbury, and were imprisoned 
in the tower for his murder. 

Carrington, E. An Old Maid. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 380. 

Carrington, Edmund. An Old- 
Looker on of Change. An English poet 
of the day(?). 

Carruthers, William A. The Author 
of the " Cavaliers of Virginia " ; The 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 380. 

Cars, John. Laurence Sterne. An 
English writer of one himdred j'^ears ago. 

Carstaires, William, D.D., 1649-1715. 
A Scots Gentleman. A Scottish clergy- 
man ; b. at Cathcart ; educ. at Edinburgh 
and Utrecht; chaplain to the Prince of 
Orange, and minister of the Presbyterian 
congregation at Leyden ; accompanied 
William to England in 1068 ; principal 
of the Univ. of Edinburgh, 1704-15. 



Carstairs, Miss Christian. A Lady. 
A Scottish poet of one hundred years ago. 

Carte, Rev. Thomas, 1686-1754. 
B. A., Esq. ; A Member of Parliament. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 380. 

Carter, Agnes P. A. P. C. An 
Englisli poet. 

Carter, John, 1748-1817. John Ram- 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 381. 

Carter, Robert, 1819-79. K. C. An 
American editor ; b. in Albany, N.Y. ; in 
1841 he went to Boston, and resided 
there and in Cambridge, engaged in lit- 
erary and otiier work till 1859 ; and after- 
wards chiefly in New York City ; d. at 
Cambridge, Mass. 

Carter, Samuel. S. C. 
■ See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 381. 

Carter, Timothy H. T. H. C. An 
American financier of Boston ; house at 

Carteret, John, Viscount Carteret and 
Earl Granville, 1690-1763. His Excel- 
lency L. C. An English nobleman, thus 
described by Lord Chesterfield: "Lord 
Granville had great piarts, and a most 
uncommon share of learning for a man 
of quality. He was one of the best 
speakers in the House of Lords, both in 
the declamatory and the argumentative 
way . . . His character nui}- be summed 
up in nice precision, quick decision, and 
unbridled presumption." 

Cart^vright, Anson William Henry. 
A. W. H. C. An P>nglish clergyman ; 
Queen's Coll., Cambridge, 1856 ; origi- 
nal secretary A. C. S., 1872-81 ; in 1887 
resident at the Brinley House, Teign- 

Cartwright, Frances Dorothy, 
1780-1863. F. D. C. An English 
poet ; youngest child of Rev. Edmund 
Cartwright, D.D., inventor of the power- 
loom, etc., and niece of Major John 
Cartwright ; on the death of her uncle 
she retired witli his widow to Worthing; 
d. at Brigliton. 

Cartwright, Major John. A Private 

Sec "I. and P.," First Series, p. 381. 

Cartwright, Rev. John, B.A. C; 
J. C. An English clergyman and trans- 
lator; Christ Coll., Cambridge, 1827; 
minor canon of Durham Cath., 1834-64 ; 
in 1880 ct seij., resident at Old Elvet, 

Carvosso, Benjamin, 1780-1854. 
I/is Son ; llis /''((titer; Her Father. An 
English Wesleyan minister; b. in Glu- 
vias parish, Cornwall ; became a mis- 
sionary to Australia in 1820, returning 

to England in 1830, and acting as a min- 
ister till his death at Tuckingmill, Corn- 

Cary, Henry. A Member of the Uni- 
versity of Cambridge. An English classi- 
cal scholar; son(?) of the following. 

Cary, Henry Francis, 1772-1844. 
M[usceu^s. An English poet; b. at Gi- 
braltar; educ. at Rugby and Oxford; 
vicar of Abbot's Bromley, 1796; of 
Kingsbury, in Warwickshire, 1800; in 
1807 he removed to London, and became 
reader at Berkelej"^ Chapel, still retaining 
his country benefices ; afterwards he re- 
signed his readership, and became after- 
noon lecturer at Chiswick, and curate of 
the Savoy; d. in London, and was buried 
in Westminster Abbey, by the side of 
Samuel Johnson. 

Cary, Thomas Greaves, A.M. An 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 381. 

Casey, Miss Elizabeth OAvens Black- 
burne. E. Owens Blackburne. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 381. 

Cass, Lewis. ^4?; American Minister 
at Paris. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 381. 

Cassidy, John Ij. Larkin. 

Castlereagh, Robert Stewart, Lord 
Viscount, Marquis of Londonderry, 
1769-1822. Derrydoivn Triangle ; Lord 
C /*• A British states- 
man; b. in county Down, Ireland; held 
high public offices from 1794 to his 

Castleton, Henry. H. C. An Eng- 
lish poet of the, first part of the eigh- 
teenth century. 

Caswall, Rev. Edward, 1814-78. 
Scriblerus Redivivus. 

See " I. and P.," Series, p. 381. 

Cater, William. — See " Hudson, J., 
and Cater, William." 

Catley, Miss Anne, 1745-89. Miss C*t- 
l*y. An Engli.sii vocalist; b. near Tower 
Hill, London ; remarkable for beauty of 
face and voice; as early as 1755 she amused 
the officers stationed at the tower bj^ her 
singing; in 1762 she appeared at A^aux- 
hall, and soon became a favorite ; she 
sung at Dublin, at a salary of forty 
guineas a night; in 1770 she returned 
to London, and continued to liave the 
greatest success ; afterwards she became 
the wife of Gen. Francis Lascelles, and 
was the mother of eight children, lived 
with her husband at Ealing, and d. there. 

Catlow, Maria E. M. E. C. An 
English writer for the j'oung. 

CaufFman, Joseph. ./. C- An Amer- 
ican writer of the day. 




Cauldtvell, Ike Reid. Ike Reid. An 
American humorist of the day, of New 
York City. 

Gaunter, Eev. Joiin Hobart, B.D. 

A London Clergi/man. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 382. 

Causten, "James H. ^4 Citizen of 
Baltimore. An American lawyer(?) ; 
spent many years at Washington, press- 
ing the ])ayment of the French claims. 

Causton, Henry Kent Staple. H. 
K. 8. C An Englisli writer on an- 

Cavada, Col. F. F. A Prisoner of 
War. An American soldier in the late 
civil war. 

Cavan, George. George. 

Cave, Edward. Edward Cave, Jan.; 
R. Newton; Sglvanus Urban, of Alder- 
manbur/f, Gent. 

See "I and P.," First Series, p. 382. 

Cave, Mrs. Edward, -1751. Sii 

"From one of the 'Poetical Eijistles,' it ap- 
pears that his wife [Edward Cave's] was named 
Milton, and her tirst husband I^ewton." 

Caw^dell, William. An Amateur. An 
English musician. 

Cecil, James, 1st Marquis of Salis- 
bury, 1748-1823. The Lord Chamber- 
lain. An li'.nglish nobleman ; the son of 
the 6th earl of Salisbury; lord chamber- 
Iain of H.M.'s. household, 1783-1804 ; d. 
at his seat at Theobalds, near Hatfield, 

Cecil, Rev. Ricliard, 1748-1810. A 
Minister. An English clergyman; b. in 
London ; educ. at Oxford ; presented to 
the livings of Chobham and Bisley, in 
Surrey, 1800 ; was distinguished as a 
preacher, and for his skill in music and 

Celesia, Dorothea (Mallet), 1738- 
90. A Lady. An English poet and 
dramatist, daughter of David Mallet the 
poet ; in early life she was married to 
Signor Pietro Paolo Celesia, a Genoese 
patrician; from 1759 she resided with 
her husband chiefly in Italy ; d. at Genoa. 
The pseudonym will be found in "I. and P." 

Cennick, John. ./. C. An English 
clergyman of the eighteenth century ; at 
one time of Readings, Berks. 

Centlivre, Susannah Freeman, 
1667(0-1723. R. 3L ; Susanna Carroll. 
An actress and dramatist ; daughter of 
a Mr. Freeman, of Holbeach, Lincoln- 
shire, who removed to Ireland, where she 
is supposed to have been born ; about 
1706 she married Joseph Centlivre, prin- 
cipal cook to Queen Anne and George I., 
and lived with him till her death, in 

Buckingham Court, Spring Gardens, 
where her husband resided, 1712-24. 

Chads, Sir Henry Ducie, 1788(?)- 
1868. An Old Follower. An English 
naval officer, son of Captain Henry 
Chads ; entered the navy in 1803, and 
became admiral 1863, and G.C.B. in 
1865 ; the latter years of his life were 
passed at Southsea, where (1) he died. 

Chadwick, Henry, 1824-. Chad. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 382. 

Challice, Mrs. Annie Emma (Arm- 
strong), 1821-75. L>r. Challice. An 
English author ; b. and d. in London ; 
wife of Dr. John Challice ; was remark- 
able for wit and graceful manners. 

Challoner, Rt. Rev. Richard, D.D. 
Philalethes ; R. C. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 382. 

Chalmers, George, 1742-1825. The 
Editor of the " Beauties of Fox, North and 
Burke"; Aurelius. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 382. 

Chamberlain, Rt. Hon. Joseph, 
1836-. Joseph ; Mr. Daniel Creedy, M.P. 
An English politician; b. in London; 
educ. in that city, and was in business at 
Birmingham till 1874; M.P. for that 
city, 1876-86, and for West Birming- 
ham, 1887, when he withdrew from the 
Gladstone party ; has contributed since 
articles to the " Fortnightly Review." 

Cliamberlain, Mrs. M. H. Carrie 
Carlton. An American poet of the 

Chamberlain, Rev. Nathan Henry. 
N. H. C. ; Listener ; Shawmut. An Amer- 
ican clergyman ; Harv. Coll., 1833 ; in 
1887 Episcopal minister at East Boston, 

Chamberlain, Rev. Thomas. T. C. 
An English clergyman ; Christ Church, 
Oxford, 1831 ; vicar of St. Thomas Mar- 
tvr, Oxford, 1842-87 ; Hon. canon of 
Christ Church, Oxford, 1882-87. 

Chambers, Mrs. Anne(1). A. C. A 
ScottishC?) writer; wife of Robert 

Chambers, Sir Charles Harcourt. 
C. An English colonial jurist; one of 
the judges of Bombay; barrister-at-law 
of Lincoln's Inn. 

Chambers, Ephraim, about 1680- 
1740. A Society of Gentlemen. An Eng- 
lish writer; b. at Kendal, of Quaker 
parents ; at London the author of the 
" Cyclox)fedia " ; d. at Canonbury House, 
Islington, and buried in the cloister of 
Westminster Abbey. 

Chambers, G. H. One who for more 
than thirtii years has dealt largely in money. 
An English banker(?). 




Chambers, George Frederick, 1841-. 
G. F. C. An English lawyer ; b. in Lon- 
don; educ. at King's Coll., London; 
called to the bar at the Inner Temple, 
1866; a member of the Southeastern 
circuit, and an assistant of the Local 
Government Board, 1872. 

Chambers, John David, M. A . A Lay- 
man ; A Layman of the Eiu/lish Church. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 382. 

Chambers, Robert, LL.D., 1802-71. 
R. C. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 382. 

Chambers, William, LL.D., 1800-83. 
W. C. ; Her Master. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 383. 

Chambers, William and Robert. 

w. c\- R. a 

See "I. and P.," First Series, pp.382,383. 

Chamier, C. F. C. F. C. An Eng- 
lish colonial writer. 

Champfield, . Captain Cloak- 

hacj. An English writer of the middle of 
the seventeenth century. 

Champlin, Edwin Ross, 1854-. 
Buxton West. An American writer; in 
1880 resident at Westerly, R.I. ; con- 
tributor to the " Literary World." 

Champseix, Mme. Leonie (Berat). 
Andre Leo. A French novelist; widow 
of Gregoire Champseix, who d. in 1863. 
" Andre' Leo," the names of her two sons. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 388. 

Chandler, Joseph Ripley, 1792-1880. 
./. R. C; The Editor of the U. S. (JazeAte. 
An eminent American lawyer ; b. at 
Kingston, Plymouth Co., Mass.; was for 
many years a resident of Philadelphia, 
at one time its M.C., and editor of the 
"United States Gazette," and d. there. 

Chandler, Peleg Whitman. .1 Zay- 
man ; A Member of the Boston Bar. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 383. 

Chandler, Samuel, D.D., 1693-1706. 
A Gentleman who tras present at both Con- 
ferences. An eminent English dissenter; 
b. at Hungerford in Berks. ; educ. at the 
academy at Bridgewater, and at Leyden ; 
co-pastor and pastor at the Old Jewry, 
London, 1726-n(). 

Chandler, AViUiam Eaton, 1835~. 
Civilization. An American statesman ; 
b. in Concord, N.H.; Harv. Law School, 
1855 ; settled in his native city ; secretary 
of the United States Navy, 1882-84; 
United States senator, 1887-. 

Channing, Richard. A Clerr/i/man. 
An English dissenter of the seventeenth 

Channing, Walter, M.D., 1786-1870. 
W. C. ; The Patient ; A Phijsicicin. An 
eminent American physician ; b. at New- 

port, E.I. ; educ. at Harv. Univ. ; became 
professor in his alma mater, while prac- 
tising his profession in Berlin, where he 

Channing, William Ellery, D.D. 
Un Eerie ain Aniericain ; C. 
See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 388. 
Channing, Rev. William Henry, 
1810-84. W. H. C. An American 
clergyman ; b. in Boston ; Ilarv. Univ., 
1829 ; Divinity School, 1833 ; after 
preaching laiany years in the United 
States he went to England, and in 1857 
he became the successor of the Eev. 
James Martineau, at Liverpool ; his lat- 
ter years were chiefly passed in Eng- 
land ; d. in London. 

Chao Phya Thipakon. A Siamese 
Minister of State. 

Chapard, Francis G. F. G. C. An 
American sailor. 

Chapin,AlonzoBoAven,D.D. A.B.C. 
See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 388. 
Chaplin, Heman W. G. H. White. 
An American author of the day. 

Chaplin, Jane Dunbar. Hijla. An 
American writer of the day. 

Chapman, . A Late Dignified 

Clergyman. An English clergyman, of 
the Abbey Church at Bath. 

Chapman, Alfred F. Grand High 
Priest of the Grand Arch Chapter of 
Massachusetts. An eminent American 
Freemason of Boston ; in 1887 an insur- 
ance agent in that city. 

Chapman, Charles C. C. C. C An 
American publisher of Chicago, 111. 

Chapman, Miss Jane Frances. A 
Ladij. An English translator. 

Chapman, John, D.D., 1704-84. 
Philobibliciis Cantubrigirnsis. An Eng- 
lish clergyman; b. at Strathfieldsay(?), 
Hampshire ; educ. at Eton and Cam- 
bridge ; archdeacon of Sudbury, and 
treasurer of Chichester; d. at Mersham, 
Kent, where he was rector from 1744. 

Chapman, John A. ./. A. Mercator. 
An American poet of the day, of the 

Chapman, Miss Mary Francis, 1888- 
84. J. C. Ayrton. An Englisli novelist ; 
b. at Dublin ; educ. at Staplehurst, Kent, 
Eng.; d. at Old Charlton. 

Chapman, Rev. Richard. The Vicar 
of Cheshuni. An English clergyman of 
the first part of the ciglitecnth century. 

Chappie, William, 1718-81. Dn-oni- 
ensis. An English topngrai)her ; b. at 
Witheridgc, in Devonshire; from about 
1742 he was secretary of the ]")evon and 
Exeter Hospital for nearly forty years ; 
d, at Exeter. 




Charles II., 1630-85. Old Rowle./. 
King of England, 1600-85. 

Charles XII., of Sweden, 1682-1718. 
The Alejxinder of the Xurth. A c;elebrated 
conqueror ; b. at Stockholm , king of Swe- 
den, 1697-1718 ; killed at the siege of Fred- 

Charles, George Drummond. A 
Scotch Banker. A Scottish writer; teller 
of the Royal Bank, Glasgow. 

Charlesworth, Rev. Beedam. A Pas- 
tor. An English clergyman ; Trin. Coll., 
Cambridge, 1827 ; curate in charge of 
the Henderson Memorial Church, Clifton, 
Bristol, 1802-70 et seq. 

Charles\\'orth, Rev. John, B.D. A 
Glergjinan. An English divine; Queen's 
ColL, Cambridge, B.D., 1826; rector of 
St. Mildred's, London, 18-14-60 et seq. 

Charlett, Arthur, 1655-1722. Ahra- 
Jiavi Frotli. An English scholar ; b. at 
Shipton, near Cheltenham ; educ. at Ox- 
ford; master of University Coll., Oxford, 
1692-1722 ; d. at his lodgings in the Uni- 

Charley, Sir William Thomas, Knt., 
1833-. A Member of the Council of the 
National Union. An Irish lawyer; b. in 
the county of Antrim; St. John's Coll., 
Oxford, 1856; called to the bar at the 
Middle Temple, 1865; Q.C., 1880; com- 
mon sergeant of the city of London 
since 1878; M.P., 1868-80. 

Charlotte, Queen Consort of George 
III. An Illustrious Hen ; An Illustrious 

Charlton, J. C. His Eldest Son. An 
English editor; eldest son of Rev. John 
Moore Charlton, an English Congrega- 
tional minister. 

Charlton, Mary. The Parisian. An 
Englisli writer of one hundred years ago. 

Charlton, W. H. TU. H. C. An Eng- 
lish gentleman of Hesleyside. 

Charteris, Col. Francis, 1675-1732. 

Colonel F. Ch-rtr-s; Colonel Ch s,- 

Colonel Don Francisco. An English offi- 
cer ; son of John, second son of Sir John 
Charteris, of Amisfield ; at an early age 
he entered the army, but, while an ensign, 
he was drummed out of his regiment for 
cheating at cards ; having made other at- 
tempts to serve, but not succeeding, on 
account of his vile conduct, he ceased at 
last to persevere in them, and devoted all 
his serious attention to gambling ; by this 
means he acquired a large fortune, ulti- 
mately amounting to £7000 a year, in 
addition to £100,000 in the stocks; d. at 
his seat of Stoneyhill, near Musselburgh. 

Chase, Rev. Drummond Percy. D. 
P. C; The Vicar. An English clergy- 

man ; vicar of St. Mary-the- Virgin, 1856- 
63 and 1876-78 ; principal of St. Mary 
Hall, Oxford, 1857-87. 

Chase, Drummond Percy, and Sal- 
ter, W. C. The Principals of those Halls. 

Chase, Francis EdAvard, M.D. A 
Lai/man. x\.n English writer. 

Chase, Rev. 31oses, 1797-1878. The 
Pastor. An American Congregational 
minister; b. at Hopkinton, N.H.; Dart- 
mouth Coll., 1820; pastor at West Brook- 
field, Mass., 1842-44 ; d. at Norwood, N.J. 

Chasles, Victor Euphemion Phila- 
rete, 1798-. Un Critique. A French 
writer; b. at Mainvilliers, near Chartres; 
has for many years distinguished himself 
by the variety, excellence, and multiplic- 
ity of his works. 

Chatelain, Clara (de Pontigny) de, 
1807-76. Leopold Wrai/. An English 
musical composer and author; b. and d. 
in London ; in 1843 she married, at Lon- 
don, Jean Baptiste Fran9ois Ernest de 
Chatelain, and the marriage proved most 

Chatfield, Edward, 1800-39. Echion. 
An English artist and author; b. at Croy- 
don ; became a student under Benjamin 
Robert Haydon; was chiefly a portrait 
painter ; d. at 66 Judd Street, Brunswick 
Square, London. 

Chatterton, Thomas. Dunelmus Bris- 
toliensis; Moderator ; Marrellous Boy ; Wil- 
liam Cant/nges ; Thomas Rowley ; John de 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 384. 

Chatto, William Andrew. (T'. ^4. C. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 384. 

Chaumonnot, Charles Albert. 
Charles Albert. \ French physician. 

Chauncy, Charles, D.D. One that 
has perused the " Summer Morning's Con- 
versation "; Anti-Enthusiasticus. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 384. 

Cheetham, James. A Citizen of New 
York ; Politicus. 

See " I. and P.," First Serie's, p. 384. 

Cheever,Rev.GeorgeBarrell,D.D. A 
Lover of Cadworth and Truth ; G. B. C. ; 
One of the People. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 384. 

Chegwidden, T. C. Hollis True. An, 
Englisli writer of the day. 

Chesnej', Mrs. Louisa and Mrs. Jane 
(Chesney) O'Donnell. His Wife and 
Daughter. English ladies; wife and 
daughter of Francis Rawdon Chesney. 

Chester, Harry. The President. An 
English educational writer ; president of 
the Highgate Institution, Kontish-'rown. 

Chesterfield, Philip Dormer Stan- 
hope, 4th Earl of, 1694-1773. E of 




C f d. An English courtier, 

orator, and wit, renowned as a model of 
politeness and an oracle of taste ; b. in 
London ; educ. at Cambridge ; made the 
tour of Europe in 1714, during which he 
contracted a passion for gaming; M.P., 
1715; member of the House of Lords, 
172G; ambassador to Holland, 1728; 
lord-lieutenant of Ireland, 1745 ; princi- 
pal secretary of state, 1746-48. His fame 
as an author is founded chiefly on his 
"Letters to his son," of which work Dr. 
Johnson said, "Take out the immoral- 
ity, and it should be put into the hands 
of every gentleman." 

Chetwood, WiUiam Rufus, -1766. 
Gargantua Pantaqriiel ; Knight of the Sable 
Purse ; W. R. Ch~d. An English book- 
seller and dramatist ; was prompter for 
more than twenty years at Drury Lane 
Theatre ; d. in Dublin. 

ChUd, Francis James, 1825-. F. 
J. C. An American educator ; b. in 
Boston ; Harv. Univ., 1846 , professor 
there, 1851-87 et seg. 

Child, Mrs. Lydia Maria. L. M. C. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 385. 

Child [Thomas Edward] Theo- 
dore, 1854-. Theoc. An English cor- 
respondent; b. at Liverpool ; Wadham 
Coll., 1876; in 188G, resident hi Paris, 

Childe, Miss A. F. A Ladij : A. F. 
C- An English writer. 

Childers, Rt. Hon. Hugh Culling 
Eardley, 1827-. Mr. Ch,l***s. An 
English statesman; b. in London; educ. 
at Cheam School and at Trin. Coll., 
Cambridge; was in Australia, 1850-57; 
M.P., 1860-85; first lord of the admi- 
rality, 1868-71 ; chancellor of tlie duchy 
of Lancaster, 1872-73; secretary of state 
for war, 1880- ; chancellor of the ex- 
chequer, 1882-85; M.P. for South Edin- 
burgii, 1886; and home secretary. 

ChUtern, Faith. F. C. An English 
religious writer of the day. 

Chisholm, Walter, 1856-77. Waltie. 

A Scottish poet; son of a Btrvvicksliire 

shepherd ; b, at Easter Ilarclaw, near 

Chirnside, and became himself a shep- 

"herd ; d. at Dorlaw. 

Chittenden, Albert Jerome, 1839-. 
A Student. An American clergyman; 
b. at Westbrook, Conn.; Kipon Coll., 
Wisconsin, 1868; Andover Theol. Sem., 
1874 ; Methodist pastor at Boulder, Col., 
1876-80; without charge there, 1880. 

Chitty, Edward. E. C, Esq. 

See "I. and T'.," Eirst Series, p. 385. 

Cholmondeley, Edward, E. C — hi, 


Cholmondelay, Mrs. Jane. Mrs. 
C—lij. An English adventuress. 

Chorley, Henry Fothergill. Paul 
Bell ; H. F. C. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 385. 

Chow^anetz, Joseph. Julian Chow- 
nitz. A German novelist and historian. 

Christie, Albany James. A. J. C. 
An English Roman Catholic clergyman, 
poet and dramatist, of the Church of 
the Immaculate Conception, Farm Street, 

Christie, Hugh, 1710-74. H. C. A 
Scottish schoolmaster and grammarian; 
b. at Garvock, Kincardineshire; educ. 
at King's Coll., Aberdeen ; rector of the 
grammar school of Brechin ; then of that 
of Montrose, where he died. 

Christie, James, 1773-1831. J. O. 
An English antiquary and auctioneer; 
b. and d. in London ; educ. at Eton. 

Christophers, Dr. Samuel Woel- 
cock. X. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 385. 

Christy, Edwin Byron. E. B. G. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 386. 

Chudleigh, Lady Mary (Lee), 1656- 
1710. M. C; 3Iarissa; A Lad;/ of 
Qualiti/. An English poet ; b. at Wins- 
lade, Devonshire ; in 1685 married Sir 
George Chudleigh of Ashton, where she 

Church, William Conant, 1836-. 

Pierrepoiit. An American editor 

and publisher ; b. in Rochester, N.Y. ; 
editor and proprietor of the "Army and 
Navy Journal " since 1863. 

Churchill, Charles. C s 

G /. 

See " I. and P.." First Series, p. 385. 

Churchill, John, the Duke of Marl- 
borough, 1650-1722. JIumphrei/ Hocu.'i ; 
The Handsome Englishman ; Doctor Mira- 
bel ; Doctor John; An Officer of Distinc- 
tion. An eminent English soldier; b. at 
Ashe, in Devonshire; rose to the higli- 
est rank in the English army. 

Churton, Ralph, 1754-1831. A Mem- 
ber of the Universitji of Oxford. An Eng- 
lish clergyman; b. in the township of 
Bickley and parish of Malpas, Cheshire ; 
educ. at Brasenose Coll., Oxford; rector 
of Middleton Chenej', Northants, 1702; 
and arclideacon of St. David's, 1805; d. 
at Middleton Cheney. 

ChytrfBus, C E. Fetter Jonsson. A 
Swedish author. 

Cibber, Colley, 1671-1757. The King 
of Dunces. An lOnglish actor and dram- 
atist ; b. in London ; was sent to the freo 
school of Grantliam, in Lincolnshire, 
1682-87; for a time served in the arm}' 




after the landing of William of Orange ; 
first appeared on tlie stage, at the Thea- 
tre Royal, in 1691 ; in 1695-96 his first 
play, " Love's last Shift," was produced, 
and was successful ; after this he had 
great success both as an actor and as a 
dramatist ; he died, some say, in Berkeley 
Square ; and others, in a house next the 
Castle Tavern, Islington. 

Claiborne, Andrew. Celticus. A 
Scottish writer. 

Clair, Cliarles. Antonin Lirac. A 
French writer of the day. 

Claphani, John Peele. J. P. G. An 
English compiler. 

Clapp, Rev. Dexter, 1816-68. C. An 
American clergyman ; b. at Westhamp- 
ton, Mass. ; Amherst Coll., 1839 ; pastor 
at Salem, Mass., 1851-64 ; resided there 
without charge, 1864-68, and d. there. 

Clapp, Mrs. S. F. S. F. C An 
American writer, wife of the preceding. 

Clark, — — His Father. An Amer- 
ican writer of New York City(?), father 
of John Pay son Williston Clark. 

Clark, Bracy. B. C. ; An English 
Shoeinq Smith. 

See" I. and P.," First Series, p. 386. 

Clark, David. A Protestant Layman. 
An Irish writer. 

Clark, E. A President Assistant. An 
English civil engineer. 

Clark, Rev. Eli Benedict, A.M., and 
others, 1808-. A Committee of Pastors. 
An American Congregational minister ; 
b. at Waterbury, Conn. ; Yale Coll., 
1836 ; Yale Divinity School, 1839 ; pastor 
1st Church, Chicopee, Mass., 1839-. 

Clark, Mrs. Elizabeth J. H. His 
Wife. An English woman, ^ife of Rev. 
Samuel Clark, rector of Eaton-Bishop. 

Clark, Mrs. H. K. W. A. C. Travel- 
ler. An American writer of the day, of 
San Francisco. 

Clark, Hamlet. Philocosmos. An Eng- 
lish entomologist of the British Museum. 

Clark, Henry. A Journeijman Printer. 
An English compositor v/ho visited the 
United States between 1857-61 ; is on 
the staff of the Religious Tract Society. 

Clark, Rev. James. One of the Min- 
isters of the Gospel in Cilasf/ow ; A Presby- 
ter of the Church of Scotland ; A Minister 
of the Grospel. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 386. 

Clark, John. J. C. An English 

Clark, Joseph Sylvester, D.D., 1800- 
(il. A Grandfather. An American Con- 
gregational clergyman ; b. in South Ply- 
mouth, Mass. ; Amherst Coll., 1827 ; An- 
dover Theol. Sem., 1831 ; secretary of 

the Massachusetts Home Missionary So- 
ciety, 1839-57 ; of the Congregational 
Library Association, 1853-61 ; d. at 
West Newton, Mass. 

Clark, Rev. Nelson, 1813-80. Their 
Late Pastor. An American clergyman ; 
b. at Brookfield, Vt. ; Dartmouth Coll., 
1838 ; Andover Theol. Sem., 1842 ; tutor 
in the Western Reserve Coll., 1838-39 ; 
preached at the West from 1876, and d. 
at National, Iowa. 

Clark, Rev. Samuel Adams, 1822-75. 
The Rector of the Church of the Advent. An 
American clergyman ; Newburyport, 
Mass. ; studied theology at Andover, 
Mass., Alexandria, Va., and Litchfield, 
Conn. ; rector of the Church of the Advent, 
Phila., 1848-56; of St. John's Church, 
Elizabeth, N.Y., 1856-75, and d. there. 

Clark, Thomas, M.D., 1801-67. One 
of the Professors. A Scottish chemist ; b. 
at Ayr, and received his early education 
at the Ayr Academy ; he was professor 
of chemistry in Marischal Coll. and Univ., 
Aberdeen, 1833-60 ; d. at Aberdeen. 

Clark, William Adolphus. Anicetus. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 387. 

Clark, WiUiam George, 1821-78. 
IF. G. C. An English man of letters; 
educ. at Cambridge; spent most of his 
life there ; d. at York. 

Clarke, Adam, LL.D., 1762(?)-1832. 
^1. C. An Irish Wesleyan preacher, 
commentator, and theological writer ; b. 
at Moybeg, in the parish of Kilcronag- 
han, county Londonderry ; completed his 
education at Kingswood School, near 
Bristol ; as a preacher he soon became 
remarkably popular, and rose to a high 
rank in the Wesleyan body ; after 1805 
he chiefly lived in London and the neigh- 
borhood ; he was greatly distinguished 
as a scholar, and was the personal friend 
of many dignitaries of the Church and of 
other distinguished persons. 

Clarke, Anne. A Country-woinan. 
An English writer of Shipston-op-Stour. 

See "Gent. Mag.," Vol. LXXVIIL, p. 
239 ; and LXXXIV., p. 582. 

Clarke, Mrs. Asia (Booth). His 
Daughter. An American lady ; daughter 
of Julius Booth, the Elder. 

Clarke, Dorus, D.D., 1797-1883. A 
Congreqationalist ; Clericus Hampdenensis. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 387. 

Clarke, Edward Daniel, LL.D. An 
Absent Man. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 387. 

Clarke, Edw^ard Hammond, M.D., 
-1877. E. H. C. An American physi- 
cian; Harv. Coll., 1841; for many years 
a physician of Boston. 




Clarke, Miss Emily. JEmilia Julia. 
An English poet ; protegee of Alphonse 
de Lamartine, wlio advised • her to sup- 
press lier " Saplio" as below her powers. 

Clarke, Henry, 1743-1818. H.C. An 
English mathematician ; b. at Salford ; 
educ. at the Manchester Grammar School ; 
at the age of thirteen became an assistant 
in the academy of Aaron Grimshaw, a 
Quaker, at Leeds ; he spent his after-life 
chiefly in teaching; he was professor at 
the military college at Great Mario w, 
1802-17; d. at Islington. 

Clarke,. James Freeman,D.D. J.F. C. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 387. 

Clarke, Rev. John, D.D., 1755-98. 
One icJw wishes well to him in common with 
Mankind. An American Congregational 
divine ; b. at Portsmouth, N.H. ; Harv. 
Coll., 1774; pastor in Boston, 1778-98, 
where he died. 

Clarke, Louisa Lane. L. L. C. An 
Englisli writer of (iuernsey-lsle. 

Clarke, Mrs. 3Iary Bayard (Deve- 
reux). Tenella. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 387. 

Clarke, Rev. Pitt, -1835. A Pastor. 
An American Congregational minister; 
Harv. Univ., 1790. 

Clarke, Robert D. Sitting Bull. An 
American writer of the day, of the West. 

Clark, S. ;S'. C An English scholar 
of Hclston Grammar School, Cornwall. 

Clarke, Rev. Samuel Childs. A Vil- 
lage Charrhman. An English divine; St. 
Mary's Hall, Oxford, 1844 ; P.O. of St. 
Thonias, Launceston, 1848-75 ; head- 
master of the Launceston Grammar 
School, 1849-75; vicar of Thorveton, 
1875-80 et seq. 

Clarke, Sir Simon Houghton. A 
West Indian. 

Clarke, Thomas Curtis. 7'. C. C. 
An American writer; Harv. Coll., 1848. 

Clarke, William Branwhite. A 
Member of the Church esl(d)linli('d bi/ the 
Law. An English clergyman of New 
South Wales(7). 

Claudius, Matthias. Der Wands- 
becker Bute ; le Mei^sager df. Wand sbcck . 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 387-88. 

Clay, Henry, 1777-1852. Mdl-boi/ of 
the Stashes; 2'he Great Commoner. An 
eminent American statesman ; b. in 
Hanover Co., Va., in a district cm lied 
"The Slashes"; Ids family having re- 
moved to Kentucky, he remained at 
Richmond, and studied law with Rob- 
ert Brooke ; in 1797 removed to Lex- 
ington, Ky., and, during the rest of his 
life, was distinguished for Ids legal and 
political eminence; d. in Wasliington. 

Clayton, Augustine Smith, 1783- 
1839. David Crockett. An American 
jurist ; b. at Fredericksburg, Va. ; his 
family removing to Georgia, he gradu- 
ated at the Univ. of Georgia in 1804 ; 
was admitted to the bar; was a judge 
of the Superior Court, 1819-25 and 
1828-31; M.C., 1831-35; d. in Athens, 

He was the reputed author of " Crockett's 
Life of Van Buren." 

Clayton, E. E. C. An English lady 
of tlie first part of the eighteenth century. 

Cleghorn, George. A71 Amateur. A 
Scottish writer on art. 

Cleland, Col. William(?). Will Hon- 
eycomb. An English gentleman ; the 
" Will Honeycomb " of the " Spectator 

Clephane, James O. J. 0. An 
American lnwyer(;) of Chicago. 

Cler, Albert. Jules de Bre'val. A 
French writer. 

Cler, Jean Joseph Gustave, 1814- 
59. An Officer of Zouaves. A French 
general ; b. at Salins (Jura) ; entered 
the army in 1835 ; general of division, 
1855 ; killed at Magenta, Italy. 

Clerk, Mrs. Godfrey. Alice M. Frere. 
An English writer of the day; wife of 
Godfrey Clerk. 

Clerk, James. An Elder of the Church 
of Scotland. A Scottish writer of the first 
part of the eighteenth century. 

Cleveland , Henry Russell. H. R. C. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 388. 

Cleveland, Horace William Shaler. 
//. W. S. C. An American landscajje 
gardener of the day. 

Cleveland, Hon. John. S — rij of the 
A — tji [Secretary of the Admiralty]. An 
Englisli politician of the middle of the 
eighteentli century. 

Clifford, Hon. Robert. Tlie Trans- 
lator of that Work. An English writer of 
one hundred years ago. 

Clifton, Miss Mabel. Frank Brier- 

Clippinger, J. A. Samson. An 
American writer of tlie day. 

Clive, Mrs. Caroline (Wigley). V. 

See " r. and P.," First Series, p. 388. 

Clode, Charles Mathew, 1818-. The 
Master of tlie [Merchant Tailors'] Compuni/ 
for the ijear 187S-4. An English attorney- 
at-law ; b. in London ; called to the bar 
at the Inner Temple, 1862 ; solicitor to 
the War Office, 1858-70 ; legal under- 
secretary, 1870-80; C.B., 1880. 

Clootz, Jean Baptiste (Anacharsis), 
Baron de. 1755-94. UnPrnssien; Alfaki 
Ali-Gier-Ber. A Prussian enthusiast ; b. 




near Cleves; became a resident of Paris 
and a partisan of the Revolution ; called 
himself "the orator of the human race"; 
was proscribed by Robespierre, and exe- 

Close, John. Delta. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 388. 

Clough, Mrs. Blanche (Smith) . His 
Wife. An English lad}'; daughter of 
Samuel Smith, of Combe Mouse ; in 1854 
was married to Arthur Hugh Clough. 

Clubbe, Rev. John, 176;3(?)-73. The 
Editor of the " History and Antiquities of 
Wheatfield in Suffolk " ; The Farmer. An 
English satirical writer ; b. at Wheatfield, 
Suffolk ; educ. at King's Coll., Cambridge ; 
vicar of Debenham, Suffolk, in 1730 ; rec- 
tor of Wheatfield, 1735-73. 

Clubbe, Rev. WUliani, LL.B., 1745- 
1814. A British Officer ; The Minister of 
their Parish. An English divine ; educ. 
at Cambridge ; rector of Elowton and 
vicar of Brandeston, county Suffolk; d. 
at Framlingham, where he had resided 
for some years. 

Clulow, William Benton, 1802-82. 
A Recluse. An English Dissenter ; b. at 
Leek, Staffordshire ; educ. at Hoxton 
Acad.; pastor at Shaldon, Devonshire, 
1823-35 ; classical tutor at Airdale Coll., 
Bradford, 1835-43 ; after residing forty 
years at Bradford he retired to Leek, 
where he died. 

Clunes, John. An Officer in the Ser- 
vice of the Hon. East India Compuni/. An 
English colonial compiler. 

Coalfield, Jonathan. IF. Graham 
Simpson. An English artist of the day. 

Coape, H. C. Mervi/n Merriton. An 
English miscellaneous writer of the day. 

Coatsworth, J. J. C. An English 
dramatist of the day. 

Cobb, J. Storer. Hubert White; Jay 

Cobb, James, 1756-1813. ,/. C. An 
English dramatic poet; in 1771 entered 
the secretary's office of the East India 
Company, in which he rose to the post 
of secretary ; in 1800 he married Miss 
Stanfell, of Fratton, Hampshire. 

Cobb, Joseph Beckham, 1819-1858. 
J. B. C. ; ***. An American author ; 
b. in Oglethorpe Co., Ga; educ. at Frank- 
lin Coll., Athens, Ga. ; in 1838 removed 
to Noxubee Co., Miss., where he devoted 
himself to literary pursuits ; d. at Colum- 
bus, Ga. 

Cobb, Josiah. A Younker. An 
American writer ; published at Balti- 
more, 1841. 

Cobb, Liyman, about 1800-64. Ex- 
aminator. An American author ; b. in 

Massachusetts ; was one of the greatest 
educators of his time, and an active 
member of numerous benevolent socie- 
ties ; d. at Colesburg, Potter Co., Penn. 

Cobb, S. An Albany (N.Y.) Cham- 
berlain. American municipal officei*. 

Cobb, Sylvanus, Jr., 1823-87. Col. 
Walter D. Dunlap. An American au- 
thor; b. in Waterville, Maine; devoted 
his life cliiefly to literary work ; since 
1868 he resided at Hyde Park, Mass., 
and d. there. 

Cobb, William. Jules Lermina. 

Weller makes Cobb the real name and " Ler- 
mina" the pseudonym. The British Museum 
Catalogue makes "Cobb" the pseudonym and 
Lermina the real name. 

Cobbett, William. Billy Cobb ; Jona- 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 389. 

Cobbold, Elizabeth (Knipe 
Clarke), 1767-1824. Eliza Clarke; 
Carolina Petty Pasty. An English 
poetical •writer; b. in London; in 1790 
she married William Clarke, and he 
dying, she in 1792 was again married to 
John Cobbold, of Ipswich ; she estab- 
lished a clothing society for infant poor 
in 1812, a charitable bazaar in 1820, and 
was a frequent contributor to the minor 
periodicals; d. at Ipswich. 

Cobbold, Rev. Robert Henry. An 
Oyster from home unaccustomed to roam, 
etc. An English poet; nephew of Rev. 
Richard Cobbold ; St. Peter's Coll., Cam- 
bridge, 1843; rector of Ross, Hereford, 
1873-87; R.D. of Ross, 1881; prebend 
in Hereford Cathedral, 1885. 

Cobden, Richard, 1804-65. Libra; 
A Mancliester Manufacturer. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 389. 

Cochrane, Charles. SeTior Juan de 
Vega. An English gentleman who made 
a tour through Great Britain and Ireland, 
in 1828-20, under this assumed name. 

Cochrane, Robert. The Editor of 
" Tlie Enijllsh Essayists." A Scottish 
compiler of Edinburgh. 

Cockburn, George W. Faith. An 
old Scottish soldier of the 42d Royal 
Highland Black Watch. 

Cockburn, Henry Thomas, Lord, 
1779-1854. Lord Rector of the Univer- 
sity of Glasgow. A Scottish judge ; 
probably b. in Edinburgh ; educ. in that 
city ; was admitted in 1800 to the faculty 
of advocates; in 1811 he married and 
settled at Bonaly, near Edinburgh ; con- 
tributed to the "Edinburgh Review"; 
in 1831 was chosen lord rector of the 
Univ. of Glasgow; in 1834 he was ap- 
pointed, as Lord Cockburn, one of the 




judges of the court of session ; and in 
1837 he became a lord of justiciary; d. 
at Bonaly. 

Cockbtirn, S. A Japanese Scout. An 
English writer of the day. 

Cockburn, Eev. AVilliam, M.A. 
Peter. An Episcopal minister at Glas- 
gow, early in the eighteenth century. 

Cockle, Mrs. E. E. C; C. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 389. 

Cocks, Sir Richard. Sii- B — d 
C — ks. An English jurist; 2d Bart., of 
Dumbleton ; early in the eighteentli 

CoddingtoD, Henry, -1845. A Min- 
ister of neither Syndicate. An English 
mathematician; educ. at Trin. Coll., 
Cambridge ; thence he retired to the 
college living of Ware, in Hertfordshire, 
and in the discharge of his clerical du- 
ties burst a blood-vessel, thereby fatally 
injuring his health; travelling abroad, 
he d. at Rome ; his published works on 
science, except one tract, were devoted 
to optics. 

Codman, Capt. John, 1814-. An 
American Shipmaster. An American cap- 
tain in the merchant marine ; b. in Dor- 
chester, Mass. ; left Amherst Coll. in his 
junior year (1833), and finished his edu- 
cation at sea ; has travelled much, and 
is known as an advocate of free ships 
and free trade. 

Coe, Benjamin H. A Teacher. An 
American drawing-master of New York 

Coster, Fredrik Bcrnhard, -1878. 
F. B. CJ. .A. Swcdisli author. 

ColFcy, Charles, -\ 745. C — s O— jfe. 
An Irisii (iiamatist; was first heard of 
in Dublin ; being deformed in person, he 
acted iEsop in that city; he produced 
quite a number of dramas, which were 
reasonably successful ; he d. in 1745, and 
is buried in the ])arish of St. Clement 

Coffin, Rev. James, M.A., 1756-1833. 
A C/erc/i/man. An English divine ; vicar 
of Linkinhome, 1780-1833, where he 

Coffin, Levi. The lie/ntted President 
of the Underground Railroad. An Amer- 
ican, wlio spent his life in labors for the 

Coffin, Robert Barry, /larri/ Gray. 

See " I. and P.," P'irst Scries, p. 389. 

Cogan, I{ev. Thomas, ,/ohu Buncle,Jr. 

See " 1. and P.," First Scries, p. 389. 

Coggeshall, William Turner, 1824- 
67. 7'he Slate Librarian. An American 
journalist; b. in Lewistown, Penn. ; he 
was much of liis life engaged as an ed- 

itor; in 1866 he accepted the mission to 
Ecuador, thinking the pure air of Quito 
would benefit his health, but d. in that 

Coglan, John. An Unfermented Wine 
Communicant. A Scottish writer of the 

Coit, Rev. Thomas Winthrop, 1803- 
85. A Churchman. An American Epis- 
copal clergyman ; b. in New London, 
Conn.; Yale Coll., 1821; professor in 
Berkeley Divinity School, Middletown, 
Conn., 1873-85, where he died. 

Colbatch, John, D.D. The Senior 
Fellow of a College in Cambridge. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 390. 

Colbath, Jeremiah Jones. Henry 

Colbert, Jean Baptiste, Marquis de 
Torcy, 1665-1746. M. de ****. A 
French negotiator ; b. in Paris ; held 
office 1687 "to 1715. 

Colby, James W. ./. W. C. An 
American writer of the day. 

Colchester, Lady Elizabeth Susan 
Law. E. S. C. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 390. 

Cole, . A Catholic Laijman. An 

American writer. 

Cole, Mrs. Henry Warwick. A 
Lad;). An English lady, 1859. 

Cole, John William. John William 
Calcraft. An English writer. 

Cole, Rose Owen. E. 0. C. An 
English writer of the day, on cookery. 

Cole, Thomas. The D'/mti/ Governor. 
An Irish writer; member of the Irish 
Academy. Also ascribed to (iili)in Gorst. 

See " 1. and P.," First Series, p. 440. 

Cole, Rev. William. Rer. W. C . 

An English elergvuinn ; vicar of Broad- 
chalk, Wilts. 

Coleman, William, 1766-1829. The 
Editor of the " Evening Post." An Amer- 
ican journalist ; b. in Boston ; studied 
law and licgan practice at Greenfield, 
Mass. ; about 1794 removed to New York 
City ; editor of the " Evening Post," 1801- 
21 ;" d. in New York City. 

Colenso, William, 1811-. A Natural- 
ist. An English naturalist ; b. at I'en- 
zance ; went to New Zealand in 1833 ; at 
St. John's Coll., New Zealand, 1843-44; 
government inspector of schools, Napier, 
New Zealand ; resident at Hawke's Bay, 
New Zealand, 1879. 

Coleridge, Rev. Derw^ent, ■ M.A., 
1800-83. I /Is Brother. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, j). 390. 

Coleridge, Edith. Her Daughter. An 
English lady; daughter of Mrs. Sara 




Coleridge, Henry James. H. J. C. 

An English Roman Catholic writer of 
the day. 

Coleridge, Henry Nelson, Esq., 
M.A., 1800-43. H. N. C. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 390. 

Coleridge, Sir John Duke, Baron 
Coleridge, 1820-. The Attorney General. 
An eminent English jurist ; lord chief jus- 
tice of England; educ. at Eton and Oxford; 
called to the bar at the Middle Temple, 
1846; M.P., 1865-73; attorney-general, 
1871; lordchief justice, 1873; of the Court 
of Common Pleas of England, 1880. 

Coleridge, Mrs. Sara Henry, 1803- 
62. His Daughter. An Eng-lish lady ; 
b. at Keswick ; daughter of S. T. Cole- 
ridge, and widow of Henry Nelson. 

Coles, Emilie S. E. 8. C. An Amer- 
ican religious writer of the day, of 
Newark, N.J.(?). 

Collier, Jeremy, 1650-1726. J. Smith ; 
Jerei,:las, Primus Anglo-BritannicE Epis- 
copus. An English non-juring bishop ; 
b. at Stow-with-Quy ; educ. at Cambridge ; 
was consecrated bishop in 1713. 

Collier, John Payne. ./. P. C. ; The 
Editor; An Old Man. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 391. 

Collin, Frank. F. C. An English 
song-writer of the day. 

Collin de Plancy, Jacques Albin 
Simon. Jean de Septchenes. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 391. 

Collingwood, Cuthbert, 1826-. A 
Naturalist. An English miscellaneous 
writer; fellow of the Medical Society, 
Ijondon ; b. at Greenwich ; educ. at 
London, Edinburgh, and Oxford ; resided 
in Liverpool, 1858-66; in 1876-77 he 
travelled in Palestine and Egypt. 

Collins, J. A Compatriot. An Irish 

Collins, Miss Mabel. M. C. An 
English writer of the day ; a daughter 
of Mortimer Collins. 

Collins, William, 1720-56. A Gen- 
tleman of Oxford. An English lyric 
poet ; b. at Chichester ; educ. at Win- 
chester School and at Oxford ; about 
1744 he went to London " a literary ad- 
venturer, with many projects in his liead, 
and very little money in his pocket." 

Collins, William Liucas, 1817-87. 
W. L. C. An English miscellaneous 
writer ; educ. at Jesus Coll., Oxford ; 
curate of Great Houghton, Northants, 
1835-62 ; and of Brayfield, Northants, 
1862-63 ; rector of Cheriton, Glamorgan- 
shire, 1863-67 ; vicar of Kilsby, 1867- 
73 ; and rector of Lowick, Northants, 
1873-87 ; d. at Lpwick. 

Collins, William ; Warton, Joseph, 
and others. Monitorius, Auramantulus, 
and Deliratulus. English poets early in 
the eighteenth centur}'. 

Colman, Benjamin ; Cooper, Wil- 
liam, and others. B. C. and others. 
Colman, Benjamin, D.D. An Ameri- 
can clergyman of Boston ; b. in 1673 at 
Boston; Harv. Coll., 1692 ; first minister 
of the Brattle Street Church. — Cooper, 
Rev. William, A.M., 1694-1743. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 394. 

Colman, George, the Elder. Lexi- 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 391. 

Colman, George, the Younger. A 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 391. 

Colman, Rev. Henry, 1785-1849. C 
An American clergyman ; b. in Boston ; 
Dartmouth Coll., 1805; pastor at Hing- 
ham, Mass., 1807-20; at Salem, Mass., 
1825-32 ; from that time he was devoted 
to agriculture, etc. ; d. at Islington, Eng- 

Colquhoun, Patrick, Esq., LL.D. A 
Magistrate acting for the Counties of Mid- 
dleser, Surrey, Kerd, and Essex. 

See " 1. and P.," First Series, p. 392. 

Colson, Henri. Jonathan. A French 
poet and novelist; professor at the Athe- 
naeum at Liege. 

Colton, Rev. Calvin. Junius. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 392. 

Colvill, Samuel. S. C A Scottish 
humorous poet of the seventeenth cen- 
tury ; "The Scotch Hudibras." 

Combe, Harvey Christopher. One 
of the Aldermen. An English municipal 
officer; alderman and lord mayor of 
London, early in the century. 

Comber, Rev. Thomas, 1765-. Petrus 
Pasquinus, C.P.M. An English clergy- 
man; rector of Oswaldkirk, Yorkshire, 
from 1813 ; b. at East Newton, in the 
N. Riding of Yorks. ; educ. at Cambridge ; 
was a constant contributor to 'the " Or- 
thodox Churchman's Mag." 

Comegys, Benjamin Bartis. A Lay- 
man. An American religious writer of 
the day. 

Comrie, Alexander, 1708-74. Phi- 
lalethes. A Scotch theological writer ; in 
1734 he took at Ley den the degrees of 
master of arts and doctor of philosophy, 
and immediately after he was elected 
minister of the parish of Woubrugge ; 
he remained minister there till 1773, the 
year before his death. 

Conant, William C, 1825-. Vidi. 
An American journalist and essayist; 
b. in New York City ; editor-proprietor 




" Vermont Union Whig," 1848—52, and 
of New York " Sun," 1860-61 ; of "Five 
Points Monthly," 1854-58; contributor to 
most of the principal American maga- 
zines, daily, religious, and technological 
papers, since 1852. 

Conder,Rev. Eustace Rogers. E.B.C. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 392. 

Conder, George. A Citizen of Ken- 
tuck fj. An American political writer. 

Conder, Josiah, 1789-1855. John 
Charles O'Beid, Esq. An English book- 
seller and publisher ; b. in London ; pro- 
prietor and editor of the " Eclectic Re- 
view," 1814-37 ; d. at his residence, St. 
John's Wood, London. 

Condie, David Francis, 1796-1875. 
D. F. C. ; An Association of Physicians. 
An Ainerican physician ; b. in Philadel- 
phia ; M.D. at the Univ. of Pennsylvania, 
1818; and became prominent in his pro- 
fession; d. in Delaware Co., Penn. 

Condorcet, Marie Jean Antoine 
Nicolas Caritat, Marquis de, 1743-94. 
Un R€pubiicain : Un Bourgeois de New- 
Huven; Un Citoijen des Etats-Unis ; Habi- 
tant Obscur de I'ancien Hemisphere. A 
celebrated French mathematician and 
l)hilosopher ; b. at Ribemont, in Picardy ; 
d. at Bourg-la-Reine. 

Coney, Thomas, D.D. Orthodoxus. 
An English clergyman ; prebend of 
Wells, and rector of Bath. 

Congreve, WiUiam, 1670-1729. 
Cleojihil. An English dramatist ; b. at 
Bardsey, near Leeds ; educ. at Trin. 
Coll., Dublin ; passed his life chiefly in 
London ; d. at his house in Surrey Street, 

Connelly, Kev. Pierce, M.A. Pen Cler 

See " L and P.," First .Series, p. 393. 

Conner, Mrs. Kliza Archard. Eliza 
Archard. An American journalist of New 
York City. 

Connolly, Charles M. Mark Quencher. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 393. 

Connolly, Mrs. Olivia (Knight). 
Thoinusinc. An English writer ; wife of 
Hope Connolly. 

Constable, Archibald, 1774-1827. 
A. C. A Scottish publisher; b. at Kel- 
lie, parish of Carnbee, county of Fife ; 
commenced business in J)dinburgh in 
1795; but failed in 1826; d. in Edin- 

Constable, Michael. One in the Ranks. 
An Irish soldier ; private, 49th Regiment. 

See " T. and P.," First Series, p. 393. 

Constable, Thomas. The Brash 
Maker. An English writer of eighty 
years ago. 

Conway, Gen. Henry Seymour, 

1721-95. An Officer. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 393. 

Cook, Eugene B. The Meteorologist 
of the New York Skating Club. 

Cook, N. F. A Physician. An 
American writer of the day, of the 

Cook, Russell S., 1811-64. The Sec- 
retarij of the New York Sabbath Committee. 
An American clergyman ; b. at New 
Marlborough, Berkshire Co., Mass.; 
studied at the Aubiirn Theol. Sem. ; 
pastor at Lanesboi'o', Mass., 1836-38 ; 
one of the secretaries of the American 
Tract Soctety, 1839-57; d. at Pleasant 
Valley, N.Y. 

Cooke, Sir George. A Late Eminent 
Hand. An English jurist of the eigh- 
teenth century. 

Cooke, Henry. H. C. An English 
Avriter on music; son of Benjamin 
Cooke (1734-93), Mus. Doc. 

Cooke, MatthcAv. M. C. An Eng- 
lish Freemason of the day. 

Cooke, Rose Terry, 1827-. A. W. 
H. ; Nose Tern/. An American author ; 
b. at West Hartford, Conn. ; educ. at tlie 
Hartford Female Sem., 1843; and mar- 
ried Mr. R. H. Cooke, of Winsted, Conn., 
in 1873. 

Cooke, Thomas. Scriblerns Tertius. 

See " 1. and P.," First Series, p. 393. 

Cooke, Thomas Porter, 1786-1864. 
Tippi/. An English actor; b. and d. in 
London ; in 1804 he made his debut in 
that city. 

Cooke, W. B. W. B. G. An Eng- 
lish colonial writer. 

Cooke, William. A Descendant of 
the Great Srrihlerus. An Irish barrister- 
at-law ; b. at Cork; removed to London; 
called to the bar at the Middle Temple ; 
employed liis leisure hours in literary 
pursuits; d. in London(?). 

Cooker, Matthe'w. Baptista Severus. 

Cooley, Alice Kingsbury. Alice 
Kingshnr/i. An American writer of the 
day, of San Francisco(?). 

Cooley, De Witt Clinton. P. E. R. 

Cooley, James Ewing. The Ameri- 
can. An American writer of the day. 

Coombe, William, Esq. Tlie Same 
Author ; I ideriiis. 

See"l. and ]\,"FirstSerios, pp. .393,394. 

Coombes, William Henry. D.D., 
1767-1850. The British Observer. An 
English Catholic clergyman ; b. at Mead- 
gate, in Camerton parish, county Somer- 
set; educ. at Douay Coll., where he be- 
came professor of rhetoric; in 1810 he 




accepted the mission to Shepton Mallet, 
in Somersetshire ; in 1849 retired to the 
Benedictine monastery at Downside, and 
d. there. 

Cooper, Anthony Ashley, 3d Earl of 
Shaftesbury, 1671-1713. A Noble Lord. 
An English peer ; b. in London ; had his 
studies directed in part by John Locke ; 
in 1711 he a second time visited the 
continent ; and d. at Naples. 

Cooper, James Fenimore. An 
American ; Amabel Penfealher. 

See " L and P.," First Series, p. 394. 

Cooper, Myles, D.D., LL.D. An Ex- 
ile from America. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 394. 

Cooper, Rev. Samuel. Editor of" The 
Looking Glass for the Mind." An Eng- 
lish editor in tJhe century. 

Cooper, T. Colden. T. C. C. An 
American writer. 

Cooper, Thomas, M.D., LL.D. Ameri- 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 394. 

Cooper, William White, 1816-86. 
Sestertius Holt. An English oculist; b. 
at Holt, in Wiltshire ; practised in Lon- 
don, and d. there. 

Coote, Charles, D.C.L., 1761-1885. 
One of the Members of the College. An 
English writer ; b. in London ; Pembroke 
Coll., Oxford, 1782 ; was for a time editor 
of the "Critical Review " ; d. at Islington. 

Coote, J. The Editor of the " Bio- 
graphical Memoir of Her Royal Highness." 
An English writer of eighty years ago. 

Copeland, William P. 3Ir. Short- 
fell o /.v. 

Copinger, Walter Arthur, 1847-. 
W. A. G. An English barrister-at-law ; 
b. in London ; called to the bar at the 
Middle Temple in 1869. 

Copleston, Ed^va^d, D.D. One of 
his Constituents. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 394. 

Coppee, Henry, 1821-. Henri de 
Coissi/. An American writer; b. in 
Savannah, Ga. ; West Point, 1846 ; in 
1886 resident at Bethlehem, Penn. 

Corbin, Mrs. Caroline Elizabeth 
(Fairfield). Caroline Elizabeth Fair- 
field. An American religious writer of 
the day. 

Cordell, Charles, 1720-91. C. C. G. 

A D. A. An English Catholic priest; 

b. in London ; educ. at Douay ; priest at 
the chapel in Newgate Street, Newcastle- 
on-Tyne, 1765-91, and d. there. 

Cordner, Rev. John. ./. C. An 
American clergyman ; for many years 
minister at Montreal ; in 1887 resident 
in Boston. 

Cornelius, Mrs. Mary Hooker. A 

Mother. An American writer. 

Cornish, Miss . Miss G. An 

English writer. 

Cornish, Mrs. . Mrs. G. An 

English writer. 

Cornish, James, M.R.C.S., 1792-1858. 
S. H. An English writer; b. and d. in 

Cornish, Rev. Joseph, 1750-1823. C. 
An English Dissenter ; b. at Tawnton ; 
pastor of the church of Protestant Dis- 
senters at Colyton, Devonshire, 1772— 
182.3, and d. tliere. 

Cornu, Francis. Francis. A French 
dramatic author ; b. near the commence- 
ment of the present century ; was the 
author of a considerable number of vaude- 
villes, dramas, and melodramas. 

Corpe, Rev. John. A Clergyman of 
the Church of England. An English min- 
ister; rector of Wayford, Somerset. 

Corrie, Henry. H. C. An English 

Corry, John. A Citizen of the World ,- 
An Observer ; An Impartial Observer. An 
Irish miscellaneous writer; first went to 
Dublin, and about 1792 to London, where 
he devoted himself to literary labor. 

Corwin, Thomas, 1794-1865. The 
Wagon Boy. An American statesman ; 
b. in Bourbon Co., Ky. ; governor of 
Ohio, 1841-43; United States senator, 
1845-50 ; secretary of the treasury,. 
1850-53 ; d. at AVashington. 

Costigan, Arthur AVilliam, Esq. Le 
Brigadier Ferriere. An Irish officer; late 
captain of the Irish brigade in the ser- 
vice of Spain. 

Cotter, Rev. Joseph Rogerson. One 
who Believes the Christian Scriptures. An 
Irish clergyman ; Trin. Coll., Dublin, 
1854 ; rector of St. Mary Magdalene, 
Colchester, 1877-87. 

Cotton, George Edward Lynch, 
D.D., 1813-66. G. E. L. C. An Eng- 
lish clergyman; Trin. Coll., Cambridge, 
1836; bishop of Calcutta, 1858-66; he 
was " the young master " of " Tom 
Brown's School Days " ; he was drowned 
in the Ganges." 

Cotton, W. R. W. R. G. An Eng- 
lisli writer. 

Cotton, William. W. C. An Eng- 
lish poet. 

Couch, Thomas QuiUer, 1826-. T. 
Q. C, Polperro ; Hook and Crook. An 
English Avriter; b. at Polperro, Corn- 
wall ; educ. at Guy's Hospital, 1849- 

Coues, Samuel Elliott. S. E. C. 
See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 395. 




Coughlin, John D. Cousin Torrence. 
Coulthurst, Henry William, D.D. 

M. W. C—t, D.D. ; H. W. C An Eng- 
lish clergyman ; vicar of Halifax, and 
formerly fellow of Sidney Sussex Coll., 

He preached a sermon before the Univ. of Cam- 
bridge, of a singular character, which was trans- 
lated into Englibh verse, with considerable humor, 
by a writer who assumed the signature of "H. W. 
Hopkins, Esq.," who was supposed to be either 
Alexander Oeddes or Professor Parson. 

Couper, Robert, M.D., 1750-1818. A 
Phijsician. A Scottish poet; b. at Bal- 
sier, parish of Sorbie, Wigtonshire ; be- 
came a tutor in a family in Virginia ; in 
1776 returned to Scotland ; became a 
physician; in 1788 settled in Fochabers, 
Banffshire ; left there in 1806 ; d. at 

Courtenay, Hon. Charles Leslie. C. 
L. C. ; A Parish Priest. An Englisli cler- 
gyman ; Christ Church, Oxford, 1837 ; 
vicar of Bovey-Tracey, 1849-87. 

Courtenay, Francis Burdett. De- 
tector. An English physician of the day. 

Courtenay, Et. Hon. Thomas Pere- 
grine, 1782-1841. A More Accurate Ob- 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 396. 

Courthope, William John. Novus 
Homo. An Englisli litte'rateur ; M.A. at 
New Coll., Oxford, 1877. 

Courtier, Petei" Ij. Onesimus. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 396. 

Courtney, Leonard Henry, 1832- 
C An English statesman ; b. at Pen 
zance, Cornwall ; educ. at Cambridge 
called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn, 1858 
M.P., 1876-87; is an advanced Liberal 
has written for the " Fortnightly He- 
view," the " Nineteenth Century," and 
tile "International Keview." 

Cousin d'Avalon, Charles Yves. 
(yiiffct , parfumeiir, distillateur de Paris ; 
Ge'rard ; A. T. Rimbault. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 396. 

Cowan, James Galloway, M.A. ./. 
<i. C. An English clergyman ; vicar of 
Hi. John's, Hammersmith, 1863-70 et seq. 

Coward, WUIiam, M.D., 1656-1725. 
A Lute. Ani/ior; W. C. ; Mr. C—d; Esti- 
bius Psi/chalethes; G. C. ; W. C, M.D., 
CM., L.G. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 396. 

Cowdy, Mrs. Ann. A Meviorahle 
Mdilwr. An English lady; motiier of 
Rev. Samuel Cowdy. 

Cowdy, Mrs. Cecilia. A Pastor's Wife. 
An English lady; writer of the day. 

Cowper, Mrs. Frances Maria. A 
/.ad If. An Englisli poet; probably a 
cousin of William Cowper. 

Cowper, Lord William, 1664-1723. 

The Eloquent Hortensius. An eminent 
English judge and orator; b. in the cas- 
tle of Hertford ; called to the bar in 
1688; lord chancellor, 1705-10 and 1714- 
18 ; d. at his seat in Hertfordshire. 

He was the "Manilius" in "The Spectator," 
No. 467. 

Cowper, Wmiam, M.D., F.S.A., 1701- 
67. M. Meanwell ; A Citizen of Chester. 
An English physician ; b. at Chester ; 
educ. at Leyden ; practised physic many 
years at Chester ; d. at Overlegh. 

Cowper, William, 1731-1800. Do- 
mestic Poet. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 396. 

Cox, Henry Hamilton, 1750-1822. 
The Strange Friend. An Irish author ; 
b. and d. in Ireland. 

Cox, John. A Pilgrim of Seventy. 
An English writer of the day. 

Cox, Mary M. Stella. An Ameri- 
can writer of the day, of Philadelphia(?). 

Cox, Sir Richard, 2d Bart, 1660- 
1733. Dioriysius, the Areopagite. 

See " I. and 1*.," First Series, p. 396. 

Cox, Samuel Sullivan, 1824-. A 
Biickei/e. An American statesman; b. 
at Zanesville, 0. ; Brown Univ., 1846 ; 
M.C. for many years; now (1885) of 
the city of New York. 

Coxe, Rt. Rev. Arthur Cleveland, 
D.D. A. C. C. ; The Bishop of Western 
JVeio York; An Old Catholic; The Rector. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 396. 

Coxe, Rev. Richard Charles, 1800-66. 
P. C. C. 

vSee " I. and P.," First Series, p. 397. 

Coxe, Tench. Greene. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 397. 

Cozans, Kate M. T. Cousin Kate. An 
American writer of the day for the young. 

Cozens, Zachariah. T. 31. 0. T. F. 
S. M. ['I'he Master of the Free School, 
Margate]. An English writer of Mar- 
gate ; for many years a correspondent 
of the "Gentleman's Magazine," some- 
times under his own signature, but 
oftener under the above initials. 

Crabbc, Rev. George. Pope in 
Worsted Stockings. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 397. 

Crabbe, Rev. George, Jr. His Son. 
An English clergyman ; son of the poet; 
vicar of Bredfield ; afterwards chaplain 
of the Seckford Almshouse, Woodbridge, 
Suffolk; then rector of INIorton, Norfolk, 
and domestic chaplain to Lord Walsing- 

Crafts, Mrs. Wilbur F. Sara J. 
Timanus. An American writer of the 
day, of Chicago(';). 




Cragin, Miss J. S. Margaret Starr. 

Craik, Rev. James, D.D. The Hector. 
An American clergyman ; rector of 
Christ Church, Louisville, Ky. 

Crakanthorp, John. J. C. An 
English writer of the first part of the 
eighteenth century. 

Crake, Rev. Augustine David. A. 
D. C. An English clergyman; Univ. of 
London, 1864 ; vicar of Cholsey, Wal- 
lingford, 1885-87. 

Cramp, John Mockett, 1796-1881. 
The President. An English author; b. 
at St. Peter's, Isle of Thanet, Kent, 
Eng. ; educ. at Stepney Coll. ; presi- 
dent of the Baptist Coll. at Montreal, 
1844-51 ; and of Acadia Coll., Nova 
Scotia, 1851-69; d. in Wolfville, Nova 

Craven, Elizabeth, Baroness Craven, 
afterwards Margravine of Anspach- 
Baireuth, 1750-1828. E. C; H. S. H., 
the M. of A. ; Gosmopolitus Occultarius, 
etc. An English writer; daughter of 
Augustus, 4th Earl of Berkeley; mar- 
ried Lord Craven ; and when she had 
been divorced from him she married 
Charles Frederick, Margravine of Ans- 

Craven, Rt. Hon. William, Lord. 
Lord C. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 397. 

Cravpford, J. W. Capt. Jack. An 
American poet. 

" Capt. Jack Crawford, ' The Poet Scout,' 
is by far the most picturesque character in 
the Grand Army circles. The story of Capt. 
Jack's life is an epic and a romance in one, be- 
ginning with bis enlistment, at the age of six- 
teen, in the Army of the Potomac, and extending 
through the most famous of our Indian wars, in 
which he served as chief scout. He is a sharp- 
shooter, and was the crack marksman in Col. 
Henry Pleasant's regiment, and was twice 
wounded ; tirst at Spottsylvania, and again at 
Petersburg. He was the pioneer of the gold 
seekers in the Black Hills, and assisted G-eneral 
Sheridan in preparing his maps of the Black 

Crawford, Thomas, D.D. A Minis- 
ister. A Scottish clergyman. 

Craw^ford, William Harris, 1772- 
1834. The Secretary of the Treasury. An 
American statesman ; b. in Amherst Co., 
Va. ; was carried by his father to Georgia 
in infancy ; settled at Lexington, Ga., as 
a lawyer in 1798; United States senator, 
1807-13; minister to France, 1813-15; 
secretary of war, 1815 ; and of the treas- 
ury in 1816; was afterwards a circuit 
judge in Georgia. 

Crawhall, Joseph. J. C. An Eng- 
lish artist of the day. 

Creed, Clara. T. Pym. An Eng- 
lish artist of the day. 

Creighton, Rev. James. J. C. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 398. 

Cressvi^ell, John. Onghill. An Amer- 
ican writer of Chester Co., Penn. 

Cresswell, Mrs. Rachel E. R. E. C. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 398. 

Crichton, Antoinette K. ^4. K. C. 
An 'American writer of the day for the 

Crisp, Edwards, M.D. A Member of 
the College of Surgeons of London. An 
English surgeon of the day. 

Criswell, Robert W. Grandfather 

Crocker, Miss Ada. Laurence Severn. 
An English lady, residing in the United 
States ; a writer of the day. 

Croft, Rev. Sir Herbert, Bart., LL.D., 
1751-1816. H. C. An English clergy- 
man, of Dunston Park, Berkshire ; educ. 
at Oxford; vicar of Prittlewell,in Essex, 
1787 ; was for some time chaplain to the 
garrison at Quebec ; succeeded his father 
in 1797 ; was an intimate friend of Dr. 
Johnson, to whose " Lives of the Poets " 
he contributed the life of Dr. Young. 

Croggon, Mrs. Lucy (Emra). A 
District Visitor j A Lover of Nature. An 
English writer. 

Cromwell, R. I. A Blackman. An 
American citizen of Louisiana. 

Cronhamn, F. — h — . A Swedish 

Crook, John, 1768-. An Elector of 
Westminster. An English writer ; b. at 
Hammersmith ; resident in Lyon's Inn ; 
clerk to the board of churchwardens . . . 
of St. Clement Danes . . . Westminster. 

Crosbie, Andre^v. A Layman. A 
Scottish advocate of Edinburgh (?) . 

Crosby, Alpheus, 1810-74. Quintus. 
All American educator ; b. in Sandwich, 
N.H. ; Dartmouth Coll., 1827 ; principal 
of the Normal School at Salem, Mass., 
1857-65 ; d. there. 

Crosby, Howard, D.D., LL,D., 1826-. 
El Mukattcm. An American clergyman; 
b. in New York City ; Univ. of the City 
of New York, 1844 ; pastor in New York 
City, 1863-87; was Chancellor of the 
Univ. of New York, 1770-81. 

Crosby, Margaret. Margaret Floyd. 
An American writer of the day. 

Crosland, N. C. An English writer 
of the day. 

Cross, Mrs. Kate. De Kalb. A 
Canadian writer; a correspondent for 
several Canadian newspapers ; her de- 
ceased husband was a Prussian army 
officer of the name of De Kalb. 

Cross, Mrs. Marian (Evans Lew^es), 
1819-80. Felix Holt. An English mis- 




cellaneous writer ; b. at South Farm, 
Griff, in Warwickshire ; assistant-editor 
of the " Westminster Review," 1851-57 
et seq. ; d. in London (?). 

Cross, Koselle Theodore. B. T. C. 
An English educational writer of the day. 

Crosse, J. H. J. H. C. An English 

Crosse, Rev. John Dudlej' Oland, 
M.A. A Countni CIcTgi/man. An Eng- 
lish divine; Exeter Coll., Oxford, 1826; 
vicar of Pawlet, Bridgewater, Somerset, 
1827-70 et seq. 

Crosthwaite, Charles Haukes Tod. 
A District Officer ; C. H. T. G. A British 
colonial writer. 

CrosweU, Harry, D.D., 1778-1858. 
The Rector. An American clergyman ; 
b. at West Hartford, Conn.; was for 
some years a printer and journalist ; en- 
tered the Protestant Episcopal Church ; 
rector of Trinity Church, New Haven, 
from 1815, and d. in that city. 

Crowfoot, Rev. John Rustat, B.D. 
A " Fellow of a College." An English 
clergyman ; Caius Coll., Cambridge, 1839 ; 
P.C. of Wangford w. Henham, and vicar 
of Reydon, 1860-70 et seq. 

CroTFley, Sir Ambrose. Sir Ilum- 
phreij Greenhat. An English gentleman ; 
an alderman of London. 

Crowley, Thomas. Amor Patriap. : 

T. a 

See " L and P.," First Series, p. 399. 

Crozet, Laurent de. Chevalier Api- 
cius a Vindemiis. A French writer of 

Cruden, Alexander. A. G. ; The 
London- Citizen. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 399. 

Cruttwell, Richard, LL.B. One of 
No Parti/. An English clergyman ; rector 
of Spexliall, Suffolk ; either before or 
afterwards, ciiaplain of H. M. T. Trident, 
and secretary to Rear-Admiral Sir Alex. 
J. Ball. 

Ciidlip, Mrs. Annie (Thomas), 1 837- 
A71 Old Contributor. An English writer ; 
b. at Aldhorougli, Suffolk ; wife of Rev. 
Pender Hodge Cudlip, whom she mar- 
ried at Yealmpton, Devon, in 1867. 

Cudlip, I!ev. Pender Hodge, 1835-. 
P. [T. G. P., I.e., T. T. Johns, P. G. 
Hill and P. H. Cudlip]. An English 
clergyman; Mag. Hall, Oxford, 1859; 
vicar of Sparkwell, Plympton, Devon, 
1884-87 ; was b. at Porthleven, near 

Culverw^ell, Henry. //. G. An 
English writer of the day. 

Cumberland. Richard, 1732 1811. 
Giirtiii.i ; Sir Frrifiil I'ldyiarij. An Eng- 

lish dramatist ; son of the Bishop of Kil- 
more ; educ. at Westniinster and Cam- 
bridge ; devoted himself at Tunbridge 
Wells to literary pursuits. 

Cumming, John, D.D. A Minister of 
the Church of Scotland. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 400. 

Cumming, W. F., M.D. A Wanderer. 
An English physician. 

Cumpsty, Andrew. A. G. An Eng- 
lish almanac maker, of the first part of 
the seventeenth century. 

Cundall, Joseph. J. C. An artist 
and writer on art, of London. 

Cuninghame, Lady Margaret. A 
i/oirng Scottish Lad//. A Scottish lady ; 
daughter of the Earl of Glencairn, and 
her first husband the Master of Evan- 

Cuninghame, William. An Liquirer ; 
Talib ; An JEnqiiirer. A Scottish writer 
of Lainshaw, Ayr. 

Cunningham, Rev. Francis, -1867. 
F. C. An American clergyman ; Harv. 
Coll., 1825; was a minister at Dorchester. 

Cunningham, J. An Officer. An 
Englisli writer of the eighteenth cen- 

Cunningham, James. /. C. A 
Scottish writer, of EdinburghC?), of the 
seventeenth century. 

Cunynghame, Gen. Sir Arthur Au- 
gustus Thurlow, G.B.C., 1812-. An 
Aide-de-Canip. An English general; 
educ. at Eton ; entered the army, 1830 ; 
lieutenant-governor of Cape of Good 
Hope, 1874 ; deputy high commissioner 
in South Africa, 1878. 

CurU, Edmund, -1748. E. C; Mr. 

E d G--1; A Laij-Hand; Philare- 

tus ; William Ai/re. An English book- 
seller of London ; " is embalmed in the 
bitter herbs of the ' Dunciad ' " ; lost 
Ins ears for publishing some licentious 

Currie, Edmund. A Pirate. An Eng- 
lish colonial writer. 

Currie, Rev. William. A Presbi/ier 
of the Church of England. An English 
clergyman of the middle of the eighteenth 

Curry, Daniel, D.D., LL.D., 1809-. 
A New Yorker. An eminent American 
Methodist divine ; b. near I'eekskill, 
Westchester Co., N.Y.; Wesleyan Univ., 
1837; in 1881 stationed in isiew York 

Curry, John, M.D. ./. G, M.D. An 
Irish physician. 

Curteis, Ed^vard Jeremiah. The 
Member for Sussex. An Englisli M.P. 
in 1828. " 




Curteis, Rev. Thomas, about 1690- 
1747. T. C; A Clergpnan; Philadel- 
phus ; Philalethes. An English clergy- 
man ; rector of Wrotham, Kent. 

Curtis, . A Lover of Truth. A 

Scottish writer; an apothecary of Edin- 

Curtis Charles Bewick. A Lay- 
man. An English artist and writer of 
the day. 

Curtis, Miss Ella J. Shirley Smith. 
An English writer of the day. 

Curtis, George Ticknor. G. T. C. 

See ' I. and P.," First Series, p. 400. 

Curtis, George William. The Wan- 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 400. 

Curtis, Miss Susan Oak. Llope Harvey. 

Cui'tis, Thomas. The Original Editor 
of the " EncyclopcEdia Metropolitana." An 
English writer ; of Grove House School, 

Curtis, Sir William, Bart. Sir W 

C ,• Commodore Alderman C ; 

Sir T^«**«* (7**»-»; Sir Willie Curt- 
Ms. An English poet ; lord mayor of 

Curtis, WinsloTl^ Sylvester Colson. 
An English murderer. 

Curtiss, Mrs. Abby Allin, 1820-. 
Nilla. An American poet; b. at Pom- 
fret, Conn. ; in 1852 married Daniel S. 
Curtiss, farmer-editor, then of Chicago, 
111., and soon after removed with him to 
Madison, Wis. 

Curzon, Sir Nathaniel. SirN 1 

C n. An English writer early in 

the eighteenth century. 

Cusack, Miss Mary Frances, 1822-. 
il/. F. C. ; Sister Mary Frances Clare. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 400. 

Cashing, Caleb, LL.D. A Friend of 
Domestic Industry ; C. C. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 401. 

Cushing, Liuther Stearns, 1803-55. 
C. ; L. S. C. An eminent American 
law-writer and judge; b. in Lunenburg, 
Worcester Co., Mass. ; for many years 
resided in Boston, and d. there. 

Cushman, Rev. Job, -1878. A De- 
scendant of "Our Ancient Friend" ; A 
Recent Missionary of the Amer. Home 
Miss. Soc. in Wisconsin. An American 
clergyman ; b. at Kingston, Mass. ; 
Brown Univ., 1819. 

Cust, Robert Needham, 1821-. R. 
N. C. An English lawyer ; b. at Hatley- 
Cokayne, Beds. ; called to the bar at Lin- 
coln's Inn, 1857 ; in the Indian civil ser- 
vice, 1842-68; Hon. Sec. of the Royal 
Asiatic Society from 1880. 

Cutler, Elbridge Jefferson, 1812-70. 
F. J. C. An American poet and edu- 
cator ; b. in HoUiston, Mass.; Harv. 
Coll., 1853; professor there, 1865-70; 
d. in Cambridge, Mass. 

Cutler, Mrs. Helen R. An Itinerant's 
Wife. An American writer of the day. 

Cutler, P. C. Lizzie Petit. An Ameri- 
can writer of the day. 

Cuyler, Rev. Theodore Liedyard, 
1822-. T. L. C. An American clergy- 
man ; b. at Aurora, N.Y. ; New Jersey 
Coll., 1841 ; Princeton Theol. Sem., 
1846 ; pastor in New York City, 1853- 
60 ; at Brooklyn, 1860-87. 


Dabney, John Blair. J. B. D. An 

American writer of tlie South ; a con- 
tributor to the " Southern Literary Re- 

Dabney, Rev. Jonathan Peele, 
-1868. J. P. D. An American clergy- 
man ; b. in Salem; Harv. Coll., 1811; 
preached for the most part without regu- 
lar settlement. 

Dalby, Isaac ('0. 1744-1824. D. An 
English mathematician ; professor of 
mathematics in the Royal Military 
Coll. at Marlow. 

Dalgleish, William, D.D. A Clergy- 
man. A Scottish minister, of Peebles, 
one Imndred years ago. 

Dali-ymple, Alexander. A Well- 

ivisher to his King and Countrj/ ; An Old 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 402. ^'^^'^ 
. — Dalton, E. J. An Eye-Witness.' An^' 
American controversial writer. •* " 

Dalton, Rev. James Edward. A \ 
Clergyman. An English divine ; Queen's 
Coll., Cambridge, 1830; rector of Sea- 
grave, Loughborough, 1852-87. 

Damme, Johan. Johannes van D — e. 
A Swedish writer. 

Dane, John. A Member of the N. E. 
Histor.-Geneal. Society. An American 
genealogical writer. 

Daniel, George. G. D ; D — g. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 402. 

Daniel, John Edgeoumbe. An Offi- 




cer in the Commissariat Department of the 
Army. An English soldier ; deputy com- 
missary general in 1846 ; received the 
war medal with seven clasps, for Sala- 
manca, Vittoria, Pyrenees, Nivelle, Nive, 
■Orthes, and Toulouse. 

Daniel, Thomas, 1720-79. Thomas 
West, F.A.S. An English antiquary of 
•one hundred years ago. 

DanieU, Ralph Allen, 1846-73. D. ; 
B.A.D.; A Young Native, R.A.D. An 
English writer of Cornwall; son of Ed- 
ward Daniell ; d. at Wanganui, New 

Daniels, J. A. Sleinada. 

Darby, A. A. D. 

See " 1. and P.," First Series, p. 403. 

Darby, John Nelson. J. N. D. ; One 
who values Christianity for its own sake, etc. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 403. 

Darby, William, -1854. Tacitus. 
An American geographer ; b. in Penn- 
sylvania ; contributed to the " American 
Whig Eeview." 

Darby, William H. W. H. Di/. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 403. 

Darcie, John. Touchstone. 

Darcy, Robert, 4th Earl of Holder- 
ness, -1778. E — I of II — s. An English 
peer ; in 1740 he was appointed lord-lieu- 
tenant of the North Riding, of Yorkshire ; 
in 1744, ambassador to Venice; in 1749, 
minister plenipotentiary to the United 
Provinces; in 1751, one of the secretaries 
of state and of the privy council ; in 1752, 
one of the lords justices ; in 1754 again 
secretary of state ; was afterwards ad- 
miral and warden of the Cinque Ports ; 
on his death tlie earldom, for want of 
male issue, became extinct. 

Darley, George, 178.5-1849. G. D. 
An Irish poet and mathematician ; b. in 
Dublin; in 1825 removed to London; 
contributed to the " Literary Gazette " 
and "Athenaeum," and pul^lislied i)oems 
and treatises on algebra and geometry. 

Darr, Francis. One of His Constitu- 
ents. An American writer of Oliio. 

Daubeny, Charles Giles Bridle, 
M.D., F.R.S., 1795-1827. The Professor 
of Bolanij. An English scliolar; pro- 
fessor of botany and cliemistiy in tlie 
Univ. of Oxford ; b. at Strnttoii. 

Daunt, Kev. Edward Syn<>e ToAvn- 
shend. E. iS. T. I). An Englisli clergy- 
man ; Trin. Coll., Dublin, 1845 ; vicar of 
St. Stepiieiis, by Launceston, 1853-87. 

Davtyiant, Charles, LL.D., 1(556- 
1714. Hir Thomas Double. An English 
politician ; inspector of plays ; dramatic 
author, and writer upon political economy 
and trade. 

David, Prof. Carl, af Wirsen. C. D. 
W. A Swedish writer. 
Davidson, Mrs. Harriet Miller. A 

Mother. A Scottish lady ; wife of Henry 

Davidson, James, A.M. Old Wiggie. 
An American scholar ; professor in the 
Univ. of Pennsylvania, 1768-79 and 1782- 
1802 ; rector of the academy, 1780-91. 

Davie, Mary R. Corinne Lestrange. 

Davies, Charles Maurice, D.D. An 
Ex-Puseijite. An English clergyman; 
Univ. Coll., Durham, 1849 ; head-master 
of the West London College School, 

Davies, Ed-ward, and Baxter, John 
A. E. D. and J. A. B. Davies, Ed- 
ward, 1756-1831. An English clergy- 
man ; rector of Bishopston, Glamorgan- 
shire ; and chancellor of Brecon. 

Davies, Gerald Stanley. Hadji 
Sievad, etc. An English clergyman ; 
Christ Coll., Cambridge, 1868; assistant- 
master in Charterhouse School, 1874-87. 

Davies, Henry. H D. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 404. 

Davies, Eev. Myles. Mr. PoUet. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 404. 

Daviess, Col. Joseph Hamilton, 
1774-1811. Jo Daviess. An American 
lawyer of Kentucky ; author of " View of 
the President's conduct concerning the 
conspiracy of 1806 " ; b. in Bedford Co., 
Va. ; killed at the battle of Tippecanoe. 

Davis, Andrew Jackson, 1826-. The 
Poughkeepsie Seer. An American clair- 
voyant ; b. at Blooming Grove, Orange 
Co., N.Y. 

Davis, Rev. Charles Henry, M.A. 
Philecclesia. An English clergyman ; 
Wadham Coll., Oxford, 1844 ; rector of 
Littleton-Drew, Chippenham, 1875-87. 

Davis, Rev. Edward, and others. A 
Committee of Pastors. An American 
clergyman, of Hampden Co., Mass. 

Davis, Emerson, 1798-1866. Lin- 
nieus. An American clergyman ; b. and 
d. in Westfield, Mass. ; Williams Coll., 
1821; vice-president of his alma mater, 

Davis, Hasbrouck. H. I). An 
American writer ; son of Hon. John 
Davis, of Worcester; studied theology, 
and was pastor at Watertovvn, Mass., 
1840-53 ; then studied law, and com- 
menced its practice at Chicago in 1855; 
served in the late civil war, 1861-65; 
afterwards returned to his law practice 
at Chicago. 

Davis, Henry H. //. //. D; A 
Dreamer. An English poet and scholar, 
of Kirkby Lonsdale. 




Davis, Hon. John, 1787-1854. Hon- 
est John Davis. An American states- 
man ; b. in Northborough, Mass. ; Yale 
Coll., 1812; United States senator, 1835- 
41 ; governor of Massachusetts, 1834 and 
1841 or 1842 ; d. at Worcester, Mass. 

Davis, Marcus. M. D. 

Davis, Kev. Natlian, about 1812-82. 
E. II. C. 31. An English writer; editor 
of the "Hebrew Christian Magazine"; 
devoted himself for many years to the 
study of Arabian and Hebrew antiqui- 
ties ; lived for many years in an old 
Moorish palace ten miles from Tunis ; 
d. at Florence. 

Davis, Rev. Tiiomas, M.A. A Clergjj- 
man. An English divine; Queen's Coll., 
Oxford, 1833; vicar of St. John's, Eound- 
hay, 1839-87. 

Davis, William Augustus, 18 19-. 
W. A. D. An American physician ; b. 
in New York City ; Harv. Coll., 1837 ; in 
1850 removed to Winchester, Va., where, 
in 1884, he still resided. 

Davison, John, B.D., 1777-18-34. 
Fhileleulheros Orielensis. An English 
clergyman; prebendarj^ of Worcester. 

Davy, Sir Humphry. D. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 405. 

Davys, John. A Man of Business. An 
English writer early in the eighteenth cen- 
tury ; vice-president of Hart Hall, Oxford. 

Da^vkins, William Gregory. An 
Officer on Half Patj. An English officer: 
entered the army as ensign in 1844 ; 
lieutenant-colonel Coldstream Guards, 
1854; served in the Eastern campaign, 
1854, including the battles of Alma and 
Balaklava and siege of Sebastopol. 

Dawson, G. A. R. G. A. R. D. An 
English sporting writer of the day. 

Dawson, Henry Barton. H. B. D. ; 
A Member of the Neiv York Historical So- 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 405. 

Dawson, Mrs.- S. F. His Wife. An 
English lady; wife of the Rev. George 
Dawson, of Birmingham. 

Daw^son, Thomas, D.D. T. D. An 
English clergyman of the first part of 
the eighteenth century. 

Day, Charles William. 'Ayoy6s. 

See " I. and P.," Urst "Series, p. 406. 

Day, Eliza. Eliza. An English 
poet '; wife of Thomas Day. 

Day, Rev. John Quinby, 1809-84. 
J. Q. D. An American clergyman ; b. 
in Portland, Me.; Bowdoin Coll., 1829; 
Harv. Divinity School, 1832 ; preached 
for a while ; then retired from the min- 
isterial life, and resided and d. in his 
native city. 

Day, Rev. Pliny Butts, D.D., 1806- 
69. ^1 Pastor. An American clergy- 
man; b. at Huntington, Mass. ; Amherst 
Coll., 18.34; Andover Theol. Sem., 1837; 
pastor of the First Congregational 
Church at Derry, N.H., 1837-51; at 
Hollis, N.H., 18-52-69, and d. there. 

Day, Samuel. One who is no partizan 
or bigot. An English Friend, of Stan- 
stead, Mount-Fitchet, Essex. 

Day, Thomas, Esq. A Black. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 406. 

Dealey, Mrs. Regina aiaria (Roche) . 
Miss Begina Maria Roche. An English 
novelist ; for many years before her 
death lived in retiremxcnt on the Mall, 
Waterford, where she died. — - See " Gen- 
tleman's Magazine," 1845, 11., p. 86. 

Dean, G.^F. G. F. D. An Ameri- 
can writer ; a writer in the " American 
Whig Review." 

Dean, Samuel. A Member of the 
Church of England. An English minis- 
ter of thie New Jerusalem Temple, Cross 
Street, Hatton Garden, London. 

Deane, Charles, LL.D. The Secretary 
[of the Mass. Hist. Society] ; Iklia ; G. D. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 406. 

Dear, H. C . Pathfinder of the "Field." 
An English sporting journalist of the 
day, of London. 

Debaufre, Peter. P. D. An Eng- 
lisli writer of one hundred years ago. 

Debreuil, Jean. A Jesuit of Paris. 
A Frencli writer on art, of one hundred 
years ago. 

De Costa, Benjamin Franklin, D.D. 
William Hickling. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 406. 

De Costa, Mary Rebecca Theresa, 
Sister Saint Claire, Order of St. Ursula. 

De(ienroth,Eugen Hermann. Engen 
Hermann ; Ernst Pitaivall. A German ■■ 
novelist of the day. 

Defoe, Daniel. A Citizen loho lives the 
whole time in London; Andrew Newport ; 
A Gentleman ; The Author of the " True- 
born Englishman " ; A Laijman ; Sir Fop- 
linq Tittle-Tattle ; Weeping Winifred. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 407. 

Defoe, Daniel, and Robert Dodsley. 
A Footman. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, pp. 407, 

D6foe, S. A., M.D. "*Z>," Rose 
Cottage, N.J. An American physician, 
of Little Falls, N.J. 

De Gournay, Paul F. Uncle Paul; 
Hermit; El Ai/udante. A French Ameri- 
can journalist ; correspondent of " The 
Nation " ; in 1885 et seq. resident in 




De Lia Chaise, . Un Am^ricain. 

A Trench political writer of one hun- 
dred j'ears ago, 

De La Croix, Jacques Vincent, 1743- 
1832. Un Americaiii. A French jurist; 
b. at Paris ; d. at Versailles. 

Delamayne, Tliomas Hallie, about 
1720-. A Barrister. An Irish writer; 
Dublin Univ., 1739; was a lawyer. 

Delamotte, William Alfred. W. 
A. D. An English artist and author of 
the tlay. 

De L/a Motte, Philip. An Antiquary. 
An English writer. 

Delany, Patrick, D.D. A Professed 
Friend, etc. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 407. 

Deleon, L'Abbe. L'Abhe'***. A 
French writer of the day. 

Delepierre, Joseph Octave, 1804-79. 
Octave D. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 407. 

De Lisle, Ambrose Lisle March 
PhUlipps, 1809-78. Ambrose Lisle Fhil- 
lipps, Esq. An English Catholic gentle- 
man ; b. at Garendon, county Leicester ; 
spent two years at Oxford Univ. ; in 
1835 he went to live at Gracedieu, where 
he had built a small Tudor manor-house, 
to which a small chapel was attached; 
in 1805 he returned to Garendon Park, 
and d. there. 

Dell, John, 1757-1810. Rusticus. An 
English poet ; d. at Sturry, in Kent. 

Delvau, Alfred and Duchesne, Al- 
phonse. Junius. Delvau, iVlfred, 1825- 
67. A French author; b. and d. in 
Paris ; in 1848 he became private secre- 
tary of Ledru-Kollin, then minister of 
the Interior, when Vicing removed from 
a political career he devoted himself to 
literature. — Duchesne, Alphonse, 1-825- 
70. A French journalist ; b. atLisieux; 
d. in Paris. 

Demarville, . T/ie Editor of the 

"Ydunij Lad if s (J cor/raj )hi/." English geo- 
grapher of the eigliteenth century. 

De 3Iorgan, Augustus, 1800-71. The 
Astronomical Censor of the Athenceum. An 
English mathematician; b. at Madura, 
in vSouthern India; educ. at Trin. Coll., 
Cambridge; entered at Lincoln's Inn, but 
left when he was, in 1828, appointed pro- 
fessor of matiiematics in the Univ. of Lon- 
don ; resigned this post in 1831, but re- 
turned to it in 1800; d. in L()nd()n(?). 

De 3Iorgan, Mrs. Sophia Klizabeth. 
C. D. An English writer ; wife of Au- 
gustus De Morgan. 

Denham, Michael Aislabie. M. 
A. D. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 408. 

Denman, Thomas, 1st Baron Den- 
man, 1779-1854. A Barrister-at-Law of 
Lincoln's Inn. An eminent English ju- 
rist; b. in London; educ. at Eton and 
Cambridge ; in 1806 called to the bar at 
Lincoln's Inn; M.P., 1818-32; lord chief 
justice of King's Bench, 1832-50 ; was 
raised to the peerage in 1834. 

Dennis, John, 1857-1734. Appius. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 408. 

Dennys, EdTv^ard Nichols. Ramus 
Randol/>h ; The Daughter of Dionysius. An 
English metapliysical writer. 

Dent, Charles. C. D. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 409. 

De Peyster, John Watts. Anchor. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 409. 

De Quincy, Thomas. Anglais Man- 
geur d' Opium. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 409. 

Derby, Ed^vard Geoffrey Smith 
Stanley, the 14th Earl of, 1799-1869. 
The Rupert of Debate. An eminent Eng- 
lish statesman and orator ; b. in Lan- 
cashire ; held important public offices ; 
his last, prime minister, 1866-08. 

Derby, Elias Basket, 1803-80. A 
Jurist. An American lawyer ; b. in 
Salem, Mass. ; Harv. Univ., 1824; studied 
law with Daniel Webster, and began to 
practise in Boston in 1827; United States 
commissioner, 1867. 

Derby, Eliza Stanley, Countess of. 

The Countess of D . An English poet 

of a century ago. 

Derham, William, 1657-1735. Mr. 
D. An English poet ; Trin. Coll., Ox- 
ford, 1(575; canon of Windsor, 1716. 

Derrick, Samuel. Several Gentlemen. 

See " I. and 1'.," First Series, p. 409. 

Derwent, James Leith. Leith Der- 
went. .\n English novelist of the day. 

De Salis, Mrs. Harriet Anne. A 
Disciple. An Englisli writer of the day. 

Des Maiseaux, Pierre, 1666-1745. 
//*•«■* (7****, Esq. A French critic and 
historian; b. in Auvergne; took refuge 
in London after the revocation of the 
Edict of Nantes ; and became secretary 
of the Poyal Society ; d. in London. 

Desoer, Charles Auguste. A. D. 
A Frencii journalist ; editor of the 
" Journal de Liege." 

Desquiron de Saint Agnan, Antoine 
Toussaint. All Ears et All Eyes. A 
Frencli writer early in the nineteenth 

Devens, Rev. Samuel Adams. An 
Inexperienced Clergyman. An American 
Unitarian minister; Ilarv. Coll., 1829; 
Divinity School, 1833 ; in 1886 resident 
in Boston. 




De Vere, Mary Ainge. Madeline 

Bridges. An American writer; in 1886 
resident at Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Devereux, George Humphrey, 
-1878. G. H. D. An American writer ; 
b. at Salem, Mass. ; Harv. Coll., 1829. 

Devotion, Rev. Ebenezer, A.M., 
1714-71. A Parishioner. An American 
Congregational minister; b. in Suffleld, 
[then in Massachusetts, now in Connecti- 
cut] ; Yale Coll., Connecticut, 1732 ; 
minister at Windham, Conn., 1735-71, 
and d. there. 

Dewees, W. B. An Early Settler of 
Texas. An American writer. 

Dewey, Rev. Chester, and others, 
1784-1867. Gentlemen in the County, 
Clergymen and Laymen. An American 
clergyman; b. in Slieffield, Berks., Mass.; 
Williams Coll., 1806 ; professor there, 
1808-25 ; of chemistry in the Univ. of 
Rochester, N.Y., 1850-67. 

Dewey, Orville, D.D. D.; 0. D. ; 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 410. 

Dew^hiirst, Jane. J. D. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 410. 

Dibble, Rev. Sheldon, 1809-45. La- 
Jiainaluna. An American missionary ; b. 
in Skeneateles, N.Y. ; Hamilton Coll., 
1827; Auburn Theol. Seminary, 1830; 
spent several years in the Sandwich 
Islands as a missionary, from 1831 to 
1845 ; d. in Lahainaluna. 

Dibdin, EdAvard Rimbault Vere. 
A Constant Frequenter of Walkei-'s Art 
Galleries. An English writer. 

Dibdin, Thomas Frognall, D.D. Cap- 
ricornus ; Ghristianus; One of the People. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 410. 

Dick, Alexander. A Convert. A 
Catholic writer of Edinburgh. 

Dick, Andrew^ Coventry. Bicter 
Woden Vandyck. A Scottish advocate 
and writer of Edinburgh('?). 

Dickens, Kate. Mrs. Charles Edward 
Perugini. An English artist ; the younger 
daughter of Charles Dickens. 

Dickens, Mamie. His Eldest Daughter. 
An English lady; daughter of Charles 
Dickens ; a writer of the day. 

Dickerson, Mahlon, 1770-1853. A 
Friend to the Navy. An American states- 
man ; b. at Hanover, N.J. ; New Jersey 
Coll., 1789 ; studied law and settled in 
Philadelphia ; United States senator, 
1817-33 ; secretary of the treasury, 1834- 
38 ; d. at Suckasunny, Morris Co., N.J. 

Dickerson, William R. Junius. 
An American writer of the day. 

Dickins, Lady Frances Elizabeth. 
A Country Rambler. An English lady. 

Dickinson, John, LL.D, Un Fermier 
de Pennsylvanie. 

See " i. and P.," First Series, p. 410. 

Dickinson, Rev. Jonathan, 1688- 
1747. A Minister. An American clergy- 
man ; b. at Hatfield, Mass. ; Yale Coll., 
1706 ; pastor at Elizabethtown, N.J., 
1709-47 ; president of New Jersey Coll., 
1746-47 ; d. at Elizabethtown. 

Dickinson, Susan E. Ada Vernon. 

Dickson, Samuel, M.D. An Old 
Army Surgeon ; Alciphron, " the Modern 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 410. 

Dickson, Dr. Samuel Henry, 1798- 
1872. A Physician of Charleston, South 
Carolina ; A Southern Physician. An 
American physician ; b. in Charleston, 
S.C. ; Yale Coll., 1814 ; studied m.edicine 
in his native city and at the Univ. of 
Pennsylvania ; practised in Charleston ; 
professor in Medical Coll. there, 1824- 
32, 1833-47, and 1850-58; in the Jef- 
ferson Medical Coll., Philadelphia, 1858- 
72, where he died. 

Didier, Eugene Lemoine, 1838-. 
Timon. An American journalist; b, in 
Baltimore ; educ. at Loyola Coll. ; gave 
up a mercantile career for literature ; in 
1867 founded in Baltimore the " Southern 
Society " ; and in 1869-70 was deputy 
marshal of the United States Supreme 

Dietrich, Ew^ald Christian Victo- 
rin. G. F. Horvath. A German writer. 

Digby, Kenelm Henry, 1800-80. 
K. D., Esq. An Irish theological anti- 
quary; son of the Rev. William Digby, 
dean of Clonfert; educ. at Trin. Coll., 
Cambridge ; and soon after became a 
Roman Catholic, and devoted himself to 
the study of the theology and antiquities 
of the Middle Ages. 

Dikinson, W. The Editor of " Morti- 
mer's Dictionary." An English editor. 

Dill, Thomas M. The Principal of 
the 20th District School, Cincinnati. An 
American educator of the day. 

Dillon, Sir John Talbot, Bart., -1805. 
An English Traveller in Spain. An Irish 
gentleman ; a member of the Royal Irish 
Academy ; d. at Dublin. 

Dillon, Robert Crawford, D.D. A 
Presbyter of the Church. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 410. 

Dilthey, Karl. Julian Werner. A 
German writer of New York City. 

Dimitry, Charles Patton, 1837-. 
Tobias Guarnerius, Jr. ; Braddock Field. 
An American journalist ; b. in Washing- 
ton, D.C.; educ. at Georgetown Coll., 
D.C. ; served in the Confederate army as 




a private; since the war he has been 
connected with the press in Richmond, 
Va., Washington, D.C., Baltimore, New 
York, and New Orleans. 

Dinnies, Mrs. Anna Peyre (Shackle- 
ford). Moina. 

See " 1. and P.," First Series, p. 411. 

Disney, John, D.D. /. D. ; A Gen- 
tle man ; Anonymus ; A Countn/ Clergy- 
man : A Justice of the Peace ; A Petition- 
ing Clergyman ; N.Y. 

See "i. and P.," Pirst Series, p. 411. 

DLx, John Adams, A.M., 1798-1879. 
Senex. An American lawyer ; b. in 
Boscawen, N.H. ; honorary A.M. at 
Brown Univ. ; served in the War of 1812- 
15 ; studied law, and admitted to the bar 
at Washington ; in 1828 he settled in 
Cooperstown, and in 1830 removed to 
Albany ; United States senator, 1845-49 ; 
United States secretary of the treasury, 
1861 ; served with distinction in tlie late 
civil war ; governor of New York State, 
1872 ; d. in" New York City. 

Dix, William Giles. AFormer Mem- 
ber of the Univ. of Cambridge. An Amer- 
ican writer; Harv. Univ., 1845. 

Dixon, Benjamin. A Member of the 
Metropolitan Board of Health. An Eng- 
lish pliysician of London. 

Dixon, Henrj' Hall. The Druid. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 411. 

Dodd, William, LL.D. An English- 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 411. 

Dodds, James. A Friend to Truth. 
A Scottish writer. 

Dodds, M. Li. M. L. D. An English 
writer of the day. 

Dodge, Mrs. H.M. Amica Beligionis. 
An American writer; published, 1827, at 
Utica, N.Y. 

Dodge,NathanielShats\vell. N. S. D. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 412. 

Dodington, George Bubb, Lord Mel- 
combe. B . . hh D n ; Geor(je 

Cadicalader, Gent. ; John More. 

See " L and P.," First Series, p. 412. 

Dodsley, Robert. Un Ariclen Bramine. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 412. 

Dollinger, Johann Joseph Ignaz 
von. Qnirinus. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 412. 

Dohm, Hedwig. A. Dom. A Ger- 
man novelist of tlie day. 

Dolland, George. Ilugqins. 

Domett, Alfred. Alfred. 

See " L and P.," First Series, p. 412. 

DomviUe, Sir William, Bart. The 
Promoter of the Sunday Bands ; A Lay- 

See " L and I'.," First Series, p. 412. 

Donaldson, James. Mr. Reason. A 
Scottish writer on trade, etc., in the first 
part of the eighteenth century. 

Donaldson, Eev. John AVilliam, D.D. 
A Purchaser ; The Editor of '^Jasher." 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 412, 

Donaldson, Stuart Alexander. S. 
A. D. An English classical scholar; 
Trin. Coll., Cambridge, 1877. 

Donatti, Arthur Louis. An Ex- 
Officer of the British Commissariat. An 
English novelist. 

Donellan, Mrs. Faulkner, Mrs. 
D**^'l**n. An English lady of one 
hundred years ago. 

Donop, Amalle, freein (Weber) von. 
Amalie von Cluusberg. A German novel- 

Donovan, J. W. Harry Hildreth. An 
American poet, of Detroit, Mich.(?). 

Dorr, Thomas Wilson, A.M. D. 

See " I. iind P.," First Series, p. 413. 

Dorrin^ton, William. An Old 
Printer. An English writer of the day; 
editor of the " Provincial and Colonial 
Press News," London. 

Dorset, Mrs. (Turner). A 

Lady. An English lady ; sister of 
Charlotte Smith. 

Doubleday, Thomas. T. D. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 413. 

Doudney, Rev. David Alfred. The 
Editor of the " Gospel Magazine." 

See "L and P.," First Series, p. 413. 

Douglas, Mr. A. and Mrs. M. A. D. 
^- ^I. D. English travellers of one hun- 
dred years ago. 

Douglas, Archibald Alexander. An 
Officer. An EnglisJi writer of the day. 

Douglas, C. Home. An Invalid. An 
English writer of the day. 

Douglas, Catharine, Duchess of 
Queensbury. A Lady. An English 
peeress and writer of the earlier part of 
the eighteenth century. 

Douglas, D. A Barrister. An Eng- 
lish writer of one hundred years ago. 

Douglas, Francis. A (Gentleman in 
Scotland. A Scottish writer of one hun- 
dred years ago. 

Douglas, Francis. A Farmer. A 
Scottish bookseller of Paisley. 

Douglas, Gertrude. George Douglas. 
An English novelist of the day. 

Douglas, Lady Jane. Jane Jj*****s. 
A Scottish writer of one hundred years 

Douglas, John, D.D., 1721-1807. 
Tacitus ; Manliiis ; A Volunteer. 

See " 1. and P.," First Series, p. 413. 

Douglas, John, F.R.S. Don It. 
Honeywater. A Scottish writer ; brother 




to Dr. James Douglas; surgeon to the 
Westminster Infirmary. 

Douglas, Sir John. A K — t. An 
English army ofiicer, whose original 
name was Mackenzie ; colonel of the 
68th foot, and major-general. 

Douglas, Sholto, M.D. A Retired 
Ph 11 si dan. An American writer. 

Douglas, Stephen Arnold, 1813-61. 
The Little Giant. An eminent American 
statesman ; b. at Brandon, Vt. ; United 
States senator, 1847-61 ; d. at Chicago, 

Douglas, William, 4th Duke of 
Queensbury. Ever-Green Votary of Ve- 
71US. An English nobleman. 

Douglass, William. W — m D — g — s, 
M.D. ; W. D. 

See " I. and P.," Eirst Series, p. 413. 

Dove, John. J. D. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 413. 

DoAve, William. W. D. An Amer- 
ican poet and prose writer, of Chelsea, 

DoAvell, Rev. Thomas. One of her 
ministers. An Englisli clergyman; Oriel 
Coll., Oxford, 1833; P.C. of Wellington 
Heath, Ledbury, Herefords., 1841-60 et 

Dowling, Penelope. A Wandering 
Pilgrim. An English writer of the day. 

Downes, Henry. H. K. An Irish 
clergyman ; successively bishop of Kil- 
lala and Achonry, of Elphin, of Meath, 
and of Derry; early in the eighteenth 

Downes, Joseph. A Gentleman of 
the Bar. An English writer; printer to 
Her Majesty's police, and editor and 
printer of the "Hue and Cry Police 

Downes, Samuel. ;S'. D. An Eng- 
lish controversialist of the first part of 
the eighteenth century. 

Downes, William Howe. Doivnsey. 
An American artist; art critic of the Bos- 
ton " Daily Advertiser." 

Downie, John. A Member of the Court. 
A Scottish writer of Urray. 

Downing, . A Juror. An Eng- 
lish writer of Earlsoliam. 

Dowi^ng, Miss Mary Patrick. Mary. 
An Irish writer of Cork. 

Dow^nley and Dunning, Messrs. An 
English Freeholder. English writers of one 
hundred years ago. 

Doyle, Major Charles. Carlos Bey. 
An English officer on the staff of the 
British army. 

Doyle, Rt. Rev. Jannes Warren, D.D., 
1786-1834. A Bomun Catholic Clen/i/inan. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p." 414. 

Doyle, John. H. B. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 414. 

Doyle, Richard. B. D. ; Brown, Jones, 
and Robinson. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 414. 

Doyle, Thomas, D.D., 1793-1879. 
Father Thomas. An English Catholic 
clergyman ; studied at St. Edmund's 
Coll., Old Hall ; served as missionary 
and senior priest at St. George's, St. 
George's Fields, Southwark, where he 

Doyly, Rev. Robert. The Rector of 
Fryerning. An English minister early in 
tlie eighteenth century. 

Dragomanov, l^Iichael. Stepniak. A 
Russian writer and journalist of the day; 
formerly editor of " Zemlia I Volia " 
(Land and Liberty) ; in 1883 resident 
in Italy. 

Draing, Samuel. Salomo Nigard. 

Drake, E. E. D. A Swedish writer. 

Drake, John Pode, 1794-. Observer. 
An English artist and inventor ; b. at 
Stoke ; went to America, where he lived 
as an artist; claims to be the inventor 
of armor-plating for ships of war, the 
steam ram, the Snider rifle (in 1835), 
and revolving platforms for great guns ; 
was living in 1879. 

Drake, Rev. William. The Chap- 
lain of the County Gaol, Northampton. 
An English clergyman of seventy years 

Drakeford, I. Her Father. An Eng- 
lish writer. 

Draper, George. An Old Business 
Man. An American writer of the day, 
of Boston. 

Drayson, Alfred Wilks. One who 
has served. An English soldier ; a 
writer of the day. 

Drew, Jacob Halls. His Eldest Son. 

See "I. and P ," First Series, p. 414. 

Drewe, Mrs. E. D. (Longlands) . Miss 
Lonfflands. An English poet ;■ daughter of 
Rev. W. D. Longlands, and wife of Rev. 
W. B. Drewe, vicar of Longstock, Stock- 

Drewitt, Rev. Thomas, -1803. The 
Contrastor. An English clergyman of 
Chedder, Somersetshire. 

Dreyfus, Morlce. Marcus Nothing. 

Drisko, G. Li. A Citizen. An Ameri- 
can writer of Maine. 

Drummond, Charles Edward. An 
Unfortunate Nobleman. 

Drummond, Henry, M.P. A Layman. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 415. 

Drummond, Sir William. Vindex ; 
Biblicus and Candidas Vindex. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 415. 




Dryden, John, 1631-1700. Asaph ; A 

Laiimun; Poet Scjuab ; Shimei. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 415. 

Duane,W.N. Phineas Camp. An Amer- 
ican poet ; published at Utica, N.Y., 1859. 

Duane, William. W. D. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 415. 

Dubourg-Butler, le ConUe Frederic, 
,1778-1850. Un Atvjlals. A French gen- 
eral, noted for the part he took in the revo- 
lution of 1830 ; b. at Paris ; his life was 
singularly romantic, which may be found 
related in Larousse's " Diet. Universel." 

Duck, Rev. Stephen, -1756. The Bard 
of Wiltshire. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 415. 

Duckett, William. Melchisedech 
Rothschild, banquier a Capharnaum ; Na- 
than le Sage. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 416. 

Diidding, Rev. Horatio Nelson. H. 
N. D. An English clergyman ; Exeter 
Coll., Oxford, 1830 ; vicar of St. Peter's, 
St. Albans, 1842-87. 

Dudevant, Mad. A. Li. A. and Mus- 
«et, Paul de. Elle et Liii. 

See " I. and P./' First Series, p. 410. 

Dudgeon, William. W. D. A Scot- 
tishC?) philosophical writer of the earlier 
half of the eighteenth century. 

Dudley, Charles, and Forsyth, 
Frank. Two Loungers. English writers 
of the day. 

Dudley, Rev. Sir Henry Bate, Bart., 
LL.D., 1745-1824. " Parson Bate." 

See " I. and P.," First Scries, p. 410. 

Dudley, Theoderick Bland. A 
Young Relative. An American; a rela- 
tive of John Randolph. 

Duffy, Sir Charles Gavan, K.C.M.G., 
1810-. Ati Australian Polilirian. An Irish 
journalist and politician; b. in county 
Monagiian ; educ. tlicre and at Belfast 
Institution ; called to the Irish bar in 
1846; M.P. for New Ross, 1852-56; 
afterwards wont to Australia, where he 
held the highest offices in Victoria ; 
K.B., 1873; K.C.M.G., 1877. 

Dugan, James. Oneida. An Amer- 
ican writer of the day. 

Duke, Jiev. William, 1757-1840. 
Sglvianiis. An American Episcopal 
clergyman ; b. at Patapsco Neck, Balti- 
more Co., Md. ; was at first a Methodist 
preacher; was admitted to the Ejjisco- 
pal Church in 1785; d. at Elkton, Md. 

Duncan, Henry, D.D., 1774-1846. .4 
Minister (if the Kslahlished. Church. A 
Scottisli divine; b. near Dumfries; min- 
ister of Ruthwcll in 1700. He was the 
foun<lcr of savings banks. 

Duncan, J. Richard Brick. 

Duncan, Philip Bury, 1772-1863. 
P. B. D. An English scholar and phi- 
lanthropist ; b. in South Warnborough ; 
educ. at Oxford ; keeper of the Ashmo- 
lean Museum ; living mostly at Oxford 
and Bath. 

Dunch, M. E. A Lady. An English 

Dunconibe, Rev. John. A Gentleman 
of Cambridge, A. B. ; An Oxonian. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 417. 

Dundas, Henry, 1st Lord Melville, 
1741-1811. Dun-Cuddji ; Starvation Dun- 
das. A Scottish lawyer and statesman; 
held high public offices, 1775-1811. 

Dunham, Mary A. Minnie at Home. 

Dunkin, Robert, 1761-1831. Will 
Snaffle, the Saddler. An English mathe- 
matical instrument maker; b. and d. at 
Penzance, Cornwall. 

Dunlap, Samuel Fales, 1825-. S. 
F. D. An American writer; b. in Bos- 
ton ; Harv. Coll., 1845. 

Dunlop, Rev. Alexander. A T^ayman ; 
P. F. C. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 417. 

Dunlop, James, 1795-1856. Hon. 
John Philip Refalo, etc. An American 
lawyer ; b. at Chambersburg, Penn. ; 
Dickinson Coll., 1812; admitted to the 
bar in his native town; in 1855 removed 
to Philadelphia ; d. in Baltimore. 

Dunlop, William, M.D. The Tiger. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 417. 

Dunn, Caleb. Ponivgoe; 31 y Pen. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 417. 

Dunn, George. Cyrus, the Elamite. 
An American writer of the day. 

Dunn, Henry. Delta. An English 
educational and miscellaneous writer; 
secretary to the British and Foreign 
School Society. 

Dunning, Harriet Sarah. Dickey 

bunster, Rev. Charles, M.A., -1816. 
A Country Clergyman ; Marmaduke Mil- 
ton, Esq. 

See " I. and ]*.," First Scries, p. 417. 

Dnnton, John, 1650-1725. A Mem- 
ber of the Athcniitii Society; The Unknown 
Author of " Neck or Nothing" ; A Member 
of the New Athenian Society. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 417. 

Dussaud, Mmo. . Jacques Vin- 
cent. \ Frenc'ii novelist of the day. 

Dutlieil, Kugenie. Mile. Fnge'nJe La 
Rochire. A French novelist. 

Dutton, Anne. A. 1). 

See " I. and 1'.," First Series, p. 418. 

Duyckinck, Kvcrt Augustus. D.; 
E. A. ]).; A Coiilribulor. 

Sec "I. and P.," First Series, ]). 418. 




Dwight, John Sullivan, 1813-. ,7. 
S. Z>. An American writer ; b. in Bos- 
ton ; Flarv. Coll., 1832 ; in 1887 resident 
in Boston. 

D Wight, Theodore, 1764-1846. The 
" Hartford Wits." An American poet 
and journalist ; b. in Northampton, 
Mass. ; studied law in New Haven, and 
began to practise at Haddam, Conn. ; 
but in 1791 removed to Hartford; M.C., 
1806-7 ; after spending two years at 
Albany, he founded at New York City 

the " Daily Advertiser," of which he 
was editor, 1817-36 ; then he lived re- 
tired at Hartford, 1836-43 ; when he 
retired to New York City, and d. there. 

Dykes, Thomas. Rockirood. A Seot- 
tisli writer of the day. 

Dyson, Rev. Charles. C. D. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 418. 

Dyson, Et. Hon. Jeremiah. A 
Right Hon. Gentleman. An English 
writer ; friend and pastor of Mark Aken- 


Eames, Mrs. Jane (Anthony), 1816-. 

A Layman. An American writer ; b. at 
Wellington (now Dighton), Mass. ; educ. 
in Providence, R.I. ; in 1839 married the 
Rev. James H. Eames, for many years 
rector at Concord, N.H. ; has travelled 
extensively in Europe and the East. 

Earle, Giles. G . . . s E . . . e. An 
English writer of the eighteenth century. 
Earle, James. J. E. Falmouth. An 
English writer of Falmouth. 

Eassie, William. Rattlebrain. An 
English physician of the day. 

Eastburn, James Wallis, 1797- 
1819. E — n. An English-American 
poet ; b. in London ; educ. at Columbia 
Coll., New York, 1816 ; was a colleague 
with Robert C. Sands in the composition 
of " Yamoyden," N.Y., 1820 ; d. at sea. 

Easton, Rev. Thomas. Menippus. 
A Scottish (?) clergyman; published at 
Glasgow, 1818. 

Eaton, Mrs. Charlotte Ann (Wal- 
die). An Englishwoman. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 418. 
Eaton, David H. T. Umbellus. 
Eaton, John. 1829-. General Super- 
intendent of Freed men, Dept. of the Tennes- 
see. An American educator; b. in Sutton, 
N.H.; Dart. Coll., 1854; Andover Theol. 
Sem., 1881 ; general superintendent of 
freedinen, 1862-66; United States com- 
missioners of education, 1870-86 ; presi- 
dent of Marietta, Ohio, Coll., 1886. 
Eccles, Isaac Ambrose. The Editor. 
See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 419. 
Echard, Laurence, 1671-1730. Phi- 
lalethes. An English clergyman; b. in 
the county of Suffolk ; educ. at Christ's 
Coll., Cambridge ; about 1722 was pre- 
sented by George II. to the livings of 
Rendlesham, Sudborne, and Alford, Suf- 

Eckley, Joseph, D.D., 1750-1811. A 

Friend to Truth. An American Congi'e- 
gational clergyman; b. in London ; New 
Jersey Coll., 1772 ; ordained as the pastor 
of the Old South Cliurch, Boston, at 
King's Chapel in 1779; and occupied his 
own church, 1783-1811; d. in BostonC?). 

Edan, B. Montreal. 

Eddowes, Rev. Ralph. R. E. ; R.E.,. 
a Member of the Society. An English 
clergyman ; came to this country, and 
was the minister of the first society of 
Unitarian Christians of Philadelphia,, 
about 1813-1817. 

Eddy, Daniel Clarke, S.T.D. Rupert 
Van Wert. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 419. 

Eden, Rev. Charles Page. Clerlcus.. 
An English clergyman ; Oriel Coll., Ox- 
ford, 1830 ; vicar of Aberford, South 
Milford, Yorks., 1850-70 et seq. 

Eden, Hon. EmUy. E.E. An English 
author; daughter of the 1st Baron Auck- 
land, and aunt of the Hon. Eleanor Eden ; 
b. near the close of the eighteenth century. 

Eden, Rt. Hon. William, -1st Baron,. 

-1814. Bight Honourable W—^ E . 

An English diplomatist ; distinguished 
for his services in America, France,. 
Spain, and Holland; was the father of 
the Hon. Emily Eden. 

Edgcumbe, Hon. Richard, 2d EarL 
Hon. R E . 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 419. 

Edge, Frederick Milnes. An Eng- 
lishman ; F. iJ . E. An English writer 
of the day, chiefly on American affairs. 

Edge, Rev. William John. ..1 Clergy- 
man. An English divine ; Emanuel 
Coll., Cambridge, 1834; vicar of H. 
Trin., Upper Tootina', 1877-82. 

Edgell, Rev. Edgell Wyatt. A Prot- 
estant Clergyman. An English clergy- 




man; Oriel Coll., Oxford, 1823; rector 
of N. Cray, Kent, 1834-51 ; in 1887 resi- 
dent at Stanford Park, Rugby, and 
Lower Grosvenor Street, Grosvenor 
Square, London. 

Edgren, Mrs. Anne Charlotte (Lef- 
fler). A. C.E.; A. C. E—n. A Swe- 
dish authoress. 

Edinboroiigh. E h. 

Edinburgh. Auld Reikie. 
Edmonds, Frederic, M.D., 1810-. 
The Defendant. An English physician ; 
M.D. of Univ. of Heidelberg, 1839 ; resi- 
dent, 1879, at Parkvillas, Lower Addis- 
combe, Croydon. 

tednionds, Richard, Jr., 1802-86. 
A Member of his Flock ; Redruth, E. An 
English writer ; b. at Penzance ; d. at 

Edouart, Rev. Augvistia Gaspard. 
Their Vicar. An Englisli clergy- 
man ; St. John's Coll., Cambridge, 1840 ; 
vicar of Leominster, Hereford, 1862-87. 
Edward, Andre^v. A. E. A Scot- 
tish (?) writer. 

Ed-ward, Daniel. Ithiel. A German 

Edwards, Miss . A Ladij. An 

Englisli writer of one Imndred years ago. 
Edw^ards, Mrs. Catharine M. 
Cousin Kate. An English writer for 
the young. 

Edwards, David. D. E. An Eng- 
lish writer of the day. 

Edwards, Rev. Edw^ard. Eresbijter. 
An English clergyman ; rector of Pene- 
goes, Wales, 1849-()0 et seq. 

Edwards, Edward, 1822-86. The 
Editor of " Tlie Napoleon Medals." An 
English bibliograplior ; assistant in the 
British Museum in 1839 ; d. at Niton, 
Isle of AViglit. 

Edwards, George, M.D., 1694-1773. 
Father of Ornj I liol ovists. An eminent 
English naturalist; b. at Westham or 
Strafford, Essex, and travelled exten- 
sively in pursuit of his favorite studies ; 
librarian to the Royal Coll. of Physi- 
cians till 1773. 

Edwards, Harry Stillwell, 1854-. 
XIE ; Somers. An American jour- 
nalist ; b. at Macon, Ga. ; in 1886 resi- 
dent in his native town. 

Edwards, Henry Sutherland, 1828-. 
//. 'S. E. An English author and jour- 
nalist ; cduc. at King's Coll., London, and 
in France, where he lived many years ; 
correspondent of the " Times," 1862-63, 
1867 and 1870 rt seq. 

Edwards, Jonathan, D.D., 1745- 
1801. /. and 0. An American Congre- 
gational clcrgynuin ; b. in Northampton, 

Mass. ; New Jersey Coll., 1765 ; presi- 
dent of Union Coll., Schenectady, N.Y., 
1799-1801, and d. in that town. 

Edwards, Mary EUen. M. E. E. 
An English artist of the day ; illustrator 
of a large number of . books, 1864-85 
et seq. 

Edw^ards, Sutherland. S. E. An 
English writer in "Temple Bar." — See 
" Edwards, Henry Sutherland." 

Edwards, Thomas, 1699-1757. L. 

U. P , A.M. An English barrister 

of Lincoln's Inn ; a critic and political 

Eells, Rev. Nathaniel, about 1677- 
1750. Their Rev. Pastor. An American 
clergyman ; Harv. Coll., 1699 ; minister 
of Scituate, Mass., 1704-50. 

Egan, Pierce. One of the Fancy. 
See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 420. 
Egerton, C C. E. An English sur- 

Egerton, Francis, 3d Duke of Bridge- 
water, 1736-1803. Tlie Father of British 
Inland Navigation. An English peer; 
a younger son of Scroop, the 1st Duke 
of Bridgewater ; succeeded to the duke- 
dom in 1748 ; he projected a canal from 
Worsley to Bridgewater, wliich was com- 
pleted at his expense in 1761. 

Egerton, Mrs. Sarah (Fyge Field). 
Mrs. S. F. An English poet early in the 
eighteenth century ; in 1703 resided at 
Adstock, near Winslow, in the county of 
Bucks. — See " Gentleman's Magazine," 
L., p. 562 ; LI., p. 121. 

Eggleston, John. The Callico Quaker, 
An English JM.P. early in the eighteenth 

Egleton, John. A Citizen. An Eng- 
lish political writer early in tlie eigh- 
teenth century. 

Ekstriiin, Karl. Gnhhen Noack. A 
Swedisli writer of the day. 
Eldridge, R. Rvdcjirdle. 
Elie de Beaumont, Mmc. Annie 
Ljouise 3Iorin Dumesnil, 1729-83. 
Mad. E. D. B. ; Madame *** ; Marquis 
de Roselle. A witty and learned French 
lady ; b. at Caen ; wrote several excel- 
lent works. 

Eliot, Edward Granville, 3d Earl 
of St. Germans, 1798-1877. The Earl of 
St. (Jcrmans ; An Educational Advocate. 
An English nobleman ; b. and d. at Port 
Eliot; lord-lieutenant of Ireland, 1852- 
55; lord steward of the Household, 1857— 
68 and 1859-60. 

Eliot, Rev. Joseph, about 1634-94. 
Rev. Mr. J. E. An American clergy- 
man ; Harv. Coll., 1653; minister at 
Guilford, Conn., about 1660-94^ 




Eliot, Samuel Atkins, LL.D. S. 
A. E. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 420. 

Elkin, Benjamin. Tlie Writer of the 
" Preface to the lateli/ published dlishna." 
An English clergyman. 

Ellet, Mrs. Elizabeth Fries (I/um- 
mis), 1818-77. E.F.E. An American 
authoress ; b. at Sodus Point, N.Y. ; 
daughter of William A. Lummis, M.D., 
and wife of William H. Ellet, professor 
at Columbia Coll., New York City, and 
at College at Columbia, S.C. 

EUicott, Charles John, and Palmer, 
Ed\vin. Two Members of the New Testa- 
ment Company. 

The former. An English clergy- 
man; St. John's Coll., Cambridge, 1841; 
lord bishop of Gloucester and Bristol, 

Tlie latter. An English clergyman ; 
Ball. Coll., Oxford, 1845 ; archdeacon of 
Oxford and canon of Christ Church, 

Elliot-3Iurray-Kynynmound, Em- 
ma Eleanor (Hislop), Countess of 
Minto. N'ina Minto. An English lady ; 
heiress of the late Gen. Sir Tliomas His- 
lop, Bart., and wife of William Hugh 
Elliot-Murray -Kynynmound Elliot, 3d 
Earl of Minto ; married in 1844. 

Ellis, Alexander John, 1814-. A. 
J. E. An English philologist ; former 
name Sharpe ; b. at Hoxton; educ. at 
Shrewsbury, Eton, and Cambridge ; pres- 
ident of the Philological Society, 1872- 
74, and 1880-82 ; and now (1887) vice- 
president ; is also a member of the 
Mathematical Society of London, of the 
Royal Institution of the Society of Arts, 
and honorary member of the Tonic Sol-. 
Fa College. 

Ellis, Mrs. Anne, M.D. Max Eliot. 
An American writer of the day ; in 1887 
resident in Boston, Mass. 

EUis, Daniel, F.R.S.E. One of Them- 
selves. A Scottish writer. 

Ellis, George. G. E. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 421. 

Ellis, George Edward, D.D., 1814-. 
E.; LisleC^). An American scholar; b. 
in Boston ; Harv. Coll., 1833 ; Divinity 
School, 1836 ; pastor at Charlcstown, 
Mass., 1840-69 ; resident in Boston, 

Ellis, Phillis Marion. P. M. E. An 
English writer of the day. 

Ellis, Riifus, D.D., 1819-85. B. E. 
An American clergyman ; b. in Boston ; 
Harv. Coll., 1838 ; Divinity School, 1841 ; 
pastor in Boston, 1853-85 ; d. in Liver- 
pool, Eng. 

Ellis, William. Florio. An Eng- 
lish scholar; A.B. at Christ Church, 
Oxford, 1751. — See Nichols' "Literary 
Anecdotes," Vol. III., 147. 

Ellis, William, 1800-. A Laijman; 
A London Merchant. An English writer; 
b. near London ; an eminent writer on 
social science. 

Ellison, Henry. Henri/ Browne. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 421. 

Ellison, John, D.D. Q. Z., Late 
Commoner of Oxon. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 421. 

EUwood, Thomas, about 1639-1 7 13._ 
T. E. An English Friend, of Hunger-' 
Hill, in the parish of Amersham, Bucks. ; 
he was a friend and pupil of Milton, and 
was distinguished "both in a literary and 
moral point of view." 

Elmblad, Magnus. M. E — d. A 
Swedish journalist and miscellaneous 

Elrington, Rt. Rev. Thomas, D.D, 
S. iV. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 421. 

Elstob, Rev. William, 1673-1714. A 
Clergyman of the Church of England. An 
English clergyman; b. at Newcastle; 
educ. at Eton, Cambridge, and Oxford; 
rector of St. Swithin and St. Mary 
Bothaw, London, 1702-14. 

Elwes, Mrs. Alfred W. A Lady, a 
Native of Virginia. An American poet. 

Elworthy, Albert Henry. Professor 
Wilde. An English solicitor of the day, 
of London. 

Ely, Alfred, 1815-. A Prisoner of 
War. An American lawyer ; b. at 
Lyme, New London Co., Conn. ; removed 
to Rochester, N.Y. , in 1835; studied law, 
was admitted to the bar, and began to 
practise in that town ; M.C., 1859-63 ; 
went to the battle-field of Bull Run as a 
spectator; was taken prisoner, and re- 
tained in captivity nearly six months. 

Embury, Mrs. Emma Catharine 
(Manley). lantlie ; Rudolph Hertz man. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 421. 

Emerson, George Barrell, LL.D. 
G. B. E. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 421. 

Emerson, Rev. Joseph, 1700-67. 
The Pastor at j\TaJden. An American 
clergyman ; b. at Chelmsford, Mass. ; 
Harv. Coll., 1717 ; minister at Maiden, 
Mass., 1721-67, and d. there. 

Emerson, William, 1701-82. W. E. 
An eminent English mathematician ; b. 
at Hurwortli, near Darlington ; taught a 
school for some time, but afterwards re- 
tired to his paternal estate, where he spent 
his whole time in literary pursuits. 




Ernes, Thomas, -1707. T. E. An 
English writer of the seventeenth and 
eighteenth centuries. 

Eminson, E. A. E. A. E. An Eng- 
lish woman(?); a religious writer of the 

Emmet, Robert, 1780-1803. Trebor. 
An eloquent Irish enthusiast ; b. in Cork; 
a brother of Thomas Addis Emmet ; was 
cue of the chiefs of the " United Irish- 
men " ; in 1803 he put himself at the 
head of the rabble who murdered the 
chief-justice. Lord Kilwarden, for which 
offence he suffered a felon's death, and 
is commemorated by the poet Moore in 
two of his Irish melodies. 

Emmons, Nathanael, D.D., 1745- 
1840. A New England Pastor. An 
American clergyman; b. at East Had- 
dam. Conn. ; Yale Coll., 1767 ; pastor at 
Wrentham (now Franklin), Mass., 1773- 
1840, where he died. 

Emory, John, D.D., 1789-1835. A71 
Observer. An American Methodist di- 
vine ; b. at Spaniard's Neck, Queen 
Anne's Co., eastern shore of Maryland ; 
graduated at Washington Coll., 1805 ; 
served as a Methodist preacher in sev- 
eral places, 1810-35; in 1832 was elected 
bishop ; d. by an accident in Reister- 
town, near Baltimore, Md. 

Enander, Johan Alfred. Jofi. A. 
Edr. A Swedish journalist and author; 
editor-in-chief of " Hemlandet," pub- 
lished at Chicago, 111. 

Enault, Louis. L. de Virmond. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 421. 

Endean, James Russell. Dr. Free- 
man. An English political writer of the 

Endicott, William, Jr. W. E. An 
American financial writer and banker of 

Ensberg, A. G. A. G. E. A Swed- 
ish writer. 

Engelen, A. W. Herman van Appel- 
tern. A Swedish novelist. 

England. Ileptarchus ; Lord Hep- 

English, Thomas Dunn, 18 19- 
John Donkeij. An American writer ; b. 
in Philadelphia ; M.D. Univ. of Penn- 
sylvania, 1839 ; then studied law, and 
was admitted to the bar in 1842 ; since 
1859 he has practised medicine in New 
Jersey ; has devoted much time to liter- 
ary pursuits. 

Epps, Ellen. E. Elliott. An English 

Ericsson, O. R. Reinhold Winter. A 
Swedish journalist and novelist. 

Erie, Sir William (1793-1880), and 

Lady Amelia. W. Sj- A. E. An Eng- 
lish jurist ; b. at Fifehead Magdalen, 
county Dorset ; educ. at Winchester 
School and New Coll., Oxford ; called to 
the bar in 1819; M.P. for the city of 
Oxford, 1837-41 ; chief justice of the 
Court of Common Pleas, 1859-66; in 
1834 he married Amelia, eldest daughter 
of the liev. Dr. Williams, warden of New 

Ernst, H., Jr. Serius. 

Erskine, Hon. Andrew. A*** E***. 

Erskine, CM. A Prisoner of War. 
An American soldier in the late civil 

Erskine, John, 11th Earl of Marr, 
1675-1732. Bobbirig John. A Scottish 
nobleman; b. at Alloa; took an active 
part in the events of the period ; in 1720 
went to Aix-la-Chapelle to reside for his 
health, and d. there. 

Erskine, Rev. Ralph. A Minister of 
the Church of Scotland. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 422. 

Erskine, Walter Coningsby, 12th 
Earl of Kellie, 1810-72. One icho was 
there in 1857-8. A Scottish peer ; son 
of Hon. Henry David Erskine ; succeeded 
his cousin in 1866 ; educ. at Durham 
School and at the Univ. of Edinburgh ; 
entered the Bengal army, 1828, and re- 
tired as lieutenant-colonel, 1861 ; vice- 
lieutenant of Clackmannanshire. 

Escott, Thomas Hay Sweet, 1844-. 
A Foreign Resident. An English journal- 
ist; b. at Taunton; educ. at Oxford; 
adopted journalism as a profession when 
he went to London from Oxford in 1865, 
and has closely pursued it ever since ; 
editor of the " Fortnightly Review," 

Essex, Catherine Capell- Conings- 
by, Countess of, 1704-1882. Kittu Ste- 
phens. An English actress ; daughter 
of Edward Stephens, Esq., of Leadwell, 
Oxon. ; in 1838 married the 5th earl of 
Essex; b. and d. in London. 

Este, Rev. Charles, 1753-1829. Moro- 
soph Este. An English clergyman; chap- 
lain at the Chapel Royal, Whitehall; 
principal editor of "The World." 

Etches, James M. Asli Wood. 

Etheridge, Samuel. A Gentleman 
of Massachits'dts. An American ; per- 
haps for a short time a bookseller of 

Eusden, Rev. Law^rence. Mr. 
En n. 

See " I. and V.," First Series, p. 422. 

Eustaphieve, Alexis. Author of" the 
Pesonrres of Russia." 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 422. 




Evans, Miss . A Lady. An 

American novelist. 

Evans, B.R. A Citizen of Pittsburgh. 

Evans, Mrs. Elizabeth Edson (Gib- 
son Du Bois), 1833-. Haphael. An 
American writer for periodical literature ; 
b. at Newport, N.H. ; resident in 1884 at 
Munich, Germany. 

Evans, Estwick. Aristides. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 422. 

Evans, F. J. O. F. J. E. An Eng- 
lish writer of the day. 

Evans, Frederick White. A Shaker. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 423. 

Evans, Hovrard. Noblesse Oblige. 
An English writer of the day. 

Evans, James, A.B. /. E. An Eng- 
lish sclioiar ; was first of Trinity Coll., 
Cambridge, where he was sizar to Dr. 
Ricliard Bentley, the master ; he then 
mov^ed to Canterbury, and became as- 
sistant to the head master of the King's 
School, and afterwards second master, 
and d. there. 

Evans, Thomas. An American Citizen. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 423. 

Also ascribed to Linus Plerpont Brockett, 
which see, " I. and P." 

Evans, William. Philanthropist. An 
American writer, of Syracuse, N.Y.C?). 

Eve, Paul Fitzsimons, 1806-77. The 
Assistant Editor of the "Nashville Medical 
and Surgical Journal." An American 
physician ; b. near Augusta, Ga. ; 
Franklin Coll., Ga., 1826; M.D. in the 
Univ. of Penn., 1828 ; studied in London 
and Paris ; professor in Georgia in 1832- 
49 ; in Nashville, 1850-87. 

Evelyn, John, 1620-1705-6. J. E., 
F.R.S. An English writer; b. at Wot- 
ton, county of Surrey ; educ. at Balliol 
Coll., Oxford ; resided many years on 
the Continent ; in 1651-52 settled at Say's 
Court, near Deptford ; d. and was in- 
terred at his native place. 

Everett, Edward, LL.D., 1794-1865. 
E. E — t. An American scholar and 
statesman ; b. in Dorchester, Mass. ; 
Harv. Univ., 1811 ; M.C., 1825-35 ; gov- 
ernor of Massachusetts, 1835 ; minister to 
England, 1841-45 ; president of Harv. 
Univ., 1846-49 ; United States secretary 
of state, 1852; United States senator,. 
1853-59 ; d. in Boston. 

Everett, James. Coleman Collier; 
William Cowper ; Criticus ; Joseph Hall; 
A Disciple of the Old School; An 
Observer. An English miscellaneous 

Everette, Samuel, H.N.B., 1820-43. 
Rug Emperor. An American journalist ; 
b. and d. in Newport, N.H. ; he wrote 
tales and brief romances for " Gleason's 
Magazine," and was editor of " The Iris 
and Literary Repository," at Concord, in 
1842, and afterwards of the " Literary 
Souvenir," at Manchester, both in New 

Evitt, Miss S. W. S. W. E. An 
English writer on cookery. 

ETving, Mrs. Juliana Horatia (Gat- 
ty), -1885. Aunt Judy. An English 
writer; b. and passed her early life at 
Ecclesfield, in Yorkshire ; in 1866 she 
married Maj. Alexander Ewing, A.P.D., 
and sailed with him to New Brunswick, 
where they lived the next two years ; 
returning to England in 1869, they re- 
sided in various places, till she d. at 
Bath, and was buried at Trull, in Somer- 

Ewing, Samuel. Jacques. An Amer- 
ican journalist; son of John Ewing, D.D, 
(1732-1802) ; provost of the Univ. of 
Penn., 1779-1802. 

Eyre, Mary. A Lady. An English 

Eytinge, Mrs. Margaret. Madge 
Eliot. An American magazine writer; 
wife of Mr. Sol Eytinge, the artist. 


Faber, Frederick William, D.D. 
F. W. F.; A Parish Priest. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 424. 
Fagan, Fanny, -1878. F. and F. F. 

An American poet. 

Fagge, Sir Robert, 3d Bart., -1736. 
A Certain Famous Sussex Baronet. An 
Ensjlisb baronet ; succeeded his father in 

Faggot, G. Trofast. 

Fairchild, Thomas, and others. A 

Society of Gardeners. English gardeners 
of one hundred and fifty years ago. 

Fairfax, Lavinia. Una Signora In- 
glese. An En<>'lish poet. 

Falcon, William Harris. W. H. F. 
An Irish lawyer 

Falconer, Thomas. T. F. An Eng- 
lish author of Bath; a county court 




Fa? !v. Thomas, 1771-1839. 

F. ; ' ; Editor of the " Voijage of 

Hann English scholar and di- 

vine; son of Dr. William Falconer; b. 
and d. at Bath ; Corpus Cliristi Coll., 
Oxford, 1791 ; devoted his life to classi- 
cal and literary pursuits. 

Falconer, William, M.D., 1743-1824. 
W. F.; ALaijmcm. An English physician; 
Tj. at Chester; father of the Rev. Thomas 
Ealconer; was physician to the General 
Hospital at Bath, and d. iu that city. 

Falk, Johann Daniel, called 
Johannes, 1768-1826. Johannes von der 
Ostsee. A German satirical poet; b. at 
Dantzig ; studied theology at Halle and 
at Weimar; and in 1806 became secre- 
tary of a French commission of contri- 
butions ; he founded the Institut de Falk. 

Falkener, Edward. F. F. An Eng- 
lish editor of the day. 

Fallow, Mrs. (T. M.)('?). A Clergy- 
man's Wife. An English poet. 

Fane, Robert George Cecil. C. F. 
An English lawj^er. 

Fanton, A. A. F. A French writer 
of the day. 

Farington, . A Lover of Truth 

and Godliness. An English clergyman 
of the first part of the eighteenth cen- 

Farley, Frederick Augustus, D.D. 
F. A. F. An American clergyman ; 
Harv. Coll., 1818 ; for many years pastor 
at Brooklyn, N.Y., and in 1887 resident 

Farley, Rev. Stephen. S. F. An 
American clergyman of liberal views ; 
father of Miss Harriet Farley, editor of 
the "Lowell Offering." 

Farlin, J. Warren. A Common 
Sense Man. An American writer. 

Farmer, J. B. J. B. F. An Eng- 
lish i)oet. 

Farnham, John Hervey. John Ccelion. 

FarcjKhar, Barbara H. A Labourer's 
Dauglili r. An English poet and religious 

Farrar, Mrs. Fliza Ware (Rotch). 
A Ladij. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 424. 

Farrell, R. F. A Consxd. An Ameri- 
can diplomatist. 

Farrington, Rev. Richard, A.M. 
R. F., A.M. An English clergyman 
■early in the eigiiteenth century. 

Faulkner, George, -1775. Alticus ; 
Peter Paragraph. An Irish printer and 
bookseller; in 1726 was at London, un- 
der the teaching of the celebrated J5ow- 
ycr; soon after, settled in Dublin, where 
he was the printer of the Dublin " Jour- 

nal " ; brought an action against Samuel 
Foote for libel, and recovered damages; 
d. an alderman of Dublin. — See " Gen- 
tleman's Magazine," 1763, p. 39. 

Faussett, Godfrey, D.D., 1780-1853. 
Quinquagenarius. An English clergyman ; 
canon of Christ Church ; Margaret Pro- 
fessor of Divinity, Oxford ; vicar of Crop- 
thorn, Worcestershire. 

Fawcett, Miss Sophia Alice. George 
Faivcett. An English writer of the day. 

Faxon, Henry W., about 1830-64. 
A. P. L. Parin. An American journal- 
ist ; b. in Bulfalo, N.Y. ; entered the 
navy, but soon left it, and, after two 
other changes, became an editor of the 
Buffalo "Republic" in 1855; was after- 
wards on the staff of the Buffalo 
" Times " ; in 1861 became war corre- 
spondent of the New York City papers ; 
d. in Washington, D.C. 

Fazy, Jean Jacques {_dit James], 
1794-1878. Un Ame'ricain. A Swiss 
economist and statesman ; b. at Geneva ; 
educ. in France ; he settled in Paris, took 
part in the Liberal opposition to the Rest or- 
ation, and treated especially of questions 
of political economy in "brochures" and 
articles in the journals; returned to Gen- 
eva in 1833 ; was afterwards engaged in the 
political movement of his native country; 
d. at Geneva. 

Fearnley, W. W. F. An English 
veterinary surgeon early in the century. 

Featherstonhaugh, George Wil- 
liam, -1866. A Field Officer. An 
American traveller; a writer on geology. 

Feilde, Rev. Edward, M.A. E. F. ; 
A Cambridge Master of Arts. An Eng- 
lish clergyman; St. Peter's Coll., Cam- 
bridge, 1830; in 1851 minister at Belle 
Vue, Harrogate ; at one time perpetual 
curate of Rock and Rennington. 

Fellowes, Robert, Esq., 1770-1847. 
A Magistrate. An English writer ; b. 
in Norfolk ; A.M. of St. Mary's Hall, 
Cambridge ; he withdrew from the Eng- 
lish Church, and became editor of the 
" Critical Review." 

Fellows, George W. Faxon. An 
American travelling correspondent of 
the New York " Commercial." 

Felton, Cornelius Conway, LL.D., 
1807-62. C. C. F. An American 
scholar ; b. in West Newbury, Mass. ; 
Harv. Coll., 1827 ; president of the col- 
lege, 1860-62; d. at Chester, Pcnn. 

Fendall, Philip Richard, 1794-1868. 
Patrick Ilenrif. .An American lawyer; b. 
in Alexandria, Va. ; New Jersey Coll., 
1815 ; admitted to the bar in Alexandria 
about 1820 ; some years later removed 




to Washington, where he was district at- 
torney, 1841-45 and 1849-53; d. there. 

Fenelon, Frangois de la Salignac 
de la Mothe, 1651-1715. M. de Fen. 
A French divine ; archbisliop of Cam- 

Fenwick, Mrs. E. A Woman. An 
English novelist of one hundred years 
ago ; was wife of the following. 

Fenwick, John. J. F. An English 
dramatist and educational writer. 

Fergus, Mrs. M. His Mother. An 
English woman ; mother of Robert Wal- 
ter Fergus ; a writer of the day. 

Ferguson, Adam, 1783-1862. A Gen- 
tleinan in the Gountnj. A Canadian agricul- 
tunst; b. in Edinburgh, Scotland; studied 
law, and was admitted to the bar, but never 
practised ; came to Canada in 1833 ; was 
a member of the legislative council of 
Canada, 1841-62. 

Fergusson, William, M.D. A Pro- 
fessor. An English physician; inspector- 
general of hospitals to the army of Por- 

Ferrel, William, 1817-. Thomas Ides. 
An American scientist; Bedford, now 
Fulton Co., Penn. ; educ. at Marshall and 
Franklin and at Bethany Colls. ; was 
assistant in the "Nautical Almanac" of- 
fice, 1857-67 ; in the United States coast 
survey, 1867-82 ; in the signal service 
bureau, 1882-86 ; has since resided at 
Kansas City, Mo. 

Ferrier, Walter. A Country Voter. 
A Scottish political writer. 

Ferrier, Rev. William. A Member of 
the Associate Preshyterij of Glasgow. A 
Scottish clergyman early in the century. 

Fessenden, Rev. John, A.M., 1794- 
1871. F. An American Unitarian min- 
ister ; b. at Lexington, Mass. ; Harv. 
Univ., 1818 ; for many years without 
charge, residing at Dedham, Mass., 
where he died. 

Field, Miss . A Young Lady. 

An English writer of one hundred years 
ago, of Bristol. 

Fieldj Rev. Edmund. E. F. An 
English clergyman ; Exeter Coll., Ox- 
ford, 1847 ; fellow and senior chaplain 
of St. Nicholas Coll., Lancing, Sussex, 

Field, Rev. William. W. F. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 426. 

Fielden, W. S. H., and Mac»Iichael, 
J. C. T'he Secretaries of the Congregational 
Union and Mission of Victoria. English 
colonial clergymen. 

Fielding, Henry, 1707-54. The Muse 
of Fiction. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 426. 

Fielding, Miss Sarah, 1714-68, 


See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 427. 

Fields, Mrs. Annie (Adams), about 
1835-. A. F.; Annie West. An Amer- 
ican lady ; widow of James Thomas 
Fields ; resident in Boston. 

Fields, James Thomas, 1817-81. 
./. T. F. An American author ; b. at 
Portsmouth, N.H. ; " the Poet's Publisher 
of America"; d. in Boston. 

Figg, R. W. An Ex-Boy. An Amer- 
ican writer of Richmond, Va. 

Finch, Anne, Countess of Winchel- 
sea. A Ladij. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 427. 

Finch, Mrs. B. B. F. An Eng- 
lish poet early in the nineteenth cen- 

Finch, Daniel, 2d Earl of Notting- 
ham, 1647-1729 or 30. Bon Diego Dis- 
mallo ; Cyngetorix. An English peer ; 
educ. at Oxford ; filled several impor- 
tant political posts. 

Findlay, Alexander, 1822-81. Alec 
Keene. An English prize-fighter; d. at 
East Molesey. 

Findlay, J. Da^vson. Scott Marvel. 

Findlay, Robert, D.D., 1721-1814. 
Philalethes ; A Member of the Church of 
Scotland. A Scottish divine ; divinity 
professor at Glasgow one hundred years 

Fine, John, 1794-1867. A Lawyer. 
An American jurist; b. in New York 
City; Columbia Coll., 1809; adinitted to 
the bar and began to practise at Ogdens- 
burg, N.Y., in 1815 ; judge of the Court 
of Common Pleas of St. Laurence Coun- 
ty, 1824-37 and 1844-47; M.C, 1839-41; 
d. in Ogdensburg. 

Finn, Mrs. Ann Elizabeth (Mac- 
Caul). His Widow. An English woman ; 
widow of James Finn. 

Finn, James. The President [of the 
Jerusalem Literary Society]. An Eng- 
lish consul, for a time, at Jerusalem. 

Firmin, John P. J. P. F. An Eng- 
lish lawyer. 

Fischer, J. Heinrich li. Paul Hell- 
muth. A German novelist. 

Fish, F. G. A Sunday School Teacher. 
An American writer of Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Fisher, Ed%vard. E. F. An Eng- 
lish writer ; supposed to be born in Glou- 
cestershire ; was known for his extensive 
knowledge of ecclesiastical history ; d. 
in Ireland about the middle of the seven- 
teenth century. 

Fisher, George Thomas. G. T. F. 
An English writer in the " Westminster 




Fisher, M. A. M. A. F. An Amer- 
ican writer of the day. 

Fisher, Sidney George, about 1810- 

1871. Cecil ; Kent. An American 
writer of Philadelphia. 

Fisher, William, 1780-1852. A Naval 
Officer. An English seaman; second 
son of John Fisher, Esq., of Yarmouth, 
Norfolk; entered the navy as midship- 
man in 1795, and became rear admiral of 
the Red ; d. in London. 

Fiske, Willard. W. F. An American 
bibliographer of the day, of Utica, N.Y. 

Fitch, Eleazer Thompson, 1791- 
1871. E.T.F. An American educator ; 
b. and d. in New Haven, Conn. ; Yale 
Coll., 1810 ; Andover Tlieol. Sem., 1815 ; 
professor at Yale, 1817-71. 

Fitch, Thomas, A.M., 1699-1774. 
One u-ho heartily desires the Order, Peace, 
and Purity of the Churches. An Ameri- 
can lawyer ; b. in Norwalk, Conn. ; 
Yale Coll., 1721; governor of Con- 
necticut, 1754-66 ; d. in his native 

Fitton, Sarah Margaret. S. M. F. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 427. 

Fitzgerald, . F , Esq. 

An English poet of fifty years ago. 

Fitzgerald, Edward. E. F. An 
American writer of the day ; publisher 
at Albany, N.Y., 1872. 

Fitzgerald, James Edward. The 
Superintendent. . An English writer of 
Canterbury, New Zealand, 1853. 

Fitzgerald, William Thomas, 1759- 

1829. Small-beer Poet. An English 
poetaster; educ. at Greenwich School, 
and afterwards sent to the Royal Coll. 
of Navarre, in the Univ. of Paris ; on his 
return from France he was entered at 
the Inner Temple, but preferred to de- 
vote lumself to poetry and belles lettres. 

Fitzgibbon, Edw^ard. . 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 428. 

Fitz Gibbon, Maurice, 1818-81. The 
White Knight ; Mac-an-t'sen liiddery. An 
Irish gentleman ; the lineal descendant 
and representative of the " Old Knight " 
(Mac-an-t'sen Riddery) sept of the Fitz- 
Gibbon family of the Desmond Geral- 
dines, as well as of the " White Jvnight" 
sept of the same family; d. at Crohana, 
near Stoncyford, county Kilkenny. 

Fitzhardinge, Henry. //. xMari. ne. 

Fitzhiigh, William Henry, 1702- 

1830. Ojiiwins. An American j)liilan- 
thropist ; 1). in Chatham, Stafford Co., 
Va. ; New Jersey Coll., 1808; and settled 
on tiie patrimonial domain of " Ravens- 
worth," Fairfax Co., Va. ; vice-president 
of the American Cohjnization Society. 

Fitz-Patrick, Patrick Vincent 

Ryrie Bjolla Padring. [The author's 
name in the Irish character.] 

Flanders, Henry, A.M., 1826-. Oli- 
ver Thurston. An American lawyer; b. 
in Plainfield, N.H. ; educ. at Kimball 
Acad, and at the seminary in Newbury, 
Vt. ; studied law, and in 1850 settled in 
Philadelphia, where he has since practised. 

Fleetwood, William, D.D. A Di- 
vine of the Church of England ; A Curate 
of Salop. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 428. 

Fleming, Alexander. Rednaxela 
Gnimelf A.M. A Scottish mathema- 
tician ; a clergyman(?), minister of Neil- 
ston, Renfrewshire. 

Fleming, Caleb, D.D., 1698-1779. 
Publicus ; Theophilus ; A Friend to Truth 
and the Present Happy Establishment. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 428. 

Fleming, John. J. F. A Scottish 
writer of one hundred years ago. 

Fleming, Mrs. May Agnes (Early) 
Cousin Maij Carleton. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 428. 

Fletcher, G. H. R. G. H. R. F. ; A 
Parish Priest. An English clergyman; 
a writer of the day. 

Fletcher, John. A Non-cormnissioned 
officer. An English quartermaster ser- 

Fletcher, Rev. John, -1785. A Lover 
of Quietness and Liberty of Conscience ; 
The Vindicator. An English clergyman; 
vicar of Madily, Yorkshire. " 

Flint, Rev. James, 1781-1855. ./. F. 
An American clergyman ; b. in Reading, 
Mass. ; Harv. Coll., 1802 ; pastor at 
Salem, Mass., 1821-55, and d. there. 

Flint, John. J. F. An English 
religious writer. 

Flint, Miss Sarah A. S. A. F. An 
American writer of the day. 

Flint, Miss Susan C A Wanderer. 
An American writer; published in Bos- 
ton, 1856. 

Flint, William. W. F. An English 
veti-rinary surgeon of HullC?). 

Flodman, Anders, 1835-84. An- 
ders R — n A Swedish novelist and 
miscellaneous writer. 

Flood, Henry, Esq. H***y, F***, 


See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 429. 

Flow^er, Benjamin. A Friend to the 
Constitution. An English journalist; 
was first a wholesale grocer of London ; 
afterwards a printer at Cambridge, 
where, in 1793, he commenced a weekly 
paper, "The Cambridge Intelligencer"; 
in 1816 he resided at Harlow, Essex, 




^still engaged in the printing business, 
and tlie conductor of a monthly entitled 
" The Political Review." 

Flower, Rev. William Balmbro'. 
W. B. F. ; The Curate of Stoke Damerel. 
An English clergyman ; Magdalen Coll., 
Cambridge, 1843 ; rector of Crawley, 
1855-60 et seq. ; British chaplain at 

Plowerdew, Rev. James. A Clergy- 
man of the Church of Scotland. A Scot- 
tish minister, of Essie, Glammis. 

Floyer, Mrs. L. S. The Examiner of 
Needlework to the School Board of London ; 
The Late Senior Exarainer of Needlework 
to the School Board of London. An Eng- 
lish writer of the day. 

Fobes, Perez, LL.D., 1742-1812. A 
Clergyman of Massachusetts. An Ameri- 
can educator; b. in Bridgewater, Mass.; 
Harv. Coll., 1762; studied theology; 
pastor at Raynham, Mass., 1766-77; 
chaplain in the army, 1777 ; vice-presi- 
dent of Brown Univ., Providence, R.I., 
1786; teacher of the Bristol Acad., 

Folengi, Teophilo. Merlinus Cocaius. 
A whimsical Italian poet; b. near Man- 

Folkard, Henry Coleman, 1827-. 
A Barrister. An English lawyer; son 
of William Folkard, of Mistley, Essex ; 
called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn, 1858 ; 
a member of the Western circuit. 

Follen, Charles Theodore Chris- 
tian, 1796-1840. C F. An eminent 
German scholar ; b. at Romrod ; in 1824 
came to this country ; perished on board 
the Lexington steamer when burnt in 
Long Island Sound. 

Folsom, Rev. Nathaniel Smith, 
1806-. N. 8. F. An American clergy- 
man; b. at Portsmouth, N.H. ; Dart- 
mouth Coll., 1828; AndoverTheol. Sem., 
1831 ; professor at Meadville, Penn., 
1848-61 ; in 1875 removed to Boston. 

Folsom, Mrs. Susanna Sarah (Mc- 
Kean). S. S. F. An American poet; 
wife of Charles Folsom, of Cambridge, 

Folton, John. J. F. An English 
lawyer of the eighteenth century. 

Fonnereau, Thomas George, Esq. 
T. G. F. Esqre. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 429. 

Fontaney, A., 1805-37. Lord Feel- 
ing ; Y. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 429. 

Foote, Samuel, 1722-77. The Eng- 
lish Aristophanes ; The Modern Aristopha- 
nes. An eminent English dramatist; b. 
at Truro, Cornwall ; educ. at Oxford and 

at the Middle Temple, London; he be- 
came an actor and writer of dramas. 

Forbes, A. A. F. An English artist 
of the first part of the eighteenth century, 

Forbes, Alexander Penrose, D.C.L., 
1817-75. A. F. F. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 429. 

Forbes, Rev. Darius. A Believer. An 
American Universalist. 

Forbes, Duncan, 1685-1747. A Gen- 
tleman in Edinburgh. 

See " I. and P.,'" First Series, p. 429. 

Ford, James. J. F. An English di- 
vine ; of Oriel Coll., 1814 ; prebendary in 
Exeter Cathedral, 1849 ; in 1870 resident 
at Stanley Villa, Weston, Bath. 

Ford, Thomas. T. F. An English 

Fores, S. W. John Blunt. An English 
topographer of one hundred years ago. 

Forest, . Nick Testy ; Alexander 

Grumble. An English writer of rebusses 
and letters to the " St. James's Chroni- 

Forman, William Henry, 1837-. Al- 
fred Ashton. An American lawyer and 
journalist of New York City, where he 
was born. 

Formby, Henry. The Editor of the 
" Series of Hymns and Songs for Catholic 
Fa m Hies a n d Schools " ; H.F. An English 
Roman Catholic writer of the day. 

Formey, Jean Henri Samuel, 1711- 
1797. Yemrof. A French jurist and 
philosopher ; b. and d. at Berlin ; pro- 
fessor in the French college at Berlin, 

Fornell, Bror Edvard, 1820-69. Jere- 
mias Munter. A Swedish novelist. 

Forrest, Charles, and W. Grange. 
C. F. and W- G. English Avriters of 
the day. 

Forrester, Alfred Henry. A Pencil. 

See "Pen and Pencil"; and "I. and 
P.," First Series, p. 429. 

Forster, B. M. B. M. F. - An Eng- 
lish botanist. 

Forster, Josiah. J. F. An English 
Friend of Southgate ; afterwards of Tot- 
tenham, near London. 

Forster, , and Ingle, . F. 

and I. English writers. 

Fortescue, Ed%Tard Francis Knot- 
tesford. E. F. K. F. An Englishunusi- 
cian and composer of the day, of London. 

Foscolo, Niccold Ugo, 1777-1827. 
Bidi/mus Clericus. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 430. 
Fosdick, Rev. David, Jr., 1813-. 
D. F.; A Citizen of Ahe United States. 
An American clergyman ; b, in Charles- 
town, Mass. ; Amherst Coll., 1831 ; Ando- 




ver Theol. Sem., 1833; pastor at Ster- 
ling, Mass., 1841-45; at the HoUis Street 
Church, Boston, 1846-47 ; at South Gro- 
ton, Mass., 1854-60 ; minister at large in 
Groton for some years ; has since resided 
in that town. 

Fosdick, H. M. The Chief Engineer. 
An American civil engineer of Canada. 

Foster, George James. G. J. F. An 
English writer of the day, for children. 

Foster, Michael. The Trinitij Prce- 
lector in Phi/siolof/(j. An English physi- 
cian; M.A. at Trin. Coll., Cambridge, 
1871 ; Hon. LL.D. of Glasgow ; pro- 
fessor of physiology ; secretary to the 
Eoyal Society. 

Foster, IMary F. Cactus. 

Foster, S. Conant. The Poet Wheel- 
man. An American poet of the day. 

Foster, William. A Citizen of Boston. 
An American political economist. 

Foulger, Eev. Robert William. The 
Vicar of Pen/ei/ . An English clergyman; 
St. Aidan's, 1865 ; vicar of Penley, Elles- 
merc, 187o-87. 

Foulis, Sir James, Bart., -1791. An 
Old TIereditari/ Burgess, and Proprietor in 
both Cit/i and Conntg. A Scottish baro- 
net of Colinton, near Edinburgh. 

Fowle, William Bentley, 1795-1865. 
A Bostonian ; The Instructer. An Ameri-. 
can educator; b. in Boston, Mass.; was 
a bookseller till 1823, when he engaged 
in teaching ; to which work, and the 
])reparation of school-books, he chiefly 
devoted liis life ; d. in Medford, Mass. 

Fowler, Benjamin. B. F. An 
English writer of Loiuion. 

FoAvler, William Warde. ^1?/ Oxford 
Tutor. An English clergyman ; Pember- 
ton Coll., Oxford, 1832; M.A., 1835. 

Fox, Hon. Charles James. Mr. F ; 

Catiline the Second ; Man of the People. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 431. 

Fox, E. G. E. G. F. An Englisit 
artist and book illustrator of London. 

Fox, George Wilder. Amateur ; 
Helper ; Nemo ; Solitaire ; Wilder ; G. 
W. F. An American journalist of the 

Fox, M. J. M. J. F. An English 
writer of Die day, of London (■?) ; a Bible- 
class teacher. 

Fox, Robert Barclay, 1817-55. R. 
B. F. An English friend ; a poet ; d. at 
Gizeh, Cairo. 

■ Fox, S. J. J. S. J. J. F. An Eng- 
lish friend ; a writer of tlie day. 

Fox, Rev. Thomas Bayley, 1808-70. 
A Pastor ; T. B. F. An American cler- 
gyman ; b. in Boston ; Ilarv. Coll., 1828 ; 
Div. School, 1831 ; pastor at Ncwbury- 

port, Mass., 1831-45; at Boston for some 
years ; afterwards was a journalist in 
that city ; d. in Dorchester, Mass. 

Foxcroft, Rev. Thomas, 1697-1769. 
T. F., one of the bereaved Sons. An 
American clergyman ; b. in Cambridge, 
Mass.; Harv. Coll., 1714; pastor at 
Boston, 1717-69, and d. there. 

Foy, Mathilda, 1813-69. M. F. A 
Swedish writer of juvenile books. 

Franchett, Mrs. E. D. E. D. F. An 
English writer of the eighteenth century. 

Frank, Gnstav, ritter von. Dr. 
Franck. A German dramatist. 

Franklin, Benjamin. Le Bonhomme 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 432. 

Fraser, Archibald Campbell. An 
Officer of the Volunteer Corj)s. A Scottish 
surgeon; entered the army as assistant 
in 1808; first-class sm'geon in 1834; 
placed on half pay in 1839 ; served in 
the Peninsula and secured the war medal 
with three clasps, for Corunna, Nivelle, 
and Nive. 

Fraser, John. Maria. An Irish 
writer; a cabinet maker. 

Fraser, John, 1846-. Bartolo. A 
Scottish-American journalist; b. at 
Tyree, Scotland; resident in Chicago, 

Frederick, Duke of York, 1763-1827. 
The Soldier's Friend. An English soldier, 
the 2d son of George III., and com- 
mander of the British troops in the Low 
Countries, at the time of the French 

Freedley, Edwin TroxeU, 1827-. 
Glaucus. An American author ; b. in 
Philadelphia, Penn. ; studied law at 
Harv. Univ., 1845 ; in 1851 settled in his 
native city, where he devoted himself to 
literary pursuits. 

Freeman, Nathaniel Chapman. 
Peter Pindar, J un. An American poet;' 
a merchant(?) of Philadelphia. 

Freeman, The Ven. Philip. P. F. ; 
A Member of the Committee. An English 
clergyman; Trin. Coll., Cambridge, 1839; 
vicar of Thorverton,Collumpton, Devon, 
1858-70 et seq. ; a member of the Cam- 
bridge Camden Society in 1845. 

Freeman, Rev. Thomas Matthew. 
A Coimtni Parson. An English clergy- 
man; Cos. Hall, Durham, 1^.54; P.C. of 
Melior, Stockport, 1859-80 et seq. 

Freke, William, Esq. W. F. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 432. 

Freneau, Philip. A Native of America. 

See " I. and P.," First Series", p. 433. 

Friedrich, Mine. Bertha Heyn, 1823- 
85. Golo Raimund ; Georg Dannenberg . 




A German writer; b. at Magdeburg; 
author of many novels. 

Frisbie, Levi, 1748-1806. One. of Dr. 
Wheelock's Pupils. An American clergy- 
man; b. in Branford, Conn.; Dartmouth 
Coll., 1771 ; studied theology with Presi- 
dent Wheelock ; was for a time a mis- 
sionary to the Delaware and Canadian 
Indians; pastor at Ipswich, Mass., 1776- 
1806, and d. there. 

Frost, Pvev. BarziMni, 1804-58. B. F. 
An American clergyman ; b. at Effing- 
ham, N.H. ; Harv. Coll., 1830 ; pastor at 
Concord, Mass., 1837-58, and d. there. 

Frost, John, LL.D. Robert Ramble. 

See " I. and P.,'' First Series, yi. 433. 

Frothingham, Nathaniel Liangdon, 
D.D. F. ; N. L. F. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 433. 

Frothingham, Octavius I5rooks, 
1822-. 0. B. F. An American writer ; b. 
in Boston ; Hary. Coll., 1843 ; Divinity 
School, 1846 ; pastor in New York City, 
1860-79; in 1881 devoted himself to 
literature in Boston. 

Froude, James Anthony, LL.D. J. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 433. 

Froude, Richard Hurrell, 1803-36. 
/8 [Beta]. An English poet; entered 
Oriel Coll., Oxford, 1821 ; elected fellow, 
1826; tutor, 1827-30; ordained deacon, 
1828 ; priest, 1829. 

Frufort, C. F. ^Folus. A French 

Fry, Anne, 1764-1829. A. F. ; A 
Friend who is lately deceased. An Eng- 
lish Friend ; wife of Joseph Storrs Fry, 
of Frenchay, lastly of Redland, near 

Fry, Mrs. Elizabeth (Gurney), 1780- 
1845. The Female Howard. An English 
Friend ; b. at Norwich ; in 1800 married 
Mr. Fry ; devoted much of her life to 
works of philanthropy. 

Fry, John. J. F. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 433. 

Fry, K., and Cresswell, Mrs. Rachel. 

Two of her Daughters. 

Frye, Eev. Percival, 1786-1863. A 
Cornish Vicar. An English clergyman; 
b. in London ; Oriel Coll., Oxford, 1806; 
vicar of St. Winnow, 1835-63 ; d. there. 

Fiicini, Renato. Neri Tanfucio. An 
Irish poet of the day. 

Fuller, Hiram. The White Republi- 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 433. 

Fuller, Samuel, D.D. Defensor. An 
American Episcopal clergyman ; b. at 
Rensselaerville, N.Y. ; Union Coll., 1822 ; 
tutor there, 1828-30; professor in the 
Berkeley Theol. School, 1859-83 ; profes- 
sor emeritus, 1883-. 

Funk, . An Illinois Farmer. An 

American political writer. 

Furley, Rev. Samuel, 1732-95. 8. F. 
An English clergyman ; b. at Westham, 
Essex ; d. at Roche. 

Furness, William Henry, D.D., 
1802-. F. ; W. H. F. ; The Pastor. An 
American clergyman ; b. in Boston, 
Mass.; Harv. " Coll., 1820; Divinity 
School, 1823; pastor at Philadelphia., 
Penn., 1825-75 ; still resides in that city. 

Futhey, Janies Ij. Alphera. An 
American poet and essayist, of Chester 
Co., Penn. 

Futhey, John Smith, 1820-. J. S. F. 
An American author; b. in Chester Co., 
Penn. ; educ. at local academies, and at 
the law school of Dickinson Coll. ; ad- 
mitted to the bar of Chester Co. in 1843, 
and was district attorney for five years ; 
present judge of the district, 1879-87 et 

Fyffe, Charles Alan, M.A. A Mem- 
ber of the Committee. An English scholar; 
Univ. Coll., Oxford, 1865; bursar of 


Gadsden, Christopher Edw^ards, 

1785-1852. The Rector of St. Philip's 
Church. An American clergyman ; b. 
and d. in Charleston, S.C. ; Yale Coll., 
1804; assistant rector of St. Philip's, 
Charleston, 1810-40; bishop of South 
Carolina, 1840-52. 

Gaffield, Thomas. An Amateur. An 
American writer; in 1887, of Boston, 

Gage, Thomas, 1721-87. Lord Boston. 

An English soldier; b. at Firle, Sussex ; 
governor of Massachusetts, 1774-75 ; d. 
in England. 

Gage, Rev, William Jjeonard, A.M. 
A Unitarian. An American clergyman; 
Harv. Coll., 1853; from 1860, Congrega- 
tional pastor at Hartford, Conn. 

Gale, Benjamin, 1715-90. A Gentle- 
man in the Eastern Part of Said Colony. 




An American physician; b, on Long 
Island; Yale Coll., 1733; studied medi- 
cine under Dr. Jared Eliot, of Killing- 
worth, Conn. ; settled in that town, and 
d. there. 

Gale, Frederick. 7'he Old Buffer; 
A Wykehamist. An English sporting 
writer of the day. 

Gale, Rev. Henrj'-. The Shade of Sir 
Sobert Feel. An English clergyman ; 
B.C.L. at Trin. Hall, Cambridge, 1836; 
rector of Treborough, Taunton, Somer- 
set, 1857-70 et seq. 

Gale, Samuel, Esq., 1682-1754. Cim- 
obelin. An English antiquary ; son of 
Dr. Thomas Gale, and, like his brother 
Roger, was well versed in English anti- 
quities; b. in London. 

Gall, Rev. James. One of the Major- 
ity. A Scottish Presbyterian minister of 
the day. 

Gallagher, William Davis. Erato. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 434. 

Gallenga, Antonio. L. M. [Luigi 

Galloway, George. A Christian Ob- 
server. A Scottish writer; published 
at Glasgow. 

Galloway, Joseph. Joe Gallop-away ; 
A Late Author; An American. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 434. 

Gait, John, 1779-1839. Nathan Butt; 
James Pa wide, Esq. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 434. 

Gait, John M. G.; A Voice from Vir- 
ginia. An American political writer. 

Gait, William Hamilton. Charles 
Ulrich, .Jr. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 434. 

Galton, Francis, 1822-. An Ex- 
plorer. An English traveller; cousin of 
Charles Darwin ; b. at Duddeston, near 
Birmingham ; Trin. Coll., Oxford, 1844 ; 
general secretary of the British Associa- 
tion, 18(i3-68. 

Gamble, John, Esq., A.M. A Protes- 
tant Dissenter. An Irish writer of Stra- 
bane ; b. in the North of Ireland ; educ. 
at Pembroke Coll., Cambridge, 1784 ; 
studied medicine at Edinburgh ; and 
served for some time in a medical capac- 
ity in the army. 

Gandolphy, Peter, 1779-1821. A 
Catholic Priest. An English Catholic ; 
b. at East Shem, county Surrey ; educ. 
by the Jesuits at Lie'ge Academy and at 
Stonyhurst College, where in 1801 he 
became a teacher ; was employed at the 
Spanish Chapel, London, till 1818 ; d. 
at his native place. 

CJangooly, Jogut Chunder. A Dis- 
ciple of the Unitarian Mission. An East 

Indian ; converted by Rev. C. H. Dall, 
and came to this country for instruction. 

Gannett, Ezra Stiles, D.D., 1801- 
71. G.; E. 8. G. ; G — n. An American 
clergyman ; b. at Cambridge, Mass. ; 
Harv. Coll., 1820 ; pastor at Boston, 
1824-71 ; d. near Boston. 

Gardera, F. B. F. B. G. A French 
teaclier in England. 

Gardiner, Frederic, D.D., 1822-. A 
Clergyman. An American Episcopal 
clergyman ; b. in Gardiner, Me. ; Bow- 
doin Coll., 1842; General Theological 
Seminary, but did not graduate ; pro- 
fessor in the Berkelev Theological School, 
Middleton, Conn., 1869-87. 

Gardiner, John. 1731-93. Barebones. 
An American lawyer; b. at Boston; 
studied law in England ; in 1786 settled 
in Pownalboro', Me.; was drowned on his 
jjassage to the General Court of Massa- 
chusetts, in a storm off Cape Ann. 

Gardiner, Richard. A Gentleman. 
An English poet of one hundred years 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 435. 

Gardner, Alexander. A. G. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 435. 

Gardner, Augustus Kingsley, M.D., 
1812-70. ^4 Student in Paris. An Amer- 
ican physician of New York City ; son of 
Samuel Jackson Gardner ; b. in Rox- 
bury, Mass. ; Harv. Medical School, 
1844 ; practised his profession in New 
York City, and d. there. 

Garnett, John. John G. An Amer- 
ican writer of New Brunswick, N.J.(?). 

Garnham, Rev. Robert Edward, 
1753-1802. Ereunetes ; Idiota; Synergus. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 435. 

Garrett, Annie and Ellen Amelia. 
Annie and Ellen Ami'lia. English poets. 

Garrett, Rev. John. The Vicar. An 
English clergyman ; vicar of St. Paul, 
1857-64, and commissary to the bishop 
of Columbia. 

Garrick, David, 1716-79. The Eng- 
lish Roscius ; W. C. ; Roscius ; Sir Nicho- 
las Nipclose, Baronet. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 435. 

Garrison, William Liloyd, 1805-79. 
A. 0. B. ; An Old Bachelor. An Amer- 
ican journalist ; b. at Newburyport, 
Mass. ; for many )'ears resided in Boston ; 
d. in New York City. 

Gastrell, Francis, D.D., 1662-1725. 
The Right Reverend Father in God, Fran- 
cis, Late Lord Bishop of Chester. An Eng- 
lish clergyman ; b. at Slapton, in North- 
arnptonsiiire ; educ. at Westminster 
School and Christ Church, Oxford; 
bishop of Chester, 1714-25. 




GatcheU, Charles, M.D. Thorold 
King. An American writer of Chicago, 
1886 (?). 

Gathercole, Michael Augustus. L. 

S. E. An English clergyman ; vicar of 
Chatteris, Cambs., 1845-77 ; since resided 
at the Manor House, Chatteris, 1877-87. 

Gatty, Alfred, D.D., 1813-. A 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 435. 

Gavit, Daniel E. Tivag. 

Gay, Horace. Un Parisien devenu 
Muscovite. An English traveller. 

Gay, John, 1688-1732. J. G. ; W. B. 
An English poet ; b. near Barnstaple, in 
Devonshire ; at an early age apprenticed 
to a silk-mercer of London ; but soon 
devoted himself to poetry and the drama. 

Gayton, Mrs. . Bessie Albert. 

Geddes, Rev. Dr. Alexander, 1737- 
1802. Jodocus Cocaius. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 436. 

Geering, Thomas. One icho has never 
lived out of it. An English writer of 
Hailsham, count}"- of Sussex. 

Geijerstani, Gustaf af. G. of G. A 
Swedish author and miscellaneous writer. 

Gellerstedt, Albert T. A. T. G. A 
Swedish poet and miscellaneous writer. 

Gellie, Mrs. Mary E. M. E. B. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 436. 

George, Henry, 1839-. The Prophet 
of San Francisco. An American political 
economist; b. in Philadelphia; went to 
sea at an early age, and, reaching Cali- 
fornia, remained there as a journalist ; 
in 1880 he removed to New York City, 
and in 1886 received a large vote for 
mayor of the city. 

George III., King of England. Geor- 
die, Emperor of Gotham. 

George IV., 1762-1830. First Gentle- 
man of Europe. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 436. 

Gerard, James Watson, 1794-1874. 
A Pelican. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 436. 

Gerard, Trophime, Marquis de Lally 
Tollendal, 1751-1830. An Englishman. 
A French jurist; b. in Paris; deputy of 
the nobility of Paris to the Constituent 
Assembly, 1789; in 1792 retired to Eng- 
land, where he wrote to the Convention, 
offering to defend Louis XVI. ; became 
a pee-r of France under the Restoration. 

Gerhardt, Dagobert von, 1831-. 
Gerhard von Ami/ntor. A German novel- 
ist of the day; b. at Liegnitz; since 
1872 he has devoted himself at Pots- 
dam to literary pursuits. 

Gerrans, Rev. Benjamin. A Teacher 
of the Persic, etc., languages. An Eng- 

lish educator ; b. at Truro ; usher of St. 
Olave's Grammar School, Southwark, 
1775-84 ; master of the academy, 62 
Fenchurch Street, 1797. 

Gestrin, Charles Edward H. C. E. 
H. G. An American essayist; a writer 
of the day. 

Gibb, Sir George Duncan, Bart., 
M.D. Carribber. An English physi- 
cian ; a writer of the day. 

Gibbon, Edward, 1737-94. The 
Author. An eminent English historian; 
b. at Putney ; educ. at Westminster 
School, and at Oxford; d. in London. 

Gibbon, J. H. J. H. G. An Ameri- 
can writer. 

Gibbons, M. S. " Volo non Valeo." 
An English writer of the day. 

Gibbons, William, M.D., 1781-1845. 
Vindex. An American physician; b. in 
Philadelphia, Penn. ; M.D. at the Univ. 
of Penn., 1805, and practised in Wilming- 
ton, Del. ; he was a Friend, and took an 
active part in the religious controversy 
that divided that sect; d. in Wilmington. 

Gibbs, Oliver. Oliver. 

Giberne, Agues. A. G. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 437, 

Gibson, Edmund, D.D. ^4 Minister ; 
The Bishoj) of London. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 437. 

Gibson, William, 1720-91. IVillij o' 
the Ilollins. An English self-taught 
mathematician ; b. at Boulton, near 
Appleby, in Westmoreland; was for a 
time a farmer at Hollins, in Cartmell 
Fell ; afterwards a teacher at Tarngreen, 
and at Cartmell, and previously ; in all 
for forty years ; d. near Cartmell. 

Gibson, William 31., -1887. Doctor. 
An American physician ; d. at James- 
town, Penn. 

Giddy, Edward Collins, 1775-1833. 
G. An English poet and meteorologist; 
b. and d. at Penzance, Cornwall. 

Gilford, F. O. Hartlei/ Wintley. 

Gifford, James. A Unitarian. An 
English writer; captain in the Royal 

Giflfbrd, Robert Swain, 1840-. The 
Griffin. An American artist; b. in 
Naushon, Mass. ; passed his early life in 
New Bedford, Mass., and was educated 
there ; opened a studio in Boston in 
1864, but removed to New York City in 
1866 ; has spent some years in forejgn 

Gifford, William. Georgius Guliel- 
mus Rossaiis ; J. Wright. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 437. 

Gilbert, Charles Sandoe, -1831. The 
Historian of Cornwall. An English chem- 




ist and druggist at Devenport ; b. in that 
town; afterwards in London, where he 

Gilbert, Davies, D.C.L., 1767-1839. 
Davies Giddy. An English writer ; 
original name Giddy; b. at St. Erth; 
Pemberton Coll., Oxford, 1785 ; M.P. for 
Helston, 1804-06 ; for Bodmin, 1806-32 ; 
president of the Royal Society, 1827-30 ; 
d. at Eastbourne. 

Gilbert, G. Omega. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 437. 

Gilbert, Sir Geoffry, 1074-1726. A 
Late Learned Judge. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 437. 

Gilbert, Capt. Thomas. The Editor. 
An English writer of one hundred years 
ago ; commander of the " Charlotte." 

Gilchrist, O. G. A Friend to Can- 
dour and Truth. An English writer. 

Gilder, Jeannette liBonard and Jo- 
seph B. The Lounger. [In " I. and P.," 
p. 437.] 

Miss J. L. Gilder's name is Jeannette (" Bruns- 
wick" and "Erasmus"). "The Lounger" is 
totli Jeannette L. and Josepli B. Gilder (not J. 
B. 6. alone). J. L. and J. B. G. are both edi- 
tors of the " Critic" (not J. L. G. alone). 
Very truly yours, 
(Signed) J. L. & J. B. Gildeb. 

Gildon, Charles, 1665-1723-24. JJn- 
damour. An English dramatist ; b. at Gil- 
lingham, near Shaftesburj', in Dorset- 
shire ; edtic. at the English college at 
Douay ; was embalmed by Pope in the 
" Dnnciad." 

Giles, Henry, 1809-82. H. G. An 
American clergyman ; b. at Crokford, 
county Wexford, Ireland ; came to this 
country in 1840; latter part of his life 
lived near Boston, and d. there. 

Giles, John Allen, D.C.L., -1884. A 
Protestant Member of the University of Ox- 
ford. An Englisii clergyman; Christ 
Church Coll., Oxford, 1828; rector of 
Sutton, Surrey, 1807-84. 

Gill, Rev. Thomas Howard. One 
of His Sons. An Enghsh clergyman; 
Trin. Coll., Cambridge, 1859 ; chaplain 
of tiie English Church, Rue d'Aguesseau, 
Paris, 1883-87. 

Gillies, Robert Pearce. A Literanj 
Veteran ; S- K. C ; A Voi/ager. 

See " I. and P.," First Scries, p. 438. 

Gillmor, Captain . A Retired 

Naval Commander. An English poet ; 
an officer in the Royal Navy. 

Gillmor, Rev. William. A Clergyman. 
An Englisii divine; Trin. Coll., Dublin, 
1820 ; vicar of lliingworth, 1836-70 et scq. 

Gilman, George H. An Old Pioneer. 
An American writer of the day, of Houl- 
ton, Me. 

Gilman, Samuel, D.D. G.; S. G. 

See " I. and P., First Series, p. 438. 

Gilman, William E. Noah Count. 
An American writer of Chelsea, Mass. 

Girardin, Mme. Delphine (Gay) de. 
Leo Lesies. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 438, 

Girdlestone, Rev. Charles, M.A. 
The Creation of an Hour. An English 
clergyman; Wadham Coll., Oxford, 1818; 
rector of Kingsvvinford, Stourbridge, 
Staffordshire, 1847-70 et seq. 

Gladstone, Mrs. Jemima Compton. 
Jemima Compton. An English novelist; 
wife of George Gladstone. 

Gladstone, AVilliam E., D.C.L. Glad- 
dg ; Mr. Merrypebble. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 438. 

Glanville, John T. One of their own 
Class. An English servant. 

Glascock, Capt. William Nugent. 
The Authors of the " Naval Sketch Book " ; 
A Tar. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 438. 

Glaser, Adolf, 1829-. Eeinald Beimar. 
A German author ; b. at Wiesbaden; has 
devoted his life chiefly to literary pursuits. 

Gleig, Rt. Rev. George, LL.D., 1753- 

1839. B G . A Scottish bishop 

of the Episcopal Cliurch ; bish.op of Bre- 
chin, 1810; primus, 1816; he was the 
father of George Robert Gleig. 

Gleig, Rev. George Robert. A71 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 438. 

Glenie, James, Esq., F.R.S., M.A., 
1750-1817. An Officer. A Scottish 
mathematician ; b. in Aberdeen ; was 
early sent a cadet to Woolwich ; he rose 
to be major of engineers, and was chiefly 
employed in Canada ; in 1806 and 1807 
lie was api)ointed to important posts 
which he soon lost ; d. at Chelsea. 

Glennie, Rev. John David, M.A. 
An Inspector of Schools. An English 
clergyman ; Clirist Coll., Cambridge, 
1848; vicar of Croxton, Eccleshall, 1869- 
80 et seq. ; London Dioc. Inspector of 
Schools, 1853-57 ; Her Majesty's Inspec- 
tor of Schools, London and Middlesex, 
1857-58; Norfolk, Suffolk, and Essex, 

Glover, Richard. An Old Member of 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 439. 
Gliick, Barbe Elisabeth, 1814-. 
Bettg Paoli. A German poet; b. at Vi- 
enna ; was for a long time a teacher in 
Russia, then companion of Princess 
Schwarzenberg, and settled in her na- 
tive city, devoting herself to literary 




Goddard, Eev. Charles, D.D. The 

Vicar of that Parish [Bexley]. An Eng- 
lish clergyman ; archdeacon of Lincoln. 

Godfrey, Col. John A. "■Gov." An 
American poet of the day. 

Godolphin, Sidney, 1st Earl of Go- 
dolphin, 1645-1712. Fiscario. An emi- 
nent English statesman ; b. in Cornwall ; 
lord high treasurer, 1702-11 ; d. at St. 

Godson, Rev. John. A Vicar. An 
English clergyman ; St. Catherine Coll., 
Cambridge, 1859 ; vicar of Ashby Fol- 
ville, Melton-Mowbray, 1869-80 et seq. 

Godwin, E. C. Caleb iStarhuck. An 
American novelist. 

Godecke, Peter August, 1840-. Finn. 
A Swedish journalist and author. 

Godsche, Hermann Ottoinar Fried- 
rich. Sir .John Batcllffe. A German 
novelist of the day. 

Gorling, Adolph. A. v. Colenfeld. 
A German novelist. 

Gotberg, R. Reinhold. A Swedish 

Gothe, Georg. G. G. A Swedish 

Goflfe, Joseph. A Member of the 
Council. An American minister of Wor- 
cester Co., Mass., seventy years ago. 

Goldsmith, Lieut. Hugh Colvill, 
ll.N., 1789-1841. An Officer of the Eo;/al 
Navy. An English naval officer ; b. at 
St. Andrews, New Brunswick; d. at sea, 
off St. Thomas, West Indies. 

Goldsmith, Liewis, 1763-1846. A 
Gentleman resident at Paris; A Gentle- 
man at Paris. An English Jew ; at one 
time he edited the Paris " Argus," and 
was interested in French politics. 

Goldsmith, Oliver, 1728-74. Goldy ; 
Tom Telescope, xl.i1/. ,• The Inspired Idiot. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 439. 

Golightly, Charles Portales, M.A. 
A Member of the University of Oxford ; A 
Senior Resident Member of the University 
of Oxford. An English clergyman ; 
Oriel Coll., Oxford, 1828; in 1880 resi- 
dent in Holywell Street, Oxford. 

Gomersall, Mrs. A. A Female In- 
habitant of Leeds, in Yor!:shire. An Eng- 
lisli novelist of one hundred years ago. 

Good, Henry. An Advocate. An 
American law writer of the day, at Chili. 
South America. 

Good, Rev. Philip Henry, M.A. An 
Englishman. An English clergyman ; 
Trin. Coll., Dublin, 1863; curate of 
Woking, Surrey, 1879-80 et seq. 

Goodloe, Daniel R. A Carolinian. 
An American statesman, of North ('Q 

Goodluck, W. R. The Master of a 
Grammar School. An English teacher 
sixty years ago. 

Goodspeed, Rev. Edgar J. A Chi- 
cago Clergyman. An American writer of 
the day. 

Goodwin, Ezra Shaw, A.M., 1787- 
1833. G — 11. An American minister ; 
Harv. Coll., 1807 ; pastor at Sandwich, 
Mass., 1813-33. 

Goose, Mrs. Elizabeth Foster, 1635-. 
Mother Goose. An American woman; b. 
in Charlestown, Mass. ; in 1693 married 
Isaac Goose, of Boston, where she re- 
mained many years. One of her daugh- 
ters was the wife of Thomas Fleet, a 
printer of Pudding-lane, Boston ; Mrs. 
Goose lived with Mrs. Fleet as a nurse 
to the children, and there she sang from 
morning till night : — 

"Up stairs and down stairs. 
And in my lady's chamber." 

Mr. Thomas Fleet carefully wrote down 
her rhymes as they fell from her lips, 
and printed and sold them for " two 

Gordon, Mrs. George W. A Mother. 
An American writer; wife of a former 
postmaster of Boston. 

Gordon, or Gordone, Kev. James. A 
Minister of that Church. A Scottish di- 
vine ; minister of Alford, early in the 
eighteenth century. 

Gordon, Joseph. An Obscure and 
Nameless Bard in the Braes of Angus. A- 
Scottish poet of sixty years ago. 

Gordon, Mrs. Mary (Wilson). His 
Daugliter. A Scottish lady ; daughter of 
John Wilson (Christopher Noi-th). 

Gordon, Thomas, 16B4(?)-1750. 
An Iiidependent Whig ; Cato the Jour- 
nalist ; A Member of the House of 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 440. 

Gordon, William. Parthenopcens 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 440. 

Gore, Mrs. Catherine Frances 
Grace (Moody). C. F. G. 

See " 1. and P.," First Series, p. 440. 

Gorham, George Cornelius, B.D. 
Candichis. An English clergyman ; 
Queen's Coll., Cambridge, 1809; vicar of 
Brampford-Speke, Devon. 

Gossip, Robert. ^4 Layman. An 
English journalist, late of the " Daily 

Gostling, William, M.A., 1695-1777. 
One ivell acquainted ivith some of the Trav- 
ellers. An English antiquary; b. and d, 
in Canterbury ; minor canon of the 




Gough, Richard, i?. G. ; li. G., Jun- 
ior ; R. S. ; H. D. ; Q. ; J. A. ; Another 
Cantab; Pro me, si merear, in me. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 440. 

Croulburn, Very Rev. Edward Bley- 
rick, D.D. A Pastor. Au Englisli di- 
vine ; Balliol Coll., Oxford, 1839 ; dean of 
Norwich, 1866-80 et seq. 

Gould, Benjamin Aptliorp, 1824-. 
B. A. G.; N. P. D. An American as- 
tronomer ; b. in Boston, Mass. ; Harv. 
Coll., 1844; astronomer at Cordoba, Ar- 
gentine Republic, 1868-85 ; has since re- 
sided at Cambridge, Miiss. 

Gould, Miss Hannah Plagg, 1789- 
1865. H. F. G. An American poet; b. 
in Lancaster, Mass. , removed in early 
life to Newburyport, Mass., where she 
afterwards resided. 

Govenius, Rev. J. Lars Johan. A 
Swedish clergyman and novelist. 

Govett, Rev. Thomas Romaine. An 
Eije.-Witness. An English clergyman; rec- 
tor of Alby, Hanworth, Norfolk, 1853-68; 
vicar of All Saints, Newmarket, 1868-80 
et seq. 

Gower, Richard Hall. An Officer in 
the Service of the East India Conipani/. An 
English seaman ; inventor of the Transit 
four-masted vessel. 

Grabouski, Stanislaus Stephan Al- 
toerc graf v., 1828-74. Stanislaus Albert. 
A German novelist; b. at Berlin; became 
an officer in the Prussian army ; from 
1866 h-e devoted himself to literary pur- 
suits at Dresden and at Berg (near Stutt- 
gart) ; d. at Lungenschlag. 

Gradwell, Robert, D.D., 1777-1833. 
J. Hardman. An English Catliolic cler- 
gyman ; b. at Clifton, in the Fylde, Lan- 
cashire; Douay ; assistant bishop 
of London, 1828-33 ; d. at Golden Square, 

Graff, Mrs. . Maud Grafton. 

Grafton, Augustus Henry Fitzroy, 
3d Duke of, 173U-1811. .1 Lai/nian. A 
British statesman ; was a meudjer of the 
aduiinistration most of the time from 1765 
to 1775. 

Graham, George J. Launcelot Lang- 

Grahame, James. A Member of the 
iSrolish Jj(ir. A Scottish lawyer; nephew 
of James Graiiame the poet. 

Granger, Rev. Arturus, A.M., 1803- 
'45. Paul. An American Congregational 
minister; b. in SufReld, Conn.; educ. at 
the Princeton Theol. S"m., 1828; served 
as a pastor in Medfield (Mass.), Wil- 
mington (Del.), Meridcn and Middleton 
(Conn.), and at Providence (R.L), 1844- 
45, and d. there. 

Granie, Pierre, 1755-1819. Un Cito- 
i/en des Etats-Unis. A Prench jurist and 
historian; b. at Beziers; in 1819 became 
vice-president of the tribunal of the first 
instance of Bordeaux, and d. there. 

Grant, Colesworthy. An Artist in 
India. An English artist fifty years ago. 

Grant, Sir Francis, Lord Cullen, about 
1660-1726. ****** ; A Member oj Parlia- 

See " I. and P.,"" First Series, p. 441. 

Grant, Rev. Robert, B.C.L. A Cler- 
gyman. An English divine ; New Coll., 
Oxford, 1822 ; vicar of Bradford-Abbas 
w. Clifton-Maybank, 1828-80 et seq. 

Grant, Thomas. His Uncle. A Scot- 
tish bookseller. 

Granville, Dr. Augustus Bozzi. One 
of the 6S7 F.B.S. sss. 

See '• I. and P.," First Series, p. 441. 

Granville, George, Lord Lansdowne, 
1667-1735. Lord L — ne. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 441. 

Grasse-Tilly.Comte Francois Joseph 
Paul de, 1723-88. Un Ojficier de I'urmee 
navale en Amenque en 1 781-82. A French 
naval oflicer ; b. at Valette ; served in the 
American War, 1781-82 ; d. in France. 

Graves, Rev. Richard, 1715-1804. 
Christopher Collop, Curate of Cotswold ; 
A Young Man in Town. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 441. 

Gray, . A Country Gentleman. A 

Scottish -writer of seventy years ago. 

Gray, Rev. Andre^v. The Minister of 
a Chapel of Ease. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 441. 

Gray, Asa, and another. Two Readers 
of . . . Daruun's Treatise. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 441. 

Gray, Rev. Frederick Turell, -1855. 
F. T. G. An American clergyman; min- 
ister at large in Boston, 1833-39 ; pastor 
at the Bulfinch Street Church, 1839-55; 
d. in Boston. 

Gray, James. J — s G — y. An Eng- 
lish writer early in the eigliteenth century. 

Gray, John Henry, A.M., -1850. A 
Bostonian. An American writer; Harv, 
Univ., 1824. 

Gray, Jonathan, Esq. Her Father. 
An English writer of York. 

Gray, Thomas, 1716-71. The Bard. 
An English poet; b. in London; educ. at 
Eton and at Peter-house, Cambridge ; trav- 
elled with Horace Walpole in Italy, 1739- 
41 ; resided at Peter-house for many years, 
till 1756, when he removed to Pembroke- 
hall; professor of modern liistory at Cam- 
bridge, 1768-71 ; and d. there. 

Greeley, Horace, 1811-7'^. Godek 
Gooduuill. An American journalist; b. 




at Amherst, N.H. ; learned the art of 
printing at East Poultney, A'^t. ; removed 
to New York City in 1831; established 
the New York "Tribune" in 1841 ; d. in 
Pleasantville, near New York City. 

Green, Evelyn Everett. H. F. E. 
An English writer of the day. 

Green, Frederick. ^1 Barrister. An 
English lawyer of the daj'. 

Green, Henry WoodliiiU, 1802-76. 
The Chancellor. An Aiueriean jurist; 
b. at Lawrenceville, N.J. ; New Jersey 
Coll., 1820; admitted to the bar of 
Trenton, N.J., in 1825 ; chancellor, 
1860-66 ; president of the board of 
trustees of Princeton Theol. Sem., 
1860-76, and d. at Trenton. 

Green, John, D.D. Thomas Astley ; 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 442. 

Green, John Henry, Esq., F.E.S., 
1791-1863. The President of the Royal 
College of Surgeons of England. An 
English surgeon ; b. in London ; educ. 
professionally at St. Thomas's Hospital ; 
in 1820 he became surgeon to the hospi- 
tal; in 1830 professor in King's Coll.; 
president of the Royal Coll. of Surgeons, 
1849 and 1858 ; d. at the Mount, Hadley. 

Greena^vay, Rev. Stephen, 1713-95. 
An Honest Coantri/man. A clergyman of 
the Church of England; b. at Salisbury; 
educ. at Oxford ; but M.A. at Cambridge, 
1772; he held the living of Dalby on the 
Woulds, county Leicester, from 1737 ; of 
Nether, Broughton, from 1740; and that 
of Cropwell Bishop from 1771; d. at Dalby 
on the Woulds. 

Greene, Edward Burnaby. E. B. G-. 

See " I. and P.," Eirst Series, p. 442. 

Greene, George Washington, 1811- 
83. G. W. G. An American scholar and 
writer; b. at East Greenwich, Kent Co., 
R.I. ; entered Brown Univ., but did not 
graduate; United States consul at Home, 
1837-45 ; in 1852 removed to New York 
City ; professor at Brown Univ., 1848-52 ; 
professor at Cornell, 1872 ; d. at his na- 
tive place. 

Greene, R. H. Claes Martenze. An 
American writer of the day. 

Greene, Robert. Cuthhert Conny- 
catcher ; AjiotJi E. Car if. 

Greene, Robert w! P. C. Centz. 

Greene, W. W. G. An American 
writer in the "American Whig Review." 

Greene, William. W. G. An Eng- 
lish poet of Newcastle(?) sixty years ago. 

Greenleaf, Simon, LL.D., Esq. A 
Member of the American Bar. 

See " i. and P.," First Series, p. 442. 

Greenough, Alfred, 1844-84. A. G. 

An American arcliitect ; b. in Boston ; 
Harv. Univ., 1885; studied his profession 
in Europe ; travelled in Japan and South- 
ern India, 1882-84; d. at Rangoon. 

Greenough, James Bradstreet. ./. 
B. G. An American scholar ; Harv. 
Univ., 1856; Cambridge Law School; 
settled as a lawyer at Marshall, Mich., 
1858 ; tutor of Latin in Harv. Univ., 
1865-73 ; professor and assistant pro- 
fessor, 1873-87. 

Greeii\yood, Francis William Pitt, 
1797-1843. A Seeker. An American cler- 
gjmian ; b. in Boston ; Harv. Coll., 1814 ; 
pastor at Boston, 1818-20 and 1824-43 ; 
d. in Dorchester, Mass. 

Greenwood, Isaac, 1702-45. Aca- 
demicus. An American mathematician; 
Harv. Coll., 1721 ; professor of mathe- 
matics, 1728-38 ; d. in Charlestown, 

Greg, William Rathbone. W. R. G. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 443. 

Gregor, Francis, 1760-1815. A Free- 
holder of Cornwall. An English writer ; 
M.P. for Cornwall, 1790-1806 ; d. at Tre- 

Gregory, Alexander Tighe ; 

An Enqlishman Abroad. 

See '' I. and P.," First Series, p. 443. 

Gregory, Rev. Francis, D.D. A Di- 
vine of the Church of England. An Eng- 
lish clergyman ; rector of Hambledon, 
Bucks., in the first part of the eighteenth, 

Gregory, Henry, D.D. H. G.; The Rec- 
tor. An American Episcopal clergyman ; 
in 1850-51 rector of St. James's Church, 
New York City ; in 1858 president of De 
Veaux Coll., near Niagara Falls. 

Gregory, James, 1639-75. Patrick 
Alatliers, arch-bedel to the Univ. of St. 
Andrews. An eminent Scottisli matlie- 
matician ; b. in the county of Aberdeen ; 
professor at St. Andrews, and afterwards 
at Edinburgh. 

Gregory, William, 1803-58. W. G. 
A Scottisli cliemist ; b. and d. in Edin- 
burgh ; was the favorite pupil of Liebig ; 
after having taught at Glasgow and iVber- 
deen,lie was professor at Edinburgh, 1843— 

Grenville, George, 1712-70. Gentle 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 443. 

Grenville, Richard, 1st Earl Temple, 
1711-77. Lord Gaivkey ; Tiddy-doll ; A 
Son of Candor. An English statesman ; 
brother-in-law of Lord Chatham. 

Grey, Francis. A Person who re- 
nounced Deism. An American writer of 
eighty years ago. 




Grey, Sir George, K.C.B. His Excel- 
lency the Governur in Cliief of New Zea- 
land. An English civilian ; lieutenant- 
governor of South Australia, 1841 ; 
governor of New Zealand, 1846 ; gov- 
ernor, etc., of the Cape of Good Hope, 

Grey-Egerton, Sir Philip de Mal- 
pas. P. de M. G. E. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 443. 

Gridley, Wayne. W.G. AnAmeri- 
caa political writer of Charleston, S.C.C?). 

Griffis, William Elliot, D.D. Curio. 
An American Congregational clergyman ; 
Rutgers Coll., 1869; pastor in Boston, 

Griffith, Richard. Antomathes; Henry; 
Tria Juncta in Uno, M.N.A., or. Master of 
No Arts. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 443. 

Grimstone, Mrs. Leman. Oscar. 

See '■ 1. and P.," First Series, p. 444. 

Grindle, Wesley. A Universalist. An 
American writer. 

Griswold, Frances Irene Burge. 
Mrs. S. S. Phelps. 

Griswold, Rufus Wilmot, D.D., 
1815-57. Lndwig. An American liter- 
ary critic ; b. in Benson, Rutland Co., 
Vt. ; spent his life chiefly in New York 
City, engaged in literary pursuits, and 
d. there. 

Grogan, Mrs. Millleent. Erich Mac- 
kenzie. An English(?) or Scottish(?) 

Grose, Francis. Geoffrey Gambado, 
Ridimi Master. 

Also attributed to Henrij Bunhury. 

Grossheinn, Julie. ./. E. Mand. A 
Gennitn novelist. 

Grosvcnor, Benjamin, B.D., 1675- 
1758. B. G. An English Dissenter; b. 
and d. in London; educ. at the academy 
atAttercliffe, Yorkshire; pastorof an Inde- 
pendent congregation in London, 1704-58. 

Grosvenor, H. S. //. (S'. G. An 
American religious writer. 

Grote, George, 1794-1871. Histori- 
cus. An English historian ; b. at Clay 
Hill, near Beckenham, Kent ; educ. at 
the Charterhouse; at the age of sixteen 

entered his father's bank as a clerk, and 
worked there for 32 j'ears ; in 1830 be- 
came the head of the bank ; M.P., 1833- 
41 ; from that time became simply a 
man of letters ; d. in London, and was 
buried in Westminster Abbey, in the 
Poet's Corner, near Macaulay. 

Grousset, Paschal, 1844-. Philippe 
Darijl ; Docteur Blasius ; Leopold Virey. 
A French journalist ; b. in Corsica ; 
studied medicine at Paris, and then 
threw himself into journalism ; first ap- 
pearing in the " Etendard " ; then pass- 
ing to " Figaro " ; in 1871 he was exiled 
from France, and in 1872 was trans- 
ported to New Caledonia; escaping in 
1874 he fled to England by the way of 
San Francisco and New York. 

Grove, Joseph, -1764. A Freeholder 
of the County of Surrey. An English 
attorney of Richmond, of the middle of 
the eighteenth century. 

Grover, S. T. An Original Republican. 
An American political writer of St. 
Louis (?). 

Grumbine, J. C. F. May Wright. 

Guezenec, Alfred. Alfred de Brehat. 
A French writer of the day. 

Guild, Mrs. Caroline Snowden 
(Whitniarsh) and Mrs. Anne E. Guild. 
G. S. \V. and A. E. G.,of Boxbury, Muss. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 444. 

Guillemard, H. M. A Broker. An 
English financial writer of the day. 

Gullberg, Gustaf. GustafG. A Swed- 
ish journalist and miscellaneous writer. 

Gundling, Julius. Lucian Herbert. 
A German novelist. 

Gunn, Alexander, D.D., 1784-1829. 
Clericns. An American clergyman; b. 
at Digby, Nova Scotia ; Columbia Coll., 
N.Y., 1805 ; pastor at Bloomingdale, 
N.Y., 1808-29, and d. there. 

Gurney, John, 1680-1740. The Nor- 
wich Quaker. An English Friend of Nor- 

Gwatkin, Rev. Thomas. A Country 
Clergyman. An English divine of one 
hundred years ago. 

Gwinn, Hon. C. J. M. G. An 
American writer of Baltimore (?). 


Habcrstich, Samuel. Jeremias Gott- 
helf Jr. 

Habii'h, Edward. An American. 
See " 1. and 1'.," First Scries, p. 445. 

Hacksell, Emilia. Elis Emil. A 
Swedish novelist. 

Hadow, James, D.D. A Friend. A 
Scottish clergyman ; principal of the 




St. Andrew's Univ., in the first part of 
the eighteenth century. 

Hiiberlin, Karl Ludwig, 1784-1858. 
H. E. B.; Belaui ; Friedrich Heinemann. 
A German autlior ; b. at Erlangen ; from 
1828 he lived at rotsdam, and d. there. 

Haggitt, Rev. George, M.A., 1757-95. 
A Clergi/man of the Estahlisliment. An 
English clergyman ; rector of Beecham- 
well, Norfolk ; educ. at Harrow School, 
and at Clare Hall, Cambridge. 

Halght, Canniff. A Sexagenarian. 
A Canadian writer of the day. 

Hale, Charles, M.A., 1831-82. Mr. 
Seward's Pet. An American journalist, 
politician, and lawyer ; b. and d. in Bos- 
ton ; Harv. Univ., 1850 ; consul-general 
to Egypt, 1864-71 ; assistant United 
States secretary of state, 1872-73 ; a 
lawyer in Boston, 1874-82. 

Hale, Charles Reuben, D.D. The 
Committee. An American scholar ; Univ. 
of Pennsylvania, 1858 ; chaplain in the 
United States navy, 1863-71; in 1887 at 
Davenport, la. 

Hale, David, 1791-1849. A Father. 
An American journalist; b. at Lisbon, 
Conn. ; editor of the New York " Journal 
of Commerce,'" 1827-49. 

Hale, Edward Everett, D.D, J. 
Thomas Darragh, Late C. C S. ; E. 
E. H.; H—e. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 446. 

Hale, Horatio Emmons, about 
1817-. H. E. H. An American phi- 
lologist; son of Mrs. S. J. Hale; Harv. 
C^oU., 1837 ; was attached to the United 
States Exploring Expedition under Cap- 
tain Wilkes ; has later been admitted to 
the bar, and been devoted to the duties 
of his profession. 

Hale, Rev. Richard, M.A. The 
Vicar of Hareivood. An English clergy- 
man ; St. Peter's Coll., Cambridge, 1794 ; 
in 1851 rector of Goldsborough and vicar 
of Harewood, Yorks. 

Hale, Salma. S. H. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 446. 

Halked, Nathaniel Brassey, 1751- 
1830. Detector. An eminent English 
Orientalist ; educ. at Harrow Scliool ; 
spent some years in the service of the 
East India Company at Bengal ; returned 
to England in 1790, and was M.P. for 
Lymington, 1791-96; d. in West Square, 

Halked, Nathaniel Brassey, and 
Sheridan, Richard Brinsley Butler. 
H. S. 

The former, a profound Orientalist. 

The latter. — See "I. and P.," First 
Series, p. 549. 

Hall, Abraham Oakey. A Member 
of the New York Bar. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 446. 

Hall, Edward Brooks, D.D., -1866. 
H. ; E. B. H. ; H — /. An American 
minister ; b. at Medford, Mass. ; Harv. 
Univ., 1820 ; Divinity School, 1824 ; was 
for many years pastor at Providence, 
R.I., and d. there. 

Hall, John E., 1783-1829. SedLeii. 

See " I. and P.," First Seiues, p. 446. 

Hall, Mrs. Louisa Jane (Park) 
1802-. L. J. H.; L. J. P. An Ameri- 
can poet ; b. in Newburyport, Mass. ; 
married Dr. Hall, of Providence, R.I., 
in 1840; in 1887 a resident of Boston, 

Hall, Rev. Nathaniel, 1805-75. Its 
Minister. An American clergyman ; b. 
in Medford, Mass. ; Divinity Scliool, 
Cambridge, 1834; Hon. A.M. at Har- 
vard, 1851 ; pastor of the First Church 
in Dorchester, Mass., 1835-75, and d. 

Hall, Thomas. Achmet. An English 

HaU, Thomas Bartlett, 1824-. A 
Bible Spiritualist. An Americaii lawyer ; 
b. in Springfield, Mass. ; Harv. Univ., 
1843 ; practised law several years in 
Boston, but has since been engaged in 
other matters ; residence in 1883 at 

Hall-Stevenson, John, An Indepen- 
dent ; An Independent Teacher of the 
Truth ; Eugenius ; The Lord of Crazy 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 447. 

Hallam, Arthur Henry, 1811-33. 
T. II. E. A. An English poet; b. ir^ 
London; Trin. Coll., Cambridge, 1832; 
and entered the Middle Temple ; d. m 
Germany ; he was betrothed to the sister 
of the poet Tennyson, and the In Me- 
moriam of the latter is a dirge to the de- 

Hallard, Frederick. A Lawyer. A 
Scottish lawyer of Edinburgh. 

Halleck, Fitz-Greene. F. G. H. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 447. 

Halloran, Law^rence Hynes, D.D. 
Philonaiiticus. An Irish(?) clergyman; 
poet and dramatist; was at one time 
master of Alphinton Acad., near Exeter; 
then a chaplain in the navy ; still later 
rector of tlie public grammar school at 
the Cape of Good Hope, and chaplain to 
the forces in South Africa. 

Halstead, Leonora B. Barbara El- 
boii. An American novelist of the day. 

Hamerton, Philip Gilbert, 1834-. 
Adolphus Segruve ; An Etcher. An Eng- 




lish artist, editor, and poet ; b. at Lane- 
side, near Shaw, Lancashire ; ediic. at 
Burnley and Doncaster grammar 
schools, and by private tutors ; resided 
some years in France, studying painting 
and French literature ; has since chiefly 
resided in London, devoted to art and 

Hamilton, Eev. Alexander. A Min- 
ister of knoiun Learniiuj, Pietij, and Intey- 
ritij. A Scottish clergyman of Edin- 
burgh of two hundred years ago. 

Hamilton, Alexander, LL.D. ^4 Sin- 
cere Friend to America ; A. B. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 447. 

Hamilton, John, Esq. A Lay Mem- 
ber of tlie Church ; A Non-Intrusionist. A 
Scottish advocate. 

Hamilton, Sarah. A Resident of 
Sherwood Forest. An English poet and 

Hamilton, Thomas Baillie, 7th 
Earl of Haddington, -1794. The Bight 

Honourable the Earl of Had ton. 

An English peer; d. at Ham, county 
Surrey, in 1794. 

Hamilton, William Gerard, 1729- 
96. Single-Speech Hamilton. An English 
statesman ; b. in London ; educ. at Ox- 
ford ; chancellor of the exchequer in 
Ireland, 1765-84. 

Hamlen, Miss Georgina. Valentine 

Hamley, Sir Edward Bruce, 1824-. 
Alexandre Sue- Sand, Jils. An eminent 
British soldier and author ; b. at Bod- 
min, Cornwall; educ. at the Roj^al Mili- 
tary Acad, at Woolwich; entered the 
army in 1843 ; became lieutenant-general 
in 1882; has written for "Eraser" and 
"Blackwood"; M.P., 1885-87. 

Hammer, Evan. Philonorvagus. 

Hammitt, Samuel A. ..4 Straij Yankee 
in Texas. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 448. 

Hammond, Col. M. C. M. H. An 
American writer of South Carolina(?). 

Hampden, Renn Dickson, D.D., 
1793-1868. The Regius Professor of Di- 
vinitij [at Oxford]. An English clergy- 
man; b. in Barbadoes; Oriel Coll., Ox- 
ford, 1813; principal of St. Mary's Hall, 
1833; professor of divinity, 1836 ; bishop 
of Hereford, 1847-68. 

Hannay, James, 1827-73. Percival 
Plug, R.N.; A Carlglian. A Scottish 
litterateur; b. at Dumfries; entered the 
royal navy in 1840, but in 1845 left it, 
and devoted himself to literature, con- 
tributing to many journals and periodi- 
cals, from "Punch" to tlie quarterly 
reviews ; consul at Barcelona, 1868. 

Hansard, Thomas Curson. T. C. H. 

An English lawyer ; eldest son of T. C. 
Hansard, of London ; author of the 
"Pari. Debates", called to the bar at 
the Middle Temple, 1846. 

Hanshall, J. H. The Editor of the 
"Chester Chronicle." An English journal- 

HanAvay, . Farmer Trueman. 

Han^vay, Jonas. A Citizen ; A Mer- 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 448. 

Hanway, William. A Gentleman. 
An Englisli f)oet ; of the Navy Office ; 
brother of Jonas Hanway. 

Happer, A. P. An Inquirer. An 
English colonial wi'iter of the day. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 448. 

Harcourt, Simon, Baron Harcourt, 
of Stanton-Harcourt, in the county of 
Oxford, -1727. Codicil. An eminent 
English lawyer and statesman ; lord high- 
chancellor of Great Britain, 1712-14 and 
1721-27 ; in 1721 he was created Vis- 
count Harcourt. 

Harcourt, Sir William George 
Granville Vernon, LL.D., Joseph 
Chamberlain, and others. Leading 
Liberals. English statesmen of the day. 

Hardres, T. T. H. An English 
poet of Canterbury, in the first part of 
the eighteenth century. 

Hardy, E. J. ^1 Graduate of the Uni- 
versitji of Matrimony. An English writer 
of the da}-. 

Hardy, Rev. Robert. A Clergyman. 
An English divine ; vicar of the united 
parishes of Walberton and Yapton, and 
of Stougliton, in Sussex, and chaplain of 
tlie Prince Regent. 

Hare, Augustus William and Julius 
Charles. A Layman. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 449. 

Hare, Julius Charles. -/. C. H. ; 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 449. 

HarkshaAV, Mrs. . Aunt Effie. 

An English writer for the young. 

Harland, Henry. Sidney Luska. An 
American writer of the day ; a clerk of 
the Surrogate Court, New York. 

Harlcy, Robert, Earl of Oxford and 
Mortimer, 1661-1724. Hermodactyl of 
High Fame; A Noble I'eer ; Robin. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 449. 

Harley, Robert, Earl of Oxford, and 
Saint- John, Henry, Viscount Boling- 
broke. Ox — and Bull — . 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 449. 

Harmer, Rev. Thomas, 1715-88.- A 
Suffolk Minister. A learned English 
Dissenter ; b. at Norwich ; became min- 




ister of a congregation at Wattsfield, 

Harney, George Julian. The Ed- 
itor of " The Jersey Independent." An 
English journalist. 

Harper, Alexander. A Deveronside 
Poet. A Scottish poet. 

Harper, Eev. Samuel BroTvn. A 
Writer of "A Voice from the North." 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 449. 

Harper, William. A Friend. A 
Scottish writer. 

Harrington, Rev. Joseph, 1813-52. 
J. H. An American clergyman ; Harv. 
Coll., 1833; d. at San Francisco, Cal. 

Harris, . Phil Scot. A Scottish 

■writer the first part of the eighteenth 

Harris, Alexander. An Atheist. An 
English writer. 

Harris, Miss Amanda Bartlett. A. 
B. H. ; Kirkland. An American writer 
of the day of Warner, Merrimack Co., 

Harris, Edward. Lunatico De Cranki. 

Harris, Emily Marion. E. M. 
H . 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 449. 

Harris, H. A Looker-Oat. An Eng- 
lisli song-writer of the day. 

Harris, Rev. J. Simon Peeper, Esq. 
An English journalist. 

Harris, James, 1709-80. J. H. An 
English gentleman of uncommon parts 
and learning, of Malmesbury, M.P. 

Harris, James Howard, Viscount 
Fitzharris, 3d Earl of Malmesbury, 
1807-. A Nobleman. An English peer ; 
b. in Spring Gardens, London; succeeded 
his father in 1841 ; educ. at Eton and 
Oxford; M.P. for Wilton, 1841; secre- 
tary for foreign affairs, 18-52 and 1858-59 ; 
lord privy seal, 1866-68 ; residence Heron 
Court, near Christ Church, Hampshire. 

Harris, James Lampson. J. L. H. 
An English religious writer. 

Harris, Thaddeus William, 1795- 
1856. II — s. An American naturalist; 
b. in Dorchester, Mass. ; Harv. Coll., 
1815; librarian at Harvard, 1831-56; d. 
at Cambridge, Mass. 

Harris, William Torrey, A.M., 
1835-. Hermes. An American philoso- 
pher; b. in North Killingly, Conn. ; Hon. 
A.M., at Yale Coll. in 1869 ; resident in 
Concord, Mass. 

Harrison, Mrs. Constance Gary. 
Mrs. Burton. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 450. 

Harrison, Jesse Burton. A Vir- 
ginian. An American writer of Rich- 
mond, Va.C?). 

Harrison, Rev. Joseph. The Minis- 
ter of that Parish. An English clergyman 
of Cirencester. 

Harrison, William Henry, 1773- 
1841. "Old Tip" [or Tippecanoe']. An 
eminent American general ; b. in Charles 
Co., Va. ; president of the United States, 
March 4 to April 4, 1841 ; d. at Washing- 
ton, D.C. 

Hart, Mrs. Mrs. Jerninghavi. An 
American writer of the day. 

Hart, Rev. William, A.M., 171.3-84. 
Scripturista. An American Congrega- 
tional minister; b. in East Guilford 
[now Madison], Conn. ; Yale Coll., 17-32 ; 
pastoral Saybrook [now Old Saybrook], 
Conn., 17.36-84. 

Hartig, F. An Officer of State. An 
Austrian writer of the day. 

Hartmann, Emma. Fr. H. Palmer. 

Hartmann, Franz. F. II. 

Harvey, Francis, 1792-. Zethar. An 
English preacher ; b. at Hayle ; emigrated 
to Verulam, Natal; a writer of the day. 

Harvey, Joseph, D.D., 1787-1873. An 
Edwardean. An American clergyman; 
b. at East Haddam, Conn. ; Yale Coll., 
1808 ; secretary of the American Educa- 
tional Society, Boston, 1825; was en- 
gaged in various parochial labors till 
1858, when he removed to Michigan, 
where he d. at the village of Harvey, on 
the shore of Lake Superior. 

Harvey, Thomas Kingston, 1831- 
72. T H. II. An Englisli barrister; b. 
at Penzance, Cornwall ; from 1863 resi- 
dent at Constantinople ; d. at Pera. 

Harvey, Rev. William Woodis. Pin- 
dar ; Zeta. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 451. 

Harwood, Rev. Uriel, A.M. A Cu- 
rate in the Archdeaconrij of Coventry. An 
English clergyman ; curate of Hardwick 
Priors, Warwickshire. 

Hasell, Miss E. J., -1887. E. J. H. 
An English writer in " St. Paul's Maga- 
zine," " Blackwood," and the " Athe- 
nasum." She was of Dalemain, Uls- 
water, and versed in the literature of 
Spain, Portugal, and Italy. 

Haslam, Mrs. T. J. T. J. II. An 
Irisli writer of the day, of DublinC?). 

Haslew^ood, Joseph. Wyl Bucke. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 451. 

Hasted, Edward, F.S.A., 1732-1812. 
A Late Inhabitant. An English writer ; 
b. in CanterburyC?), county Kent ; master 
of the hospital at Corsham, Wiltshire, 
where he died. 

Haswell, Charles H. The Engineer in 
Chief of the U. S. Navy. An American 
naval engineer; cliit't' engineer, 1836; 




«ngineer-in-cliief , 1844 ; dropped from 
the navy list, 1852. 

Hatcher, John E. George Washing- 
ton Brick. 

Hatton, Father. C'onstantius Archceo- 
philus. An English writer. 
■ Haupt, R. Mentor. 

Haven, Mrs. Alice (Bradley Neal). 
Alice Gordon Lee ; Cousin Alice. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 451. 

Havergal, Marie V. G. Her Sister. 
An American writer of the day; sister 
of Frances Ridley Havergal. 

Hawarden, Edward, D.D. E. H. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 452. 

Hawardine, J. J H ,• C. 

A D. S. An Englisli Roman Catlio- 

lic writer of tiie middle of the eighteenth 

Haweis, Rev. Thomas, LL.B., M.D. 
Mr. H—s. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 452. 

Hawker, Rev. Robert Stephen. H. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 452. 

Haivkins, Rev. William Bentinck. 
liCtheJii, M.A. One of the Old School. 
An English clergyman ; Exeter Coll., 
Oxford, 1824 ; chaplain to His Royal 
tligliness, the Duke of Cambridge. 

Hawtrey, Edward Craven, D.D., 
1789-1862. Un Inglese. An English 
scholar; became head-master of Eton 
School about 1834, and afterwai-ds pro- 
vost of the same. 

Hay, George, D.D. G. 11. An Eng- 
lish clergyman of one hundred years ago. 

Hay, John, 1839-. ././/. An American 
])oet and novelist of the day ; b. in Illinois. 

Hay, William, Esq., 1G95-1755. A 
Member of Parliamenl. An agreeable 
English writer; b. Sussex; 
rej)resented Seaford in Parliament from 
1734 to 1755. 

Hayes, John Lord, LL.D., 1812-. ./. 
L. II. An American lawyer of Boston, 
Mass. ; b. at Soutli Berwick, Me. ; Dart- 
moutli Coll., 1831 ; read law witli liis 
father and at the Dane Law Scliool ; 
chief clerk in the Patent Office at Wash- 
ingt(m, D.C., 1801. 

Hayes, Samuel. S. II., Esq., M.R.I.A. 
An Irish agriculturalist of Avondale, 
and a member of ,tlK' Dublin Agricultural 

Hayes, Thomas. A Gentleman of the 
Facultij. An English surgeon of llamp- 
stcad one hundred years ago. 

Hayes, William, Mus. Doc, 1708-77. 
A Grnllemnn in London. An lilnglish musi- 
cal comjjoser ; d. at Oxford. 

Hayley, William, 1745-1820. The 
Hermit of Ilastham. An English writer ; 

b. at Chichester ; educ. at Eton and Cam- 
bridge ; on leaving the University he re- 
tired to his estate of Eastham, in Sussex, 
and devoted himself to literary pursuits. 

Hayman, Henry, D.D., 1823-. H. H. 
An English clergj^man ; educ. at Mer- 
chant Taylors' School and at St. John's 
Coll., Oxford ; head-master of Rugby 
School, 1869-74 ; rector of Aldingham, 
Lancashire, 1874-87. 

Hayne, Joseph. Peagreen Hayne. 
An Englishman. 

Hayiies, Hopton, 1672-1749. A 
Candid Enquirer after Truth. An Eng- 
lish Unitarian ; became assay -master of 
the mint, and principal tally -writer of 
the exchequer. 

Hayward, Abraham, 1802-84. Ver- 
non Tlirift ; Veritas. An English writer ; 
b. at Lyme Regis ; in 1832 was called to 
the bar, but devoted himself chiefly to 
literature ; d. in London. 

Haywood, Francis. The Translator 
of that Work. An English writer. 

Haywood, P. D. One of the Crew. 
An American sailor of the "Alabama." 

" P. D. Hay vTOod, given as the name of one 
of the ciew who wrote the article iu a recent 
number of the 'Century,' describing 'Life in 
Alabama,' proves on investigation to be a literary 
forger, not unworthy to rank with Macpherson 
or Ireland himself. This Haywood is a fraud of 
long experience. He has borne several names, 
and disgraced each of them. As J. H. Horton 
he robbed four banks, and Pinkerton now has a 
reward of $1000 offered for him. Bigamy' is 
among his lighter misdemeanors. He is now 
under arrest at Lancaster, Pa., for forgeries 
aggregating $50,000. He admits that he was 
never on the rebel cruiser, and that he invented 
the whole of the ' x\.labama ' story. That he 
could deceive the ' Century ' editors and Hough- 
ton, Mifflin & Co., who published his article in 
book form, proves him an adept in literary for- 
gery, scarcely unequalled by any of his famous 

Haywood, Thomas. A Preshi/ier of 
the Church of England. An English 
clergyman early in the eighteenth cen- 

Hazlitt, William. Theosebes Bereanus. 

See " [. and 1'.," First Series, p. 453. 

Hazlitt, William Carew, 1834-. The 
Editor of the ^^ New London Jest Book"; 
W. C. II. An English lawyer ; grandson 
of the preceding ; educ. at Merchant 
Taylors' School ; called to the bar at the 
Inner Temple in 1801 ; has devoted him- 
self chiefly to literary pursuits. 

Head, Katharine. K. H. An Eng- 
lish poetical and prose writer. 

Headley, Henry. Abel Slug. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 453. 

Heard, Frnnklin Fisk(>, F. F. H. ; 
II — d; II — rd. .\\\ AiniTicMii lawyer; 
Harv. Univ., 1848; in 1H;'(7 ;;f P.oston. 




Hearne, Thomas, 1678-1735. Criticus 

See " I. and P.," Pirst Series, p. 453. 

Heathcote, Ralph, D.U. A Free- 
holder of Leicester ; A Societij of the 

See " I. aud P.," First Series, p. 453. 

Heaton, S. M. A Naval Officer's Or- 
phan Daughter. An English religious 

Hebbe, Mrs. Vendela (Astrand), 
1808-. W. A Swedish novelist. 

Hedberg, Frans, 1828-. Palle Block. 
A Swedish dramatist and poet. 

Hedbrooke, Andrew. E.Rowland Sill. 

Hedenstiei-na, Alfred. Sigurd. A 
Swedish journalist and humorist. 

Hedge, Frederic Henry, D.D., 1805-. 
TL; The Pastor. An eminent American 
clergyman and German scholar; b. in 
Cambridge, Mass. ; Harv. Univ., 1825 ; 
Divinity School, 1828; professor of Ger- 
man at Harv. Univ., 1872-76 ; has since 
resided in Cambridge. 

Heege, Frau . Penseroso. A Ger- 
man novelist. 

Heiberg, Tliomasine Christine. Carl 
Bernhard. A Danisli novelist. 

Helme, Miss Elizabeth. Miss H***. 
An English writer of one hundred years 

Helps, . An Etonian. An Eng- 
lish journalist. 

Helps, Sir Arthur. A British Author. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 454. 

Hemans, Mrs. Felicia Dorothea 
(Browne). F. B. ; Egeria. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 454. 

Hemgren, Karl. Halfdan Mark. A 
Swedish writer. 

Hemingway, J. The Editor of the 
"Chester Chronicle." An English jour- 

Henderson, John, 1757-88. The Irish 
Crichton. An Irish genius ; taught Latin 
at the age of eight, and Greek when twelve; 
afterwards educ. at Oxford. 

Hendry, John. A Conveyancer. A 
Scottish lawyer of Edinburgh (■?) ; writer 
to the " Signet." 

Henley, Rev. John. Bryan Bayonet, of 
the First Regiment of Guards: Sir Maivd- 
cope Moreclarke, of Hull. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 454. 

Hennings, Emma. Charlotte Leander. 

Hennings, Robert. Robert. 

Henry, Caleb Sprague, D.D. An 
Ejiiscopal Clergyman. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 454. 

Henry, David, 1710-92. Merlin the 
Second. An English writer ; for more 
than half a century connected with the 

" Gentleman's Magazine " ; being the 
brother-in-law of Edward Cave. 

Henry, Matthew, 1662-1714. An 
Old Divine. An English minister; b. 
at his father's residence, Broad-Oak 
farmhouse, in Flintsliire, North Wales ; 
in 1712 he succeeded Dr. Bates, of 
Hackney, London ; d. at Nantwich. 

HenriT^, William, D.D. W. Britanno- 
Hihernus. An Irish clergyman of tlie 
eighteenth century ; rector of Urney 
and dean of Killaloe. 

Henshaw, David, 1790-1852. A Citi- 
zen of Boston. An American politician; 
b. in Lancaster, Mass. ; collector of the 
port of Boston, 1830-38 ; was a frequent 
contributor to the Boston papers. 

Henslovt'^e, Rev. William Henry. The 
Incumhent of Wormegay and Tottenhill, Nor- 
folk. An English clergyman ; curate of 
West Tilbury, Essex. 

Henwood, Rev. Oliver, 1786-1860. 
0. H. An English Wesleyan minister; 
b. at Collington ; d. at Plymouth. 

Hepburn, Robert, 1690-. Donald 
Macstaff, of the North. A Scottish mis- 
cellaneous writer, and imitator of the 
periodical essays of Queen Anne's 
reign ; d. very young. 

Hepburn, Rev. Thomas. His Friend 
in Orkney. A Scottish (?) clergyman; 
minister at Birsay, Orkney. 

Herbert, Henry George, 2d Earl of 
Carnarvon, 1772-1833. C. An English 
peer; succeeded his father in 1811. 

Herbert, Henry William. H. W. H. 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 454. 

Herbert, Johanna. Egon Eels. A 
German novelist. 

Herbert, Hon. William, 1718-95. 
Etonensis. An eminent English typo- 
graphical antiquary ; after spending- 
some years in London as a merchant, 
he went to the East Indies as a 
purser's clerk; he is chiefly known as 
the editor of Ames's " Typographical 

Herford, Rev. Brooke. Harvard B. 
Rooke. An English-American clergyman ; 
pastor of the Arlington Street Church, 
Boston, Mass., 1882-87. 

Herford, Rev. William Henry. W. 
H. H. An English Unitarian clergyman, 
of tlie day. 

Hergeurother, Joseph von, 1824-. 
Anti-.Ianus. A German Roman Catho- 
lic cardinal and learned theologian ; b.. 
at Wiirzburg ; studied there and at 
Rome ; teacher and professor at Mu- 
nicli, 1851-55 et seq. ; cardinal, 1868. 

Hermelin, O. 0. H. A Swedish, 




Herpin, Mile. . L. Percy. A 

French author. 

Herring, . Touchstone. An Ameri- 
can political writer. 

Herschel, Sir WUliaun, 1738-1822. 
Peter Puzzlevi. An eminent German- 
English astronomer ; b. in Hanover ; 
went to England in 1759, and there 
became distinguished as an astronomer. 

Hervey, John, Lord Hervey, 1696- 
1743. Lord Panru/ ; Sporus ; A. Person 
of Qualitjj. 

See " I. and P.," Eirst Series, p. 455. 

Hervey, Thomas Kihble. The Edi- 
tor of the "Court Journal." 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 455. 

Hesslein, Bernhard. Bernhard Hess. 
A German writer. 

Hetzel, Pierre Jules, 1814-86. Un 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 455. 

Heugh, Hugh, D.D. The Dissenting 
Minister. A Scottish clergyman ; b. in 

HeAverdine, Eev. Thomas, M.A. A 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 455. 

Hewes, F. W. F. W. H. An Amer- 
ican soldier of the 10th Michigan infantry 
in tlie late civil war. 

Hewett, Rev. John William, M.A. 
A Countrij Curate. An English clergy- 
man ; Trin. Coll., Cambridge, 1849; 
curate of St. George, Whitwick, 1857-66 ; 
master of the North London Coll. School, 
1874-80 et seq. 

Hext, Francis, 1666-1729. A Laimjer. 
An English writer ; friend of Addison and 
Steele ; buried at St. Austell, Cornwall. 

Heyne, Carl Traugott. Heinrich Bour- 
din ; Louis Bonrdin. A German novelist. 

Hibbs, Richard, M.A. Clericus, M.A. 
An Englisli clergyman ; St. John's Coll., 
Cambridge, 1841 ; chaplain at Rotter- 
dam, 1876-78 ; in 1880 resident at Argyle 
Square, London. 

Hickes, Rev. George, D.D., 1642- 
1715. A Minister of London. 

See " I. and P.," Series, p. 455. 

Hickey, Rev. William. A Citizen. 
An American writer. 

Hicits, William Robert, 1808-68. 
An Illustrious Obscure. An English wit 
and humorist; b. at Bodmin; d. at West- 
heath, Bodmin. 

Hickson, Samuel. S. H. An Eng- 
lish writer; contributor to the "West- 
minster Review." 

Higginson, Stephen. Laco. 

Si'c " I. jind P.," I'lrst Series, p. 456. 

Higginson, Thoinas Wentworth, 
IH-/;',-. //. .- T. W. H. An American 

author; b. at Cambridge, Mass.; Harv. 
Coll., 1841 ; in 1887 resided at Cambridge, 
Mass. ; devoted to literary work. 

Highmore, Joseph, 1692-1780. A 
Christian Freetldnker. 
See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 456. 
Hilaire, ]&mile M. Marco de Saint 
Hilaire. A German novelist. 

Hildesley, Mark, D.D., 1698-1772. 
A Resident Cleri///mun. An English 
divine ; b. at Murston, near Sitting- 
bourne, in Kent; educ. at the Charter- 
house and at Cambridge ; bishop of Sodor 
and Man, 1755-72; master of Sherburn 
Hospital, 1767-72. 

Hildreth, Samuel Preseott, M.I)., 
1783-1863. A Naturalist. An American 
histoi'ian and physicist; b. at Methuen, 
Mass. ; studied medicine at Andover, 
Mass. ; in 1808 settled as a physician in 
Oliio, and d. there. 

Hildrop, John, D.D. Phileleufherus 

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 456. 

Hill, A. F. A Soldier. An American 
soldier of the Army of the Potomac, in 
the hite civil war. 

HiU, Aaron, 1685-1750. Gamaliel 
Gunson. An English poet, dramatist, 
and miscellaneous writer; b. in London; 
educ. at Westminster School ; visited 
Egypt, Palestine, and the greater part of 
the East; in 1709 he commenced author- 
ship; and after spending several years in 
various projects, till about 1738, he re- 
tired to Plaistow in Essex, and devoted 
himself chiefly to study. 

Hill, Alexander. Gaffer Grindstone, 
Esq., of Hunc/er-him-out. A Scottish poet ; 
a saddler of Montrose. 

Hill, Alonzo, D.D., -1871. H. An 
American minister; Harv. Univ., 1822; 
Divinity School, 1826 ; pastor at Wor- 
cester, Mass., for many years. 

Hill, Sir John, M.D. The Hon. Juli- 
ana Susannah Se/jmour; Joseph Marshall : 
Thomas Perfect ; Wedale. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 456. 

Hill, Sir Richard. A Master of Arts 
of the Universitij of Oxford. 

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 456. 

Hill, Rowland, 1744-1833. An Old 
Observer. An eminent English Calvinist 
Methodist preaclicr; educ. at Cambridge 
and in the Churcli of England ; in 1783 
he built Surrey Chapel, London, and 
preaclied there during tlie winter months, 
acting as an itinerant in the summer, 
imtil his deatli, a period of fifty years. 

Hill, Thomas, D.D., 1818-. T. H.; 
*1I. An American clergyman ; b. at 
New Brunswick, N.J. ; Harv. Coll., 1843;